26 Mar, 2018

A unique opportunity for the US administration

The United States can influence Britain in the situation surrounding the case of poisoning the ex-employee of the GRU Sergey Skripal for the sake of the positive that remained in relations between Moscow and Washington, the Russian embassy in the United States said.

The White House can still prevent the negative consequences of this fake story for the little positive that has remained in Russian-American relations. Relations between Russia and the United States are more multi-faceted. Strategic stability throughout the world depends on them. They should not be a hostage to such obviously staged stories, “the statement says.

“In the current situation, we see a unique opportunity for the Washington administration – as the main ally of Downing Street – that in these days a younger partner needs inspiration and help from the ocean based on wise restraint,” the embassy said.

Briefly about the main …..


Zakharova called the actions of Britain on the “case of Skripal” black PR

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova believes that Britain in the “business of Skripal” resorts to black PR, and London’s actions are “provocation and adventure.” She announced this on the air of the program “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the “Russia 1” TV channel.

We have a surprise for all who have either the conscience or the audacity to compare, though somehow draw parallels between Russia and the Third Reich. We have for them a decent and an answer and a gift. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Negotiations on the construction of a bridge between Russia and the DPRK

Russia plans to build an automobile bridge that will directly connect the territory of the Far East and North Korea, the newspaper The Washington Post reports citing sources. According to the publication, the project is under discussion, the parties are negotiating.

Ex-President Carter spoke out against Trump’s impeachment

Former US President Jimmy Carter is negative about the idea of impeachment of the current head of state, Donald Trump, even if the special prosecutor Robert Muller finds evidence of his violation of the laws of the country.

I would prefer that there is no impeachment in his attitude and that he can work out his entire term, because I think he wants to do a good job. I would like to help him if I could. – Jimmy Carter, American politician

The parliament explained why Ukraine does not send Russian diplomats

Ukraine does not send Russian diplomats out of the country, as this will trigger a mirror response. This is in her Facebook wrote the first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Irina Gerashchenko. According to her, diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia are reduced to a “critical minimum”.

Expulsion of Russian consuls will cause the expulsion of Ukrainian consuls – and our political prisoners in Russia will remain alone with Mordor, without the chance at least once in several months to see the Ukrainian representative, to feel minimal support. – Irina Gerashchenko, Ukrainian statesman

Mogherini held consultations with the EU’s retired EU ambassador

“EU High Representative Federica Moherini held consultations today with the head of the European Union delegation in Russia, Marcus Ederer, who arrived in Brussels after he was recalled for consultations in accordance with the request of the European Council on Friday,” the report said.

In the Council of Federation they talked about attempts to interfere in elections from abroad

Klimov said that on April 3 the commission will hold a round table with experts, at which it will discuss the preliminary results of the campaign. The meeting will also analyze attempts to interfere in the Russian electoral processes. “We counted about 10 kinds of such interventions,” the senator said.

The US Congress is concerned about the expansion of China’s influence in Africa

Investigation in connection with the increase in economic and political influence in Africa will be conducted by members of the special committee for intelligence of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, said the chairman of the committee Devin Nunez.

The Ambassador of Poland outlined the position of Warsaw regarding the EU

Poland does not plan to leave the European Union and is focused on further integration, said the Ambassador of the Republic in Moscow, Włodzimierz Marciniak.

Abe vowed to raise the topic of abducted Japanese at the summit of the United States and the DPRK

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to do everything possible to raise the issue of the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korean intelligence in the 1970s at a meeting between US President Donald Trump and the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-Yin

A meeting was held in Chisinau to unite with Romania

The rally of supporters of the association of Moldova and Romania in Kishenev gathered seven thousand people instead of the promised 100 thousand.

Even if today unionism has suffered a humiliating failure, we must condemn the spread of this political plague in Moldova. – Igor Dodon, Moldovan statesman


Air Defense of Saudi Arabia intercepted seven ballistic missiles from Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s air defense systems intercepted seven ballistic missiles fired from Yemen. This is reported by the television channel Al Arabia. It is noted that three missiles were sent to the capital of the Kingdom of Riyadh

The expert estimated the allowance for the US Army about the defeat in the conflict with Russia

Military expert Alexei Leonkov commented on the publication of a manual for the US Army in the format of a comic strip in which NATO forces lose in an armed conflict with Russia. It was published by the Cyber Institute of the US Military Academy (ACI).

