4 Feb, 2019

A solution to the crisis in Venezuela

US President Donald Trump said in an interview with CBS News that he is considering sending the US military to Venezuela as a “one option” to solve the Venezuelan crisis. The American leader said that earlier the President of the country, Nicolas Maduro, asked him to meet, but was refused.

“Then I decided:” No, “because so many terrible things were happening in Venezuela,” explained his decision to Trump.

Previously, the Republican senator Lindsay Graham said that Trump had discussed with him the possibility of a military operation in Venezuela.

“He [Trump] said:“ What do you think about the use of military force [in Venezuela]? ”. And I replied: “Well, you shouldn’t be in a hurry with this, it can turn into problems.” And he: “I am surprised by your answer, because you always want to invade somewhere,” said the senator.

Briefly about the main thing …

Maduro agreed to early parliamentary elections

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced his desire to hold early elections to the National Assembly. His words at a rally in Caracas reports RIA Novosti.

Do they want an election? We will hold parliamentary elections. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

Zelensky will hold talks with Putin if he wins the election

Ukrainian presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky said that in the event of his victory in the elections he intends to sit at the negotiating table with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reports about it “Strana.ua” with reference to sources.

Ukraine intends to conduct a dialogue with Russia using graphite bombs

In Moscow, they said that the war with Russia would not end with anything good for Ukraine. The threat of the use of graphite bombs by Kiev against Moscow should, in the opinion of Ukrainian presidential candidate Inna Theological, be the basis of Russian-Ukrainian bilateral relations.

Ukraine should move to the rapid production of new types of weapons. Graphite bombs are what today is a challenge that has received support in international relations. They are not prohibited, and this is our path. – Inna Bogoslovska, Ukrainian public figure

US coalition struck the Syrian army

The international coalition led by the United States on Sunday night struck an airstrike on the artillery of the Syrian army, destroying it and wounding two soldiers, a Syrian military source told RIA Novosti. The incident occurred at about 23.30 local time (0.30 Sunday Moscow time).

Estonia demanded compensation from Russia for the “Soviet occupation”

The Estonian authorities have once again raised the issue of Russia’s compensation for damage from the so-called Soviet occupation. This time the claims were voiced by the Minister of Justice Urmas Reinsalu.

The Soviet Union occupied Estonia, violating precisely the Tartu Peace Treaty. Its successor Russia must recognize this, and in fact, on the basis of international law, it is obliged to compensate for the damage it has caused. – Urmas Reinsalu, Estonian politician

Tallinn became the capital of the “Total dictation-2019”

The news was announced at the conference “Total Dictation” in Novosibirsk Vyacheslav Bychkov, coordinator of TD in Vladivostok, the capital of last year’s action. Among the finalists of the qualifying round for the title of the main city of TD were Kazan, Vologda, Penza, Rostov-on-Don and Tallinn.

Elizabeth II is evacuated from London in case of unrest due to Brexit

The Queen of Great Britain will leave London in the event of riots caused by the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit). The emergency evacuation plan existed since the times of the Cold War, when Buckingham Palace was afraid of a nuclear strike from the USSR.

Trump and Xi Jinping meet in Vietnam

According to the newspaper, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump may meet in Danang on February 27-28 to discuss trade issues, the South China Morning Post reports, citing a source

88% of Japanese do not believe in resolving the situation with the Kuriles under Abe

According to a survey conducted by Kyodo, 88.2% of Japanese do not believe in resolving the territorial issue with Russia during the premiership of Shinzo Abe. According to a VTsIOM poll, 77% of Russians oppose the transfer of the four southern islands of the Kuril Ridge.

Deutsche Bank refused to give a loan to Trump for the election campaign

Donald Trump applied to Deutsche Bank for a loan for his election campaign in 2016, and the bank refused, the New York Times reported on Sunday, citing three informed sources. Presumably, the management of the bank considered such a loan risky.

The authorities of the Central African Republic have agreed on peace with armed groups

The authorities of the Central African Republic and representatives of 14 armed groups agreed on a peace deal at the talks in Sudan, BBC News reported on Sunday. The talks were held under the auspices of the UN and the African Union. The peace treaty will be signed soon in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.

