21 May, 2018

China and the US agreed to end the trade war

China and the US will not unleash a trade war, said Vice Premier Liu He.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Liu He called his visit to Washington constructive and productive. According to him, he agreed with the American side not to impose reciprocal duties. This decision was made possible thanks to the agreement reached earlier by US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Chinese official also expressed the hope that the countries “will strengthen cooperation in energy, agriculture, healthcare and other areas.”

Briefly about the main ……


Maduro won the election of the President of Venezuela

The current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, won the elections held on Sunday, May 20, reports Reuters referring to the National Electoral Council of Venezuela. Maduro received more than 5.8 million votes (about 68%). His main rival for the post of head of state from the opposition party “Progressive Avant-garde” Henri Falcon was supported by 1.8 million people.

As the head of the National Electoral Council Tibasai Lucena reported on air, the elections were held without any incidents. More than 20.5 million people were invited to participate in the voting, the turnout was slightly more than 46%, TASS reported.

US considers presidential elections in Venezuela illegitimate

The head of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Jorge Fori, and the first deputy head of the US Department of State, John Sullivan, consider the presidential elections in Venezuela to be unilateral,

Trump demanded to find out whether the FBI intervened in the election campaign

US President Donald Trump asked the Justice Department to find out whether the FBI interfered in his election campaign

Kadyrov removed the blame from the “Islamic state” for attacking the church

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, said that there are no militants from the banned terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IGIL) in the republic, and other persons bear responsibility for the attack on the church. He wrote about this in his Telegram-channel.

Of course, the “Iblis state” or what is left of it triumphs when it is attributed to everything and everything. Therefore, to transfer arrows to IGIL, means to lead the investigation away from the real patrons. Investigative and operational work is being actively pursued, successfully advancing. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian politician

Poroshenko allowed Ukraine’s withdrawal from international treaties concluded within the framework of the CIS

According to the Ukrainian leader, the country will come out of those treaties within the framework of the Commonwealth, which will be contrary to its national interests. Poroshenko noted that his mission is to irrevocably withdraw Ukraine “from the deadly zone of gravity toward the Russian Empire.”

Britain urged to tighten sanctions against people associated with the Kremlin

In a report titled “Moscow Gold: Russian Corruption in the UK,” published May 21, the committee argues that “using London as a base for corrupt assets of individuals associated with the Kremlin clearly refers to a large-scale Russian strategy and has implications for national security” Great Britain.

In the United States, the possible denial of the DPRK from the summit was announced the end of diplomacy

In the event of North Korea’s refusal to attend the summit with the participation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump, diplomacy will end. This was announced by US senator-Republican Lindsey Graham in an interview with Fox News.

If they show up and try to play with Trump, it means that the military conflict will remain the only possible thing, and if there is a military conflict with North Korea, they will lose, not us. – Lindsay Graham, American politician

The EU can compensate companies for losses from US sanctions against Iran

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced his desire to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and reintroduce sanctions against the Islamic republic. At the same time, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Bloch noted that the authorities are planning to protect their own and European companies from losses due to restrictive measures

The Rada was offered to blackmail the IMF with a default

Ukraine should threaten the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with non-fulfillment of obligations in order to achieve more favorable conditions for lending, Oleksandr Kirsch, a Verkhovna Rada deputy from the People’s Front party, said in an interview with Obozrevatel.

China and the United States concluded a truce in trade wars

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin confirmed that the introduction of reciprocal trade duties with China was postponed, and noted the significant progress in the negotiations between the two countries on trade. According to him, the PRC promised to reduce duties on many goods

Scotland is considering the possibility of independence from Britain

According to the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nikola Sturgeon, following the agreement on the conditions for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, the party can resume discussions on the issue of Scotland’s withdrawal from the United Kingdom. Earlier, the party had already conducted similar referendums – in 2014.

Once we have some certainty about the outcome of Brexit and the future relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union, which we hope will happen this fall, then I will again consider the issue of the timing of the referendum on independence. – Nicola Sturgeon, British politician

Opposition of Macedonia refused to support the renaming of the country

“The opposition will not support the amendment of the constitution to change the constitutional name (of the country),” says Christian Mickoski Reuters, the leader of the nationalist Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, the Democratic Party for the Macedonian National Unity (WMPO-DPMNE).

Milo Djukanovic took office as president of Montenegro

Milo Djukanovic, who won the presidential election in Montenegro on April 15, solemnly entered Sunday, May 20, as head of the Balkan state. The leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists took the oath in the city of Cetinje

In China, Putin will travel by high-speed train

The state visit of the President of the Russian Federation to China will begin on June 8. As part of the trip, Vladimir Putin will be shown a new high-speed train, at which the Russian leader will reach the city of Tianjin, located at a distance of 96 kilometers from the capital of China.

