15 Nov, 2018

Award for top managers of Gazprom

For 9 months of 2018, PJSC Gazprom has paid over 2.1 billion rubles to the members of the company’s board, of which premiums are 1.29 billion rubles. The data is presented in the report of Gazprom under RAS for the third quarter of 2018.

According to the document, the salaries of members of the governing body took 809 million rubles, premiums 1.297 billion rubles. Another 26.4 million rubles accounted for “other types of remuneration.” Note, the board of “Gazprom” includes 16 people.

The debt of Gazprom reached a historic record of 3.366 trillion rubles or $ 54.3 billion. By the end of the year, the company plans to take a record 518 billion rubles in its history.

As previously reported, Gazprom can pay a fine of about 30 billion rubles for gas meters that are not installed on time for all residential consumers using “blue fuel” for heating. This was announced by the deputy director of the corporation for work with the regional authorities Nikolay Isakov.

Briefly about the main thing …


Sands congratulated The New Times with raising money for the payment of a fine

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Russian President Vladimir Putin, congratulated The New Times, which managed to raise over 22 million rubles. to pay a fine Roskomnadzor. He said this in an interview with the TV channel “Rain”.

The fact that the publication found money with the help of readers, with this you can congratulate the publication. The publication really has its readers, a loyal audience, which is ready to vote with its ruble so that it goes further. This is positive. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Medvedev approved a schedule for raising utility tariffs in two stages

The government approved a scheme to raise utility tariffs in 2019. It will be held in two stages: from January 1, the fee will increase by 1.7%, and from July 1 – by another 2.4%. This two-stage option was chosen due to the fact that from the beginning of next year the VAT will increase to 20%.

Lenin’s body in the Mausoleum was proposed to be replaced by a copy.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, Vladimir Petrov, suggested placing a copy of the body of Vladimir Lenin in the Mausoleum, and presenting the real remains of the leader of the proletariat to the ground. The politician sent the corresponding appeal to the government of the Russian Federation.

In Russia, overcrowded colonies for convicted policemen

The number of law enforcement officers convicted for various crimes has increased dramatically in Russia, which requires the creation of new colonies for their maintenance, Deputy Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Valery Maksimenko said on the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

The police beat a man on crutches and hit the video

In the Altai Territory, investigators check the video in which police beat a man on crutches. The video on Wednesday, November 14th, publishes the TamTam channel of the Investigative Committee. The author of the video indicates that the incident occurred in the city of Gornyak

In St. Petersburg, matkapital will be allowed to spend on medical care and rehabilitation

In the St. Petersburg parliament, in the first reading, amendments were made to the city law on regional maternal capital, which allows spending money received from the city on high-tech medical care and the rehabilitation of children.

The Constitutional Court forbade the dismissal of successful teachers without a diploma

The Constitutional Court of Russia on Wednesday declared unconstitutional judicial practice, which allows, on the basis of the relevant article of the law on education, to dismiss teachers with experience because of their lack of professional education, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

EU court refused to recognize copyright to taste

The case was referred to the EU Court, the highest court. The court concluded that taste cannot be protected by copyright, since it cannot be accurately and objectively defined.

The teacher beat the child in the school of Komsomolsk-on-Amur

The incident occurred at school number 37. A teacher in the corridor beat a second-grader because he prevented her from teaching a lesson. The teacher has a 24-year experience of work, they say about her, as well-proven.

The Office of Education conducted an incident review. Also in 37 schools, the organization of social and pedagogical support for complex students was inspected. As a result, it was decided to temporarily suspend the work of the teacher.

In the southern Urals, foreigners are forbidden to carry passengers

From January 1, passengers in the Chelyabinsk region will not be able to carry foreigners. The ban on the work of migrants in the field of public transport is introduced by the decision of the head of the region, signed by him the day before, writes cheltv.ru.

State Duma deputy showed prices for lunch in the dining room of the Parliament

State Duma deputy from the Samara region Alexander Khinshtein on his Twitter page posted a photo of the menu from the dining room of the lower house of parliament. The image shows that the cost of dishes varies within 200 rubles.

The dining room has never been cheap for at least 10–15 years. This is not to say that everything is insanely expensive. But this is for dining rooms, not restaurants. The price is not the lowest. But when I see that for 20 rubles you can have lunch, it causes me, to put it mildly, bewilderment. – Alexander Khinshtein, Russian journalist

Saratov official “eliminated” the dump using Photoshop

An administration official in the Saratov region reported on the liquidation of the landfill by faking photos in which he “cleaned up” the garbage with the help of a photo editor. This was reported by the press service of the regional headquarters of the All-Russian Popular Front, with reference to the head of the executive committee of the ONF in the Saratov region Sergey Sharov.

Aeroflot plans to introduce biometric control of passengers

Representatives of the company said that this would speed up the process of boarding passengers by about 30 percent.

The only outpatient clinic in five villages closes in Buryatia

The ambulance station in the village of Zhemchug of the Tunkinsky district of Buryatia has been closed since January 9, 2019, local media reported. This is the only medical facility for five settlements. Villagers worry that after closing they will have to travel to the nearest polyclinic for 30-40 kilometers

Yakutia will add 6.7 billion rubles to health care

The source of funding will be the federal budget. Due to the change in the method of calculating the allocation of funds for the work of medical institutions, in 2019 the republic will receive 6.7 billion rubles more for this purpose than in 2018.


The company Rothenberg build museum complexes for 80 billion rubles

As it became known to RBC, the complex in Sevastopol is not the only contract that Stroygazmontazh received to complete the construction of the Crimean bridge worth 228.3 billion rubles. The company will build similar cultural complexes in Kaliningrad and Vladivostok.

