29 May, 2018

Bread and vodka are our food

In the top 5 products – the leaders in sales in Russia – included bread, soft drinks, medicines, cigarettes and spirits. This is evidenced by the data of the operator of fiscal data “Taksk” provided to Izvestiya. The company receives information from Russian stores directly – through their online cash departments.

In addition to the above-mentioned five products, in April the top 10 food products also contain beer, milk, confectionery, sweets, juices and nectars.

In this case, in terms of money, strong alcohol, medicines, cigarettes, sausages and beer were in the lead. Over the past six months, the rating has not changed much

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Bastrykin called to close the “Instagram”

Earlier, the media quoted Bastrykin saying that it was necessary to close Instagram, since the attack in St. Petersburg was carried out with the help of this application. The press release of the SC says that Bastrykin spoke of the advisability of closing Telegram.

In Turkey, instead of “Yandex”, “Google” has its own information system for children. And we can not even close Instagram. And among other things Instagram should be closed, because the terrorist attack in Leningrad last year was committed with the help of Instagram. – Alexander Bastrykin, statesman

The Kremlin announced Putin’s visit to Austria

President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Austria on June 5 will discuss with Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz the development of bilateral relations and international issues, the press service of the Kremlin

Putin made changes to the Security Council of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin included Yevgeny Zinichev, Minister of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, in the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the relevant decree was published on May 28 on the portal of legal information

The court on June 4 will convict the accused of espionage of Sushchenko

The Moscow City Court on June 4 will sentence the accused in Russia of espionage to Ukrainian citizen Roman Sushchenko. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to his lawyer Mark Feigin. “The verdict against Sushchenko will be announced on June 4,” he said.

AP: son of Russian spies trying to deprive Canadian citizenship

Alex Vavilov was born in 1994 in Canada. In this case, the law guaranteed him the receipt of Canadian citizenship. However, his parents are Russian spies Andrei Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova, who worked in Canada under the names of Donald Hetfield and Tracey Ann Foley since the 1980s. In 1995, they moved to Paris, and in 1999 – to Massachusetts. In 2010, the FBI opened a spy network, which included Andrei Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova. They and eight other scouts were exchanged for the agents of Sergei Skripal, Alexander Zaporozhsky, Gennady Vasilenko and Igor Sutyagin, who are serving their sentence in Russia.

The Canadian government claims that Alex Vavilov has no right to citizenship. The authorities appealed to the Supreme Court to annul the passport issued to him by the lower court. Alex Vavilov claims that he did not even know that his parents were Russian. He has an older brother, Tim, who was also born to Canada. He can also be deprived of his passport.

In the Urals third for a week the mayor resigned

The head of Serov, Elena Berdnikova, resigned on Monday, at her own request, a message

President of Italy invited the economist Cottarelli to form the Cabinet

Italian President Sergio Mattarella gave the economist, former International Monetary Fund (IMF) employee Carlo Cottarelli a mandate to form a new government in the country and appointed him provisional prime minister. RIA Novosti press secretary, Mayor Vera Teliashova

Dmitry Peskov from the ASI

Dmitry Peskov, director of the Young Professionals Department of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), can become a new adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is reported by RBC with reference to two sources close to the Kremlin. The appointment can take place in the coming days, one of them specified.

Those involved in the seizure of the ship “Nord” have been declared international wanted

FSB has established the identity of the suspects in the capture of the Crimean fishing vessel “Nord”, they were declared an international wanted list. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Crimean department of the department of Viktor Palagin.

In Warsaw, the court canceled the renaming of 12 streets in the “decommunization”

The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw reversed Mazovetskiy’s decision to rename the 12 streets of the Polish capital as part of the decommunization law, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Abe and Trump agreed to meet before the summit of the leaders of the United States and North Korea

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump agreed to hold a meeting on the eve of the June 12 summit of the American leader with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

The Mayor of Helsinki will visit Moscow for the first time, where he will meet Sobyanin

Head of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori May 31 for the first time to visit Moscow, where he will meet with the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobyanin, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the City Hall adviser Victor Anderson Finnish capital.

Leaders of Russia and China plan to sign a number of important documents

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will sign a number of important documents. The agreements will be concluded during the visit of the Russian head to China scheduled for June. Such a statement was made by Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui.

In the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the fall will consider Kosachev’s complaint on US sanctions

Earlier Kosachev told RBC that he applied to the Ministry of Communications with a complaint to include him in the US sanctions list. The letter was sent to the IPU Committee on the Rights of Parliamentarians. This unit examines the appeals of deputies concerning violations of their rights as people’s representatives.

The source announced further changes in the governor’s corps

A source in the presidential administration of Russia said that the resignation of the governor in the Magadan region would not be the only one. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“This is not an isolated case, replacements in the governor’s corps will continue,” the source said.

Earlier, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov said that on May 28 the president will pay attention to regional problems.

