27 Мар, 2021

China began to boycott goods from Europe

China began boycotting products from H&M and Nike over their refusal to use cotton from Xinjiang and accusations against the Chinese authorities of persecuting Uighur Muslims and using slave power. Writes about this Global Times.

Now local search engines do not give results for H&M or HM queries, the same situation occurs on the JD.com marketplace. In addition, the company’s proprietary app has disappeared from the Xaiomi, Huawei and Vivo app stores, and the mapping services Baidu and Dianping are not finding any H&M objects.

Navalny announced the use of torture against him by insomnia

Supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny published two of his statements addressed to the Federal Penitentiary Service: the politician demands that a doctor be allowed to see him and that “torture with insomnia” be stopped. He believes that the Federal Penitentiary Service deliberately does not provide him with the proper medical care.

More than 150 journalists, politicians and art workers have appealed to the authorities over reports of the deteriorating health of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is in the colony.

More than 200 people detained during protests in Belarus

In Belarus, where the opposition celebrates Freedom Day on March 25, more than 200 people were detained «for violating the legislation on mass events,» said Olga Chemodanova, an official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, on Telegram

On Freedom Day, the anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918, the Belarusian opposition held protest actions across the country.

ASUS unveils Mini PC PB62 nettop

ASUS has announced a small form factor Mini PC PB62, built on the Intel Rocket Lake hardware platform. The maximum configuration provides for the use of a Core i7-11700 processor with eight processing cores (16 threads). The base clock speed is 2.5 GHz, the maximum is 4.9 GHz. The chip includes a graphics accelerator Intel UHD Graphics 750. The nettop can be installed on the operating system Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home. There is no information about the estimated price yet.

Kazakhstan is accelerating the transition to Kazakh languages ​​in the Latin alphabet

According to Kazakhstan’s plan, by 2023, all schoolchildren will be taught in Kazakh. In addition, the romanization of the Kazakh language should be completed by the same date.

“For us, this is one of the primary tasks — to make education in the state language dominant … There should be no discussion in this, because it is the state language and it is obvious that citizens of our country should be taught in the state language,” — said the Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov.

The minister, however, promised that while he would not use reprisals against those wishing to study in Russian, but the authorities would not abandon the large-scale plan.

Motorola has officially unveiled a flagship smartphone

Motorola has officially unveiled the flagship smartphone Moto G100, which has a Snapdragon 870 processor and comes in a configuration with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM.

Putin urged directors not to speculate on the theme of the «evil» NKVD in the cinema

Only films about the problems of the Soviet era with the «fashion for rabid NKVDs» are taken to international film festivals from Russia, therefore the authors shoot such films in order to «slip through», President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the laureates of the head of state awards for young cultural workers and for works for children, the broadcast was on the TV channel «Russia 24».

Regarding the fashion for rabid nkvdshniks when describing the events of past years, well, what, this is fashion! After all, in our country, you know, films that talk about the problems of the Soviet era are mainly exhibited at international competitions. Probably because other films from Russia are simply not accepted at international competitions. Therefore, the author knows in advance what may slip through. Well, that’s what the emphasis is on.

Disney Plus to film ‘National Treasure’ movie series

Streaming service Disney Plus will film the National Treasure series, which will be tied to the popular franchise’s third film. This was announced on March 25 by the Games Radar portal.

Debt load of Russians

The central bank recorded a record debt burden of Russians in the amount of 11.7% by the beginning of 2021, the head of the financial stability department of the Central Bank Elizaveta Danilova said.

NATO stands ready to apply Article 5 in response to cyberattacks.

NATO intends to use force even if aggression against its member countries is carried out using non-military means, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

«We saw that aggressive actions were taken [in the recent past] by other countries against NATO allies, when not traditional military means, but non-military means were used to try to undermine our positions, split us, attack us,» the secretary general argued, not going into details.

The European Union and the United States will pursue a coordinated policy towards Russia.

This is stated in a joint statement following a meeting between EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

High Representative Borrell and Secretary Blinken noted their determination to subsequently respond in a coordinated manner to challenges from Russia, including the ongoing aggression against Ukraine and Georgia; hybrid threats such as disinformation; interference in electoral processes; malicious cyber activity; militaristic rhetoric, the message says.

Resident of Belarus fined for the slogan «Our family is against violence and lawlessness»

A resident of the Belarusian Mogilev, Anton Gizemov, was found guilty of violating the procedure for holding mass events — for the fact that a sheet of paper with the inscription «Our family is against violence and lawlessness» hung in the window of his house.

Now Gizemov has to pay 580 Belarusian rubles, or about 16.7 thousand Russian rubles. Until he does this, the arrested smartphone, system unit and laptop will not be returned to him.


The minimum wage in Honduras has increased to 6,763 lempires per month (21,400 rubles).


Fastest growing service industry in Russia

Only two sectors of the economy managed to gain profit at the end of the year of the pandemic — these are postal and courier services (+ 3.6%) and funeral services (+ 3.8%). Experts from the Gaidar Institute and RANEPA provide such data in the «Monitoring of the Economic Situation».

Gazprom received an annual loss

The net loss of the parent company of Gazprom (only it is accounted for in the financial statements under RAS) amounted to 706.925 billion rubles against a profit of 734 billion rubles a year earlier, Interfax reports. Gas sales revenue fell 20.4% to RUB 2.636 trillion; gross profit — by 25%, up to 1.573 trillion rubles. Sales profit collapsed 57 times — from 629.11 to 11 billion rubles.

Payments to the board of «Gazprom» for the year increased to 1 billion 711 million rubles. Gazprom’s management board includes 14 people.

Pamfilova: Russians began to trust the elections more

People see how much has been done for the transparency of elections and how carefully the system treats each vote, — assured the head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova