6 Jan, 2018

Black label from USA to Tehran

Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN Nikki Haley at a special meeting of the Security Council on Iran issued a warning to Tehran, promising to closely monitor how the authorities of this country will continue to respond to anti-government demonstrations.

“In 2009, the world stood passively aside, when the hopes of the Iranian people were lamented by the government, and we will not remain silent in 2018. The Iranian people once again took to the streets, he asks for something that no government can deny him legitimate rights: and freedom “, – Nikki Haley.

Haley also thanked the “freedom-loving countries” (Great Britain, Israel, Canada, Norway, France and Sweden), who expressed solidarity with the Iranian demonstrators. At the same time she added that it is necessary “to do more.”

“The Iranian regime is blocking access to the Internet, trying to prevent protesters from contacting each other, trying to drown out the voice of the Iranian voice.” We can not allow this to happen. “The United States, you can rest assured, will openly support those in Iran who are willing to to find freedom, “the US permanent representative emphasized.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after the meeting noted that the US is in favor of the transfer of power in Iran. He said that popular speeches in this country are motivated, in particular, by discontent with the “aggressive behavior” of the Iranian authorities.

“We support the Iranian people in their striving to achieve a better standard of living, greater freedom, we believe that they deserve it, but only from the Iranian people depends the organization of a peaceful transfer of power,” added the head of the State Department.

Russian and world news digest


Trump asked $ 18 billion for a wall on the border with Mexico

The US administration asked Congress for $ 18 billion to finance the initial phase of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. This is reported by TASS with reference to the newspaper The Washington Post.

Tillerson said that the US intends to change the nuclear deal with Iran

The US administration is committed to fulfilling President Donald Trump’s promise and amending the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JFAP) for the Iranian nuclear program. This was stated by the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an interview published Friday with the Associated Press (AR).

The president said that he was going to either fix it or cancel it. Now we are trying to fulfill the promise that he gave, and change the document. – Rex Tillerson, 69th US Secretary of State

Twitter refused to block the accounts of selected world leaders

The management of the social network Twitter published an official appeal, which refused to block the accounts of world leaders.

Belarus announced the closure of the Consulate General in Odessa

Belarus decided to close the country’s general consulate in Odessa, the press service of the Belarusian government said on Friday.

Erdogan said Turkey’s fatigue from the negotiations on membership in the EU

Turkey is tired of the process of joining the European Union, the official Ankara can not accept that its efforts are being blocked. With such a statement, Anadolu reports, the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke in Paris during a joint press conference with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron

UN Secretary General announced the beginning of investigation of attacks on peacekeepers in the DRC

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced the beginning of an investigation into the latest attacks on peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), an investigation headed by a Russian diplomat Dmitry Titov

IFJ condemns expulsion of Russian journalists from Latvia

The expulsion of Russian journalists from Anatolia and Olga Kurlaev from Latvia is groundless. The head of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) for human rights and security issues Ernest Sagaga commented on the incident.

German FM: Russia, China and the US ignore the EU

Russia, China and the United States do not respect the European Union, German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel said in an interview with Spiegel.
In fact, Moscow, Beijing and Washington have something in common: they do not put the European Union in anything. They despise him. – Zigmar Gabriel, German politician

Trump accused Clinton of collusion with the FBI and Russia

US President Donald Trump on Friday accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of “collusion with the FBI and Russia.” The corresponding position he laid out on his own page on Twitter.
Now that it is confirmed that my collusion with Russia was an invention and that collusion is only with Hillary Clinton and the FBI, fake media and this fake book are trying to fight off .- Donald Trump

The Constitutional Court of Moldova has found a way to bypass the president’s veto

In Moldova, a new round of confrontation between the president and the Constitutional Court (COP) is brewing. On January 5, the CC authorized the parliament to bypass the president’s veto, which he imposed on the law, allowing changes in the broadcasting of news and information and analytical programs from Russia.

I reiterate my position on the so-called anti-propaganda law. In my opinion, it contradicts the principles of democracy and violates basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. – Igor Dodon, Moldovan statesman

The media have announced a new investigation of the FBI against Clinton

The FBI launched a new investigation into former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Hill said, citing sources in law enforcement agencies. Investigators are interested in the activities of its Clinton Foundation during the period when Clinton directed the State Department.

Erdogan: Turkey-US agreements lose power

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan sharply criticized the decision of the jury of the US jury on recognizing the guilt of Deputy Director General of Turkish Halkbank Mehmet Khakas Atilla in violation of the sanctions against Iran, saying that “justice in the American way” makes the whole world worry.