New US sanctions against the DPRK may affect Russian companies

A new package of US sanctions against the DPRK may affect Russian and Chinese companies, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports with reference to two unnamed representatives of the White House

Media reported that Abramovich received an Israeli passport

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich flew to Tel Aviv and received an Israeli passport. This was reported by the local Internet publication “Wye-No”.

Polish Foreign Minister calls on West to extend sanctions against Russia

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputowicz during a conversation with journalists in Brussels said that the authorities of Western countries should extend economic sanctions against Russia. This is reported by “Polske Radio”

Russians will be able to visit all countries of Central America without visas

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov signed an intergovernmental agreement on the refusal of the visa regime for mutual visits of Russians and citizens of Costa Rica. This is reported on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

“After the entry into force of this document, the Russian Federation will have visa-free agreements with all countries of Central America, which creates new opportunities for developing contacts and relations with the states of this region,” the ministry said.


Russia will respond to the deployment of an American base in Poland

On the eve of the publication Politico referring to the documents of the Ministry of Defense of Poland reported that Warsaw is ready to pay two billion dollars for the establishment of an American military base in the country. This step was explained by the authorities “an urgent need for a permanent US military division in Poland.”

The new aviation rocket “Armored Poodle” will be tested before the end of 2018

It is assumed that the “Truck” will replace the unguided rocket S-8 caliber 80 mm. For the first time the newest air missile was presented at a military exhibition in Delhi. In general, experts note that the C-8 PFE Armored Helicopter missile has a high export potential.

Kiev deployed reactive systems near the contact line in Donbass

Ukrainian security forces once again violated the Minsk agreement, placing multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Castle” near the village of Bolotennoe in the Donbass, he said Monday at a briefing spokesman of the People’s Militia self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic Andrei Marochko.

Israeli Defense Minister intends to meet in Moscow with Shoigu May 31

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman intends to meet in Moscow on May 31 with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This is stated in the official announcement on Monday of the Ministry of Defense of the Jewish state.

Israel demanded to exclude any military presence of Iran in Syria

Israel believes that Iran should be denied any military presence in Syria after the announcement of Russia that Damascus forces must control the Syrian territory near the Israeli and Jordanian border, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Black Sea Fleet will defend the World Cup

The ships of the Black Sea Fleet moved to the patrol zone to protect Sochi from possible attacks from the sea. The “Izvestia” was told about this in the Main Command of the Navy. The ships based in Sevastopol, Novorossiysk and Anapa will attract the task

Canada was called upon to give weapons to the Kurds

Almost a year and a half ago, the government, led by Justin Trudeau, intended to transfer these weapons to the Kurds to fight Islamists in Iraq, but because of the conflict between the Iraqi government and the Kurds, the deal broke down

The US Navy strike group went on patrol in the Sea of Japan

From the base of Yokosuka in the Tokyo Bay on patrol came the shock group of the US Navy, it is headed by the aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”, reports the US military command

NATO demands strengthening of the ground forces of Norway

NATO demanded that Norway make the strengthening of the ground forces its priority task. The alliance insists on modernizing the German tanks used by the Norwegians Leopard 2A4 and increasing the strength of the army.


Two years on probation for a post against Putin

On May 28, the Toropets District Court of the Tver region held a hearing of the parties in the criminal case of 51-year-old Toropets resident Vladimir Egorov who published in the social network VKontakte a message against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The investigation saw in this message public calls for extremism. The prosecutor asked to recognize Yegorov as guilty and sentenced him to two years’ imprisonment conditionally.

As the lawyer of the International Human Rights Group “Agora” Svetlana Sidorkina said, the defense side in turn asks the court to fully justify Yegorov. The accused himself refused to admit guilt. The verdict on this case will be announced on June 5.


Saratov NGO diabetics recognized as a foreign agent

The Frunzensky District Court of Saratov was recognized as a “foreign agent” and fined 300,000 rubles for a regional public organization of disabled people with diabetes mellitus (SROIOPSD), according to Svobodnye Novosti.

The cleanest regions of Russia

The first place in the top of the ranking was the Arkhangelsk region, the second – Chukotka, the third – the Volgograd region, the fourth – the Chechen Republic, the fifth – the Republic of Mordovia. In these regions, the highest effectiveness of the fight against drug addiction was recorded.

In the State Duma it was proposed to confer on Moscow the status of a city-resort

Moscow can get the status of a resort city, the corresponding request to the Ministry of Health was sent by Mikhail Degtyarev, head of the State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs. This is reported by the press service of the parliamentarian.

In addition, I believe that we need to use all the legislative levers for the accelerated development of the capital in the direction of the resort city. – Mikhail Degtyarev, Russian politician

In the European Union can ban disposable plastic dishes

These are disposable utensils, cutlery, straw straws for beverages, cotton swabs, plastic balloon fasteners and plastic food packages, which are sold for take-away snacks. An alternative to these products, the media note, is easily accessible and affordable.