As ForPost reported earlier, the government of Sevastopol approved the appeal of the fund to allocate three plots of land on Crystal Cape without a total area of 18.3 hectares for the construction of a large-scale museum complex with a total investment of about 25 billion rubles.

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin called the perpetrators of rising gasoline prices

Price tags for independent gas stations on fuel pricing in the regions where it operates, although on average in the country, sales of fuel from such stations make up only 30% of the total, said Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft, in an interview with Kommersant FM.

“Despite the fact that independent networks proclaim that they have 60% (of the market. -“ Kommersant ”), in fact, they have no more than 30%. And 70% – from vertically integrated companies. Moreover, these 30% affect the pricing, because they are supported by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. If we give a price lower (than independent gas stations – “Kommersant”), we immediately fall into antitrust proceedings, which means we are even forced to raise the price, ”said Mr. Sechin.

Independent gas stations accuse large oil companies of fuel shortages

Oil industry minimizes fuel sales to independent gas station networks, canceling discount systems and switching to full prepayment, and directing fuel to their own gas stations. In Eastern Siberia, where there is a high concentration of independent gas stations, this approach has already led to a shortage of scarce winter diesel fuel. In Irkutsk, Chita, Krasnoyarsk and the Altai Territory, applications for independent refueling for fuel were carried out last week by 5–10%, a source of the newspaper Komersant told.

Fifth Avenue has lost the title of the most expensive shopping street in the world

In the 2018 Main Streets of Across The World ranking, Hong Kong Causeway Bay took the first place, where the average rental rate was $ 2,671 per square meter. foot per year.

The rate on Fifth Avenue, which fell to the second line, dropped from $ 3,000 to $ 2,250 per square meter. foot per year.

Third place went to New Bond Street in London. The average rental rate on the most expensive street in Europe is $ 1,744 per sq. M. foot per year.

The top five also includes the Champs-Elysées in Paris and Via Montenapoleone in Milan ($ 1,519 and $ 1,466 per sq. Ft per year, respectively).

Stoleshnikov Lane in Moscow entered the top twenty of the ranking of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, taking 18th place.

MegaFon shareholders approve Vermishyan as general director of the company

The shareholders of Megafon at an extraordinary meeting on November 13 voted for the appointment of the company’s executive director Gevorg Vermishyan to the position of general director for a period of three years, the operator said.

Armenia blames Gazprom’s subsidiary for underpayment of taxes

A criminal case on tax evasion, duties or other mandatory payments was initiated (Article 205 of the Criminal Code of Armenia). The damage caused to the state is now being determined, work is underway to identify corruption in the field of natural gas consumption.

Today, Armenian citizens do not feel that they are getting cheap gas from Russia. The reason for this may be inefficient management, including corruption risks. I think the Russian authorities will react with understanding if we begin to seriously study this issue. – Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian politician

IMF recommended that central banks think about creating a digital currency

Central banks should examine the issue of issuing their own digital currency to offset the decline in cash use, said International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Inflation in the UK in October remained at the level of September at 2.4%

Inflation in the UK in October in annual terms remained at the level of September at 2.4%, while at the monthly level it was 0.1%, according to data from the National Statistical Office of the Country (ONS)

Petersburgers have borrowed almost 3 trillion rubles since the beginning of the year.

St. Petersburgers from the beginning of 2018 borrowed 2.9 trillion rubles. Among them are businessmen, legal entities and private borrowers. About this 78.ru told the press service of the Bank of Russia.

The US budget deficit in October amounted to $ 100 billion

A year earlier, the country had a budget deficit of $ 63.214 billion in October. Public spending in the United States in October of this year increased by 18% in annual terms and amounted to 353.183 billion dollars, revenues increased by 7% – to 252.692 billion dollars.

Consumer prices in Portugal fell slightly over the month

Consumer prices in Portugal fell in October 2018 by 0.1% compared to the previous month, when they did not change. In annual comparison, inflation in the country amounted to 1% in October, as well as in September of the current year, reports “Finam”

The debt of public utilities of the Ministry of Defense for gas decreased to 5.9 billion rubles

Earlier, Gazprom published data on the debt of the Defense Ministry’s structures in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles as of May 1, 2018.

Rural gas stations in the Khabarovsk Territory were left without fuel

Motor fuel disappeared from some rural gas stations in the Khabarovsk Territory. According to the press service of the State Duma deputy from the region of Boris Gladkikh, the problem is widespread, but only residents of the village of Bulava in the Ulchi district turned to the parliamentarian for help, reports the portal Gubernia.

Lukoil drilled a new well in the Caspian Sea

Lukoil completed the drilling of a second production well at the block-conductor of the Yuri Korchagin field in the Caspian Sea, the company’s press service reports. The work was carried out as part of the implementation of the second stage of field development.

Serbian subsidiary of Gazprom Neft increased its net profit by 8%

In January-September 2018, the net profit of the Serbian subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, NIS, increased by 8% compared to the same period last year – up to 21.7 billion Serbian dinars (about $ 207.5 million at the current rate) , the company said.

GAZ Group refused to disclose statements due to sanctions

Because of the sanctions, the GAZ group of Oleg Deripaska decided not to disclose the report for the third quarter. The report of PJSC “GAZ” refers to the government resolution of January 20, No. 37 on the specifics of information disclosure in accordance with the requirements of the law on the securities market.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has advocated the mandatory marking of pipes

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is in favor of introducing pipe marking in Russia, said State Secretary, deputy department head Viktor Evtukhov at a press conference devoted to the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum 2018.

