29 Sep, 2018

About the “terrible Russian cyber weapon”

Russian secret services secretly developed a new kind of malware that can not be removed from the computer literally, Daily Beast reports with reference to ESET’s report at the Blue Hat security conference.

According to the publication, for the creation of a malicious program responsible hacker group Fancy Bear, allegedly connected with Russian intelligence. The new virus was developed on the basis of the spyware code proposed in 2015 by another hacking group Hacking Team. “Russian hackers” borrowed the code and improved it, says Daily Beast.

According to the publication, a new program, called LoJax, rewrites the code stored in a computer chip UEFI, a small silicon block on the motherboard of the computer responsible for monitoring the load and reboot the device. Its goal is to save access to the computer in case of reinstalling the operating system or formatting the hard drive, which usually helped in the fight against viruses.

In addition, as the publication emphasizes, LoJax plays the role of bodyguard for the virus found in the Absolute Lojack application. At each reboot, the hacked UEFI chip checks that the virus is still on the hard drive, and in the absence of reinstall it.

Briefly about the main …..


Iranian Foreign Minister accused Israel of developing nuclear weapons

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Israel is secretly developing nuclear weapons. The corresponding message he posted on Thursday on his Twitter page, thus reacting to a similar charge by Israeli Prime Minister Binyam

Foreign Ministers in the UN called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria

The Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan during the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations called for the resolution of the conflict in Syria as soon as possible through diplomatic means. This is reported in a joint statement of the Foreign Ministers on the website of the British government Netanyahu to Tehran

Turkey hopes for expansion of trade cooperation with China

“Turkey attaches great importance to relations with China, hopes to expand practical cooperation with China in various fields, including economy, trade, energy and anti-terrorist activities,” the Turkish minister said, quoted on the website of the PRC foreign office.

Themes of talks between the Foreign Ministers of Russia and France are named

On the sidelines of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, a meeting was held between the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Russia and France, Sergei Lavrov and Jean-Yves Le Drian. This is stated on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The foreign ministers discussed the situation in Syria, around Libya and Yemen. They reviewed the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (CAPA), “the ministry said.

More than half of the British are against the withdrawal from the EU

More than 50% of UK residents would have voted against withdrawing from the European Union at the second referendum on Brexit, according to a new poll by the National Center for Social Research (NatCen).

Putin will pay an official visit to India on October 4-5

Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to India on October 4-5. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin.

Poroshenko: Ukraine de facto is the eastern flank of NATO

“Ukraine is the de facto eastern flank of NATO, and this gesture of support has strengthened the defense cooperation between our countries,” Poroshenko said.

In South Korea, the vessel “Sevastopol”

The Russian ship Sevastopol, owned by the seaside company Hudson, was detained in the South Korean port of Busan, representative of the International Federation of Transport Workers in the Far East Peter Osichansky told Interfax.

“The agent does not disclose the exact reasons why he does not issue a permit, whether he acts on his own initiative or someone else’s, we do not yet know,” Osichansky said.

The US decided to close its consulate in Iraq’s Basrah

The United States decided to close its consulate in the Iraqi city of Basra. The reason for this was mass protests in early September. Local residents demanded from the authorities to improve the situation with supplying the city with clean drinking water and electricity

US threatened to impose sanctions against Syria

The US, together with its allies, is ready to initiate more stringent sanctions against Syria if its government refuses to work on a draft new constitution, US special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey said in an interview with Reuters.

“If the regime (Syrian President Bashar Assad) does this, then we believe that we can do the same as we did with Iran before 2015 – to introduce really tough international sanctions,” Mr. Jeffrey said.

The diplomat noted that the US can choose an “isolation strategy” for Syria.

Saakashvili urged to judge Poroshenko for state treason

Petro Poroshenko could become the greatest figure in Ukraine, but “traded this opportunity for several billion dollars.” This opinion was expressed in an interview with NewsOne by former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. The recording of the air has been published on the YouTube account of the channel.

He could have become more great than Mazepa or Khmelnytsky. It could become the new Churchill of Europe. I believed in his ambition, and he has one ambition – a shopkeeper with a Bessarabian import. – Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgian politician

Palestine filed a lawsuit against the United States in the International Court of Justice

Palestine filed a lawsuit against the United States in the International Court of Justice in connection with the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is stated in a press release distributed on Friday.


The Ministry of Defense of Belgium will sue Google because of military bases on maps

The Ministry of Defense of Belgium announced its readiness to sue Google because of a refusal to blur images of military facilities of the country on maps of Google Maps, the Belgian edition of LaCapitale reports with reference to the press service of the department

Crews of new Su-34 fighters made flights to the stratosphere

Crews of the newest Su-34 fighter-bombers of the Eastern Military District (VVO) performed flights to the stratosphere and worked out elements of aerobatics and air combat. This was reported on Friday by the press service of the VVO.

