5 Mar, 2019

US and China are ready to end the war

China and the United States are in the final stages of completing a trade transaction. Beijing proposes to reduce duties on American agricultural, chemical, automotive and other products, and Washington is considering the possibility of lifting most, if not all, sanctions imposed on Chinese products in 2018, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The agreement is being prepared for signing following the February talks in Washington, the interlocutors from the United States and the People’s Republic of China told the publication. He also noted that the obstacles remain and each side faces protests due to the fact that the conditions are too favorable for the other side.

However, despite the remaining obstacles, the negotiations advanced to such an extent that the agreement could be signed by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at the March 27 summit, after Jinping completed his trip to Italy and France.

In the event of a deal, China promises to reduce duties on cars from the United States, lift restrictions on foreign ownership of automobile enterprises in China, increase the volume of purchases of goods in the United States and sign a contract with the American Cheniere Energy to supply LNG to Chinese Sinopec by $ 18 billion from 2023.

The United States, for its part, promises to give an advantage to Chinese companies, especially state-owned enterprises.

Briefly about the main thing …

WSJ unveiled details of upcoming US-China trade deal

The United States and China have moved to the final stage of trade consultations, and the terms of the transaction are called Beijing reducing a number of duties on American products in exchange for the possibility of lifting most of the sanctions imposed by Washington, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Pentagon plans to create a laser weapon for armored vehicles

The Pentagon plans to develop high-energy laser weapons on the chassis of the Stryker armored personnel carrier. A request for information on companies that can create “compact and reliable” modules for these purposes is published on the state procurement website.

The Ministry of Defense ordered the Angara missiles for launches from the East

According to RIA Novosti, a source in the rocket and space industry, for this purpose, it is planned to build the Angara launch complex at the Vostochny cosmodrome. The Khrunichev Center contract with the department also includes Angara launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in 2019-2022.

The United States will launch centers to combat the “influence of the Russian Federation”

Washington plans to open a network of National Digital Investigation Centers around the world with local media and NGOs. It is also planned to use the largest IT companies – first of all Facebook, Twitter and Google.

“The main task of such offices is to identify and prevent Moscow’s influence on public opinion in these countries. In many countries where centers will be opened, there is a certain proportion of the population that is approving of Russia and its leadership. It is with such trends that the network being created will fight, ”explained the Izvestia interlocutor.

For the military have developed a robot nurse

Medical robot medical orderly developed for the Russian army. He is able not only to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield, but can also monitor the vital signs of the fighter.

In 2016, the Ministry of Defense announced a tender for the creation of robotic medical systems for the evacuation of victims. 96 million rubles were allocated for the work. Currently aware of several combat robots. Among them are the robot-sapper “Uran-6”, the combat robots “Uran-9”, “Nerekhta”, “Companion” “Kungas”, “Platforma-M” and “Argo”.

Chinese army trains T-90 mockups – Defense Blog

A snapshot of a mock-up of a modern Russian T-90 tank was published on the Chinese microblogging network Weibo, on March 2, reports the American military-technical edition Defense Blog. Judging by the photograph, it was made at one of the Chinese military sites, while the layout was installed on a wheeled platform.

Detachment “Sniper” joined the ranks of UNarmii

Yunarmiya expands its ranks: the Sniper detachment of the Malo-Vyazemsky School of the Odintsovo District joined the movement. The dedication ceremony was held at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

US thought about creating a coalition for the change of power in Venezuela

Washington wants to create a big coalition for the change of power in Venezuela. This was stated by the Assistant to the President of the United States for national security John Bolton March 3.

I would like to see a coalition as wide as we can gather to change the whole corrupt regime. This is what we are trying to do. – John Bolton, American politician

China enslaves the world with shopping malls

The Chinese project “One Belt – One Way” recalls a plan for conquering the world. An ambitious project of many parts that are difficult to grasp with the mind absorbs billions of dollars like a sponge. The poor countries that are on the New Silk Road are happy to invest and dream of a future that the Chinese promise them. READ MORE …

China in 2019 plans to reduce the tax burden by $ 194 billion

Chinese authorities this year intend to reduce the tax burden by 1.3 trillion yuan (about $ 194 billion) to promote the development of production and private business. This was reported on Monday by the China Daily newspaper, citing a source in the Ministry of Finance of the PRC.

