12 Mar, 2018

A surge of deaths from unknown diseases …

Since 2012, Russian citizens are increasingly dying from rare diseases and for unknown reasons. These conclusions of analysts of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology are confirmed by Rosstat data.

These are the results of the May decrees of Vladimir Putin, who commissioned by 2018 to dramatically reduce losses from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, tuberculosis, road accidents, and infant mortality.

Now experts are trying to understand what is the reason for what is happening. Perhaps, doctors, wishing to “meet” in the norms defined by the decrees, can “write down” a part of the deceased into the number of victims of other diseases.

Briefly about the main thing ……


The procedure for buying e-policies OSAGO complicate

Representatives of the insurance lobby appealed to the Central Bank of Russia with a request to complicate the procedure for selling electronic policies of compulsory insurance of automobile liability insurance (OSAGO). According to insurers, this will help them to protect themselves from fraudulent actions

Sites for the sale of diplomas on education banned in the Khabarovsk Territory

The court in the Khabarovsk Territory banned access to five Internet sites where diplomas on higher and secondary education were sold for any specialties. This is reported on Monday by the regional prosecutor’s office.

The priest spoke about the convergence of the Holy Fire

The priest Samuel Agoyan, representing the Armenian patriarchate, quarreled with a representative of the Coptic Church after he stated that he had uncovered the secret of the convergence of the Holy Fire. The verbal skirmish, as reported by the Israeli News portal, began during the filming of a reportage in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Agoyan in an interview with an Israeli journalist told how the descent of “blessed fire” is happening. According to him, he observed three times how the patriarchs lighted the bundles of wax candles from the oil lamp, and there is nothing mysterious in the Holy Fire.

“God works wonders, but not for fun to people,” Agoyan said.

Because of downpours, the north-east of Australia is declared a disaster zone

The Council of Insurance Companies of Australia declared a disaster zone in the northeast areas of Queensland. This was reported by the broadcaster ABC.

“The Case of Skripal”: Residents of Salisbury were advised to wash their clothes

Davis recommended that citizens wash clothes themselves or give them to dry cleaners. Mobile phones, watches and other gadgets need to be wiped with disinfecting napkins, and wash jewelry and eyewear in a detergent solution.

Scientists announced the threat of anthrax outbreak in YaNAO

Reducing the territory of permafrost can lead to the thawing of old cattle cemeteries Active melting of ice in permafrost territory can lead to the opening of cattle cemeteries and another outbreak of anthrax in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. This was stated by experts of the Center Antistikhia.

Diabetics and poor seers were banned from permanently living in Kuwait

Traveling to Kuwait for work, foreigners suffering from cancer, diabetes and a number of other non-communicable diseases will no longer be able to obtain a residence permit. This is reported by Al Arabiya.

In general, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health identified 22 diseases, which now do not give the right to permanent residence in the country. Among them, including kidney failure, vision problems, high blood pressure, diarrhea. Already having a residence permit for the detection of these diseases will not be deported.

As noted, the new measures are aimed at reducing health care costs, as well as ensuring the arrival of workable emigrants in the country, writes Stepfeed. The Ministry of Health explained that it also allegedly corresponds to the decision of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC) adopted in 2001.

Vilnius City Council demands to remove Russian military memorials from the cemetery

Two military memorials, one of which is installed on the mass grave of soldiers of the Red Army, the second – on the grave of Russian soldiers who died during the First World War, requires the removal of the Vilnius City Hall from the Antanalini cemetery, reports Interfax.

Unknown ignited a wooden chapel in Kiev

The unidentified people set fire to the wooden chapel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev.

In Dublin, tens of thousands of people took part in the march against abortion

Tens of thousands of people took part in the “March of Life” – a protest against abortion, which took place in the Irish capital of Dublin, the Irish Times writes. In late May, Ireland should hold a referendum on the issue of legalization of abortions

The new food kits “in case of disaster” scared the Americans

Trading network Costco has released grocery sets “in the event of a catastrophe.” The novel scared the Americans, who began to fear that these products are designed to survive in a nuclear war.

In St. Petersburg, an action was held in support of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

In St. Petersburg on March 10 a rally in support of St. Isaac’s Cathedral was held. All not indifferent people took to the streets to express their opinion. One of the issues of interest to them was the fact that the issue with the most beautiful cathedral of the country was still unresolved

The ROC does not consider sexual harassment a “national disaster”

As a member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture Leonid Kalinin told radio station “Says Moscow”, sexual harassment is a serious problem for Russian society, the problem of family relations is more acute.

