15 Sep, 2018

Banks of China joined the sanctions against Russia

Some Chinese banks began to deny Russian clients service, citing US and EU sanctions against the Russian Federation. This was stated by the head of the Bank of Russia in the People’s Republic of China Vladimir Danilov.

“The problems are related to the expanded interpretation of a number of Chinese banks restrictive measures of third countries,” said Danilov.

The head of the Bank of Russia’s office in China concluded that clarification work with Chinese financial institutions will help solve this problem

Briefly about the main thing …..

In Rosgvardia they commented on the appeal of Zolotov to Navalny

The idea to call Alexei Navalny to a duel belongs to the director of Rosgvardia Viktor Zolotov himself, the press service of the ministry said.

“In connection with the appeals to the press service, we inform you that the video message of the director of Rosgvardia was posted on the official website of the department immediately after it was recorded.” All the appeals and interviews the director of Rosgvardia does solely on their own initiative, “the press service of Rosgvardia said.


Center for tracking violations of sanctions against the DPRK

The United States and its allies decided to set up a focal point to track the movement of ships that deliver products such as fuel and other refined products to the DPRK, bypassing international sanctions. This was reported on Friday in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

According to her information, such a headquarters will be located on board the flagship command ship of the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy Blue Ridge, based on the US naval base in Yokosuka.

The coordinating center will include more than 50 representatives from such US allies as Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, France, South Korea and Japan, the publication notes.

Intelligence does not comment on the spy report in the Netherlands

The Swiss edition of Tages Anzeiger reported that two Russian spies had been arrested in Holland, who were trying to infiltrate a secret laboratory in Switzerland.

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) does not comment on the report of the expulsion of two Russians suspected of espionage from the Netherlands, Sergei Ivanov, an SVR spokesman, told RIA Novosti on Friday.

“The Foreign Intelligence Service does not comment on this message,” Ivanov said.

Envoys of the Patriarchate of Constantinople arrived in Ukraine

Envoys-exarchs of the Constantinople Church, whom Patriarch Bartholomew sent “in preparation for the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine” arrived in Kiev.

Putin and Erdogan may meet in Sochi

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov admitted that the next meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be held in Sochi on September 17. “Yes, such a meeting is possible and it is being prepared,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

The reason to “wave the handle of Moscow”

The President of Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko, said that the consolidation of the Kiev’s course for NATO membership is the reason to “once again wave the handle of Moscow.”

The initiative to fix the course on NATO in the Constitution is not only a signal to the society about the firmness of intentions, it is also the intention to once again wave the handle to Moscow. Good-bye, our affectionate misha, return to your fabulous forest. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

EU sanctions against Russia extended until March 15, 2019

The European Union published a resolution of the Council of the EU on the extension for six months of individual sanctions against Russian citizens and companies. The decision comes into force the day after the publication, that is, on September 15. Thus, the sanctions were extended until March 15, 2019.

Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe: peace treaty

On September 10, the leaders of Russia and Japan held talks within the framework of the WEF. After the meeting, the Russian president proposed that the Japanese prime minister conclude a peace treaty before the end of this year without preconditions. After returning to his homeland Abe said that the agreement can be reached only when solving the territorial problem. At the same time, he added that he expects an early meeting with Putin.

Petro Poroshenko spoke about “victory over Russia”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko linked the action of the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union with the “victory over Russia”. Such a statement the head of state made at the forum of the international organization “Yalta European Strategy” in Kiev.

We have outplayed Russia, and it’s been more than a year since the agreement on the association between Ukraine and the EU came into force. The share of the European Union in exports ranges from 42 to 43%, rapidly approaching 50%, which significantly compensates for the losses that we suffered because of Russia. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The OAS Secretary General does not rule out a military invasion of Venezuela

Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro said that he did not exclude the possibility of a military invasion of Venezuela. This is reported by NTN24.

“As for the military invasion to overthrow (the president of Venezuela – RT), Nicholas Maduro, we should not rule out any option,” he said.

