27 Sep, 2018

China planned to intervene in the US elections in 2018

US President Donald Trump said that China planned to intervene in the US elections, which will be held in November 2018. This was reported by Interfax with reference to Trump’s statement during the meeting of the UN Security Council.

“They do not want me or us to win, because I am the first US president to speak out against China on trade issues. And we win in trade, we win at all levels. We do not want to let them break our future elections or intervene in them, “Trump said.

The statement of the American leader was reacted by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I. He called Trump’s words “groundless accusations” that China refuses to accept.

“I want to emphasize that China has always respected the principle of non-interference in the affairs of other states, this is our traditional policy,” concluded China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Priorities of the New May Decree of Vladimir Putin

The new May decree of Putin includes 12 priority projects, which the government should develop or adjust until October 1 (by the same date should be approved by the NLDDP). This is demography, health, education, housing, ecology, safe and high-quality roads, labor productivity, science, digital economy, culture, small and medium-sized businesses, and exports.

The cost of implementing this plan, according to preliminary estimates of the authorities, will amount to 8 trillion rubles. in the next six years. Part of them will be provided by the creation of a new infrastructure fund, which, due to the increase in domestic debt, should reach 3% of GDP in six years. Another measure is an increase in VAT from 18 to 20%, which will give the budget an additional 600 billion rubles. in year.

Russia outstripped China, India and Brazil in the inequality of regions

Russia is among the top three in terms of regional inequality within the country among the states of Europe and Central Asia. This is stated in the World Bank report “Towards a new social contract”. But this is not related to the differences between urban and rural areas

“Today, Russia has the highest level of [regional] inequality among large emerging economies, such as Brazil, China and India,” the authors of the report write.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development in 2018, more than half (52.1%) of the total GRP of all Russian entities will be formed by ten regions – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sverdlovsk regions, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as Tatarstan and Bashkiria. The share of Moscow in this indicator is about 20%. The capital, according to the RBC 500 rating, accounts for almost 70% of the revenue of the largest Russian companies (when analyzed by the IDN number of the parent company or the group’s largest revenue group).

Most Russians shift care of the elderly to the state

In the 18-24 age group, half of the respondents believe that the state should take care of the elderly, among the respondents aged 25 to 39 this point of view is shared by 59% of respondents and 63% among the respondents in the age group 40-54.

The State Duma unanimously approved Putin’s amendments to the pension reform

The State Duma unanimously approved the amendments to the pension reform proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting is broadcasted on the website of the lower house of parliament, which on Wednesday is considering a bill on raising the retirement age in the second reading.

The amendments proposed by the president to the government bill on improving the pension system will make it as fair as possible for citizens. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Press Secretary Roskomnadzor released under a written undertaking not to leave the place

The investigator released under a subscription not to leave the press secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky and other defendants in the case of embezzlement in the department, told RIA Novosti lawyer Elena Vyatkina.

In Dubai, tourists will be shown the most expensive shoes in the world

The most expensive shoes in gold with diamonds worth $ 17 million will be seen by tourists in Dubai, reports The National. The shoes are decorated with two 15-carat diamonds, and 236 smaller stones glisten in the edging.

The investigation asked to release the Khachaturian sisters from the pre-trial detention center

The UK wants to mitigate the measure of restraint for the Khachaturian sisters accused of murdering their father, to “prohibit certain actions.” The girls have been in jail since the beginning of August – they were placed there after their father was found with numerous stab wounds.

In Khabarovsk recruiter of terrorists received 4,5 years of colony

It is noted that the convicted citizen was found guilty by a court decision in inducing the Khabarovsk residents to terrorist activity and sentenced to serving a sentence of 4.5 years in prison in a general regime colony

The housing for the families of those killed in the “Winter Cherry” will send 95 million rubles

95 million rubles from the regional budget will be allocated to purchase housing for the families of those killed during the fire in the Kemerovo SEC “Winter Cherry”. Corresponding changes in local legislation were made today by Kuzbass deputies.

American boxer Victor Ortiz was accused of rape

Former WBC world boxing champion Victor Ortiz was arrested on suspicion of rape. This was reported by the press service of the police department of Oxnard (California, USA).

