31 Dec, 2018

Career growth Oksana Tarasenko

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree appointing Oksana Tarasenko as Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, RIA Novosti reports, citing the press service of the Cabinet.

It is reported that Tarasenko will be in charge of overseeing the direction of state policy development in the field of federal property management. Also, its competence will include the organization of the work of the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

As head of the corporate governance department of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tarasenko testified against Alexei Ulyukaeva, who at that time was Minister of Economic Development.

Briefly about the main thing ….

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will tie the autonomer to the place of registration

From the text of the document it follows that the owners will be able to get numbers, being in any region of our country. However, the license plates will contain an indication of the subject of the Russian Federation in which the driver is registered.

The sale of alcohol limited in Moscow until January 8

The restriction on the sale of alcohol on January 8 came into force on Sunday, December 30. Interfax was informed about this by the mayor’s office of the capital.

“Alcohol can not be bought in stores near the venues of mass events,” – said in a statement

In St. Petersburg metro builders paid wage arrears

“As a result of the operational activities of the city prosecutor’s office with the active participation of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Federal Tax Service of Russia in St. Petersburg, the UFSSP of Russia in St. Petersburg and other state bodies, employees of subcontractors were paid 245 million wages in arrears today rubles, “- said in a statement.

Railways in January will begin selling non-refundable train tickets

From January 20, 2019, passengers will be able to use a special “non-refundable” fare for travel in sleeping cars, compartments and cars with seating. The cost of such a ticket will be 5–20% cheaper than usual.

Skvortsova told how much salaries of doctors increased this year

Salaries of doctors in 2018 increased by 39% and averaged 75 thousand rubles in the country, while nursing staff’s salary increased by 25%, said Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova.

Scientists told what a month without alcohol will lead to

Researchers from the British University of Sussex summed up the results of the “Dry January” competition, in which participants for a month refused to drink alcohol. This is reported by the portal EurekAlert. 800 people took part in the action.

The results of the study showed that a monthly waiver of alcohol contributes to the improvement of the body tone, improvement of the skin condition, and also leads to a further reduction in alcohol consumption. Thus, the number of “alcoholic days” among flashmob participants decreased on average from 4.3 to 3.3 per week, the volume of alcohol consumed decreased from 8.6 to 7.1 conditional “glasses”, and the number of days when the subjects drank heavily decreased up to 2.1 per month.

In addition, the refusal of drinking allowed 88% of participants to save money. Following the results of the “dry January”, the British also reported on “rethinking attitudes towards alcohol” (82%), increasing self-control during libations (80%), improving sleep (71%), losing weight (58%), improving concentration (57% ).

German woman tried to put a “used” husband for sale

A resident of Hamburg under the pseudonym Dorte L put up her husband at an online auction site eBay. According to the tabloid Mirror, the price of the lot “Used husband” was 18 euros (almost 1.5 thousand rubles). The 40-year-old woman clarified that she has been married for seven years.

Ministry of Education wants to prohibit adopting more than one child per year

It is indicated that the amendments imply the introduction of requirements for the minimum area of housing where the adopted child will live, as well as a mandatory psychological examination of the foster family. Another innovation is the prohibition to adopt more than one child per year.

Israel’s services are increasingly suspecting tourists of staying

Immigration may prohibit entry into Israel for several reasons: suspicion of intending to stay in the country or committing a crime. At border crossings, staff ask certain questions to tourists, and then make a decision whether to allow entry or refuse it.

Rosaviatsia will allocate subsidies to almost 200 routes in 2019

Subsidies will be allocated in accordance with the decision of the Russian government of December 25, 2013. In mid-November, the Cabinet made changes to the rules for granting airlines subsidies from the federal budget.

Lukashenko called the union of Russia and Belarus held

Lukashenko recalled that in 2019, Belarus and the Russian Federation, which have passed the “difficult path”, will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Establishment of the Union State. According to him, it is possible to say with confidence that “the union of two peoples took place”.

In the coming year, we celebrate a significant date – the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Establishment of the Union State. The Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation have passed a difficult path, but today we can say with confidence that the union of the two peoples has taken place. – Alexander Lukashenko

Lavrov: Russia will take action if the US places missiles in Europe

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia would respond to the deployment of American missiles in Europe, if this is prohibited by the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF).