Russia will ignore US demands for chemical weapons inspections

Zakharova added that Russia in 2017, under strict international control, destroyed all chemical weapons in the country and continues to conscientiously implement all other obligations under the CWC.

To comply unilaterally or even react to illegitimate, ultimatum … demands of Washington on additional inspections in the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of one or another American domestic national legislation, we, of course, do not intend to. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Pompeo accused Russia of trying to undermine sanctions against the DPRK

Speaking at a briefing for the press, Pompeo said that Russia was trying to undermine the sanctions of the UN Security Council with regard to the DPRK. According to him, this happened by attempting to amend the report of the committee of 1718, which is responsible for restrictions against Pyongyang.

Ukraine complained about Russian border guards in the Sea of Azov

The Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea complained on his Facebook page on the actions of Russian border guards in the Azov Sea. According to him, the Russian border patrol allegedly committed dangerous maneuvers and “cut the course” of a ship of Ukrainian border guards.

In Belgium, appointed to follow the “Russian cyber threat”

Intelligence in Belgium hired an employee to monitor the alleged “cyber threat” to Russia. This is reported in a report published on the website of the Belgian parliament.

Ex-leader of the Labor Party of Britain was accused of working for the USSR

The secret intelligence service of the UK MI6 suspects that the former Labor Party leader Michael Foot was a paid informant of the Soviet Union, Ben McIntyre writes in his book “Spy and the Traitor”.

Participants in a nuclear deal with Iran will meet at the UN General Assembly

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that in September in New York before the meeting of the UN General Assembly will be organized by the Foreign Ministers of the participating countries of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear deal.


Russia completely replaced the Ukrainian components for military equipment

Russia completely replaced purchased components from Ukraine for military equipment by domestic counterparts, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

The issue of dependence on supplies from Ukraine is closed and closed permanently. All the painful points, which, in fact, still experienced in 2014, passed. – Yuri Borisov, Russian politician

At the borders of Russia, 15 reconnaissance aircraft

During the past week, 15 foreign aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the borders of Russia. This is reported in the infographics, posted on the website of the newspaper of the Russian Armed Forces “Red Star”.

In order to prevent violations of the country’s borders, the air defense forces on duty raised anti-aircraft fighters five times to intercept and escort foreign aircraft.

The Russian army needs helicopter carriers

Helicopter carriers are in demand for some types of conflicts and will be built in the necessary quantity for the Russian Armed Forces, told reporters Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

“Everything depends on the military, it’s up to them to decide which class of ships corresponds to one or another strategy for the development of the Armed Forces. I think helicopter carriers for a certain type of conflict are in demand and they will be built in the required quantity, “Borisov said.

According to him, the ship “Ivan Gren”, previously given to the fleet, was built as a helicopter carrier and a series of such ships is planned to be built.

The Ministry of Defense has disclosed the possibilities of the Sosna SAM

As part of the combat module there are 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles “Sosna-R”, located in transport-launch containers (TPK). The equipped TPK at a length of 2.4 meters has a mass of 42 kilograms. The maximum diameter of the missile’s body is 130 millimeters, its length is 2.32 meters, its weight is 30.6 kilograms.

In flight, the anti-aircraft missile (SAM) “Sosna-R” is capable of hitting targets flying at a speed of up to 300 meters per second at altitudes of up to 5 kilometers, cruise missiles at speeds of up to 250 meters per second and helicopters up to 100 meters per second. ZUR can successfully be used against drones.

Ships of the Northern Fleet conducted exercises in the Bering Sea

A large-scale operation was launched in the Bering Sea. A detachment of warships conducted search and rescue exercises. The forces of the Northern Fleet assisted the ship, which is conventionally in distress

Russia will study the data on the development of the US bioweapon in Georgia

The Ministry of Defense of Russia is studying documents published by the Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze on the US military biological program.

Serial production of Lebedev’s pistol will begin in Izhevsk in 2019

The serial production of Lebedev’s pistol will begin next year “Izhevsk Mechanical Plant” in Udmurtia. The weaponry will be manufactured according to new technologies, the managing director of the plant Alexander Gvozdik told journalists on September 14.