Avakov promised to disperse the new “Maidan”

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, said that the country’s law enforcement agencies would not allow the emergence of new “Maidan” at the presidential election. Reports about it “Ukrainian news”.

They say to me: if Poroshenko and Tymoshenko are in the final, and Poroshenko will win – Tymoshenko will make Maidan. And vice versa: if Tymoshenko wins, Poroshenko will lead people to the street. And I answer these visionaries that in the case of one of these scenarios, our state would be at great risk. – Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian businessman

Russia tracks most foreign satellites in orbit from the ground

Russia has ground-based tracking capabilities that can see most foreign satellites in geostationary orbit. This was reported in the Astro-Cosmic Scientific Center (ASC).

President of Colombia announced the creation of a center for humanitarian aid Venezuela

Colombian President Ivan Duque said that the city of Cucuta will become one of the centers of humanitarian assistance to Venezuela. About this he wrote in his account on Twitter.

“South Dakota” was part of the fleet

Submarine SSN 790 was launched in October 2017 at the shipyard of General Dynamics Electric Boat. USS South Dakota is included in Block III. The Virginia submarine series Block III is 20% modified compared to the previous series to optimize costs and improve performance.

Military expert told about the presence of Russia “space” weapons

Igor Korotchenko, a member of the public council at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, said that Moscow has the necessary means to counter a potential threat from space. We are talking about the system of air defense, missile defense, pro S-500 “Prometheus”.

Vladimir Putin will inspect troops with the latest types of weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to visit enterprises of the military-industrial complex (DIC), developing the latest types of weapons, Interfax reports, citing a source in the Kremlin. The politician will also visit the military units where they are delivered.

Conversion in Iran: the Ministry of Defense will produce civilian vessels for $ 500 million

The contract for the manufacture of 44 modern ships for the ports and maritime services of Iran was signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of the country, February 3, Tasnim news agency reported. According to the contract, various types of civil vessels will be manufactured: rescue vessels, dredging vessels, fire boats, oil skimmers, and passenger boats for the tourism industry.

It became known about the plans of India to buy American rifles

Indian ground forces are going to acquire about 73 thousand American assault rifles SIG Sauer, reports the agency PTI. A source agency said that the decision to acquire American rifles was approved by the country’s defense minister Nirmala Sitaraman, reports TASS.

In the Netherlands, cyclists will be fined for gadgets

Experts note that the use of a smartphone is the cause of every fourth episode involving a cyclist. Note that in the Netherlands it is forbidden to use the phone while driving a car. For violation of a fine of 240 euros.

Action in support of Maduro held in Ankara

An action in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was held today at the Venezuelan embassy in Turkey by activists of the non-governmental organization Platform for Religious Freedom Ankara, February 2, Anadolu reports.

Turkey received a warning from the United States about Venezuelan gold

The United States sent Turkey a warning, stating that the country was “rolling on thin ice” in connection with the ongoing trade with Venezuela in gold. This is reported by the BBC, citing sources.

China has supported the construction of four nuclear reactors

The Chinese government approved a project to build four nuclear reactors. The Chinese nuclear corporation CNNC approved a project to create two nuclear power plants, reports Jiemian.

In Egypt, found a necropolis with dozens of mummies

Necropolis with 40 mummies discovered in the Egyptian province of El Minya. Reports about it Ynetnews with reference to the authorities of Egypt. As noted, 10 out of 40 mummies found by archeologists are children.

On Sakhalin, public utilities showered dirty snow clean

The footage shows that on the side of a stela, located at the exit from the airport in the Khomutovo area, people in overalls fall asleep dirty snow with a layer of clean. A tractor was connected to the process, which dumps clean snow and pours on top of dirty areas.

Saratovts for the first time in Russia arrested for extremism under a new article

The Kirovsky District Court of Saratov first arrested a local for extremism under a new article on the Administrative Code after partial decriminalization of Art. 282 of the Criminal Code (incitement to hatred or hostility, as well as the humiliation of human dignity). It is reported by the information and analytical center “Sova”.

