9 Oct, 2018

China demanded to stop

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi noted that recently the United States has continuously increased trade friction with China, reports the press service of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“At the same time, the United States took a number of actions on certain issues, including Taiwanese, which damaged the legitimate interests and rights of the PRC. Washington also subjected to groundless criticism of China’s foreign and domestic policy, ”the minister said.

According to him, these actions hit the trust between the two states and “cast a shadow on the prospects for Sino-American relations.”

“We demand that the United States immediately cease erroneous statements and actions,” said Van I.

According to the minister, the PRC and the United States should “follow the right path of cooperation and mutual benefit and not deviate to the erroneous path of confrontation and confrontation.”

Briefly about the main thing ….


The average income of a pensioner in Russia was estimated at 46 thousand rubles

The Russian pensioner on average receives a salary in the amount of 32 thousand rubles, and taking into account the pension – 46 thousand. The smallest salaries for pensioners are in small business (20 thousand rubles), the highest – in large (44 thousand). More than 100 thousand receive only four percent of pensioners. Russian newspaper

Tax officers will get more information about money in banks

The FTS will receive more information about money in banks. The FTS will be able to receive more information at banks about taxpayer accounts – citizens, individual entrepreneurs and companies – as part of a new procedure for sending requests to credit organizations, which will take effect in April 2019.

Kudrin called “shameful” the current level of poverty in Russia

The head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, Alexei Kudrin, called the current level of poverty in Russia “shameful.” He stated this during the hearings in the Federation Council on the theme “On the parameters of the draft budget for 2019 and for the planning period of 2020 and 2021”.

The Pension Fund reported on the preparation of a bill on pension capital

The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) reported on the terms in which the State Duma is planning to submit a draft law on transition to a new system of individual pension capital, developed jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

Russia will face a food crisis

The ban on retailers from returning suppliers of unsold goods after the expiration date, which the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) proposes to legislate, together with a group of deputies, may lead to a shortage of products.

This was stated by the chairman of the presidium of the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT) Sergey Belyakov.

According to him, which leads the newspaper “Izvestia”, because of the ban on the return of goods retailers will reduce purchases. And this will create the risk of the impossibility of purchasing products during certain business hours of trade enterprises, especially on weekends, because suppliers import products on Friday for three days at once.

Cities with the highest and lowest salaries

As noted, the ranking took into account the ratio of average salary payments in the 100 largest cities of the country with the cost of a standard consumer kit. According to the obtained results, Russians in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Salekhard, Surgut receive the most. Khanty-Mansiysk and Moscow.

It is specified that the inhabitants of Cherkessk, Makhachkala, Nalchik, Sevastopol and the city of Shakhty, located in the Rostov region, receive the least.

All parking in the center of Simferopol want to make paid

The head of the administration of Simferopol, Igor Lukashev, suggested that all parking lots in the city center be paid. He stated this in an interview with one of the Crimean TV channels. Lukashev said that Simferopol was not prepared and is intended for as many cars as it is now.

Named the average salary of prisoners in the colonies of Russia

On average, working prisoners in Russian colonies receive about four thousand rubles per month, the Acting Head of the Department for the Organization of Production Activities and Labor Adaptation of Convicted FSIN, said on October 8, Valery Panteleev

Pre-retirement people tax breaks

Citizens of pre-retirement age in case of preservation of privileges on property tax and land tax will receive about 1,700 rubles a year of additional income.

It looks approximately like this: the average property tax is 1.1 thousand rubles. per person per year, the average land tax – about 681 rubles. in year. Thus, 1.7 thousand rubles. – This is an additional family income due to the fact that the benefit will be saved. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

The former chief investigator of Moscow will be checked for innocent accusations

Investigators are checking information about the involvement of the former head of the Main Investigation Department (GSU) of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Alexander Drymanov, in the case of bringing obviously innocent people to criminal responsibility. About this TASS reported a source in law enforcement.

Holy offices of officials of the Smolensk region

The head of the Smolensk diocese department for church charity and social narrowing, priest Dionysius Davydov, consecrated the building and premises of the Smolensk region social development department.

Recall that two years ago in Smolensk a new building of the arbitration court was consecrated.

London court dismisses claim to illegal data collection

The High Court of London dismissed the claim of Apple users, who accused Google of illegally collecting data about four million users for promotional purposes. According to the TV channel “BBC”, the company could be fined 3.3 billion pounds (over four billion dollars).

In the State Duma proposed to create in Russia a system of patronage of the elderly

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Leonid Ogul, suggested creating a system of patronage of the elderly in Russia and introducing the Days of a healthy retiree in polyclinics by analogy with the system for monitoring newborns.

“Dissernet” found plagiarism in the writings of employees Rosobrnadzor

Experts of the “Disnetnet” social movement found signs of plagiarism in 20% of the scientific works of the Rosobrnadzor staff. This is stated in the report “Experts Rosobrnadzor (2015 – 2018)”, the contents of which told RBC.

Judge Khakhaleva had only veterinary education.

Lawyer Alexei Salmin announced new data on the absence of legal education in Krasnodar judge Elena Khakhaleva, who received scandalous fame after a chic wedding of his daughter. Reported by the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The government is discussing replacing paper passports with electronic ones.

The meeting, at which it was again discussed, was held on September 14 by Deputy Prime Minister for the Digital Economy Maxim Akimov (his representative said Aliya Samigullina), and on September 17 by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (his press secretary Oleg Osipov reported).

Spouses in a civil marriage will be able to reduce the costs of housing and communal services

As RG explained, Galina Khovanskaya, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Housing Policy and Housing and Communal Services, those Russians have the right to receive subsidies, whose expenses for paying utility bills exceed 22 percent of the total family income.