The President of Bulgaria stated the need for direct supplies of Russian gas

Bulgaria needs direct supplies of Russian gas through the Black Sea, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said in an interview with Kommersant.


Russian schoolchildren took 9 prizes at a scientific contest in the USA

The contest was held in the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). More than 1 thousand schoolchildren from all over the world took part in it. “The Russian team won nine prize places in various categories – from chemistry to robotics,” the ministry said.

On Shikotan for the first time there will be asphalted roads

Asphalt roads first appear on the Kuril Islands Shikotan. This was announced by the Governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako at a meeting with local residents, the press service of the regional government said on Monday.

70 foreign workers staged a strike in North Kurilsk

In North Kurilsk, Sakhalin Oblast, 70 foreign construction workers went on strike. People went to the city square and announced their claims to the employer – the company “Spiro”. According to migrants, they have not seen a salary since March, and the company’s management treats them as if they were not people at all. The mayor of North-Kurilsk expressed fears that due to the strike, the commissioning of several objects of the “Kuril program”

In the ROC called for a ban on Wahhabism after the terrorist attack in the Church of the Terrible

In Grozny, there was a Sunday memorial service for those who died during the attack on the temple of Archangel Michael. The service, which was attended by about 30 believers, was conducted by the archbishop of Makhachkala and Grozny Varlaam, writes TASS

The government did not support the introduction of a registration limit in apartments

The Cabinet of Ministers did not support the ban on registration in apartments without respecting the registration rate of living space per person. This is stated in the response (there is a “Izvestia”) signed by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko.

The State Duma offered to give young people a subsidy for a mortgage

One of the issues discussed was mortgage lending. At the meeting, they decided to give recommendations to the State Duma of the Russian Federation to develop a state program to allocate a one-off subsidy to pay off the initial mortgage payment for young people.

It is noted that registration in an apartment reflects only the fact that a citizen of the Russian Federation is located at the place of stay and should not become a ground for changing the right to use the premises.

In Primorye will increase the number of checkpoints for simplified entry of foreigners

In the Primorsky Territory, the number of check points for simplified entry of foreigners will be increased by an electronic visa. It is planned to organize three new checkpoints, so in Primorye there will be 12 such points

On the Russian roads from June 1 will appear blue markings

Under the new rules, on June 1, 2018, blue markings will appear on Russian roads except for white and yellow lines, the newspaper Vashorod reports with reference to Kommersant.

At the intersections of the blue line will indicate the direction of travel. In addition, this color will denote free and paid parking spaces.

The yellow markup will have a new function – to designate zones where overtaking is prohibited. Previously, it denoted only the ban on parking of cars.

New GOST introduces new designations on asphalt. For example, signs will appear to indicate the charging station for electric vehicles and markings such as “waffle iron”.

In Astrakhan, the state of the regional infectious disease hospital was called horror

The indifferent woman, who visited this clinic, was not too lazy to shoot everything she saw on the camera.

In the infectious hospital of Astrakhan, according to posted information, such conditions are even in the children’s department. The bedside tables are shabby, the walls resemble catacombs. There are no elementary conditions, even, there is nowhere to take a shower.

At the same time, the caretaker is in good order. There are good tables, everything is clean and “the sofa stands”.

According to Karen Grigoryan, who is an adviser to the governor, the deplorable state of “infectious diseases” is not a consequence of inaction of its chief physician. Simply the regional Ministry of Health allocates for this scanty means from the budget. If this goes on, the official believes, the condition of the hospital will be completely abandoned.

The LDPR was offered to issue mortgages from the age of 14

State Duma deputy from the LDPR Vasily Vlasov suggested that the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services together with the Central Bank allow the issuance of mortgages to Russians from the age of 14 with the right to lease real estate.

Sberbank and VTB will be able to serve customers in the Crimea

Crimeans will be able to voluntarily provide biometric data and receive services from VTB and Sberbank, without leaving home. Entrepreneurs and legal entities instead of biometrics will be entitled to use “digital signature and all digital technologies for remote identification”.

Japanese companies demand to liquidate visa quotas after Brexit

Japanese companies require the elimination of strict visa quotas for their employees when signing any future trade transaction with the UK following the results of Brexit. This was reported on Sunday by the Financial Times.

Every seventh inhabitant of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is below the poverty line

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2017, the average per capita monetary income decreased, calculated in Krasnoyarskstat.

According to statisticians, the most numerous category of the region’s population, 22.4%, has income from 27 to 45 thousand rubles. per person. Next is a group with an income of 19 to 27 thousand rubles – 19.2%.