In the embassy of the DPRK in Moscow, they found a casino

An underground casino was found in the building of the North Korean embassy in Moscow. A week ago in the capital covered a network of 15 illegal gambling establishments. In the new gambling case, the police detained more than a hundred people, including the leader of a criminal community named Bazhanov.

In Moscow, the child was injured in the head on “Cosmonaut’s Simulator”

“During the movement of the attraction there was a detachment of a metal crossbar, to which a minor was struck in the face area,” Ivanova said. She noted that in the hospital the child was diagnosed with “various” head injuries.

Teenagers in Europe and CIS countries drink less

Adolescents living in Europe and CIS countries, began to drink less, but the consumption of alcohol is still at a high level. 9% of girls and 16% of boys at the age of 15 drink regularly.

In the metro of St. Petersburg will begin to fine beggars, merchants and fortune-tellers

Amendments to the city law on administrative violations proposed to bring United Russia Denis Chetyrbok and Maria Shcherbakova. After the document becomes law, so-called fortune tellers and beggars will be punished with a fine in the amount of 4 to 5 thousand rubles.

A third of Russians spent their summer vacation at home

Almost a third of Russians (32%) said that they spent summer vacations at home, Valery Fyodorov, the head of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, told a press conference “Summer Results of 2018”. They want to rest at home, according to the same survey, 31% of respondents.

According to VTsIOM, only 6% of Russians had a rest abroad. While 94% preferred to spend their vacation or vacation in Russia. It is worth noting that only 77% of tourists are satisfied with their vacation abroad. – Valeriy Fedorov, Russian political scientist

The brother of ex-head of Dagestan Abdulatipov detained FSB

On Wednesday, September 26, in Makhachkala, FSB officers detained Rajab Abdulatipov, a deputy of the People’s Assembly of Dagestan – Ramadan Abdulatipov’s brother, the Russian president’s special representative for cooperation with the Caspian states, former head of Dagestan. According to the UK, members of the organized criminal community for bribery illegally installed citizens disability.

The government approved the scheme for indexing utility tariffs

The Russian government approved the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development to conduct indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services in 2019 in two stages – from January 1 and July 1, the head of the department Maxim Oreshkin told reporters.

The government approved the approach: 1.7% indexation from the beginning of the year and 2.4% from the middle of the year. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

The Ministry of Labor told about the shortage in the labor market of Russia

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin said that unemployment in Russia reached a record low. This is reported by RNS.

“I will remind you that Rosstat’s data literally came out yesterday: unemployment has decreased to 3.5 million people – this is a record figure. We have a shortage in the labor market, “said Topilin

The Ministry of Internal Affairs offered to give investigators extrajudicial access to citizens’ accounts

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to give investigators extrajudicial access to information about bank accounts of citizens and legal entities, reads the text of the draft law of the agency posted on the Single Federal Portal of Normative Legal Acts.

39 new centers of cultural development

The government of the Russian Federation predicts that by 2024 39 new centers of cultural development will be built in the country. This is stated in the main activities of the Russian government for the period up to 2024

Refuse the term “disabled”

The Ministry of Labor can refuse to use the term “invalids” in Russian legislation. The newspaper Izvestia was told about this in the press service of the department.

The term in the ministry was considered obsolete and it is proposed to replace it with another, reflecting the human rights model of state policy regarding people with disabilities. The edition found out that by the end of the year, with the appropriate initiative, the Ministry of Labor will apply to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), where they will conduct research work on this topic.

In FMBA, the query was not answered by Izvestia about the options for replacing the term.

On the roads of Russia will be less dangerous areas

The government of the Russian Federation plans to reduce the number of accident-prone areas on the country’s roads by 2024 by 2024. At the same time, the number of regional roads, which are currently operating under overload, should decrease by 10%.

The Cabinet expects to reduce the death rate in Russia by 2024

“Reducing mortality – to a level no higher than 10.9 per 1,000 population,” the document said. It is also planned to achieve an indicator of preventing premature mortality and reducing the mortality of the working-age population to 350 cases per 100,000 people.

Verzilov has declared, that wishes to return to Russia

Member of the art group “War” and Pussy Riot Peter Verzilov, who was on treatment in Germany, said he was afraid of Russian special services, but at the same time he wants to return to Russia. Earlier, Verzilika’s friend Veronika Nikulshina told the media that he was hospitalized.


The term of state support of Deripaska’s structures was reduced to one year

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak instructed to revise the radical approach of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to grant perpetual preferences to Russian Machines and GAZ Group Oleg Deripaska with participation in regional and municipal government purchases, Kommersant reported on Wednesday.

“Tatneft” disclosed the parameters of its strategy until 2030

The Board of Directors of Tatneft approved the development strategy for the company until 2030. The document is posted on the company’s website. Tatneft expects capitalization growth by 2030 to $ 36 billion according to the baseline scenario.

Russians began to buy more domestic wine

The average price of the bottle increased by 6.2%, to 324 rubles. Russians usually buy red dry (38% of sales) and semisweet wine (21%). The share of Russian products for the reporting period was 52% against 43% a year earlier.

Kemerovo region will receive 4 billion rubles for the development of tourism

More than 4 billion rubles will be allocated to the Kemerovo region under the federal target program “Development of domestic and incoming tourism in the Russian Federation (2019-2025).” This is reported on the website of the administration of the Kemerovo region on Wednesday.

The Fed may reduce the yield of 10-year US Treasury bonds

Investors are waiting for the Fed’s decision on the interest rate. The yield of 10-year US Treasury bonds is about 3.1% and shows signs of overvaluation on the index of relative strength.

Railways wants to receive compensation for rising fuel prices

RZD raised the issue of compensation for rising prices for diesel fuel. This was announced on Wednesday by the deputy transport minister Alan Lushnikov. “The Ministry is currently discussing whether in addition to indexing (freight tariffs), somehow compensate for the excess price pressure,” – transfers Lushnikova TASS

In Moscow, there was a deficit of apartments in the secondary market

In the secondary market of housing in Moscow, the supply volume has significantly decreased – by 21.1% per year. If in August 2017 it was equal to 33.1 thousand apartments, now it is 26.1 thousand objects. In parallel, there is a significant decrease in the number of new offers put up for sale.

Tomsk Seal received a Quality Mark

In addition to the Tomsk company, the Quality Badge received ice cream “Russian cold” and “Vologda Plombir”. To get acquainted with the details of the research, you can go to the website of Roskachestvo.

“Magnet” refuses to develop hypermarkets

Today in Magnit, out of our portfolio, there are only seven hypermarkets with a sales area of more than 4.5-5 thousand square meters. We will reformat them into shopping and entertainment centers on the basis of our (the store) “Family Plus”, – said Olga Naumova, the general director of Magnit, on the investor’s Day on Wednesday.

The court found the airline VIM-Avia bankrupt

The arbitration court of Tataria at the meeting on September 26 recognized the airline VIM-Avia as bankrupt and decided to initiate a bankruptcy procedure in relation to it.

Central Bank suspected the group “Cashbury” in the creation of the financial pyramid

The Bank of Russia saw in the activities of the Cashbury group the signs of a financial pyramid. The relevant information was transferred to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the Department for Countering Unfair Practices of the Central Bank, Valery Lyakh, told reporters.

Ukraine calculated the losses from the “Nord Stream-2”

The launch of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline from Russia to Western Europe could deprive Ukraine of about three percent of GDP, the report of the republic’s finance ministry said.

Peter Aven has headed the board of directors of Alfa-Bank

Petr Aven was elected chairman of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, follows from the report of the credit institution. Such a decision was made at a meeting of the bank’s board of directors on Wednesday. Previously, the head of the council, Peter Schmid, did not enter his new composition.

The State Commission approved the introduction of negotiable penalties for undercharging at the gas station

The State Commission for Combating Illicit Trafficking in Industrial Products approved the introduction of turnaround fines for the underfilling of oil products at filling stations, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told journalists after the meeting of the commission.

Taking into account the practice, it will take time for the transition period. I think that from January 1, 2019 – this is the earliest period when it will be introduced. Perhaps it will be in the middle of next year. – Denis Manturov, Russian politician

The Finance Ministry plans to borrow 1.5 trillion rubles next year

The Finance Ministry yesterday registered the draft budget for 2019 on the portal of legal information. In accordance with it, the department plans to borrow 1,704 billion rubles next year. in the form of placement of OFZ.