“We do not have such a situation that it becomes a national disaster, which must be resolved urgently by the whole world. We have very few normal, healthy families now. It is necessary to propagate the cult of the family, then everything will go well, and there will be a balance in relations between men and women. “

More than 8 million borrowers of the Russian Federation have used micro loans in 2017

More than 8 million borrowers used the services of Russia’s microfinance institutions in 2017. Compared to the previous year, this is more than 62.4%, the REGNUM news agency reported at the Kaluga Department of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of Russia.

At a rally in defense of Russian schools in Riga, came out 5 thousand people

Under the drum rhythms and disgruntled zvivisty crowd is sent to the House of the EU. Over the past six months, this is the sixth and largest meeting for the right to learn in Russian, reports TV Center. Language, where about 40% of the population speaks here.

Clean roads and dirty area: in the center of Vladivostok, snow is stored

On 10 March, the snow removed from the central districts was taken to the temporary site – the central square of Vladivostok. It was decided to use it for efficient cleaning of roads and sidewalks, IA PrimaMedia reports. The new attraction quickly attracted the attention of the inhabitants of Vladivostok.

Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services Chibis: Calculation of utilities automates

Within 3-5 years, Russia will be covered everywhere by an automated system of accounting for the consumption of communal resources.


Sharapov was criticized for a photo with the American flag

Subscribers have criticized the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who was photographed against the background of the US flag. In the new picture, which the athlete laid out in Instagram, she poses with her mother in an embrace opposite the picture of Jasper Jones, which depicts the American flag.

Vera Brezhnev surprised fans with a picture in her wedding dress

Vera Brezhnev dressed in a wedding dress and picked up a bouquet of the bride. The corresponding picture of the singer published in the Instagram-account, which is incredibly surprised fans

Dana Borisova is looking for a sober groom

Well-known TV presenter Dana Borisova told journalists that she is looking for a sober groom. Recently, the star has completed the rehabilitation from drug and alcohol dependence and is now ready to accept signs of attention from men.

31-year-old Keti Topuria suffers from “swimming bath”

31-year-old vocalist of the pop group “A’Studio” Keti Topuria suffers from “bathing”. In this celebrity admitted in social networks. Singer Keti Topuria has a good figure and seeks to emphasize her feminine features in various ways.

Svetlana Loboda leaves the scene because of pregnancy

On the stage, the artist plans to leave in June. Earlier it was reported that Nikolay Baskov had let slip about Loboda’s pregnancy. Presumably the father of the child was the soloist of the group Rammstein Till Lindemann, with whom the singer had a close relationship last summer

Pictures of the first American tours The Beatles will go under the hammer

In the UK, hundreds of previously never shown photographic negatives, which featured the British band The Beatles on its first tour of the United States

To the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will release singing hymn condoms

For the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, condom packs will be on sale selling UK and US hymns. Crown Jewels will release souvenir condoms for the wedding of British prince Harry and actress Megan Markle.

Putin welcomed the participants of the festival “Dedication to Marius Petipa”

Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted the participants, organizers and guests of the festival of Russian ballet schools “Dedication to Marius Petipa” and stressed that the anniversary of the great choreographer is a special date for world and national culture, according to the Kremlin website.

Malikov’s daughter made a sensational confession about the birth of her brother

The daughter of Russian composer and singer Dmitry Malikov Stefania made an unexpected acknowledgment to journalists. It turned out that the couple Malikov hid the birth of his son, not only from strangers, but also from his relatives. Stesha Malikova did not know anything about recruiting in the family until the baby’s birth

Alexander Rybak will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018

The winner of Eurovision-2009, the singer of Belarusian origin Alexander Rybak will represent Norway for the second time at Eurovision-2018. This was announced on Sunday, March 11, by the official website of the contest. He will perform the song “That’s How You Write A Song”.

Actor Ivan Zhidkov fell into a hospital with toxic poisoning

Actor Ivan Zhidkov was on a hospital bed with toxic poisoning. The artist described this in his Instagram`e. He wrote that his temperature reached 40.4 degrees, and he has to be treated intensively, since today he will have a play with his participation.

Brad Pitt will turn out to be a love affair to survive a divorce

According to the publication, now the 54-year-old actor will devote more time to daily cares about his body, training, and also meditation; all this should, in his opinion, help to survive the divorce. According to the source of The Sun, now Pitt eats healthy food and does not drink alcohol.

Navka showed Peskov in the legendary red pants

Russian figure skater Tatyana Navka posted a photo on her page in Instagram, where she showed her husband Dmitry Peskov. In the photo, the press secretary of the President of Russia was sealed while walking with their daughter.

The head of the Samara region Azarov called Efremov a ruffian

Temporarily acting governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov called the actor Mikhail Efremov a rascal, refusing to comment on the incident with his participation in the opera and ballet theater of Samara.