Moscow City Hall monitors the movements of citizens

Moscow officials know where they live and work, how they get to work, where and when Muscovites go to the cottage with an accuracy of 500 meters and a few minutes. For millions of rubles, they buy geoanalytics from telecom operators – data on the movement of citizens in the movement of their SIM cards.

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of Moscow has been purchasing geoanalytics since 2015, judging by the data on the state procurement website, and spent 516 million rubles on it. from the Moscow budget, including 101.8 million rubles. in 2018. The intermediary between the DIT and the operators is the Analytical Center under the government, the procurement materials say and are confirmed by the representative of the center. This center integrates, processes and stores data of operators in order to promptly provide reports to the city authorities, it is said in the technical specifications on public procurement. The work is based on impersonal statistical data of people, says the representative of the Analytical Center; The same is said in the technical specifications. What percentage of the procurement budget the center receives, its representative did not say.

Russia sent humanitarian aid to North Korea

Over 2,000 tons of wheat were delivered from Russia to North Korea as humanitarian aid, the Russian Embassy in the DPRK reports on its official Facebook page.

1650 locations in Italy can become ghost towns

The Italian authorities are seriously concerned about the mass migration of the population of small cities. Local municipalities of several localities even launched a project where you can buy a house for just 1 euro. But the trouble is that usually such housing is in a deplorable state and needs huge investments, which implies purchase agreements. Under the contract, the acquired housing must be brought into a habitable state in just 3 years. On average, this procedure takes 30-40 thousand euros.

Albania abolishes visas for Russians for 7 months

The decision of the Council of Ministers came into force on February 27 of this year. The list of countries, in addition to Russia and Belarus, for visa-free entry into Albania includes: Thailand, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and China. For those who own a Schengen visa of category C or D, or who has a residence permit issued by a country from the Schengen Agreement, an Albanian visa will not be required all year round.

Rally against garbage reform held in Yekaterinburg

Many residents of Yekaterinburg are protesting against the implementation of garbage reform. Like, the money will be taken, but in fact nothing will change. According to preliminary calculations, there are more than 500 people. This is significantly more than last time – at the rally, which took place a month ago, 168 people registered.

China launched the first China-Europe e-commerce railway route

China launched the first China-Europe cross-border e-commerce railway route. The Tsainyao freight train departed from the PRC’s key railway hub of Zhengzhou to Belgium. The first freight train went to the city of Liege.

In the United States began testing the Japanese passenger aircraft Mitsubishi Regional Jet

New Japanese short-haul airliner Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) began to pass test flights to the United States in anticipation of the first shipments to customers scheduled for 2020. This was reported on Monday by the agency Kyodo.

In St. Petersburg, will launch a project “Music of joy”

Press conference in honor of the launch of the project to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Daniil Granin “Music of Joy” and the first concert, which will be held on March 8, at the press center of the Interfax North-West information agency

Literary contest “Grishinsky protaglins” starts in Tyumen

The seventh city contest of children’s and youth literary works “Grishinsky protalins”, established by the department of culture of the administration of the city of Tyumen, will be held in Tyumen Competition dedicated to the work of the Tyumen poet A.A. Grishina, held annually.

Boris Akunin announced plans to release three books in 2019.

Russian writer Boris Akunin announced his plans to release the seventh volume of the series “The History of the Russian State”, the adventure novel “The Conclusions of Lucius Katin”, as well as a completely new book from the series “Family Album” until the end of 2019.

The Philharmonic de Paris will show electronic music from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk

The exhibition entitled “From Kraftwerk To Daft Punk” will open on August 9, 2019 in the Paris Philharmonic. It will be devoted to the history of modern electronic music, and the musicians mentioned in the title will take part in it.

Prohibited by city officials exhibition collects notices

The forbidden exhibition of Aleksey Filatov was held in Vladivostok and has already been collecting week-longs. And all because the exposition presents solid skulls. A year ago, city officials were so embarrassed by this image that they imposed a categorical ban on paintings

Elizabeth Moss will play in the remake of “Invisible Man”

The Star of the Handmaid’s Tale and The Mad Men Elizabeth Moss is in talks with Universal Pictures about her participation in the film adaptation of the Invisible Man by HG Wells, Variety reports. The picture will be created by “Upgrade” director Lee Wannell, who will also write the script.