But the entire European Union voted against our proposal, that is, in essence, for the INF Treaty to cease to exist, and for Europe to again be threatened with the deployment of American missiles banned in accordance with this Treaty. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Thousands of Serbs took part in the protest march in Belgrade

In Belgrade, the fourth mass anti-government protest took place, reports on Sunday, December 30, TASS. The rally held on December 29, was attended by several thousand people.

Brazilian President Promises To Move Embassy To Jerusalem

According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Brazilian-elected President Jair Bolsonar promised the Israeli delegation to transfer the country’s embassy to Jerusalem, Reuters reports.

Bolshonar told me that the question is not whether the Brazilian embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem, but when it will happen. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

In Ukraine, the share of the Ukrainian language on TV has reached 92%

“The share of the Ukrainian language, according to the requirements of the legislation, on the national TV channels is on average 92%, on the national radio stations 86%.”

This was announced on Sunday by a member of the National Council on Television and Radio Sergey Kostinsky.

Putin congratulated May on New Year’s greetings

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent New Year’s greetings to the British leadership. Letters from him, according to a message on the Kremlin’s website, will be received by the British Queen Elizabeth II and the country’s Prime Minister Theresa May.

Britain will open new military bases after Brexit

Within a few years after the withdrawal from the European Union, the United Kingdom intends to expand its military presence abroad – in Southeast Asia and in the Caribbean.

By 2020, Russia plans to complete the creation of a defense system in the Kuriles

“In 2020, a single defense system should be created in the Kuril Islands. It is necessary to make impossible the crossing of the straits [leading to the Sea of Okhotsk] by enemy ships and the landing of enemy airborne troops on the islands, ”the Ministry of Defense document says

According to the agency Kyodo, we are talking about an increase in the number of Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems in the Kuriles. In addition, Russia intends to develop the infrastructure of airfields for patrol anti-submarine aircraft and ports for large ships on the island of Paramushir.

DPRK Tested Missile Tracking Telemetry

“The North Korean military tested the sensors of radio waves that are installed on ballistic missiles to transmit data on their flight,” reports The Japan News.

Similar tests of telemetry systems in the DPRK have already been conducted, they were usually followed by rocket tests.

Syrian army attacked terrorists in the province of Hama

The Syrian army attacked the positions of militants of the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) in the province of Hama. The aim of the military was to strengthen the militants in the vicinity of the village of Morik in the north of the province.

The network said the tests of the ship of the PRC with an electromagnetic gun

The bloggers who publish materials on the naval subject presented photos of the landing ship of the naval forces of China. The explanations to the published photos say that the ship with the tail number 936 sailed from the “test pier” in Shanghai. Attention is drawn to the gun, located in the bow of the PLA Navy battle ship

Experts stated that we are talking about the Chinese version of the ship electromagnetic gun. Chinese officials do not give press comments on the implementation of the EMU KB project

Military exercises of the Red Sea basin countries began in Saudi Arabia

Joint exercises codenamed “Red Wave – 1”, in which units of the Armed Forces of the six countries of the Red Sea are participating, began on December 30 in Saudi Arabia. This was reported by Sky News Arabia.

Bali authorities have increased the level of danger due to a volcanic eruption

Indonesian authorities have announced an increased level of danger in Bali due to the eruption of the volcano Agung. This is stated in the message of the Center for the Prevention of Volcanic and Geological Disasters, published on Sunday, December 30.

Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Health intend to share data on alcoholics behind the wheel

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health of Russia plan to begin in 2019 an electronic exchange of information about drivers who have medical contraindications to driving, in particular, those who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Because of the energy accident in Magadan, more than 5 thousand people were left without electricity

In the Omsukchan district of the Magadan region, due to the disconnection of the high-voltage line, more than 5,000 people were left without light, according to materials from the Ministry of Energy.

The number of hotels with All Inclusive format in the Kuban grew by 40%

The number of hotels in the Krasnodar Territory, which work on the system All Inclusive (“all inclusive”), in 2018 increased by 40% compared with last year and reached 43, told RIA Novosti Advisor to the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Andrei Monakov.

