23 Jan, 2018

America’s fences, but China’s walls …

The authorities of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous District of China announced their intention to build a “Great Wall” around administrative borders to prevent the penetration of militants from other regions, Reuters reports citing the administration of the Okrug Governor.

The decision to build fortifications was taken for security reasons, Governor Shokhrat Zakir specified. Over the past few years, several hundred people were killed in Xinjiang during a clash between Uighurs, mostly Muslim and Turkic speakers, and representatives of the Han people, the ethnic majority of China. China believes that violence is provoked by Islamic extremists and separatists who are linked to extremist groups abroad.

As noted by the media, in the region, apparently, literally took the direction of the head of the country Xi Jinping, who spoke about the need to build a “Great Iron Wall” to ensure stability in Xinjiang.

Briefly about the main ….


Trump signed a bill to extend government funding

President of the United States Donald Trump signed an interim budget adopted by both chambers of the congress, extending the funding of the federal government until February 8, the White House said. Thus, Trump interrupted a three-day pause in the work of the federal government

Russia allocated $ 2 million to the UN counter-terrorism department

“The Government of the Russian Federation decided to make a one-time voluntary contribution to the budget of the UN Office on Counter-Terrorism (UKT) in the amount of $ 2 million,” says the widespread message of the diplomatic mission

CNN: Trump will invite Macron to pay a state visit to the US

French President Emmanuelle Macron will be the first leader that President Donald Trump will invite to pay a state visit to the United States. This was reported on Monday with reference to two diplomatic sources, CNN.

Klintsevich called rudeness Kiev’s refusal of military equipment from the Crimea

The refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to return the remaining military equipment in Crimea demonstrates Kiev’s reluctance to cooperate with Russia, said First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Franz Klintsevich.

The current Kiev regime is able to respond to the gesture of goodwill on the part of Moscow only by political rudeness, standing in a pose and turning everything upside down.
– Franz Klintsevich, Russian politician

Lavrov announced the intention of the Russian Federation to resist the regime change in Syria

Russia will resist the attempts of the coalition led by the US to implement plans to change the regime in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said

The head of Argentina was urged to ask Russia for help in searching for a submarine

The leaders of the countries will discuss issues of politics and economy. Several relatives of the missing sailors sent a letter to the Russian embassy, addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request not to stop searching for a submarine. The submarine of the Navy of Argentina “San Juan” disappeared on November 15.


I do not serve Russia …

Previously, it was supposed to say “I serve the Russian Federation”. The President signed a list of changes to the regulations of the Armed Forces: the Charter of Internal Service, the Disciplinary Charter and the Charter of the Garrison and Guard Service.

The General Staff of Turkey reported the death of a military man during the operation in Africa

The incident occurred on January 22 in the Gulbaba district. According to the General Staff, this happened during a clash with soldiers of the Kurdish militia or the IG * (the grouping is prohibited in Russia). On January 20, Ankara launched Operation Olive Branch against the formation of Kurds in Syrian Afrina

Shoigu announced new contracts for the supply of S-400 to the Middle East

Moscow is negotiating the possibility of selling S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to a number of countries in the Middle East and South-East Asia, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

The Russian reconnaissance ship was spotted off the East Coast of the United States

The reconnaissance ship of the Russian Navy, Viktor Leonov, was sighted off the coast of North Carolina. This is reported by CNN referring to military sources. According to the channel, the ship was seen in international waters 160 km from the city of Wilmington

Director of the CIA: North Korea in a few months will be able to strike a nuclear strike on the US

At the end of November last year, the DPRK tested the largest of its ballistic missiles, Khwason-15, capable, according to experts, to cover a distance of up to 13,000 km. Pyongyang said then that a “nuclear warhead” could be installed on the “Khwasone-15”, and in the zone of its reach is the entire territory of the United States

The head of the British General Staff urged to study the weaknesses of Russia

Carter is confident that Russia is able to start “hostile actions” quickly and in such a way that no one will expect. At the same time, he believes that she “does not have a single model for a conflict with NATO.”

Fighters in Kamchatka conducted an air battle in the stratosphere

The pilots-fighters of the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation (Pacific Fleet) in Kamchatka conducted an air battle at supersonic speeds in the stratosphere.

Russian Air Defense will receive a budgetary missile to fight against drones

Russian air defense systems will be replenished with a small-sized budget anti-aircraft missile to combat “unmanned kamikaze”. Now the rocket is being tested, Izvestia told the Ministry of Defense.

The Permanent Representative of France to the UN admitted the possibility of the disintegration of Syria

The situation in Syria is at a crossroads, and the country can expect disintegration into several parts, ethnic cleansing and a new wave of terrorism and a mass exodus of people if the international community does not achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict

“Unprincipled state”: Kurds accused Russia of treason

Russia betrayed the Kurds without dissuading its ally from Turkey from attacking Afrin in Syria. Such a statement was made by the commander-in-chief of the Kurdish detachments of YPG fighters Sipan Hemo, whose words are on the website of the formation

Turkey called the condition for continuing cooperation with the US in Syria

The main condition for the continuation of cooperation between Turkey and the United States is the cessation of supplies by the Pentagon to Syrian Kurds. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bekir Bozdag

Five residents of Dokuchaevsk were injured in the attack by the APU

A representative of the operational command of the DNR stated that five civilians of the city of Dokuchaevsk of the Donetsk region were injured as a result of shelling by Ukrainian siloviki.


Court without punishment …

In the Rostov region, an official who bought orphans unfit for housing apartments, left the court without punishment

The court found the ex-official Gennady Zatsepilov guilty of negligence and ordered him a fine of 50 thousand rubles. And then he freed the defendant from the punishment in connection with the expiry of the statute of limitations.

“Khabarovskie zhiverok” was sent to the colony

Two young Khabarovsk women who were convicted of brutal killings of animals were sent from the SIZO in Khabarovsk, where they were during the investigation and trial, to the colony, told RIA Novosti press secretary of the UFSIN Khabarovsk Territory Dmitry Badanin

In the Omsk region declared mourning after the death of five children in a fire

The authorities of the Omsk region announced Tuesday, January 23, a day of mourning for children who died as a result of the explosion of a gas cylinder and a fire in a private house in the village of Sedelnikovo, the press service of the regional government.

UK started two cases on the murder of an entrepreneur in Moscow

The investigation instituted criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder) and part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal circulation of arms). Currently, the police are looking for a criminal. A source in the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow told RBC that entrepreneur Makhach Chaguchiev was killed on Lomonosov Avenue.

In Japan, 15 people were injured due to avalanche and volcanic eruption

Not far from the international ski resort Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture in Japan, the eruption of the volcano began and the avalanche came down, firefighters report 15 injured. As reported by NHK, many guests of the resort were injured as a result of the fall of volcanic stones.

In the Kirov region, the head of the regional traffic police

The head of UGIBDD in the Kirov region Alexander Plotnikov was detained on suspicion of fraud in the sale of trucks Kamaz, the damage is estimated at 837 million rubles, according to the investigation department of the UK for the region.

The Italian died, who opened fire from the balcony of passers-by

The Italian, who opened fire on passersby from the balcony in the city of Bellona (province of Caserta) in the southern region of Campania, died, RIA Novosti reported to the Carabineer Service of the city of Caserta.

Because of snowfall in Tokyo, motorists have been stuck in the tunnel for the whole night

On Monday evening, due to heavy snowfall on many sections of expressways in the city, the traffic was blocked. In particular, as the NHK television channel reports, at one of the exits from the Yamate tunnel cars could not go uphill because of the fallen snow.

Nine people were killed in the bombardment of Damascus

The terrorists fired the Bab Tuma district in the east of Damascus. As a result of the shelling, nine people were killed and 21 people were injured, according to the Syrian state agency SANA. The shelling was carried out by militants from the East Guta district.

In Poland, Olsztyn desecrated the monument of Thanks to the Red Army

The monument to the Red Army’s gratitude is desecrated in Olsztyn, Poland, Gazetaprawna

Russian cyclist got under the car in Spain

Russian cyclist Egor Silin got into an accident while training in Spain. As RIA Novosti writes, the incident occurred near the house where the cyclist lives. The owner of the car became the culprit of the accident.

In Makhachkala three people were injured in the shootout

In Makhachkala, on the night of January 23, there was a massive fight and a gunfight, as a result of which three people were hospitalized with traumatic wounds. All participants in the conflict are identified, and the shooter is detained.

School in the north of Yakutia remains closed due to lack of coal

Cars with fuel can not get to a remote village Svataya in the north of Yakutia due to difficult weather conditions and snowstorm, social institutions, including a school, are closed in the village. The head of the school Lena Sleptsova told Tass on Tuesday.


Kiev called the reason for reducing the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine

The reduction in fuel consumption in Europe is associated with relatively warm weather, the adviser said. Earlier, Gazprom published data according to which the company from January to January 20 reduced gas transit through Ukraine to Europe by 1.3 times compared with the same period in 2017.

Sechin made a working visit to Germany

During the visit, a meeting was held with the management of Rosneft Deutschland and the management of the refinery. Participants discussed the development of Rosneft’s business as an independent player in the German energy market.

The increase in gas reserves in Russia in 2017 amounted to 890 billion cubic meters

The increase in gas reserves in Russia in 2017 amounted to 890 billion cubic meters by categories AB1С1, according to the materials of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

IEA Head Birol reelected for a second term

The head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, was re-elected to his post by the Board of Governors for a second term, the IEA said.

In Russia in 2017 sales of champagne and vodka fell

In Russia, in 2017, a sharp drop in vodka sales was registered (16.6% less than in 2016), as well as champagne and sparkling wines (27.3%), Interfax reported citing the National Union of Consumer Rights Protection . At the same time, Russians have become more likely to buy fruit wines.

Eurogroup approved a new tranche for Greece at € 6.7 billion

The Eurogroup provided Greece with a new tranche of a € 6.7 billion loan from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). The corresponding decision is published on the website of the European Commission

Russia for the first time entered the second place in the world for the export of grain

Russia in 2017/2018 agricultural land for the first time goes to the second place in the world for grain exports. This is reported by the analytical center “SovEcon” on the basis of the analysis of the January forecast of the International Grains Council (IGC).

Thailand will buy a cyclotron from Russia for the development of nuclear medicine

In 2019, Rosatom will send to Thailand a compact accelerator of charged particles SS-30/15, which will form the basis of the future cyclotron-radiochemical complex. It will be built in the Ongkarak region of Nakhonnayyok province.

The IMF raised the outlook for Russia’s economic growth

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has improved the forecast for Russia’s GDP growth for 2018, up to 1.7%. This is reported in the fund’s report. According to the IMF, by the end of 2017 the Russian economy grew by 1.8%.

Promsvyazbank filed a lawsuit against the pension funds that left its capital

Promsvyazbank filed a lawsuit against three non-state pension funds – Boris Mints’s Future, as well as Safmar and the Trust of the Gutseriev family. All of them on the eve of the bank’s sanation reported on the sale of shares of this lending institution

Ukraine’s obligations to the IMF amounted to $ 12.1 billion

The obligations of Ukraine to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are 12.1 billion dollars. This was announced on Monday at a press conference in Kiev, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), Oleg Chury.

The Finance Ministry reported on the increase in Russia’s domestic debt by 1 trillion rubles

Another 24.1% borrowed from OFZ with variable coupon income. In addition, the Ministry of Finance reported that through the placement of government bonds in 2017, the department attracted to the Russian budget 1 trillion 756.43 billion rubles

The Central Bank announced a slowdown in the trend inflation in Russia to 5.4%

In Russia in December 2017, the pace of trend inflation fell to 5.4%. This is reported by the Central Bank of Russia

Agroindustrial analogue of Skolkovo will appear in Russia

The Fund for the Support of Inventions and Innovations in Agriculture, a kind of agro-industrial analogue of Skolkovo will appear in Russia

Investments in Russian startups in the crypto currency have grown 10 times

Investing crypto-currency in Russian start-ups over the past year increased tenfold and amounted to about $ 200 million. Such data was provided to Izvestia on the trading platform CryptoBazar. Experts explain the dynamics by the fact that there are no strict regulations on stock exchanges of money substitutes.

The Ministry of Finance can reduce fines for Russian exporters

The Ministry of Finance can mitigate the punishment for Russian exporters who violated the terms of enrolling foreign exchange earnings, Tass reports. The agency is developing a bill, according to which the term of transfer of money can grow to 30 days, and the penalties will be reduced at least twice.

RussNeft asked for tax breaks for eight of its deposits

Co-owner of the company “RussNeft” Mikhail Gutseriev appealed to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation with a request to reduce taxes for eight fields of the company. The reduction in the tax rate will allow the company not to stop oil production and save jobs.

PGNiG signed a gas transportation contract with the Gaz-System on Baltic Pipe

The PGNiG report says that “the conclusion of transportation contracts with operators of transport systems in Poland and Denmark for a total of 8.1 billion zł (about 2.4 billion dollars) will be the last stage of the Open Season 2017 procedure (the procedure for submitting proposals for gas transportation – Ed. ) for Baltic Pipe ”


Facebook promised to become a “platform of democratic good”

The American social network Facebook has promised on Monday “to promote democracy” amid rumors of “Russian interference” in the elections in the US.

In the price of a liter of gasoline taxes amounted to 65 percent

About 65 percent of the cost of a liter of gasoline at Russian gas stations falls on taxes. This opinion came to the FAS, analyzing the dynamics of rising fuel prices. The decisions of the federal Ministry of Finance have resulted in a multiple increase in excise rates for fuel types.

The number of unemployed in the world reached a record 192.7 million people

In Russia, in 2018, as specialists expect, the unemployment rate will decrease from 5.2% in 2017 (3.9 million people) to 5% (3.8 million). In 2019, this indicator, according to the ILO, will be 4.9% (3.6 million people).

About 82% of the world’s wealth was received by 1% of the world’s population

Since 2010, according to Oxfam, the state of the world’s richest people has grown by an average of 13 percent annually, that is six times faster than the average salary of ordinary workers (two percent annually).

Misulin called “wrecking” the idea of equalizing cohabitation and marriage

Senator from the Omsk region, Elena Mizulina, criticized the initiative of deputies proposing to equalize “actual marriage relations” with an official marriage. The chairman of the Federation Council’s commission for the improvement of the family code stated that this bill would harm Russia.

For Russia, the weakening of the institution of marriage and family will be a blow to public and state stability, especially in the context of the political struggle being waged with our country. – Elena Mizulina, Russian politician

Medvedev approved the Road Safety Strategy until 2024

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the Road Safety Strategy, one of the goals of which is to reduce the death rate on the roads to 4 people per 100 thousand people by 2024.

I approved the Road Safety Strategy, it is designed for seven years – until 2024. The situation on the roads is complex, tense, and the number of cars and trucks is increasing. And this trend will obviously continue. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

Facebook blocked Miklouho-Maclay for a photo of half-naked Papuascus

The administration of the social network Facebook blocked the page of the descendant of the researcher Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai for a photo with the inhabitants of New Guinea, where the semi-naked woman was imprinted. This is how the great-grandson and the namesake of the traveler told RBC.

Doctors called the myth of the property of alcohol warming in frost

Doctors do not advise you to get warm in the cold with alcohol. Scientists add that in the winter, viruses spread no less intensely, and it is impossible to believe that alcohol kills bacteria, since this is a myth.


Minnie Mouse got a star on the Walk of Fame 40 years after Mickey

The main character on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood on Monday, January 22, was awarded the heroine of Disney cartoons Minnie Mouse. As reported by the media, Minnie was created by Walt Disney 90 years ago. Then came to light and Mickey Mouse

Rapper Mot, first became a father, showed his son’s fans

In social networks there was a photo of the newborn son of the 27-year-old musician Mota and his wife Maria Melnikova.

CNN: breaking contract with Kevin Spacey cost Netflix $ 39 million

Video service Netflix suffered an unanticipated cost of $ 39 million dollars due to the decision to abandon the services of actor Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual harassment. This was reported on Monday with reference to its own sources, the broadcaster CNN

Granddaughter of Elizabeth II will play a wedding with the manager of a night club

On the official page of the social network of the British royal house, it was reported about the imminent wedding between the granddaughter of Elizabeth II, Princess Eugenia of York and her chosen businessman Jack Brooksbank

More than 300 Sabantuyev throughout the world held Tatarstan in 2017

In Tatarstan in 2017 there were about 650 ethno-cultural events with a coverage of about 2 and a half million people. So, among these events – 330 Sabantuyev. Moreover, not only in Tatarstan, but in 54 regions of Russia and over 30 countries of the world.

Star “Bumera” Sergei Gorobchenko discharged from hospital

A native of Sverdlovsk, a well-known actor Sergei Gorobchenko completed a course of treatment in a hospital where he was taken with a food parcel. The actor admitted that he had a good rest in the hospital. He was provided with qualified assistance.

Mistress Beckham refused to make money on the adventures of ex-football player

The Dutch model Rebecca Luz, who became known for her love affair with ex-football player of the Spanish club Real Madrid, David Beckham, spoke about the offer to make money on the adventures of Beckham, Radio 5 Live reported.

Son Karachentsova reported on the positive dynamics in the treatment of the artist

Nikolai Karachentsov’s son Andrei told TASS about the progress of his father’s treatment of cancer. According to Andrei Karachentsov, the fourth course of chemotherapy is currently being completed, and positive results are observed.

“Miracle woman 2” will be removed under the canons of protection from sexual harassment

Recall that in the fall of 2017 Brett Ratner left the cast of the film “Miracle Woman 2”. He was accused of harassment and therefore the cast has insisted on his leaving.

40-year-old presenter Zeynalova is waiting for the second child

Svetlana Zeynalova is waiting for the second child from her husband Dmitry. The host decided to connect her life with this man because he treats her daughter well.

On the web admired the new style of the Ural wife Igor Nikolaev

Web users appreciated the new image of the wife of the composer Igor Nikolaev, a native of Yekaterinburg, Julia Proskuryakova. She shared a new post in Instagram from Singapore, where she now rests with her husband.

Organizers of the “Oscar” will try to avoid scandals with envelopes

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), an audit company, took action after last year’s situation with confused envelopes at the Oscars. Recall that in 2017, the best film was mistakenly named “La-la-lend.”

Fans named the photo of Timati with her daughter obscene

Rapper Timati flew away to rest with his family. Mum musician Simon actively uploads the photo of the rapper and his daughter on the Net. Yesterday, Simone posted in the Instagram a photo of the rapper and his daughter Alice – a girl bites a rapper for the nipple.

In the Indian state of Gujarat, protests began against the film “Padmavat”

A wave of protests swept the Indian state of Gujarat on the eve of the premiere of the film “Padmavat”, who managed to gain a scandalous fame before the country’s television screens, the Times of India newspaper wrote on Monday.

