10 Sep, 2018

China abolishes income tax

The National People’s Congress has increased the income of citizens who will not be taxed. As a threshold, the amount of 5,000 yuan (750 US dollars or about 50 thousand rubles) is determined.

As the Chinese state council is sure, this will give an opportunity to increase the economic position of citizens, as well as to increase the level of consumption.

At present, in Chinese cities, the consumption level of one person is 4,000 yuan (40,000 rubles). Until recently, such income was not taxed.

The PRC has a progressive system of income taxes. The minimum rate is 5 percent. If the income does not exceed 8999 yuan (1350 dollars, 89.99 thousand rubles), then the tax – 15 percent.

In Russia, the income tax rate, regardless of the amount of income, is 13 percent. More recently, government members were asked to raise the rate to 15 percent.

Briefly about the main thing …


Yuri Mosha asks the US Congress to introduce Yandex into the list of sanctions companies

The head of the companies “The Second Passport” and “Russian America” Yuri Mosha continues his struggle with Yandex. It began after the search engine refused to remove from the issuance of the link, which contained unreliable, compromising information. In particular, articles posted on the same-day sites, one-day, contained personal insults and false accusations against the entrepreneur and his family.

Pensioners-entrepreneurs want to be exempted from contributions to the PFR

To release pensioners from contributions is offered from July 1, 2019. Currently, individual entrepreneurs must pay to the FIU 26 545 rubles, if the income does not exceed 300 thousand rubles for 12 months. If the annual earnings are higher than this amount, then 1% of the income is added.

How to keep the pre-retirees

“Business Russia” offered the Kremlin its option to stimulate companies so that they could retain employees of their pre-retirement age.

To do this, it is necessary to free employers from insurance premiums for pensioners, encourage them to carry out retraining programs for older workers and count part of the cost of VHI in the obligations on contributions to the MHIF, says the head of the business association Alexei Repik in a letter to the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko (RBC read with a letter).

Zhirinovsky became a participant in a brawl in the course of an unauthorized action

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky came to an action uncoordinated by the authorities against changes in the pension legislation in the center of Moscow. Gathered at Pushkin Square met him with shouts of “shame” and “clown.”

Putin congratulated Russian Jews on Rosh Hashanah

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to Russian Jews on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah – the arrival of a new 5779 year on the Jewish lunisolar calendar. The telegram is posted on the Kremlin website on Sunday.

Plenipotentiary representative Tsukanov has handed over to the selected chapter of YANAO a book with quotations of Putin

Deputies of the Okrug Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District elected Dmitry Artyukhov as the new governor of the region by a majority vote.

“The greatness of our country is determined by strong regions, so I expect that together with your team you will work for the benefit of the residents of the Okrug and for the benefit of the inhabitants of our great beautiful country – Russia”

These words were addressed to the new governor of YaNAO by the plenipotentiary representative of the president of Russia in the Urals Federal District Nikolay Tsukanov and handed the book with quotations of Vladimir Putin

The Ministry of Finance described it impossible to equalize the budgets of all regions of Russia

Aligning the budgetary security of Russian regions would require centralization at the federal level to 80% of all their incomes, which would be inefficient and impossible, said First Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Tsipras announced measures to return 15 thousand scientists to Greece

A package of measures to return from abroad about 15.5 thousand scientists was accepted in Greece. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras on Saturday, September 8. Scientists left the country to earn money abroad during the 9-year financial crisis, when unemployment reached 29%.

Young German died at the hands of Afghans in the city of Chemenits

On the night of August 26, a 35-year-old local resident died of stab wounds in the Saxon Chemnitz. According to the investigation, the attackers were migrants from Syria and Iraq – two of them were subsequently tracked and arrested. Another person from Iraq is wanted. After that, demonstrations took place in the city, some of them were accompanied by riots.

Approximately 500 people took part in the ultra-right march in Cotene

Approximately 500 people took part in the ultra-right march in the German city of Köthen (the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt), organized in connection with the death of a 22-year-old German citizen after a conflict with migrants from Afghanistan. This was reported on Sunday by DPA.