In Slovakia, the lack of personnel of the armed forces

The program of modernization of the national army, whose strength is about 17 thousand people, is actively implemented by the government of the Social Democrat Peter Pellegrini. It annually increases budgetary allocations for military needs, which in a few years should amount to 2% of GDP.

Serbia reacted to Kosovo’s plans to create its own army

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic commented on Kosovo’s intention to create its own army on the basis of security forces that are located on the territory of an unrecognized state.

“We consider this as another blow to the peace process, this is done by forces that want to undermine the possibility of reaching any long-term solution,” said Dacic.

Dacic noted that even the closest associates of the United States and NATO reacted negatively to Kosovo’s decision to form its own military detachments.

Canada intends to extend the military mission in Iraq

The contingent was quartered at the airbase in Kuwait. In addition, 69 military instructors were sent to northern Iraq. The Canadian military mission was scheduled until March 2016, but Ottawa extended the mandate and gradually increased the number of its military instructors from 69 to 230 people.


Russians support the ban on the sale of alcohol until the age of 21

Almost 60 percent of Russians polled by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) support the idea of prohibiting the sale of alcohol to those who have not turned 21 years old. For the “dry law” for everyone, that is, the ban on the sale of alcohol in general, only 12 percent, the study notes.

“Among the measures to combat alcoholism, the greatest support for Russians is the ban on the sale of alcohol to citizens under the age of 21 (58%), the promotion of a healthy lifestyle (54%) <…> and the prohibition of alcohol advertising (49%)” – said in a statement on the website of the research center.

In Russia, a record increase in cancer mortality

Worst of all, cancer mortality in the Magadan region (7.7%), Dagestan (7.2%), Bashkiria (6.9%), Kalmykia (6.8%) and Sevastopol (6.5%). In the country as a whole, according to the results of the study, the death rate from cancer fell from 198.9 cases per 100 000 population in 2016 to 194.2 per 100,000 in 2017 (by 2.4%).

In 2017, the number of newly diagnosed cancer increased by 3%, the study concluded. This indicator should grow, experts say, – the on-alertness of doctors is growing, the diagnosis is becoming more thorough, which helps to detect cancer at early stages of development.

The number of inspections of developers in Moscow will double

The number of inspections of Moscow developers in 2019 will double. According to Moskomstroyinvest chairman Konstantin Timofeev, next year the committee will conduct 181 scheduled inspections.

The forest is being cut down, the chapels are set …

The Novosibirsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church has succeeded in changing the permitted use of the site in the center of the alley on Voskhod Street – the decision was published in the documents of the mayoralty.

As reported by the public in the area and so few green areas, and construction will lead to the demolition of adult trees and cause irreparable harm to the ecology of the area.

Several Novosibirsk residents were reminded that the street may need to be expanded, including the Youth World Hockey Championship in 2023 – the road leads directly to the future new LDS, and the construction of the chapel will make this expansion impossible.

Algae spirogyra dangerous for Baikal has become much less

Algae spirogyra, which threatened Lake Baikal with waterlogging, in 2018 was significantly less. This was told by the ecologist and head of the public organization “Buryat regional office for Baikal” Natalia Tumureeva

Sergei Udaltsov released from custody

On September 12, the Moscow petty-bourgeois court on the suit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added four more days to the administrative arrest of Udaltsov, during which he was in hospital in custody. On September 13, the Moscow Simonovsky Court imposed administrative supervision on the oppositionist for three years – until August 8, 2021.

The State Duma proposed to legislate the concept of “fitness”

Changes are proposed in the federal law “On Physical Culture and Sport.” As the authors of the bill note, in 2017 the number of fitness enthusiasts in Russia exceeded 5.2 million people, while in the current legislation the issue of legal regulation of fitness is “not properly reflected”.

Russians in the summer often chose budget destinations for recreation

In the summer of 2018, Russians more often chose budget destinations for recreation compared to the same period last year. This was announced by Yury Barzykin, vice president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT).