The newest fighters of the US Air Force launched the first military strike in Afghanistan

American fighter fifth generation F-35B struck the first blow in the history of its existence, said on Thursday Military.com, citing several military sources.

In Russia they are creating a new high-precision corrected projectile

Concern Techmash (part of Rostek) is developing the concept of a new corrected projectile for artillery systems, said Deputy General Director of the company Alexander Kochkin. The names of the created ammunition yet.

Canadians will show in Washington an armored car for the apocalypse

The Canadian company Roshel Defense Solutions, specializing in the creation of armored vehicles, has presented its next project – an armored SUV “for apocalypse.”

Aviation of Japan and the US jointly worked out maneuvers

Joint exercises of American and Japanese aviation took place over the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan. The report of the command of the Japanese Air Force is broadcast by Tass. The strategic bomber of the US Air Force B-52 and 16 Japanese combat aircraft, in particular the F-15 fighters, participated in the mnemory.

The Ministry of Defense plans to purchase domestic computers “Elbrus”

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to spend 400 million rubles on Russian computers “Elbrus”, it follows from the materials on the public procurement portal

Ukraine sent Bucephalus to Donbass

BTR-4E Bucefal is equipped with water-jet engines and easily crosses water barriers, boasted at the headquarters of the operation of the APU. According to the Ukrainian designers, the BTR is able to withstand heavy armored vehicles, including tanks T-72.

Sergei Lavrov announced the beginning of deliveries of S-300 to Syria

The deliveries of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) to Syria have already begun, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference following a speech at the UN General Assembly.

F-35B fighters first sat on the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth

Fifth generation fighter aircraft F-35B Lightning II first landed on the deck of the newest British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. This was reported on Friday by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

Deck pilots of the Northern Fleet mastered new aircraft

The pilots of the naval fighter regiment of the Northern Fleet, re-created in 2014, completed piloting in the difficult weather conditions of the Far North on the new MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB deck fighters. The pilots returned from the center of combat employment and retraining of naval aviation of the Russian Navy


The joint venture Renault and Rostek Group has increased its stake in AvtoVAZ to 96.6%

The joint venture of the French concern Renault and the state corporation Rostech – Alliance Rostec Auto BV – increased the share in the share capital of PJSC AvtoVAZ. After the completion of the mandatory offer to buy back shares from minority shareholders, which was announced in July, the joint venture received 96.6% of the shares of the auto giant.

The Ministry of Finance will write to the budget debts of manufacturers of space rockets

The Ministry of Finance plans to settle debts to the state of the three leading rocket and space enterprises on their state contracts with the Ministry of Defense and Roskosmos in the next budgetary cycle (2019-2021), follows from the draft federal budget for a three-year plan posted by the Ministry of Finance on the portal regulation.gov.ru .

Mossberzh purchase up to 20% in the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange

The Supervisory Board of the Moscow Stock Exchange approved the purchase of up to 20% of the authorized capital of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) in two stages by the end of 2019. This is reported on the website of the Russian stock exchange holding.

The Ministry of Finance reported on the possible additional capitalization of Promsvyazbank

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said that the Ministry of Finance was preparing a proposal to additional capitalization of Promsvyazbank in 2018. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Now we are preparing a proposal – perhaps we will additionally capitalize the bank, this year already,” Moiseyev said.

Rosaviatsia plans to reconstruct 65 airports in six years

Rosaviatsia plans to reconstruct 65 airports, including 38 airports located in the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO).

Leaders in terms of mortgage issuance in Russia

1. Sberbank
2. VTB
3. (+ 2) Gazprombank
4. Rosselkhozbank
5. (+2) HOUSE. Russia (owns 100% of the shares of “Russian capital”),
6. (-3) Raiffeisenbank

For all time ICO-start-ups have collected $ 28,4 billion

The ICO market is still actively developing, experts at Elementus believe. They published a study according to which projects for the initial placement of coins collected $ 28.4 billion for the entire time, and competition in the industry is constantly increasing.

The withdrawal of Nord Stream-2 received a second permit from Saxony

The authorities of Saxony gave the second permission necessary for the construction of a land diversion from the Northern Stream-2 offshore main. The announcement of Gascade is provided by Interfax. So at the beginning of the month, permission was received for the construction of a highway in the north of Saxony, and on September 27 – in the south.

In the Chelyabinsk region debts for gas grow

The total debt of cities and districts of the Chelyabinsk region for gas delivered last year reached 1 billion 900 thousand rubles, the press service of NOVATEK.