In Beijing, opened the second in China Internet court

The official opening ceremony of the Internet court took place on Sunday in the Chinese capital, the Beijing Internet court became the second in China, according to a statement on the website of the new court.

The Ministry of Culture was going to limit the rental of foreign cinema in Russia

The Ministry of Culture has decided to amend Russian legislation, which restricts the rental of foreign films. The number of displays of foreign paintings is planned to be reduced to 35 percent of the total number of sessions in the cinema during the day.

Europe will toughen the fight against money laundering from Russia

This is reported by the Financial Times with reference to a source in the European Commission. As it became known to the publication, the European Banking Association (EBA) is provided with additional resources for the investigation of money laundering received illegally. The European Prosecutor’s Office will have the authority to initiate criminal prosecution. Previously, the department was only responsible for investigating financial crimes related to the use of the budget of European countries.

Look for future criminals in primary school

Teachers were advised to look for future criminals in the primary school and adjust their behavior. In the center under the Ministry of Education, they developed methodological recommendations for teachers

They advise to pay attention not only to obvious signs, for example, violence towards other children, but also indirect ones: excessive stubbornness, quick temper, increased interest in weapons. According to experts, you need to work with children carefully, so as not to aggravate the situation. And also monitor what the child is interested in social networks and what he writes himself.

Yakubovich urged Russians to donate to the temple of the RF Armed Forces

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich urged Russians to donate money for the construction of the main temple of the Russian Armed Forces. The building can be built in the Moscow Patriot Park.

A medical teleconference connects Primorje and Busan

Within the framework of the conference, the Joint Telemedicine Center PKOD-DIRAMS was opened, with the help of which experts from the Primorsky Regional Oncology Dispensary and the Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine “Dongnam” (abbreviation in English transcription – DIRAMS) will be able to conduct joint consultations and consultations, the correspondent reports. IA PrimaMedia.

The struggle for canonical territory

The Patriarchate of Constantinople said on Friday that it had appointed its exarchs in Kiev in preparation for granting autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

This decision was condemned in the Moscow Patriarchate and called it an invasion of the canonical territory of another local church.

Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion, said that the Moscow Patriarchate would break the eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, if he grants the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

“The reciprocal steps on the part of the Moscow Patriarchate will necessarily follow,” Legoyda said. He also stressed that the answer would be extremely tough.


Pyongyang hosted a military parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK

September 9 in the central square of Pyongyang hosted a military parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK. About 10,000 servicemen took part in it, as well as large military equipment. For the first time in many years, intercontinental ballistic missiles were not represented

The US transferred additional troops to Syria

The Pentagon sent an additional contingent to the coalition-escaped outpost of Eth Tanf in the southeast of Syria. This is reported by Fox News referring to sources in the Ministry of Defense. More than a hundred marines were transferred to the region.

Militants undermined oil pipeline in northern Iraq

The militants of the terrorist group IG (the Islamic State) banned in Russia have undermined the oil pipeline in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, the Kurdish satellite television channel Rudau reports. It is specified that the pipe was blown up with the help of two bombs near the settlement of Kara-dara

Ukraine throws an armored car into the Azov Sea

Ukraine begins the transfer of armored vessels to the Sea of Azov and proceeds to establish a full-fledged base of the Navy there, the “Ukrainian Military Portal” reports with reference to sources in the General Staff and the Navy command of the country

In Afghanistan, when attacking the Taliban killed 20 people

In Afghanistan, at least 20 security forces were killed as a result of an attack by militants of the radical Taliban * movement in Baghlan province. This is reported TOLOnews referring to local authorities.

Military exercises in Donetsk

More than 4 thousand people and more than 300 military equipment will be involved in the planned exercises of the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, which will begin next week, an official representative of the operational command of the Donetsk Republic Eduard Bazurin

3.5 billion euros to upgrade defense satellites

France will spend more than $ 3.5 billion to upgrade the potential of defense satellites, Defense Minister Florance Parley said. “In the law on military planning, we have provided 3.6 billion euros for upgrading the potential of defense satellites,” Parley said on the radio station Europe 1.

