8 Feb, 2018

Airstrikes on the government forces of Syria

The forces of the international antiterrorist coalition that participate in Operation Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State (IG, IGIL, DAYSH – a terrorist group banned in Russia) inflicted air strikes on the positions of pro-government troops Bashar Assad in Syria. This is reported by the Reuters agency with reference to the statement of the operation’s headquarters.

As the official representatives of the coalition explained, the air strikes became a response to the attack of the Syrian army on the headquarters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), which Washington supports. The SDF fighters are currently located in the northern and eastern parts of Syria.

“Defending the coalition forces and forces of the partners, the coalition struck at the attacking forces in order to repel an act of aggression against partners participating in the global mission to destroy IGIL,” the agency said in an official statement of the staff of Operation Unshakable Resolve.

Briefly about the main thing …..


North Korea does not intend to conduct a dialogue with the US during the Olympic Games-2018

North Korea has no plans to contact and conduct a dialogue with US representatives during the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Tass reports. “We have never begged for negotiations with the US and we will not do it henceforth,” the DPRK representative quotes the DPRK agency as saying.

The leader of the Democrats spoke in the US Congress a record 8 hours

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi spoke in the US Congress for more than 8 hours. This is the record for the last hundred years. According to RIA Novosti, the 77-year-old Pelosi began performing at 10 am and finished after 18 hours.

The name of the new Foreign Minister of Germany

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany in the new coalition government will be the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Martin Schultz. On Wednesday, February 7, the newspaper Bild reports citing sources close to the talks

German deputy responded to the threats of Kiev because of the visit of the delegation to the Crimea

The threats of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities to the German deputies visiting the Crimea characterize them as politicians who willingly resort to the language of violence, said North Rhine-Westphalia parliamentarian Helmut Seiffen.

“I’m not upset about this, I consider it impolite and ugly that we are threatened by a foreign state because of our trip.” The Ukrainian government showed its true face as a political force that willingly resorts to the language of violence, “Saifen told RIA Novosti.

Sobchak said she did not need Trump’s advice

Russia’s presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak, who is running for the Civil Initiative party, said she does not need the advice of American leader Donald Trump, and she herself could give him advice.

Prayer breakfast in the US will visit 55 Russians

Approximately 55 Russians will participate in the National Prayer Breakfast in the US – an event traditionally visited by the US president, other political leaders, religious and public figures, and business representatives.

The Merkel coalition: the FRG agreed to create a government

The SPD earlier excluded the possibility of its participation in the “big coalition” with the CDU / CSU, but then, at the talks organized by FRG President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, an agreement was reached to hold an extraordinary congress of the party that made the final decision on joining the Social Democrats in the coalition conversation.

The limit of the US national debt will be raised until March 2019

The agreement reached between Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress on the budget of the federal government for a two-year period provides for an increase in the ceiling of the country’s national debt with a calculation until March 2019

Warsaw expressed readiness to restore relations with Moscow

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovich met with Russian Ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreev. During the meeting, he expressed his readiness to unblock relations with Moscow in certain areas. This is reported by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic.

About the secret report, forgotten in the plane, concerning national security

Deputy Internal Security Minister Elaine Duke confirmed the information that had previously leaked to the press that one of the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had recently forgotten in the passenger cabin the documents equipped with the vultures “only for official use” and “important for national security.”


The US coalition attacked pro-government forces in Syria

The coalition led by the United States to fight the Islamic State group * (IG * – banned in Russia) stated that the pro-government armed forces attacked the headquarters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), in which the American advisers were, after which the reciprocal a blow to the Syrian military.

The militant “Jaysh Idlib Khur” took responsibility for the shot down Su-25

Directorate 4 refers to the organization Northern Syria Observer, which includes independent Syrian journalists. She, as reported on the channel, interviewed the militant “Josh Idlib Khur” Mahmud Haj Ismail (call sign – Castro), who said he shot down the Su-25.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia will receive 10 latest Su-35 fighters

The Ministry of Defense expects the introduction of another 10 new Su-35 fighters, deputy head of the department Yury Borisov said, Interfax reports. “We have 10 Su-35 airplanes on the plan, and six aircraft with the modernization of the Su-27 to the level of the CM-3,” Borisov said.

