2 Apr, 2018

China declares a trade war

China introduces duties on 128 imported goods from the US, this decision should be seen as a response to the recent initiatives of the US administration, the message of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC said.

“To protect its interests and compensate for the damage caused by the measures taken by the US, China, starting from April 2, ceases its obligations to reduce customs duties on 128 categories of goods of seven categories imported from the United States,” the document says.

The Ministry specified that the increase in duties will be based on current tariffs, and their growth by individual items can reach 25%.

Briefly about the main ….


China raised duties on almost 130 types of American goods

In China, since Monday, new import duties on 128 types of American exports come into force, the Ministry of Finance of the PRC announced. Thus, from 15% to 25%, tariffs for import of frozen pork, grape wines, certain types of fruits, nuts are being raised to China.

Netanyahu responded to Erdogan’s accusation of carrying out a policy of terror

After that, Erdogan condemned Netanyahu for saying about the crimes of the Turkish military against the civilian population and accused Tel Aviv of pursuing a policy of terror.

The President of Turkey is not used to his statements. It’s time for him to start getting used to it. Anyone who occupies Northern Cyprus invades Kurdish territories, kills civilians in Africa, can not read to us notations about values and morals. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

Putin thanked Tuleyev for his work

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Aman Tuleyev on Sunday, who earlier applied for early resignation from the post of governor of the Kemerovo region, and thanked him for his many years of work, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov said.

Putin called Tuleyev and thanked him for his many years as head of the region. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The trial of the Russian programmer Levashov in the US is scheduled for December

The trial of the accused of committing cybercrime and the Russian-extradited Peter Levashov, extradited from Spain to the United States, is scheduled for December 3. About this newspaper “Izvestia” was told by his lawyer Igor Litvak.

Two expelled Russian diplomats left Australia

“Employees of the Russian Embassy in Australia, who were given seven days to leave the country, met the deadline and already left the country,” the SBS television channel said. Australia sent two employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in connection with the so-called business of Skripal.

Sullivan became acting head of the US Department of State

First Deputy Secretary of State, John Sullivan, officially became Acting Head of the State Department.

Trump threatened Mexico with break of NAFTA agreement due to drug trafficking

President of the United States Donald Trump threatened Mexico to break with her the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if it does not stop illegal migration and drug trafficking through its territory. The head of state wrote this on his Twitter page.

Mexico does almost nothing at all to stop the flow of people that go through its southern border, and then to the United States. They laugh at our stupid immigration laws. They have to stop the flow of drugs and people, or I’ll finish off their cash cow, NAFTA. Need a wall! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Poroshenko will discuss with Merkel the introduction of peacekeepers in Donbass

Head of Nezalezhnaya Peter Poroshenko during his visit to Mariupol in the Donetsk region in the east of Ukraine said that he was going to pay an official visit to Berlin on April 10 and meet with Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel, according to the “News of Donbass”.


Militants of “Jaysh al-Islam” agreed to leave East Gutu

Militants from the “Jaysh al-Islam” have previously agreed to leave East Gutu, on exit they must submit maps of minefields and underground tunnels, voluntarily clear the buildings, said the chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko.

New Russian anti-missile successfully tested in Kazakhstan

The Russian military successfully tested a new modernized missile defense system at the Sary-Shagan test range in Kazakhstan, the official printed organ of the Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda reported.

ЛНР declared about bombardment of ambulance car by ATGM

“Today at 09:20 in the vicinity of the village of Nizhny Lozovoe Ukrainian siloviki with a missile from an ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) destroyed the car” Ural “, which evacuated a sick soldier of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland,” said the representative of the department.

Syria: Air Force hit the militants in the area of Mount Kalamun

The Syrian air force attacked militant positions on the eastern side of the Kalamun mountain on Sunday. It is reported that the air strikes were inflicted in preparation for the land-based offensive by government troops in the region.

Military South Russia exercises maneuvers on armored vehicles “Typhoon”

For the military, classes are organized on the circuit. They also work out the passage of the route in the convoy at maximum speed, said the head of the press service of the South-East Federal District Vadim Astafiev. “Typhoon” is a protected car.

US and France use Kurdish troops to destabilize Turkey

If the West can stop Turkey, then it can go about the formation of an independent Kurdish state. Then Turkey will lose its integrity, therefore Ankara is fighting for national security, explained Stanislav Tarasov, director of the Middle East-Caucasus research center.