Seth Rogen will star in Jordan Peel’s Twilight Zone

Seth Rogen will be filmed in the new series “The Twilight Zone”, which Oscar-winning director Jordan Peel is working on (Off, We). This is reported by Empire portal, without specifying, however, in which of the episodes the actor will appear and who will play.

At the Russian festivals will show movies without rolling ID

The Ministry of Culture approved the list of 65 international film festivals, which in 2019 received the right to show films without a rolling license, TASS reported, citing a ministry document.

Crawlers will return to the screens in the web series

In the new project, toothy creatures will return to our planet with a secret mission. A hunter will fly to Earth along with the creatures, who will help earthlings escape from these creatures. The entire series will consist of only eight episodes.

Finn Wulfard and Carrie Kun will play Ghostbusters 3

The first participants joined the cast of Triquel “Ghostbusters”: according to Variety, the star of “Very Strange Affairs” Finn Wolfard plans to play the role of the main character, while Kerry Kuhn (“The Left”, “Fargo”) is offered his mother’s party.

Studio Warner announced the launch of the production of the sequel “Edge of the Future”

Warner Bros. Studios officially announced the launch of the production of the continuation of the film “Edge of the Future”. The film, based on the Japanese manga Hiroshi Sakurazaka called All You Need Is Kill, received high reviews of film critics.

President of Turkmenistan wrote a book about horses and fun

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov wrote a book about horses. It is called Atda wepa-da bar, sapada (literally “The horse has both devotion and fun”). According to the government’s newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan, the work is dedicated to the Akhal-Teke horses.

Russian harpist Boldachev wins music fund award in Japan

Russian harpist Alexander Boldachev received the Masazi Aoyama Music Fund Award in Kyoto for a solo performance, the musician told RIA Novosti on the results of the competition on Sunday. The presentation of the prestigious award – a diploma and a crystal figurine – was held on February 2 in Kyoto.

Dictatorship and executions in a clip by Tom Morello and Portugal.

The clip shows a gloomy world ruled by a dictatorship and people are shot under enthusiastic cheers from the public. It is noteworthy that the clip was shot so that it creates the feeling that people in it are printed on a 3D printer. The song was included in Morello’s album The Atlas Underground, which was released on October 12th.

Didier Maruani will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space in Moscow

The SpAce group, performing music in the genre of “space” electronics and disco, was founded in 1977 by Didier Marouani, Roland Romanelli and Yannick Top. After the release of three successful records in the team split, as a result of which Maruani left the group.

Samsung began to supply Apple with flexible displays

For tests, the Apple Corporation brought 7.2-inch screens. In Samsung, the new Galaxy Fold uses a similar matrix, only of a larger size. Samsung is not going to hide technology for such screens, but they hope to become the largest supplier of matrixes in the world.

Huawei will release a new tablet with a diagonal of 10.7 inches

The Chinese company Huawei has announced plans to release a new model of tablet MediaPad line. The device will get an enlarged display with a diagonal of 10.7 inches. In addition, insiders indicate that the novelty will get the name MediaPad CMR2.

Cells communicate with each other with sugars

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University (USA) and the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University Aachen (Germany) used a new way of studying cells – and using it, they discovered that sugar molecules play a key role in cell communication, acting as “channels” that cells and proteins are used to communicate with each other

Found a way to accelerate the simulation of wireless communication systems

Mathematicians from PFUR studied the queuing system and developed a new algorithm to calculate the most efficient mode of operation of servers. The development can be applied in the simulation and subsequent optimization of data transmission wireless networks. The new algorithm will allow making calculations hundreds of times faster than existing analogues. The results of the work are published in Applied Mathematical Modeling.

Microsoft closes Health Dashboard site and stops supporting Band bracelets

The American company Microsoft will stop supporting the Band series of wearable devices from May 31. Microsoft Band devices that combine the functions of smart watches and fitness trackers were introduced in 2014.

Krasnoyarsk scientists have proposed a method of disposal of waste in space

Scientists of the Institute of Biophysics of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a fast and safe physico-chemical method for utilizing sanitary waste under space conditions. The processed products will be included in the work of the biological-technical system of life support of a person in space.

Xiaomi presented a “smart” washing machine with a laundry drying function

The company presented a new device that will become a dream for any hostess. According to the manufacturers, the washing machine can clean and dry clothes in just 45 minutes. Xiaomi introduced the smart washing machine.

Environmentalists have named the main cause of extinction of modern animals and plants

A team of environmentalists led by University College London professor Tim Blackburn (Tim Blackburn) investigated the Red Book of Endangered Species of Animal and Plant Species, which the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released in 2017, as well as archival data from 1500 onwards.

The IUCN Red List identifies 12 types of drivers leading to the extinction of species, ranging from predation or competition from other local species, ending with knocking out as a result of hunting or total collection of plants. Judging by the data of the new analysis, invasive species that appeared in the new territory due to random factors or together with humans, serve as the main driver of extinction. They are responsible for 261 of 782 extinctions of species in animals (33.4 percent), as well as 39 of 153 (25.5 percent) in plants. The second most important driver of extinction – hunting and gathering – provoked the extinction of about 18.8 percent of animals and plants. According to scientists, in itself, the emergence of new species in the ecosystem has led to the extinction of 126 species – this is 13 percent of the 953 extinctions observed during this period. And another 174 extinctions were associated with the appearance of invasive species at least partially. Blackburn and his co-authors write about this in an article published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Introduced smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

The manufacturing company from China showed in India a mobile device Redmi Note 7 Pro and a new modification of the model Redmi Note 7. It is noted that the last device lost its main advantage – a camera with a matrix of 48 MP.

Ultra-fast USB 3.2 will appear on desktop PCs in 2019

The USB-IF standards department showed that 3.2-capable controllers will be available in 2019, hinting that you will see it on desktop PCs (where dedicated controllers are the most common).

Ricoh announced the compact camera Theta Z1

The announcement of the compact camera Ricoh Theta Z1 for 1000 dollars for panoramic 4-K video filming took place. The novelty is equipped with two 1-inch sensors and can receive panoramic images with a total resolution of about 23 million pixels. Videos can be recorded with 4K resolution. It is reported that the battery will last for 60 minutes of video. Work with formats RAW, JPEG and wireless adapters Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2.

Samsung has delivered more than 36 thousand 5G stations

The number of fifth-generation (5G) base stations, supplied by Samsung in the US and South Korea, exceeded 36,000 devices in February 2019. This is the press service of Samsung.

Google refused to remove the application to monitor women

Earlier, human rights activists demanded to remove the application, citing the fact that it violates human rights. Google said they did not plan to remove the Absher application from Google Play, reported the website of the publication Engadget.

Scientists have developed eye drops with night vision effect.

Scientists have developed eye drops with the possibility of night vision for ten weeks. Nanoparticles penetrating the retina reduce infrared waves to the visible spectrum. Employees of the University of Massachusetts created drops that allow animals and humans to see in the dark

On the basis of germanium, a new artichoke compound was synthesized.

Chemist RUDN received a new compound “artichoke” on the basis of germanium, showing an unusual encapsulating ability. It showed high catalytic activity in the process of amidation of alcohols and in alkane oxidation reactions. The work will help create new catalysts for organic reactions.

The outline design of the AS2 supersonic passenger aircraft began.

The American company Spirit Aerosystems, in agreement with the start-up Aerion, has begun a draft design of an airtight fuselage for the prospective AS2 passenger aircraft. According to Flightglobal, the work started on February 21, 2019.

China will share the results of its lunar mission with the world.

China will open for free to the world community the results of its lunar mission, reports TASS. We are talking about data collected from the beginning of the year by the unit Chang’e-4.

In China, a Martian base has opened for scientists and tourists

The base has an area of ​​32 hectares and is divided into two zones, one of which is a camp for Martian tourists completely isolated from the world, and the other is a “landing on Mars” zone. The camp consists of various modules, it can accommodate up to 160 people.

NASA will accelerate the creation of rocket engines

NASA, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, will accelerate the development of its own rocket engines.

Exhibition PROKOCMOC “Interplanetary travel” opened in St. Petersburg

The rarest exhibits are located on the territory of Nautilus space: personal photographs of astronauts, the Luna-3 and Luna-16 automatic interplanetary stations, a device for collecting soil on the Moon and Venus, a mockup of the lunar base, the first rover.

An Israeli probe will deliver a copy of Wikipedia and thousands of books to the moon.

The first Israeli lunar probe, Beresheet, launched on February 24 by the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, will deliver a 200-gigabyte library (about 30 million pages in the Word program) to the Earth satellite, which, in particular, included the English-language version of Wikipedia. “.

Ilon Musk: Tesla Model Y will be presented on March 14

Tesla will present the Model Y electric crossover on March 14 in its own design studio in Los Angeles. About this today, March 4, said in his Twitter Ilon Musk. Characteristics of new items are not disclosed.

Hyundai and Kia withdraw 533,000 cars due to the possibility of fire

A large-scale campaign to recall more than half a million Kia and Hyundai cars began in the United States. All because of – a big risk of engine fire due to leakage of oil.

Sale of Russian Oka cars began in Syria

According to their data, the dealer of Russian cars “Oka”, which have not been sold even in their homeland for a long time, began work in Syria. The cost of original imported cars is only 320 thousand rubles, i.e. about 2.5 million Syrian pounds.

Russians will be able to view information about cars for free.

In Russia, can create a public base about all the cars of the country. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia made a proposal to create a publicly accessible database for all residents of the country. The relevant amendments have already been made to the law and will enter into force on the fourth of August.

That is, now any driver will be able to make a request for all the data of the car for free: from its ecological class to all owners. Now such functions are on well-known trading platforms, but they are paid. It is noted that, nevertheless, some of the data will be available only to representatives of departments.

Now access to the database, where 60 million cars are registered, is only available to the traffic police, reports RT

New rules for right-hand drive owners

To obtain a vehicle passport (PTS), the owner of the car will need to undergo a certificate of clearance confirming the safety of the car’s structure. Changes in the legislation come into force in July 2019. It applies to vehicles imported into the territory of the Customs Union. On the other hand, it’s impossible to get a PTS for an imported right-hand drive car. Innovation has GOST 33670-2015

Putin accepted an invitation to visit Qatar

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia said that Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted an invitation to visit Qatar. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, stressed during negotiations with his Qatari counterpart, Mohammed Al-Thani, that the terms of the visit are negotiated.

A soldier was killed on the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”

A crew member of the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” of the Black Sea Fleet died, falling from a superstructure on a ship, reports TASS, citing a source in emergency services.

Air Defense in the Kaliningrad region strengthened the regiment S-400

The air defense in the Kaliningrad region was reinforced by the C-400 regiment Triumph, the press service of the Baltic Fleet reported. This happened within the state defense order, specified in the release.

In Libya, there are 300 mercenaries of the PMC Wagner

Three hundred mercenaries of the Wagner private military company are now in Libya to cooperate with the army of Khalifa Haftar. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, received from sources in the UK government and the Libyan-Russian oil and gas company, the fighters are stationed in Benghazi.

US media talked about the new “secret weapon” of the United States

Create equipment for the construction of tunnels on the battlefield proposed the Office of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA), according to the National Interest website. Earlier in the United States developed equipment for the detection and destruction of enemy tunnels.

Russian State Duma delegation to visit DPRK on April 12

State Duma Deputy Kazbek Taysaev said that on April 12 this year, the delegation of the State Duma will head to the DPRK capital, Pyongyang. The delegation will discuss the creation of a platform for dialogue between parliamentarians from Russia, the DPRK and the Republic of Korea.

The trip is scheduled for April 12th. The creation of such a platform by groups of friendship, the Russian and North Korean, was actively supported. South Korean parliamentarians are also ready to join in this work, we met, they are interested in creating such a platform. – Kazbek Taysaev, Russian politician

Large-scale exercises with half a thousand tanks

Large-scale winter exercises of the troops of the Central Military District, involving about 9,000 military personnel and 500 units of military equipment, were held in three regions of Russia, the press service of the Central Military District reported.

Israel inflicted air and artillery strikes on Syria at night

Israeli aircraft and artillery attacked the positions of the Iranian military in Syria. A few hours later it became known that the Israeli Air Force combat aircraft and artillery calculations located on the Golan Heights (Israeli-occupied territory – ed.), Delivered a series of strikes on the territory of Syria.

Japanese fleet added to second Asahi class destroyer

The ship tonnage of 5100 tons was built at the shipyard Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Destroyers of this class are designed on the basis of Akizuki class ships with emphasis on anti-submarine warfare, instead of anti-aircraft. Asahi have a length of 151 m. They are equipped with a gas turbine engine and an electric PU. These ships reach speeds of up to 30 knots. Armament: Mark 41 launcher, 62 caliber naval weapon, 2 Mark 32 torpedo tubes.

China explained the growth of the military budget

Zhang Yesui, representative of the 13th convocation of the National People’s Assembly of the 13th convocation, said that the growth of the PRC’s national defense expenditures does not pose a threat to other countries and meets the country’s needs for ensuring sovereignty.

According to official information, in 2017, the PRC defense budget increased by seven percent and for the first time in history exceeded one trillion yuan, or nearly one hundred fifty-two billion dollars. In 2018, the military budget of China was already about one hundred and seventy five billion dollars.

Distinguished employee of the state corporation “Roscosmos” Stanislav Zharkov

An employee of the Roscosmos state corporation, Stanislav Zharkov, during a discussion of the post of RT columnist, Maxim Kononenko, on a renovation program in Moscow, called the “cattle farm” of residents of Khrushchev’s capital. Screenshots of posts from the official’s Facebook page published, in particular, Rosbalt. Stanislav Zharkov wrote that people who are relocated from Khrushchev houses will be ruined by new houses in a couple of years. Later, the man deleted all his comments and page on the social network

Technical design of adaptive jet engine completed

The American company GE Aviation has completed the technical design of a promising adaptive turbojet aircraft engine XA100. According to Defense Aerospace, the technical design of the engine took almost two years; it was conducted in conjunction with the experts of the US Air Force

For accurate monitoring of Russian forests, at least twice as many satellites are needed.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said it was necessary to almost double the number of satellites for high-precision forest monitoring in the Russian Federation, from eight to 15 pieces, and said that the state corporation would send a request for additional funding for this proposal.

Zverev gave a single rally in Red Square

Russian stylist, hairdresser and singer Sergey Zverev gave a solitary rally in Red Square. The stylist shared a snapshot of a protest against the construction of a plant on Baikal in his Instagram account.

“I am against the construction of plants for bottling water on Lake Baikal !!! Are you against it ??? Stop destroying nature !!! ”- wrote Zverev under the post.

Yandex.Taxi will reveal more information about drivers to customers

The Yandex.Taxi service will provide customers with more information about drivers, follows from the message of the company. A photograph of the driver and his rating card, data on the number of trips and compliments from other passengers will appear in the order data.

Residents of Prikamye are billed double for garbage collection.

From January 1, after the launch of the garbage reform, the service for removal of municipal solid waste (MSW) was excluded from the fee for the maintenance of housing, becoming a separate public service. However, not all management companies of the Perm Territory excluded the cost of garbage from the bill for the maintenance of housing.

A resident of Novosibirsk died due to an error of doctors

A resident of Novosibirsk Yuri Filimonov died due to complicated peritonitis after referring to a therapist. Reception at the profile specialist had to wait eight days. The man thought that his condition was not threatened.

Employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation were summoned for questioning

The Federal Bailiff Service summoned five employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) to be interrogated as witnesses in a criminal case concerning the film “He is not Dimon to you”. This was written on Twitter by the lawyer of the foundation Ivan Zhdanov.

Universiade’s general contractor sues Krasnoyarsk Territory authorities

The company requires to recover from the authorities 221 million rubles. The lawsuit states that Sibiryak entered into contracts with the regional capital construction management for additional work during the construction of the Raduga sports complex and the building of the Winter Sports Academy during the construction. The contractor did the work for this, but did not receive any money under the contract.

Regions with the most unscrupulous loan payers

According to a study by the RIA Rating agency, residents of Ingushetia topped the rating of regions with overdue loans. A high proportion of “overdue”, in addition to Ingushetia, was recorded in Karachay-Cherkessia, Buryatia, North Ossetia and Adygea.

Russia will spend 3 billion rubles for the training of Russians IT

Already this year, Russians will be able to learn programming at the expense of the state. The IT skills training program is designed for 3 years and will be funded from the federal budget. In total, under the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, 2.9 billion rubles will be allocated for training.

“VTB” has allocated 10.2 billion rubles for the construction of multifunctional complex Neva Towers

As specified in the official release of VTB, loan funds for the construction of a complex with an area of ​​357,000 square meters were provided to Renaissance Development for a period of seven years. It is expected that in addition to the construction of the IFC, the money will also be directed to the development of new development projects of the company.

In 2018, beer production in Russia grew by 4.1%

In 2018, the production of brewing products in Russia grew by 4.1%, total production amounted to 774.7 million deciliters. This was announced at a press conference by the Chairman of the Council of the Union of Russian Brewers Andrei Sponge.