Dmitry Medvedev wrote a scientific article

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev wrote a scientific article “Russia-2024: A Strategy for Socio-Economic Development”. It was published in the journal “Economic Issues” in October. In the article, Medvedev describes the tasks of Russia’s economic policy for the next six years. For example, he discusses non-commodity exports, digitalization of the economy, poverty, mortgages, and raising the retirement age.


Regional operators oppose the cancellation of roaming

Regional telecom operators sent a letter to the government warning about the negative consequences of canceling incoming calls in national roaming. About this newspaper Kommersant, citing sources.

The Central Bank announced the start of the bankruptcy proceedings of the borrowers of the bank “Ugra”

“The borrowers of the bank are taking active measures aimed at minimizing the likelihood of a refund to the bank as a lender,” the letter says.

It clarifies that in relation to 29 companies, the total debt of which amounts to 114.94 billion rubles, liquidation or bankruptcy procedures are underway.

Medvedev ordered to sell 1.5 million tons of grain from the state fund

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the sale of 1.5 million tons of grain from the state intervention fund. The relevant document is posted on the government website.

“It was decided to sell wheat, rye, and fodder barley from the reserves of the intervention fund purchased during public procurement interventions in 2008–2016 in 2018–2019,” the document clarifies.

The Ministry of Finance sees an opportunity to switch to euro settlements with partners from the EU

At the first stage of dedollarization, the Ministry of Finance sees the possibility of switching to payments in euros with partners in the EU, including for energy, Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev told reporters

Ministry of Finance: by 2024 the mortgage rate will be about 8%

The mortgage rate should drop to about 8% by 2024, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said during a speech at the Federation Council. According to him, the government faces the task to improve the living conditions of not less than 5 million families annually by 2014.

China’s stock exchanges fall by almost 3% after long holidays

The Chinese stock exchanges, which opened on Monday after long holidays, show a sharp negative trend and pull down the remaining stock exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), according to the data of the trades.

Cryptocurrencies will go up due to the activation of investors

The main cryptocurrencies on Monday are moderately rising in price against the background of a number of positive news that indicate the activation of investors in this market. In particular, TD Ameritrade, which is one of the largest brokers in the United States, has invested in the ErisX cryptocurrency exchange.

The outflow of deposits from banks in August amounted to 141 billion rubles

Today, October 8, 2018, it became known that the outflow from Russian bank deposits amounted to 141 billion rubles. This is stated in the Monitoring of the Economic Situation in Russia, prepared by the RANEPA and the Gaidar Institute.

China’s foreign exchange reserves fell by $ 22.7 billion in September

In September 2018, China’s foreign exchange reserves decreased by $ 22.7 billion, or 0.7%, to $ 3.087 trillion. This is the agency Xinhua, citing the official representative of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Control Wang Chunying

Poland plans to increase gas production in five years by 28%

Poland plans to increase its own natural gas production over the next five years by 28%, to 1.75 billion cubic meters per year, the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG said.

Ukraine increased coal imports by 15%

Ukraine in January-September 2018 increased imports of coal and anthracite by 20% (2 million 605.829 thousand tons) compared to the same period in 2017 – up to 15 million 640.564 thousand tons. About this on Monday, October 8, the State Fiscal Service reported.

Zagorsky Pipe plans in 18g to ship about 500,000 tons of pipes

Zagorsky Pipe in the third quarter produced 138,000 tons of large-diameter pipes, 100 per cent loading its capacity

Arrested Magomedov brothers sold Transneft stake in NCSP

Brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov, who were arrested on March 30 on charges of organizing a criminal community, sold 50% of Cyprus-based Novoport Holding, which owns 50.1% of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP), to Transneft.

Central Bank intends to return to lower key rate at the end of 2019

According to the results of the three previous meetings, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank made the decision to maintain the key rate at the level of 7.25% per annum. At the beginning of last year, the rate was 10% per annum, at the beginning of 2018 – 7.75%. The decision to raise the rate was the first since 2014.

Urals people owe banks more than a trillion rubles in mortgages

Now the volume of taken mortgage loans is 1 trillion 72 billion rubles. Since the beginning of the year, the issuance of housing loans in the Urals (data on Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tyumen, Orenburg regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Perm Territory) has increased by 53% compared to last year.

Railways increased the shipment of grain to seaports

For the period from January to September 2018, the railways of JSC “Russian Railways” delivered 6.1% more cargo (229 million tons) to seaports than in the same period in 2017.

The Ministry of Energy talked about the need for new benefits for oilmen

The Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environment prepared a list of six types of benefits for oil companies to stimulate production. This is the uplift mechanism, the expansion of the NDD parameters, the stimulation of exploration, greenfield, and also the stimulation of the development of oil rims and the introduction of tertiary production methods.


Ankara wants to search the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul

The Turkish authorities demanded that Saudi Arabia grant them access to the consulate’s premises in order to search the disappearance of the journalist Jamal Ahmad Hashoggi there, the Turkish edition of The Daily Sabah reports, citing diplomatic sources. The request was sent to Ambassador Riyadh in Ankara Walida bin Abdulkerim al-Hiriji.

US froze US assets Deripaska

The American authorities froze the assets of the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, including mansions in New York and Washington, writes The New York Post, citing sources in the Ministry of Finance. According to the newspaper, in 2008, Deripaska acquired property in New York for $ 42.5 million.

Peskov told about the preparations for the meeting of Putin and Kim Jong-un

Questions about the timing, place and format of the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un in Russia are being discussed, the press secretary of the head of the Russian state Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

You know what an invitation the North Korean leader has. In the case and when the details of such a trip will be agreed through diplomatic channels, we will make the appropriate message. Indeed, the elaboration of the dates, place and format of such a visit is being worked out. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Livanov dismissed from his post as special representative for the development of trade with Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that dismisses his special representative for the development of trade and economic relations with Ukraine, Dmitry Livanov, from his post.