This is 519 million rubles more compared to last year. The largest debt is in the Emanjelinsky district (149 million 369 thousand rubles), Katav-Ivanovsky (132 million 813 thousand), Krasnomarmeysky (91 million 886 thousand rubles), Argayashsky (19 million 893 thousand rubles) districts and Kopeisk (42 million 688 thousand rubles ).

Mexican Pemex will finish 2018 with losses of 2.6 billion dollars

Pemex will end the year with a loss of 49 billion pesos (about 2.6 billion dollars). This was announced by the Director General of the company Carlos Trevigno. This indicator is better than the previously expected loss of 79 billion pesos by the end of 2018, and the loss performance of 2017 improved three-fold (from 147 billion pesos).

Iran’s oil revenues exceeded planned estimates by 16%

Iran’s oil revenues in the first half of 1397 (March 21 – September 22) exceeded the plan by 16%. This was announced by the head of the Organization for Budget and Planning Mohammad-Baker Nobaht.

Sberbank began to issue loans without confirmation of income

Sberbank launched a pilot project for the issuance of consumer loans up to 300 thousand rubles. without providing and providing documents on income. The project will last until October 14. Apply for a loan can be in the branches of the bank and mobile application.

The Central Bank raised the assessment of Russia’s external debt

The Bank of Russia revised the assessment of Russia’s external debt. According to new data, the figure was $ 490.7 billion on July 1, according to the Central Bank website. Earlier, the regulator estimated the country’s foreign debt at $ 485.5 billion.

The Ministry of Finance in the IV quarter will offer OFZ for 310 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in the fourth quarter of 2018 will offer federal loan bonds (OFZ) for a total of 310 billion rubles. This is stated in the placement schedule published on the agency’s website. In particular, five OFZ auctions are planned in October, and four auctions in November and December.

VTB increased its net profit 1.9 times in January-August

VTB increased its net profit under IFRS 1.9 times in January-August compared to the same period last year, to 127.1 billion rubles, the bank said.

Ministry of Agriculture plans to allocate 20 million rubles for the development of exports to China

The Ministry of Agriculture is holding a competition to create a concept for the development of exports of agricultural products, food and beverages to the PRC market, it is going to allocate 20 million rubles for it, according to the state procurement portal. You can apply for participation in an open competition by October 26, 2018.

Rosselkhoznadzor returned to China nearly 20 tons of toxic peanuts

At the end of June, a consignment weighing almost 20 tons was not allowed in Primorye. In June 2017, it was also reported that two parties of peanuts with cadmium were detained for 19 tons and 38 tons, both came from the PRC. In August, 5 tons of this dangerous cargo were returned to China.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has prolonged preferential prices for gas for the population of the country

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended until October 18 the special obligations (PSO) of Naftogaz of Ukraine on preferential terms for the sale of gas for the population and heat and energy (TKE), the spokesman for the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Ryabchuk said.

The Ministry of Health said that rising prices for cigarettes would make them less affordable for teenagers

Earlier TASS reported that the government had submitted to the State Duma a bill that would raise tax rates in cigarettes and tobacco products by 10-20% in 2019-2021, compared to the current excise taxes.


Increased mortality of infants with perinatal centers

Auditors of the Russian Accounting Chamber found that the increase in mortality occurred where in 2016-2017 these centers were earned (they are built, on the contrary, to reduce mortality). Speech about the Kaluga, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg and Penza regions, as well as Samara and Chelyabinsk, Khakassia and Kabardino-Balkaria, reported RBC.

The Ministry of Health explained the increase in infant mortality due to the peculiarities of statistics

“For example, the absolute number of deceased children in some of them decreased, and the figure grew due to a decrease in the number of children born.” It should be noted that in four of the nine regions indicated in the circulation, the infant mortality rate, despite a small increase, remains well below the average Russian “, – explained the publication in the department.

Three signs on which banks will block cards

Coincidence of information on the transferee with the data of the Central Bank about cases and attempts at theft.

Match the parameters of the device from which the transfer is made, with the device data from the database.

Mismatch of the nature, parameter, volume, location of the operation or the device from which it is conducted, with data on customer-usual transactions

State Duma deputy complained of a shortage of money with a salary of 380 thousand rubles

Member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Vera Ganzia in an interview with the radio station “Says Moscow” explained her statement about low wages.

If they were given representation expenses, it would be unfair. And since there is no hospitality, there is nothing left from this salary, some debts on the credit card. At least that’s me. – Vera Ganzia, Russian politician

Life of Ministry of Internal Affairs insured almost 2 trillion rubles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will insure its employees in 2018-2019 for 1.896 trillion rubles. This is evidenced by materials posted in the relevant draft contract on the site of public procurement. Procurement, according to the document, will be carried out by a single performer.

Subsidizing air transportation in the Far Eastern Federal District will allocate another 400 million rubles

The government approved additional financing of air transportation in the Far East for 400 million rubles. in 2018, according to the Ministry of Regional Development. As specifies the department, the funds will be allocated from the reserve fund of the government.

“Kommersant” learned of the arrest of the ex-chief editor of “Militia Wave”

Andrei Kulakov, who until 2017 headed the Militia Wave, was arrested by the Tagansky court on charges of fraud and placed in a special unit of the SIZO Medved, the Kommersant newspaper

Decision on the construction of St. Catherine’s Cathedral

The elected mayor of Yekaterinburg, Alexander Vysokinsky, said that the decision to build the St. Catherine’s Cathedral was accepted, and the stage of discussion has already been completed

Top manager robbed bank in Tatarstan

The police are looking for the former head of one of the offices of the bank “Otkrytie” in Kazan, Oleg Polyakh, he is suspected of the theft in the middle of September of the bank depository of his department 230 million rubles, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan

The authorities of Singapore decided to pay citizens $ 511 million

The amount of payments will depend on the level of income. So, if in 2017 a citizen earned no more than 28 thousand Singapore dollars ($ 20.4 thousand), then he will receive 300 Singapore dollars ($ 219.2). If his income does not exceed 100 thousand Singapore dollars ($ 73.09 thousand), then 200 Singapore dollars ($ 146.1), all those who earn more will be able to count on a payment of 100 Singapore dollars ($ 73).

As noted in the Ministry of Finance, this payment will be received by all adult citizens of the country (about 2.8 million). According to the countrymeters portal, there are 5.97 million people in the country.

The court found it legitimate to refuse to issue a foreign passport to Alexei Navalny

Lublin Court of Moscow recognized as lawful the refusal to issue a foreign passport to the oppositionist Alexei Navalny. “The court came to the conclusion that the claims can not be satisfied,” the court spokeswoman Lyudmila Morozova told RIA Novosti.

In Buryatia, students and students will be tested for drug use

As REGNUM was told, in the republican government, the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov was instructed to conduct testing of schoolchildren, college students and first-year students of high schools on the use of narcotic drugs at a meeting of the anti-drug commission.

It is necessary to spend one hundred percent drug testing. Check school students, college students, freshmen in high schools. The task is to identify those who are already involved, and to warn those who have not started. I ask you to prepare a test schedule, where, when will it take place and how much money will be required for this. – Alexei Tsydenov, Russian politician

In the United States demand a penalty for the New York terrorist

The US prosecutor’s office intends to demand punishment in the form of the death penalty for a native of Uzbekistan Saifullo Saipov, who on October 31, 2017 carried out a terrorist attack in New York.

Sobyanin signed a law on social support for citizens of pre-retirement age

Innovations will come into force on January 1, 2019 Head of the capital Sergei Sobyanin signed the law on social support for citizens of pre-retirement age. The document is posted on the official website of the mayor of Moscow.

In the State Duma proposed to create in Russia a state program HLS

Today, the committee holds an on-site meeting devoted, among other things, to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Sociologists have identified the connection between divorce and office work

Office work in a large team contributes to the divorce, found Swedish sociologists. A study on the relationship between activity and family life was published in the journal Sciencemag.

T-shirt with the slogan Burger King outraged the son of the siege

The son of the blockade Ivan Milchin told RIA Novosti that he was outraged by the Burger King promoter, who was standing on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg near the fast-food restaurant in a T-shirt with the slogan in English “You will not starve to death in this city” hunger in this city “).

In the St. Petersburg OFAS, they are ready to initiate proceedings against Burger King

Flied to Tunisia on his brother’s passport

The Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg passed a verdict against former traffic police officer Yevgeniy Vdovenko and sentenced him to one year in prison for having crossed the Russian border on the passport of his twin brother Dmitry


Disappeared views of St. Petersburg and the last lifetime photo of the passenger “Titanic”

The exhibition in the Stroganov Palace continues a retrospective photographic “Travels through the Russian Empire from the collection of the Russian Museum.” It will be available for visit on November 5th.

A monument to the Little Prince on the Arbat will appear in Cheboksary

In the center of Cheboksary will be installed a sculpture of the Little Prince – the main character of the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This is reported in the press service of the city administration. The opening ceremony of the city monument will be held on September 29 on the pedestrian street Arbat

Savonlinna opened the Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum

On September 28, the 19th Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum was opened in Savonlinna. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants and guests of the annual intercultural meeting.