The US wants to raise the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons

The United States wants to increase the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons in connection with the policy of nuclear deterrence. With such a statement at a press briefing on Wednesday, Pentagon chief James Mattis, commenting on the United States intentions to create two new types of nuclear warheads sea-based.

“[Nuclear policy] Deterrence is dynamic, it changes from year to year, from decade to decade.We need to take action with respect to [nuclear deterrence policy] in its current form … the idea is to raise the threshold [use of nuclear weapons], “the minister said.

In Africa, since the start of the military operation of Turkey, 148 civilians were killed

In Syrian Afrina from the beginning of the operation of the Armed Forces of Turkey, 148 civilians were killed. This was reported in the central hospital Afrina.

Media reported on the accumulation of military equipment in the center of Pyongyang

In Pyongyang, on the area of the Kim Il Sung Square, where military parades usually take place, on Thursday, February 8, a large concentration of military equipment was recorded. The Japanese news agency Kyodo told about North Korean military equipment in the center of Pyongyang.

NATO announced the US air strikes against Taliban in Afghanistan

The commander of the NATO air forces in Afghanistan, James Hecker, said that the American aircraft struck at the Taliban bases. As reported by RIA Novosti, the attacks were carried out in Afghanistan on the border with Tajikistan and China.

“Grads” on the basis of all-terrain vehicles will appear in the Arctic grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Multiple-launch rocket launchers (MLRS) Grad and Smerch based on ATV-30PM Vityaz all-terrain vehicles will be placed at the disposal of the Arctic group of the Russian Armed Forces, the Izvestia newspaper was told by the Russian Defense Ministry. The ministry specified that this equipment has already been included in the list of prospective weapons.

Ship “Ivan Hurs” set off for testing in the Baltic Sea

The Russian vessel Ivan Hurs of the project 18280 went to the Baltic Sea for testing, the press service of the shipyard Severnaya Verf (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) said.

The French authorities will increase military spending

The Ministry of Defense plans to increase spending from € 1,7 billion annually per year from 2019 to 2022, and by $ 3 billion per year from 2023 to 2025.


On the fact of the death of a worker at a mine in the Kuzbass criminal case

The case was initiated under part 2 of Art. 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of safety rules in the conduct of mining operations, which resulted in the death of a person by negligence). Recall, the collapse of the mine at the mine “Osinnikovskaya” occurred yesterday.

In the ice of the Sea of Okhotsk, a ship with 127 passengers got stuck

The ship “Igor Farkhutdinov”, carrying 127 passengers and 42 containers on board, makes its way through dense ice in the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk. This was reported by the press service of the government of the Sakhalin region.

The plane in Alaska has returned to the airport because of the naked passenger in the toilet

The plane of Boeing 737 of Alaska Airlines was forced to return to the airport of departure because of the naked passenger who shut himself up in the toilet, KTVA reports.

Eight people died in the south of China in the failure of the motorway section

The failure of the road occurred on one of the main thoroughfares of the Chinese city of Foshan (southern province of Guangdong), at least eight people were killed. This was reported on Thursday by the city transport department.

In Russia, for the first time, he was released for life sentenced

The Vologda regional court released 63-year-old Anwar Masalimov from the Polar Owl colony, who was serving a life sentence. This is the first time in Russia when a person sentenced to life imprisonment was released.

While in the colony, Masalimov said that he would become a monk if he was released. Once free, he went to the temple of St. Dmitry Rostov in Moscow. When he came to the temple, he refused to become a novice and stated that he wanted to hire lawyers to help them get home from the state and compensate for being “overtaxed”.

Siloviki carry out seizure of documents in the ministries of Dagestan

Employees of law enforcement agencies carry out a number of operational activities in Dagestani departments and ministries as part of the investigation of criminal cases against ex-prime minister Abdusamad Hamidov, his two deputies and former education minister Shahabas Shakhov.

In Tatarstan, the arrested deputy minister was found dead

The Deputy Minister of Health of Tatarstan Elena Shishmaryova was found dead in her house, a source familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti. She was under house arrest in the case of fraud and abuse of authority.

Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from a burning train in London

Several hundred passengers were evacuated from a train that caught fire in the south-west of London. This is reported by The Daily Mail. The incident occurred on February 7 in the evening rush hour

Patients in a hospital in Novosibirsk were evacuated because of a fire

About 130 patients of a city hospital in Novosibirsk were evacuated to a neighboring building because of a fire in the archive, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a source in emergency services.

A resident of the Kuban extinguished a cigarette about the icon and shared it in social networks

A resident of the Kuban has published pictures in Instagram on which he extinguishes a cigarette about the icon of St. Michael the Archangel in the church of the village of Martanskaya in the municipality “Goryachy Klyuch”. This is the website of the Komsomolskaya Pravda in Krasnodar.

The plane “Victory” had to land in Minvody because of the rowdy

The Pobeda plane, which flew from Moscow to Gyumri, made an emergency landing in Mineralnye Vody because of the rowdy on board, RBC spokeswoman Elena Selivanova said.

Russian accused of collusion for Internet fraud in the US

The US brought accusations against Russian citizen Andrei Novak in collusion with the purpose of Internet fraud. Information about this spread the agency itself on Wednesday, February 7

In Italy, a chemical waste plant exploded

In Italy, on February 7, an explosion occurred in the chemical waste factory during the day, as a result of which about 10 people were injured. This is reported by journalists of the Italian edition. The explosion occurred around 14:00 local time after the fire


Rosimushchestvo transferred the former building of Soyuzmultfilm to the Russian Orthodox Church

The Federal Property Management Agency transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church the building of the former St. Nicholas Church in Novaya Sloboda on Dolgorukovskaya Street in Moscow

A record number of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana in the US

For the legalization of marijuana in the US, 59% of voters expressed themselves, which was a record figure for all time since 2013. This is evidenced by the data of the poll of Fox News. Against 32% of US residents.

The family of the pilot who died in Syria will get 1 million rubles

The government of the Voronezh region will provide material assistance in the amount of 1 million rubles to the family of the pilot Pilot Filipov who died in Syria, the regional government said. The order on material assistance was given by the acting governor of the region Alexander Gusev

The State Duma passed a law on the reduction of the time for issuing passports

The State Duma adopted in the third final reading a law that reduces the period for issuing passports when applying at the place of stay from four to three months. This is reported on the website of the lower house.

The mayor of Moscow promised to increase the salaries of builders

The Moscow authorities intend to change the prices for objects built under the city order, increasing the share of wages in them, the mayor of the city Sergei Sobyanin said at the collegium of the building complex of the capital.

Judges are exempt from explanation of motives

One of the proposals of the Supreme Council concerns the text of the judgment, which now contains the operative part, which is announced at the end of the process, and the reasoning which the judge must draw up within five days.

In the regions there will be structures-collectors of fines for violation of traffic rules

In the regions of the Russian Federation, there may appear structures that are engaged instead of the STSI for the preparation and collection of fines for violations of traffic rules, recorded by automatic cameras. With such an initiative, the government

The mystery of the intersection in Moscow, where they deprived the rights of drivers

“Gazeta.ru” helped to eliminate the treacherous trap that had been in effect for many years, because of which hundreds of Moscow drivers were brought to administrative responsibility for the red light, and dozens – lost their driving license.

The intersection is arranged so that you can move down from the Highway of the Enthusiasts from any of the two extreme right rows, and the traffic light standing at the intersection is equipped with an additional section with an arrow that sometimes goes out. Also on this site are tram tracks.

The greatest difficulty was caused by the drivers who are going to turn from the second row to the inside of the TTK. The ambiguous interpretation of the traffic light signal led to their being brought to administrative responsibility.

In Мособлдуме have suggested to release first aid from penalties on road

Special forces, who are in the performance of emergency tasks, should be exempted from fines for violation of traffic rules, said Oleg Grigoriev, chairman of the Moscow Region Duma Committee for Transport Infrastructure, Communications and Informatization, at a working meeting on February 7, the REGNUM correspondent was told in the press service of the regional parliament.

Topilin called the reason for the fall in real incomes of Russians

According to the head of the Ministry of Labor, the drop in real incomes of Russians may be due to the dynamics of the reduction of the shadow sector.