The daughter of the late Glagolova Anastasia Shubskaya showed a photo of a young father

Anastasia Shubskaya unveiled in Instagram-microblogging a photo of her father in her youth. The new publication of the daughter of the late actress Vera Glagoleva timed to the birthday of Cyril Shubsky, confessing that he loved his parent very much.

Granddaughter Lyubov Polishchuk “blew up” social networks

Seven-year-old girl has already managed to get her first role in the big cinema and to visit the theater scene. Recently, she also decided to conquer the social network. Many fans of Alexei are confident that Varvara is growing a real copy of her grandmother.

Anna Netrebko will return to the Bolshoi Theater stage

According to the press service of the theater, the performance with the participation of famous opera singers can be seen on the historical stage on January 25 and 28.

Burned in the sun “angels Buzovy” again advised less to drink

The singer signed the photo with the words: “Angels”. In the picture, the women, scorched in the sun to red, smile sweetly at the camera. Users began actively commenting on this publication.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner starred in fashion brand advertising

In the web there were the first frames of a new advertising campaign Calvin Klein, the main heroine of the cat became Sister Kardashian-Jenner. The shooting was attended by pregnant Chloe and Kylie. The photographer was taken by photographer Willy Vanderperre.

Chris Jenner had surgery on the lobes that stretched out because of the diamonds

The 62-year-old reality star “Family Kardashian” admitted that she feels insecure because of the shape of the earlobes. She had an operation to reduce the lobes


Hackers kidnapped every tenth dollar invested in the crypto currency

Experts estimated that hackers stole 10% of all money invested in crypto-currencies. It is about $ 400 million from the $ 3.7 billion attracted by the organizers of the 372 ICO.

Microsoft: disabling auto-updates Windows 10 may be threatened with jail

Microsoft plans to sue the users of the Windows 10 operating system, which disabled auto-update. This is reported by the information portal AKKet with reference to the statement of the official representative of the corporation.

In the footsteps of Apple: Samsung is suspected of slowing down old smartphones

In Italy, the antimonopoly service is investigating in connection with the allegedly deliberate slowdown of Samsung’s old work. As informs Lenta.ru, the service suspects, that thus the company promotes new devices

Philips has developed unique headphones for a better sleep

The Dutch firm Philips has announced the official launch of sales of smart headphones that can save their owner from nightmares. It is reported that on the basis of a special bracelet that analyzes the phases of sleep, palpitation and breathing, the user will be given recommendations for sleep.

Telegram has released a new version of the messenger for Android

The new version of the Telegram messenger is specifically designed for the Android OS. Now owners of modern devices and tablets will be able to enjoy communication with friends in full.

“Yandex” will open in Tel-Aviv branch of the “School of Data Analysis”

In Tel Aviv University (TAU) in autumn 2018, the branch of the School for Data Analysis (SHAD) of the Russian company Yandex will open.

Durov warned against buying fraudulent Gram tokens

The creator of the popular telegram, Telegram Pavel Durov, warned his subscribers against buying fraudulent Gram tokens. He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

Apple added to the iPhone camera the stylization of photos under the photos of Mohammed Ali

The American company Apple has released the newest promotional video iPhone X, which used the voice recording of Mohammed Ali. The famous boxer will tell about greatness and beauty on the background of selfie, made by people on the phone

Smart HomePod from Apple recognizes the voices of several hosts

Experts have revealed the latest references to the capabilities of the HomePod column in iOS 11.2.5. For example, you can “tie” several owners to a gadget. The latest features of the smart speaker HomePod reported in its own “Twitter” developer Philip Esposito.

Experts: Paying for a smartphone is safer than a bank card

As a result, the funds will automatically be withdrawn from the account. Experts recommend that Russians do not experience, the procedure is completely safe. It is easier to fall into the trap of speculators when losing a bank card than to lose money, paying for the purchase of goods using a phone.