Patients of the Ryazan hospital are assisted by priests-orderlies

Patients of the Ryazan OKB are assisted by nursing priests. The Diocese of Ryazan and the hospital management agreed on cooperation. Several priests participate in the project.

In Ufa, because of the debt, trolleybuses and trams have risen

At the end of 2017 MUET owed “Bashselectrosbyt” 76.9 million rubles. From January to April 2018, the debt grew by another 38.8 million rubles. It should be noted that the debtor enterprise promised to reduce debt last year, but made absolutely the reverse

“We are the fruit of people who do not have the potential for health”

Ambiguous statement about the need to provide assistance to premature infants and people who survived a stroke, Nikolai Kosarev admitted in a conversation with a correspondent of the Uralinformburo on May 25. This was preceded by a discussion in the Duma of a report on the development of the healthcare system in Yekaterinburg in 2017.

Here we create perinatal centers, for example, where we take care of infants weighing 500 grams. And then, I believe, often we produce those people who do not have the potential for health. – Nikolay Kosarev, Russian statesman

Topilin told who is 70% of the poor in Russia

The head of the Ministry of Labor Maxim Topilin said that 70% of all the poor in Russia are families with children. This is reported by RIA Novosti

Abramovich lost to the Swiss newspaper the court about his request for residence

The Swiss edition of Le Matin Dimanche won the court of billionaire Roman Abramovich. The newspaper disputed the ban on publishing data on the refusal of local authorities to issue a residence permit to a businessman

According to the publication, in the summer of 2016 he applied for a residence permit in the ski resort of Verbier in southern Switzerland, but a year later, in June 2017, he suddenly withdrew his application after his application was previously rejected. Details of the case at the request of Abramovich forbade publication of the court

More than 70% of young people do not like the level of salary – survey

“More than 70% of young men and women are paid less than what they think should be received by workers with the same level of education as they do,” the report said. Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 took part in the survey.

Rostrud cited statistics on the mortality of Russians at work

According to Rostrud, most often in the workplace, Russians die from heart disease.

The second and third most popular are suicides (4.26%) and alcohol poisoning (3.38%). According to experts, this phenomenon is associated with a high level of stress at workplaces in Russia.

The greatest risk to men. 39% of the male population does not live to the retirement age.


Official opening of the project “Southern Gas Corridor”

It provides for the creation of infrastructure for the supply of Azerbaijani gas to Europe through Turkey. The cost of the project is estimated at over $ 40 billion. Deliveries are expected in 2020 in the amount of 10 billion cubic meters to Europe and 6 more to the western regions of Turkey.

“Gazprom” suspected the substitution of the judge during the dispute with “Naftogaz”

Arbitration decision In early March, the Stockholm Arbitration satisfied Naftogaz’s claims against Gazprom on a $ 4.673 billion gas transit claim. Taking into account the amounts previously awarded in favor of Gazprom for the supply contract, the arbitrators offset the counter claims.

“Rosneft” does not hurry to process

Rosneft has so far only half fulfilled its obligations to modernize the refinery within the framework of the quadripartite agreements between the government and oil companies concluded in 2011.

Medvedev signed an order to transfer Promsvyazbank to the Treasury

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to transfer 113.4 billion rubles to the treasury of Promsvyazbank by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), the government’s press service said.

Investments in a new cable car in Sochi will amount to more than 1 billion rubles

The ten-seat gondola lift from Doppelmayer (Austria-Switzerland) will be the 29th in the Rosa Khutor Resort.

Coca-Cola for the first time in history released an alcoholic beverage

Coca-Cola, for the first time in history, has launched a drink containing alcohol, the Japan Times writes. Lemon-Do is a strongly carbonated flavored drink with lemon flavor.

The Ministry of Health proposed to raise excises on alcohol and tobacco every year

The department considers it necessary to change the taxation of such products. According to the plans of the Ministry of Health, in 2018-2020 every 12 months it is necessary to increase excise taxes by at least 10% for strong alcohol and at least 20% for tobacco products.

In the end, we live in an absurd situation, when money for health care, good medicines are not enough, and excises for cigarettes and vodka are low plus continue to depreciate. – Daria Khalturina, Russian sociologist

“RusHydro” will receive 13 billion rubles. on the power line in Chukotka

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to capitalize RusHydro for 13 billion rubles. The relevant order of May 25 is published on the government website

Russia sharply increased the import of palm oil

Russia in the first quarter of 2018 significantly increased the import of palm oil in comparison with the same period in 2017 – by 35.8% to 267,000 tons, Rosstat reported today. In 2017, Russia imported 891,000 tons of palm oil and its fractions, which was 0.7% more than in 2016.

