3 Июл, 2022

Annual Income in the US Administration

According to the report of the US Congress, the maximum salary of all 474 employees of the US administration — the senior political adviser on transport Louise Paevonsky, it is $ 191.3 thousand dollars a year. However, she is listed as a seconded employee.

Immediately behind her with an income of $ 180 thousand dollars a year are 24 employees, among them:

  • White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre;
  • White House National Economic Council Chairman Brian Deese;
  • Chief of Staff Ronald Klein;
  • National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan;

$0 gets 16 people. Among them are senior political advisers for health care reform John Barket, public health Sejal Hathi and democracy and voting rights Justine Levitt.

A video producer in the White House earns over $49,000, a stenographer over $67,000, and a receptionist earns over $164,000.

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The Association of European State Postal Operators PostEurop has suspended the membership of Russian Post and Belpochta, PostEurop reports.


Switzerland has created a heat-resistant and durable material from inedible parts of plants that is suitable for the production of food packaging, 3D printing threads and fabric fibers.

The new plastic is as strong as PET thanks to lignin, a biopolymer that makes up the stiff walls of plant cells. The material can be heated up to +100 °C, it does not allow oxygen and steam to pass through. Ecoplastic is recycled chemically or breaks down into sugars in the natural environment


In the Sagittarius B2 gas and dust cloud, astrophysicists have found the largest alcohol molecule in space — isopropanol, which is added to sanitizers on Earth. This substance was first discovered in interstellar space. Detection of a molecule will help to understand how different substances are formed in interstellar space


Delta Air Lines offered $10,000 to each passenger who was willing to cancel an oversold flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday morning.

Delta’s unusually high compensation comes at a tumultuous summer travel season with flight delays and industry chaos as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels.


President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev proposed not to amend the constitution of Uzbekistan in terms of the sovereignty of Karakalpakstan, the press service of the head of state reported.


The President of Uzbekistan declared a state of emergency in Karakalpakstan from July 3 to August 2.


On Saturday morning, four F-16 tactical fighters of the Israeli Air Force from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea attacked targets in the Syrian province of Tartus with four guided missiles, said Captain 1st Rank Evgeny Gerasimov, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in the Syrian Arab Republic.


The data of the customers of the service for ordering tickets Tutu.ru appeared on the network. The leak did not affect payment data, Tutu.ru reported on the blog.


Startup Mojo Vision showed functioning contact lenses with AR — they can be inserted directly into the eyes. The first copy was tested by the head of the company — Drew Perkins.

Using lenses, Perkins was able to test a compass that allows you to navigate in space, view images, and use an electronic teleprompter to read a quote.

The lens contained a monochrome MicroLED display with a diameter of 0.5 mm with a density of 14 thousand pixels per inch, an Arm Cortex-M0 chip, a 5 GHz radio transmitter, a microbattery for a day of work, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. Controlled by eye movements.

Mojo Vision plans to continue with live tests and clinical trials to bring it to market over time. The cost of such lenses, according to the company, will be at the level of flagship smartphones.


According to a poll by the research center Elabe, published by the Le Figaro newspaper, six out of ten French people said they could reduce their electricity consumption now.

About 80% of respondents are ready to replace conventional incandescent lamps with LED ones, as well as use household appliances in energy-saving modes. 67% agree to reduce the temperature in the house, and 45% agree to limit the use of air conditioners.

Only 22% of respondents said they were ready to seriously reduce their energy consumption, and 41% agreed to slightly limit their consumption.

At the same time, the majority of respondents agree to limit themselves only under one of two conditions: either all residents of the country participate in this (62%), or the state guarantees that prices will not rise further (58%).


Dmitry Kolker, head of the laboratory of quantum optical technologies at Novosibirsk State University, who was previously arrested in a case of treason, has died, TASS reports citing a source.

The detention of Mr. Kolker was reported by the media on June 30. The 54-year-old scientist was taken from the hospital where he was being treated for cancer. According to his son, Dmitry Kolker «was accused of providing the People’s Republic of China with data containing state secrets.»


The US will pay the Russians access to the VPN. According to AFP, the United States government-backed Open Technology Fund (OTF) will pay money to American companies that provide Russians with free programs to bypass Internet blocking.


Roskomnadzor plans to limit the operation of six popular VPN services, follows from a letter from the Central Bank to Russian banks, which Frank Media has read. According to the source, the restrictions will affect the following services:

VPN Proxy Master;
Browsec VPN;
vpn-super unlimited proxy;
Melon VPN;
Windscribe VPN;
VPN RedCat secure unlimited.

Proton VPN was also on the list, but Roskomnadzor already confirmed its blocking in early June.


The Libyan National Army (LNA) said it fully supports the popular demands, which it considers legitimate in the context of the crisis, reports Sada El Balad. At the same time, representatives of the LNA called on the people not to damage public and private facilities. They were assured that the army would not let the people down, would not leave them vulnerable to blackmail, and would protect them.

Protests took place in Libya the day before. The demonstrators demanded the dissolution of local governments, holding elections and resolving the electricity crisis. In Tobruk in the east of the country, protesters stormed and set fire to the parliament building.


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