The Ministry of Defense told about the tests of the innovative boat “Krechet”

The Defense Ministry was told about the tests of the innovative boat. In Russia, they experienced an innovative high-speed boat with gliding skis, as stated in the Ministry of Defense of the country with reference to the round table data, which took place in the framework of the international forum “Army-2018”

The Ka-52 and Mi-28NM will teach how to drive drones

Shock helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28NM will teach to control the drones. This is necessary for reconnaissance and target designation. The corresponding concept is currently being developed in the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”, “Interfax” reports.

NATO fighters to conduct training flights over Estonia

Fighters of the German Air Force Eurofighter from Monday, September 10, will again begin training flights over the territory of Estonia at low altitudes. This was reported by the press service of the main headquarters of the Estonian Defense Forces

Britain left in Germany more than 200 military to deter Russia

British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson ordered that more than 200 servicemen be left in Germany to contain Russia. The decision to leave the British military in Germany was explained by the minister by the threat to Europe from the Russian side, RT reports.

New air strikes of Russia and Syria on Idlibu

Recall Damascus categorically rejects accusations of using barrel bombs. Russian aircraft, according to Reuters, during a series of raids struck at the cities of El-Latamna and Kafr Zeit in the north of the province of Ham.

Turkish tanks are moving to Idlib, where the Russian Airborne Force is bombing terrorists

The column of Turkish military equipment in the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and rocket launcher systems crossed the border of the Syrian Arab Republic and moves to the Idlib province, where the Russian Air Force and the Air Force of the SAR strike at targets of terrorist groups.

Poroshenko spoke about “interception” of the data of Russian military satellites

Ukrainian experts have learned to “intercept” data from Russian satellites, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on the air of the television channel “Direct.”


Belarus rejected the joint reform program with the IMF

The authorities of Belarus refused to jointly implement the program of structural reforms with the International Monetary Fund, said Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich. Under this program, the IMF was going to allocate a loan to the republic.

“Rostekh” sold 60% of the shares of NGO “Molniya” to the concern “Kalashnikov”

State corporation Rostek and the Kalashnikov concern signed a purchase and sale agreement for a 60% stake in the Molniya Research and Production Association (NGO), which participated in the creation of the orbital space shuttle Buran. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the state corporation.

China’s investment in projects in the Far East is 7%

The volume of Chinese investment in projects in the Far East is 7% of the total investment in the region, the presidential envoy to the Far East, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, told journalists on Sunday.

Today China is the main external partner in Russia in the Far East. The volume of Chinese investment is 7% of the total investment. We cooperate in almost all areas: infrastructure, agriculture and processing of natural resources. – Yuri Trutnev, Russian politician

To support the demand for cars in 2019 will allocate 10 billion rubles

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia expects to allocate 10 billion rubles in 2019 as part of state programs to support demand for cars. On September 8, the head of the department Denis Manturov announced during the forum-exhibition “Hydroaviation-2018”.

The Finance Ministry will increase the share of federal funds for the “May decree”

The burden on regional budgets in financing the implementation of the “decree of the President” in the framework of national projects and federal programs will decrease due to the redistribution of the co-financing standard and the increase in the share of federal funds from 70% to 95%, said First Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin in an interview with RIA Novosti in the framework of the Moscow financial forum.

Severstal will receive four SSJ-100 aircraft in financial leasing

The airline Severstal belongs to the steel and mining company Severstal. As a rule, financial leasing in the aviation industry involves transferring the aircraft to the customer company at the end of the leasing period specified in the contract.

On Sakhalin launched the first mini LNG plant

Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, gave a start to the first mini-plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Far East via videoconferencing.

Rusavia buys 10 agricultural aircraft

The contract worth more than 200 million rubles was signed on Saturday at the Hydroaviation Salon-2018 in Gelendzhik, the press service of the ONPP “Technology”.

Tourist tax in all regions of Russia

The Ministry of Finance is ready to support the introduction of tourist fees in all regions of Russia. This statement was made by deputy departments Leonid Gornin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

First Deputy Minister of Finance proposed to introduce a tourist tax in the areas of the “Golden Ring”. However, Gornin stressed that the initiative should come from the subjects of the country themselves, since the tax is levied in favor of regional and local budgets

In Russia, tourist tax is 2% of the price of accommodation in the hotel. Since May, the resort infrastructure tax has been levied in the Krasnodar, Stavropol and Altai Territories. In Crimea, the introduction of tourist collection is scheduled for 2019

In Russia, rates on deposits rushed upwards

The diagram of the change in the maximum interest rate on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia shows that the rates on deposits for the first time in a few years went up – up to 6.559% per annum.

Russian-Finnish trade

On mutual successes of economic cooperation between Russia and Finland in August, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto. According to him, in 2017 bilateral trade increased by 37% and reached almost 12.5 billion dollars. In the first half of 2018, growth continued, although the pace fell by more than a quarter – to 27%, and the amount reached 7.5 billion dollars.

The Finnish customs, which published data for the first half of August 31, estimated the mutual turnover slightly lower – at 6.1 million euros (7.4 billion dollars). But did not see the positive dynamics. So, according to Finnish statistics, in euros, mutual trade grew by only 3%, and in dollars, due to exchange rate difference, by about 14%.

Association of confectioners complained to Medvedev for a shortage of dried milk

Executive Director of “Asconda” Vyacheslav Lashmankin in the letter notes that Russian suppliers can not cover the acute shortage of quality dry milk products. According to the association, local dry milk raw materials provide only 50% of the needs of Russian confectioners.

“Aeroflot” will order another 100 Russian aircraft SSJ100

Aeroflot will order another 100 SSJ100 aircraft from the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) state holding company), told Vedomosti five people close to the different parties to the deal

Belarus wants to place bonds for $ 2 billion in Russia and China

Minsk plans to attract a total of up to two billion dollars by placing government bonds on the markets of Russia, China and other countries over the next few years, said Finance Minister of Belarus Maxim Ermolovich. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

In Pakistan, discovered a new oil field

In Pakistan, the territory of the Punjab province discovered oil deposits. This news was reported by the Pakistan oil company Pakistan Petroleum Limited. The information was sent to the stock exchange in Karachi. The Talagang deposit is located in Chakval county. The daily production is about 313 thousand barrels. The company continues to study the site. Planning drilling to great depth in search of new sources


Olga Buzovoi’s concerts are massively canceled in the regions

It became known that in some cities of Russia they canceled the Olga Buzovaya show. According to insiders, the reason is that the organizers can not sell most of the tickets. So the singer’s performances will not take place in Penza, Tambov and Saratov region

The sick Valery Leontiev turned to the fans

Singer Valery Leontiev told the fans about his illness, because of which he could not perform at the contest “New Wave”. He published his post in Instagram. “Doctors diagnosed pneumonia and categorically forbade me to go on stage,” – said, in particular, in the post.

Thank you all for your sympathy! Your attention and heals, and heats. – Valery Leontiev, singer

Mistress Nicholas Karachentsova asked forgiveness from his wife

Ballerina Elena Dmitrieva, the possible lover of actor Nikolai Karachentsov, flew to Russia to meet with Ludmila Porgina and apologize. On the air of Exclusive, the ballerina asked the wife of Karachentsov several times to forgive her, but she refused to believe the woman’s words.

Dapkunaite was criticized for “vulgarity” in the library

Ingeborga Dapkunaite published in her Instagram a photo in which she with a radiant smile poses before a photographer in the reading room of the National Library of the Russian Federation on a desk in high-heeled shoes and recommended everyone to read her favorite book by the famous author Mikhail Zygar “The Empire Must Die” …

Dana Borisova made a plastic surgery

The other day Borisova shared with the subscribers pictures from the operating room and her portraits immediately after the procedure. The photos show how the TV presenter’s face was tightened, despite the fact that after the operation, very little time had passed.

Rita Dakota lost her voice because of stress

Because of the experienced excitement, the artist began to have problems with the vocal cords, which she told her fans in the microblog. Dakota published a beautiful photo from behind the stage and asked the subscribers if they knew such an experience – to lose their voice “on stress”

Director of CBS will leave the post after allegations of harassment

Director of CBS TV and Radio Corporation Leslie Munves will leave his post after he received numerous accusations of sexual harassment.

Buzova drove away two guys from the show, but left the “goat”

Buzova drove away two guys from the show, but left the “goat” Spoiler: the show appeared Alexander Grinev, who was lost on the road to Italy. Shooting the new issue of the show “Married to Buzov” was held in Verona, the city where the most beautiful and tragic love story unfolded.

Young wife of Ivan Krasko confirmed the reports of divorce

Spouses of Krasko decided to divorce. Natalia intends to leave – and, as she herself admits, even the untold treasures of Ivan Krasko would not keep her. The girl herself does not keep her husband either: “Personally, I no longer have the strength – a person goes to the children, let him go.”


Basta recorded a joint track with singer Alsu

Rostovan Vasily Vakulenko, known to fans as Basta, presented his new next track, recorded together with singer Alsu. The composition was called “We are with you”.

Paul McCartney spoke at the Central Station of New York

A legendary musician, Sir James Paul McCartney gave a concert at New York’s Central Station. Sixteen-time winner of the Grammy Award has played a program of 24 songs covering more than 50 years of his work.

Dan Rozin wins the “New Wave”

As the Internet portal “Kuban 24” wrote, the XVII International contest of young performers of popular music “New Wave 2018” started on September 4. The contest is held in Sochi for the fourth time. According to the already established tradition, he

Yalta student introduced the Crimea in Poland

Yalta student-third year student of the Department of Music Pedagogy and Performance of the State Unitary Enterprise of the KFU Maria Kotenko became a participant of the 9th Summer Music Festival “Kutno-2018”, which took place in the Polish town of the same name. This is reported by the official site of KFU them. IN AND. Vernadsky

The girl was honored to perform together with the opera stars who came to the town of Kutno from different parts of Poland, as well as from Germany, Austria, Russia and Ukraine. A talented student from Yalta, representing the Crimea, sang the arias of Rachmaninov and Dargomyzhsky, Chopin, Moniuszko and Mendelssohn

Klava Koka will finish the tour in Moscow

The concert of the singer and blogger Klava Koki will be held on November 24, 2018 at the club Arbat Hall. The Moscow performance will complete the program of the autumn Russian tour of the artist.

Deputy Valuev starred in the video of the ex-soloist of the group “Tea together”

Bryansk State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev, along with his children, starred in the video of the ex-soloist of the group “Tea together” Denis Klyaver “When you will become big.”

Kanye West announced the sequel to the album “Watch the Throne”

American hip-hop artist Kanye West in his official Twitter account announced the sequel to the album “Watch the Throne”, which was recorded with Jay-Z and released in 2011

Chicherina performed with the symphony orchestra at the bottom of the city in Lugansk

Russian rock singer Yulia Chicherina spoke in honor of the 223rd anniversary of the founding of Lugansk in the main square of the city with the symphony orchestra of the Lugansk Academic Philharmonic, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Rashid Kalimullin will hold an author’s concert in Moscow

September 11 in the Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory will be the author’s concert of the Chairman of the Union of Composers of Russia and Tatarstan, People’s Artist of Russia Rashid Kalimullin, the press service of the RT Mission in Russia.

Jimi Tenor Band, September 13, “16 Ton”

Jimi Tenor is talented in everything, he is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, film director, photographer and designer of clothes.

In Russia, the Finnish avant-garde artist has been known since the late 1990s when his albums appeared on the cult British label Warp (according to legend, the head of the label saw how the musician beat a piece of meat during the performance of a romantic song, and it shocked him), and the clip for “Take Me Baby “twisted even domestic MTV.

In the two thousandths, Jimi Tenor of the lounge-backstage went into improvisational acoustic music. He recorded a lot with African musicians – including the famous Nigerian drummer Tony Allen. Now the maestro is engaged in experimental music in several of his projects: in 2018 he released his brilliant nude jazz album “Order of Nothingness”, in which Tenor skilfully skirted all cliches and demonstrated a brilliant fantasy.