Rusal will hold elections of a new board of directors on June 28

“Rusal” convenes on June 28 a general meeting of shareholders, which will consider the appointment of new members of the board of directors. This is stated in the company’s statement, circulated on Monday at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

“Ural Airlines” leased 14 Boeing aircraft for $ 1.5 billion

The lease term of each liner is 144 months from the date of delivery with the advantage of extending this period after its expiration. The base cost of one aircraft is $ 109.335 million. 14 aircraft cost $ 1.531 billion. The first advance of $ 15.1 million must be made upon signing the purchase contract.

The net profit of Lukoil in the I quarter in I quarter increased 1.8 times

The net profit of Lukoil, which belongs to the shareholders of the company, increased by 75% in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in January-March to RUB 109.1 billion, the report of the company

Finance Ministry of Omsk region wants to take 6 billion rubles on credit

The Ministry of Finance of the Omsk region announced the third time in a single month auctions for lending to the region. According to state purchases, the agency plans to use four more non-renewable credit lines with a total limit of 6 billion rubles, “New Omsk”

Uzbek sum debuts on international bond market

On the London Stock Exchange, the International Financial Institution (MFI) placed bonds denominated in Uzbek soums for a total of 80 billion soums (624 million rubles), the press service of the Central Bank of the Republic reported May 28.

Pension fund of the Russian Federation can get 407.6 billion from the state

As reported BakuToday, on May 26 a bill was published, which assumes an increase in expenses of the Pension Fund of Russia (RPF) by 92 billion rubles in 2018. The government drafted the draft regulatory act for consideration by the Russian State Duma.

Will gasoline become cheaper after the excise tax on fuel decreases?

Deputy Prime Minister of the federal government for the fuel and energy complex Dmitry Kozak announced a decision to abandon the increase in excises, which was scheduled for July 1. On the contrary, Moscow is ready to reduce them. Excise on gasoline will decrease by 3000 rubles per ton, for diesel fuel by 2,000 rubles

Gazprom is interested in supplying LNG to Brazil

Gazprom believes that the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Brazilian market is a promising area of activity, according to the corporate magazine Gazprom.

In January-March, oil imports from Russia to Belarus increased by 11.5%

In terms of value, oil imports increased by 36.5% to $ 1.6 billion. In January-March, the republic exported 405.3 thousand tons of own oil (an increase of 0.7%), the average price increased by 26.4% , to $ 462 per ton

Gazprom will increase its stake in the joint venture with Petrovietnam Gazpromviete to 61.78%

The Russian corporation Gazprom will increase its stake in Gazpromviet from 51% to 61.78% through a contribution to the state of joint venture with Petrovietnam. The amount of the investment is 334.7 million rubles. As a result, the share of Gazprom in the authorized capital of Gazpromviet will grow to 941, 605 million rubles.

The Romanian company signs a contract with Gazprom

Azomures Târgu Mureş, the largest producer of mineral fertilizers in Romania, is in talks with the Russian energy company Gazprom on concluding a long-term gas purchase contract. This is reported by the portal Economica

The United States is discouraging Russia from one of the largest oil markets

Record oil production in the US could result in the loss of the Asian market for Russia and other OPEC countries, Reuters reports. Excess black gold is going to be sent to Asia in the coming months. In June, the US intends to export a record 2.3 million barrels of oil per day.


Ministry of Culture asked to “severely” punish the damaged picture Repin

The Ministry of Culture insists that the vandal who damaged Ilya Repin’s painting “Ivan the Terrible and his son” be punished “with the greatest possible severity and severity”. This was stated by the first deputy minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, TASS reported.

The court extended the arrest of the brothers Magomedov

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow granted the petition of the investigation to extend the arrest to the owner of the Suma group of companies Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother Magomed. They are accused of organizing a criminal community and especially large embezzlement of budget funds

Court arrested the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kuzbass in the case of a fire in a shopping center

The Central District Court of Kemerovo arrested two persons involved in the fire case in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”. In custody until July 25, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kuzbass, Alexander Mamontov and the head of the supervision department of the regional Emergency Ministry, Grigory Terentyev, were placed.

I’m ready to testify … I do not admit my guilt. I do not consider myself guilty. – Alexander Mamontov, Linguist

In Pskov, a sulfuric acid leak occurred at the railway station

In Pskov, the forces of rescuers were urgently pulled into the railway station Pskov-Tovarny. As reported in the EMERCOM of the Pskov region, sulfuric acid flows from the tanker at the railway station.

The rescued child in Paris Malian will be granted French citizenship

French President Emmanuel Macron said that Malian Mamudu Gassam, who saved a four-year-old child, will receive French citizenship.

Employees of the supermarket beat the customer with a cart

In the web there was a video recording of the conflict, during which employees of the network supermarket on Novy Arbat Street in Moscow attacked a man and beat him with a cart. On the shots you can see how one of the employees grabs a man by the collar of a jacket and pushes him to the floor.