Terrorists from “Al-Shabab” attacked the base of peacekeepers in Somalia

The base is located in the area of the town of Bulamarer, 130 km from the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. The clash between terrorists and peacekeepers lasted about four hours after the attackers, trying to break through to the base, were bombed at her gate by a car bomb.

German Defense Ministry reported problems with Tornado aircraft

Edition Der Spiegel published material, which states that the German Defense Ministry received a secret report on the non-compliance of German Tornado aircraft with NATO’s technical requirements.

About 2,000 servicemen took part in exercises in Kuzbass

At the end of the exercises, servicemen fired from all kinds of small arms, grenade launchers and infantry fighting vehicles over moving and emerging targets. A total of about 2,000 people and 500 military vehicles took part in the exercises


Putin proposed to arrest the property of legal entities for bribes

According to the initiative of the Russian leader, a new security measure may be used for bribes or bribery – “the seizure of the property of a legal entity”. The corresponding document is published on the State Duma website. In the lower house of parliament, according to materials, he entered on March 31.

Roskomnadzor will limit access to information discrediting the honor on the Internet

Roskomnadzor will limit access to information on the Internet, which, by a court decision, was found to defame the honor, dignity or business reputation of a citizen or legal entity. The corresponding bill was developed by State Duma deputies from the “United Russia” faction.

Teachers of Britain accused officials of indulging racism

As reported by The Independent, British teachers accused officials of indulging racism and undermining standards in the field of education.

Tajikistan bans flights to four Russian companies

Since April 2, Russian airlines “Ural Airlines”, “Uteir”, “Siberia”, “North Wind” will not be able to fly to Dushanbe and Khujand from Russia – Tajikistan’s air authorities recall their permission to fly.

Flights to Dushanbe from Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, and Samara will be banned. From Novosibirsk, Samara, St. Petersburg, Surgut – to Khujand.

Authorities of Kuzbass proposed a children’s technopark on the site of “Winter Cherry”

Vrio of the governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev proposed to set up a shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo, in a fire in which 64 people died, a children’s technopark with a memorial. This is reported on the website of the administration of the region.

Boycott will not pass

Mass appeals to boycott shopping centers on Saturday, March 31 and the information background formed against the backdrop of the Kemerovo tragedy caused a 10-20% decrease in attendance of these facilities. But this recession felt only in the Moscow and Moscow suburbs. The activity of buyers in other large regions has not changed even against the background of the campaign in social networks, which calls for ignoring shopping in the malls.

Railway workers of France will start a mass strike

In France on Monday evening, a two-day strike of railway workers will begin, TASS reports. Participants in the strike oppose the plans of the authorities to reform the industry and deprive them of a number of professional benefits.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations suggests making TC inspections regular and sudden

“It is quite problematic to check the operation of fire fighting systems, the state of evacuation exits, if to warn the owner in advance, so it is supposed to be checked without prior notice to the owners and tenants,” Yenikeyev said.

Baghdasaryan published photo of driver’s license

Mara Baghdasaryan deleted the account in Instagram, but the photo remained in the cache, it is published by the REN TV channel. The day before Baghdasaryan was detained again without a driver’s license. The girl is deprived of the rights to drive the vehicle for life

In Russia, video games for children want to test for morality

A member of the Public Chamber, Elina Zhgutova, initiated the creation of an analytical council that would assess the impact of products intended for children on their development. According to her, video games and films should be given special attention.

In Sweden, introduced an environmental tax on air travel

The new measure applies not to passengers, but to air carrier companies. When flying within Sweden or the EU, the amount of tax will be 60 kroons (€ 5) for each departure, for all other flights – depending on the distance.

Russians can evaluate health facilities through the portal of public services

Personal cabinet “My Health” has been functioning for a year now. He performs a number of tasks. With his help, for example, you can make an appointment with a doctor. Now the Russians will have one more function on the portal. They will be able to assess the quality of work of medical institutions.