Moscow awaits OSCE reaction to the expulsion of Russian journalists from Latvia

“As a full-fledged member of the OSCE, Russia expects Arlem Desir, representative of the Organization for Freedom of the Media, of a clear public position and concrete steps in response to the deportation of Russian journalists from Latvia,” the statement said on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry

OSCE Concerned about Expulsion of Russian Journalist from Latvia

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Arlem Desire, expressed concern on Friday about the expulsion of Olga Kurlaeva, a correspondent of VGTRK from Latvia.

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations: in Iran, everything can go according to the Syrian scenario

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley believes that the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran may well follow the scenario of the Syrian Arab Republic, where in 2011 civil unrest turned into a bloody war.

The world witnessed the horrors taking place in Syria, which began with the fact that the bloody regime denied the people’s right to peaceful protest. We must not allow this to happen in Iran. – Nikki Haley, American politician

Russian Foreign Ministry: US is looking for a pretext to increase pressure on Iran

Washington is looking for an excuse to increase pressure on Iran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, commenting on the statement by US Vice President Mike Pens.
Earlier, Pence said that Iran is the main sponsor of terrorism in the world.

The Pentagon confirmed the suspension of exercises with South Korea at the time of the OI

Earlier it became known that there was an agreement between the leaders of the United States and South Korea about the suspension of joint exercises for the time of the Olympics. Recall, the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang should be held from 9 to 25 February, and the Paralympic Games – from 9 to 18 March.


The reason for the withdrawal of the “Georgian Legion” from the APU became known

The Georgian Legion withdrew from the 54th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The main reason was the incompetence of the command. As reported by the “Federal News Agency”, in addition, the reason that prompted the unit to exit the APU, called “illegal orders.”

The destroyer of the US Navy Carney entered the Black Sea

The American destroyer Carney was the first ship of the US Navy, which entered the Black Sea in 2018, the Ukrainian newspaper Dumskaya reports. Earlier, the same ship visited Ukraine in the framework of the Sea Breeze 2017 exercises in July last year. Then on its board the president of the country Peter Poroshenko has visited

French President does not trust negotiations on Syria in Sochi and Astana

French President Emmanuelle Macron believes that the Astana process on the Syrian settlement was useful, but does not fit the format for the political process. Macron said after talks with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Paris

Turkey signed a contract with the Eurosam concern to develop a missile defense system

Turkey signed a contract with the Franco-Italian concern Eirosam to conduct research before the development and production of a new anti-missile defense (ABM) system.

The chief of the General Staff of the armed forces of Yemen is wounded with a mine explosion

The chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Yemen, General Taher al-Uchayli, was wounded, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Yemeni military source. According to him, the general was taken to the hospital.

VKS RF received more than 70 new radar stations in 2017

Last year the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation received dozens of the newest radar stations (RLS). According to the Department of Information and Communications of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, more than 70 new radar stations

Saudi air defense intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s air defense forces intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen by rebels from the Shiite Ansar Alla movement (husits) over the Saudi city of Najran, the local Al Arabiya TV channel reported.

The Su-30SM fighter will become the main aircraft of the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy

The multipurpose Su-30SM fighter will become the main aircraft of the operational-tactical aviation forces of the coast-based naval aviation of the Russian Navy.

The term of the first flight of the new Tu-160M2

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin promised that the first test flight of the upgraded strategic missile carrier Tu-160M2 “White Swan” will be held in February 2018. As iz.ru wrote, new aircraft equipment will be equipped with intelligent avionics.

China began to build a third aircraft carrier for its fleet

The first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning was commissioned in 2011. It was built on the basis of the unfinished Soviet cruiser Varyag bought from Ukraine. The second aircraft carrier China launched in 2017 – this ship was entirely made in China.

The media learned where Ukraine will store American lethal weapons

The lethal weapons that Kiev will receive from the United States will be kept away from the positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reports. According to the publication, weapons will be in the locations of the deployment of US military personnel.

Japan will continue to push for pressure on the DPRK

Japan will continue its policy of exerting pressure on the DPRK until Pyongyang renounces its nuclear policy, said Yoshihide Suga, secretary general of the Japanese Cabinet.

Iran announced the rout of terrorists preparing for the riots

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced the destruction of a terrorist cell intending to arrange riots in the country, its members were arrested after a clash with the republic’s security forces


At the airport in Toronto, two aircraft collided

As reported in the airport’s Twitter, the incident occurred at Terminal 3. The WestJet airline reported that the Boeing 737-800, which was on its way to Cancun, carrying 168 passengers and six crew members, collided with a Sunwing aircraft at the entrance to the passenger’s arm.