Tenor always improvises and often plays on stage with his eyes closed.

“When I open them and look at the audience, I can lose the plot,” he says. One can only guess where the fantasy of Jimi is transferred during these moments.

“Outsiders of the war”: Letov and Kurylev presented a new album

The new album War Outsiders (“Outsiders of War”) as part of the KillDozer project was presented by famous musicians Sergey Letov and Vadim Kurilyov on September 8 at the club “Chinese pilot Jao Da”, the correspondent of the IA Red Spring


The winners of the 75th Venice Film Festival

The names of the winners were named at the closing ceremony of the prestigious September 8 review. The director of Mexican origin Alfonso Cuaron was awarded the “Golden Lion” of the 75th Venice Festival for the tape “Roma”. This was announced by an international jury headed by director Guillermo del Toro.

“Game of Thrones” received seven Emmy figurines

The series “The Game of Thrones”, created by HBO, received seven Emmy figurines at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony. In all, the creators of the series had 22 nominations.

In Anapa, the winners of the festival “Kinoshock”

In the documentary film competition the main prize went to the painting “Workshop”, directed by Sergei Karandashov (Russia). The main prize of the short film competition was presented to the film “Journey to Paris”, directed by Maria Polyakova (Russia). XXVII Film Festival “Kinoshock” was held in Anapa from 2 to 9 September.

A fragment of Yury Bykov’s new film “Zavod” appeared on the web

The leading American weekly Variety published a short fragment of the picture on the expanses of the international web. The plant of the Russian film director Yury Bykov. A fragment from the film of Russian film director Yury Bykov is published in the Net by the portal Variety, it was called “Zavod”.

Tom Holland will play in the film of Sam Mendes “1917”

One of the producers of the film will be Steven Spielberg, whose studio Amblin will take part in its creation

Alexei Panin approved the cast of his first film

Aleksei Panin keeps the plot of the film in secret, but the confirmed actor’s staff suggests the idea of Russian bandit history these days – a theme with which fans forever linked the career of Alexei Panin

A film about children missing in the Thai cave will begin to shoot in the fall

A film about 12 young footballers, stuck with a coach in a flooded cave in Thailand, will begin shooting in November, reports Bangkok Post with reference to the director Tom Waller.

The International Arctic Film Festival opens in Chukotka

The International Arctic Film Festival “Golden Crow” opens on Monday in Anadyr. The main prizes of the festival are made of walrus tusk by local bone-carver artists.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal will be shot in the thriller “Rio”

The stars will be shot in “Rio”, a psychological thriller, the creation of which will work already familiar to fans of British cinema and TV faces. Directed by Edward Berger, who previously removed Cumberbatch in the miniseries “Patrick Melrose.”


In Twitter and Periscope there were audiotranslation

In the social network Twitter and the Periscope application, there was the function of recording audio messages and conducting audio broadcasts, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey reported on September 8. Twitter social network, used for the publication of short notes, can become a popular platform for audio broadcasts.

Browser Opera will send crypto cats

Opera plans to introduce the ability to transfer collectible items directly, without third-party applications. The browser developers are sure that such changes will not have a big impact on the overall use of the wallet, but users will appreciate the possibility of sending crypto currency cats and items.

The most popular antivirus in the Apple Store spies on China

The most popular paid online store application turned out to be spyware and uses the credulity of people and software vulnerabilities. As of the last days, the antivirus Adware Doctor was the fourth most popular among all applications in the Apple Store.

Anonymous Tor Browser is now available for Android devices

An anonymous Tor Browser browser is now available for Android devices. The Google Play online store has an alpha version of the app. In recent years, the browser has become popular among users.