In 15.6% of the income is from 14 to 19 thousand rubles. per person, 13.1% – 10 to 14 thousand, 8.4% – 7 to 14 thousand rubles.

Finally, for an amount of less than 7 thousand rubles, 5.9% of the regional population manage to survive.

7.6% of the region’s residents have an income of 45 to 60 thousand rubles per person, and 7.8% live on more than 60 thousand rubles each.

In the Bryansk region, gasoline continues to rise in price

If at the end of April we had a slight increase, then in May gasoline rises almost daily.

So, only for the last 3 weeks the cost has increased by almost 2 rubles.

So, if a liter of 92nd gasoline at refueling Rosneft in late April was worth 37 rubles. 90 kopecks, now it is 39 rubles. 70 kopecks …

And in comparison with March (37, 50 rubles) the cost increased by 2.2 rubles. And such an increase in all brands of gasoline and other fuels.


In the first three months of the year, the Central Bank revealed over 1.3 thousand illegal MFIs

Over 1.3 thousand illegal microfinance organizations were able to identify the Central Bank in the first three months of 2018, the Izvestia newspaper reported with reference to the regulator. According to the publication, for the entire last year of such organizations, it was found 1374.

“Kommersant” learned about the closure of the shops of the network “Perekrestok Express”

The company X5 Retail Group began closing the stores of the Perekrestok Express network with low profitability. This is written by Kommersant referring to a source close to the retailer. I could not find buyers for the network.

Poltavchenko called the cost of the stadium “St. Petersburg”

The cost of building the St. Petersburg stadium on Krestovsky Island, where the seven games of the World Football Championship will be held, which Russia will take this summer, amounted to 45 billion rubles, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko said in an interview with leading news agencies on the eve of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum .

Far Eastern subsidies become long-term

According to Natalia Porokhova of ACRA, in the case of an extension of the allowance in current prices for the period from 2017 to 2028, consumers in the wholesale market will pay more than 400 billion rubles to the Far East. Now 1.2% of the final price for consumers in the European part of Russia, the Urals and Siberia is a subsidy for the Far Eastern Federal District.

Renova Vekselberg repaid loans in Western banks for $ 1 billion

The owner of the Renova company Viktor Vekselberg, who was under US sanctions, repaid loans in foreign banks for more than 1 billion Swiss francs (about $ 1 billion), Reuters reported citing a source familiar with the situation

Micro Business for the year created about half a million new jobs

In medium and small enterprises, the number of jobs for the past year decreased. The full version of the interview with the authorized under the President of Russia on the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov read May 21 in the issue of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Mikhail Skigin got the right to demand $ 35 million from “Yulmart”

According to RBC sources, the London arbitration court ruled that Yulmart should immediately pay Ledaro $ 35 million. “Now this decision should be implemented through the Maltese and Russian courts, where” Yulmart “and its subsidiaries are registered,” Rusakomsky explained.

Large banks gathered to withdraw business from Britain to Brexit

On the eve of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, large banks increased their budgets to transfer part of their business from London, the Financial Times reported citing senior leaders of the three financial institutions

The United States deprived Russia of the most important source of income

The reasons for the collapse are simple and quite expected: the yield of 10-year US government bonds for the first time in 7 years exceeded 3%. This caused investors to “change their shoes on the fly” and hastily transfer money from Russia and other emerging markets to the United States.

Biysk City Hall admitted violations of more than a billion rubles

It is noted that after appeals of the body, 99.7% of violations were eliminated. Recall, the Accounting Chamber of the Altai Territory revealed financial violations with the funds of the regional budget in the amount of 1.769 billion rubles.

The West lent Russia $ 17 billion

Foreign investors increased their share in Russia’s sovereign Eurobonds in the first quarter of 2018. The share of Western capital increased from 38 to 42.7%. Foreigners from January to March lent Russia about 17 billion dollars.

The volume of investments in the US government bonds

96.1 billion dollars was, according to the Ministry of Finance of the United States, as of April 1, 2018, the volume of RF investments in US Treasuries (UST). This is $ 2.3 billion more than it was a month earlier, such a small increase in investments was recorded after three months of decline.

At the beginning of 2018, the indicator was $ 102.2 billion. The peak of Russian investments in the UST was reached in February 2013 – $ 164.3 billion. In 2014, the accelerated withdrawal of reserves from US government bonds began: a minimum of $ 66.5 billion fell in April 2015. Then began a gradual recovery of investment. Now Russia is on the 16th place by the volume of these securities, the largest of them is the PRC ($ 1.2 trillion).