Russia in 2018 increased its gold output by 4%

According to the results of 2018, Russian enterprises produced 331.783 tons of gold mined and received as a result of by-production, including processing of scrap and wastes, as well as in concentrates – approximately 4.31% more than in 2017, according to materials from the Union of Gold Miners of Russia .

Net profit “Dixie” in 2018 amounted to 942 million rubles

Belyakov noted that the company considers work to improve operational efficiency and improve customer experience a priority. He added that the group received a net profit for the first time in two years.

Rosatom will receive shares of uranium mining company

Shares of the largest uranium mining enterprise of the Russian Federation will be transferred to Rosatom as a property contribution of the Russian Federation. This is a public joint-stock company “Priargunskoye Mining and Chemical Association named after Slavsky.”

The Swiss Central Bank received a loss of 14.9 billion francs in 2018

The loss of the Swiss National Bank (SNB, central bank of the country) in 2018 amounted to 14.934 billion Swiss francs compared to net profit of 54.372 billion francs in 2017, according to the final SNB data.

Petersburgers have increased their debts to banks to 778 billion rubles

Credit obligations of residents of St. Petersburg in 2018 increased by 27.8% and amounted to 778 billion rubles. Together with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, St. Petersburgers owe banks 3 trillion rubles.

Gazprom has chosen a new gas production curator

Sergei Menshikov, who for more than ten years headed Gazprom’s mining Nadym’s extractive subsidiary of Gazprom on Yamal, will head one of the key departments of the head company, department 307 (responsible for the production of gas, gas condensate and oil).

Netherlands recall ambassador to Iran

The Netherlands decided to withdraw the ambassador from Iran for consultations in response to the expulsion of its diplomats in Tehran, said Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok.

“We decided to withdraw the ambassador in Tehran for consultations,” said the foreign minister.

China is creating a new generation of magnetic cushioned trains

According to the developers, these trains are created for operation with intercity or intracity traffic at a distance of 50 to 200 km. It is also reported that by 2020, China plans to develop a prototype high-speed magnetic train that can reach speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour.

China will participate in the construction of gas power plants in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Energy Minister Ravi Karunanayaka held talks on March 3 with Chinese Ambassador to Colombo Chen Xueyuan, during which they discussed prospects for expanding cooperation between the two countries

The traffic police have announced changes in the rules of inspection

Traffic police will soon again be attracted to technical inspections of buses, said the head of department, Lieutenant-General of Police, Mikhail Chernikov. He explained that the measure is designed to reduce road mortality. The exact timing of the introduction of changes is not yet known.

Anniversary Vienna Festival to be held in Yekaterinburg

Mayor Alexander Vysokinsky signed a decree on the festival. It will begin on July 3 in the square in front of the main building of UrFU

Masterpieces of English painting will be shown in the museum named after Alexander Pushkin

The general sponsor of the project was VTB Bank. Ivan Petrovsky The uniqueness of the exhibition is that the Russian audience has never seen such an extensive collection of so-called “figurative English painting”. At once 80 paintings and graphic works were brought to Moscow.

In the museum “Garage” will be a retrospective of Rashid Arain

In the last weeks of the exhibition, Arain’s previously unreleased “Disco Sailing” performance will take place – a combination of geometric abstraction and qigong gymnastics practice.

Action film festival Drop 2019

From March 27 to March 31 in Moscow there will be held the IX Russian international film festival of the action film “Drop”. The competition program of the show includes horror films, action films, detectives, science fiction and thrillers from famous directors and novice genres from around the world.

Shakara Rogers will perform at the closing of the IV season of the festival “Hôtel de ville”

On March 30, 2019, the final concert of the season IV of the jazz festival “Hôtel de ville” with Olga Sköpner will take place in the Kazan Town Hall. This evening the titled American jazz singer Shakara Rogers (USA) will perform with a trio of leading Russian musicians: Ivan Farmakovsky (piano), Sergey Vasilyev (double bass) and Pavel Timofeev (drums). The program will include jazz standards in original arrangements and original compositions.

Global Cybersecurity Standard on the Internet of Things Enters into Force

The document TS 103 645, published on the Institute’s website, sets a new level of protection for consumer products connected to the Internet. The new ETSI specification is designed to solve cybersecurity issues.

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