At the entrance to Finland there was a traffic jam

Petersburgers and residents of the Leningrad region before the New Year holidays are actively going to Suomi. December 30, in the morning at the entrance to Finland there was a traffic jam of hundreds of cars.

Doctors have indicated signs of magnesium deficiency in the body

Magnesium deficiency is a serious problem, and not every person can understand why certain failures occur in the body. Doctors told about the signs indicating its lack.

First, there is a great desire to eat sweets. Usually this happens in athletes after intensive training, or in women before or during critical days.

Insomnia also appears. With a lack of magnesium, brain functions that allow you to relax are disturbed. Muscle aches, so-called leg cramps, are intensified, and they make it difficult to fall asleep calmly. Doctors say that with such cramps we are talking about a lack of vitamins B, E and D.

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in particular heartburn and constipation, may also indicate magnesium deficiency in the body. Frequent feeling of fatigue, headaches associated with the narrowing and expansion of blood vessels, mood swings and stressful situations with which it is difficult for a person to cope are all the factors of a lack of such a mineral.

Doctors advise to avoid various ailments associated with magnesium deficiency, you need to use foods rich in this element in the daily diet. These include cereals, fruits, nuts, fish and various greens.

Naftogaz has calculated the amount of financial claims against Gazprom

Naftogaz of Ukraine is demanding a revision of Gazprom’s gas transit tariffs in 2018–2019 and intends to recover $ 11.6 billion from the Russian company as compensation for “arrears”, wrote Andrei Kobolev, chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine, in an article for Economic the truth. ”

Railroad to the Crimean bridge will rise in price by three billion

The cost of building railway approaches to the Crimean bridge will increase by almost three billion rubles. This is stated in the disposal of the government, published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Financial Group “Future” is selling its APF

The former owner of the group, Boris Mintz, in early September transferred control over FG Future of the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I) to the settlement of the O1 Group Mintz debt to the Moscow Credit Bank. After that, the FAS agreed on the purchase of the NPF Future by the Leningrad Adagio company.

Working group on poverty reduction created in the Nizhny Novgorod region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, a working group was created to implement a pilot project to reduce poverty. Its participants should develop measures to ensure the steady growth of real incomes of citizens.

Putin ordered to create a bank to finance the construction of houses

Russian President Vladimir Putin came up with the idea to create a bank to finance the construction of apartment buildings. This is stated on the official website of the Kremlin.

Sovcomflot ordered the construction of three LNG tankers

The order for the construction of three tankers using environmentally friendly fuel was placed on the website of the shipbuilding company Zvezda by the shipping company Sovcomflot on December 28, the company website reports. New vessels will be able to transport up to 51 thousand tons of oil

Kraken Exchange opened Bitcoin Cash and XRP for dollars and euros

Kraken trading platform today opened a pair of Bitcoin Cash and XRP with the possibility of buying assets for euros and dollars. Also, the Kraken exchange has set limits on borrowing funds.

Russia is going to reduce the share of payments in dollars next year

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on the TV channel Russia-24 said that the Russian Federation will reduce the share of settlements in dollars this and next year, the Moscow Post correspondent reports. Anton Siluanov stressed that these intentions will not affect the citizens.

On 1 January 2019, the single European currency will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Since the beginning of 1999, the euro has been introduced as a unit for non-cash payments between 11 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Finland and France. They formed the original euro area.

In cash circulation, eurocouples and eurocoins replaced the national currencies of the eurozone countries only three years later – in 2002, when it became clear that the economic results of introducing a common currency are positive. Today in the euro zone 19 states. The founders were added Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Krasnoyarsk region set a historical record for oil production

Oilmen of the Krasnoyarsk Territory this year set a historical record of the region for the production of “black gold” – for the first time, oil volumes exceeded 25 million tons. This was announced on his Facebook page by a member of the State Duma Energy Committee Viktor Zubarev.

Astana and Tashkent signed an agreement on the transit of Uzbek gas

The national gas operators of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, KazTransGas JSC and Uztransgaz JSC, signed an agreement on the transit of Uzbek natural gas through Kazakhstan, the press service of KazTransGas JSC reported on December 29.

