19 Июн, 2022

Charity dinner with Warren Buffett

As recently as Thursday night, the highest price for the opportunity to dine with a billionaire investor and seven guests at Smith & Wollensky in New York was just over $3 million. times — up to $11 million, and then increased to $12.3 million within half an hour.

Whoever wins the auction will easily beat the record set in 2019 by cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun, who paid $4.57 million for a lunch with the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

This dinner auction will be Buffett’s last. The annual auction, which began in 2000 and was interrupted for two years during the pandemic, raised more than $34 million in support of the Glide Foundation, which offers programs to combat poverty and homelessness, writes Bloomberg.

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For the first time in nearly 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II missed the Ascot race due to mobility issues.


Head of FAS: We are not going anywhere — we will come and check everything. Maxim Shaskolsky said that the FAS is against lifting the restriction on the 25% share for transactions in retail


India in the period from May 27 to June 15 increased purchases of Russian coal by 6 times, and oil by 31 times compared to last year, Reuters writes, citing sources.


Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi said that the situation in Ukraine makes us think about the need to ban nuclear weapons. Kazakhstan calls on all countries of the world to develop a plan to eliminate nuclear weapons by 2045.


Mango is finally leaving Russia, Spanish media reported, citing a source. The company has reached an agreement with several local partners to phase out 55 stores that will become franchises and retain the jobs of 800 employees.


Microsoft banned Russians from downloading Windows 10 and 11. Users have noticed that when they try to download operating systems or the Media Creation Tool program, a page with the error “404 — File or Directory not found” appears.


Last December, the Iraqi government announced that it had signed a contract with China to build 1,000 schools in Iraq. On Saturday, the groundbreaking ceremony for the first education project between Iraq and China was held.

In 2021, Iraq received an investment of $10.5 billion under the Belt and Road Initiative. Chinese yuan is being invested in projects ranging from green energy and fuel oil plants to roads and schools.


The Executive Committee of the International Ski Marathon Federation (Worldloppet) suspended athletes from Russia and Belarus from participating in competitions under the auspices of the organization, the federation’s press service said on Saturday.


A Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched the U.S. communications satellite Globalstar FM15 into orbit on Sunday, SpaceX announced.


Italy will be able to survive the coming winter without Russian gas, Claudio Descalzi, head of the Italian oil and gas company Eni, said. According to him, for this, by October it is necessary to fill gas storage facilities up to 70-80%, which will be facilitated by the doubling of supplies from Algeria.


Moldovan President Maia Sandu signed a law banning the country’s rebroadcasting of news and analytical programs, as well as war films from Russia, said the head of the Council on Television and Radio, Liliana Vitsu. It will take effect next week.

“The law was signed by the president. It establishes the concept of disinformation, which implies harsh sanctions. If the fact is proven, the company will be deprived of its license for seven years,” Ms. Vitsu explained.


Journalist for Novaya Gazeta. Europe” Ekaterina Glikman was awarded the ProLitteris award in the field of journalism. The winner was chosen by an independent jury consisting of journalists Bettina Müller (Rsi), Anja Konzett (Die Republik) and Gerhard Mack (Nzz). The honorable mention was given to Federico Franchini, an investigative journalist from Lugano, Switzerland. The award ceremony will take place on June 25 in Lausanne.

The ProLitteris Award has been awarded since 2012 for excellence in literature, art, photography, journalism and publishing. The winner of the main prize (CHF 40,000) is chosen by an independent jury. The winner of the main prize then nominates the winner of the incentive prize (CHF 10,000). The journalism award is given every four years.


The volume of money transfers from Russia to Georgia reached a record level in May this year. Compared to May 2021, transactions increased tenfold, compared to April of this year, almost 2.5 times.

According to the National Bank of Georgia, $313.9 million (62% of the total) was transferred to the country from Russia last month. Previously, the record was set in April, when $132.98 million was transferred from Russia to Georgia.

For comparison, in January of this year, $22.38 million was transferred from Russia to Georgia, in February — $21.94 million, in March — $27 million.


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