International competition “Sunny Peacock”

From 4 to 7 October in Serpukhov will be the II International Competition of Classical and Folk Art “Sunny Peacock”. The event will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of another country and carry through generations the friendship between Russia and China

Paul McCartney wrote a book for children

British rock musician Sir Paul McCartney said that he wrote a book for children about the adventures of his grandfather and his four grandchildren, the work is expected to go on sale in September 2019.

“Russian Seasons” will open on January 7 in Berlin

The cycle of cultural events “Russian Seasons in Germany” will open in Berlin on January 7. The program will be fully formed before the end of the year. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Culture Alla Manilova.

Masterpieces of the Hermitage and the Museum of Art and History

About 30 masterpieces of the collections of the State Hermitage and the Vienna Art and Historical Museum will be shown at an exhibition in St. Petersburg, which opens to the general public on October 5. This was reported in the press service of the Hermitage.

The new season of the festival “Friday in Pushkin” opens

October 6, Pushkin Museum. Pushkin opens a new season of the festival “Friday in Pushkin”. This year’s program includes excursions to exhibitions, talks, lectures and concerts. The events will be held in the main building and the Gallery of Art of Europe and America of the XIX-XX centuries.

Art of Dagestan presented at the exhibition in Moscow

September 28 at the State Museum of the East opens a new exhibition project on the art of Dagestan.

The exposition presents paintings by the honored artist of the republic Clara Vlasova, embroidered Raisa Ismailova’s panel, national costumes from the collection of Fatima Gammadova, as well as works of decorative and applied art from the collection of the Oriental Museum.

“Anatomy of Cubism” in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin

In the Pushkin Museum there is an exhibition-installation “Anatomy of Cubism”. She acquaints with the history of the birth of one of the main artistic trends of the twentieth century.

In the center of the exposition – a notebook with sketches by Pablo Picasso to the “Avignon girls” – a painting that changed the course of the world art history. There are also more than 60 drawings from a notebook stored in the collection of the Picasso House-Museum in Malaga.

In addition, at the exhibition you can see African figurines of Picasso from the world-famous collection of Sergei Shchukin. Collected all together, these masterpieces retrospectively recreate the train of thoughts and associations of the artist, curators say.

The exhibition about the secrets and masters of Venice opened in Paris

In Paris, the Grand Palais opened the exhibition “Magnificent Venice”. In this city in the XVIII century Tiepolo and Canaletto, Porpora and Vivaldi created, operas and carnivals were held. In the halls of the Grand Palace are collected paintings and sculptures, costumes and samples of decorative and applied art of that era.

“Venice was at the same time a very open city that hosted guests from all over the continent and was mysterious, as if hidden behind a carnival mask.” Our exhibition allows us to compare these two images and discover this amazing city from a new perspective, “said curator Catherine Loisel.

BDT them. Tovstonogova launches a lecture project

The Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Tovstonogov in October launched the project “Big Data”. The lecture program is prepared by leading Russian experts in various fields of culture and art.

Theatrical Book Fair opens in Russia for the first time

The first fair of the theatrical book “Theatrical novel” opens on September 28 in the museum named after Bakhrushin. It will be attended by about 20 publishers, publishing professional and popular literature about the theater. The editions are presented by the authors themselves, as well as invited guests


On the facade of the concert hall “Zariadye” will begin broadcasting concerts

In Moscow, on the media facade of the concert hall “Zaryadye” live concerts will be broadcast live. Musical street broadcasts will be free, according to the website of the mayor of Moscow

Rapper Lil Pump has canceled the tour and will not come to Moscow

The rapper Lil Pump has canceled the tour and will not come to Moscow, informs the information-analytical edition Life

Lennon praised my song only once

During the interview of “60 minutes” TV show, Paul McCartney told that during the entire period of The Beatles existence Lennon highly appreciated only one of his songs – Here, There and Everywhere. The track became part of the Revolver album.

“It’s a really good song, man. I love that song, “recalled Lennon Paul McCartney.

Avril Lavigne published the official clip Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne has published a clip on the song Head Above Water on YouTube. The composition will be included in the new album of the Canadian singer. Previously, Lavigne reported on the preparation for the release of her first album in five years.

Prodigy recorded a new track

It is known that the new track will be included in the album “No Tourists”, which the band will release very soon, on November 2 this year. In their new track, Prodigy was reminded of the fans of the past when the band collected huge stadiums and arranged raves.

In Crocus City Hall will play Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Moscow, Crocus City Hall, October 4, 20.00 Electric Light Orchestra is a popular and very popular band from the 70’s and 80’s.