The first photos of the smartphone Meizu 15 Plus appeared on the network

The network provided the first photos of the smartphone Meizu 15 Plus. The new gadet will officially be released in March 2018, and a large screen with a limited size of frames will become the main feature. The popular Meizu company plans to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

The price of Huawei Honor View 10 in Russia is announced

January 29 in the Russian market will appear smartphone Huawei Honor View 10, which can be purchased for 34,990 rubles. The device received a frameless display and a camera with an artificial intelligence system

Turner and Warner Bros will launch an international online cinema

As part of the agreement, the brand and experience of Curzon can also be used to launch an online cinema in other markets. The international launch of the video-on-demand service FilmStruck is part of the Turner program to strengthen the positions on the OTT market outside the US.


Scientists have invented a new vaccine against influenza virus-based mutant

Scientists note that interferons are able to provide innate antiviral protection to the body by modulating adaptive cellular immunity and strengthening the fight against viruses. In particular, the activation of genes that encode proteins that are able to resist infection

Scientists: Monogamy in ancient primates is caused by neurochemistry

The scientist suggested that it was monogamy of primates that increased the reproductive success of people, allowing them to populate the entire planet.

Scientists have studied changes in the body of patients with epilepsy

An international group of scientists investigated the processes occurring in the brain in epilepsy. After examining the symptoms of more than two thousand patients, the researchers concluded that the thickness of the layer of gray matter in epileptic patients is lower than in healthy people.

Scientists have found and neutralized the toxin of wide action in the venom of scolopendra

The bite of Chinese red scolopendra disrupts the work of cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, the main component of its poison is SsTx toxin, but the retigabine drug that is used for epilepsy neutralizes its toxicity.

Chemists for the first time received a nemble “tin graphene”

Chemists for the first time synthesized an ideally flat single-layer stanin (an analog of graphene, consisting of tin atoms) of a large area – up to 5 thousand square nanometers.

Errors of Newtonian gravity appeared at distances in gigarsars

It turned out that these corrections are proportional to the ratio of the size of the object and the scale of the Hubble – in other words, they play a role only for objects whose sizes exceed several gigaparsecs.

In Germany, developed an “electronic skin” for virtual reality

A research team from Dresden has developed an ultra-thin “electronic skin” that will be used to control augmented reality. According to the portal Science Andvances, we are talking about a micro-sensor capable of tracking the intensity and direction of the magnetic field.

Scientists: Acoustic traction beam opens the way to human levitation

Scientists from the University of Bristol have proved after research the possibility of stable control with the help of an acoustic traction beam that moved the pills inside the human body. This process can open the way to levitation of people

In Scotland, a device was created for the preparation of medicines in everyday life

Specialists from the University of Glasgow in Scotland have developed an advanced technology for printing reaction vessels, which will allow you to prepare medicines from household components. The experimental sample was printed on a 3D printer.

Geologists have recognized part of Australia as an element of North America

Back in the 70s of the last century, geologists assumed that on the supercontinent Rodinia, Australia or a part of it was located next to North America.


NASA astronauts will go into outer space for ISS maintenance

NASA astronauts Mark Wanda High and Scott Tingle on January 23 will go into outer space and carry out maintenance work for the ISS.

Scientists have proved the existence of extraterrestrial viruses

A joint group of researchers from the United States and Japan was able to find out that viruses exist not only on the territory of the planet Earth and may well have an alien origin. The thing is that they can exist not only within the solar system, but also on various exoplanets.

Schoolchildren from Podolsk will put their own satellite into orbit of Earth

Pupils of one of Podolsk’s schools will bring their own space satellite into Earth’s orbit.

The launch of a new expedition to the ISS can be postponed for a week

The launch of a new expedition to the ISS, which will deliver the next crew there, can be postponed for a week. In this case, it will be held on March 21. Sources say, in the next crew will be Oleg Artemiev and his colleagues from the US Richard Arnold and Andrew Foistel

The next superlune will be held on January 31

On the last day of January, residents of the eastern and central regions of Russia will have the opportunity to observe in the sky a super moon – a phenomenon when the maximum convergence of the Earth and the Moon coincides with the full moon, and the night star is seen as particularly large and bright

In Russia, the testing of a new platform of nanosatellites

Today, on January 22, it became known that flight tests of the modular unified nano-satellite platform TNS-0 No. 2, put into orbit in August 2017, were completed. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the holding “Russian Space Systems” (RKS).