Expenses for the national project “Ecology” decreased by 2.4 trillion rubles

How the national project “Ecology” has changed Compared with the version of the end of August in the project of the passport of the national project from September 12, budget expenditures increased from 680.5 billion rubles. up to 698.3 billion rubles. From the regional budgets it is planned to spend 100 billion rubles. (a reduction of 27 billion rubles.), from extrabudgetary sources – 3.2 trillion rubles. for six years (instead of the estimated 5.6 trillion rubles.).

Extremists on Twitter will reveal before posting posts

Scientists have developed an algorithm that defines extremists in social networks before the publication of posts. To do this, they analyzed five thousand accounts on Twitter, writes N + 1, referring to the Journal of Operations Research.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter are already blocking suspicious users using special algorithms, but this happens after posting posts. Now an algorithm is created, which in the future will allow to block extremist accounts immediately after their creation.


In France, the legal framework for ICO

The French government has approved new rules for the regulation of the ICO (Initial coin offering). According to the introduced norms, the necessary authorization for this will be issued by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

Recall that in Russia the legal status of the Crypto-currency, ICO, mining and croweding is not currently defined. The State Duma has introduced three bills designed to eliminate this gap and create regulation in the field of the digital economy.

The Central Bank estimated the contribution of increasing the retirement age to GDP growth

The increase in the retirement age, according to the estimates of the Bank of Russia, will contribute to the increase in the growth rate of the gross domestic product at about 0.1 percentage points in 2019 and 0.2-0.3 percentage points in 2020-2021, the report of the financial regulator on monetary policy.

Vodafone will double its European network NB-IoT

The British mobile operator Vodafone will double its European network NB-IoT. As Techradar, the company intends to increase its leadership in the segment.

The Central Bank of Russia raised the rate for the first time since 2014

The central bank raised the key rate by 0.25 percentage points – up to 7.5% per annum, the regulator said. This is the first increase in the Central Bank’s key rate since December 2014.

Simultaneously with the increase in the key rate, it decided to extend the suspension of the purchase of foreign currency on the domestic market by the end of December 2018

The UK’s profit from Brexit will be $ 21 billion

The value of UK GDP will grow by $ 21 billion when implementing the plan for future relations of the country with the European Union, agreed by the government on July 6. According to the Financial Times, the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, informed the cabinet of the country about this

The State Duma compared mushrooms and berries with oil and gas

According to expert estimates, the existing stock of wild-growing raw materials in Russia reaches 8.5 million tons per year, but to date it is used by no more than 6%. Meanwhile, the demand for environmentally friendly and unique products in the world is growing.

“With regard to wild plants (mushrooms, berries, nuts – IF), we use only 1.5 to 3% of exploitation reserves, which is no less rich for the country than oil or gas,” said the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources , property and land relations Nikolay Nikolayev at the parliamentary hearings on the problem of the use of forest resources.

According to the Union of Producers and Producers of Wildcats, by 2024 Russia can increase the export of wild plants and mushrooms to $ 1 billion.

Gazprom Neft will accelerate the return on investment in projects with Mubadala in Siberia

Completion of the transaction to increase the share of Mubadala Petroleum in Gazprom Neft-East to 49% will speed up the return on investment in joint projects in Western Siberia, said Deputy Head of Gazprom Neft Vadim Yakovlev.

Uber changed the logo, application design and slogan

The logo of Uber itself is now the name of the company, printed specially designed font Uber Move, whose letters will remind users of traffic because of their smooth curves.

In addition, Uber decided to change his old slogan. Henceforth, the mission of the company is: “We create opportunities, bringing the world into motion”.


Legalization. VERSUS Fresh Blood 4

VERSUS Fresh Blood 4 was released with the participation of Legalize: Team Oxxxymiron (Meeting 3) / Four Elements. A candid conversation between Oxy and the League

And already on October 4, Legalize and his band will play a big concert in the capital club “16 tons”.