Son Yuri Trutnev engaged in oil production

The son of Yuri Trutnev took up oil production Dmitry Trutnev, the son of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, the former governor of Prikamye and the former head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, became interested in oil production. He became a minority shareholder of the Perm oil company “RID Oil – Perm”, owned by the former top manager of LUKOIL, Andrey Kuzyaev.

The Fed advised to get used to a smooth increase in rates

The head of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell advised to get used to a gradual increase in the base interest rate. According to his estimates, the US economy is waiting for a stable economic growth, which allows the regulator to smoothly but steadily increase the base interest rate.

Alfa-Bank increased its net profit under RAS for 9 months by 8.3 times

Alfa-Bank increased its net profit under RAS by 8.3 times, to 80.6 billion rubles in the first 9 months of 2018 compared to the same period last year, the main contribution to the indicator was made by revaluation of foreign currency amid the weakening ruble due to sanctions , the bank said in a third quarter report

No bank wanted to give the Oryol government 2 billion rubles

In total, two auctions were announced – for the provision of non-renewable credit lines for 2 billion rubles. (the maximum contract price is 165 million rubles) and 107.5 million rubles. (starting price – 8.9 million rubles.). Both the government planned to take a loan at 8.25% per annum for one year.

Rosneft plans to produce oil on the Magadan shelf

Oil and gas production on the Magadan shelf may still begin. PJSC “Rosneft” has issued a mining license until 2041 in three areas: “Magadan-1”, “Magadan-2” and “Magadan-3”. This was announced by the new head of the regional ministry of natural resources and ecology.

The volume of mortgage deals with real estate in the Moscow region exceeded 70%

As a correspondent of the news agency “Construction”, I learned from a company’s research that for the current year about 72% of purchasers in the suburban real estate market of the Moscow region took advantage of a mortgage loan, in the previous year there were about 65% of mortgage holders.


The first refugees from the migrant caravan approached the border with the United States

The first group of several dozen migrants from Central American countries reached the Mexican city of Tijuana, which is located on the border with the United States, OTR reports.

Israeli Defense Minister announced his resignation

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he was leaving his post. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

“I am here to announce the resignation of the Israeli Defense Minister,” Lieberman quotes the edition.

In Israel, the second minister resigned after Lieberman

Israel’s Minister for Absorption, Sofa Landver, resigned on Wednesday after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Both politicians are members of Our Home Israel (NDI), which Landwer, who held this position for the past nine years, explained her decision

Kurtz says Austria is focused on dialogue with Russia

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said Vienna is focused on dialogue with Moscow, adding that suspicions of intelligence activities will always be criticized.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on the idea of creating a pan-European army

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunin, commenting on the idea of creating a pan-European army, said that China has never presented a threat to Europe.

The Kremlin assessed the impact of possible US sanctions on relations with Russia

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the introduction of US new sanctions would certainly lead to a further complication of relations between Washington and Moscow.

The fact that America has recently become unpredictable is also not a secret to anyone, and everyone is already talking about this absolutely openly. Moreover, this unpredictability in the performance of such the largest country, the most powerful economy in the world, is, of course, a subject of deep concern for all. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

In China, did not notice the impact of US sanctions

The representative of the State Statistics Service of China, Liu Aihua, believes that trade and economic difficulties in relations between China and the United States do not affect key indicators of the development of China, but Washington’s actions cause external instability.

Trump rudely criticized May on a flight to Paris

US President Donald Trump met with criticism the phone call of British Prime Minister Theresa May. About this newspaper The Washington Post. May called Trump when he flew on a presidential plane to Paris

Ukraine declared the need to increase defense spending

At the end of August, Oleksandr Turchinov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, told how much the country would spend on defense in 2019. It is noted that in the coming year, Ukraine’s military spending will amount to about 200 billion hryvnia (more than $ 7 billion).

Swedish parliament failed to elect the country’s prime minister

Only 154 deputies supported the candidacy of the UCP chairman. As REGNUM reported earlier, on November 12, 2018, the speaker of the Swedish parliament, Andreas Norlen, announced the nomination of the leader of the Swedish moderate coalition party, Ulf Christersson, as the country’s prime minister.

Iranian President calls Washington’s sanctions US mistake

US sanctions against Iran were a mistake of Washington, which will certainly lead to the defeat of the Americans. This position was made on Wednesday by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

“The United States will certainly be defeated. The path they have chosen is wrong,” the ILNA agency quoted Rouhani. “It is obvious to everyone that voluntarist sanctions (of Washington against Tehran) are directed against our people.”

Italian authorities did not change the draft budget at the request of the EU

The Italian government refused to change the draft budget of the country for 2019 and the planning period until 2021 in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission, the Askanews news agency reported on Wednesday.

After the government meeting, the Minister of Economy and Finance Giovanni Tria sent a letter to Brussels in which he informed the European Commissioners of the government’s decision.

Macron announced the reluctance of France to be a vassal of the United States

France and the United States are historical allies, but being an ally does not mean being a vassal. This was announced on Wednesday by French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with TF1 on board the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

The USA is our historical ally, and they continue to be. It is an ally with whom we take all the risks with which we conduct the most complex operations. But to be an ally is not to be a vassal. – Emmanuel Macron, French politician

Trump explained the defeat of the Republicans in the election fraud

US President Donald Trump said in an interview with the Daily Caller that Republicans may have lost the election because of “potentially illegal votes.”