Trump skyscraper in New York checked because of the threat of explosion

Police in New York checked the skyscraper Trump Tower after reporting a bomb, the media said, citing sources in the police. As a result of the scan, no suspicious items were found

Eight people arrested in China on charges of terrorism

Chinese law enforcement officers in Sanya (Hainan Province) arrested eight people suspected of extremism and preparation of terrorist attacks

As a result of shooting near Los Angeles, killing four people

As a result of shooting in the suburbs of Los Angeles, killing four people, the KTLA television channel reported. The incident occurred in the city of Santa Clarita. It is specified that the bodies were found in the dwelling house

In the Urals, dogs helped survive the missing teenagers in the winter forest

According to the rescuers, the dogs helped survive the loss. A report on the loss of adolescents was received by the police on the night of January 5 from the parents of one of the boys (there were no relatives of the second child at that time).

Ecologists saved about 100 freezing turtles in Florida

American ecologists rescued about 100 sea turtles, which because of too cold water rose to the surface of the water and stayed there, representing an easy prey for predators.

Five cut heads found on the hood of a taxi in Mexico

In the Mexican state of Veracruz, dismembered bodies of five people were found. According to local media with reference to law enforcement officers, five cut off heads were left by bandits on the hood of a taxi car on the road in the municipality of Tlakotalpan.

Shoe shop near Novosibirsk, where the fire occurred, worked illegally

Shoe shop near Novosibirsk, where ten people died in a fire, worked illegally, according to the Central Emergency Management Department for the region

In Nizhny Tagil, the father of a 2-year-old child was beaten by a security guard of the SEC

On January 1 in Nizhny Tagil, the father of a 2-year-old child demanded that a security guard of the SEC open a toilet for his son. Between the men there was a fight and the employee of the center beat the victim, writes “Ekaterinburg on air”.

Luxor fell a balloon with tourists, a man died

One tourist from the United States was killed, another seven people were injured as a result of a balloon falling in Luxor in southern Egypt, the Egyptian information portal Al-Ahram reported. The injured were taken to Luxor hospital, where they received medical care.

Rostrud began checking the death of 10 people in a fire near Novosibirsk

The Federal Service for Labor and Employment began testing in connection with a major fire in a shoe factory in the Novosibirsk region, where, according to the regional MOE, 10 people were killed – citizens of China and Kyrgyzstan.


Maduro announced the release of 100 million Venezuelan crypto currency El Petro

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro ordered to issue 100 million crypto-currencies El Petro, which will be provided by the country’s oil. This is reported by the Telesur television channel.

The revenues of the oil industry of Libya amounted to $ 14 billion in 2017

The revenues of the Libyan oil industry increased last year compared to the indicators of 2016 and amounted to $ 14 billion, the agency France-Presse reported on Friday referring to the data of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL).

The Russian luxury car market grew 1.5 times in November

More than 50% of the total volume of the Russian luxury segment in November was in Moscow, where 60 cars were sold. In St. Petersburg and the Moscow region, 13 luxury cars were bought. Residents of Sochi bought three such cars.

Ukrainian energy sector reduced consumption of coal by 20%

Thermal power plants (TPPs) and heat and power plants (TPPs) of Ukraine in January-November 2017 reduced coal consumption by 20.3% (by 5.722 million tons) compared to the same period in 2016 – up to 22 million 465.1 thousand tons

China promised foreign investors the possibility of repatriating profits

The People’s Bank of China promised foreign investors the opportunity to transfer profits received in the country to other states. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the Chinese Central Bank.

Film company Weinstein brothers will be sold for $ 500 million

Film company Weinstein Company, founded by the brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, will be sold for $ 500 million. The company’s financial problems arose after a scandal with long-term sexual harassment of the elder brother, Harvey.

Ministry of Economic Development plans to create a new TOP in Yaroslavl region

The RF Ministry of Economic Development intends to create a new territory for outstripping socio-economic development (TOR) “Rostov” on the territory of the urban settlement of Rostov in the Yaroslavl region, follows from a document published on the portal of draft normative acts on Friday.

The Cypriot court froze the assets of Ukrainian billionaire Akhmetov

The Cypriot court froze the assets of Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov for $ 820 million. The decision was made as part of the legal proceedings on the privatization of the operator of communication “Ukrtelecom”. Among the arrested property is an apartment in the London residential complex One Hyde Park.

The Bank of Russia freed exporters from issuing transaction passports

The Bank of Russia freed exporters from the obligation to issue passports of transactions with currency, as well as provide information on currency transactions.

Prime Minister of Mongolia found the perpetrators of the economic crisis in the country

The bonds of “Chingis-bond” worth $ 1.5 billion were issued in 2013 in order to raise funds for investing in economic projects. To partially repay this loan, in November 2017 in Mongolia issued new bonds – “Garege-bond” for 5.5 years at 5.625%.