Even when I said at the end of the year, in November, what the forecast would be, I assumed that after all, the real incomes for the year due to the real wage growth already understandable – we can pull them out; That did not happen. – Maxim Topilin

The State Duma adopted in the first reading the law on the free collection of dead wood

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that allows Russians to freely collect the fallen wood for their own needs. For citizens, a simplified procedure for collecting fallen trees, shrubs or parts thereof, damaged for natural reasons, for use in a private household

In pharmacies will carry out control purchases

If the bill is adopted, Roszdravnadzor will be able to fully monitor the work of medical institutions and identify any violations in working with the consumer to immediately neutralize them.

The Ministry of Finance plans to allocate 9 billion for people with rare diseases

Today, during the first meeting of the Regional Health Council devoted to the problems and prospects for the development of the infrastructure of children’s health, Valentina Matvienko stated that for people with rare diseases people can allocate another 9 billion rubles.


Instagram set a new record for the number of “likes”

In Instagram, a new photo-record holder for the number of “likes” appeared, Variety writes. This is about the post of the American model Kylie Jenner, which she published on Wednesday, February 7. The picture shows her newborn daughter.

The former first lady of Latvia complained about the lack of money

Ex-first lady of Latvia Dace Seisuma told about her distress after divorce with the former president of the country millionaire Andris Berzinsh. This was reported by the Internet portal nra.llv. At the moment, the former first lady works as a doctor-endocrinologist in one of the polyclinics.

Leaving the clinic, I feel morally and physically devastated, but there are no other options at the moment. – Dace Seisuma, Latvian doctor

Jennifer Lawrence was baited with old nude pictures

On the Celeb Jihad website often appear stolen or old photos of celebrities, as well as pictures of naked girls, only remotely similar to famous personalities. In September 2016, Hollywood actress Emma Watson managed to achieve the removal of her photos from Celeb Jihad.

After the reunion, Spice Girls plans to go on a world tour

Popular in the 90 years, the British group Spice Girls after his reunion plans to go on a world tour. Last week, team members met with former manager Simon Fuller to schedule

Buzova in the crown from Zvereva called herself the daughter of the Diva

Fashionable stylist Sergei Zverev called Olga Buzova princess of domestic show business, giving a TV host a crown.

Mishulin’s daughter is going to sue again with her own brother

In December 2017, the legal daughter of People’s Artist of Spartak Mishulin Karina reconciled with the illegitimate son of his father Timur Eremeev. The actress did not take her brother into the family and argued that her dad was faithful to her mother.

Will Smith removed a parody of the rapper’s popular clip

The original video scored over 42 million views. American actor Will Smith shot a parody of the clip of his son, rapper Jaden Smith called Icon. The artist published a video on February 7 in his Instagram.

Olga Buzova increased her hair and showed her panties

The star “Doma-2” published a picture, on which it is imprinted with long, apparently, accreted, hair. In addition to the new hair, the girl also showed her naked flat stomach.

The former wife of Alexander Serov can not tolerate his lies

63-year-old singer Alexander Serov in the last month regularly appeared on federal television channels, talking about his life and illegitimate children. He called his ex-wife abnormal, who after the divorce had to pay a lot of money.

Milyavskaya accused the author of the songs in the scam

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya accused the author of her songs Elena Kiper of organizing fraud. As reported by Telegram-channel Super, Lolita found that she does not receive royalties, and her famous hits, among them “Orientation – North” and “On the Titanic”, do not belong to her at all.

Sister refused to invite Lopyreva to a wedding

Consolidated sister of Victoria Lopyreva Emilia Kruze-Orlinova intends to arrange a magnificent celebration in the summer abroad. However, she does not intend to call a famous relative

Mired in debt Zavorotnyuk rests in the Maldives

In Instagram Anastasia showed a picture from the resort. Under the photo, where you can see the laughing spouses, the actress touched her husband with his holiday. She noted the persistence and vigor of the beloved, as well as his ability to find pleasure in every living day.

We ourselves are not local, we pay little money …

Stars of the Shalyapin festival Lakita Mitchell and Lester Lynch told at a press conference in IA “Tatar-inform” about the worldwide trend of reducing the earnings of artists. So the performers of the roles in the operas “Porgy and Bess” and “Aida” answered the question about how much they manage to earn in Kazan.