The Casual band released the single “Farewell”.

Very personal track, filled with romantic sadness and emotions of the main character about love, about relationships and destiny.

“Sometimes you love a person so much that you let go of him, because without you he will be happy. So does the lyrical hero of this song. He is looking for a last supply of strength in himself to take this step, however painful and difficult it may be. He believes that this will be better for both people, but it is possible, after some time, fate will again reduce them and they will understand that each other can not even breathe without a friend. “- the leader of the Casual group Alexei Yashin tells about the new single.

The premiere of the single took place on the radio station “Our Radio” in the program “Behind the Scenes”.

TattooIN released an alternative version of the single “Social Networking”.

Two years ago, four bright musicians led by Roman Kuzmin united to make the actual guitar rock in Russian under the philosophical and cosmic signboard TattooIN. Together with the label Navigator Records, the team released the first single “Social Networks” and its animation screen version. The text on the hot topic – is there life outside the social networks – wrote poetess Tanya Ivanova, known for cooperation with Russian stars. Cartoon characters were drawn by the animator Kol Belov, who later worked with TattooIN more than once, creating animation for the tracks from the band’s debut album.

Animation. A big autumn concert!

October 13 in Moscow in GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT will take place the traditional big autumn concert of the Russian rock group “Animation” with a special program # yalublyusvoyrodinovurodeby. All the best for the applications of the audience. Voting will open in the official vkontakte group, some songs will appear in the new arrangement, and, of course, it will not do without the “national” block of the best hits of the band.

The group “Mill” will present a new program “Alhimeyra. The best”.

This is the final chord of history, to which the group “Mill” has been living the last almost five years. The new show will focus all the best from the world of the universe “Alhimeyra.” The new program includes the group’s most beloved songs and hits.

“With this program the group closes another large-scale page of its history and opens a new one – preparation for the anniversary. The audience is waited by carefully verified musical drama, powerful sound, fantastic light, and most importantly, the unchangeable love with which we give our creativity and which we share with the rest of the fans, “says Helavisa, the leader of the” Mill “group.

24 November. Moscow, Adrenaline Stadium.

Didier Marouani and Space group will celebrate their 40th anniversary on a tour of Russia

Didier Marouani and Space group will celebrate their creative 40th anniversary with a large-scale tour of Russia, which will include 10 cities. The tour starts on February 25, 2019 in Kazan, and ends with a performance on March 16 in Voronezh.

The festival of experimental music “Ethnomechanics” will be held in St. Petersburg

September 15 in the famous Alexandrinsky Theater will be the 9th International Festival of Experimental Music “Ethnomechanics”.

Jazz concert will be held at the House of Music dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Gershwin

On Saturday, the Moscow International House of Music will host a concert timed to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the American composer and pianist George Gershwin, the formation and flowering of his work coincided with the “Jazz Age”

Clip to the new track “Old Friends”

A member of the association Dead Dynasty Noa released a video for the new track “Old Friends”, which should be included in his forthcoming album “Stranger”. According to the plot, the artist leaves for the forest to hide the body in the bag there.

“Ariel” will celebrate the anniversary in the Kremlin

The basis of the program for the 50th anniversary of the team will be the songs of the brightest period of “Ariel”, familiar from the records and musical TV programs of the 70-80s.

Motorama released a video for the new song “This Night”

The Rostov band Motorama released a video for the song “This Night”, which will be included in the forthcoming album of the band “Many Nights”.

“Networks” filmed “Alice in Wonderland” on a protected island in Estonia

Jan Nykolenko’s group “Networks” released a video for the song “Alice in Wonderland”, which became the second single from the forthcoming album “Just”


Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin married

This summer, the 24-year-old Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber resumed his long-standing romance with Alec Baldwin’s niece, 21-year-old model Haley Baldwin, whom he met in 2016.

CNN: candidate in the Supreme Court of the United States accused of harassment

Candidate for inclusion in the Supreme Court Brett Cavanaugh accused of sexual harassment, the incident allegedly took place in the early 1980s, when he was in school. This was reported on Friday by CNN.