The newest fighters relocated to the Kuriles during the exercises

Fighter pilots during the exercises for the first time worked off the relocation to a spare airfield, located on one of the islands of the Kurile ridge, RIA Novosti reported citing the press service of the Eastern Military District

Turkey successfully tested its own ballistic missiles

In Turkey, the first Turkish ballistic missiles Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan were successfully tested. This is reported by Anadolu. Test missile launches were carried out from a military training ground in Sinope.

In the DNR, the siloviki were accused of shelling the Donbass from armored vehicles

Ukrainian security forces shelled the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic from armored vehicles, a representative of the People’s Democratic Republic of Armenia said at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire.

Erdogan announces quick victory in Syria

Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced the imminent release of the Syrian region of Tall Rifat. Thus, the goals of the Turkish operation “Olive Branch” will be achieved, the “Anadolu” agency reports. The release of the Tall Rifat district is a matter of the next few days.

Russian “Kit” could alone sink enemy aircraft carrier

The head of the long-range planning department of the concern “Gidropribor” Gleb Tikhonov spoke about the capabilities of the Russian torpedo “Kit” – according to Tikhonov, the projectile is capable of sinking an entire aircraft carrier. He noted that the 65-76A torpedo 650 mm caliber is the most powerful and unparalleled in the world.

The Northern Fleet conducted training on the use of missiles

During the meeting, the leadership of the Northern Fleet analyzed and discussed issues related to the operation of missile systems that are already or soon to be used by submarine and surface forces, coastal fleet forces, combat and training missile weapons in various conditions, including the Arctic.

Russian Tu-142 tracked down NATO submarines in the Arctic

As Izvestia was told by several well-informed sources in the military department, from March 20 to 22, two Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy worked out the tasks of finding and classifying submarines of the conventional enemy in the Barents Sea, off the Russian coast of the Arctic Ocean , as well as along the borders of the territorial waters of Canada and the United States

Complex named after Ilyushin creates a replacement for the “killer submarine”

Specialists of the aviation complex named after Sergei Ilyushin are developing a replacement for the Il-38, known as the “submarine killer.” As reported by “Interfax” agency, two options are considered: the development of a new antisubmarine aircraft based on existing models or the creation of a model from scratch.

OSCE observers came under fire in the south of the Democratic People’s Republic of Germany

The patrol of the OSCE special monitoring mission came under fire in the Donbass region near the settlement of Kominternovo, the official website of the OSCE mission reports.

The Israeli army mistakenly used missile defense batteries on the border of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military acknowledged that, by mistake, the sirens of the air alarm on the border with the Gaza Strip were activated and the “Iron Dome” batteries were activated. The army press service said that there were no rocket attacks from the Palestinian side.


The flight tests of the second MS-21 liner will begin in May

The second MS-21 liner, intended for testing, is ready, tests will begin in May. This was reported by representatives of the plant on Monday, March 26

Uber sold part of its Asian business to a Singaporean competitor

American company Uber Technologies Inc. agreed to sell part of its business in the southeast of Asia to its competitor – technology company Grab. This is reported by Bloomberg and Reuters, citing sources. Representatives of Grab and Uber do not comment on this information.

Qatar Airways will discuss the possibility of buying a stake in the airport Vnukovo

Qatar Airways – Qatar Airways – during the visit of the Emir of Qatar to Russia, will sign a memorandum of understanding with the Vnukovo airport in Moscow, which provides for the possibility of buying an air carrier shares in the airport, the RIA Novosti reported to the Foreign Ministry of Qatar on Sunday.

China launched a tender for oil futures in yuan

Trading in oil futures, nominated in RMB, began on Monday at the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) – a subsidiary of the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), TASS correspondent reports from the launch ceremony at the site in the business district of Pudong.

Independent non-flewers complained to the Federal Tax Service for Rosneft and Gazprom

Traders believe that the state company could understate prices. As the leader of the NP Ilya Moroz explained, “this is a precedent case when we complained not only to the FAS, but also to the Federal Tax Service.”