Gazprom ceased to participate in Zapolyarneft

PJSC Gazprom indirectly ceased participation in Zapolyarneft LLC. This was said in a statement. In particular, Gazprom has terminated the right to dispose of more than 50% of the votes in the supreme management body of the organization controlled by the issuer.

Lukoil decided to resume construction of an oil pipeline in Iraq

At the end of last year, 20.8 million tons of oil was produced at the field. In April of this year, it was decided to increase the production of black gold at the deposit to the level of 800 thousand b / c. The West Qurna-2 field is located in southern Iraq.

The United States embarks on licensing oil production in the reserve in Alaska

After a 45-day public comment, the United States Land Administration Administration will choose one option in the summer of 2019. Auctions for drilling in the reserve will be held until the end of 2019. Winners of the auctions will begin drilling at 10 years after conducting research and approvals.

Petrol prices fall again in South Korea

In South Korea, gasoline prices have fallen again, reports YTN. According to the Korean national oil company Opinet service, gasoline prices fell by 29.1 won compared to last week. One liter of gasoline this week costs 1397.4 Won (~ 87 rubles).

Trump announced the “greatest deception” in the history of US politics

Fabrication of collusion with Russia is the greatest deception in the history of American politics. Nothing more. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

He also wrote that under his predecessor Barack Obama, the US Department of Justice and the FBI had deliberately falsified the investigation to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

WSJ: US and China began to negotiate trade

Donald Trump, declaring significant progress in trade negotiations between the United States and China, probably embellished the reality of the situation somewhat, but the parties began to work out an agreement in this area.

In the US, a cyber attack on the printing house stopped printing leading newspapers

Hacking a typography computer system in Los Angeles led to a halt in the printing of leading publications, including the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, the Associated Press reported.

In Britain, announced the preparation of the “White Widow” for terrorist attacks around the world

British intelligence officials believe that the world’s most wanted terrorist, British-born Samantha Lewateweit, known as the White Widow, is preparing new terrorist attacks around the world, including in London. According to new British intelligence, Lewaywait is hiding in Yemen

We are ready to develop bilateral relations with the United States.

A statement by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on cooperation between the countries was made on the eve of the celebration in 2019 of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China.

In the Kuril Islands, the island was flooded with herring

The coast of the Kuril island Iturup was completely covered with fish. Tons of herring were thrown onto the land by storm. The incident occurred on the night of December 29

Russian musicians gave a charity concert in Damascus

The musicians of the music for the world charity project performed at the Damascus Conservatory, performing classical works by composers from different countries of the world, said project founder Vitaly Vatulya.

Semyon Slepakov uploaded to the Network a new song “Tough Year”

The famous humorist Semyon Slepakov has long been famous throughout the country for his catchy songs on topical issues, in which, it is true, almost always there is a lot of obscene language. Before the New Year came his next creation, which can be found on the popular YouTube hosting.

Museum blockade design competition canceled

The authorities of St. Petersburg canceled a competition for the design of the new museum blockade on December 29, 2018. Applications for the competition were accepted until December 21, the initial contract price of 345 million rubles

Trailer for Ike Drama: The Strongest Survives in Moscow

Volga company presented an exclusive trailer for the drama “Hayk”, telling about the fate of a young girl who came from Kyrgyzstan to cold Moscow to work. The capital seems unfriendly and gloomy to her, but she is ready for anything to survive

In Dagestan, filmed the cartoon “Aul Masters”

In the capital of Dagestan in the cinema “Mirkato” held a closed premiere of the first three series of the cartoon “Aul Masters”, which was created by the regional animation studio “Altus”.

“Night Snipers” changed the name

The group “Night Snipers” announced the change of name. As Maria Kochel, the team’s PR manager, told InterMedia, the group is now correctly called “Diana Arbenina. Night snipers”. On the resources of the group a new spelling appeared in December 2018.

“Trout” and other music will sound on Volkov Manifest

The festival will open on January 3 with the Square Jazz program. The Quartet tbk, Volkov Trio, Sergey Starostin and Vitaly Poghosyan and Le Miracle de l Amour will perform this evening.

The concert on January 4 will be built around the Schubert quintet “Trout” and an amazing story about how in the nineties of the twentieth century in St. Petersburg they decided to rethink it.