Oil company Saudi Aramco transformed into a joint-stock company

The Saudi Arabian State Oil Company Saudi Aramco has been transformed into a joint stock company.

In Moscow for three years, according to the plan, they will build up to 12 million square meters. m of housing

The annual housing construction in the capital in the next three years will be from 3 to 4 million square meters, Deputy Mayor of the city on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin told Interfax on Friday.

The housing state program will be transferred to the project management

The state program is transferred to the project management in accordance with the implemented strategy of increasing the effectiveness of the implementation of state programs. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the housing state program will be carried out annually using a system of indicators and indicators.

WSJ: The former head of Uber intends to sell 29% of its shares in the company

Former head and co-founder of Uber Travis Kalanik intends to sell 29% of his shares in the company Uber Technologies Inc. This is written by The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources. Kalanik left the post of head of Uber last year, but remains on the board of directors of the company.

International reserve assets of Belarus for 2017 grew by 48.5%

The international reserve assets of Belarus as of January 1, 2018, according to preliminary data, amounted to $ 7.31 billion, the information and public relations department of the National Bank informs on January 5, noting that as a result of 2017 “the increase in reserves was $ 2.388 billion (48, 5%)”.

Belarus told about plans for export of agricultural products

Belarus plans to export agricultural products for 6 billion dollars this year. This is how BELTA will transfer, Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Zayats said.

Lithuania paid an EC fine of € 27.8 million for violation of competition rules

The state enterprise Lietuvos gelezinkeliai (“Lithuanian Railways”) paid a fine of € 27.8 million, designated by the European Commission (EC) for violating competition rules. This January 5, told reporters representative of the state print company Mantas Dubauskas

Natural gas in the United States has risen in price 60 times

Spot prices for natural gas in the US rose 60 times compared with the average due to a snowstorm in the north-east of the country. According to Consolidated Edison, the price has reached a record $ 175 for 1 million British thermal units (BTU).

Russia and Armenia agreed on the price of natural gas in 2018

Members of the current government of Russia approved the price for natural gas, which will be supplied to Armenia in 2018. The cost of one thousand cubic meters was $ 150. Under the appropriate decree Prime Minister of Russia Medvedev has already signed.

Poland wants to extend the gas contract with Russia without reference to the price of oil

Head of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG Maciej Vozhnyak said that Poland will sign a new contract for the supply of gas from the Russian Federation only if the price is not tied to the price of oil. The contract for the supply of Russian gas expires in 2022.


Deputy with dual citizenship

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Sergey Leshchenko stated that the State Migration Service did not withdraw the citizenship of the former Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya.

Recall that Natalia Poklonskaya worked in the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine from 2002 to 2014. After the referendum in the Crimea in the spring of 2014, she headed the prosecutor’s office of the republic.

The authorities of Estonia intend to partially demolish the Soviet memorial of Maarjamäe

The Soviet memorial of Maarjamäe in Tallinn can be partially demolished because of the threat of destruction. This was stated on Friday by the Minister of Justice of Estonia Urmas Reinsalu

The Russian government has reduced the list of documents for the adoption of children

In particular, the excerpt from the home book from the place of residence, a copy of the financial personal account from the place of residence, a certificate of the internal affairs bodies confirming the absence of a criminal record, a copy of the pension certificate, a certificate from the territorial body of the Pension Fund are excluded from the list of documents that are provided by the applicants.

These documents will be requested by the guardianship and trusteeship authority of the relevant authorities.

Matter aid to veterans from Russia

Participants of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) living in Israel, starting from January 1, 2018, will receive a monthly monthly financial assistance of 500 or 1000 rubles, depending on the category of recipients.

Police of Yakutsk installed on the roads of the city dummies of schoolchildren

Law enforcement authorities in Yakutsk intend to fight riders on the roads with the help of dummies with the image of schoolchildren. Realistic figures of children with reflective elements appeared on the roads of the city on the eve, the press service of the UGIBDD in the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha) reported.

Vladimir Putin fired 10 thousand traffic police officers.

The order of the agency specifies that the reduction will affect all regions, but will not affect only two divisions of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. In addition, the staff being reduced will have the opportunity to continue serving in other units, the document says.

In Britain, they want to tax coffee for take-away on disposable tableware

British parliamentarians offer to impose coffee on take-away tax on disposable tableware. The so-called “latte fee” will be approximately 25 pence (about $ 0.34 or 19 rubles).

Officials are less likely to find bribes

Experts link the trend to the fact that officials began to be afraid to take risks after the resonant corruption cases. In 2017, the number of crimes related to bribery in the civil service and in local government bodies decreased.