People will understand here. There is someone to do. The Minister of Culture is, I know that he already has appeals and complaints from citizens. He does it. – Dmitry Azarov, Russian politician

Russia is declared the honorary guest of the FILEY-2018 book fair in Mexico

In Mexico, on Saturday, March 10, the international book fair FILEY-2018 was opened. The TASS news agency reports that the organizers declared Russia an honorary guest of the event. As it became known, the FILEY-2018 book fair is held this spring in Mérida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán.

Representative of Chechnya won the title “Miss Ethno – 2018” in Kaluga

This year 12 representatives of national and cultural associations of the region took part in the competition. For the first time, girls from Chechnya, Yakutia, Uzbekistan and even Zambia and China came to the festival.

Street artist Misha Marker presented a new picture in St. Petersburg

Street artist and illustrator Misha Marker hung out a new job on one of the walls of the building in St. Petersburg.

The work provides a red canvas on which in large black letters it is written “We do not have enough billboards to ask”.

Earlier, Misha Marker presented to the court of St. Petersburg an installation with a cross from police batons, a painting with an “oil angel”, and a work entitled “Faith. Hope. Love “, reminiscent of a kind of triptych.

The Ensemble of Song and Dance of Rosgvardia has completed the tour of the North Caucasus

For the guests from the stage military-patriotic and Russian folk songs, popular compositions of Soviet times and war years sounded, and the ballet troupe of the ensemble decorated the concert with bright dance numbers. The tour of the ensemble was successfully held in all the capitals of the republics of the North Caucasus.


Ministry of Agriculture initiates fines for falsification

The Ministry of Agriculture initiated amendments to the legislation toughening penalties for the production of falsified food products, up to the selection of licenses from enterprises.

The architecture of the business program SPIEF-2018 is published

The architecture of the business program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018) has been published, the key theme of which is the creation of a “trust economy”, the Roskongress Foundation said.

Areva to pay € 450 million to Finland for delay in NPP construction

The French corporation of nuclear technologies Areva has pledged to pay the Finnish company Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) € 450 million for a ten-year delay in the construction of the nuclear power plant. This was reported on Sunday by Agence France Presse (AFP) on the basis of a statement received from Areva

The government wants to tighten the regulation of the beer market

The government instructed the Ministry of Finance to submit proposals for the introduction of marking and licensing of the production and turnover of brewing products, cider, poare and mead.

Eni sells Mubadala Petroleum 10% in the project Zohr

Italian oil and gas company Eni sells Emirati Mubadala Petroleum 10% in the concession agreement Shoruk for the development of the largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea Zohr. This is stated on the site Eni.

Russia counts on the export of meat, milk and fish to Turkey

In the near future, Russia expects to start exporting meat, fish and milk to Turkey, Alexander Tkachev, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with TASS. “We expect that in the near future, Turkey will decide on admission of Russian meat and dairy and fish products to its market,” the minister said.

Nico-Bank lowered rates on some deposits

Since March 7, Nico-Bank has lowered the rates for some deposits: “Golden Autumn” (from 5 thousand rubles for 450 days) is now open at 6% per annum (earlier – at 6.4%). The average rate for the entire period of interest on the deposit “Chance” (from 5 thousand rubles to 460 days) is 6.32% per annum (instead of 6.4%). There are five periods of interest calculation for 92 days with rates of 5.8-7% per annum. The interest on two deposits is paid quarterly.

The IMF explained the need to increase the price of gas for residents of Ukraine

Head of the International Monetary Fund in Ukraine, Yosta Ljungman, explained the need to increase the price of gas for the population by corruption risks and uneconomic consumption.

“Different gas prices simultaneously acting on the market cause corruption,” he said and explained that it is possible to purchase gas at a lower price set for households and then resell it to industrial enterprises for a larger amount.

The register of respectable milk processors will be created in two months

The register of good milk processors will be formed in 2018. This was announced by the first deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dzhambulat Hatuov.

Mutko is waiting for an increase in the contribution from tourism to the GDP of the Russian Federation to 5%

The contribution from tourism to the country’s GDP will grow from 3.5 to 5% thanks to the plans laid down in the new Federal Target Program (FTP) for the development of domestic and incoming tourism for 2019-2025.

Rostourism will open almost 50 national tourist offices in 23 countries

The Federal Agency for Tourism will open almost 50 national tourist routes in 23 countries in 2018. This became known on Sunday, March 11, according to the head of the department Oleg Safonov.