The Kremlin said that they are closely monitoring the situation in Ingushetia

In a conversation with journalists on Monday, Peskov was asked whether the Kremlin is worried about the situation in Ingushetia, where the protest action in connection with the border treaty with Chechnya has been going on for several days, and whether the Kremlin will somehow intervene in the situation.

“We, of course, are carefully observing, receiving information from the leadership of the republic. In this case, while the work is being done along the line of the leadership of the republic,” said Peskov.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry

North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Tsoi Son Hi, who oversees nuclear disarmament issues, arrived at a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry. Consultations in which representatives of the foreign affairs agencies of Russia, China and the DPRK will take part will be held on October 9.

Milorad Dodik won the elections to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The current head of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, announced his victory in the elections to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the main executive authority in the country. According to preliminary data, Milorad Dodik was supported by 56 percent of voters.

Russian Foreign Ministry handed a note to the Ambassador of the Netherlands

The Russian diplomatic service presented a response note to the Ambassador of the Netherlands in the Russian Federation, René Jones-Bos, in which the incident with the expulsion of the Russian group from the Kingdom in April was regarded as a provocation in connection with Moscow’s position in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Netanyahu called the topic of negotiations with Putin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that at the planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin he is going to talk about international recognition of Israeli control over the Golan Heights, Iran’s military presence in neighboring Syria and the determination of the Jewish state to counter this threat.

Serbia has advocated the lifting of sanctions against Russian parliamentarians

Serbia intends to advocate the need to lift sanctions against Russian parliamentarians in the Council of Europe. This statement was made by the chairman of the Serbian parliament Maya Gojkovic.

In the Council of Europe, we continue to insist that deputies should not be included in the sanctions lists, they should not be punished, because this completely makes senseless their activities. – Maya Gojkovic, Serbian lawyer

More than 300 Ukrainians with a Hungarian passport entered into the base “Peacemaker”

In Ukraine, the database of the Peacemaker site included data from 313 citizens of Ukraine, who received a Hungarian passport, reports Strana.ua, citing a database. The publication emphasizes that the list includes residents of almost all regions of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.

Trump’s victory in the elections could help the former intelligence officers of Israel

According to the newspaper The New York Times, referring to the documents of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller on the “Russian case”, in early 2016, Trump’s official representative asked the Israeli company Psy-Group for a commercial proposal to help the current white house head win.

Nearly two thousand migrants found off the coast of Spain in three days

By early October, more migrants had fallen into the country through the Mediterranean than in the previous three years. Nearly two thousand illegal migrants were found by rescuers off the coast of Spain over the last three days, RIA Novosti reports, citing a local rescue service at sea.

Belgium will create a foundation to fight “foreign propagandists”

The authorities of Belgium on the eve of the elections intend to create a special fund to finance projects to identify “false news” in the information space. Such a statement was made by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Alexander de Croo.

Italian authorities invited Putin to a conference on Libya

Italian authorities invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to an international conference on the situation in Libya, which will be held in Palermo on November 12-13. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Enzo Moavero-Milanezi.

While this trip is not in the schedule of the president. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat


Russia supplied Syria with three divisions of S-300PM installations for free

Russia donated to the Syrian authorities three divisions of the S-300 PM anti-aircraft missile system. In each division, eight launchers, as well as ammunition consisting of more than 100 anti-aircraft guided missiles. Delivery ended on October 1st.

Turkey and Russia have determined the boundaries of the demilitarized zone in Idlib

The deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Vershinin, said that Russia and Turkey had determined the boundaries of the demilitarized zone, which would be located in Syrian Idlib. Reports about it RIA “News”.

Britain uses on drone exercises “against Russia”

The British military during the exercises in Oman for the first time use unmanned aerial vehicles, reports The Times. It is noted that the cost of these drones is less than £ 1 thousand (about $ 1.3 thousand).

Ukraine began exercises with the participation of NATO aircraft

Multinational aerial military exercises with the participation of NATO aircraft “Clear Sky – 2018” (Clear Sky – 2018) began at the airport Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the country.

Estonia and Finland hold joint military exercises in the Baltic

The joint exercises of Estonia and Finland Baltic Shield 2018 began on October 1 in Finland, and on October 8, on Monday, the active phase starts in the territorial waters of Estonia. It will last until October 11, Interfax reported, citing the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces.

New intelligence complexes entered service in Sakhalin

The party of modern complexes of reconnaissance, control and communications “Strelets” entered service with the intelligence unit on Sakhalin, the press service of the Eastern Military District reports. “Sagittarius” will significantly increase the capabilities of the district units on Sakhalin.

In Japan, expressed hope for military cooperation with Russia

Admiral Katsutoshi Kavano, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan, expressed hope for military cooperation with Russia, RIA Novosti reports. He stated this at the talks with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

We invited your observers, your attaches to the Vostok-2018 exercise. Unfortunately, we did not see your presence, your participation in these maneuvers. We hope that in the future we will be able to show the whole peaceful mood of our exercises, aimed solely at the defense of the borders of our country. – Sergey Shoigu, Russian military leader

In the CAR can create a representative office of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

Russia will propose to the Central African Republic to establish its representation at the Ministry of National Defense of the CAR and help in the restoration of the army of this country, the corresponding document was published on the legal information portal on Monday

US Air Force UAV noticed off the coast of Crimea

A strategic drone of the US Air Force was noticed near the borders of the Crimea. This is a reconnaissance drone RQ-4A Global Hawk. According to Plane Radar, the aircraft flew into the sky from the NATO airbase Sigonella in Italy.