Media learned about the possible merger of Swiss UBS with Deutsche Bank

The most attention during the presentation of the strategists of the credit organization was given to the possible merger of the German bank with its main competitor in Germany, the Commerzbank, and the proposed merger with the Swiss bank UBS

VTB’s net profit under RAS in January-August increased by 19.7%

Net profit of VTB Bank under RAS in January-August 2018 amounted to 100.688 billion rubles, an increase of 19.7% compared to the same period last year, it follows from the materials of the Bank of Russia. In January-August 2017, VTB received a net profit under RAS in the amount of 84.1 billion rubles.

In Turkmenistan, free electricity, water, gas and salt are canceled

In 25 years after the cancellation of payment, the country’s leadership changed its decision on this matter. True, citizens are promised “preferential” prices. From January 1, 2019, Turkmenistan will return to charging fees for electricity, gas, drinking water and salt

Russia filed a complaint with the WTO on a dispute with the EU on the third energy package

Russia on Wednesday filed a counter-appeal with the WTO on a dispute with the EU on the third energy package, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development said.

Russian manufacturers asked the Ministry of Industry to protect them from Huawei and ZTE

The TELMI Alliance, which unites Russian manufacturers of telecommunications equipment T8, Eltex and Mikran, called on the Ministry of Industry and Trade to take measures to increase its share in the domestic market. This is reported by the newspaper Kommersant referring to the presentation of the alliance.

Russia and China will increase the volume of mutual trade

The Russian government plans to increase by 2024 the volume of mutual trade with the PRC to $ 200 billion, and with India to $ 30 billion. The increase in reciprocal trade between countries is indicated in the main directions of the Russian government

The media learned about Shell’s plans to buy 50% in the Gazprom Neft project in YaNAO

Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell is negotiating to buy a stake in the field of Gazprom Neft, which is being developed in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAO). This is reported by Reuters and “Interfax”, referring to sources familiar with the situation.

Qatar by 2025 will increase LNG production by 43% to 110 million tons per year

State-owned company Qatar Petroleum will increase LNG production by 2025 from the current 77 million tons to 110 million tons per year by putting into operation four production lines, and not three, as it was announced earlier, said Saad Sherida al Kaabi, the company’s director general, to journalists in Doha


Putin appointed a new provost governor of Primorye

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered the governor of the Sakhalin Oblast Oleg Kozhemyako to assume the post of acting head of the Primorsky Territory.

If you have made such a decision for yourself, then I will have to appoint you acting head of the Primorsky Territory. – Vladimir Putin

Stephen Segal wants to become Governor of Primorye

The actor, businessman and special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian-American humanitarian relations Stephen Sigal said that he would like to become the governor of Primorye.

I would like. I came specially to the film festival. Besides, on the paternal line my ancestors are from here. I want to study Primorsky Krai, see more. And to become your governor. – Steven Seagal, American actor

Militants in Afghanistan may disrupt presidential elections, Patrushev said

Parliamentary elections are planned in Afghanistan on October 20 – they will be held after a two-year delay, which was connected with the unstable situation in the country. The last time the parliamentary elections were held in Afghanistan in 2010

“The situation in Afghanistan is influenced by the factor of the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, which are under threat of disruption due to the high activity of the Taliban *, IGIL * and its Afghan cell – the so-called” Velayat Horsan “*,” said Patrushev at the passing in Tehran multilateral consultations on the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan, in which delegations from Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iran and China are taking part.

He noted that, according to international experts, the Afghan government controls about 40% of the country’s territory.

Abe called the condition of normalization of relations with the DPRK

According to Abe, the meeting should contribute to the solution of the problem of the abducted Japanese, who were taken out by the DPRK’s special services in the 1970s and 80s. He noted that this is necessary in order to “draw a line under the unfortunate past” and move towards the normalization of relations.

Merkel lost her key ally

Chancellor of the FRG Angela Merkel Volker Cowder was unable to re-elect the head of the CDU / CSU faction in the Bundestag. This is reported by Deutsche Welle. 69-year-old Kauder served as head of the faction for 13 years.

Erdogan invited Greek Prime Minister to Istanbul

Meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. In the relations between the two countries, there are periodic contradictions, but recently they have improved noticeably.

Oreshkin will replace Kudrin as head of the Center for Strategic Research

The new chairman of the Council of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) will be the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin. About this RBC reported two sources close to the CSR, and confirmed the interlocutor in the financial and economic block of the government.