Sberbank CIB suspected Gazprom of infringement of shareholders’ interests

A spokesman for Arkady Rotenberg, co-owner of Stroygazmontazh, told RBC that the company is not a beneficiary of Gazprom’s investment program, as the newly constructed Siberia Power pipeline will remain the property of Gazprom and it will receive the ultimate benefit from the implementation of the investment project.


In the province of Homs, militants’ warehouses were found with weapons from NATO countries

In the eastern regions of the Syrian province of Homs, recently exempted from militants, they find warehouses with weapons and clandestine workshops for the production of explosive devices.

The explosion occurred in Ukraine near the OSCE patrols

The OSCE Monitoring Mission (CMM) reported on the explosion near Lugansk. The incident occurred near the OSCE patrols in the area of delineation between the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic and the territory controlled by Kiev.

The media reported on explosions at the bases of Iran south of Damascus

Channel Sky News Arabia, citing local sources, notes that the headquarters of the cyberwar Iranian unit, stationed in Najj near Damascus International Airport, was seriously injured.

Also allegedly damaged the building of the School of State Security, turned into a barracks for the Iranian military.

Recently, Israel’s attacks on Iran’s military facilities in Syria have increased significantly

In Australia, the reason for the impossibility of renouncing nuclear weapons was called

“Without nuclear bombs, India and Pakistan would have destroyed each other long ago, and Israel would probably not have existed without this weapon,” Mayer writes. He stresses that on this basis, the slogan “nuclear weapons for all” should be heard in the world.

Russia does not pose an immediate threat to the Baltic states

NATO said that Russia does not pose an immediate threat to the Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. However, according to the chairman of the NATO military committee, the Czech general Peter Paul, there is no threat because the alliance used certain “measures of intimidation”.

Bazurin: the echelon of the APU brought to Donbass banned guns

The APUs are transferring artillery, prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, to the line of contact in the Donbas. According to Eduard Basurin, Deputy Head of the Dnepropetrovsk Commander’s Office, a train with guns “Rapira” and 20 motor vehicles arrived at the station Konstantinovka. Now the weapons are 20 kilometers from the positions of the People’s Republic of France.

The Academy of Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great in 2018 opens a set of girls

The Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great in 2018 will select 10 girls for training, said the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry

RF Ministry of Defense: US continues to produce prohibited missile-guided missiles

The United States for testing its missile defense continue to produce missiles, prohibited Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), said in an interview with the official newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry, “Krasnaya Zvezda” Head of the National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction Sergey Ryzhkov.

India prepares for war unmanned tanks and combat robots

The Ministry of Defense of India decided to use artificial intelligence to develop new types of weapons.

There was a video of the flight of the American C-130 in meter above the military

The American transport aircraft C-130 Hercules, which is in service with Saudi Arabia, flew literally a meter above the military. According to The Drive, the incident occurred in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is taking part in a military operation against the Husit rebels.

Armenia will receive Russian complexes “Tor” in the coming months

The Armenian Armed Forces will receive Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (Tor missile systems) within several months. Local media reported this yesterday. The military capabilities of the “Torah” were highly appreciated by Col. Arthur Poghosyan, Deputy Chief of the Armenian Air Defense Forces, on the air of the Armenian TV channel.

Estonia reported the first joint exercise with the Swedish Air Force

According to the Chief of Staff of the Estonian Air Force Colonel Riivo Valge, the AFX18 exercises will be a challenge for both countries and will allow them to work out cooperation in the field of defense. On May 22, the Swedish JAS 39 Gripen fighters will arrive at the air base in Emary near Tallinn.


In the Khabarovsk Territory, a private helicopter landed hard

Private helicopter “Gazel 342” on the night from Sunday to Monday made a hard landing near the confluence of the rivers Shekli and Uda Tuguro-Chumikansky district. In the EMERCOM of the Khabarovsk Territory reported that on board, according to preliminary data, there were three people.

At takeoff from the Tokyo airport the aircraft caught fire

The liner of the airline All Nippon Airways caught fire when taking off from the Tokyo airport. This is reported by NHK.

According to the TV channel, Boeing 767, bound for Hong Kong, was suddenly filled with smoke at take-off. The ship’s crew evacuated all 137 passengers.

According to preliminary data, four people complained of poor health, but no one was hospitalized.

SC initiated proceedings after the crash of the Su-29 training aircraft in the Leningrad region

On Sunday, during a hard landing of a two-seater Su-29 in the vicinity of the village of Lomakh, one person was killed. The transport prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact of the accident. According to the SC of the Russian Federation, the plane fell 300 meters from the takeoff ambassadors of the Kummolovo airfield.