Republicans do not win, and this is because of potentially illegal votes. When people who have no right to vote and go in a circle stand in the queue. Sometimes they go to their car, put on another headdress, put on another shirt, come in and vote again. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

German Foreign Ministry demanded from Kiev to close the site “Peacemaker”

The German Foreign Ministry condemned the inclusion of the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder in the list of the Peacemaker portal, confirming the intention to get Kiev to close the site.

US extended sanctions against Cuba

In the updated list of US sanctions against Cuba were added 26 companies, among which were 16 hotels. According to the State Department, enterprises are controlled by Cuban security forces, and American citizens are prohibited from carrying out direct financial transactions with them.

“As part of the Trump administration’s efforts to ensure that funds from the United States are not received by the Cuban military, intelligence and security services, the State Department has included 26 organizations in the restrictive list for Cuba,” the agency’s press release said.

Turkey demands an international investigation into the killing of Hashkaji

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt авavusoglu believes that the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashkaji should be the subject of an international investigation. According to him, in this way Turkey intends to stop the practice of silencing and double standards on the part of the United States in relation to various states.

We are doing our best to shed light on this crime. We showed evidence to anyone who wanted to see them. – Mevlüt авavuşoлуlu, Turkish politician

US Interpol issued a fugitive offender to China

An investigation was soon launched against Zheng, and a notice with a red corner was issued in his name in Interpol, which means that he should be extradited to China if caught.


Russian officers arrived in India for the preparation of the exercises “Indra-2018”

An advanced group of officers from the headquarters of the Eastern Military District arrived in the capital of India to participate in the preparation of the joint Russian-Indian military exercise Indra-2018, Alexander Gordeyev, head of the press service of the TSO, told reporters.

Developer IL-114-300 called the approximate cost of the future aircraft

The upgraded Il-114-300 aircraft, according to preliminary data, could cost a potential buyer 1 billion rubles.

A supercomputer will appear in Russia to create weapons systems

The Russian Defense Ministry decided to completely switch to domestic computer systems. And they have already instructed the Molniya Research and Production Association (NPO) to develop a supercomputer on which they will design the latest domestic weapons.

A single legal department will appear in the Russian Ministry of Defense

A single legal department will appear in the Russian Ministry of Defense. This was announced by Director of Legal Department Oleg Bezbabnov.

Russia opened three criminal cases on the fact of shelling of residents of Donbass

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened three criminal cases on the facts of artillery shelling by the Ukrainian military personnel of the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

The Ministry of Defense received the latest batch of “engineering tanks” IMR-3M

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation received the latest batch of modern engineering machines for the de-coupling of the IMR-3M version. They were placed under the state contract, which was signed in 2016 within the framework of the Army 2016 forum. Engineering vehicles for the IRM-3M are built on the basis of the T-90 tank

The US said that Iran should withdraw its forces from Syria

The United States Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, spoke of the need for the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria.

The Ministry of Defense has approved a technical task for a new transport IL-276

Sketch design of the new military transport aircraft Il-276 is scheduled for completion next year. “The list of co-contractors of development work has already been approved,” the press service of the S.V. Aviation Complex said to RIA Novosti. Ilyushin.

Tests of BDK “Peter Morgunov” will begin no later than March

Tests of the large amphibious ship “Peter Morgunov” built at the Baltic shipbuilding plant “Yantar” in Kaliningrad for the Russian Navy will begin no later than March of the following year, reported the factory newspaper “Forward” with reference to the general director of the enterprise Eduard Efimov.

Russian Army received almost 200 new tanks in 2018

For the current year, more than 180 tanks, about 300 infantry fighting vehicles and 250 armored personnel carriers entered the Russian troops. All armored vehicles are brand new or upgraded models. And with this number in mind, the total number of new equipment in the Russian army was transferred in the amount of four thousand units.


Changes in color perception in guppies affect their mating.

A research team from Tohoku University in Japan has shown that variations in the expression of opsin genes that encode photosensitive pigments generate variable photosensitivity and color vision and thus affect the response of female guppies to male coloration.

Medicines for the eyes have learned to deliver using soluble needles

The needles enter the protective surface of the corneal tissue and are separated from the surface in about 30 seconds. Then the plate is removed, and the remaining needles in the eye slowly dissolve, releasing the drug.

Second terracotta army discovered in China

Archaeologists in China have discovered a second terracotta army. It turned out to be a miniature version of the first find. According to scientists, the new terracotta army is about 2100 years old.

In Japan, teens have taught robots to throw bottles

In Japan, teenagers have demonstrated the ability of robots to throw bottles. It happened in the framework of the ROBOCON contest, and teams with age of participants from 15 to 20 years took part in the event.

Scientists have learned to extract energy from human faeces.

During the experiments, it was found that violet phototrophic bacteria, which can store energy from light, can supply about 100% of carbon from any organic waste while applying electrical current, while simultaneously releasing hydrogen gas for generating electricity.

The secret of photoionization was discovered by scientists

Scientists from Moscow State University, with the assistance of colleagues from Germany, Japan and Italy, conducted a unique experiment that helped to finally understand the nature of photoionization. Specialists used light to ionize positively charged atoms.

Scientists from China discovered a plant to brew decaffeinated tea

The tea tree, in the leaves of which there is no caffeine, was discovered by employees of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. On the basis of new to science plants, you can make tea without caffeine – say Chinese botanists. The plant in question belongs to the genus Camellia.

The history of the ancient Earth will help create new medicines

Today, scientists derive chemical reactions that mimic the early Earth, not only to find out how life originated, but also to open up new possibilities for modern medicine.

In an article published in the journal Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John Yin and his colleagues described the first steps to obtaining chemical compounds that encrypt information in different conditions that could mimic the environment of the prehistoric Earth.