China began issuing long-term visas for foreign specialists

The experts in the field of advanced technologies will be able to get a new model. Visas will also be provided to entrepreneurs, scientists, famous athletes and artists. For the same visas, foreigners will be able to bring children and spouses to China, writes TASS


The cable car will link Vorobyovy Gory and Luzhniki to the summer of 2018

The cableway with illumination will connect the Vorobyovy Mountains and the Olympic Complex “Luzhniki” to the World Cup. This was reported by the Mayor of Moscow. The length of the building will be 737 meters.

Pavilion “Cosmos” at VDNH will open after restoration in March

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the pavilion “Cosmos” at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements will open in March: it restored the decor, a unique glass dome, replaced the golden chandelier in the form of a Kremlin star.

Rostourism warns tourists in Italy about the danger of avalanches

The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm) asks Russian tourists in Italy to comply with security measures due to heavy snowfalls and avalanches, a warning posted on the agency’s website on Friday.

Four bike parades will be held in Moscow in 2018

In Moscow in 2018, four bicycle parades are planned, said the curator of the project Let’s bike it Vladimir Kumov. “Four bike parades are planned,” the city news agency “Moscow” cites Kumov’s words. In the past year, four bicycle parades

Since February 1, a regular communication between Moscow and Cairo

According to the Egypt Today portal, 20 flights will be additionally reserved for the time of the World Cup in Russia. The day before, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the resumption of regular air service with Cairo. Resorts of Egypt is not concerned

The number of foreign tourists in Georgia increased by almost 28% in 2017

The number of tourists – to tourists, the agency refers to those foreign visitors who stayed in Georgia for a day or more – in 2017 it was more than 3,478 million people against 2.714 million in 2016. The growth was 27.9%, the head of the National Tourism Administration, Georgi Chogovadze, said on January 5.

Most horse and jeep tours illegally work in the Crimea

By early May, the department is going to “bring the rules for transporting passengers to the legal channel, eliminating the barbarous attitude to the nature of unscrupulous and illegal carriers.” To do this, we will have to change some laws that relate to specially protected natural areas in the Crimea.

A new tourist route to the Manpupuner Plateau will be opened in Komi in 2018

A new route for snowmobile trips will open for tourists in 2018 to the Manpupuner Plateau – the seventh miracle of Russia, which is located on the territory of the Pechora-Ilychsky Biosphere Reserve in the Komi Republic. This was reported by TASS director of the reserve Leonid Simakin.

In the North Caucasus will introduce a single tourist card – Baisultanov

Minkavkaz Russia is working on the introduction of a single tourist card, giving the opportunity to visit several resorts located on the territory of the North Caucasus Federal District. About this today, January 5, said the first deputy head of Minkavkaz Russia Odes Baysultanov.

Ryazan chose for New Year holidays Thailand

RIA “MediaRyazan” found out in the travel agencies of Ryazan the most popular destinations for recreation, chosen by the residents of the region for these New Year holidays. In all of the firms surveyed, Thailand was named among the leaders. Also, the Ryazan people purchased vouchers to India, China, Vietnam.


Queen Elizabeth II will again become great-grandmother

The representative of Buckingham Palace said that the Queen of Great Britain was pleased to learn this news. It is worth noting that the owner of the silver medal in the Olympic Games in London, Zara and her husband, the ex-captain of the England rugby team Michael Tyndell, already have a child – daughter Mia.

Film Academy of the USA began voting for the nomination of films for the Oscar

The American Film Academy began voting for the nomination of films for the Oscar film award. As reported by Gold Derby, the procedure for filing ballots with the names of candidates was launched on January 5. Applications for members of the Academy will be accepted until January 12.

Medinsky called himself a departmental patriot

Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky said that he prefers the film “Arrhythmia” Boris Khlebnikov film “Dislike” Andrei Zvyagintsev.

Persecution of Kirkorov offended by a fan hit the video

New Year holidays Philip Kirkorov spends with his family in Miami. Then he found a Russian-speaking fan who asked the singer for an autograph. As events developed further, you can learn from the words of an offended fan.

Volochkova swept the twine on the marble staircase

Anastasia Volochkova sat on the twine and rolled off the marble staircase on the mattress. The video, which is published on the page of the ballerina in Instagram, shows how the 41-year-old actress performs new “acrobatic stunts.”

Now I understand why this luxurious marble staircase in my house is needed. – Anastasia Volochkova, Russian ballet dancer

Olga Buzova showed her bare chest on vacation in Dubai

Painful cold and suffering from internal problems Olga Buzova does not forget to please fans with new photos in Instagram. Today, the star published a photo in the social network with bare chest. She made a shot on vacation in Dubai, lying on a deckchair.