The struggle for power in Krasnoyarsk

In the Emelianovsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the head of the Zeladeyevsky village council’s administration stabbed a local deputy with a knife. This was reported in the regional CA SC

St. Petersburg HIV-dissidents are tried for the death of a child

In St. Petersburg, for the death of a child, an Orthodox priest and his wife are judged, who, adopting a girl, did not treat her for HIV. As the press service of the Investigation Committee, the spouses knew about the diagnosis, but refused to register it, denying the existence of HIV.

With the fall of the bus to the ravine in the west of Venezuela, 11 people were killed

As a result of the traffic accident involving a bus, which occurred in the west of Venezuela, 11 people were killed, El Nacional reports. According to the publication, the incident occurred in the state of Merida. The bus was about 40 people

In Britain, the passenger train “lost its way”

In the UK, the train driver CrossCountry Train mistakenly brought passengers to another city, reports The Mirror. From the city of Newcastle in the north of the country he was to arrive to the south, to Redding, but eventually ended up in Pontefract.

One man was killed and two were injured because of a shell explosion in Romania

One person was killed and two were injured because of the explosion of the Second World War projectile in Bacau County, the press service of the Romanian Inspectorate for Emergency Situations


Relatives of Pugovkin gnaw because of the multimillion inheritance

According to the portal Dni.ru, Pugovkin and Lavrov met in 1991 immediately after the death of his second wife. Many criticized this marriage because of a 30-year age difference. When the Soviet artist received apartments on Tverskaya Street, he exchanged thoughtlessly for two apartments in Sokolniki.

Flying, Sobchak and Fadeyev talked to fans at a fashion festival

On May 26, the fashion festival Esquire Weekend was held in the center of the capital. The event, which gathered the main city trends on one site, was held on the territory of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogol Boulevard.

Vladimir Dolinsky tried to commit suicide in prison

On the wave of success, the actor was sent to prison. In 1973, the famous actor was convicted of illegal currency transactions. According to Dolinsky, he was threatened with 5 to 15 years of imprisonment or even the highest penalty – shooting.

Kristina Orbakaite spoke about the difficult relationship with her daughter

Kristina Orbakaite said that conflicts with the heiress of her can arise for any reason. The subject of the dispute may be a dress or unlearned lesson of Claudia and much more. In uneasy relations with her daughter, the singer blames the sign of the daughter’s zodiac.

Pyelonephritis was knocked on the kidney

The transmission star “Eagle and Tails” was in hospital because of inflammation of the kidneys. Even after leaving the show “Eagle and Reshka” Regina Todorenko’s schedule did not become freer. The TV host simultaneously is engaged in several projects, studies at the New York Film Academy and attends various social events.

And then pyelonephritis knocked on the kidney. And now the shooting planned for the next 2 days, under the threat of failure … I apologize to all invited guests for my evening show, but my crazy kidney failed, and the doctors were forced to hospitalize. I really hope for your understanding. – Regina Todorenko, Ukrainian presenter

Irina Bezrukova sues the producers

Actress Irina Bezrukova visited the program “You Will not Believe It!”. In the studio, she said that she intends to sue the unscrupulous producers of the project “Love inadvertently comes across,” in which it no longer plays

Julia Nachalova became a victim of the mistake of plastic surgeons

Julia Nachalova at one time decided on an operation to increase the breast. The singer chose one of the best clinics in the US, but even this did not save her from a gross medical error and horrific consequences. The singer Julia Nachalova first spoke on a candid topic – about plastic surgery

Olga Buzova will release chocolate under the brand Buzchocolate

Olga Buzova will release chocolate under the brand Buzchocolate One of the most talked about girls in the country has already signed a contract with a factory near Moscow

87-year-old Ivan Krasko divorced from his 27-year-old wife

The Internet is actively discussing rumors about the divorce of Ivan Krasko with his young wife Natalia. Recently, on the air of the program “Actually” the actor said that he could terminate the marriage in the near future, since the girl was flirting with another man. Natalia herself denies that she changed her husband, but does not rule out that the case can really reach the gap

Yulia Skripal’s lover may be implicated in poisoning

The lover of Julia Skripal, whose behavior seemed very strange to her sister Victoria, may be implicated in poisoning. The press contacted the relative of the victim, the attempted murder of which resulted in a 20-day coma.

Middleton in her dressing gown showed the audience a rounded belly

Middleton was sealed in a red dress with a scent and a white print. Note that the outfit, at first glance, looks like a homemade gown.

Neville Dolgopups from “Harry Potter” secretly married in Italy

28-year-old Lewis was so fascinated by his lover that he soon decided to marry. The other day it became known that they secretly signed at one of the registry offices in Portofino, and then went with friends to the restaurant

Deprived of rights Panin put behind the wheel of a 10-year-old daughter

Actor Alexei Panin posted a video on the web, where his 10-year-old daughter is driving along a country road while driving a car. Note that the driver’s license from Panin in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate was taken away in March 2018.