Trump accused China of trying to intervene in the US elections

US President Donald Trump accused China of trying to intervene in the midterm elections to the US Congress. “They do not want me or us to win, because I am the first president who creates difficulties for China in the field of trade,” the US president said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Unfortunately, we found out that China was trying to intervene in our upcoming midterm elections in 2018, which will be held in November, against my administration. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Trump promised to impose tough sanctions against Iran

The US will continue to impose tough sanctions against the entire range of “malicious” activities of Iran, said US President Donald Trump on Wednesday at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Non-Proliferation.

All US sanctions related to the Iranian nuclear program will come into full force in early November. After that, the US will continue to impose additional sanctions, more stringent than ever before, to counter a wide range of malicious activities of Iran. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran discussed political process in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Mevlut Cavusoglu and Mohammad Javad Zarif at the meeting in New York discussed the situation in Idlib and the prospects for launching the political process in Syria, confirming the intention to make efforts to launch the Constitutional Committee as soon as possible, journalists told the Russian Foreign Ministry .

Trump refused to meet with Justin Trudeau

American leader Donald Trump said that he refused to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. Trump said this during a press conference.

Poroshenko called for sanctions against the Russian Federation because of the situation on the Sea of Azov

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York, called on the international community to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation on the Sea of Azov

Heads of Ingushetia and Chechnya agreed border between regions

The heads of Ingushetia and Chechnya Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and Ramzan Kadyrov on Wednesday signed an agreement on defining the border between regions, providing for the mutual exchange of territories.

I was asked who won? I will answer with great confidence in the veracity of the words – the Chechens and the Ingush have won! I would never seek to sign an agreement that infringes the interests of one of our peoples. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian politician

Putin will meet with Austrian Chancellor Kurtz in October

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz in October. This was stated by an assistant to the Russian leader Yuri Ushakov in an interview with the newspaper Izvestia. According to him, the meeting will be held in St. Petersburg.

The US and Japan agreed to start negotiations on a trade agreement

President of the United States Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe agreed to start a discussion of the bilateral trade agreement. Negotiations will be initiated “after the completion of the necessary internal procedures” in each of their countries

Lagarde and Foreign Minister of China discussed WTO reform and international trade

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and Foreign Minister Wang Yi exchanged views on the need for reform of the World Trade Organization, and also spoke for the need to maintain free trade and multi-ltalism, the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC follows.


Ukraine conducted military exercises on the coast of the Azov Sea

Military and border guards of Ukraine conducted joint tactical exercises on the coast of the Azov Sea. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The Pentagon called Russian nuclear weapons the main threat to the United States

“I think that if we talk about external challenges, the first thing that should be paid attention is the nuclear threat from Russia, to a lesser extent China and, possibly, North Korea,” the US Defense Ministry portal said.

There is not much talk about the nuclear threat. But this is an absolutely real threat, and we have to take measures to cope with this. – James Mattis, American military leader

Erdogan reported the release of radicals from the demilitarized zone in Idlib

Radical groups leave the demilitarized zone on the line of contact of the Syrian army and opposition groups in the province. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Reuters on the sidelines of the annual session of the UN General Assembly

In Japan, accelerated development of supersonic planning bombs

Japan is rapidly developing supersonic planning bombs to defeat targets at great distances, The Japan Times reports. According to the publication, the Japanese Ministry of Defense should put the bombs into service seven years earlier than planned, in 2026.

The Su-57 fighter will receive an ultra-long-range air-to-air missile

The fifth-generation fighter Su-57 (PAK FA) will receive the latest ultra-long-range R-37M missile. This was reported by Interfax with reference to Boris Obnosov, General Director of Tactical Missile Arms Corporation.

Two Turkish servicemen were killed at the hands of the PKK

Two Turkish servicemen died as a result of the terrorist attack of the organized Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the province of Shirnak, September 26 Anadolu reports. The military perished as a result of detonation of an explosive planted by Kurdish rebels.

WSJ: US to remove part of missile systems from Middle East

Next month, the United States will remove the Patriot anti-missile complexes from some of the Middle East countries against the backdrop of rhetoric about the military danger emanating from Iran. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal referring to military officials.