It is planned to establish a list of the parameters of the work of medical institutions and the criteria for their evaluation. The experiment will last until the end of 2018

Passengers will be paid for flights in case of airline problems

According to the new regulations, the state will pay for the transportation of passengers in situations where the airline is bankrupt and will lose all opportunities to continue flights


The Cabinet has allocated 2.5 billion rubles for the installation of temporary facilities for the 2018 World Cup

The Cabinet has allocated 2 billion 563 million rubles to ten regions of Russia for activities related to the delivery, installation and dismantling of temporary buildings and structures for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia. The document is posted on the government website.

Bahrain has discovered the largest oil field in its history

According to the committee, it is expected that the field “contains a very significant volume of dense oil, which is much higher than the volume of the Bahrain deposit.” In addition, large reserves of deep gas were discovered.

Greek DESS wants to sell more than 400 million euros

In Greece, the first round of trading of the DESFA gas transmission system was completed. The sale put up a 66% stake. The proposed price exceeds 400 million euros, which were offered during previous trades

“LUKOIL” received a benefit of 180 billion in KhMAO

From the benefits the company can get an effect of 180 billion rubles over 15 years, informs energo-news.ru. This exemption for OOO “LUKOIL-Western Siberia” will be effective from 2019 onwards. The company received the Imilor field in 2012.

Throughput of Vladivostok in the first quarter increased to a record 2.4 million tons

The Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (the port of Vladivostok, part of the FESCO transport group) in the first quarter set a historic record, handling 2.4 million tons of cargo, 50% more than a year ago. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the company

The Ministry of Finance proposes to support regional flights at the expense of Moscow

The Ministry of Finance proposes to zero VAT on domestic air transportations between regional airports and raise the tax rate to 18% for flights through Moscow. This is stated in a letter of March 28 from Russian presidential aide Igor Levitin to Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

Tax penalties can be limited by the size of the debt itself

In January, Kommersant reported on the drafting by the Ministry of Finance of a bill limiting the amount of fines for tax debts for business and people by the amount of the most tax debt

The Estonian authorities increased the pension by almost 8%

From April 1, a pensioner who has 15 years of service, instead of the current 236 euros per month will receive 267 euros. Work experience of 30 years already gives the right to a pension of 360 euros (previously 334 euros), and 40 years – 421 euros (previously 392 euros). The highest pension for those who have worked for 44 years or more: it will grow from 415 to 446 euros.

In Russia, raise pensions ….

From April 1, pensions for state support will grow by 2.9 percent, including social security pensions. It touches this 3.9 million Russians, 3.1 million of whom are recipients of social pensions. After raising the average social pension will be more by 255 rubles and will reach 9062 rubles.

Egypt creates a free economic zone in Sinai

Egypt plans to create a free economic zone in Nuweiba in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. This was announced by Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investments and International Cooperation of the country, TASS reports referring to the local press.

Production of brick in the Amur region interested in Chinese investors

The production of bricks and the development of deposits in the Amur region interested in Chinese investors. The company “Songjiang Koknkrit Components” is ready to invest about 300 million Yuan in the factory of TOP “Priamurskaya”.


Buzova will become the heroine of the female version of the show “Bachelor”

In the near future, the channel “TNT” announced the casting of men, claiming for the hand and heart of Olga Buzovoy. The rest of the information about the new show is kept secret. The planned teleproject is the first female version of the sensational “Bach”.

Anfisa Chekhova surprised fans with the news about the imminent wedding

Internet users were shocked by this news, and began to congratulate the celebrity in the comments. The photo shows two hands: most likely, her and lover. On the ring finger of Chekhov there is an engagement ring with a large stone.

Sergei Shnurov struck fans with a snapshot in the style of “village dances”

The fans were amazed by the unusual image of Sergei Shnurov and wrote many positive comments.

Grandma Dyuzheva lives in a small house, sick and rarely sees her grandson

The journalists got in touch with the grandmother of the famous actor Dmitry Dyuzhev. The pensioner is poor in Astrakhan, lives in a small house, is ill, but most of all worries Tamara Petrovna that the grandson rarely comes to visit. Grandmother Dyuzheva suffers from serious ailments

Olga Buzova became entangled and flew to Astrakhan instead of Arkhangelsk

Olga Buzova disgraced herself on the Day of Laughter. The performer was confused and could not find the difference between the cities with the letter “A”. The actress flew with her team of assistants to Astrakhan instead of Arkhangelsk. Olga Buzova unexpectedly spoiled herself before the inhabitants of Astrakhan.