The market is replenished with US stocks

At the end of the day, European oil prices stabilized near 1.4-1.8% above the previous day’s close. For a week of steady growth, prices rose by 6-8.5%. Such a rapid increase in the cost of oil was not observed in the market since the end of July 2017

Qatar offered Russia additional exploration of gas fields in the country

Qatar offers Russian companies to participate in a tender for the development of deposits in the country in 2019-2020, RIA Novosti, Qatar’s ambassador to Russia Fahd Muhammad al-Attiyya said.

Moscow named the best suppliers of oil and gas equipment

The best Russian company in the group “Pipes of oil and gas assortment” is recognized by OMK, the best foreign supplier is KSP. In the rating of manufacturers of electric centrifugal submersible pumps, the first places were taken by Novomet-Perm and Schlumberger.

The Bank of Russia cut the key rate a second time since the beginning of the year

By the way For the population interested in obtaining a loan or mortgage, the reduction of the key rate will be sensitive: banks react quickly to such changes, reducing the interest on the loan and making them more accessible The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia on March 23 lowered the key rate from 7.5% to 7.25 % per annum.

Rosselkhozbank arranges placement of exchange bonds of Sberbank

Rosselkhozbank has successfully completed placement of the issue of commercial papers of PJSC “Sberbank” of series 001R-04R within the program of exchange bonds №401481В001P02E dated October 21, 2015. As it became known to RIA “Sakhalin-Kuriles”, the volume of placement was 25 billion rubles.

Group-IB has opened an office in Belarus

Group-IB, which deals with the prevention and investigation of cybercrime, opened a representative office in Minsk, the company said. The head of Group-IB in the region is Alexander Sushko. Previously, he was engaged in the investigation of cybercrimes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee of Belarus

FAS proposed to link the credit rating of banks with the attraction of deposits

To create a multi-level system of admission of banks to provide different types of services, depending on the ratings, offers FAS. First of all, we are talking about attracting deposits, Liliya Belyaeva, deputy head of the Financial Services Market Control Department, told Izvestiya.

The Chinese authorities began an anti-dumping investigation into the import of phenol from the US and the EU

The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of phenol (phenyl alcohol) from the EU, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Thailand and Japan. This is stated in the ministry’s report on Monday.


Oppositionists detained in the center of Minsk

The oppositionists planned a march to the venue of a festive concert and a rally near the Opera House, which the authorities were allowed to do. Several dozen people have been detained, among them journalists of the Polish Belsat television channel, which has no accreditation in Belarus.

The inspectors will be given the right to demand documents from the “rabbits”

In Russia, the issue of expanding the powers of inspectors in transport is being considered. They will be able to demand from passengers the presentation of identity documents. As Izvestia was told in the Ministry of Transport, the relevant proposals have already been developed and sent to the government.

British businessmen are advised not to flirt in Russia

The British authorities believe that by violating these rules, entrepreneurs may become vulnerable to blackmail and may damage the reputation of the country. In addition, the brochure advises not to look like a “lost tourist”, to change the daily routine, not to appear on protest actions and film sets.

Pope Francis urged young people to defend their convictions

Pope Francis held a service in the Vatican on the occasion of Palm Sunday, writes Interfax. The church holiday coincided with the World Day of Catholic Youth. On this occasion, the Pope urged the youth to resist attempts to deprive her of the voice, to make the young people silent and invisible.

Artists from South Korea will give two concerts in the DPRK in April

South Korean artists will perform in Pyongyang on April 1 and 3. This was reported by the representative of the President of South Korea, Thak Hyun Ming, who led the delegation at the talks on March 22-24, North Korea. “The theme of the performance in Pyongyang will be the onset of spring,” TASS quotes him.

New rules for road works to appear in Russia

In Russia, new rules for repair work on roads will appear-a special GOST, which is expected to be approved this year, is being developed for the first time by Rosavtodor on behalf of the Russian president. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to the draft document

For example, the structure of the site where the work is being done is described in detail: it should consist of warning zones (speed reduction, length of the zone – 500-700 meters on the highway, 50-300 meters on a single-lane road), distillation (gradual narrowing of the road, 20-600 meters ), work and stabilization (return to normal motion).

The standard prohibits any defects in warning signs (they must be clean, the markings should not be worn, etc.). The speed limit should be entered gradually, and after the completion of work, all indicators should be covered or dismantled, the temporary marking – removed within 24 hours.