“Today artists’ fees directly depend on the political situation in the world. They have significantly decreased in all countries, not only in Russia or, for example, in the US. And it’s very sad, because the artist carries art, culture to people, he in some way tells them the truth, “Lakita Mitchell lamented.

Anna Semenovich showed a photo of a lush breasts right in bed

Recently, the 37-year-old pop diva again “sweetened” the appetite of its fans with an unusual photo. She showed her lush and chic breasts in the camera. Thanks to this frankness, the photo practically began to beat all the ratings of popularity


Tesla reported the largest quarterly losses

The American company Tesla reported that it suffered the largest quarterly losses in history, reports Forbes, citing corporate reports. According to the publication, the losses for the fourth quarter of 2017 amounted to $ 675 million, the total deficit for the year is $ 1.96 billion.

“Yandex” and Uber closed the deal to combine taxi services

“Yandex” and Uber announced the closure of the deal to combine online booking business in Russia and neighboring countries. At the close of the deal, the companies invested $ 225 million and $ 100 million, respectively, in the new structure.

Naftogaz hopes to resume gas purchases from Gazprom in March

The company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” plans to implement a decision of international arbitration with the Russian “Gazprom” in part of the contract for the purchase of Russian natural gas until the end of February and hopes to resume gas purchase in March. This was reported on Wednesday by the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobolev.

Statoil is ready to invest in alternative energy sources

Norwegian Statoil has become the next oil and gas corporation, which announced its readiness to invest in alternative energy sources.

Oracle Company Limited Work with Russian Oil Companies

Russian oil companies are still heavily dependent on the US PO. So, to manage mining projects, they use Oracle Primavera. One of the interlocutors of the edition in the Russian fuel and energy complex noted that a complete ban on software from Oracle will cause great damage to the industry.

“Norilsk Nickel” and “Russian Platinum” will create a leader in the metal market

“Norilsk Nickel” and “Russian Platinum” signed an agreement on strategic cooperation, which involves the creation of a joint venture (JV) for the development of deposits of disseminated ores of the Norilsk industrial region.

We expect that as we enter the planned targets, our joint venture may become one of the leaders among the world producers of platinum group metals both in terms of production volumes and profitability. – Vladimir Potanin, Russian businessman

Volodin threatened to complain to law enforcers at the Economic Development Ministry

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin threatened the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin with an appeal to law enforcement agencies because of violations of the ministry in the sphere of supporting small businesses. The speaker said this at a government hour, RIA Novosti reports.

For example, the provision of financial support to four limited liability companies with the same founder, 22 small businesses registered immediately before the provision of state aid. The same entrepreneurs year after year, the circle is practically not expanding. – Vera Chistova, Russian economist

In the Savings Bank began to catch employees at the mining at work

Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref said that bank employees often engaged in crypto currency mining at their workplace. They are often found behind this occupation, he pointed out.

We bought cards of a slightly different configuration. “Sberbank” does not engage in mining, but we often catch employees who are engaged in mining on the bank’s equipment. – German Gref, Russian statesman

Israeli Diamond Exchange to issue crypto currency for settlements

Israeli Diamond Exchange will issue crypto currency for settlements Two crypto-currencies will appear on the exchange


Intel company announced the release of the world’s most powerful processor

Intel’s manufacturing company announced a new Xeon D-2100 processor, which was created with the help of unique modern technologies.

HP laptops have curtains for web cameras

HP will equip almost all of its new laptops with a built-in curtain for the webcam. This measure is adopted to protect the privacy and peace of users, reports The Verge. The manufacturer of computers, office equipment and accessories equips a protective curtain almost all models of the EliteBook series.

Apple will create a non-contact stylus that draws by air

Apple will create a non-contact stylus. Devices will work on motion and orientation sensors. Earlier, Apple released the tablet iPad Pro and as an accessory to it, the customer could buy a pen Pencil

Apple released a beta version of iOS with the function of slowing down the iPhone

The American technology corporation Apple has published a beta version of the operating system iOS 11.3, which appeared a hint of the promised feature that allows you to disable the slowdown of the iPhone with worn-out rechargeable batteries

Apple users can replace iPhone 5c with a new one with more memory

Apple users will be able to change the broken iPhone 5c to a new one with more memory, iDrop News reports. Official Apple service centers will change the iPhone 5c with a 16 GB drive for a similar model with a 32 GB drive.