In Anapa create technopolis “Era”

In Anapa, an innovative technopolis “Era” began to work, which was already called the military “Skolkovo”. Its employees will be engaged in the search, development and implementation of advanced scientific ideas, developments and breakthrough technologies in the field of defense and security.

In Ukraine, presented the “modernized” MLRS “Grad”

The main difference of the previous model is that instead of the usual all-wheel drive three-axle chassis, we see a car with a 4×4 wheel formula. According to the Ukrainian military portal, the rocket launcher system is based on KrAZ-5401NE. The large cabin is designed to carry the entire calculation.

The Sun reports that Russia plans to make “new Syria” out of Libya

Russia allegedly wants to send troops to Libya in order to “take control” of the largest illegal immigration route to the EU. It is reported by The Sun, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, British intelligence warned British Prime Minister Theresa May of these “plans” to Russia.

Earlier, Libyan Minister of Economy and Industry Nasser Shaglan said that the Libyan side was waiting for the return of Russian companies.


Ministry of Culture out of the organizers of the “Golden Mask”

The National Theater Prize “Golden Mask” was established in 1993. The prize is awarded to performances of all genres of theatrical art, including drama, opera, ballet, modern dance, operetta and musical. The organizer of the award in addition to the Ministry of Culture and STD is the government of Moscow

New literary contest for teenagers appeared in Russia

Literary contest for teens “Class!” started in Russia. He invites schoolchildren aged 14 to 17 years.

The first season will cover five cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. From 2019 all Russian schoolchildren will be invited to participate.

III All-Russian Music Competition will last 4 years

The III All-Russian Music Competition starts on October 8. It is conducted with the support of the Ministry of Culture in order to identify and support young talented musicians. The review is a four-year competition cycle.

In 2018, the qualifying rounds will be held in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don. The final will be held on December 1 in Moscow.

80 years ago was born restorer, art historian Sawa Yamshchikov

Sawa Yamshchikov, who did much in the field of restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage of Russia, at the beginning of his journey was constantly faced with difficulties. I was not able to enter the day department of the history department, entered the evening department and got a job as a loader-scaffold truck. After graduating from Moscow State University, he tried to find a job by profession, but he could not.

As a result, he received an offer from the restoration center, where he began his scientific and labor way. He traveled a lot around the country, restoring icons, frescoes, exploring museum vaults, to later organize exhibitions full of real discoveries.

Known participants of the festival “New Year at the Conservatory”

Argentinean tenor Marcelo Alvarez, American pianist of Ukrainian origin Valentina Lisitsa, American-German violinist Augustine Khadelih, and Russian cellist and organist Alexander Knyazev will perform at the New Year at the Conservatory festival.

The premiere of ballet with elements of football was held in Bashkiria

The Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater presented the premiere of the ballet “On Football” with elements of this sports game, reports TASS correspondent

In Ryazan, for the fourth time, they presented the Mirror of Stage Award

On Sunday, October 7, in Ryazan, the theater awards ceremony “Mirror of the scene.” For the fourth time on one stage, a large-scale creative festival united the Ryazan Drama Theater, the Cathedral Theater, the Puppet Theater and the Musical Theater, as well as their fans.

Tallinn Meetings to be held in St. Petersburg

Tallinn artists, artists, entrepreneurs, municipal workers again come to the city on the Neva, where the next “Tallinn meetings in St. Petersburg” will open on October 11.

Konchalovsky proposed to establish a state theater prize

Director Andrei Konchalovsky proposed creating an alternative to the Golden Mask theatrical award. This was reported by RIA “News” with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

French director Lakaskad will show in Moscow a performance for the anniversary of Gorky

French director Eric Lakaskad will present in Moscow in November the play “At the Bottom”, timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Gorky. Also in October, the God of Massacre will be shown by the Swiss director Georges Guerreiro on the anniversary of the play, Tass director of the Biennale of Theater Art Elmira Scherbakova said.

Painting Jenny Savil set auction record

An auction record has been set for the price of a work by a living artist: at Sotheby’s auction, a self-portrait of Jenny Saville was sold for 9.5 million pounds. This amount has also become a record for the work of the artist.


The first film in Erzya language was shot in Russia

On October 10, the first full-length film in Erzya will be shown at the State Russian Drama Theater of Mordovia in Saransk. The tape “Host” was removed by two enthusiasts: Viktor Chichaykin and Alexander Uchevatkin.

In the summer of the picture received a rolling license. Events in the film unfold in the thirteenth century, when the Mongols attacked the peoples of the Volga region.

Erzyan is one of the three official languages of Mordovia, it is endangered, and about 120 thousand people speak it.

Valery Solomin film finished his sons

The 29th Russia Open Documentary Film Festival ended in Yekaterinburg. The main award received a film about the life of a sparsely populated village in Siberia “Father and Sons of Krotov,” reports TASS. The film began to take off director Valery Solomin, and finished – his sons Eugene and Victor Solomin.

“For me, this is not just a film, my father gave many years to this picture. And the cameraman Vladimir Rongainen also worked a lot on the tape, died long before his father, so I saw my duty to finish this work,” he said. Evgeny Solomin

Chekunova film about a homeless cat came to the festival in Cannes

Volgograd director became the winner of the competition, the condition of which was to shoot a short meter about the fate of a homeless red cat. Chekunova sent her work to the contest at the last moment – on September 20 and turned out to be the winner. For the filming of the film director held a casting among cats

Published the trailer for the fifth season of the series “Gotham”

Released the first trailer for the fifth season of the series “Gotham” Bruno Heller. The video was published on the Comic Network YouTube channel on October 7, 2018. It is expected that the first episode of the fifth season will be released not earlier than the beginning of 2019, the exact date of the premiere has not yet been announced

Margot Robbie will play Barbie doll

Margot Robbie may be offered to play a major role in the Barbie doll movie. Production of the painting is engaged in the corporation Mattel, which produces a doll. The premiere of the film is scheduled for spring 2020.