According to the materials of the administrative case, the defendant posted several comments under foreign posts, and also posted a post on his page in which experts saw signs of incitement to violence against African Americans; signs of propaganda of the superiority of Russians and “whites” and the inferiority of Ukrainians and African Americans; signs of incitement to hatred and hostility towards Ukrainians, Mexicans and African Americans.

Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about the fight against corruption in the Russian Orthodox Church

The chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, said that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has effective mechanisms for fighting corruption and preventing corruption schemes.

In Russia, 80% of criminal cases are convicted

The representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, Alexander Kurennoy, notes that, according to statistics, over the past 2.5 years, on average, 80% of the cases on the merits are convicted. In his words, without a full-fledged judicial investigation, almost 70% of cases are being considered in Russia.

The governor proposed to turn the dump into a ski resort

The governor of the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sipagin, suggested that a ski resort be made out of a landfill site. According to him, this way the dump will get a second life.

“You and I got a heavy legacy, which could then be used as a ski resort. There are such technologies today, ”the TASS Governor quotes.

The Emergencies Ministry explained the requirements of the new GOST to the SEC

The new GOST provides for the provision of objects with mass stay of people with personal protective equipment, including self-rescuers. According to GOST, they should be both at the facility personnel (shopping and entertainment centers, museums, cinemas), and at all visitors.

In Novosibirsk, a family with a disabled child was given an apartment uninhabitable

For four years, a family with a disabled child from Novosibirsk has been seeking, through the law, legal housing. Officials from the city hall provided an apartment, which turned out to be completely uninhabitable: with a crumbling wall, rotten windows, faulty wiring and no water supply. In the city administration they are justified by the fact that there was no time for repairs.

Krasnoyarsk residents launched the campaign “Take a pedestrian in the cold”

In the bitter cold, Krasnoyarsk citizens began to spread the idea of ​​the “Give a Pedestrian Travel” promotion. Drivers are invited to pick up from the stops of public transport companions.

Mortgage rates went up

In January, the two largest mortgage banks immediately announced an increase in mortgage rates. Sberbank increased interest rates by 1 percentage point (pp) for loans with an initial contribution of 20% or more and by 1.2 pp for loans with an initial payment of less than 20%. VTB raised mortgage rates by 0.6 percentage points. A number of large banks (Otkritie FC and Gazprombank) also plan to raise rates.

Russians took a record number of mortgage loans

At 1.3 trillion rubles last year took the mortgage loans Russians. About it reports RIA Novosti news agency referring to the study of the credit bureau “Equifax”. In total, 576.5 thousand mortgage loans were issued last year.

Japan will require arbitration with South Korea

On February 1, the Japanese government announced the need to create an “Arbitration Committee” to solve the problem of forced labor between Japan and South Korea. The creation of a mediation committee is prescribed by the bilateral Agreement of 1965, if the consultations fail to come to a common denominator. In this case, South Korea refuses to consult.

According to the Japanese news newspaper Maini Shimbun, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea had previously decided to pay compensation to Japanese firms for forced labor of immigrants from the Korean Peninsula during World War II. In addition, the South Korean government plans to confiscate the assets of Japanese companies.

Boris Titov Announces 25 Finalists for the Big Business Award

The organizers of the Big Business Award according to the results of online voting comprised the top 25 participants of the competition, of which the winners in five nominations and the Grand Prix will be determined in the future. This was reported by TASS on Saturday, authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, Boris Titov.

Gazprom Armenia will receive a warning due to late report

The Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia included in the agenda of the meeting scheduled for February 6, 2019 the issue of issuing a warning to Gazprom Armenia, Gazprom’s daughter, in connection with the violation of the deadline for submitting a monthly report.

The company has a monopoly on the supply and distribution of Russian natural gas in the domestic market and is the largest taxpayer in Armenia. Gazprom Armenia is a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom.

In Moscow, discussed the possibility of maintaining a reduced tax rate on property of organizations

The deputy mayor of Moscow, the head of the local DEPR, Vladimir Efimov, became a participant in a round table discussion on the tax rate on corporate property for 2019. Representatives of the capital’s business and members of the Opora Rossii public organization also participated in the discussion.