Apple HomePod found a critical vulnerability

Reporters say that they, along with the owner of HomePod, took turns asking her to tell them about the owner, and she gladly agreed in two cases. People who are worried about the security of their data should refrain from buying an unreliable device.

Telegram announced a new project “video-streaming”

Telegram, the popular messenger in Russia, announced the launch of a new project. This information is provided by the information publication Life. According to the received data, “Telegram” for Android has been updated to the new version 4.8.

Lenovo recalls ThinkPad X1 Carbon notebooks due to the danger of fire

Developers Lenovo recall buyers fifth generation of notebooks model ThinkPad X1 Carbon due to the danger of battery fires. Such an announcement appeared on the company’s website. Representatives of the brand received complaints from customers about the battery’s overheating.

Panasonic introduced new secure notebooks Toughbook CF-20 mk2

Panasonic has announced a new generation of fully protected hybrid notebooks for the business Toughbook CF-20 mk2, combining the capabilities of a laptop and tablet.

Telegram allowed sites a convenient form of user authorization

Telegram allowed the sites a convenient form of user authorization. Now they can use their own accounts. The developers of the new messenger function called it Telegram Login.

Scammers use “download-bombs” to intimidate users

Researchers at Malwarebytes found that operators of sites offering “services” of fake technical support began to use new tactics to intimidate their victims.

Now, instead of ludicrous messages that persistently warn the unsophisticated user about the numerous vulnerabilities and viruses in his system (of course, nonexistent in reality), the scamers went on and began to use “download-bombs” against Chrome browser users.

The user is literally “blocked” on a malicious site. Most often, such resources intimidate the victim by reporting that his computer is not working because of a virus or some other problem, for resolving which you need to immediately call the number indicated on the screen.

Of course, such attacks are primarily aimed at ordinary, “non-advanced” users. To solve such a problem, just shut down the Chrome process through the Windows Task Manager. Since after restarting the browser can try to restore the malicious tab along with the previous session (depending on the settings), it also needs to be quickly closed.


The oldest “Briton” was dark-skinned and blue-eyed

A new study, unequivocally, has become an important stage on the way to understanding the origins of the first Europeans. The decipherment of the complete genome of the “first Briton” made it possible to discover important features that related the “man from Cheddar” to the first inhabitants of Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg (their genomes were deciphered earlier).

Italian scientists have developed electronic “tattoos” for products

Electronic circuits were placed on some fruits and tablets to test their effectiveness. Scientists say that the substance is absolutely not dangerous for people’s health, and its use will allow eating foods without fear of getting poisoned.

Scientists have developed an electrostimulator of the brain

Scientists from the United States have created an implant that works as a brain stimulant and enhances the perception of information. Over the device worked more than two dozen specialists from various American universities. To test the implant, 15 volunteers with epilepsy were selected.

Scientists have proved the existence of a new form of ice

Foreign researchers have proved the existence of a different form of ice, that is, the connection of hydrogen and oxygen, which occurs under extreme high pressure conditions.

The researchers conducted an experiment by compressing the samples in a diamond anvil by laser pulses. As a result, a compression wave passed through the substance, and scientists determined the characteristics of matter for 20 nanoseconds, and then it evaporated.

There are suggestions that the new form of ice can be on Neptune or the surface of Uranus.

Scientists have revealed how the loss of tropical forests affects the evolution

Scientists have revealed how the loss of tropical forests affects the evolution. Experts from the international paleontological scientific group conducted a study in which they found out that the death of tropical forests provoked the disappearance of some species of quadrupeds and the appearance of others.

Physicists have proposed to glue the wings of aircraft with shark flakes

American scientists analyzed the structure of serrated shark flakes, suggesting the use of their artificial counterparts printed on a 3D printer, to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, in particular, to increase the lift and reduce the force of aerodynamic drag.

Scientists said about the global onset of global cooling

Heating the planet will slow down, but global warming will not stop. A number of specialists explain the “global cold snap” by the onset of a small ice age, in which the global air temperature drops by 1-2 degrees Celsius

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