Lady Gaga is going to sing the official anthem of the World Cup 2018 in Russia

RedOne is a 45-year-old Moroccan music producer, a two-time Gremmy winner and author of many Lady Gaga songs – used to write songs for the World Soccer Championships: Vaubo in 2006 and “We’re Alone” for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – it was performed by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

A model without complexes was exposed, showing the most famous poses of stars

Famous plus-size model from London Libya Matthews “showed herself”, repeating, the naked poses of the stars. The girl copied beauty models Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Emily Ratjakovski, Karu Delevin, Rita Ora and Kate Moss, who became the standard of beauty.

The White House was asked to preview the movie “Secret Dossier”

Representatives of the White House have requested a preview of Steven Spielberg’s film “Secret Dossier”, reports The Hill. According to the publication, the White House sent a request to the Spielberg team, saying that he wants to see the picture before the start of the rental

The release date of the final season of the “Game of Thrones” became known

“Six episodes of the eighth, the final season of the” Game of Thrones “will be released in 2019,” the press service of the channel now writes. The directors of the season will be Benioff and Wais, Miguel Sapocnik and David Nutter.

68-year-old Pugacheva struck with a youth dress at the Navka ice show

The prima donna of the Russian stage again was in the center of attention, having visited the ice show of Tatiana Navka in the youth dress. Alla Pugacheva together with her husband Maxim Galkin and twins Harry and Lisa watched the ice staging of “Ruslan and Lyudmila” in the sports palace “Megasport” in Moscow.

Jeffrey Rush will play a great artist and sculptor

The film will appear on screens from January 11. Actor Jeffrey Rush, known to the general public for his participation in the films from the series “Pirates of the Caribbean”, will play the role of the famous Swiss artist and sculptor Alberto Giacometti in the biographical film “The Last Portrait”.

Kim Kardashian showed the fans a naked body

The secular lioness and model Kim Kardashian showed the fans almost naked body – it was only the lower part of the linen, according to VladTime. The celebrity was sealed lying on the bed, covering the voluminous bust with her hands.

Helena Bonham Carter will play the Queen’s sister in the third season of the “Crown”

Helena Bonham Carter will join the cast of the third season of the series “Crown”. According to the publication Deadline, the British actress will play the role of Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II. In the first two seasons, Margaret played the role of Vanessa Kirby.

Young lover showed photo Bondarchuk on vacation

On page in Instagram of the 37-year-old photographer Sergey Tabunov, about the novel with 49-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk announced, there was a picture made on the coast of Bali. On his back to the audience captured the very glamorous blonde.

Sergei Svetlakov first showed his son

Famous actor Sergei Svetlakov, who for a long time hid his son’s face, finally decided to show the heir. Showman shared with fans family photos from the rest. The star of the TV show “Nasha Russia” on the page in Instagram published a collage with his big family.

The unhealthy appearance of 16-year-old daughter Cindy Crawford scared journalists

Paparazzi filmed 16-year-old daughter of the famous model Cindy Crawford, Kayu, they were disturbed by the unhealthy appearance of the girl. In the pictures she looks quite exhausted: circles under the eyes, tired eyes and unhealthy complexion.

Fans laughed at Julia Nastavova for a strange shot

No less strange is the door behind the girl. Apparently, the singer pretty much worked hard to make herself more graceful in the photo. This incident caused unpleasant ridicule on the part of commentators.

Fans praised Gagarin and Lazarev for the snow angels

Fans praised Polina Gagarin and Sergei Lazarev for a new winter flash mob – fun with snow angels. The artists started relaying the relay to each other, VladTime reports.

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert told about the death of the wife from cancer

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert on her page in Instagram told about the death of the spouse Raya Elias. According to her, a girlfriend died of pancreatic cancer.

Olga Seryabkina excited the fans with erotic photos in the pool

Soloist of the group “Silver” – a famous lover to show her naked body in languid poses. In another publication Olga Seryabkina posted a series of sexy photos in the water in a flesh-colored bra.


Ilon Mask offers work at the Tesla factory via Twitter

American businessman Ilon Mask announced in his microblog about employment at the world’s largest and most technically advanced factory Tesla. It is built near the town of Sparks in the desert of the American state of Nevada.

In the web there were drawings of the iPhone-clamshell

As previously reported, LG Display, a subsidiary of LG, received an order from Apple for a receding AMOLED-display for a smartphone-clamshell. “Apple” company is preparing a response from Samsung to the folding Galaxy X. Smartphone smartphone Koreans also appeared on the web

Brand of cosmetics Neutrogena released skin scanner for iPhone

The cosmetics brand Neutrogena has released a skin scanner for the iPhone. It is with his help that users will be able to find the problems of their skin and get the necessary advice from specialists to get rid of them. The application from Neutrogena is called Skin360, and the gadget itself is SkinScanner.