Since May 1, banks have curtailed the issuance of loans to the most risky borrowers

Similarly, from 25 to 20 percent, the Bank of Russia moved the lower limit a year ago, as a result, the share of loans with high UCS (30-35 percent) decreased from 25 to 10 percent, and part of the “risky” borrowers that banks were willing to lend only under such rates, went to the MFI.

The development of aviation in the Krasnoyarsk region will send a billion rubles

In total, more than a billion rubles should be sent to the modernization of the airport complexes in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the renewal of the regional fleet in the near future, the legislature noted.

Head of Bashkortostan: The volume of road fund has risen to 19 billion rubles

The volume of the road fund grew to 19 billion rubles. As reported by ToDay News Ufa, the source of the press service of Rustem Khamitov, earlier the volume of the road fund was 5-6 billion rubles. Over the past three years, this amount has been tripled.

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation: import of sugar has decreased in 4 times since 2014

Import of sugar in Russia in 2017 amounted to 266 thousand tons, which is 4 times less than in 2014. This was announced on Sunday by Yevgeny Akhpashev, Director of the Department of Food and Processing Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia at the All-Russian Forum of Agricultural Producers in Krasnodar.

Crimea collected more than 4 billion rubles of its own income

The press service of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Crimea reported that for two months of this year, the budget received 4.1 billion in revenue, including 35.9 million of transportation tax.

The main income to the budget, just under half, is a personal income tax of 2 billion rubles, RIA Novosti reports.

629 million rubles were taxes on profits of organizations, excises collected for 625.1 million, and 103.2 million rubles were incomes from renting the property of the republic.

China will reduce import duties on cars and consumer goods

The Chinese authorities intend to reduce duties on car imports and a number of consumer goods. In addition, they will continue to enhance the openness of their market. This was stated by the Minister of Commerce of the PRC Zhong Shan.

CFTC: speculators sell ruble for the seventh week in a row

As it follows from the latest data of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the week before March 6, the net long speculative position in ruble futures contracted by 833 contracts (-4.6% to 17,913 contracts).

In April, starting to sell cash dollars in Uzbekistan

A bill drafted by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has been published on the portal of regulatory legal acts, which provides for the introduction of a mechanism to lift the ban on the territory of the country’s cash foreign currency from April 1, 2018.

China intends to make the yuan a world currency

The Chinese authorities will continue to internationalize the yuan, including opening its financial market. The head of the People’s Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan told journalists about it.

In the process of internationalization of the renminbi, sufficient measures have been taken, which now allow the yuan to be used in trade and investment. In addition, the yuan was included in the SDR basket of currencies. The basic procedures have already been carried out. – Zhou Xiaochuan, Chinese economist

The ECB kept the benchmark interest rate on loans at zero level

The European Central Bank (ECB), following a meeting on Thursday, did not begin to change the basic interest rate on loans, leaving it at zero level, the Central Bank said. The interest rate on deposits of the ECB was kept at the level of minus 0.4% per annum, the rate for marginal loans was 0.25% per annum.

Kyrgyzstan spent over 2.3 billion rubles on servicing the state debt

Since the beginning of the year, about 2.8 billion soms (more than 2.3 billion rubles) have been allocated from the republican budget to service the Kyrgyz government debt. This was reported to the correspondent of the REGNUM news agency in the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

VEB placed pension savings in bank deposits

Vnesheconombank (VEB) placed 143.48 billion rubles of pension savings under its management at the auction for 124 days at the auction, the average weighted rate was 6.71% per annum, according to information on the website of VEB.

Belarus wants to equalize fuel prices with Russian ones

In Belarus, they intend to raise fuel prices to the level of Russia, said representatives of the press service of the state concern Belneftekhim. Belneftekhim was told about a new mechanism that will operate in the country

Moller-Maersk closed the deal with Total for the sale of Maersk Oil

The Danish company Moller-Maersk has completed the sale of Maersk Oil to the French company Total.
“The deal, announced on August 21, 2017, has been approved by all regulators,” the company said in a statement.

China plans to create a ministry of energy

China plans to establish a Ministry of Energy to monitor the country’s gas and oil fields. Thus, the authorities want to make energy policy more effective in the framework of the upcoming reorganization in the government.

Germany will invest 1.2 billion euros in the project “Southern Gas Corridor”

For the construction of the “Southern Gas Corridor”, according to which gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz field in the Caspian Sea will be supplied through Turkey to Europe, the German government will allocate 1.2 billion euros. This is the publication of the publication Euractiv.


Chinese deputies allowed the chairman of the PRC to rule indefinitely

The deputies of the National People’s Congress (NPC) during the voting approved the amendment to the country’s constitution, which abolishes the restriction of being the chairman of the PRC and his deputy.