Fans did not recognize Seryabkina on a new photo because of lack of makeup

The fans will not recognize the singer Olga Seryabkina in her new photo. The star published a strange shot in Instagram. On the new image Seryabkina is on a green lawn in a lying position with an unclear expression

The daughter of Mikhail Porechenkov moved to Holland

The girl lowered herself into a foreign university. Varvara Porechenkova decided to stop studying in Moscow to go abroad.

Khlebnikov’s film “Arrhythmia” won in all the major nominations of “Nicky”

In the nomination “Best male role” was defeated by Alexander Yatsenko, who played in “Arrhythmia”. “I’m a happy person, and I love you,” he said, thanking the entire crew and especially his partner in the film, Irina Gorbachev, who also received Nika.

Trailer of the new movie about the zombie “Burden” with Martin Freeman

In the new movie trailer “Burden” actor Martin Freeman appears in the image of a zombie. The popular actor got one of the leading roles in the post-apocalyptic project called “Burden”, which tells the story of a zombie apocalypse.

Resurrect Marilyn Monroe

Legendary American actress Marilyn Monroe want to resurrect on large screens using computer graphics and a double, reports Joinfo.ua.

Sazi Kennedy will play Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic. The model will be an “avatar”, that is, a prototype for developing the image of Marilyn in the new picture.

Her face and body have already been scanned to give the most similarity to the diva. The choice for the 41-year-old Kennedy fell due to her incredible similarity with Monroe.
Produced by Chris Ongaro

Widow Yevtushenko awarded posthumous award, awarded to the poet

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky presented the Russian government’s prize in the field of culture to the widow of the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Studio “Chechenfilm” will open a film school in Dubai until the end of 2018

Film company “Chechenfilm” before the end of 2018 will open its film school in Dubai. Beslan Terekbayev, the producer of the film company, told TASS about this.

A film about Khan Solo is predicted a powerful start

The director of “Khana Solo” Ron Howard has already promised that the shooting and editing schedule will be sustained, and the fans of “Star Wars” do not have to worry about the possible transfer of the date of the premiere


Hackers in the US kidnapped data of more than 5 million bank cardholders

Hackers in the United States have stolen credit and debit card data for more than 5 million customers from Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, according to computer security company Gemini.

Xiaomi officially presented a smart bracelet Mi Band

Chinese giant electronics industry Xiaomi today officially presented its new electronic bracelet for playing sports Mi Band 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be able to recognize users by breath

According to rumors, the developers will be able to improve this technology and “teach” the gas analyzer Galaxy Note 9 to recognize the breath of each person, giving access to using the device

OnePlus launches its own crypto currency

The manufacturer of smartphones from China OnePlus intends to develop in the field of creating crypto currency.

The specifications of the new Xiaomi Black Shark

In February this year on the vastness of the international web began to appear information that the Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices Xiaomi will soon have to present to the general public its new flagship gaming smartphone, which will be called Black Shark

T-Mobile presented a hybrid of smartphone and sneakers

The company-operator T-Mobile from the US is preparing to launch a unique development on the market – a hybrid of a smartphone and shoes. The possibilities for the new Sidekicks are shown in the video presentation on YouTube.

Smartphone Vivo Y71 can get a price tag of 175 dollars

Full-screen models of the company Vivo – Y71 and Y71A, which have not even been announced by the manufacturer, but have already been shown in the information base of the agency TENAA, may receive a price tag of 175 US dollars. The first to enter the market model Y71

In smartphones Xiaomi on MIUI 9 found a third-party application

For example, a user from the forum Reddit yesterday announced the discovery of third-party software in Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, which previously no one knew. As it became known, the program for cleaning the “garbage” on the smartphone was replaced by a similar application of the company Cheetah Mobile called Clean Master.

Kodi Media Player was removed from the autocomplete system in Google search

Google removed the term kodi from its autocomplete system. Now, in order to find information about the disputable software for playing media files, the query will have to be entered completely.

Alibaba will launch a platform for Hackaton in Russia

The Chinese holding Alibaba Group is launching the Tianchi site in Russia, designed to hold hackathons – specialized events for developers and researchers in the field of large data. The representative of the company told RBC


Chinese space station “Tiangun-1” burned over the Pacific Ocean

Most of the wreckage of the Chinese station “Tiangun-1” was burnt at the entrance to the Earth’s atmosphere, the report says on the website of the manned space flight program of the People’s Republic of China (CMSE).