Employees of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate organized driving courses for Krasnoyarsk residents

As reported in the press service of the police, these courses are designed to restore the driving skills of older drivers who drive cars only in the summer period.

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, pigeons carry a serious danger

The Rosselkhoznadzor department published on its website information that numerous street pigeons are fraught with a threat to humans. Pigeons, which with heat in huge quantities appear on the streets of cities, usually seem to people cute creatures.

Because of the toxic smog in Seoul, parking was closed

The authorities had to resort to cardinal measures. In many regions, the country has restricted road traffic, closed public parking, reduced the hours of work of air polluting enterprises. On the streets of Seoul, all available watering machines left.

The subsistence minimum in the Khabarovsk Territory: does not grow or decrease

For the able-bodied residents of the Khabarovsk Territory, the subsistence minimum, as in the third quarter of 2017, was 13 807 rubles, for pensioners – 10 492 rubles, for children – 13 452 rubles.

The Central Bank does not see the risks of an increase in inflation with an increase in the salaries of Russians

The Central Bank has assured businessmen and ordinary citizens that it keeps the situation under full control, there is no risk of an increase in inflation, and even if it grows, it will not exceed the maximum allowable limits


In clashes with police in Catalonia, injured more than 50 people

The number of victims as a result of clashes of police and protesters in Catalonia was 50 people, according to medical services. Earlier, more than 30 victims were reported. Among them, law enforcement officers Mossos d’Esquadra, at least three people were detained.

Air Canada plane urgently boarded in Washington due to smoke on board

The Air Canada plane made an emergency landing in Washington due to smoke on board, the CBC television and radio broadcasting corporation reported. The incident occurred on Sunday evening. One of the captains said that smoke appeared in the cockpit.

The man who shot a policeman was detained by special forces during the assault

As reported BakuToday the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, an attacker who shot a policeman in the morning and then locked himself with a hunting rifle in his house, was detained during a special operation. During the assault, the man fired back from the law enforcers from the rifle.

Marshrutka flashed near the railway station in Chelyabinsk

The minibus caught fire on the road not far from the railway station. Photo blazing marshmallows appeared in social networks on the morning of March 26. Apparently, the fire started in the engine compartment.

The possible cause of the fire in Kemerovo was called electric network defects

The cause of the fire in the shopping and entertainment center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo could be defects in electricity. The source in the technical supervision services of the region told Interfax about this. According to the latest information, 37 people were killed in the fire

In the Sverdlovsk school, a fifth grader cut a finger in a work class

The accident occurred in the Potashkinskaya school in the Artinsky district, during additional classes on work, the lathe cut off a fifth-grader finger.

Armed with a sword attacker attacked a policeman in Manchester

Armed with a sword, the attacker inflicted severe injuries on a British policeman in English Manchester. About this on Sunday on its page in Twitter reported police of the county of Greater Manchester. The attacker was detained, he turned out to be a 23-year-old man

A driver in Scotland intentionally entered a group of children

As a result of deliberately driving a car in the Scottish capital of Glasgow, at least five children aged between 12 and 14 were injured. According to the Air Force, a Vauxhall Astra was driven by a man of silver color, there was one passenger in the cabin

In Rome, two large department stores were evacuated because of a bomb report

In Rome, two large department stores were evacuated after an unknown person reported the threat of an explosion. This is reported by the newspaper Il Messaggero. An unknown man called the editorial office, who in Italian spoke about the bomb planted at the Rinascente department store.

One of the defendants of the case “seaside guerrillas” again taken into custody

Accused Alexei Nikitin, the measure of restraint was changed from a written undertaking not to leave to be detained. Nikitin and another defendant Vadim Kovtun were under a written undertaking not to leave the city, three more – Alexander Kovtun, Vladimir Ilyutikov, Maxim Kirillov – are held in custody.


Scientists talked about the consequences of removing a half of the brain in humans

Removal of half of the brain to a sick person will not make him disabled. This operation will help to facilitate the life of the patient. For some people, an operation to remove a part of the brain is extremely necessary.