Five countries of Europe opposed “Nord Stream-2”

Against the implementation of the project is a number of countries, in particular Ukraine, which is afraid of losing revenues from the transit of Russian gas, and the United States, which have ambitious plans for exporting its gas to Europe. The only shareholder of Nord Stream 2 AG is Gazprom.

This project is submitted as commercial, but it is undoubtedly a political tool that will increase the EU’s dependence on energy supplies from one source – from Russia. – Victoras Pranzketis, Lithuanian politician

UK will develop an analog of the “Magnitsky law”, the media reported

The British authorities are developing an analogue of the so-called American “Magnitsky law”, which provides for sanctions against a number of Russian officials, Telegraph reports.

The greatest deal for the world: Trump believes in the success of negotiations with the DPRK

“Everything can end in nothing, or we can sit down and make the greatest deal for the whole world,” – quotes Trump U.S.News.

According to the American leader, now North Korea really wants to achieve peace.

Ukrainian nationalist Yarosh plans to seize Kuban and Voronezh

After the “cleansing” of Donbass and the return of the Crimea to Ukraine, Kiev needs to seize the following Russian regions: the Kuban, the Rostov region and Voronezh, said the former head of the Ukrainian “Right Sector”, banned in Russia, Dmitry Yarosh on the air of ZIK.

Here the main thing is to return the territories, and then we will think, there will be another time, there are young people – we have Kuban, Don, Voronezh. Russian politicians have put a tick in the Crimea: “now this is the Russian land.” We can also put up such ticks. Everything has its time. – Dmitry Yarosh, Ukrainian politician

Volcker said that Ukraine is not ready to join NATO

Special representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Georgia and Ukraine are not ready to become NATO members at the moment. According to Volcker, both countries still need to try hard to achieve the results that can become members of NATO.

They needed to do a lot of work, and now there is still a lot to do for both countries. – Kurt Volcker, an American diplomat

Poland intends to “fence off” from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

A fence length of almost 1.2 thousand kilometers is planned to be built on the eastern border of Poland to fight the African swine fever (ASF), according to Agropolska portal

UK urges allies to boycott World Cup 2018 in Russia

The British authorities have discussed with the United States and allies in Europe the possibility of boycotting the 2018 World Cup in Russia amid poisoning of former GRU employee Sergey Skripal and his daughter, the Times writes citing sources in the special services

“National Front” re-elected Marin Le Pen as party leader

The Congress of the French National Front party, which is taking place in Lille, re-elected Marin Le Pen as party chairman, BFM television channel reported. Ms. Le Pen was the only candidate. This is her third term as party leader

China opposes the beginning of the trade war with the US

Minister of Commerce of China Zhong Shan said that the deputies of the session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) are seriously concerned about the possible trade war between China and the United States, and this issue is at the center of their attention

Germany recognized the urgency of the speedy deportation of migrants

Reference: last year in the Federal Republic of Germany were illegally about 200 thousand migrants, for one reason, for only one reason, only about 24 thousand were deported from the country, as the legislation and procedure of expulsion do not meet the realities, allowing law breakers to delay the issuing of court decisions.


Experts called the Russian Federation and the United States the world’s largest arms exporter

The main exporters of weapons in the world from 2013 to 2017 remained the US and Russia. This is reported by TASS with reference to the report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Zone of the “military Schengen”

Recorded by Russian military exercises of NATO countries at the borders of the country, the transfer of the battalions of the alliance to the territory of the Baltic and Poland shows that the new priority of the North Atlantic military bloc’s leadership is the creation of a so-called “military Schengen” inside Europe

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the desire of the United States to split Syria

The United States is trying to split Syria in defiance of its promises to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of this country. The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel-General Alexander Fomin announced this to the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

Rogozin told about the completion of the MiG-31 in parallel with the creation of the “Dagger”

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the modernization of the MiG-31 interceptor was in parallel with the development of a hypersonic anti-ship missile “Dagger”. He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

As a carrier of the “Dagger”, a supersonic interceptor MiG-31 was chosen. The work on the modernization of this unique supersonic aircraft, ahead of its time, went in parallel with the development of the weapons themselves. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian statesman

In Norway, there were exercises with the participation of 7,4 thousand military

It is specified that about seven thousand Norwegian soldiers, 350 marines from the United States and the Netherlands, as well as representatives of the British Armed Forces took part in the exercises. Maneuvers were held on the territory of the polar province of Troms with the use of military equipment.

Prime Minister of India spoke about cooperation with France in the defense sphere

The statement of Modi was extended on the occasion of the current visit to India of French President Emmanuel Macron. The prime minister also recalled that the countries continue close cooperation in the production of military products.

