17 Июн, 2021

Child labor is increasingly used around the world

Despite the constant global struggle for all good and against all bad, the number of children employed around the world in hazardous or inappropriate jobs increased by 8 million in 2020 compared to 2016: from 152 to 160 million

Before that, the situation improved from year to year: from 2008 to 2016, a decrease was recorded by about a third: from more than 210 million to the same 152, and the share of children employed in hazardous jobs decreased over this period from 54% to 48% (in 2020 it grew to 49%)

Most of these children are employed in the agricultural sector, more often they just work with their families. And all would be fine, but this often happens to the detriment of studies — and this is already a problem in the long term.

The main growth in recent years has been due to the increase in the use of child labor in Africa, which began even earlier, in 2016. And the decline in the level of child labor in the Asia-Pacific region has now significantly slowed down.


The average size of a mortgage loan in Russia for the year increased by 25% and amounted to almost 2.9 million rubles in May, follows from the data of the United Credit Bureau (OKB). At the same time, the average term for which Russians take a mortgage has grown. If a year ago it was 194 months (16 years), then by the end of May 2021 it exceeded 220 months (18 years).

Aleksandrovich Artur, General Director of the Design Bureau:

«The growth in the average size of a mortgage loan is primarily due to an increase in the cost per square meter in the secondary real estate market by 22% in annual terms and by 35% in the case of primary housing. loan «.


Russia’s GDP in the 1st quarter of 2021 decreased by 0.7% compared to the 1st quarter of 2020. In terms of industries, the leaders in decline: administrative activities (-9.7%) and a set of sectors of the economy that were quite expected against the background of the closing of borders and falling prices and oil production: hotels and catering (-7.5%), mining (-7.4%), culture and sports (-4.1%). Significant growth was shown by financial and insurance activities (+ 6.7%) and activities in the field of information and communications (+ 4.5%)


The State Duma in the second, decisive reading approved all three bills aimed at creating a more transparent Internet in Russia. These initiatives, as conceived by their authors, should give a clearer picture of the work of the Runet, both to the Internet sites themselves and to officials.

The first bill provides for a total accounting of advertising that is posted on the Internet. The second is counting the entire audience of the Runet and, without fail, the visitors of the sites entered by Roskomnadzor in a separate register. The third bill is aimed at «landing» foreign resources in Russia: companies such as Twitter and Facebook will have to open their offices in Russia. Otherwise, they will be banned from accepting payments from Russians, as well as posting messages from Russian advertisers.


US President Joe Biden said that during a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he asked to release businessman Michael Calvey, said at a press conference following the Geneva summit.

Biden noted that now American entrepreneurs are not ready to invest in Russia, and they also do not want to be in this country or in Moscow.

“I know that international politics is a polished art, that there is some kind of secret code, a secret language. But international politics is based on personal relationships, it is a function of human nature, ”he said.

As Biden noted, every president, even one who does not abide by international rules, needs them in order to benefit from them.

“We spoke today about the need for investments in Russia from other countries. And they will do this only if there are no violations, ”he said.


The LPR Prosecutor General’s Office announced that there was evidence of Protasevich’s involvement in the murders of civilians in Donbass. The department notes that they have already carried out investigative actions with him in Belarus.

The Belarusian Investigative Committee stated that Minsk had not received requests from abroad to conduct investigative actions with Protasevich.


Putin likened the congressional takeover in the United States to peaceful protests in Russia and sympathized with the United States.

Biden: “This is a ridiculous comparison. On the one hand: criminals break into the Capitol, kill an officer, and here are people who are defending their rights. »


Putin about FBK: work is not prohibited, the announcement of a foreign agent does not stop activity. Putin said that FBK Navalny

  • Publicly called for riots
  • Publicly encouraged minors to participate
  • Publicly gave instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails

* FBK is recognized in Russia as a foreign agent and extremist organization


Vice-Mayor of Moscow Rakova: compulsory vaccination in Moscow does not limit the rights of citizens, everyone still decides for himself whether to get vaccinated or not


Fines for legal entities for non-compliance with the requirement to vaccinate employees in Moscow will range from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles. As the head of Glavkontrol Yevgeny Danchikov specified, individual entrepreneurs will have to pay 50 thousand, legal entities — 300 thousand. Fines in the amount of one million rubles are provided for repeated violations.