Sadalsky told about intrigues around the successor of Tabakov

Russian actor of theater and cinema Stanislav Sadalsky commented on the scandal surrounding Sergei Zhenovach, who came to the place of the deceased Oleg Tabakov. On his official page in the social network “Instagram” Stanislav Sadalsky spoke about the attitude of the actors to his new boss.

Today at the Moscow Art Theater the director of the theater Kravets and the rector Zolotovitsky gathered everyone for the artists to sign a collective letter addressed to the president of the Russian Federation. Say we are reluctant to the new director Sergei Zhenovach, we want Khabensky! Only Putin can solve this issue. Like all other problems. Asked who will take the letter to Putin? – Yes, he will carry it. And what, Putin and the appointments of directors are now engaged? Therefore, there is no one to deal with in the country and landfills. Very silly invented. Now Khabensky is in an awkward position. Apparently, Kravets and Zolotovitsky are afraid for their seats and are not sure of tomorrow. Interestingly, the actors did not sign the letter

Nelli Ermolaeva spoke about problems in marriage after the birth of a child

Ex-participant of “House-2” Nelly Ermolaeva in her blog in Instagram raised a difficult topic of relations in marriage after the appearance of the child. Telesvezda gives advice on how to save the marriage and make it stronger, based on your own experience, because she has excellent relations with her husband.

Polina Gagarina wants to start a blog about sports

Popular singer Polina Gagarina thought about starting her own blog. In it, the celebrity wants to talk about sports in the streets and parks in Moscow, exploring each time new sites. His desire to Pauline expressed in Instagram

Double Kim Kardashian published a “bare” photo with the result of all operations

A girl who dreams of being like Kim Kardashian published a “bare” photo with the result of all plastic surgeries, and despite the already spent 500,000 dollars, she does not intend to stop on her laurels.

“Phil, give the hoodie!”: Kirkorov dressed up for Pugachev

Alla Pugacheva on her page in Instagram placed a concert photo of the singer and left her comment. It turns out that Kirkorov is now giving concerts in the Baltic countries. During the big performance in Riga, he just dressed this hoodie

Shepelev hides his son Friske abroad

Friske’s relatives prove that Dmitry Shepelev is not the father of Plato. The TV host refuses to give the boy back and took him to Belarus. Lawyers sent complaints to the civil husband of the singer

Alena Vodonaev was criticized for wearing cheap pantyhose

The ex-participant of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva was criticized for putting on cheap tights under the evening dress. Recently on the web there was a picture, on which Vodonaeva poses along with another former participant of the telestroy Katya Zuzhei

The Kremlin will be awarded the president’s cultural award

The ceremony of awarding the Presidential Prizes to young Russian cultural figures, art / literature awards for works for young people / children will take place in the Kremlin on March 26. This information was provided by the representatives of the press service of the head of the Russian state.

Evgenia Feofilaktova reported that she always dreamed of becoming a politician

The ex-participant of “House-2” Yevgenia Feofilaktova informed her subscribers about the profession of her dream. She said that she always wanted to become a politician. Feofilaktova is one of the most popular participants of television construction, although she has long ceased to appear in the project.

Beloved Anastasia Makeeva does not like to exhibit a personal display

In the life of the star appeared a new man, whose name is not called by the actress, since the beloved is a supporter of a private life closed from the public. Concerning her career, Anastasia Makeyeva believes that she was able to achieve incredible success, and for the future she tries not to build huge plans.

Kristina Orbakaite brought out a grown daughter

Popular singer Christina Orbakaite came out with her daughter Claudia: the actress and her grown-up heir visited the ice show of figure skater Tatyana Navka. The girl herself shared her photo with the daughter in her personal blog.

The public condemned the appearance of Evelina Bledans, the eldest son

Recently, a joint photo of the famous singer and actress Evelina Bledans and her eldest son appeared on the network. The appearance of the latter caused an ambiguous reaction among the admirers of the star. As noted by Bledans, the photo was taken in Israel, where she rests with Nikolai

The world’s first monument to David Bowie appeared in the UK

The world’s first monument to the famous British singer, composer and actor David Bowie appeared in the English city of Aylesbury, reports the BBC. A sculpture called “Earth Envoy” was installed in the center of Aylesbury, where Bowie once presented two legendary music albums.