Gunfighting in the NDP: APU fired upon the Yuzhnodonbass Culvert

Information about the consequences of the shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic continues to appear. So, it became known that yesterday, March 10, the Ukrainian army shelled the Yuzhnodonbass Culvert.

The US is connected with the supply of weapons to the insurgents of the IG

Specialists have established that a significant number of weapons from the IG arsenal are produced in Bulgaria. The European country sold weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Russian military will inspect the territory of France

The Defense Ministry noted that the inspection will be conducted on an area of up to 18 thousand square meters. km. Russian inspectors will visit the training grounds, receive briefings from the command of formations and military units, as well as information about the “Citadel Gilber 2018” exercise, held in the north-west of France.

The second US reconnaissance plane was sighted at the borders of Russia on the Black Sea

The US Navy patrol anti-submarine P-8A Poseidon flew off Russian borders on the Black Sea. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the data of Western aviation resources. American plane flew from the Sigonella airbase on the island of Sicily


Hackers found a way to bypass locks in Windows 10

During the research, Israeli experts have established that Windows 10 gives permission to connect to another network, even if the main device is locked.

Thus, hackers can install the adapter and open the device access to malicious websites.

The Cortana Voice Assistant provides additional capabilities for attackers. It continues to respond to commands even when the computer sleeps.

The hacker just needs to tell Cortana to open the web browser. After that, it will only be necessary to “ask” for the move to the site of an unsafe web site. After that, the malicious program is downloaded to the attack object.

At the heart of the problem is that voice assistants react to the commands of any person. They are not so “smart” yet to distinguish the timbre of the voice of their master.

Facebook began testing a new feature for face recognition

Facebook launched the process of testing the new face recognition function

Google plans to accelerate the mobile Internet to the speed of light

According to available information, AMP-technology supports ultra-fast prediction and downloading of Internet pages in a fraction of seconds. Today only Twitter, Google, Baidu and Bing work on this technology. It was introduced by Google in 2016.

Onavo Protect from Facebook collects user data

Facebook secretly collects and uses data about its users. To this opinion, the community of protection of the rights of users of social networks has come, which is not structured in a structured way, but spontaneously exists for several years on the open spaces of Facebook.

Google Duo received voice support for video

The developers released an update for Google Duo, which received voice support for the video. The application is a useful tool that allows users to contact even unreachable contacts. Now when calls to friends users Google Duo will be able to send a voice video.

Microsoft Pix has learned how to establish business contacts

Thanks to the new Business Card function, users can make not only high-quality photos in a matter of seconds, but also manage their contacts, including in LinkedIn. Mobile application Microsoft Pix uses artificial intelligence technologies and works only with gadgets running iOS.

There was an opportunity to comment posts Telegram-channels

Telegram users now have the opportunity to comment on the emerging posts of the channels using the @secretship bot. The bot developer noticed that it was his private initiative, and he does not have to do with the messenger team.

The new version of Google Chrome will be able to export passwords to a file

That’s why the new version of Google Chrome will feature the function of exporting passwords to other applications. The browser can not just save all user data, but also create a separate file, which is then easily opened by another application with similar functionality.

Instagram prepares to make a worthy competition Snapchat

Soon, in the social network of Instagram, a video call function may appear. Experts assume that it will be similar to Snapchat. At the moment of official confirmation of the imminent appearance in Instagram of the opportunity to make video calls there.

Custom Device Actions will allow you to use Google Assistant on any smart device

Google developers are convinced that the new function of the voice assistant of the company will allow to remotely control any technique – from phone to refrigerator. Google Assistant added a new function of Custom Device Actions.

BlackBerry accuses Facebook of infringing patents on IM-technologies

The social network is accused of illegally using proprietary technologies meant for instant messaging (IM) systems,

Google will change the main search bar in the interface for smartphones

Google will change the interface of the search bar for smartphones. This was reported by the company’s representatives through the publication of new screenshots on the web. The web has several screenshots that show what the Google search panel can be in the new version for mobile devices.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro “took over” the most important function of the iPhone X

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro after upgrading the MIUI 9.5 shell to the Global Beta version has acquired the advanced function of the iPhone X – managing gestures. While gadget users can use only a few “directions”, but with time the functionality will increase.

Dell Thunderbolt 3 SSD: fast portable drive with a capacity of up to 1 TB

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty. You can buy a Dell Thunderbolt 3 SSD at an estimated price of $ 440 for a 500 GB version and $ 800 for a 1 TB modification.