Apple recognized the presence of vulnerabilities in the processors iPhone and iMac

All Mac models and devices on the iOS operating system are susceptible to dangers, – the message says. The company notes that so far there has been no way to exploit this vulnerability. In addition, Meltdown is not affected by the Apple Watch

Invented a suitcase, which he himself will follow his master

In China, invented a “smart” suitcase, which as a puppy will be everywhere with his master and himself to follow him. A company from China 90Fun introduced the world a new development Puppy 1. In practice, it will be a simple suitcase for 50 square centimeters.

Samsung will release a smartphone with a sensitive display

South Korean firm Samsung has patented the Pressure Sensor technology. With her phone will react differently to the touch of your fingers, and on the screen, depending on the force of pressing will appear temporary dents. For this, the phone will be equipped with a folding AMOLED-screen.

Google Play found new malware

Users Andoid-devices warned about the newest virus on Google Play. It is reported that Alphonso is able to monitor the user, receive his personal information, and then send them to the advertiser.

In the US, robots will soon take over supermarkets

In the US, the first robotic stores were opened. People are waiting for “tomorrow” at every turn. The cherished dream of buyers has come true: no queues, no unfriendly cashiers and no theft

Silver 360 N6 Pro Bright Silver will be presented at the end of January

Silver phone of Chinese production 360 N6 Pro Bright Silver will soon be introduced in the market. The device belongs to the middle class of gadgets. Chinese engineers said that the novelty in the silver case will be released in late January.

Huawei in 2018 will release a line of 10 budget smartphones

The popular company Huawei in 2018 promises to release a line of 10 budget phones. On the big plans of the manufacturer, Huawei President Mr. Ren Zhengfey

Twitter added a photo description for the visually impaired

The developers of Twitter added the function of describing the contents of the photo in the full version of the website and a mobile application for devices running on iOS and Android. It is reported that you can activate the function in options.

Samsung will release an update of Android 8.0 Oreo for Galaxy S8

South Korean firm Samsung will close the beta version of Android 8.0 Oreo on January 15, and the full version of the OS will be released later this month. It is reported that the registration of the newest beta test participants ended on January 5.

In the instant messenger WhatsApp will feature Instagram stories

It’s about integrating the “history” function of the Instagram service into the WhatsApp messenger. It is worth noting that one of the users of the social network offered this idea to developers. Thus, now this integration capability is being tested

Engineers Lenovo officially announced Tablet 10 tablet

During his speech in Las Vegas at CES 2018, engineers from the Chinese company Lenovo officially announced the Tablet 10 tablet.

Samsung introduced a new “transformer” Notebook 7 Spin

South Korean firm Samsung plans to introduce an ultra-thin laptop Notebook 9, running with an Intel Core i7 processor. The amount of RAM of the device will be 16 GB, and ROM – 1 TB. In the design of Samsung Notebook 9, manufacturers decided to abandon the sharp edges and transitions.

In the ad blocker advertising Opera 50 appeared protection from cryptojacking

More and more sites are trying to make money on the computers of their visitors. Instead of showing ads, they use user processors to extract crypto currency. This scheme is called cryptojacking, and protection against it appeared in Opera 50.


Experts: The ancestors of ancient Indians could have come from Eurasia

The ancestors of the living Indians moved to the American continent from Eurasia during the glacial period.

Scientists have discovered a new technology of MRI to diagnose a kidney tumor

American scientists from the University of Texas have opened a new technology of multiparameter MRI to diagnose a kidney tumor.

Microsoft will decipher the human immune system

Microsoft employees together with the startup Adaptive Biotechnologies are going to decipher the human immune system. Developers will make a special “map”, allowing you to track pathological changes in the body.

Geologists have found traces of an ancient meteorite disaster

In the geological deposits scattered on the territory from Asia to Antarctica, the world’s geologists have found ancient minerals. Specialists consider these inorganic substances as evidence of a meteorite catastrophe that occurred about 800 thousand years ago, unknown to modern science.

Scientists: global warming will lead to the drying of the soil

It became known that a team of scientists from all over the world came to the conclusion, what can global warming on Earth lead to. According to them, this phenomenon can lead to the fact that the soil will dry out if the thermometer’s column increases by another two degrees Celsius

Scientists: A special virus can treat brain tumors

A virus that needs to be injected directly into the bloodstream can in the future be used to treat people who suffer from tumors in the brain.

Scientists talked about the irreversible effect of alcohol on DNA

The results showed that alcohol causes serious damage to DNA in the stem cells of the blood, and also irreversibly changes its structure. Such changes in the genome led to an increased risk of developing seven types of cancer, including breast and intestinal cancers.

The number of “dead zones” is growing in the World Ocean

A lot of living organisms living in the waters of the World Ocean begin to die out due to the lack of sufficient oxygen, forming the so-called “dead zones”. Scientists associate their appearance with global warming.