Button from “Papa’s daughters” showed a video with a new boyfriend

Earlier, Catherine was already laying a photo in an embrace with a guy who was called Vasya. However, the name and passion for figure skating – this is the only thing that is known about the new boyfriend Pugovka

The performer of the role of Dzhamshut in “Nasha Russia” became homeless

The star of the sketch show “Nasha Russia” Valery Magdyash after the robbery became homeless. The actor, known for the role of Dzhamshut, took all the money after selling the apartment in Moscow.

I lived well in Moscow, there was a one-room apartment. Got the role of the silent Jamshut, who turned and filled my life. Was very pleased. For the shooting day I received one thousand dollars. – Valery Magdyash, Russian actor

The truth about the scandal with Daria Druzyak is uncovered

The ex-participant of “House-2” Lena Khromina told, under what conditions Daria’s friend, who claims that she was raped by singer Alexander Serov and became pregnant with him, agreed to embarrass herself to the whole country. According to the telecasting star, the amount was not very large.

“Dasha needed money, and she found them.” Unfortunately, she did not manage to earn anything on TNT channel, so after the pasture from the project, she called me to take shelter in her apartment.Dasha does not hesitate about paying and other fees, thinking that this will never leak to the Net, so now you all know that the role of the actress – Serov’s lover – costs 400 thousand rubles, “Khromin quotes Around Around TV.

Volochkova boasted a ring worth a half million dollars

The new boyfriend of Anastasia Volochkova, in her desire to please her beloved, did not again face her: this time he only slightly updated the ring already given in honor of the Russian national team’s victory over Spain.

17-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhneva bragged a figure in a swimsuit

17-year-old daughter Vera Brezhneva boasted a beautiful figure in a white swimsuit. Fans of the singer remembered her clip for the song “Love will save the world”, where the star starred in a similar image.

Guberniev spoke about his relationship with Kabaeva

The other day Guberniev gave an interview in which he told about his relationship with gymnast Alina Kabaeva. It turned out that he has been communicating with her for almost 20 years.

At the same time, the TV presenter assured that he was not friends with Kabaeva. He preferred the phrase “we communicate closely,” writes Sports.ru

Singer Yolka shocked the image of a blonde

The star appeared before the fans in a very unexpected way. The singer Yolka is famous for her extravagant appearance, but for many years she has not changed her habitual image. She wears black hair, more often in a bundle, although sometimes she appears with loose hair.

Pensioner from Saratov became a participant of the show “Voice 60+”

Retired from Saratov Natalia Spevak became a participant of the new show “First Channel” “Voice 60+”. She performed Glenn Miller’s famous serenade “I Know Why and So Do You”, and Valery Meladze took her to his team.


In the Russian Museum show “our” expressionism

Painting and graphic expressionism are exhibited at exhibitions of the Russian avant-garde in our country and abroad. For the first time this phenomenon became the theme of a separate monographic display. It is built on the collections of painting, graphics, engraving and sculpture of the Russian Museum.

Alexander Kalyagin in Rome was awarded the Gogol Prize

In Rome, the “Inspector” was brought in as part of the international cultural festival “Russian Seasons”.

The festival of puppet theaters will take place in Belgorod

September 14 in Belgorod a round table was held, conditioned by the preparation for the upcoming event. At the festival, 20 domestic theaters will demonstrate their best productions, the press service of the region’s head informs.

A picture of David Hockney was auctioned for $ 80 million

The famous work of the English artist, graphic artist and photographer David Hockney “Portrait of the Artist (Pool with two figures)” was put up for sale at the Christie’s trading house for $ 80 million.

Thematic clip about the festival “Circle of Light” will be shown on Novy Arbat

A special video dedicated to the international festival “Circle of Light” will be shown in Moscow on the media screens of Novy Arbat from September 21 to 25, the press service of the City Municipality Complex reported on Friday.