Sergeant APU threw a grenade in his villager

The incident occurred on May 20 in the village of Lesnaya Tarnovitsa. The sergeant, who was at home on vacation, threw a fragmentation grenade into their direction during the conflict with his fellow villagers. As a result of the explosion, nine people received shrapnel wounds.

In the US, the car drove into the restaurant building

In the US state of North Carolina as a result of the entry of a car into the restaurant building, two people were killed. One of the victims – an assistant to the local sheriff, at the wheel of the car driving into the restaurant was her father.

In Moscow, arrested Muscovite “mined” Ostankino and the State Duma

“On May 18, a man, while in a hotel in Chita, telephoned Moscow’s internal affairs agencies and made a deliberately false report about the act of terrorism, saying that an explosive device had been placed in the building of the State Duma,” Yevgeny Sinelnikov, senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Trans-Baikal Territory,

The swamp gas exploded under the sidewalk in the center of Moscow

Cotton marsh gas occurred under the pavement in the center of Moscow, the pavement was damaged.

In the area of the house 13/14 on the 1st Kolobovsky lane under the sidewalk there was, beforehand, cotton marsh gas. There are no casualties, “Tass quotes the emergency services.

The man fell out of the window of the police station in St. Petersburg

In the evening on Sunday, May 20, in St. Petersburg from the window of the linear department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation fell a man. The incident occurred around 8 pm in the house number 9 in Poltava Passage. Law enforcers came to an unknown St. Petersburg, who promised to say something.

On a resident of the Chelyabinsk region started a criminal case for the arson of grass

Police started a criminal case against a resident of the Chelyabinsk region, who set fire to dry grass in the field, and the fire went to the forest, according to the regional police department.

In the US puma tore the bicyclist

In Snoqualmie, Washington, the puma attacked two bicyclists, driving them into a trap. This is reported by USA Today with reference to local law enforcement agencies. The incident occurred in a forest near Seattle.


Andrei Arshavin’s wife showed her daughter for the first time

The wife of football player Andrei Arshavin – Alice – was the first to show her youngest daughter Yesenia. Several photos she published in Instagram. Also the sportsman’s wife posted a video on which the girl plays and dances.

The cost of the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle is named

English journalists were not too lazy and made an approximate estimate of the wedding ceremony, a sensation to the whole world – Prince Harry and Megan Markle. So according to the estimates of the edition of BriedBook, the cost of marriage cost not less than 43 million dollars, reports IA AmurMedia.

Lena Miro called Alla Pugachev a “half-ruble”

Scandalously known blogger Lena Miro severely criticized the recently held concert of Alla Pugacheva and called the famous singer a “half-rub.” In addition, the Internet star said that the performance can be compared with the presentation, in which “a half-fun entertains the moral dead.”

Frank Varnava’s photos with the groom

The participant of the show Comedy Woman has excellent physical data, which allows her to appear nude. Subscribers of the star are eagerly awaiting new scandalous images from her, in order to admire the beauties of the beauty.

Beyonce bought the church for $ 850 thousand

American singer Beyonce bought a church in New Orleans. This is reported by TMZ

According to the portal, the purchase cost the singer 850 thousand dollars. The building was built 100 years ago, its area is about 700 square meters. At the same time Beyonce had the opportunity to purchase a church at a discount.

It is reported that next to the church lives the sister of the singer Solange.

Lera Kudryavtseva gives birth abroad

The main gift of Lera Kudryavtseva made herself: for the second time she will become a mother. Kudryavtseva, who was repeatedly credited with an interesting position, is now literally shining. Recently, fans noticed a rounded belly at the star.

Megan Markle accused of foul language during the wedding with the prince

Spectators at the solemn ceremony of the departure of Prince Harry and American actress Megan Markle suspected the prince’s wife in foul language.

Actor Hugh Grant at his age of 57 decided to marry for the first time

Actor Hugh Grant, according to Western media, has become famous for numerous novels, the artist did not want to be bound by marriage. He decided to marry by making an offer to 39-year-old Anna Eberstein, with her 57-year-old Grant living six years

Milonov called Buzov “reptiloidom” from “House-2”

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milon said, which is very bad refers to the “reptilians of the” House-2 “in any of its incarnations,” according to “Channel Five”.

Ed Shiran received the main award at the Billboard Music Awards

British author Ed Shiran became the owner of the American music award Billboard Music Awards in the main category “Best Artist” in the last year.