Prices for new smartphones iPhone XC, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus

A closed presentation was held in China, where a slide with a brief description of the new iPhone was shown. On it, the younger model is called the iPhone XC, despite the fact that today it was reported that this smartphone will be called the iPhone 9. Also, the operator confirmed the name of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

Samsung has released a special adapter for Galaxy Note9

South Korean company Samsung has released a special adapter for the smartphone Galaxy Note9. The novelty is equipped with USB Type-C and HDMI connectors. This is a feature that allows the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note9 to connect to the display without using the docking station Dex

MediaTek creates Helio M70 processor with 5G for budget smartphones

A new processor with support for fifth-generation networks will be designed for budget smartphones and mid-range devices. Helio M70 with 5G should appear in late 2019.

In Russia there was a cheap smartphone with the possibility of contactless payment

The capacity of the battery is 3200 mAh. With its budget orientation, the smartphone is equipped with an NFC module (there is the possibility of contactless payment), it also received a LTE modem, Wi-Fi modules (802.11 b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and FM radio.

Foldable smartphone Samsung will get a fingerprint sensor in the screen

Last week, the head of the mobile unit of Samsung, Don Jin Koh (D. J. Koh) said that the folding smartphone will be presented by the company in November at a conference Samsung for developers in San Francisco.

Asus ROG Phone gaming smartphone will cost more than $ 1,000

The device received an advanced filling and a number of parameters that distinguish it from other modern models. The Asus ROG Phone gaming smartphone supports connection of an external cooler, gamepad and monitor, and also has an LED backlight on the back.

Apple will introduce a special iPhone specifically for the Asian market

Apple is announcing an iPhone with two SIM cards for the Asian market, including China, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. Many experts believe that at the upcoming presentation (September 12), Apple employees will demonstrate an iPhone with two SIM-cards.

Cherry MW 8 Advanced wireless mouse uses two methods of connection

Cherry company introduced the wireless computer mouse Cherry MW 8 Advanced, which can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass. The PixArt sensor has a resolution of 600 to 3200 DPI (including 1000 and 1600).


Sony PlayStation 5 will go on sale in late 2019

Insiders reported a period when the debut in the Sony PlayStation 5 market could take place. The console will start selling at the end of 2019. According to reports, in the management of Sony decided not to change the market strategy and bring the PlayStation 5 prefix on sale on the eve of Christmas.

Pokémon fans are forbidden to make games about pocket monsters

Using Essentials, you could create your own games in the Pokemon universe. Together with this, she had a page with information about how novices can create their own games about pocket monsters.

To start Mega Man 11 will require a video card level GeForce GTX 650

Rockstar told about twenty-three characters of Red Dead Redemption 2

Yesterday Rockstar devoted a good half of the day of systematic publication of new posters of Red Dead Redemption 2, dedicated to the characters of the western. Today, the developers decided to tell a little more about their characters and past.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is announced on the Nintendo Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, it is not yet available, most likely because of the earthquake in Hokkaido. The game has already been released on Android and iOS. Technically, it is a visual remake of Final Fantasy XV 2016.

THQ Nordic bought rights to Kingdoms of Amalur

THQ Nordic continues to buy the rights to brands. Now the European publishing house has reached the Kingdom of Amalur universe. Along with the rights to the brand, the company also bought some other assets belonging to 38 Studios

Battlerite Royale has a release date

Studio Stunlock decided on the release date of its royal battle Battlerite Royale. In the early access of Steam the game will be released on September 26. Developers are going to use early access for the final polish of the game process, as well as gradually add new content to the game and new champions.

The creators of Shadow of the Tomb Raider presented a release trailer for the game

In honor of the soon-to-be-released developers of Shadow of the Tomb Raider presented a release trailer for the project, dedicated to the plot of history, in which Lara is in part a villain. By her actions, she starts the countdown to the real apocalypse.

The creators of Black Ops 4 released the trailer of the royal battle Blackout

In recent days, many details about the royal battles in Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have become known, and now Treyarch has decided to launch a full-fledged Blackout demonstration: the developers have released a trailer dedicated to the battle royale-mode in Black Ops 4.

The video showed some unusual weapons and devices that can be found on the map as a rare loot: a legendary monkey bomb, a hook-cat, portable protective sheets and barbed wire. It also turned out that the characters in Blackout have wingsuits – before Activision did not talk about it.

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