On January 5, the festival organizers will present the KinoTriangle project. The program includes three films, as well as a variety of musical and theatrical events around them. The key film of the evening is “Signature”, as well as new films by Mikhail Shemyakin (“The Womb of Paris”) and Anton Adasinsky (“The Middle of the White”).

The festival will close on January 6 at Jaani Kirik with a big concert of baroque music “Christmas Star”.

The Hermitage showed visitors a field marshal’s baton, donated to the museum of Putin

The State Hermitage Museum opened the pre-New Year exhibition of gifts that were presented to the museum throughout the year. Among the exhibits is the field marshal’s baton of the Russian Empire, which was presented to the Hermitage in October by President Vladimir Putin, the museum’s press service reported.

Google added protection against SMS spam in Android

Google has introduced a server update, the purpose of which is to protect against spam when messages are launched by Android users. Google has updated the native Android messaging application. Now Android Messages has spam protection.

Samsung patented flexible screen TV

The South Korean company Samsung has patented a flexible TV that can be rolled up. Reports about it LetsGoDigital. A South Korean company patent was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Sony has released its first fast charger.

Sone introduced its first fast charger, with a total power of 46.5 watts.

The flagship Nokia 10 Max can get a 41 megapixel camera

The main camera will get a dual 13 + 8 megapixel module. It is also reported that the amount of RAM flagship Nokia 10 Max will be 10 gigabytes.

Microsoft Patents USB Type-C Magnetic Connector

Microsoft has applied for a patent, which describes a USB Type-C magnetic connector. It allows you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect the appropriate cable to your mobile device. It is expected that such a connector will appear in future tablets of the Microsoft Surface family.

Flagship smartphones Huawei P30 showed on video

On the YouTube channel of the Concept Creator, a video appeared, featuring the flagship Huawei P30 smartphones. The video was created on the basis of numerous leaks – the final sample will look something like this.

Tablet LG V426 on Android appeared on the sites of regulators

It is assumed that the presentation of the tablet will be held at one of the major events dedicated to consumer electronics in early 2019.

Digma began Russian sales of 13.3-inch tablet CITI 3000 4G

Digma has announced the release of the Digma CITI 3000 4G Tablet PC. The tablet runs on a MediaTek MT8735B 64-bit processor with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and a clock speed of 1.1 GHz. The device is preinstalled with the operating system Android 8.1 Oreo.

Presented “smart” watches Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon 2019 Edition

The brand Louis Vuitton introduced the new “smart” watch version of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon 2019 Edition. We are talking about the updated version, which was released last year. For the hardware, they took the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 single-chip system.

French engineers have created a “dark web” compass

For many years, criminal sites, shrouded in mystery, flourished beyond the reach of traditional search engines, but a group of French engineers found a way to navigate this “dark network.” The compass they created should not fall into the wrong hands.

$ 50 car air purifier

The authorship of the novelty belongs to the Zhimi Company – it was this company that developed for Smartmi and Xiaomi various models of heaters, air conditioners and home air purifiers. Now it came to the car air purifier, which is probably useful to motorists of large cities

Unusual PrintBrush XDR printer prints on a wide variety of surfaces.

The Kickstarter site has begun a fundraising campaign for the release of the unusual PrintBrush XDR mobile printer. The device dimensions 111.2 x 76.5 x 72.7 mm (including the docking station) uses the inkjet printing principle.

In the Irish soil on the “lands of the Druids” found useful bacteria

An international team of researchers from the UK and Croatia found a new bacterial strain in the soil from Fermana County in Northern Ireland. According to experts, these microorganisms are effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

In the Scottish cathedral discovered medieval stone carving

In the Dankeld Cathedral there is a stone tomb of the Scottish priest Robert de Cardeny, who lived at the end of the XIV and the beginning of the XV century. The front side of the tomb is decorated with voluminous stone carving.

Eating has launched dopamine production twice

Scientists from Germany and the United States found that the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which regulates the enjoyment of food, occurs twice: immediately after receiving the food and after a few minutes, when the person felt saturated. The article with the results of work published in Cell Metabolism.

String theory proposed a new model for the expansion of the universe.

In a new article published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Dr. Suvik Banerjee and colleagues propose a new model of the universe with dark energy, according to which our reality is on an expanding bubble in another dimension.