Former wife Dzhigarkhanyan tries to break through to him in the hospital

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya tries to see her ex-spouse in the hospital, where he was brought for treatment

Actor Anthony Hopkins called alcoholism “a great gift”

In an interview with The Guardian, British and Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins confessed that he considers himself an alcoholic, despite the fact that he stopped drinking in the 70’s. According to the actor, alcoholism helped him to justify his stormy temperament.

I am very happy that I am an alcoholic, this is a magnificent gift, because wherever I go, this abyss follows me. It’s my volcanic fury, which I use as fuel. Rocket fuel. Of course, it can tear you to pieces and kill. – Anthony Hopkins, British actor

“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot can become the leading Eurovision Song Contest-2019

The heroes of the film “Miracle Woman” Gali Gadot offered to become the leading of the upcoming Eurovision, which will be held next year in Jerusalem. This was reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda” referring to the Israeli radio Kan.

Maria Sharapova starred in the television series “Billions” with John Malkovich

Russian Maria Sharapova on the day of her start at the French Open Tennis Championship published in a personal “Instagram” a picture from the set of one of the episodes of the series “Billions”. The third season of which should appear on the channel ShowTime.

Singer Kylie Minogue celebrates 50th anniversary

Today, May 28, the popular singer Kylie Minogue turned 50 years old. Often the actress was compared to Madonna, but thanks to her individuality she was able to be remembered by the viewer. The first success for the singer, who was born in the family of the Australian and British, came in 1986.

Yaroslavl actor Roman Kurtsyn received the award for Best Actor

Yaroslavl actor Roman Kurtsyn received the Golden Sword Award for Best Actor in the film Crime. This picture was presented at the Ozerov International Military Film Festival, which was held in Tula. The Yaroslavl stuntman played the main role in the film.

John Snow and Igritt from the “Game of Thrones” announced the date of the wedding

The actors announced a wedding day in their Instagram. The couple met on the set of the series “The Game of Thrones”, their relationship continues already in 2012, and in 2017, some announced their engagement. Now on June 23 this year the actors are going to play a wedding.

Anya Chipovskaya will play in the new TV series “Baker and Beauty”

In the new series, Anya will reincarnate as Sasha Larin, a beauty and heiress of a multi-million dollar fortune. Nikita Volkov will become Andrew, a simple baker, and a love story will begin in the toilet of a fashionable restaurant, where the main characters will get acquainted

Gorky fest 2018 Film Festival to be held on July 20-26

From July, 20 till July, 26th in Nizhny Novgorod there will pass the second film festival “Bitter fest”. This was announced during the meeting of the actor and festival organizer Mikhail Porechenkov with the head of the city Vladimir Panov. In the program more than 200 domestic paintings – three times more than at the first festival.

Leonardo DiCaprio photographed in New York with a young girlfriend

The couple was wearing white T-shirts, she was photographed at a time when DiCaprio was advising something to his girlfriend. The publication notes that Morrone is the daughter of Lucila Sola, who is married to another famous Hollywood actor – Al Pacino

Roskomnadzor threatened to disrupt the functioning of the App Store in Russia

Roskomnadzor demanded from Apple to stop the work of Telegram and send notices to the Russian Federation

“To avoid possible actions by Roscomnadzor to disrupt the functioning of the above services, Apple, Inc. we ask you to inform us in the shortest possible time about further actions of the company aimed at solving these problem issues, “Roscomnadzor quoted a quote from his own letter.

New cases of phishing in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup appeared on the Internet

Kaspersky Lab specialists warned users about new cases of phishing in the run-up to the World Cup, which will be held from June 14 to July 15 in Russia. Attackers offer online fake tickets for matches, as well as cheap flights and accommodation.

Rostelecom proposes to abolish the principle of network neutrality

The principle of network neutrality states that any information is considered equally important, and access to all legal resources on the Internet is carried out without restrictions. Its cancellation will lead to the fact that operators will be able to regulate traffic depending on government and commercial interests.

“Miracle Woman” refused to conduct Eurovision Song Contest in Israel

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, known for her role as the Wonder Woman in the film of the same name, refused to become the leading Eurovision song contest, which will be held in Israel next year. This was reported by the publication Ynetnews referring to the representatives of the actress – agency ADD Content.