Scientists have added a taste of calcium to five known tastes

American physiologists together with South Korean physiologists after a number of experiments have put forward the assumption that human receptors are able to recognize not only the five basic tastes. It turns out that the characteristic taste sensation has calcium

The fall of the Chinese space station is expected in March

Specialists are counting on the fact that the main array of the station will burn in the atmosphere. The orbital station, called “Tiangun-1”, which belongs to the Chinese state, was launched into Earth’s orbit seven years ago.

Scientists: People will be able to live in autonomous colonies on Titan

The publication describes the possibility of settling earthlings on Saturn’s moon Titan quite naturalistically. If a power station is built on the moon of Saturn, then the people living there will have the necessary amount of energy, which will allow them to create themselves perfectly optimal conditions for life.

Astronomers have discovered an overabundance of large stars in the Tarantula Nebula

The international team of astronomers discovered a huge surplus of massive stars in the neighboring galaxy of the Great Magellanic Cloud. The discovery, which was made in a giant star-forming region, known as the Tarantula Nebula, is located in the galaxy of the Great Magellanic Cloud.

Scientists of NASA will study the principle of the formation of brown dwarfs

Representatives of the space agency NASA said that they plan to use the space telescope James Webb to find answers to questions and understand the principle of the formation of brown dwarfs in the universe.

Scientists: On the exoplanet TRAPPIST-1 there may be an atmosphere

Astrophysicists stated that a potential atmosphere can exist on a number of planets located outside the solar system near TRAPPIST-1.

In India they are developing a small rocket for launching mini satellites

The Indian organization ISRO is developing a small SSLV carrier rocket, which will bring mini satellites into Earth’s orbit. Thus, India will be able to save money on space launches.

NASA is going to launch a probe to an exoplanet in 2069

A few years ago, the Voyager probe after decades of flight within the solar system crossed interstellar space.


The car of David Bowie was sold for a record amount

At an auction in Switzerland, the Volvo 262C David Bowie 1981 sold for a record for an old car amount.

Mercedes-Benz introduced two pickups X-Class for lovers of camping

In the company Mercedes-Benz have developed new versions of their pickup, designed for fans to relax in nature. Mercedes-Benz presented two versions of the pickup X-Class for camping, created with the companies Tischer and VanEssa.

Toyota showed the rear optics of the new generation Avalon sedan

The new Toyota Avalon will be based on the TNGA platform, which is used in many new and updated models of the Japanese brand and assumes the availability of a hybrid installation beyond the standard ICE

Female magazine Elle presented a special hatchback Citroen C3

French machine builders together with the women’s magazine Elle presented a special hatchback Citroen C3. As part of the special version of the car received a non-standard shade of white body, black side mirrors, sand-colored roof, as well as pink elements of the exterior.

Crossover Nissan X-Trail in 2018 will receive a hybrid version

Already this year the manufacturer Nissan will offer customers a hybrid version of its crossover Nissan X-Trail. As reported, for the crossover Nissan X-Trail will be offered a hybrid power plant from Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Volkswagen named the prices for seven-seat crossover Tiguan AllSpace

Sales of the seven-seat crossover Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace started and the carmaker estimated this model at 2,270,000 rubles. In the British market, a new seven-seat crossover has become available for purchase, the cost of which in the basic configuration is 29,370 pounds sterling (2,270,000 rubles).

Sedan Audi A6 new generation is preparing for the debut in Geneva

German machine builders continue to develop a premium new generation Audi A6 sedan, and are preparing it for the debut. It is expected that the audience will get acquainted with the car in March this year at the motor show in Geneva

Kia Rio 2018 will receive a new design and improved performance

The Kia plant in 2018 intends to surprise its customers with a new generation of the Kia Rio model. It is reported that the car will receive a new improved design and more modern technical specifications, while it will still remain in the budget segment.

Photo-spy photographed the updated hatchback Renault Zoe

According to the information received, the hatchback Renault Zoe will debut at the Auto Expo, which will take place in a month. In this case, the appearance of the updated version was declassified thanks to photo spy who managed to capture the car without camouflage film

Aston Martin recalls several sports cars due to gearbox problems

The English brand Aston Martin, which produces sports cars, plans a service campaign. Within its framework, several models of the brand will be recalled due to malfunctions in the transmission of Aston Martin vehicles.

BAIC BJ40 SUV received factory tuning

Concern BAIC has released two factory tuning packages for the SUV BJ40 and its extended version BJ40L

Updated crossover Peugeot 2008 entered the market

On the Chinese car market, sales of the renewed crossover Peugeot 2008 started, which has already reached dealers and is available for purchase in five trim levels.

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