About 25 billion rubles want to spend on sowing in Tatarstan

Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov reported on financial support for the upcoming spring field work in the republic. He did this during a meeting at the Government House of the Republic of Tajikistan. He said that in 2019 it is planned to spend about 25 billion rubles on a sowing campaign.

VTB made a record net profit

Almost half of the annual profit – 122 billion rubles. – VTB received two months: November and December. On average, from January to October in 2018, VTB earned 10–15 billion rubles. net profit per month, said Fitch analyst Anton Lopatin.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance for 15.58 billion rubles

On January 30, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation bought currency for the Ministry of Finance within the budget rule of 15.58 billion rubles, follows from Bank of Russia data. From January 15 to February 6, the Ministry of Finance plans to purchase foreign currency in the amount of 265.8 billion rubles.

We do not intend to change the volume of purchases. This question often arises that if the course moves somewhere, we can begin to change the volume of purchases. We have these purchases in no way connected with the fact that we want to influence the ruble exchange rate. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian politician

Baku will give surplus gas to Europe

SGC provides for the transportation of 10 billion cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan to the EU via Georgia and Turkey. The first phase of the project was launched in June 2018. Earlier, News.ru wrote about the plans of Moscow and Baku to establish joint ventures in the field of oil production and agricultural engineering.

Almost 60 thousand people came to the action of “yellow vests” in France

In France, about 58.6 thousand people took part in the protests of the “yellow vests”. It is reported by BFMTV. According to the TV channel, in Paris, 30 people were detained during protests.

As noted, in the capital of France and the city of Bordeaux, clashes between protesters and the police occurred. The police used tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators.

In Tatarstan, restored two objects from UNESCO World Heritage

The Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex, located on the site of the ancient city of Bulgar, and the island town of Sviyazhsk were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites a few years ago, the Bulgarians in 2014, and the Sviyazhsk in 2017.

In Spain, called the holders of the film award “Goya”

The comedy “Champions”, directed by Javier Fesser, won the Spanish film award “Goya” in the nomination “Best Film”. The film “Champions” was nominated in 11 categories.

At the auction sold autographs of Napoleon and Einstein

Among the lots was Einstein’s letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt. A scientist in it asked the head of state to consider the use of nuclear reactions for military purposes. The letter was accompanied by an autograph of the physicist and the auction organizers received 2.5 thousand euros for it.

Alfonso Cuarón took the top prize of the Directors Guild

The Directors Guild of the United States awarded the main prize to Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón for the film “Roma”. The prize was awarded for “outstanding achievements in the direction of the film” in 2018, RIA Novosti reports. In 2013, Cuarón was awarded the guild award for his painting Gravity.

Continuation of “Groundhog Day” was transferred to the game in virtual reality

Studio Tequila Works has announced a new game. She became Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son. This is a virtual reality project that continues the plot of the film “Groundhog Day”.

In Kazan, the exhibition opens Evgeny Zuev “Roadside Picnic”

February 7 at the National Gallery “Hazine” opens an exhibition of works by Evgeny Zuev “Roadside Picnic”. The exhibition is timed to the 95th anniversary of the artist. The exhibition will feature the best works of the painter, which are in the collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan.

Two new English novels about the global problems of our time

The famous Briton Jonathan Coe published a novel about the breczit “Middle England”, and the young writer Lalin Poll – a fascinating environmental detective “Ice.” Both novels about what is happening today with the world familiar to us.

Interactive photo exhibition “Underground Neglinka”

The interactive underground exhibition “Underground Neglinka” opened in the small hall of the Russian State Library for Youth in Moscow. This is reported today the portal of the mayor and the government of the capital. “The exhibition includes photographs of abandoned and existing Neglinnaya collectors, a map of the river, artifacts and parts of collectors of the XIX and XX centuries.

The director of “Upgrade” will remove a remake of “Escape from New York”

Actor and screenwriter Lee Wannell, known for the thriller “Upgrade” and the production of “The Invisible Man”, can remove a remake of “Escape from New York”, reports THR. A fantastic film about the rescue of an American president from prison by a former soldier Snake Plisskin (Kurt Russell) was filmed in 1981

The sequel to King’s Shine will be released this year.