In Russia, almost completed work on the newest system S-500

Work on the newest Russian S-500 “Prometheus” anti-aircraft missile system is almost complete, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said at the ceremony of awarding the Revunov Prize, which is awarded annually to young engineers at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Our systems S-300, S-400 and S-500, which now will be created at the output, do have better characteristics with respect to all analogues, be it Patriot, whether it’s a French or Israeli system. – Yuri Borisov, Russian politician

“Buk-M3” held the first military firing in the Western Military District

Calculations of the Buk-M3 of the Western Military District completed training and conducted practical launches at the Kapustin Yar test range in the Astrakhan region, the Okrug press service reported.

“Combat shooting was conducted in night conditions with the creation of a complex radar jamming situation. Calculations of the Buk M3 anti-aircraft missile systems conducted launches on high-altitude high-speed targets simulating the attack of operational-tactical aviation of the conventional enemy, “the TASS press service reported.

The targets for the “Beech-M3” were cruise missiles fired at a distance of more than 100 km.

Sailors of the Pacific Fleet loaded military equipment onto a large amphibious ship

Crew BKK Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet), “Oslyabia” together with marine infantry fleet loaded military equipment and landing of personnel on the unequipped coast. This was reported by the press service of the Airborne Forces.

Modernization of mortars “Tulip” will be completed in 2020

Modernization of the Tulip mortars will be completed in Russia in 2020. This is reported to RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of Uralvagonzavod. “The deadline for completion of work is scheduled for 2020,” the press service noted.

Iran intends to maintain its presence in Syria

“Our presence in Syria will remain as long as the Syrian authorities will need it,” Tass quoted him. According to Ruhani, the Iranian forces are present in the UAR only as military advisers, and the main task of Tehran in the Syrian territory is the defeat of the terrorists.


Scientists have discovered a new useful property of cocoa

Cocoa contains a large amount of D2. This discovery was made by researchers from the Halle-Wittenberg University and the Max Rubner Institute. The report on this is published on the portal EurekAlert, RIA Novosti reported.

EASA testers performed flights on the MS-21-300 aircraft from Irkutsk

Two test pilots and a test engineer of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) were trained and performed flights on the MS-21-300 aircraft from Irkutsk.

Russian paleontologists described the oldest macroorganism with a skeleton

Paleontologists described the oldest macroscopic organisms, Palaeopascichnus, which had a skeleton, is told in Precambrian Research. They were found in sediments formed 543-549 million years ago.

Engineers in Vladivostok have developed heavy-duty concrete for aerodromes

A special composition of concrete for the construction of runways of airfields was developed by engineers of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

The most common herbicide spoiled the bees with microbiomas

The most common herbicide glyphosate could cause a decrease in the number of bees, according to an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The speed of cognitive tasks is related to the character of a person

In the course of the experiment, scientists were able to trace the relationship between a person’s ability to solve cognitive tasks and his character traits. For this purpose, EEG data were used, which were obtained in the process of solving human problems for the processing speed of information.

Genetically modified mosquitoes will fight malaria

The researchers reported the results after the experiment – they put mosquitoes carrying a mutation with the usual malarial, and a few days later found that the latter were “neutralized”

How do female termites learn to clone themselves

It is no secret that some termites sometimes use asexual reproduction (parthenogenesis). In most cases, insects act in the old manner. Meanwhile, recently Australian scientists discovered whole colonies in which there are no male termites at all.

The fish of acid flowers was named in honor of Aphrodite

California scientists described a new kind of fish pink and yellow with salad fins – an unexpectedly bright inhabitant of coral reefs was found in the Atlantic, but its closest relatives live in the Pacific Ocean. The species was named Tosanoides Aphrodite, in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Ancient retrovirus persuaded people to use drugs

A group of Greek and British geneticists suggested that the presence of endogenous human retrovirus type K in their genome may be responsible for the predisposition of people to using drugs. This was shown by the example of drug addicts of HIV-positive people and people with hepatitis C, and also by genomic editing using CRISPR / Cas9

The robot was taught to carefully remove the top leaves from the head of lettuce

Engineers from Cambridge University have introduced a robot that knows how to gently clean the head of lettuce from the outer leaves

The size of a dinosaur: the biggest bird in history

Vorombe titan belonged to a family of birds, in the existence of which people for a long time did not even believe. The animal lived in Madagascar approximately 1200-1000 years ago. The largest bird in the world weighed as much as the dinosaur. The animal can be compared with the Europa, a small sauropod with a long neck, which weighed about 690 kilograms. The average weight of V. titan was just 650 kilograms, scientists write.