Scientists in the laboratory recreated the prehistoric ocean

German and American scientists have recreated conditions in the ocean, which were 2.5 billion years ago. This is necessary in order to understand how deposits formed in which a high iron content

Scientists: Not only sex, but also sleep in socks has a positive effect on health

A group of scientists conducted a series of studies, during which it came to the conclusion about the benefits of sleep in socks for the body. The results of their research activities were announced on the official page on the portal Medical News Today

Scientists have found out that dogs perceive “childish” voices better

Teams and appeals to dogs, pronounced “childish” voice, are better perceived by puppies. This conclusion was made by scientists from York University in Canada. This is reported by Animal Cognition.

Scientists told what news is spreading fastest

Scientists have found out that “fake news” about politics is spreading especially fast, and reports about finances and science are slow. In this especially important role I play loud headlines.

Scientists have discovered a diamond with “alien” ice inside

Researchers from the American University of Nevada have found a unique diamond. Inside it, a super-dense form of ice, also known as ice-VII, is preserved. This was reported by the journal Science.

Tattoos do not fade and do not fade due to the immune system

Scientists have found out why tattoos do not fade and remain on a person’s skin forever. It turned out that tattoos do not disappear because of the characteristics of human immunity. The cells into which the foreign pigment has gotten hold back its spread and thereby protect against negative consequences.

Scientists have learned to understand the “speech” of white rhino cubs

The German scientists succeeded in “deciphering” at least four types of different sounds that are produced by white rhino cubs to inform the mother of their condition. Researchers are confident that the knowledge gained can help in the study of this species of animals

Triangular two-dimensional crystals were transformed into defect-free superlattices

American chemists synthesized defect-free two-dimensional superlattices several micrometers in size from tungsten sulphide and selenide.

Scientists: Artificial Intelligence has learned to imitate the human voice

Scientists have conducted research and taught the artificial intelligence of imitation of human voice, a unique technology called Deep Voice. She works on the basis of machine learning.

Proton battery will be an effective replacement for lithium batteries

When using the battery, the reverse process occurs: the hydrogen atoms are released, they lose electrons and become protons. Protons combine with oxygen and turn into water. The engineers conducted experiments with a small proton battery with a surface area of 5.5 square centimeters.

Scientists have found that in the wildlife rotates the fastest

Fastest in the wildlife are the seeds of wild petunia. In the process of propagation through the air, they can perform up to 1000 revolutions per second. This conclusion was made by American scientists from Pomona College.

Adult neurogenesis became a child

Finally, it is known that cells in different stages of development synthesize different protein molecules, and a protein portrait can distinguish fissioning neuronal precursor cells from the finished nerve cells, and young newly formed neurons can also be distinguished from the old ones – and protein analysis seems to be also testified in favor of adult neurogenesis in humans.

Residents of megacities are more likely to suffer from skin diseases.

It was found that the inhabitants of large cities of microorganisms on the skin are much smaller and they are less diverse. Scientists came to the conclusion that the more microorganisms live on the skin, the lower the risk of getting various skin diseases.

The structure of the brain of the ancient “terrible shrimp” puzzled scientists

As was supposed, these arthropods should have a brain composed of three divisions and simple eyes, however the study showed that the brain of the “terrible shrimp” was not divided into departments, but the eyes were already complex, faceted

Scientists have synthesized a molecule that can fight bacteria resistant to antibiotics

A group of scientists in Singapore conducted a scientific work and was able to synthesize a molecule with a high impact on ESKAPE-bacteria. Thanks to it, it became possible to fight against viruses that have a stable immunity to antibiotics. This work was conducted by scientists from Singapore, China and the United States.

Scientists have found the brain “reception hours” for drugs

American scientists say that the time of taking medications affects their effectiveness. The authors of the scientific research found that in the brain there is a mechanism that changes the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) depending on the time of day.

Weak immune memory makes bacteria stronger

Some weak strains, having got into the body, leave behind a weak immune memory, that is, the body does not have complete but partial resistance to the disease, and in the future some strains can still cause the disease, remaining at first undetected – because of partial immunity recognizes them not immediately.


Telescope “Hubble” showed the fusion of two galaxies

Scientists note that as long as these two objects become a single entity, several million years may pass. A snapshot of the merger of two galaxies, obtained with the aid of the Hubble apparatus, was published on Twitter on the official website of the European Space Agency.

NASA will study the moon and exoplanets from the space base Gateway

In December 2017, NASA announced its intention to begin exploring the moon and distant planets using the Gateway space base. Experts of the aeronautics agency have developed plans for conducting experiments and scientific research, there are at least two hundred of them.

The asteroid, which was previously not noticed, threatens the Sun.

Experts of the PAN-STARRS Observatory discovered a previously unknown asteroid that poses a threat to the Sun. The space object will be able to get as close as possible to the luminary in 2019. At this time, the asteroid will run between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter.