Checks of compliance with the requirements for vaccination of employees in Moscow will begin on July 15, the mayor’s office told RIA Novosti (by this day, 60% of employees in service enterprises should receive the first injection of the vaccine)


Almost two-thirds of Russians (63%) do not approve of the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination against coronavirus in the Russian Federation. Among respondents under 34 years old, the idea of ​​universal vaccination is supported by 25% — and 64% are against, from 35 to 44 years old — 18% for and 67% against, over 45 years old — 26% for and 60% against, according to a survey by the Research Center of the SuperJob portal .ru.


Borrell presented a report on relations with Russia prepared for the EU summit on June 24 and 25

The EU intends to use three basic principles: at the same time distancing, pressure and dialogue on issues of interest to the European Union

The EU will proceed from the goals that Russia sets for itself

The EU will be based on a pragmatic approach, to promote its own interests to interact with Russia on a number of issues, including health, climate, the Iranian nuclear dossier and the fight against terrorism

The EU will more actively develop contacts between the peoples of Russia and European countries

a new partnership between the EU and Russia, involving closer cooperation, appears to be a distant prospect


The Russian was detained in the case of espionage in Latvia together with the Latvian deputy Adamsons. Adamsons, who was a deputy for many years, and previously headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, was recently deprived of immunity and became a defendant in a criminal case of espionage in favor of Russia.


Sakhalin introduced compulsory vaccination for workers in the service sector, education and health, according to the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor


Kremlin — on the statements of Vladimir Putin about Alexei Navalny and «Molotov cocktails»

Business FM: I would like to clarify the topic of yesterday’s statement by the president about Navalny. I will quote: «Consciously — I want to emphasize this — ignoring this requirement of the law, this gentleman went abroad for treatment.» As for the coma, questions “deliberately” arise: is this a slip of the tongue, a mistake, or was the president misled?

Dmitry Peskov: Look, journalists have already asked me today. On this score, I will tell you that there is no need to cling to words. The President did not speak about chronological order. And there is no need, everyone knows it well. In general, he said that only later the norms of the law were violated.

Business FM: Is the phrase about Molotov cocktails from the same series? Because many also learned about this for the first time. There is a feeling that the president is misinformed.

Dmitry Peskov: The President has the information that he has.

Bloomberg: Is this information correct or incorrect?

Dmitry Peskov: The President has the correct information.

Bloomberg: Can I share it then?

Dmitry Peskov: No, I cannot share with you.


Erdogan said about the possibility of creating Turkish military bases in Azerbaijan within the framework of agreements signed by the two countries


Taxi aggregators in Moscow received a request to stop connecting drivers with foreign driving license. During this year, inspectors discovered more than 1.7 thousand cases in the capital when foreign drivers with driving experience less than 3 years received orders from large services.

Now you can work in a taxi only if you have a Russian or Kyrgyz license. It is also allowed to work with the rights of those countries where Russian is used as an official one. The seniority must be at least 3 years.


The mysterious swimmers behind the boat with Aksyonov in Kerch turned out to be employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The department previously assured that

“In general, these were civilians who made such an incomprehensible decision for themselves in this critical situation. They put on these suits and couldn’t think of anything smarter than to follow Aksenov’s boat, ”the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Crimea told RBC.

However, Sergei Aksyonov himself says that everything was wrong:

“EMERCOM employees accompany all boats. Accompany them on foot. They are specially worn in wetsuits … This is done for everyone, without exception, so I, respectively, was not an exception. «