23 Июн, 2021

Are countries ready to accept refugees

Least of all, residents of not very rich countries want to accept refugees (where refugees are hardly very eager): Malaysia (82% against refugees), Turkey (75%) and India (69%). These are the results of a recent study by Ipsos.

Of the developed countries, the least willing to accept refugees are the inhabitants of Sweden: 55% of the inhabitants of this country say that it is necessary to completely close the borders for refugees! An indicative result for a country that once received a very noticeable number of refugees

In Russia, 54% of respondents are against the admission of refugees — at the level of Australia and also above the world average of 50%

And the least of all opponents of accepting refugees turned out to be in Poland (34%), Japan (38%) and the USA and Argentina (41% each)


Russian scientists have never proposed a program that includes the «chipping» of the human brain, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Chekhonin told TASS, commenting on the information that appeared in the media.

“This is a completely unprofessional and, to put it mildly, semi-literate idea of ​​what is being done in this direction. We are not talking about any kind of“ chipping ”,» Chekhonin said. The academician explained that in the developments that were mentioned in the media, chips are indeed used to correct vision using invasive methods, but only electrodes are inserted into the brain. «The point is solely to restore vision, but not in controlling the brain function, not in influencing consciousness. This is not considered at all,» the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences stressed.


Former IT specialist of FBK (the organization is recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent and banned) Artyom Ionov, who returned home from the army today, told Open Media that he was leaving Russia.

“While I am leaving for a month, at least take a rest and think about what’s next. Now it is simply not safe for activists in Russia, ”he told OM.

Ionov was drafted into the army a year ago: then he was detained at his home and taken by force to the military registration and enlistment office


Spain pardons organizers of Catalan independence referendum

“With this [pardon] act, we want to open a new phase of dialogue, reconciliation and put an end once and for all to all disagreements and confrontations,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Two years ago, nine Catalan leaders received lengthy prison sentences ranging from 9 to 13 years.


Abstracts of Shoigu’s speech at the Moscow conference

▪ Global coalitions are being formed in the world, there is a division into «us» and «foes»

▪ The situation in Europe is explosive, the tendency towards increased military confrontation has been steadily entrenched, NATO is working out routes for the operational transfer of troops to the borders of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

▪ Ukraine on the eve of NATO Brussels summit provoked another crisis in Donbass

▪ After the withdrawal of NATO in Afghanistan, a resumption of civil war is highly likely to be expected.

Russia has repeatedly called on the West to develop a coordinated policy in the Afghan direction, but the alliance’s Russophobia overpowered pragmatism. Today, urgent measures are required to rectify the situation in the country.

▪ Southeast Asian countries are being forced to create structures similar to NATO. According to him, the connection of ships of NATO countries to exercises in Southeast Asia increases the danger of military incidents.

▪ US missile deployment in Asia could threaten Russia’s eastern regions

▪ Russia will sign a number of new agreements on military and military-technical cooperation with African countries


Theses of the FSB director at the Moscow conference:

▪ The activity of IS, Al-Qaeda and related groups in the Middle East and Africa is still high, militants continue to infiltrate Afghanistan

▪ There is a whole infrastructure on the Internet that «produces» future terrorists, young people in a special risk group, terrorist groups create computer games that include terrorist acts in game situations

▪ Left to their own devices in self-isolation, young people often fall under the influence of extremist Internet communities, it is necessary to improve laws aimed at protecting young people from the ideology of violence

▪ The significantly increased isolation of migrant enclaves gives terrorists the opportunity to propagandize and recruit, carry out terrorist acts

▪ Paramilitary organizations in Europe provide far-right activists with training opportunities in their training camps


Roskomnadzor turned to Google with a request to stop technical support for the Smart Voting website after a request from a lawyer from Yekaterinburg Elantsev. According to him, users are not warned that their personal data is processed on the territory of a «unfriendly state for Russia», according to open WHOIS services, they are located in the United States.