Grand Prix of the festival “Krok”

The main prize of the 25th International Festival of Animated Films “Krok” was awarded to Svetlana Filippova’s “Mitina Lyubov”, TASS reports.

The special prize of the name of Alexander Tatarsky was awarded the ribbon “Table” by Evgeny Boytsov. The jury’s special prize “For originality of the script and sensitivity with which human relations are depicted” was awarded to Jonah Frick’s film “Cat Days”, another special award “For the heartfelt presentation of the theory of relativity” went to Natalia Mirzoyan’s Russian picture “Five minutes to the sea”. The special prize for the best children’s film marked the painting Theory of Sunset by Roman Sokolov.

The best film in the “Diploma works” category is the film by Czech director Jan Mick “We are the people, after all”, and in the program “First professional films” the prize was awarded to the American tape Trevor Jimenez “Weekends”. The jury called the Israeli film Shahaf Rama “Parting” the best work in the category of up to 5 minutes short films.

In the category of tapes “from 10 to 50 minutes” won “This magnificent cake!” Mark James Roules and Emma de Swaff. Leader among the projects lasting from 5 to 10 minutes was the picture of Ivan Shebestov “Yellow”.

Air Force Releases Documentary on David Bowie’s Youth

The BBC channel will present the documentary “David Bowie: The First Five Years”, dedicated to the very beginning of the career of British musician David Bowie.

Channel One will show the series about the fate of Stalin’s daughter “Svetlana”

The premiere of the series “Svetlana” about the fate of Joseph Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva will be held on October 15 on Channel One. This was reported on Monday in the press service of the channel.

Netflix showed the official trailer for the series “The House of Cards”

Netflix has released a new trailer for the sixth season of the Card House series. The premiere of the final will be held on November 2. The authors of the show this time gave a more complete picture of what awaits us in the last season of the popular series.

In Moscow, presented a new domestic cartoon “Hofmaniada”

The Moscow premiere of the first full-length film in the recent history of Soyuzmultfilm took place at the Moscow Illusion Cinema. A puppet film based on the tales and notes of Ernst Amadeus Hoffmann this week will be widely distributed.

Karen Shakhnazarov presented the film “The decision to eliminate” in Sochi

The film is based on real events that took place on the territory of North Ossetia and Ingushetia. It deals with the operation of the Russian special services to eliminate the leader of the Chechen terrorists, Shamil Basayev, who was the prototype of the main negative character in the picture – Shamil Bazgaev.

Dumbledore will be gay in the new Harry Potter movie

David Yates said that the future Harry Potter film will focus on Albus Dumbledore’s unconventional sexual orientation. The tape will show scenes in which it is confirmed that all this time Dumbledore was gay. The role of Dumbledore went to Jude Law.


Group “Buerak” released a video for the song “There is no love”

Post-punk band “Buerak” posted on YouTube a video for the song “No Love”. This musical composition got into the album “Repost modern”, which belongs to musicians from Novosibirsk. In 2014, the Buerak group took its start.

The 14th Russian Song Festival “Russia of Central Asia” will be held in Voronezh

The qualifying rounds of the 14th open city festival of the Russian song “Rus Stozvonnaya” named after A.I. Tokmakov will be held on October 13 and 14 in the City Palace of Culture of Voronezh (108 January 9 St. The gala concert of the best bands will take place on October 21 in the Voronezh concert hall at 4:00 pm.

Singer Garu intends to become a DJ

The first performer of the role of Quasimodo in the musical Notre Dame de Paris Garou intends to try his hand at electronic music. He said this in an interview with Tass.

Joan Jett replaced Kurt Cobain in Nirvana

The vocal parts in the first three tracks were performed by Deer Tick frontman John McCauley, and in the remaining three by Joan Jett. According to NME, in a similar composition, the musicians performed at the ceremony of introducing Nirvana into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

Gradusy group will perform in Chelyabinsk

The popular pop rock band “Gradusy” will perform on October 17 in Chelyabinsk. The concert will be part of the musical project “LIVE for its own people”, which is organized by the telecom-operator “Dom.ru” together with the musical channel “TNT Music”.

Quincy Jones will be the “legendary genius” Spotify

American composer and producer Quincy Jones will receive a special award Spotify “Legendary Genius.” The ceremonial presentation will be held at the ceremony of the Secret Genius Awards in Los Angeles on November 16, 2018, according to Variety.

Baritone saxophonist Hamieth Bluet has passed away

Legendary jazz saxophonist Hamieth Bluett died at the age of 78 on October 4, 2018. It is reported by St. Louis American. Born in Brooklyn, Illinois, in 1940, Bluett played several musical instruments as a child, finally deciding on a baritone saxophone when he was ten years old. Bluett is considered one of the greatest baritone saxophonists in jazz history.

Julio Iglesias will come to Moscow with a concert

Julio Iglesias will arrive in Moscow. The Spanish singer will give a concert in the capital of Russia in honor of his 75th birthday. This year, the artist also marks another significant date – the 50th anniversary of creative activity.

Statue of Chris Cornell adorned Seattle

The sculptural image of Chris Cornell was installed on October 7, 2018 in Seattle near the building of the Museum of Pop Culture. The bronze statue depicts a life-sized deceased musician (about six feet high) in his signature boots, leather jacket, dog tag around his neck and a Gibson guitar in his hands. Sculptor Nick Marr acted as the author of the sculpture, and Chris Vickie Cornell, the widow of Chris. According to Billboard, she gave a heartfelt speech at a ceremony addressed to Cornell fans.

Group “Animation” will perform in Moscow

The Russian rock band “Animation” will perform in Moscow with a traditional autumn concert. A special program, which artists will present on the stage of the capital’s “GlavClub Green Concert” on October 13, was named “# I love my old robe”

Group “Bread” will perform in Moscow

The rap trio “Bread” will perform at the Moscow club Adrenaline Stadium. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of “Tapes.ru”. The concert, called “Capital BREAD”, will take place on November 25

Billie Eylish is trying to leave the room in the clip “hostage”

16-year-old American singer Billy Eylish on the eve of the US tour released a video for the song “hostage” from her 2017 debut album Donʼt Smile At Me. The single was the result of a collaboration with Stromae, Luc Junior Tam and Henry Scholfield

Violinist Ailen Pritchin will perform at the Irkutsk Philharmonic

On October 13, violinist Ailen Pritchin will perform in the concert hall of the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic Society in the framework of the musical project “Stars of the 21st Century” with the Governor’s Symphony Orchestra. He will perform the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra and the Symphony No. 1 by Edward Elgar.


Google has closed its social network Google+

Only by declaring that it was closing down the social network, Google confirmed the information about the leak. Vulnerability could affect more than 500,000 user accounts, according to a company blog.

The expert found a dangerous vulnerability in macOS

Application development expert Thomas Reid discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the macOS system. This writes “Lenta.Ru” with reference to the blog of a specialist. +

Thomas Reed found that installed applications are not checked by the security system. Such a procedure are just downloaded programs. As a result, a hacker may inject malicious code into already functioning applications.

New Ford cars can be controlled from a smartphone

The American automaker has patented the vehicle management system from a smartphone. This will occur as in a mobile game, due to the gyro and accelerometer built into the device, by tilting the smartphone or tablet to the side, the car will turn.

Microsoft will equip its new smartphone with a flexible display

Recently, the mention of the Microsoft Andromeda smartphone was found in the language pack for Andromeda OS (this is a new operating system from Microsoft). The OS code confirms the flexible screen in the device, and there will be two screens – one flexible internal, the second external.

The most powerful version of the Honor 8X Max went on sale

Huawei began selling the most powerful version of the Honor 8X Max smartphone, which was introduced in early September. The novelty is available in a version with a Snapdragon 660 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory for $ 262. The Snapdragon 636 version is priced at $ 218.

In Safari on iOS 12, protection against invisible keyboards has appeared

The developers reported that the mobile version of Safari now provides protection against the use of invisible keyboards. The browser completely prohibits text input after switching to full-screen mode. One of the users of the Reddit forum discovered this feature. You can evaluate the work of this protection by opening YouTube in your browser. After transferring to transfer the video to full screen mode and clicking on the display in the lower area, simulating typing on the keyboard, a warning message will appear.

Asus leads the market for motherboards, video cards and gaming laptops in Russia

As Digitimes reports, Asustek Computer has led the market for motherboards, video cards and gaming laptops in Russia. According to the latest data, today Asus occupies more than 50% of the motherboard market, 35% of the video card market and 26% of the gaming notebooks market.

The application from the App Store secretly withdraws money from users

The TinyLab QR Code Reader application fraudulently withdraws money from users of iOS devices. The method of registration of such a subscription shown on YouTube. When you start the application in small print, the subscription fee is $ 3.99 per week.

American photo service PicsArt will open a laboratory in Russia

The American startup PicsArt, which attracted investment from Sequoia Capital a few years ago, is opening an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory in Moscow, said the general director of the company, Hovhannes Avoyan, to Vedomosti.

VTB Medical Insurance launches online service “My Account”

From September 25, VTB Medical Insurance (VTB MS) launches for its clients a new online service “My Account”, which is available on the company’s website, as well as in a mobile application. The service can be used by more than 24 million customers of VTB MS.

The social network “VKontakte” told about the cooperation with government agencies

“VKontakte” on October 5 launched a special section, which tells about the principles of this social network with personal data of users and about cooperation with government agencies about this data. The section appeared after the scandal because of the initiation of criminal cases for content on the social network.

Intel has introduced the ninth generation Core processors

Intel has introduced a new generation of Core processors for personal computers at a formal event. It is reported by The Verge. At the presentation, the company’s employees presented a new Core i9−9900K processor, which the company dubbed “the best gaming processor in the world”.

Facebook introduced two video call devices.

Facebook has launched its first device on the market. A batch of smart screens was presented under the company’s brand. The gadget was announced in two trim levels, the first of which is called Portal.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will receive frameless protective glass

Resource Slashleaks shared images of protective glass Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Its thickness will be 0.3 mm, and, judging by the photo, the smartphone really comes out without cutouts.

Meizu announced the start of sales of the smartphone 16th in Russia

The Chinese company Meizu announced the start of sales of the 16th smartphone in Russia. The cost of the device at the moment starts from 37.99 thousand to 50.99 thousand rubles.

Import substitution E-mail made it difficult to numerous defects

The application “MoiOfis Pochta” of the company NOT contains 33 defects that do not allow it to be used as an e-mail of the Moscow government, according to a letter from the head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov, head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, on September 5. Premier Maxim Akimov (the document is in “b”).


Closed development of the largest military drone of Russia

According to Vedomosti, a person close to the Ministry of Defense and two interlocutors in the defense industry, the military department decided to stop developing the largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Altair, which was occupied by the Kazan Design Bureau. M.P. Simonov.