The story of love and teleport in the LCD Soundsystem clip for the song “Oh baby”

A group of James Murphy LCD Soundsystem released a video for the song “Oh baby” from his album “American Dream”. Ryan Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) directed the video, starring Sissy Spacek (Castle Rock, Carrie) and David Strathearn (The Bourne Ultimatum).

Metallica played in the garage of Lars Ulrich

Group Metallica released a song “The Shortest Straw”, created more than 30 years ago. Rare composition was recorded in the garage of drummer Lars Ulrich in December 1987.

“Center” will present “The cult of food” in the “House of Culture”

The group “Center” will perform on the stage of the music store “House of Culture” on October 21, 2018. The team, headed by Vasily Shumov, will present his new album “The Cult of Food”, which was released on September 28.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper presented the clip Shallow

The clip uses footage from the film “The Star was Born,” starring Gaga and Cooper. The picture tells a story about the relationship of an experienced musician and a young singer. The Shallow song was written by Lady Gaga with Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson and Anthony Rossamundo especially for the film

A clip of Scarlxrd was released for the new track “Berzerk”

British rapper Scarlxrd, the main star of the rapping rap right now, has released a video for his new track “Berzerk”.

Group “Bi-2” will present the show “Event Horizon”

The show was attended by 12 thousand spectators, but not all fans could get to the concert, therefore, Bi-2 will again present the “Event Horizon” in Moscow. The show will become even more spectacular and ambitious – and it’s not just the size of the site, which this time will accommodate more than 20,000 fans of the group.


Five Chinese films in the original language will be shown in Moscow

Five modern Chinese films will be shown in the framework of the “One Belt – One Way” initiative in Moscow from September 27 to 30 for the purpose of international exchange in the field of cinema. The opening of the festival took place on Thursday at the “Illusion” cinema, TASS correspondent reports.

Completed shooting the third season of the detective series “The Dog”

Completed shooting the third season of the detective series “The Dog”, the press service of the NTV channel. The main role in the multi-part film is played by Nikita Panfilov. In the series there is a story about a law enforcement officer and his dog.

Musical biopic about the life of Elton John

The network posted the first shots of the film “The Man-Rocket” directed by Dexter Fletcher, on which Teron Edgerton is captured in the image of Elton John.

A trailer for the documentary film about Hayao Miyazaki

The documentary premiere took place in Japan in 2016, but the film will be shown abroad only this winter. The director of the “Infinite Man” – Kaku Arakawa, for two years he followed Miyazaki relentlessly and filmed it while working

Bruce Dern will play host to the ranch in the ninth movie Quentin Tarantino

Bruce Dern (The Ghoulish Eight) joined the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The actor received the role of George Spen, who originally had to play Burt Reynolds, who died on September 6 at the age of 82 years.

Shooting of the picture “Khalkhin-Gol” will begin in November

The shooting of the Russian-Mongolian film “Khalkhin-Gol” about the Soviet-Japanese military conflict of 1939 will begin in November. This was reported by TASS Assistant Director General of Lenfilm Olga Agrafenina.

The author of the script is Sergei Snezhkin, who made films “White Guard” and “Contribution”. The film will be released in 2019, the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Khalkhin-Gol.

Hillary Clinton played her double in the popular series

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played a role in the comedy series Murphy Brown, playing the role of her own twin

The first trailer of the military drama “Saving Leningrad” is published

Universal Pictures Russia published the first trailer of the film “Saving Leningrad”, directed by Alexei Kozlov. Teaser is posted on the official YouTube channel of the studio. The plot of the picture takes place in 1941 and is connected with the events that marked the beginning of the “Road of Life”.

Alexander Rodnyansky will produce a film about Saddam Hussein

Alexander Rodnyansky will produce a film by Lebanese director Ziad Dueri “Interrogation of the President”, which will be removed based on the book of the same name. It is reported by the portal Deadline

Tom Hardy will become the superman in the universe of Marvell

In the acting plan, the film in general turned out to be noteworthy: the main female role went to Michelle Williams, the antagonist villain is played by Briton Reese Ahmed.


The hacker promised to delete the live page of Zuckerberg with Facebook

Taiwanese hacker Chang Chi-yun threatened Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with the removal of his page from the social network. This is reported by the information agency Bloomberg. According to the agency, Chi-Yun intends to attempt to crack the billionaire account on September 30 at 18:00 local time.