Found a picture of Rembrandt, could write another artist

Recall that in the Netherlands for the first time in 44 years found a new picture of Rembrandt van Rijn. The fact that the work entitled “The Portrait of a Young Man” belongs to the hand of a great master was confirmed by 15 restorers and art historians specializing in the work of the Dutch painter

Germany will return the books of the XVIII century to the Novgorod Museum-Reserve

The meeting will host a ceremony to return seven books of the XVIII century, which were exported to Germany during the Great Patriotic War. The Novgorod Museum-Reserve will be presented by the director of the institution Natalia Grigorieva


Scientists synthesized ferromagnetic at room temperature ruthenium

American physicists synthesized a new elementary compound that has ferromagnetic properties at room temperature, a tetragonal phase of ruthenium

Genetics confirmed the legends about the origin of the rulers of the Incas

Geneticists have shown that the legends of the origins of the rulers of the Inca empire were true, described in Molecular Genetics and Genomics.

The scientists analyzed the genomes of the alleged descendants of the Incas (supreme rulers) and found out that some of them originated from the south of Peru, some from the shores of Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian and Bolivian border, as the Inca myths say.

Vaccines from human papillomavirus do not cause autoimmune diseases

To trace the connection between the introduction of the vaccine against the papillomavirus and the further development of autoimmune diseases, scientists from the University of Toronto studied a sample of more than 290,000 schoolgirls. Of these, 62.2% of girls were vaccinated.

The diffusion length of excitons in semiconducting polymers was increased by a factor of 20

British chemists have developed semiconductor polymer nanofibres, in which the diffusion length of excitons reaches 200 nanometers, which is 20 times higher than in similar materials.

In the future, such materials can be used to increase the efficiency of organic solar cells, scientists write in Science.

Metamaterials will help to get electromagnetic “flying donuts”

Scientists from the United Kingdom and Taiwan have developed a metamaterial that can be used to obtain “flying donuts” – configurations of electromagnetic fields reminiscent of a donut.

Physicists often use metamaterials to get unusual effects. For example, using metamaterials, you can “turn off” traces of objects, masking submarines and airplanes, protect pilots from laser blinding, transfer sound from water to air with little or no loss of energy, control the direction of sound waves and turn translational motion into rotational motion. In addition, using metamaterials, you can create an “invisibility cap” that makes the object invisible to radar,

A new lethal property of alcohol is discovered

The study was conducted by specialists from the Imperial College of London, the Royal Hospital of Bromton and the London Institute of Medical Sciences MRC. They analyzed the condition of more than 140 patients who were diagnosed with alcoholic cardiomyopathy, reported on MedicalXpress.

Scientists determined that 13.5% of the volunteers had a defective titanium protein gene.

Researchers came to the conclusion that mutations in the gene that encodes titin contribute to the development of heart failure when consuming alcohol.

Scientists have found hints at the existence of “superheavy” dark matter

Scientists in the framework of the XENON1T project found hints of the existence of a “super-heavy” dark matter, eliminating the light forms of a mysterious substance. The information was provided by physicists participating in the work during a speech at a briefing at the Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy

Genetics decided to clone the northern white rhinoceros

Genetics cut out DNA from nine cell lines, and for comparison, DNA genomic sequencing of four southern white rhinos was performed. It turned out that the heterozygosity of northern white rhinos (one of the markers of the genetic diversity of the population) was even slightly higher than that of the southern rhinoceroses

Scientists have found a remedy against the side effects of therapy with GM lymphocytes

The authors of the first article in Nature Medicine suggested blocking the interleukin-1 receptor during the CAR-T-therapy with a drug, and the authors of the second article in the same journal forced the receptor’s receptor to synthesize the GM-lymphocytes themselves. Both approaches led to a decrease in the inflammatory response in model mice

In Italy, found the oldest tree in Europe

Scientists from the University of Tuscany said that they managed to find the oldest tree in Europe. He was found in the Pollino National Park, located in the south of Italy. According to researchers, the tree is about 1230 years old, and it is still growing – in recent decades, it has several new annual rings. A detailed description of the find is published in the journal Ecology.

Researchers studied the oldest trees of the Park Pollino for four years. The oldest pine was dated in two ways. To analyze the annual rings, a few cores were extracted from the tree, but it turned out that the central part of the trunk, containing the oldest rings, was scattered into trash. The age of the tree was refined by radiocarbon dating of root samples, which were much better preserved.

Scientists say that studying the growth pattern of a long-living pine will help to understand how modern forests will respond to global warming.

Spheres will help to study the surfaces of opaque materials

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University together with colleagues from Bangor University (Great Britain) suggested a way to improve the resolution of optical microscopes working with reflected light, that is, capable of studying opaque materials.

As a superlens for a microscope, they used spherical dielectric particles with a refractive index close to the refractive index of air. The goal of scientists is to approximate the resolution of optical microscopes in this regime to the best optical instruments. The latest research results are published in one of the oldest scientific journals of the world Annalen der Physik.


“Hubble” made a rare photo of a giant space “arch”

A huge space arch was photographed by the Hubble telescope. The picture shows a group of hundreds of galaxies, located at a distance of about 7.5 billion light years from Earth. The brightest of them is closer to the middle, at the bottom of the frame

China invited UN countries to use their space station

China invited all countries of the UN to use its space station, the Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday, May 29. “China’s space station belongs not only to China, but to all countries of the world,” the 360 TV channel quotes.