The tests Falcon Heavy postponed because of the government crisis in the US

In connection with the government crisis, the tests are postponed indefinitely. Initially, it was planned to launch the rocket at the end of 2017, but the launch was postponed. The head of SpaceX Ilon Mask said that the risk of failure during the first launch is high due to complex rocket systems.

Russian scientists came up with how to deal with space debris

In Russia, they came up with a way to deal with space debris. It was developed by the staff of RSC Energia Alexander Ovsienko and Peter Kinash. In their opinion, one can fight with anthropogenic debris in orbit using a space-based laser.

Scientists: On a young star in the constellation of Perseus there is a rain of water

Space researchers observed a giant water cloud near the young planet in the constellation Perseus, in which the liquid is five times larger than in the world’s oceans on Earth. Scientists call what they saw a unique case.

In Moscow, an exhibition dedicated to the history of the creation of lunar rovers

Visitors will get acquainted with the history of the creation, design and operation of the world’s first apparatus capable of making movements on the surface of other celestial bodies – Lunokhod-1 and Lunokhod-2.


Ford will recall in Russia more than 15 000 cars because of the possibility of ignition

On the territory of the Russian Federation, a revocatory campaign has been launched, in the rocks of which about 15.7 thousand Ford cars are waiting for service in connection with the possibility of engine ignition. According to Rosstandart, the review will affect the models of Ford C-Max and Kuga, produced from 2012 to 2014 inclusive.

In Bugatti began to create brake calipers using a 3D printer

Earlier it was reported that Mini received the details printed on the 3D printer, which can be ordered on the company’s special website.

Jeep showed a new seven-seater SUV Jeep Grand Commander

The presentation of the new model can be held already this spring at one of the Chinese automobile salons. Today the company published official images of the novelty, which is made in the style of the conceptual Jeep Yuntu, presented in 2017.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will receive a “budget” version with three doors

Japanese company Toyota has expanded the list of complete sets of frame off-road car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, having added in a ruler the new version. The new version of the execution, according to the developers, is a minimalist “workhorse”, and the car body received only three doors.

In 2019, Volkswagen will start the production of the electric hatchback I.D

It is worth noting that the concept hatchback was introduced in 2016, and its debut took place at the Paris Motor Show. The conceptual version was equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 170 horsepower

GM Uzbekistan removes Chevrolet Orlando from the assembly line

Applications for Chevrolet Orlando in Uzbekistan are no longer accepted. According to local media, a total of four thousand of these cars were assembled, and recently it was offered only with a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and a capacity of 141 hp

The new generation of the Jaguar XJ sedan will become the flagship electric car

It is expected that its European sales will begin as early as 2019. According to preliminary data, the competitor of the new BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class will receive a 480-kilometer power reserve and several other unique features.

The release of the new sports car Alfa Romeo 6C is scheduled for 2020

Today, January 23, representatives of the Italian company Alfa Romeo, announced the development of a new sports car. According to the data, the release of the unique model Alfa Romeo 6C is scheduled for 2020, and for now designers are determined with the design of the machine.

The first new Corvette ZR1 sold 7 times more expensive than the base price

Exclusive American supercar Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which became the first instance in the new generation, sold at auction Barret-Jacson seven times the initial price. So, at a base cost of 120,000 dollars, the car went under the hammer for a million dollars.

The Swedish hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS was dispersed …

Recently, the Swedish hypermarket Koenigsegg Agera RS set a world high-speed record for series cars, accelerating to 444.6 km / h. But the representatives of the brand report that they can now set the car to achieve a higher record.

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