Alibaba Launches News Creation Platform

In a statement, the company notes that the platform, which was called Magic (magic), was the first project at the junction of the media and artificial intelligence. According to Liu Xiang, vice-president of the news agency, video content is currently developing at a rapid pace.

Silver nanowires help create future smart clothes

Chinese researchers claim that they have finally found a solution: they have become a new type of silver nanowire, the structure of which is inspired by the capillaries of the human body.

Scientists are closer to understanding the principles of memory

Scientists from San Diego managed to get closer to understanding the principle of the functioning of human memory. According to experts, the process of memorizing a particular event can be of several types. The so-called declarative memory is responsible for the events and facts currently taking place.

“Chang’e-4” is preparing to land on the reverse side of the moon

The Chinese spacecraft, the Chang’e-4 interplanetary station, has entered an elliptical orbit around the moon and is preparing for a soft landing on the reverse side of a natural earth satellite. The take-off took place at 03:55 Moscow time, RIA Novosti reports. All station systems are operating normally.

Satellite “Glonass-M” unscheduled increase in maintenance

One of the Glonass-M navigation satellite from the orbital grouping was taken over for maintenance on Sunday, December 30th.

The launch of the space observatory “Spectr-RG” again postponed

On the postponement of the launch of the Russian-German space observatory “Spectr-RG” from the beginning of April 2019 at the end of the month, said a source in the rocket and space industry, December 30, RIA Novosti reports. Space Observatory should start from the Baikonur cosmodrome

Telescope TESS discovered a giant planet near the dwarf star

In space, near a dwarf star, the TESS telescope discovered a giant planet, the object is located in the HATS-71 star system. NASA informed that the central body belongs to the category of red dwarfs with a faint glow. The planet HATS-71b is 456 light-years away from Earth.

Scientists have decoded the mysterious sounds from space

Mysterious cosmic sounds caught the antenna, according to data from the group of specialists of the British Antarctic Intelligence. Experts did not immediately manage to explain an unusual phenomenon that provoked a number of disputes among scientists. As it turned out, the source of the sounds were the storms generated by the sun. In these processes, electrons enter the space of the Earth’s magnetic field and provoke “chorus emissions”

China launched six Yunhai-2 meteorological satellites

The launch of the Changzheng-2D launch vehicle with six meteorological and one experimental satellite took place on December 29 at the Jiuquan cosmodrome.

AvtoVAZ refused to issue sports Lada Xray Sport

According to Avtoreview, the release of the LADA Vesta SW Sport wagon has not yet been approved by management, and work on the LADA XRay Sport hatchback has stopped altogether.

Crossover Skoda Karoq RS will appear on the car market in 2019

Skoda will present the Karoq RS crossover in the automotive market in 2019. Employees of the Auto Bild resource shared information with the public. In 2019, the updated cross-model model of the Skoda Karoq RS will be included in the Czech company’s lineup.

The Dorcen G60S crossover and E20 electric car will go into series

The Chinese brand Dorcen appeared only in 2018, but despite this it has already released a new crossover Dorcen G70S. Now the company’s engineers have attended to the release of two more new products – the Dorcen G60S SUV and the Dorcen E20 electric car will be released in the series.

In Russia, released a children’s car for 900 000 rubles

The children’s car, whose price was set at 900 thousand rubles, was produced by LC-cars, and is considered the largest in size among all models. The new model was named the Shelby Cobra Grande, and its appearance is exactly the same as the original car.

The Chinese company Maxus has released a city electric van

The Chinese company Maxus introduced its new development, which was the electric van Datong EV30. The car was built on a new type of platform designed specifically for use with an electric motor.

Experts almost did not notice the innovations in the updated Mitsubishi Outlander

The optics of the machine received changes – the form remained the same, but the developers seriously transformed its internal filling and construction. Minor updates affected the grille and front bumper, the rest of the Outlander design has not changed. In the engine compartment of the car, everything remained in its place, only the settings of the steering and suspension were changed.

The fastest and most expensive cars in the world that can be rented

Experts called the most expensive and fastest cars in the world that can be rented. The world’s fastest car that can be rented for a while is the Lamborghini Aventador. In Abu Dhabi, the rental of this vehicle costs 185 thousand rubles per day

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