Scientists: The explosion of the star Betelgeuse will dry all the water on Earth

As the expert ToDay News Ufa informs, astronomers are inclined to believe that Betelgeuse can explode at any moment – either tomorrow or in 1 million years. In any case, if the star at this moment is turned towards us by its pole, humanity will not be happy.

Scientists SETI create a universal language for communicating with aliens

Last weekend in Walesa, other members of the METI and the world’s leading linguists had a meeting where scientists discussed the possibility of joint cooperation between astronomers, linguists and mathematicians in creating a universal language of communication, understandable to potential aliens, and in deciphering their messages.

On Mars found the perfect place for extraterrestrial life

An international team led by astrobiologist Sean McMahon of the University of Edinburgh suggested that iron-rich rocks on Mars near the ancient dried-up lakes are the most appropriate place to look for traces of microorganisms that lived billions of years ago

The first stage of tests of the model of the ship “Federation” is completed.

At the end of April, it was reported that the model of the new Russian manned spacecraft Federation has been undergoing a series of tests in the wind tunnels of TsAGI. According to plans, the ship “Federation” will first go into space in 2022.

Scientists have found dark galaxies without stars

Some talk about the era of “dark galaxies” from gas, in which there were no stars. Such bodies practically do not emit electromagnetic waves, so it is difficult to confirm the hypothesis. During the years of research, scientists have found only a few suitable for describing the objects.


The developer of the “Tortege”: Aurus cars have a chance to pay back

Machines from the project “Cortege”, which will be on sale under the brand Aurus, may well recoup itself, say the developers. They are already interested in foreign businessmen, including from China. This in an interview with RIA Novosti said participating in the development team of “Cortege” head of the “Center for Computer Engineering” Alexei Borovkov

AvtoVAZ is preparing to begin mass production of LADA Vesta Sport

The Russian automaker AvtoVAZ is preparing to launch the serial production of the sports sedan LADA Vesta Sport. This is evidenced by the name of the model registered in Rospatent on May 24.

Nissan introduced a new version of the SUV Nissan Terra

Nissan has introduced a new version of the Terra SUV for the countries of Southeast Asia. Already in August this year, the novelty will appear in the Philippines, and a little later in Thailand and Indonesia. In this case, the car will receive a number of distinctive features.

In the web there were photos of the renovated station wagon Kalina Granta

As previously announced by representatives of AvtoVAZ, the name Kalina will be eliminated, and the updated cars with features of this model will be transferred to the line of “Grant”. Spy pictures were taken while testing a new station wagon on public roads.

Experts began to test the new Skoda Octavia

Experts have brought to the test updated Skoda Octavia. At the moment, the test is a so-called mule – the new car filling is hidden under the body of the current generation model.

The engine from Porsche Panamera will receive the new Audi S6

It is expected that the official world premiere of the sports station wagon will be held in 2019. According to unofficial data, he can get the same 4-liter petrol engine TFSI, as in the latest generation Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Automobiles “UAZ” will stop being afraid of moisture

Prior to the application of the new soil, specialists from PPG and UAZ tested in a salt fog chamber. Cars there spent 1500 hours and on the result of their body were subjected to corrosion two times less than with the use of other paints used earlier.

Published images of the updated Chevrolet Suburban 2020

According to rumors, Suburban will acquire a new suspension, which will allow it to be more comfortably managed. The engine range of the huge SUV should include a 2.7-liter turbo engine and an atmospheric 6.2-liter V8 of unnamed capacity.

BMW is exploring the possibility of creating a cabriolet-crossover

German automaker BMW can release a youth coupe-crossover based on the subcompact car park BMW X2. This was reported by the director for planning and strategy of the Bavarian brand Ralph Mahler to the agency Digital Trends

In Russia, recall tires COOPER, which can burst on the move

The Russian Federation has launched a review of American Cooper Cobra Radial G / T tires in the size of 14 and 15 inches, which were sold to us from February to November 2017. According to Rosstandart, this rubber because of factory marriage can exfoliate and burst on the go.

Electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 set a record for the range of mileage

The electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 set a record for the mileage range. On Friday, May 25, US bloggers Sean Mitchell and Eric Straight drove through the streets of Denver (Colorado, USA) without recharging 975 km (606.2 miles). For 32 hours, Americans drove in an electric car at a speed of 32-48 km / h.

The web has a video of the concept car BMW M8 Gran Coupe

The concept BMW M8 Gran Coupe was captured at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2018. It’s worth recalling that at the Geneva Motor Show the company demonstrated its prototype BMW M8 Gran Coupe. It is assumed that the serial car will enter the market as early as 2019.

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