The size of the fish brain depends on its habitat.

According to a study by biologists from the University of Guelph, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the brains of a sunflower dwelling in more “difficult” places along the coastline are larger than their relatives in more “plain” open water ..

Rising sea levels may help coral islands

Scientists have found that in the long run, islands formed by coral reefs, such as the Maldives, can benefit from rising sea levels, but this requires healthy coral polyps. The research results are published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

A group of scientists from Harvard has published a study, according to which, at different times of the day, our body burns different amounts of calories, using different resources.

What time of day consumes more calories

If in the morning carbohydrates are spent most of all, in the evening mainly fats accumulated during the day are sent to the metabolic furnace.

A lot of things influence the metabolism: age, sex, general human health, physical exertion, food composition. If late in the evening our metabolism is low, then you should not eat a lot of carbohydrates or fats, as they are unlikely to add energy, and they can easily be deposited in extra pounds. In the evening it is better to choose a light protein food. And in the morning and in the afternoon, when the metabolism is especially active, you can afford almost everything, as the body quickly processes what has been eaten into energy, gives us strength,

Scientists have found the cause of craving for alcohol

People’s tendency to use alcohol is related to climatic conditions, a group of international scientists from the USA, Spain and Mexico said.

It turned out that in the coldest countries, people are more prone to drinking, while in sunny and warm regions, the level of alcohol consumption is lower. Scientists have suggested that in cold climates, alcohol can be used as a warming agent and method to combat depression.

Even small portions of alcohol are dangerous to human health and increase the risk of premature death by about 20%.

Scientists from St. Petersburg have developed the latest cancer treatment

At the Russian Oncological Congress, which was held in Moscow, the St. Petersburg company Biocad presented the results of tests of the newest drug Miraculum. The drug is designed to combat unresectable tumors or metastatic melanoma, according to the publication “Kommersant”.

Moths hiding from bats behind acoustic camouflage

A group of scientists from the UK investigated the nanostructure of the butterfly moth Bunaea Alcinoe. It turned out that the flakes on the wings, due to their structure, absorb sound waves, thereby creating acoustic camouflage that saves moths from being detected by bats.

Scientists modeled the origin of the planets

Experts have created a vacuum chamber and conducted an experience in it, which scientists believe repeats the process of forming planets. In the chamber there was a solid particle about a millimeter in size, which was made of solid material. Fine dust lumps were also prepared. As it turned out, in the collision of dust particles, larger clots are formed, pre-planets appear in a similar way, then they become overgrown with mass and become a planet.

Chinese physicists warmed the plasma to 100 million degrees

In China, they successfully passed tests in which plasma was heated to a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius. This is reported by the Xinhua News Agency, citing the press service of the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IFP ANK). The tests took place inside the EAST tokamak installation.

The illusion of multitasking makes a person more productive

New research by American scientists has confirmed that productivity can be enhanced by the illusion of multitasking. According to scientists, multitasking is a matter of perception. For example, a person can listen to their interlocutor and make notes on paper.

Forty years of the movement of icebergs of Antarctica showed a 50-second video

Pixel Movers & Makers science animators Marlo Garnsworthy and Kevin Pluck created a 50-second iceberg movement clip from 1976 to 2017.

People have changed the course of evolution.

On average, human activity affected the removal of eight percent of carbon from two meters of topsoil, an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere by almost 1 ° C and a decrease in the pH value of the oceans by about 0.1. This influence is not only monumental in scale, but also unprecedented in speed.

“The rate at which the biotic and abiotic environment of species has changed already influenced the evolutionary trajectory of animal species, and this trend promises only to increase,” said Canadian zoologist Sarah Otto in a recent article for the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


Nokia has released a button Nokia 106

In talk mode, the phone will work 15.7 hours. Nokia 106 installed a 1.8-inch screen, there is support for two SIM cards and FM radio. Also in the phone there are several games, including “Snake” and a flashlight. New in Russia will appear in the current month for 1590 rubles

Xiaomi Mi8 Pro came to Russia

Xiaomi has introduced a new model of the flagship smartphone Mi8 Pro on the Russian market. Its distinctive features are a transparent back cover and a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. The remaining characteristics of the device are similar to the original flagship Mi8. On the market will be available version of the smartphone with 8/128 GB of memory, its cost will be 40 thousand rubles. The device will be sold on the official website of Mi.com and on the AliExpress Tmall platform.

Smartphone from “Yandex” will officially be presented on November 19

At a press conference on November 19, Yandex may submit Yandex.Telephone, the Vedomosti newspaper reports, citing sources in the company and retail networks. Its cost may be 19,990 rubles. Sources of the newspaper reported that the company had agreed to sell its device with M.Video.

Samsung introduced the Exynos 9820 processor for the flagship Galaxy S10

It is not yet known how productive the Exynos 9820 is, but it was noted that it consists of four ARM Cortex-A55 cores, two Cortex-A75 cores and two custom cores that received maximum performance. According to the company, this solution provides a performance increase of up to 15% compared with the previous system.