In Primorye, at the Dalnegorsk chemical plant «Bor», a chemical waste storage facility burst — all the contents poured out into the Rudnaya River, which flows into the sea. This is reported by Readovka. The Dalnegorsk Mining Combine believes that nothing terrible has happened and calls the environmental disaster a common waste disposal process.


Microsoft shares at the auction on June 22 rose in price by 1.2%, to $ 265.79 per share. As a result, the company’s market capitalization exceeded $ 2 trillion for the first time. But by the end of trading on June 22, Microsoft securities fell in price, and the company’s capitalization fell below 2 trillion. Earlier, the capitalization of $ 2 trillion was reached by the national oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco and the Apple corporation.


Relatives of the victims of the Tu-154 plane crash in 2016 in Sochi appealed to the ECHR with a request to recognize their right to a fair trial violated and insist that the case on the fact of the plane crash was closed unreasonably


The World Congress of the Peoples of Chechnya convened in Grozny and demanded that Kadyrov stand as a candidate for the September elections for the head of the region


The Federation Council approved a law that will oblige all labor migrants to be fingerprinted and undergo a medical examination. Now foreigners who come to work in Russia undergo fingerprinting and medical examination when applying for a labor patent. Foreigners who come for other purposes, or visitors from partners in the EAEU, are not required to do this.


The Federation Council of Russia approved the country’s first law on limiting greenhouse gas emissions

▪ The draft was prepared on behalf of Putin within the framework of Russian commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. Russia should by 2030 reduce greenhouse emissions (carbon dioxide and water vapor) to 70% of the 1990 level and create a development strategy with low greenhouse emissions

▪ the document sets the course for achieving carbon neutrality (no more gases are emitted than are absorbed by forests and the ocean), a «target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions» will be set

▪ the document obliges entrepreneurs who create a lot of greenhouse gases to report their emissions to the authorities

▪ businessmen will have the opportunity to implement climate projects to reduce or enhance the absorption of greenhouse emissions, thereby creating «carbon credits» that can then be sold


The authorities no longer track oppositionists’ purchases of train and plane tickets in order to detain them before boarding transport — the «Watchdog» tracking system created for this has not been used for several years. This is stated by the Ministry of Justice in response to a question from the ECHR, which was consulted by Open Media.


In May 2021, the Levada Center learned from the Russians about their attitude towards Joseph Stalin. In June 2021, the Kiev International Institute of Sociology asked similar questions to the residents of Ukraine.

More than half of Russians (56%) rather agree and completely agree that “Stalin was a great leader,” 14% of respondents hold the opposite point of view. For Ukraine, these figures are 16% and 40%, respectively.


American fighters twice, on June 13 and 18, took to the air over Hawaii due to a Russian exercise off the coast, ABC News reported, citing a Pentagon official.


A Russian ship opened warning fire at a British destroyer. He entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation for three kilometers and did not respond to warnings, the Ministry of Defense said. The incident took place near Cape Fiolent in Crimea.

A Su-34 bomber dropped four high-explosive fragmentation bombs in the direction of the Defender. After that, the destroyer left the Russian waters. The British military attaché has been summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry.


The Bank of Israel is adapting Ethereum technology for an internal pilot launch of the digital shekel. Ethereum was the first blockchain to host full-featured computer programs known as smart contracts, allowing users to create new cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg writes.


The United States and Germany have promised Ukraine support in the conflict with Russia and will cohesively resist Russian provocations, said US Secretary of State Blinken. He fears that Nord Stream 2 will be used as a «weapon» against Ukraine.


The Ministry of Defense of Belarus stated that they have «irrefutable evidence» of the involvement of US state structures in the preparation of a coup d’etat and the assassination of Lukashenka, which was prevented in the course of «a joint operation of the Belarusian and Russian special services.» The Minister of Defense also warned about the danger of the appearance of strike groups in space.


In Vilnius, at the gates of the Belarusian embassy, ​​unknown people wrote «terrorists». Embassy workers called municipal services to remove the graffiti. People in T-shirts with a portrait of Roman Protasevich came to remove the inscription