Competition for the development of HALE-class UAVs (high altitude and flight duration) this design bureau won in 2011, and more than 3 billion rubles have been spent on its development since then.

Scientists have proven the ability of nerve cells to recover

The myth of nonrecovering nerve cells that is widespread among the inhabitants is rooted in people’s heads very firmly, so scientists have to carry out all new research to prove the opposite.

Radiation will lose ground before the onslaught of bacteria

Russian scientists have discovered bacteria in the places of deep burial of radioactive waste, which under certain conditions can neutralize radionuclides. This is reported in the article in the journal “Radioactive Waste”.

Scientists have created the first artificial “life” on a quantum computer

Quantum computer simulation of life was created by scientists from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). The results of their experiment tells Scientific Reports.

The computer on which the experiment was conducted, is able to encode the behavior associated with death, communication, mutation, self-reproduction.

As a result, numerous quantum organisms were created that interacted with each other, as well as with the environment through their phenotypes.

Paleontologists have found out when kangaroos appeared in Australia

Scientists have found that a dramatic climate change has affected the evolution of these animals. 12-5 million years ago, another global warming began on the planet. Forests in Australia has become much smaller – the vacated territories captured dry grassy plains, reports Science.

Herbivores had to adapt to a new diet in order to survive. Studies of the remains of the ancestors of kangaroos showed that they managed to do this about three million years ago. The anatomy of their dental apparatus is adapted to stiff grass, and not soft leaves.

Powerful semiconductor laser turned into optical tweezers

Russian scientists were able to achieve over-focusing of semiconductor laser radiation due to self-interference of its beam. They were able to use such a beam as optical tweezers to move microscopic objects.

Embryonic stem cells blinded

In the earliest stages of development, the mammalian embryo is a microscopic bag with embryonic stem cells inside.

In the Tver region found the mammoth bones

All bones belong to the same adult mammoth, who lived for about 45 years. In the past, mammoths were widely distributed in Northern Eurasia, including in the territory of modern Tver region. However, the finds of these animals were and remain rare and accidental.

China has created the first zone for blockchain research

China on Monday officially launched the country’s first experimental zone for the development and research of blockchain technologies, reports the National Radio of China.

Found a new way to detect lung cancer at an early stage

The experiment volunteers were 248 people who had certain lung formations as a result of X-ray examinations. In 23 subjects, the EFIRM system identified benign neoplasms, and in 21 subjects, non-small-cell carcinoma in the early stages.

Chemists of Moscow State University have found a method for identifying fake juices

The specialists of the chemical faculty of Moscow State University have created an absolutely new sorbent, capable of absorbing the juice in itself and “sorting” the substances of which it is composed. Sorbent, invented by Russian scientists, has no analogues in the world

Scientists told where arteriosclerosis comes from

It was previously believed that the cause of atherosclerosis is that our vessels become clogged with cholesterol plaques and lose flexibility due to disturbances in the metabolism of fats. However, Russian biologists deny this

According to RIA Novosti, the researchers note that high levels of cholesterol and lipoproteins by themselves do not provoke atherosclerosis. In this process, activation of proinflammatory genes plays a key role, whereas changes in the work of genes associated with the metabolism of fats can be initiated by the inflammations themselves. A way to solve the problem can be suppression of inflammation. Scientists continue to work in this direction.

Scientists have found an ancient observatory in Karachay-Cherkessia

The find is found in the Lower Arkhyz. It is a ring structure and, according to local historians, may be the oldest observatory in Eastern Europe. The fact that this area and the structure that stood on it served as an observatory in antiquity was not precisely established.

Tomsk has made “smart” material with customizable wettability

Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University, together with colleagues from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, created a material whose wettability can be controlled using an electric field. Such materials can be used, for example, to create self-cleaning coatings.


Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed at California spaceport

Launched from the Vandenberg Cosmodrome, the SpaceX corporation launched a satellite into orbit and successfully returned. The first stage of the Falcon 9 landed at 5.30 am Moscow time on Monday, October 8th.

The launch of the Meteor-M satellite from Vostochny was postponed until 2019

The spacecraft Rosgidromet “Meteor-M” will launch into orbit from the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region in April 2019. This was reported by a source RIA Novosti. Earlier it was reported that the launch is scheduled for the end of December this year.

Russia will prepare the “Luna-25” for launch in 2020

With the help of the “Luna-25” scientists plan to look for water ice, as well as test the technology of soft landing on the Earth satellite, reports RIA Novosti. Earlier News.ru wrote that the United States offered Russia to take part in a project to create a base on the moon, but at the same time assign the Russian Federation a secondary role

“Roscosmos” will start creating a reusable rocket

State Corporation “Roskosmos” began accepting applications from manufacturers to create a returnable reusable launch vehicle, reports RIA “Novosti”

Muscovites will be able to see the Orionid starfall in the Moscow region

The width of the Orionid stargazing is several tens of millions of kilometers, so it is possible to see a colorful astronomical phenomenon anywhere in our planet, but this requires clear weather.

The oldest new star was not new

The new star known since 1670 was not a new one, but a collision of brown and white dwarfs. This was learned by astronomers from the UK, USA, Poland and South Africa, who registered the merger using data from the ALMA observatory operating in the millimeter-wave radio waves.

The astronomer explained the outbreak of the activity of the Draconid meteor shower.

The outbreak of the activity of the meteor shower Draconid is possible from October 7 to 9 due to the passage of the progenitor of the stream – the comet Jacobini-Zinner as close to the Sun as possible, Crimean astronomer Alexander Yakushechin told RIA Novosti.