For graphics in the new chip meets the Mali-G76 MP12 GPU. There is also support for LTE-Advanced Pro Cat. 20, but 5G in this processor is not. This means that in the Samsung Galaxy S10 the support of fifth-generation networks should not be expected. The processor also supports 4K screens, LPDDR4x RAM and UFS 2.1 and 3.0 flash memory, and 8K video decoding at 30 frames per second has been implemented

Huawei is preparing flagships with advanced cameras

Huawei is preparing to release in 2019 new flagship smartphones with advanced cameras. Walter Ji (Walter Ji), president of the consumer products division of Huawei, told this in an interview with AndroidPit reporters.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 Fan Edition will get Android 9.0

The smartphone received a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 instead of the Snapdragon 820 and a 3200 battery instead of 3500 mA / h. Proof of Android 9.0 Pie testing for Samsung Galaxy Note7 Fan Edition smartphones appeared in the Wi-Fi Alliance database

The following Apple Watch smart watches can get dual cameras

Apple has received a new patent for the design of smart watches. If it implements this development, then one of the next generations of Apple Watch smart watches will get a dual camera.

Apple sells discounted restored HomePod speakers

Apple has begun selling refurbished HomePod speakers. The cost of devices after the repair will be about $ 50 lower than stated during the presentation. The announcement of the start of sales of devices after the restoration was made public on the official website of Apple.

NVIDIA has introduced a new graphics card Quadro RTX 4000

In August 2018, NVIDIA held a presentation of Quadro RTX 5000, RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 professional graphics cards. Now another model has added the line – RTX 4000, reported Nation News news agency. In many ways, the technical characteristics of the Quadro RTX 4000 correspond to the GeForce RTX 2070.

Introduced entry-level laptop HP Stream 11 Pro G5

Notebook HP Stream 11 Pro G5, which is representative of the initial level, will go on sale in December. According to the company, this model is designed for schoolchildren, as well as university students.

Xiaomi has developed an electric radiator

The company Xiaomi, which seems to release everything that you can imagine, announced the sale of the electric radiator.

External storage Drobo 8D is equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 ports

The storage is equipped with an interface Thunderbolt 3. The presence of two ports allows you to include Drobo 8D in a chain of compatible devices. It is possible to connect to the storage of two 4K monitors or one 5K monitor. 8D supports volumes up to 128 TB, and the total pool can reach 256 TB.

Samsung has patented the first folding tablet bending in two places.

After the presentation of the first smartphone with a bending screen from Samsung, it became aware of a new development that can be bent in two places. On the eve of the manufacturer has patented a new device, on which is already working.

Started selling new Mac mini in Russia

Ports include HDMI, Ethernet, two USB Type-A and four Thunderbolt 3. In Russia, Mac mini is priced at 68,990 rubles for a version with a quad-core Intel Core i3 processor of the 8th generation, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of solid-state storage

Withings Pulse HR – a new modern activity tracker

The company Withings after the revival has released a new model of smart watches, which is called Pulse HR. The novelty, as the name implies, comes with heart rate monitoring, which normally measures your heart rate every 10 minutes, and constantly monitors heart rate during exercise.

Bosch and Iota have presented a device for the Internet of things

Technology giant Bosch has developed a device connection mechanism that works with the Iota marketplace. Bosch and Iota are developing the Internet of Things In its blog, Bosch told about a new technology created on the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Google deduced from beta format TrueView for reach

Google has completed beta-testing of the TrueView for reach format. It has become available to all advertisers in Google Ads and Display & Video 360. TrueView for Reach is an in-stream format with payment on the CPM model.

WhatsApp users can make stickers from their own photos

WhatsApp messenger users on Android can now create sticker sets on their own using the new application Sticker Studio. For stickers fit photos both made earlier and in real time.

Radio holdings are planning to create a single Internet player

The player is going to adapt to all available environments where users listen to content. It is planned to be launched in particular for websites, on Android / iOS mobile platforms, in smart columns. It should be noted that the working group within the Russian Academy of Radio will be engaged in the development of a single player.

New Withings Pulse HR Smart Bracelet

Withings has just introduced Pulse HR, the sequel to the 2013 smart bracelet, and put it on reservation. It should appear on the store shelves in about a month, and the cost will be $ 130.


The last season of “Game of Thrones” will be released in April 2019

The final season of the American TV series HBO “Game of Thrones” will be released in the spring of next year.

“Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every fight. Every victim. Every death. All for the sake of the throne, “- says in the annotation to the published video

Started shooting the film “Godzilla vs. Kong”

In the studio Legendary announced the beginning of the shooting of the film “Godzilla against Kong,” according to the plot of which the two legendary monsters will meet again. In its Twitter, the film company reported that the tape will be released on May 21, 2020, reports the weekly magazine “Profile”

Pedro Pascal can play a major role in the series “Mandalorets”

Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman 1984) is in the final stage of negotiations with Disney Studios and can play a major role in the series The Mandalorets by John Favreau. Rumors about this have already appeared in early October.

A new trailer for the film “Alita. Battle Angel “about a cyborg girl

After awakening, the girl loses her memory, but over time she realizes that she knows how to fight. The film was based on the same-name manga Yukito Kishiro and the full-length anime, released in 1993.

The organizers of The Game Awards 2018 announced the nominees

The list includes the following projects: Spider-Man (Insomniac Games), Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games), Monster Hunter: World (Capcom), God of War (Ready at Dawn, Daybreak Game Company, Javaground and SCE Santa Monica Studio) , Celeste (Matt Makes Games) and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (Ubisoft). The winner will be determined as a result of a combined vote, the result of which will be affected by 10% of the votes of gamers and 90% of the votes of the jury.

The third season of the series “Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes” will show January 1

The 2004 American fairytale film is based on the 33 Fortune Books, written by Daniel Handler. The authors took the books “Bad Start”, “Snake Hall” and “The Huge Window” as the basis for the script.

Mas-wrestling film will be shot in Yakutia

In Yakutsk, on November 15, the shooting of the first feature film about the national Yakut sport “Duluur: Mas-wrestling” begins. This is the only film of the republic that received federal funding.