Popular culture is popularized in Nizhnevartovsk

The celebration of two anniversaries will take place in Nizhnevartovsk. From 13 to 15 April, the First Circuit Festival-contest of folk art “Red Hill” will be held.

In the Urals removed a sad film about the long winter

Young residents from Satka filmed a video about the spring, which is in no hurry to Chelyabinsk region. They placed the short film on the Web. The plot is simple: the main character in a rage runs through the snow-covered plain, tearing off his warm clothes.

Niall Rogers became the chief consultant of Abbey Road

Musician and producer Niall Rogers was appointed to the position of chief creative consultant of the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

In Moscow on April 13 will premiere the musical “Mayakovsky”

On the big stage of the “Theater of the Moon” on April 13 the premiere of the city musical “Mayakovsky” will be held. This is reported on the theater’s website. The literary basis of the production was the original script, based on the creative legacy of Vladimir Mayakovsky, as well as the truth and fiction about his life.

Yevgeny Mironov discussed the problem of harassment in theaters

Mironov said that the meeting was presented with a “set of rules” for the head. According to the proposed innovations, meetings with trusted actors and assistants should now take place in a strictly formal setting (no discussion of new projects over a glass of wine in the restaurant).

The Bashkir epic “Ural-batyr” was published in the Yakut language

The Bashkir epic “Ural-batyr” was published in the Yakut language. The book is printed in Yakutsk in the framework of the project “Epic monuments of peoples” on the initiative of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In the Yakut version the book has acquired the name “Uraal Baatyr”.

FX channel refused production of the multiplayer about Deadpool because of the conflict with Marvel

Cable network FX has refused production of the multiplayer “Deadpool”, which was due out in 2018. Also the project was left by his show-writers and screenwriters Donald and Stephen Glover.

Gareth Dannet Alkoser will rewrite “Scarface” for Antoine Fukua

Gareth Dannet Alkocer, author and director of several short films, will rewrite Universal and Antoine Fukua for the studio script for the restart of the classic crime drama “Scarface”

“He stole my image”: Miracle woman accused Deadpool of plagiarism

An actress named Gal Gadot, who starred in a fantasy film called “The Miracle Woman,” made accusations against Ryan Reynolds and declared plagiarism on his part. According to Gadot, during the filming in the film “Deadpool” Reinholds allowed himself to literally steal her image.

George Martin completed work on the book “Wind of Winter”

The famous writer George Martin reported on his blog in Livejournal that he had completed work on the penultimate part of the saga “Songs of Ice and Flame” – “Winds of Winter”. He also said that in New York he had a meeting with the publisher of the series. What exactly they were talking about, Martin did not specify

The new part of the film “Mission Impossible” is filmed in the capital of the UAE

The Metropolitan Commission officially confirmed this fact and posted a picture of Tom Cruise on the background of an aircraft from the UAE, which was used in the filming


Ferrari Johnny Holliday sold at auction in France for € 240 thousand

Ferrari French rock singer and composer Johnny Holliday (1943-2017) went under the hammer at an auction in France for € 240 thousand, according to the newspaper Le Figaro. Auction for the sale of collection cars at Osenat was held on Saturday in Fontainebleau (Paris region Ile-de-France).

Great Wall brought to market a new compact crossover Haval H4

The Great Wall company began shipping to the Chinese market a compact crossover Haval H4, which will occupy a niche between Haval H2 and Haval H6 in the model line of the Chinese manufacturer. The novelty is available for purchase in 4 trim levels: Blue Label 1.5T, Red Label 1.5T, Red Label 1.3T and Blue Label 1.3T.

New Subaru Forester 2019 declassified in official photos

On the eve of the debut of the new generation Subaru Forester in Japanese automotive media, official images of this model appeared.

Jeep will begin selling its new pickup truck Wrangler in April 2019

As the motor publication motor1.com writes, the debut of the new pickup Jeep Wrangler will take place before the end of this year, then the serial production of the model will start. To buy the car will be available as early as April 2019.

“Charged” hypercar Bugatti Chiron Sport

The company Bugatti announced the prices for its new supercar Chiron Sport. “Charged” version of “Chiron” will cost a round sum, equal to 3.67 million dollars.