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the mysterious star

The chronicles say that in the sky at the head of the constellation Cygnus in 1670, a bright flash appeared, which was taken for a new light. But the glow quickly faded until it disappeared completely

Using modern equipment, astronomers found out what happened then – a white dwarf (a star like the Sun at the end of its life cycle) collided with a brown dwarf, and an explosion occurred, according to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The consequences of the catastrophe can be seen even now – these are double rings of dust and gas like an hourglass with a compact object in the middle, which arose as a result of the merging of two celestial bodies.

NASA plans to launch the Orion manned spacecraft in 2022

By 2022, the US aerospace agency NASA plans to launch the Orion unmanned and manned spacecraft. This was reported on Monday by NASA representative Laurie Glaze

Scientists for the first time in two years of observations received the image of a comet 67P

Scientists for the first time in two years of observations received an image of a comet 67P, made by the Rosette probe launched into space in 2004. Research materials appeared in the publication Universe Today.

Japanese satellite to clean the orbit of debris will launch in 2020

The Japanese satellite from Astroscale Japan Inc will be launched into space in order to clear the Earth’s orbit from debris in 2020. The launch of the ELSA-d satellite will be carried out with the help of the Soyuz-2 rocket from Baikonur, which was stipulated in the relevant contract with Glavkosmos.

China will launch its first software-defined microsatellite in late November

China, no later than the last decade of November, will launch its first national software-defined microsatellite into orbit. This was reported on Tuesday by the Chinese newspaper Global Times.


Peugeot 3008 and 5008 models received a special Crossway version for the Russian Federation

In Russia, sales of crossovers Peugeot 3008 and 5008 started in a special version of Crossway. Cars are already available from dealers at prices ranging from 2,029,000 and 2,229,000 rubles, respectively.

In Russia, the perpetrators of accidents often drive behind the wheel of the domestic economy class

In Russia, the perpetrators of accidents often drive behind the wheel of domestic economy-class cars, analysts of the AlfaStrakhovanie Risk Institute found out.

“Russian-made cars are not only the most popular and widespread in Russia, but they are also often taken to gain experience, therefore, accidents involving them are not uncommon,” explained AlfaStrakhovanie, the head of the insurance payment department, Alexander Haragezov.

Electric Tesla Model 3 is recognized as the safest car in the US

The latter, up to Tesla Model 3, were considered the safest, but now this rank is carried by another model of the American brand. NHTSA specialists stated that Model 3 passengers had the lowest chance of injury in the event of a traffic accident.

New Hyundai Lafesta sedan launched into serial production

Sales of the new Hyundai Lafesta will begin in the second half of this month. Prices and configuration will be announced later. The estimated cost of a sedan is $ 20,000.

Crossover Nissan Qashqai received new engines

The Japanese Nissan Qashqai crossover on the European market is now represented with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which replaced two engines at once – by 1.2 and 1.6 liters. The new unit is noticeably more powerful than the 1.2-liter and is not inferior in productivity to the 1.6-liter engine.

Insurance written off in total Lotus Elise because of a scratch on a bumper

At an online auction site eBay went under the hammer sports car Lotus Elise 2005 release, previously written off for scrap because of a scratch on the bumper. The car in a rare bronze color got a new owner for 24 thousand dollars – about 1.5 million rubles at the current rate.

1964 Volkswagen Beetle for sale for $ 1 million

The car was put up for sale by Hemmings auction house. The 1964 Volkswagen Beetle with a mileage of only 35 kilometers was put up for sale by the Hemmings auction house for one million dollars. The car was bought 54 years ago by an auto mechanic from Portland.

Inkas built an armored “minibus”

The company Inkas presented a multi-purpose SUV, which can be used as an armored personnel carrier or auto medical evacuation. The machine Inkas Superior APC / AMEV is designed to transport 14 people or two crew members and six wounded

Jeep is preparing to recall the new Wrangler because of poorly welded frames

Jeep has organized preparations for the recall of new Wrangler SUVs. The event is connected with the fact that many cars revealed a defective welding seam, it was found in a place where the transverse thrust is attached to the frame. Due to a defect, the manufacturer suspended the implementation of the Wrangler model.

Hybrid version of the Jeep Renegade will appear in 2020

As recently managed by the press service of the American brand Jeep, currently work is underway to create a hybrid version of the subcompact crossover Renegade. It is reported that this car will be presented on the European car market in 2020.

Atelier Carlex plans to assemble a Mercedes X-Class 3-axle pickup

Atelier Carlex Design is well acquainted with the German compact pickup Mercedes-Benz X-Class – not the first time, the guys create new and quite interesting projects based on this car. I must say that the next project of the company is much more daring than all previous ones.

Tesla Launches “The Most Essential Update” for Model S, X, and 3

Tesla has released a new software update for the Model S, X and 3, which, according to the company itself, is the most significant that has ever been released.

Old Mercedes-Benz on the move converted into a new

In the video, Mercedes-Benz engineers on the move improve the old C-Class: update body panels, engine, mechatronics. Obviously, they wanted to show that with each change of generations, the electronics of the model become more and more perfect, the engines are more powerful, and the reaction to the driver’s actions is more accurate.

In Peugeot announced the release of all-wheel drive hybrid Peugeot 508 R

As part of the Paris Motor Show, the French company presented hybrid versions of the 3008 and 508 models, after which information appeared about the appearance of the “charged” modification of the Peugeot 508 R. Recall that the innovations presented at the motor show are equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo engine that runs on gasoline, and also two electric motors.

Chinese answer Renault Arkana

While Renault is only planning to start mass production of the Arkana coupe-like SUV, the Chinese auto giant Dongfeng has already announced the start of sales of the new ix5 budget cross-coupe, targeting a youth audience.

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