Timati found himself a new muse from Kazakhstan

Fans believe that Timati has found himself a new muse originally from Kazakhstan. In the yesterday’s edition of the show “Songs on TNT”, Nazim sang a new song called “Bable Gam”, written by Timati and his colleagues. The room turned out to be quite incendiary and very sexy

The beauties from Silenzium sang for the first time in the new video

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the girls from Silenzium, the clip featured the rapper Andrei Glushakov, and in the role of his friends – Alexander Babushkin and Roman Emelyanov

Open Water Festival to be held in Irkutsk on May 26

For the third time in Irkutsk, the open water festival will take place at the icebreaker Angara. On Saturday, May 26, there will be spectacular competitions – watermotor, lumberjack, all-around and field kitchen competition

Asia Argento criticized the Cannes Film Festival

May 19, the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, which traditionally announced the winners of the competition program. Many of this evening was also remembered by the terrifying speech of the actress of Asia Argento, who told that it was here she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

The first video to the film about the secret of the pass Dyatlov was published

Artemiev explained that those same watches were found specially on the flea market, and the time they put out the one that is needed. The video ends with running figures: the date 02.02.1959 (the day of death of the group Dyatlov) turns into the date of publication of the teaser for the film – 06/06/2018

Jennifer Aniston will play a lesbian president in the new film

The new project of Aniston received plain name “First Lady» (First Ladies), Jennifer, once again, will play the head of the United States, and the role of its wife went to writer and producer Tig Notaro.

It became known the name of the actress, who accused Luc Besson of rape

A 27-year-old Sand Van Roy filed a statement with the police charged with rape on the French director Luc Besson. French actress Sand Van Roy accused the director and screenwriter Luc Besson of rape, writes Le Figaro.

The stars were banned from Selfie: how the Cannes Festival ended

The stars, taking advantage of the opportunity, did not forget to take photographs and post them in social networks, so as to forever capture the solemn moment. But this year the organizers have banned celebrities from filming the Selfie, so the elegant ladies and gentlemen went in a coveted manner to the public.

“Deadpool 2”: the most ridiculous movie Marvel

Many viewers unanimously note that “Deadpool 2” by all parameters exceeds the original, and the story begins “off the bat” – there is simply no time to be bored, since the film captures so heroes, pictures and scenes after the credits.

The successor of Oleg Tabakov will reduce the staff of actors by 40 people

After the death of Tabakov, Khudruk’s chair in the main theater of the country – the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov – was empty for long. He was taken by the most talented Sergei Vasilievich ZHENOVACH.

Despite the fact that Zhenovach has a reputation as a non-conflicting person, Olga HENKINA, the gray cardinal of the theater and Tabakov’s former right hand, already left the troupe “at will”.

A serious threat of dismissal looms over and over – Khabensky, Porechnikov, Anatoly BELY. In addition, the Moscow Art Theater will soon be able to ask 26-year-old actor and director Alexander Molochnikov, a favorite of Henkina and her lover.


The US authorities gave good to the flights of passenger Boeing with a folding wing

Permission to install collapsible wings on passenger aircraft Boeing 777X decided to issue the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States.

Underdelivery can increase the risk of gene mutation

When stress occurs, oxidized areas appear in the DNA. To restore them, the hormone melatonin is needed, and without sleep it is not produced in sufficient quantity. Scientists suggest that subsequently because of this, there may be a risk of gene mutation.

French surgeons successfully transplanted the trachea

Surgeons of the Paris Avicenna Hospital from 2009 to 2017 carried out a number of operations on transplantation of the aorta site in exchange for a trachea affected by severe diseases. This is reported by Agence France-Press. According to the publication, this became the “world premiere”.

In Sweden found filtering arsenic moss

Scientists in Sweden have found moss, which cleans water from the arsenic contained in it, making it safe for consumption. A plant called Warnstorfia fluitans grows in the northern regions of the country. It can absorb up to 82% of toxic toxins in one hour.

In the United States approved a drug for migraine prevention

The drug, which is unique, was developed by Aimovig. This drug was the first in a new class of drugs that can block the activity of the calcitonin gene of the peptide, which affects the development of attacks of headache. It is noted that this medicine has already passed three experiments.

Scientists will make MRI devices cheaper and more accurate using diamonds

Scientists at Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States came up with how to make MRI devices cheaper and more accurate. For this purpose, experts plan to use tiny diamonds. Thanks to the technology of magnetic resonance imaging, physicians receive layered photographs of internal organs.

Scientists have found that night wakefulness is dangerous for the psyche

The results of the experiments are published in the journal The Lancet. Studying the results of more than 90 thousand UK residents from 37 to 73 years, scientists came to the conclusion that the violation of circadian rhythms – biological clocks – has a lot of negative consequences for a person.

Scientists have created a 3D gel for the manufacture of artificial organs

A dense 3D gel was created on the basis of water. He is able to capture and move objects underwater. It will be used for the manufacture of artificial human organs, as well as diagnostics of diseases.