Microsoft will stop supporting classic Skype in November

Microsoft did not delay for a long time with the rejection of the “classic” Skype. The official blog of the development team announced that support for Skype 7 for desktop computers will end on November 1, and for mobile devices – November 15

The Lenovo smartphone slider Z5 Pro

Liu Jun, one of the leaders of Lenovo, showed at a press conference not officially presented a smartphone model Z5 Pro. The gadget is technically made in the form factor of the slider, the production of new items will begin in the near future

Facebook announced the attack of hackers on 50 million accounts

As a precaution, Facebook will re-configure the markers to 40 million more personal pages. The function “View as” is temporarily disabled. As a result of the incident, approximately 90 million users will have to re-enter their data in order to log into their account.

Hackers got access to data from 50 million accounts in Facebook

Hackers got data about 50 million Facebook users as a result of hacking security systems sotsseti, the press service of the company. Attackers could use other people’s pages without password confirmation

In the Google Store found a stealing money application

The researchers found a mobile application that steals money from bank accounts of users. The program was distributed through the Google Play store, it was bought by tens of thousands of users. The application is called QRecorder and is intended for recording telephone conversations.

The first Google tablet with Chrome OS is called Pixel Slate

The device was codenamed Nocturne, and now well-informed informers reported that the official name of the device is Google Pixel Slate. The source calls Google Pixel Slate the first tablet company that runs the operating system Chrome OS.

IPhone owners will not be able to use banking services

Another problem, noticed already purchased by one of the new models of Apple users, will not allow to conduct banking operations through a smartphone. And all because Apple managers refused to verify and make available the service developed by the Internet provider “Rostelecom”.

New smartphone Google Pixel 3 XL showed in three colors

Unlike the model shown last year, which had two color options, Google Pixel 3 XL will be presented in three colors. In particular, we are talking about the standard white and black colors, as well as the new – mint-green.

Xiaomi released a children’s smart toy with artificial intelligence

Chinese company Xiaomi has released a new educational children’s smart toy Xiaoxun Al Educational Story-telling Toy. The device is equipped with an artificial intelligence system.

ARRI and Angelbird introduced a 256 GB CFast 2.0 memory card

ARRI and Angelbird introduced a removable medium called ARRI Edition AV PRO AR 256 CFast 2.0. This memory card was developed and certified for use in ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras, and can be used for shooting video with recording in formats ProRes and MXF / ARRIRAW.

Nokia smartphones were allowed to put unofficial firmware

The manufacturer warned that such an unlock deprives smartphones of a guarantee, even if the user then blocks the bootloader again. Unlocked bootloader simplifies the development and optimization of software. It also allows you to install unofficial firmware and get root rights

The Germans released the first full-frame camera with a built-in “Photoshop”

The company Zeiss introduced the first full-frame camera of compact class XZ1, the device emphasizes the simplicity and availability in use. There is a built-in 512 GB memory, support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Presented a smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Golf Edition

Samsung said that with the active application of the charge of the watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Golf Edition is enough for three rounds or 54 holes. The price is about 410 and 350 dollars for 46- and 42-mm versions of the clock. Last year, the company took a similar step by releasing the Samsung Gear S3 Golf Edition watch.

Apple accused of the theft of a trademark

The manufacturer of Android-applications of the company Social Tech filed a lawsuit against the American company Apple. He accuses the Cupertinists of stealing the Memoji trademark. According to the charge, this violates the rights of a similar trademark Memoji, which is used by the software developer.

A list of Xiaomi models that can not be updated has been published on the Web

The web has a list of 20 models of Xiaomi smartphones that can not be updated in Russia. It’s about the models originally released on the Chinese firmware. If you update the model from the list, the smartphone will turn into a “brick”.

Xiaomi Mi 6X, Xiaomi Mi 8X, Xiaomi Mi 8E, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 / Mi Pad 4 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A, Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite, Xiaomi Redmi Y2 / Redmi S2, Xiaomi Redmi 5, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Xiaomi Redmi 6, Xiaomi Redmi 6A, Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Redmi 5 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Redmi Note 5 AI, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Tips for resuscitating the device. You need to re-flash the machine in EDL mode. To do this, turn off the gadget, hold down the power buttons and increase the volume. And then select “download” from the menu and install the original firmware with the MiFlash tool. However, in this case, the smartphone will become “Chinese”

Lenovo Z5 Pro received frameless design without a cut from the top

At the Tech World 2018 event in China, Lenovo Executive Vice President Liu Jun demonstrated a new smartphone – Lenovo Z5 Pro. This was not a full-fledged announcement, so most of the details and characteristics remained behind the scenes


Scientists were able to reduce the viral load in HIV-infected people

The combination of two monoclonal antibodies against the immunodeficiency virus reduces the viral load in infected people, and also prevents the virus from multiplying in the body in patients who stop taking antiretroviral drugs.