NASA: Being in space changes human DNA

NASA scientists came to the conclusion that the person is in space, can change his DNA. At the same time, how much time he spent there, does not matter. To this conclusion, agency specialists came after studying two brothers who are twins

Astronomers have discovered a protoplanetary cloud of dust in the constellation of Centaurus

The diameter of the disc is 150 billion kilometers. It is located at a distance of 220 light years from the solar system. Experts are sure that the find will allow them to better understand the process of formation of planets in the universe.

Lockheed Martin begins assembling the Japanese communication satellite JCSAT-17

“The advanced flexible payload processor JCSAT-17 means that the SJC can move the bandwidth where necessary, when necessary, by ensuring that the satellite remains flexible, ready and appropriate for years to come,” said Sam Bashutakur, Lockheed program Martin JCSAT-17 manager in the press release.

The temperature of the Universe in different parts is different

American scientists managed to establish that the temperatures in different parts of the universe differ from each other. Experts have investigated how much this corresponds to reality and what are the causes of the temperature imbalance.

China creates a reusable spaceship

In the PRC they will start building a space shuttle of a reusable type, it will deliver people and useful cargoes into orbit. The creation of the shuttle is carried out by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, the spaceplane is compared to the American Boeing X37.


Seven-seater “killer” Hyundai Creta appeared on the Chinese market

In the future, for the Baojun 530 will be proposed an atmospheric 1.8-liter engine with a power of 137 hp. In China, Baojun 510 is the main competitor of Hyundai Creta and in China this model is sold under the name Hyundai ix25.

Updated Mazda6 showed at the Geneva Motor Show-2018

Mazda has shown in the Geneva Motor Show an updated version of the Mazda 6 station wagon. The car has received other front and rear bumpers, a modified grille, and revised light elements.

Audi showed the teaser of the new Vision GT Concept for Gran Turismo Sport

German premium automaker Audi on its official Facebook page published the first teaser of the concept Vision GT Concept for the game Gran Turismo Sport. It is expected that the novelty will be included in the series of conceptual models Vision GT.

Announced the price of the new flagship crossover Datsun Cross

The company Datsun launches sales of the flagship off-road model, which was named Datsun Cross. Seven-seat crossover can already be ordered by Indonesians The cost of the novelty will be 161.49 million Indonesian rupees (about 662 thousand rubles).

In 2019, Hyundai will release an 8-seat crossover hybrid

Korean automaker Hyundai announced the release in 2019 of its new 8-seat crossover, which will operate on a hybrid powerplant. In the model line of Hyundai, the novelty will be located a step above Santa Fe.

Designers declassified the appearance of the new Volvo S60 sedan

On the pages of the Russian automobile publication “Kolesa.ru” appeared fresh render images that reveal the appearance of the new Volvo S60 sedan.

SsangYong Musso new pickup made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show

At the international motor show in Geneva was presented a new off-road pick-up SsangYong Musso, intended specifically for the European market. Musso means a rhinoceros in Korean – the truck has a strong and muscular appearance and impressive off-road capabilities.

In Geneva at the motor show presented Zeclat from Eadon Green

In Geneva at the car salon, the British auto-studio Zeclat presented its newest development – Corvette C7, made in retro style. Externally, the car resembles the machines of French manufacturers of the 1930s.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s about the 201 A-Class model and the fourth generation of hatchbacks.

In BMW do not intend to develop a car without a rudder and pedals

In the company BMW said that they do not intend to develop a car without a rudder and pedals. Experts believe that the main value of the machine is the process of driving. This was announced at the Geneva Motor Show by the director of the Bavarian communications company Wieland Bruch.

There were new photos of the updated sedan BMW 7-Series

The German company BMW continues to roll over the restyling version of the flagship sedan BMW 7-Seies. Another portion of spy photos was published by the western edition of Motor1, and this time, autopaparazzi managed to look into the salon of the renewed “Seven”.

Nissan prepares for sales of its new Terra SUV

Automobile company Nissan is preparing to launch sales of its new Terra SUV, writes the information portal Daily Motor. Representatives of the Japanese company note that the entrance to the Chinese car market Nissan Terra will happen in the near future

FAW began selling the Junpai A50 sedan on the Volkswagen Jetta platform

The sedan design is made in the style of the German model. Dimensions of the A50 are 4 550/1750/1496 mm, and the distance between the axes is 2.6 meters. In motion, four-door will be driven by a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine

MINI brought to test its first electric Cooper E

MINI Cooper E developers experience in severe winter conditions in the freezing weather. Such testing immediately reveals flaws in the power plant, suspension and transmission. The developers of the company MINI keep a secret technical capabilities of the novelty, part of the line of branded electric cars.

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