Soil temperature at the South Pole of the Moon

The landing gear “Luna-27” will be equipped with a highly sensitive “thermometer”, which will land on the natural satellite of the Earth in 2022. Earlier, the temperature of the surface of the Moon was measured only remotely – radio emission from the Earth. The instrument will also determine the magnetic properties of the rock and its density

SpaceX will deliver to the ISS equipment to study the storms on Earth

The company SpaceX will deliver to the International Space Station a cargo weighing 2.63 tons. It will include instruments for studying the storms on Earth and identifying pathogens on board the ISS.

Roskosmos creates a system to prevent an accident in orbit

Enterprises of Roskosmos state corporation are developing a system to prevent collisions of space vehicles (oracles) in orbit.

On Mars found oil reserves

The apparatus took samples of the rock and conducted a chemical analysis of these samples. As a result, it turned out that Mars really contains oil. The device Opportunity, sent to Mars, determined that there are at least 2000 billion barrels of oil on the Red Planet.

For the study of Mars, robochel

The atmosphere of Mars is very rarefied in comparison with the terrestrial, and that the Martian air can support them, robots need relatively large wings


Porsche will release a fast and silent tractor

The company Porsche prepared a very unusual April Fools’ joke, announcing the soon release of a unique novelty – an electric tractor. The first render of the novelty PR-boxes Porsche published on his page on Twitter.

Kia and Hyundai began selling in the RF “champion” series FIFA 2018

South Korean automobile brands Kia and Hyundai announced the beginning of sales in Russia of a limited series of their cars – FIFA 2018, timed to the World Cup in 2018.

Updated copy of Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen debuts in Beijing

Prices for a new SUV will be unveiled within a month, and the current version is available for 268 thousand yuan (2.45 million rubles). Interestingly, the real Mercedes-Benz Gelandwagen on the Chinese market is offered for at least 1.33 million yuan, which is equivalent to 12 million rubles.

Lada Questa supercar design rendered

Design Lada Questa was developed on the basis of models Vesta and XRay, but many Internet users can guess the features of Italian supercars Bugatti. At the same time, the X-shaped features of the corporate design of the Volga Automobile Plant were observed.

In Russia, the sales of the renewed Fiat Fullback pickup

Italian company Fiat brings to the Russian market a restyling version of its Fullback pickup. The car can already be ordered at the official dealer centers of the brand at a minimum price of 1.63 million rubles. For this money, the buyer gets a pickup truck with a 2.4-liter diesel engine.

Arab BMW M550i xDrive received aggressive tuning from AC Schnitzer

Sedan BMW M550i received aggressive tuning from the German company AC Schnitzer, which specializes in cars of the Bavarian brand. The “pumped” copy is for sale in the showroom of the popular BMW Abu Dhabi Motors dealer center in the center of the UAE capital.

Updated sports sedan Lexus IS produces crypto currency

Sports sedan brand Lexus IS will be able to extract virtual currency, an updated version of the machine will provide its owner with various types of crypto currency. The higher the speed of the car, the more conventional monetary units a unique multimedia system produces.

Crossover BMW X2 will receive an unusual color Digital Camo

Crossover BMW X2 will receive an unusual color Digital Camo. The car in such color has already become available for order. Color Digital Camo is a multi-colored matte wrapper with an asymmetric pattern applied throughout the body.

Aston Martin has created a monster track for Monster Jam

The British brand Aston Martin yesterday presented its first ever monster track called Project Sparta. It is reported that the novelty is based on the conceptual crossover DBX and should take part in the show Monster Jam, which has been held for more than two decades

Became known the parameters of the seven-seat Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Representatives of the Volkswagen concern named the technical characteristics of the seven-seat crossover Tiguan Allspace in 2018. The model may appear on the car market in July this year, so it is expected that prices will be announced soon

The network has the first images of the new Volkswagen Amarok

The designer, known under the name of Geoffrey Garitey, posted images of the new Amarok on the portal Behance. The front part of the car, shown on the renderings, strongly resembles the flagship Volkswagen Touareg of the new generation.

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