In the Tambov region began to make a film about the scientist Vernadsky

In the Tambov region began shooting a film about the scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. It is filmed by the Tambov studio of newsreel, in which four pictures have already been published in the series “Moments of Fate”. The director will be Olga Tovma, and the script for the film was written by Alexey Tovma.

Cartoon “Home” won the international festival

The musical cartoon “Home” won at the international amateur film festival “Progress” in Rostov-on-Don in the nominations “Best Film” and “Animated Short Film”.

A new trailer for the June Magic Park cartoon has been released

The company Paramount Pictures has published a new trailer for the cartoon “June Magic Park” on its YouTube channel. According to the plot of the cartoon, June’s main character enters an amusement park that she invented as a child

Hulu will shoot two of George Martin’s Wild Cards Series

Streaming service Hulu, together with Universal Cable Productions, will remove two series on George Martin’s Wild Card series. The rights to the adaptation the studio has got in 2016. The plot of the book tells about the irreconcilable war between aces and jokers

The creators of “Darkness” will remove the horror series “1899” for Netflix

The main characters of the show will be the emigrants who sailed from London to New York on the ferry hoping for a bright future, but on the way they stumbled upon a ship drifting in the middle of the ocean


Opera, ballet and circus will unite in the new performance “The Nutcracker” in “Zaryadye”

The premiere of the play “The Nutcracker” will take place in the Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” on January 2. According to TASS, the production will combine elements of ballet, opera and circus shows.

The Russian Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale will be decorated in the style of the Hermitage

The Hermitage collection will be the theme for the design of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art. This was announced on the eve of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum Commissioner of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the rector of the St. Petersburg Institute. Repin, Semen Mikhailovsky

“Tiger’s Soul” is the name of the new solo program of Andrey Gvalevich.

What questions does a musician have to people, the world and God? Why are they trying to do something anyway? Can you find an explanation for this? How to help those who really need help? Are we all alone? How to learn to be happy here and now? What the soul hurts about … Andrew is trying to find answers to these and other questions.

Throughout the concert you will be able to ask your musician, composer and poet your questions and he will answer them. The author of the most interesting question will receive a prize. Also in the program is planned a special guest who will perform several songs.
Special guest: Victoria Babadzhanova
Collection of guests at 18.30, beginning at 19.00
Reservations and ticketing by phone: 84956957997

111 years since the birth of writer Astrid Lindgren

November 14 marks 111 years since the birth of the famous children’s writer Astrid Lindgren. She gave the world Peppy Longstocking, Toddler and Carlson, the Lionheart brothers.

Three buildings of the Danilovsky Monastery will be restored

Moscow City Heritage Agency has issued a permit to develop a project for the restoration of three buildings on the territory of the Danilovsky Monastery. This was reported on the website of the Moscow City Hall.

“The monastery in the center of Moscow, founded at the end of the XIII century, will be restored. Before starting work, experts will study the history of the monastery on archival documents and bibliographic research. After that, a draft restoration project will be formed taking into account historical, architectural and constructive decisions,” the report says.

Prize “Harlequin” announced the long list

The competition program includes eight productions. Three finalists represent the theatrical art of St. Petersburg. These are the performances of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater, the Yana Tuminoy Theater Laboratory and the Kvartira Socio-Cultural Space. For the award of “Harlequin” will also fight teams from Moscow, Tver, Khanty-Mansiysk and other cities.

The festival will be held in April on the basis of the State Children’s Musical Theater “Through the Looking Glass”.

Valery Fokin will receive the European Theater Award

One of the most prestigious awards of the world stage – the European Theater Award will be awarded on November 17 during the days of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

“Today is a difficult time, but culture always unites peoples of different countries, thanks to it we can reach mutual understanding, overcome any difficulties,” said Alessandro Martínez, general secretary of the award.

Photo exhibition dedicated to the mission of Admiral Putyatin in Japan, will be held in Moscow

The exposition will tell about the little-known pages of the formation of Russian-Japanese diplomatic relations in the middle of the XIX century. As part of the photo exhibition will be lectures from famous Russian orientalists.

Famous bass performed at the concert “Shalyapin Gala”

In the Great Hall of the concert complex “Zaryadye” in Moscow took place the concert “Chaliapin-Gala”. It is dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the birth of the famous Russian actor Fyodor Shalyapin.

The evening featured famous arias from the Shalyapin repertoire: Aleko, Mephistopheles, Varangian Guest, Ivan Susanin, Don Basilio.

Items of Frank Sinatra put up for auction

Personal belongings of the cult American singer Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara will be presented at Sotheby’s auction in New York. The auction is scheduled for December 6th.

At the auction will be exhibited paintings, a collection of women’s jewelry and accessories, as well as personal belongings from the residences of Sinatra in different cities. On the auction site stated more than 120 items – these are the values accumulated by the spouses during 22 years of marriage. The estimated cost of the collection may exceed $ 3 million.

Play Yerofeev “Walpurgis Night” put in the theater “MOST”

Moscow Open Student Theater “MOST” put on the play “Walpurgis Night” on the 80th anniversary of its author – writer Venedikt Erofeev. Premiere shows will be held on November 14 and 15.

International project “Ivan Turgenev. Russian European” starts in Austria

In Vienna, the exhibition “Ivan Turgenev. Russian European” opens, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the writer. The exhibition will show letters, documents and photos that tell visitors about the life and work of the great Russian classic. Within the framework of the event, a performance based on the stories of Ivan Turgenev from the series “Hunter’s Notes” will be held.

Istfak MSU and the Pushkin Museum signed a cooperation agreement

Historical Faculty of Moscow State University MV Lomonosov and the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of educational, cultural and educational activities. The solemn signing was held with the participation of the museum director Marina Loshak and Acting Dean of the History Department Lev Belousov, reports TASS.

Christie’s auctioned rare editions of Mandelstam, Gogol and Pushkin

A collection of rare Russian books and manuscripts, compiled by American lawyer and book collector Robert Eden Martin, will go under the hammer in the British capital. About this TASS reported in the auction house Christie’s, which will hold the relevant auction on November 28.

Einstein’s letter with the prediction is gone at the auction for $ 32 thousand

The letter was written on August 12, 1922. In it, Einstein made gloomy predictions about the future of the country. By that time, the physicist had already left Berlin. Where he was at the time of writing the letter is not known for sure. In 1933, when the Nazis came to power, Einstein was forced to renounce German citizenship and emigrate with his family to the United States.

The exhibition experiment will open in the Museum of Moscow

Exhibition-experiment from the collection of the Museum of Moscow

According to TASS, there are 13 installations in the exhibition space called “Dreams of Moscow”, each with its own plot, which is based on the laws of dreams and the unconscious. At the exhibition, viewers are waiting for a dream-detective, a dream-melodrama, a dream-disco, a dream-discussion and a dream for a selfie. It will be possible to find out which song is spinning in the head of a toy crocodile from the 80s or what a lace shirt of the beginning of the 20th century dreams of, how to go back to the 60s simply by picking up the phone in a telephone booth, or what an old coffee pot thinks of its owner to service. The exhibition will run from November 20 to March 20, the Museum of Industrial Culture took part in its preparation.

Marie Antoinette’s suspension was sold at auction for $ 36 million

Marie Antoinette’s pearl pendant was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for more than $ 36 million

Days of Sicily will be held in Perm

From November 19 to November 22, the days of Sicily will be held in Perm. Representatives of the authorities of the island and the city hall of Agrigento, which is twinned with Perm, will arrive in Perm. The Italians will hold a presentation of their region and tell Perm citizens about it.

In memory of Charles Aznavour will release a posthumous collection of his songs

The son of the world-famous French chanson Charles Aznavour, Misha Aznavour, in an interview with RTL radio station told about the possible release of his father’s posthumous musical collection.


Aston Martin has released a video with a new DBX crossover

Aston Martin launched a prototype of the first DBX crossover in its history, which will premiere in the fourth quarter of 2019, for road tests. Now the novelty is being tested in North Wales, where the next stage of the World Rally Championship is taking place.

Range Rover announced the premiere of a new Evoque

The British company Land Rover is going to show a new generation of the compact crossover Evoque on November 22 at a specially organized event in London. In addition, the brand has published photos in which the design of the future novelty is shown with the help of wire sculptures.

The new Chevrolet Monza sedan will enter the Chinese market

American-Chinese alliance SAIC-General Motors will present a new Chevrolet Monza sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 16. In the Chevrolet lineup, the novelty, named after the Italian city of Monza (a suburb of Milan), will stand between the Cruze and Cavalier models.

Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD declassified before the presentation

Sedans got a new kit, branded exhaust system and interior trimmed with Alcantara. According to rumors under the hood of the Toyota Avalon TRD will be installed 3.5-liter V6, which gives 271 hp. and 335 Nm of torque.

Volvo talked about new products for Russia in 2019

Volvo will continue to update the model range in 2019. As the RG was told in the press service of the brand, the brand will bring new V60 Cross Country (June) and S60 (August) to our country.

Former Porsche designer introduced Enovate ME7 crossover

For more than a year there were no new ideas from former Porsche designer Hakan Sarakoglu. The novelty was shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The crossover is similar in size to the Mercedes-Benz GLS and has a low drag coefficient.

Hyundai will bring the updated Elantra sedan to Russia

Prices for the model range from 994 thousand to 1 million 275 thousand rubles. As AUTOSTAT previously reported, in August 2018, Hyundai officially introduced the updated Elantra sedan in the specification for the North American market.

New crossover Kia SP is preparing to debut

It is known that the Kia SP “truck” was borrowed from Hyundai Creta, which will help to build compactcross from the South Korean brand in China, India, Brazil and Russia without any problems. At the moment, these countries already produce this popular car from the concern Hyundai.

KamAZ told about the first Russian premium truck

The video was published on the official channel of KAMAZ PJSC and it revealed almost everything about the new truck, which was created taking into account the requirements of the carriers. The KamAZ-54901 is equipped with a cabin, the design of which is completely original, but the frame is borrowed from Mercedes Benz Actros

Declassified third-generation Mazda3 hatchback

It is known that the new product will receive a new dashboard, another touchscreen display, as well as seats upholstered in leather. Judging by the images, the car will keep the old steering wheel, buttons and switches. According to the portal “Autonews”, the car will resemble the concept car Kai

Lamborghini Huracan showed his speed

During the race, the car overcomes the standard distance for drag racing – miles or 400 meters. The distance the car covered in 7.916 seconds. Such a record short time was obtained due to the revised power plant. The ten-cylinder V10 engine was released by Dallas Performance. Its claimed power is an unrealistic figure of 2,000 horsepower.

Zotye brand in 2020 will begin expansion in the US market

The Chinese company Zotye Auto opened a branch in Lake Forest, California, with the expectation of starting sales of its crossovers in the USA in 2020, Reuters reports. The new company Zotye USA was headed by Duke Hale, owner of HAAH Automotive Holdings and former director of Mazda and Volvo representative offices.

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