In the “Berne list”

House Pauline Viardot in the Paris suburb of Bougival, which was purchased in the 70’s for his muse Ivan Turgenev, is now included by the French authorities in the priority list of historical monuments.

Shortlist of 18 symbolic objects of cultural heritage, subject to urgent restoration, was on behalf of the Elysee Palace writer and historian, the presenter of popular programs on television Stefan Bern.

“Do you love history? Do you want to serve the country?” – so he recalls a fateful conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The business conversation ended with the instruction of the head of state to conduct an audit of the national heritage. Then the 54-year-old historian expected, according to his confession, a cold shower.

The scale of the problem is as follows: in France, a total of 44 thousand historical monuments. Of these, at least a quarter is in urgent need of restoration.

Presentation of the book by Irina Birul “Notes on stretchers”

The Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum in the Fountain House

Presentation of the book September 20, 18.00

The artist Irina Birulya compiled her book from small essay-memories, accompanied by archival family photos and reproductions of paintings. Each essay is preceded by a poetic epigraph – from Shakespeare and Pushkin to Roald Mandelstam and Valentine Gaft.

Pavilion “Chapelle”: restoration is completed

September 15 for visitors will open after the restoration of the Chapel – the most romantic pavilion of the Alexander Park. For more than seventy years the building was in an emergency condition.

Together with the pavilion, the Lilac Alley came to life, which passes next to Chapelle – from the Cross Canal to the Rose Watch. Here were planted 70 lilac bushes of historical French varieties, including “Madame Lemoine”, “Charles Joly”. Experts are sure that the alley will become one of the most beautiful walking routes of the Alexander Park.

The opening of the Chapel is the main restoration event of the year of the 100th anniversary of the Tsarskoye Selo museum-reserve. The visit to the pavilion is free, it is available every day from 9 to 19 hours.


YouTube Launched Parental Control

Soon the long-awaited option will appear on iOS-gadgets. Representatives of YouTube reported that video sharing launched a parental control function that allows you to restrict the video content available to a child who has access to the service

Hackers have found a way to hack any computer in five minutes

To steal confidential information from someone else’s computer, a hacker will take only five minutes. This conclusion was made by the researchers of the Finnish company F-Secure, specializing in the development of information security tools.

Social network “VKontakte” updated mobile video player

Social network “VKontakte” has updated the mobile video player, in which appeared the recommended video, double-tap rewind, subtitles and much more.

The start of sales of the iPhone XR was postponed for a month due to the cut-out in the display

The launch of the affordable new smartphone iPhone XR has been postponed for a month because of the problems that have arisen with the dispersion of the highlight in the cutout area at the top of the IPS display, reports 3DNews. The smartphone iPhone XR will go on sale on October 26, after its expensive “brothers” XS and XS Max.

Google introduced the first teaser of the new Pixel 3 smartphone

Developers of Google introduced the first teaser of the new smartphone Pixel 3. The device will be officially presented on October 9 this year

Apple has opened a pre-order for “smart” watches Watch Series 4

Since September 28 in Russia, pre-orders for a new smart watch Watch Series 4, presented by an American brand, have been launched. Those who want to buy a new model should be among the first to place an order on the official website, while sales will begin already from the end of this month.

Tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 received an updated MIUI 10

From today, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 and Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus tablets have received a new beta version of the MIUI 10 firmware, which features new options.

Xiaomi smartphones stopped working in Russia and other countries of the world

Xiaomi’s smartphones stopped working in Russia and a number of other countries. According to preliminary data, the brand has updated the MIUI firmware for the territory of China, due to which the majority of users faced the problem of switching the interface to the language of their state

White Xiaomi Mi 8 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory went on sale

From today, flagship smartphones Xiaomi Mi 8 in white and top version with 8 gigabytes of RAM became available. Currently, the model can be purchased exclusively in the Chinese market, where for Xiaomi Mi 8 ask 480 dollars

Google will not present the first “smart” clock Pixel Watch in October

Earlier, “ASTERA” reported that Google upset fans saying that in 2018 will not be released smart-watches Pixel Watch. The company noted that it is now more important for them to establish relations with manufacturers of smart watches.