In the south of Italy found the tomb of a representative of the Roman elite

In the ruins of the city of Kuma near Naples, archaeologists discovered the tomb of the 2nd century BC. As reported in the press release of the National Center for Scientific Research of France, it was decorated with frescoes and, apparently, it buried a person (or people) from the elite of the local society

Because of human activity, the Earth’s axis has moved 10 cm in 100 years

As for the first, because of human activities, the temperature on the planet is getting higher every year. The most vulnerable areas in this case are the northern, with an abundance of ice and snow cover, such as Greenland.

Scientists have created the deepest map of the distribution of matter in the universe

American scientists from the Flatiron Institute have created the deepest map of the distribution of matter in the universe. The depth is the maximum distance from the earth it covers. The findings will help astronomers better understand the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

The US will decode the DNA of a million people

As reported by the popular science publication Naked Science, a project in the United States is starting to decrypt a record amount of DNA. Volunteers will participate in the project. The estimated number of volunteers at the moment is 110 thousand people

How plants determine the time to start flowering

The authors showed that UV rays are able to trigger flowering in the rezuchovidka Tal – a popular model biologist’s biology – regardless of the season. They stimulate the production of the protein FT, which enters the growing tissues of the meristem and serves as a kind of “bloom hormone” for its cells.

Physicists set a record for the strength of the magnetic field

More recently, Japanese researchers have established a record for the value of an artificially created magnetic field, achieving an inductance of 1200 Tesla – hundreds of times stronger than that of MRI devices, and tens of millions of times stronger than the global magnetic field of the Earth.

This is a record for “closed rooms”: the maximum for artificial magnetic fields was in principle achieved in 2001 by physicists from Russian Sarov who worked at the range and reached 2300 T. Record of scientists at the University of Tokyo was held in the laboratory – under controlled conditions

The device of the Mayan civilization turned out to be more complicated than previously thought

The authors of the project El Tintal Archaeological Project published an article in the journal Science about the study of one of the largest Mayan settlements – Tikal. Researchers have scanned not only the capital of the Mutul kingdom, but also the adjacent territory on the Yucatan peninsula

In space, the object that refutes the laws of physics

Jets have been found in many objects that absorb the substance of the companion, including black holes, white dwarfs and other neutron stars. At the same time, they were not observed in stars with a strong magnetic field, and it was believed that it prevents the formation of jets.

The United States found a replacement for Russian engines RD-180

Alliance United Launch Alliance announced that for the new Vulcan rocket the BE-4 engine, developed by Blue Origin of American billionaire Jeff Bezos

Killer whales can disappear completely after 50 years

After 50 years, the population of killer whales can completely disappear because of chemicals accumulated in the environment. This conclusion was reached by an international group of scientists, the results of their research are published in Science. Polychlorinated biphenyls are a threat to killer whales.

Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of depression

According to WHO, more than 300 million people worldwide are depressed. That’s about seven percent of women and four percent of men. Experts concluded that the traditional Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of depression, and fatty and sweet food, on the contrary, increases it.

Avian influenza in China has learned to infect ducks

The avian influenza viruses H7N9 and H7N2, successfully managed by vaccination of chickens, have now acquired the ability to infect ducks – Chinese scientists have discovered two new highly pathogenic species of the virus in these birds, an article published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe

Poverty in childhood worsened cognitive abilities in old age

Czech scientists analyzed data on more than 20 thousand Europeans and concluded that life below the poverty line in childhood can adversely affect cognitive functions in old age.

Sleeping cancer cells of mice are awakened by tobacco smoke

Researchers in experiments with mice have traced the path that leads from the onset of inflammation to the awakening of cancer cells and found that the most important role in this process is played by neutrophils and the products of their decay.

Ordinary vampires were carriers of bartonella

Bats of ordinary vampires or desmods (Desmodus rotundus), in addition to a bouquet of viruses, carry bacteria from the genus Bartonella, causing severe illness in humans and livestock, according to PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Scientists have determined the existence of the universe

Experts warn that up to the end there are about 140 billion years, and talk about the results of their work in the publication of Asahi Shimbun. Scientists from the University of Tokyo and the National Astronomical Observatory of the country conducted a large-scale study of the existence of the universe.

Scientists: “Comet of Death” will approach the Earth on November 11

As expected, the “comet of death” will approach Earth in 2018 on November 11. It must pass at a distance of about 38 million kilometers. Three years ago it was only 486,000 kilometers from Earth.

Astronomers began searching for aliens in a nearby galaxy

American astronomers from California have begun to search for an alien intelligent life in the nearby Andromeda Nebula. According to scientists, the galaxy has about a trillion planets

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