A screen version of Stephen King’s King of Horrors novel, The Dream, a direct sequel to The Shining, moved to Warner Bros. from the previously announced January 24, 2020 to November 8, the current.

“Planet Taiga” has released a new film “Misty Tordoki”

The group “Planet Taiga” has finished editing a film about a trip to the highest mountain of the Sikhote-Alin ridge, Mount Tordoki-Yani. From February 1, a half-hour tape is available on the project’s official Youtube channel, the Khabarovsk Krai Today news agency reports.

Scandinavian short films will be shown in Ryazan

On February 8, in Ryazan, the Nordic Shorts festival starts – a program of short films from Sweden, Finland and Norway. This was reported by the press service of the company “Tree Films”

In Smolensk, made a film about the writer Boris Vasilyev

Students of Smolensk State University (Smolensk State University) made a film about the famous writer and Smoolyanin Boris Vasilyev, who would have turned 95 years old this year.

The author is a student of Smolensk State University Kristina Davydova, who has previously shot a film about science fiction writer Smolenin Alexander Belyaev. The consultant of the film about Boris Vasilyev was Vladimir Karnyushin, a famous Smolensk researcher of the writer’s creativity

The August single “Great” from the Ufa group Arctic Riddim got a clip

The Ufa reggae band with a ten-year history of Arctic Riddim released their fourth video on one of the most popular tracks – “Great”. The video is filled with a sense of spring and native city landscapes.

In Russia, began to sell the phone with protection against wiretapping and hacking

The phone, which can not be hacked or listen, began to sell in Russia. The device with crypto protection “Cruise-K” was released by the state corporation “Rostec”, its price will be about 85 thousand rubles.

Skype Classic is no longer officially supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Skype Classic. All users of version Skype 7.4 were asked to switch to Skype 8 or log out, since the “classic” build is no longer supported.

From YouTube can remove the button “dizlink”

The developers of the most popular YouTube video streaming service in the world are currently considering the idea of ​​removing the “dyslike” (“dislike”) button from the service, with which viewers express their negative attitude to content.

Wireless speaker OKLIK OK-12 was released

The OKLIK OK-12 wireless portable speaker entered the market. This device is positioning itself as a budget, so its price will be about 400 rubles. OKLIK OK-12 is equipped with a 3 W speaker and a 300 mAh battery, which allows it to work for 4 hours.

Pikiu – Huawei’s new single-chip platform for smartphones

Kirin single-chip platform is known to many who are even remotely interested in the topic of smartphones. It is under this brand that the world’s first single-chip system for smartphones, made using 7 nm technology, was released. But in the future, Huawei may have another line of SoC – Pikiu.

Linux based pinebook pro will be available for $ 200

Pin64 will introduce a Pinebook Pro with a Linux operating system. Its cost will be 200 US dollars. An affordable laptop will be presented with a 14-inch diagonal screen and Full HD image quality.

Smell genes make important decisions together

Biologists have studied the genes of olfactory receptors, thanks to which mammals are able to distinguish billions of different odors. In humans (as well as in mice on which experiments were conducted) there are hundreds of such genes, and they are present on almost all chromosomes.

Scientists recommend crying once a week to relieve stress

A scholar from Japan, Khuffimi Yoshida, in 2014 began to lecture students, where he spoke about the positive effects of crying on stress and the general psychological state of a person. A little later, the researcher began to conduct his seminars for employees of various companies for which he developed a special methodology applicable to the working environment.

Khudfimi Yoshida is sure that he managed to prove the effectiveness of his approach in practice. He notes that people who cry at least once a week, more quickly than others, cope with the stress that has appeared, easier to resolve conflicts in the family and at work, and also move faster along the career ladder.

The brain perceives its own and other people’s touch differently.

Swedish scientists have found that the human brain perceives touches differently – depending on whether the body is touching the body: its “master” or another person. The article was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

BMW has released the electric scooter X2City

In Germany in the spring of 2019 enters into force the legislative regulation of the operation of such vehicles. BMW timed the development and release of its X2City scooter, in time for the introduction of new rules regarding the use of such vehicles. Start of sales is scheduled for February 4.