In MIT have created able to fly and swim robot-albatross

MIT engineers have created a compact robot that flies and floats. Technically, it is a hybrid of a boat and glider, reaching a speed of 20 knots (about 37 km per hour). The robot needs 50% less wind speed than the bird albatross, reported in MIT News

Global warming threatens the lives of 50% of animals and plants

Initially, experts wanted to prevent a two-degree rise in temperature and to hold the indicator at 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, even an extra 0.5 degrees can greatly harm life on our planet.

Tomsk scientists created fast sensors based on organic molecules

To the molecules-catchers did not escape from the gold substrate, scientists fix them with special substances-linkers – diazonium and iodonium salts, which were recently used in surface chemistry.

Scientists have proved that the teeth stored in the FSB belonged to Hitler

The teeth and crowns stored in the archives of the FSB really belong to Adolf Hitler, French scientists established, after long negotiations they got access to the remains.

Scientists: a mosquito bite has a detrimental effect on human immunity

Specialists from the Baylor College of Medicine (USA) found that the saliva of a mosquito, getting into the body, provokes a number of unusual immune reactions that last for seven days after the bite of the insect, affecting the skin, blood and bone marrow, transfers PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

A breath analysis was developed to search for early stages of dangerous tumors

In Britain, scientists have developed a technique for diagnosing stomach cancer, it is carried out with the help of respiratory tests. A promising method will reduce the number of examinations by the endoscopic method, it causes significant complications.

How social isolation affects the brain

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology have studied how social isolation affects brain neurochemistry. It was found that a long stay alone increased the level of neurokinin B-peptide in laboratory mice, which was also associated with an aggressive reaction to stress. According to scientists, similar substances are in our brain, so the results of the study can help in the treatment of many disorders of the human psyche. The work is published in the journal Cell.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments on laboratory mice. After a long stay in solitude, the behavior of the animals changed: they showed fear, showed aggression towards unknown mice and became especially sensitive to threats. For example, when faced with a threat, the mouse faded and remained without movement for a long time, even if a dangerous stimulus was removed – normally rodents quickly become distracted when there is no cause for fear. This effect was observed only in those mice who spent two weeks alone. Rodents, left alone for a day, behaved normally


In the social network Facebook will be a new feature

Facebook users will be able to post audio messages. Audio recordings will be played on a colored background, images and stickers can be added to this background.

Google will collect and store user letters

The corporation explains that the changes are introduced for the convenience of users. However, the source draws attention to the fact that recently the US Congress approved the so-called CLOUD Act, which will simplify the authorities access to data regardless of the geolocation of the user. Google and Facebook will share information.

EBay applications select products for their users by their interests

Developers of eBay applications for Android and iOS devices have added an option to services that selects products for users, taking into account their interests and preferences. Identify this program helps a survey offered to a person for passage.

Published source code for electric vehicles Tesla

Tesla used open platforms such as Linux and BusyBox as the basis for the software of its vehicles, but it was not in a hurry to publish the source codes, as stipulated in the GPL license.

On the territory of Russia will start free Wi-Fi

It became known that in Russia there was a project called World Wi-Fi, within the framework of which it is planned to provide all residents of the country with a free Internet connection. It is reported that the head of Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov will also participate in this.

North Korean hackers using Google Play receive data on compatriots

Computer security experts found that a group of North Korean hackers used mobile applications for their own purposes. Thanks to malicious programs, they received data from their compatriots who had left for South Korea.

Roskomnadzor blocked the site of Dissernet

The free network community of Dissernet is a voluntary network community consisting of scientists from various fields of science, as well as journalists and just activists who conduct public examinations of candidate and doctoral dissertations, defended in Russia since the late 1990s, in order to identify in them borrowing and plagiarism.


Mask announced the release of a new model of electric car Tesla

The well-known American entrepreneur and the head of Tesla corporation Ilon Mask told about the new version of the electric car Tesla Model 3. In his Twitter he wrote that his four-wheel drive modification with two electric motors under the hood is being prepared for the exit.

Almost as much as the BMW M3, but 15% faster and with better handling. On the track, everyone will go around in this class. – Ilon Mask, an American engineer

Volkswagen presented several special concepts

The Volkswagen Jetta R-Line in the SoCal version has special shock absorbers developed by KW Automotive, due to which the vehicle is understated by more than 7.5 cm. The concept of the Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Aero concept differs from the standard version of the original livery, which was made similar to a camouflage film .

Tuning studio Wheelsandmore presented an upgrade Bentley Continental 24

The well-known tuning studio Wheelsandmore presented its own design of the modified Bentley Continental 24. It should be noted that this specimen is one of the 24 cars produced by Bentley specially for the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring

Tesla Model X prepared for off-road

Unlike the standard version, tuned cars received special all-terrain tires and exclusive rims. In general, the recognizable appearance of the Tesla Model X is preserved, as well as the famous “seagull’s wings”.

The network appeared images of SUV KIA Telluride

KIA company is preparing to bring to the Russian and American markets a new seven-seater off-road vehicle Kia Telluride

Geely prepares new products for the Russian market

The novelty is available in three trim levels – Standard, Comfort and Luxury – at a price of 1 million 029 thousand 990 rubles to 1 million 389 thousand 990 rubles.

Israel introduced a new military SUV Mantis

The Israeli authorities put a strong emphasis on the military equipment of the country. A few days ago a new off-roader from the most popular weight category of 9 tons came off the assembly line. Mantis was created to participate in active combat operations.

Updated SUV JAC S7 appeared on sale

The company JAC Motors introduces to the market an updated version of the SUV JAC S7. The new car has already appeared at official dealers in China at a price of 109,800 yuan.


The competitor Bitcoin Ethereum was threatened by shrimp

Bitcoin competitor – crypto currency Ethereum has acquired two new games, creating extra weight on the network, threatening with virtual shrimp. About this informs Bitcoin.com.

At E3 2018, Ubisoft announces a new game

According to rumors, the company is preparing three projects for the debut. At the moment, we know about The Crew 2 and The Division 2. As for the third, they will become a completely new game of the AAA class.

Paradox announced strategy Imperator: Rome

The company Paradox Interactive conducts its own event in Stockholm PDXCon 2018. And within its framework, the announcement of a new historic strategy Imperator: Rome. Above it runs the internal studio Paradox, previously released Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings

Fortnite will be released on Android in the summer

The game Fortnite will be released on Android this summer. According to information from Epic Games, the graphics and locations previously presented in the commercials can be changed before the premiere.

Why the CoD: Black Ops 4 will never have a story campaign

Senior producer Treyarch, Yale Miller, apparently frightened of the negative PR effect, which can concentrate in concentric waves in the environment of true CoD fans.

Based on the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. there will be a film and a serial

Recall, on May 16 it became known that GSC Game World functions over S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. The previous part was released in 2007.

New part of the game Halo: Fireteam Raven does not appear on the consoles

There was an unexpected announcement of a new game Fireteam Raven, which takes place in the universe of Halo. However, the novelty should not be expected owners of consoles and personal computers. As you know, the Halo series is an exclusive for the console from Microsoft.

“Kasma sees you” – a new teaser of the plot supplement for Prey

Achievements in Steam Moreover, this is an excerpt from the song “Man on the Moon” from the rock band R.E.M. In addition, the Steam database found another encrypted message: kasmaseesyou – “Kasma sees you”. Most likely, it is at the station of this corporation that the expansion events unfold.

Creators Kingdom Hearts 3 showed the gameplay

The company Square Enix held for the press representatives a closed show of the role-playing game Kingdom Hearts 3. And a number of fragments of fragments of the game process appeared on the network.

“Middle Earth: Shadows of War” and Rainbow Six: Siege are temporarily free

Games “Middle Earth: Shadows of War” and “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege” temporarily appeared in free access. According to preliminary information, all levels and characters will be opened in them, and all interested persons will be able to purchase full versions for 50 percent of the cost.

Valve agreed to replace the fans of Dota 2 with the ugly statuette of Roshan

The figure was so ugly that the organizers went to a meeting with gamers and agreed to replace it. Last summer, Valve announced a unique physical award to the Dota 2 fans, who will be able to raise the level of “Combat Passes” to the level of 2000 rubles

Almost 50 minutes with Vampyr: the developers conducted a live broadcast

Studio Dontnod Entertainment and the publishing house Focus Home Interactive held a live broadcast, during which they showed the gameplay of their roaming Vampyr. The demonstration took almost 50 minutes, so it’s worth considering: some story spoilers are inevitable

Digital Foundry: remaster Dark Souls “repaired” Blythetown

Specialists of Digital Foundry have already got a copy of Dark Souls Remastered for PS4, so they managed to test the terrible sleep of any fan of the game on all platforms – Blyttown.

No Man’s Sky will have the promised multiplayer

The company Hello Games announced that together with the update Next in the space simulator No Man’s Sky will finally become available multiplayer.

Tracer and Soldier-76 will receive new visions within the framework of the “Anniversary of Overwatch”

Blizzard Entertainment has promised new characters for the second anniversary of Overwatch. Yesterday, the developer showed two of them, for Tracer and Soldier-76. Forms are epic and drop out of containers with awards as a seasonal event.

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