The prices for a new off-road car Lexus LX 570 became known

The Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation has decided on the cost of a new version of the Lexus LX 570 SUV. According to preliminary data, about 85 380 dollars (approximately 4.875 million rubles) will be asked for a basic five-door car.

Rare BMW 507 motorcycle racer John Sertis will be sold for $ 3 million

The car BMW 507, which belonged to the British racer John Sertis, will be sold at the festival of speed in Goodwood. The event, on which the model will be sold, will be held on July 13. When in 1957 the rider bought this car, he was the current world champion in motorcycle racing in the class of 500 cubes.

For sale, one of the five hybrids Koenigsegg Agera S

In Japan, one of the five Koenigsegg Agera S hybrids from the Swedish manufacturer was put up for sale.

General Motors updated minivan Wuling Hongguang S

In General Motors updated popular in China minivan Wuling Hongguang S, also known under the name Chevrolet Enjoy.

The company MV Agusta in 2019 will present four new motorcycles

The other day it became known that in 2019 the Italian company MV Agusta will present four new motorcycles at once. Giovanni Castiglioni, the general director of the company, said that Italy had elaborated a development plan for the next few years.

Toyota predicts replacement of diesel cars with hybrids

At the Geneva Motor Show, which ended last week, Toyota Vice President Herald Killman spoke about future trends in the automotive world. He noted that hybrid technology can be an alternative to diesel engines


Zuckerberg apologized for the leakage of Facebook user data

Zuckerberg explained that in 2014 Facebook data on several million people were merged through the application Cambridge Analytica. He added that there may be other applications. Recall, Mark Zuckerberg admitted Facebook’s mistake in the leakage of data 50 million users.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the application-questionnaire created by a university employee, because of which in 2014 on Facebook, there was a leak of data of millions of people. It was an abuse of trust, and I’m sorry that we did not do more. – Mark Zuckerberg, American programmer

Facebook secretly collects data calls and messages from Android

One of the users of Facebook, who lives in New Zealand, said that the social network secretly collects all the data from the phones. He found that Facebook keeps all the calls and messages that were on his smartphone.

Updated Google Play has got the option to bypass application blocking

Employees of the American corporation have updated Google Play for Android and for services closely related to this OS.

Microsoft will add artificial intelligence to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced an artificial intelligence platform, Windows ML, which will be built into the next version of Windows 10. The platform will enable developers to give their applications smart features.

Trojan on YouTube: “You can stay without money and accounts in social networks”

In the comments under the video massively place links to the Trojan, which steals the personal data of Windows users. According to the company Dr.Web, the distribution of links to the virus began on March 11

Named smartphones with the most reliable and durable batteries

Experts IGN Tech compiled a list of five smartphones with the most reliable batteries. The leader was the iPhone X from the American company Apple. It is noted that the battery of the latest model iPhone, whose capacity is 2716 mAh, is powerful and safe.

Three advantages of laptops on Windows 10 on an ARM processor

The American company Qualcomm named three main advantages of laptops on the operating system Windows 10 and with the ARM-processor

On average, a laptop with an ARM-processor will work longer for 9 hours of usual.

The processor helps the laptop to get out of sleep more quickly than usual.

Using a thermal imager, you can see that the device with the ARM processor is heated less

MIUI 9.5 firmware disrupts all Xiaomi smartphones

Users of mobile devices manufactured by Chinese company Xiaomi faced a number of problems after installing MIUI 9.5. It is this firmware, as it turned out later, is a generator of difficulties. Developers Xiaomi engaged in the deployment of firmware MIUI 9.5 for smartphones recently.

Apple will release iPhone X in a new color and another affordable iPad

Apple is preparing to present the iPhone X in a new color, write the journalists of the Japanese resource Macotakara. This model should help the company to return the interest of users to the device and raise the sales volume of last year’s flagship. And yet reporters believe that within a year will be the iPad of the sixth generation.

HTC in 2018 will only release the flagship U12 +

The management of HTC in 2018 plans to release only one flagship U12 +, even without its less expensive modifications. This policy is reminiscent of Apple’s competitors, where only one model is produced each year.

In France, the tests of the over-the-horizon radar

The radar prototype is installed on a rocket research site in Biskarossa in south-west France. During the first stage of the tests, specialists check the ability of the device to detect ballistic targets and calculate the points of their fall

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