Hyundai began developing 340-strong Tucson N

According to the publication AutoExpress, the new product will be available in two years. According to preliminary data, Hyundai Tucson c index N will receive a power unit with a capacity of 340 hp. and make direct competition to the sporty Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line.

Nissan introduced the Micra N-Sport

The Japanese company Nissan has released a new modification of the popular Micra hatchback, the title of which appeared the prefix N-Sport. A feature of this car is the addition of carbon inserts, as well as brand nameplates that distinguish the new product from its predecessor. In addition, under the hood hatchback installed 1-liter gasoline unit with a power of about 115 hp. It should also be noted that the car received a carbon fiber discs and side mirrors.

Toyota will launch its own electric car by 2021

Exit the car will take place by 2021. Currently, the aforementioned company is cooperating with Panasonic on the construction of a plant at which they can produce high-capacity batteries.

In St. Petersburg, activists call for the separation of the church from the state

A series of single pickets “Anticlericalism-2019” was held on Chernyshevsky Square in St. Petersburg. Participants demand to limit the influence of religious institutions on society.

As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” reports, about 40 people took to the pickets. They alternately hold posters “Do not believe, but think,” “The kingdom of churches – the kingdom of chains”, “Separate Petersburg from the church”, “For the separation of power and religion. Isaac Museum – and others.

North Korea condemned “attempts to expel” the president of Venezuela

The representative of the DPRK Foreign Ministry in an interview with the Korea Central Telegraph Agency (TsTAK) said that “attempts by external forces” to “drive out the president” of Venezuela are interference in the internal affairs of the country. In addition, the representative of the Ministry called for a peaceful solution of the question of the Bolivarian Republic.

Rallies against garbage reform held in Russian regions

In the regions of Russia, an all-Russian action of the ecoprotest “Russia is not a garbage dump!” Was held, directed against garbage reform. Since January 1, the Russian regions have switched to a new waste management system, according to which regional operators, who have been selected as a result of tenders, are now in charge of collecting, transporting, processing, recycling, disposing and dumping garbage.

Macron plans to hold a referendum on the claims of “yellow vests”

French President Emmanuelle Macron is secretly preparing to hold a referendum on a wide range of issues in response to the demands of the “yellow vests.” According to Le Journal du Dimanche, the vote may take place on May 26 at the same time as the elections to the European Parliament.

The FSIN will allocate a palliative care unit in prisons hospitals

Chambers of palliative care for those awaiting a court decision on release for health reasons will appear in Russian prisons, Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) Valery Maksimenko said in an interview with Interfax. He added that the conditions for seriously ill convicts “for FSIN are more than relevant.”

The first meeting of the international group on Venezuela will be held on February 7

Uruguay and the EU will hold on Thursday, February 7, in Montevideo, the first ministerial meeting of the international contact group on Venezuela, the EU diplomatic service said on Sunday.

Netanyahu promised to “resist Iran” with “all forces”

Israel knows everything “what and where” Iran is doing, and will oppose its aggressive plans by all means, the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in response to the demonstration of a new Iranian cruise missile.

Pope concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Pope Francis expressed deep concern over the acute humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where many children suffer from hunger.

Cruise liners will visit Vladivostok 16 times per season

2019 promises to be saturated for Vladivostok in the field of cruise tourism – the city will be visited by 16 airliners. The first sea giant in Vladivostok will be met on March 20, the season will end on October 17.

Russia’s successes in the fight against alcoholism noted at the international level

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over the decade in Russia, the amount of alcohol per person in the country has decreased from 17 to 11 liters of pure alcohol.

According to the World Health Organization, such achievements are associated with an increase in the price of alcohol products, as well as with the age at which alcohol is permitted. In a press release, WHO noted that other countries should follow the example of Russia.

Separate food, according to scientists, does not represent health benefits

As nutritionist Lyudmila Babich reported, dividing foods into separate meals will not help to reduce weight. It is much more useful, according to her, to choose a diet with a balance of all the necessary elements. The nutritionist claims that combining foods is very useful if done correctly.

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