Discovered a giant storehouse of millions of leaked passwords

A huge database of e-mail addresses and passwords from them is found in the public domain. This is reported by Australian security researcher Troy Hunt in his blog.

Hunt noted that the address-password bindings he discovered are usually used in attacks called credential stuffing – hackers form lists with stolen user data from some sources, and then use them to hack accounts into other various online services. This method works if the victims use the same password everywhere.

Facebook will begin to check for the authenticity of photos and videos

As reported by ABC, Facebook began checking images from France and the news agency AFP. They managed to find 27 questionable materials, which are now being checked. While the photo or video does not pass the verification, it will be marked with the appropriate sign

Facebook confirms the development of ASIC

Facebook company confirmed reports that it is developing microchips on its own

The source quotes Jason Taylor, vice president of Facebook infrastructure, who said that the company is “nurturing a chip-development team that is focused on working with manufacturers” and already “there is a chip that we are building.” Taylor clarified that the development of this chip “is not the main task,” and he himself “is not the equivalent” of the accelerator of deep learning, developed by Google. Unfortunately, Taylor refused to talk about technical details and timing.

Microsoft transfers DevOps to the cloud

Microsoft Corporation introduced the Azure Devops platform, which includes a set of cloud services for continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD), testing and design kanban boards.


The robot learned to repeat the flight of insects

Description of the development is presented in an article published in the journal Science. Scientists from Delft Technical University (the Netherlands) have developed a robot that repeats flight and complex insect maneuvers. The source of inspiration was the usual fruit fly (Drosophilidae).

Scientists have identified a plant in the analogue of the nervous system

Scientists from the United States and Japan have discovered that plants are able to transmit SOS signals to each other. They have a kind of nervous system. The results of the study were published in the journal Science.

The Maya Indians had a network of wildlife trade

In the burials of the Maya Indians, who lived in the V-IX centuries in the Copan Valley in the territory of modern Honduras, numerous remains of animals were found. This is reported by the portal N + 1 with reference to the scientific publication PLoS. Scientists have found bones of jaguars, pumas, deer and crocodiles.

In the United States launched a genome “Noah’s Ark”

Yesterday, members of Genome 10K announced the launch of a new project “Genomes of Vertebrates”, whose goal is to collect the genomes of the male and female individuals of 66,000 vertebrate species.

Found a new source of information about the “Game of Thrones” for Maya

The inscription narrates about the reign of the king of the city named Chak Tuk Ichak. From other sources archaeologists know that a man of the same name twenty years later ruled the nearby city of El Peru-Vaca (again, this is the modern name)

Scientists told why people do not hear their own steps

In the course of the experiment, scientists established that mice, like people, react sharply to other people’s steps, but practically do not notice their own, that is, they hear them quietly. It turned out that the reason lies in one of the functions of the brain, which suppresses muffling sounds from everyday activities.

Experts believe that without this ability of the brain, the human sound system would not work correctly. The results of the work done are provided by Nature

Pants-exoskeleton will restore limbs mobility

Specialists have developed so-called robotic trousers – exoskeleton, which simulates the work of human muscles. In order to create movement, artificial muscles contract and pull the elements of the construction from both sides.

Panama opened a new kind of coral

Scientists from the Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research (the Bureau of the US Scientific Research Institute in Panama), 60 kilometers from Panama, discovered a new type of coral belonging to the genus Thesea. The work is published in the Bulletin of Marine Science.

Scientists are developing new methods for treating the spinal cord

The process of simultaneous stimulation applied to several segments of the spinal cord is able to restore motor functions in case of paralysis, scientists said.

“Protocols of stimulation is a kind of step-by-step action plan for applying control algorithms to neural networks of the spinal cord. Its segments are selected and stimulated depending on which limb muscles need to be activated for the most effective recovery of motor function in case of paralysis, said the head of the laboratory of neuroprosthetics of the Institute of Translational Biomedicine of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pavel Musienko

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