In Ukraine, created artificial lard

Students of the Agrarian University in the Ukrainian city of Sumy have developed a sugary substitute, which consists of vegetable oil and gelatin. This is written by the publication “Today”. Students of the University came up with a way to produce artificial fat under the direction of the assistant professor of the nutrition department of Dmitriy Biduk

Scientists: newborns have a higher risk of thrombosis

The staff of the Center for Theoretical Problems in Physico-Chemical Pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with their Russian counterparts, compared the process of blood coagulation in adults and newborns and found out that the latter had a higher risk of thrombosis. Scientists also compared this process in term and premature infants.

Polymer sensors find toxic organic compounds in drinking water

For example, benzapyrene, which is considered one of the most toxic compounds, scientists found in river water and even in rain drops. It is formed by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel. In European countries, water is considered contaminated if a nanogram of benzapyrene is dissolved in a liter.

In a magnetic field with pills on the back

Chinese engineers have created a polymeric walking robot, controlled by an external magnetic field. The developers suggest that in the future, such robots can be used to move drugs within the human body, and demonstrated this by example of the delivery of a capsule inside a model of the stomach. The article was published in the journal Nature Comminications.

A freshly cut knife made the Australian orange purple

A freshly cut knife can make an Australian orange purple. The researchers found that the metal reacts with acids contained in the fruit, which leads to the corresponding result.

Plants in the tundra over the past 30 years have become higher due to warming

An international team of scientists from more than 100 organizations observed the temperatures, humidity and plants in the tundra all over the world for three decades and found out that during this time there it became noticeably warmer, and the plants themselves became higher due to this.


China in 2019 will deduce from orbit space laboratory “Tiangun-2”

China will make a controlled withdrawal from the orbit of the inhabited space laboratory “Tiangun-2” (“Heavenly Palace-2”), after July of next year, the official account of China’s Manned Space Flight Program

The Angara-A5 missile received the first civilian order for launch

The launch vehicle Angara-A5 received the first contract for the launch of civilian spacecraft, with its help it is planned to put into orbit new satellite retransmitters Luch-5M, said in the procurement documentation posted on the website of state purchases

The next NASA rover will be given to schoolchildren

According to tradition, the name of the next rover from NASA will be schoolchildren. The competition will last 2018-2019 academic year. According to its results, the rover created for the Red Planet will receive an official name.

NASA will again look for aliens in space

Scientists note that with the new generation of spacecraft it will be possible to install a “filter” separating the signals of stars and stellar systems from signals of artificial origin.

Phobos was a fragment of Mars, and not an ordinary asteroid

One of the largest satellites of Mars – Phobos – was a wreck of the Red Planet, and not an ordinary asteroid, as previously thought. This was clarified with the help of infrared analysis, which was recently conducted by American geologists from the University of Stony Brook

Japanese firm will send missions to the Moon on missiles Mask

Ilon Mask has agreed with the Japanese company on sending to the moon of the Lunokhod and the orbital station. They will be delivered there by the Falcon 9. The company SpaceX American billionaire Ilona Mask will help the Japanese private space launch iSpace to send to the moon two missions

Ukraine wanted to create a lunar base

“The committee of joint projects in the rocket and space sphere will organize monitoring of space services markets, discuss joint projects of the Moon base and spacecraft of orbital service, develop a partnership program for the association’s members,” the message says on the website of the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau.

On Mars found a new place with signs of life

On Mars found a new place with signs of life. Scientists from Brown University, located in the American Providence, said that they intend to more closely explore the relevant territory to obtain evidence of the existence of living organisms on the Red Planet.


The building of the former factory-canteen was taken under the protection of the state

The factory-dining room of the Moscow plant “Dinamo”, built in 1935, was recognized as an object of cultural heritage. This is reported on the site of the Moscow City Hall.

95 years old is the birthday of the film director and screenwriter Alexander Alov

In the 1950s, Alov’s works occupied a special niche in the domestic cinema. They were distinguished by powerful energy and a pronounced author’s principle.

“The Old Fortress”, “Pavel Korchagin”, “How the Steel Was Tempered” – it was just a running start. Then the directors began to shoot only on their own scenarios, so appeared the classic films “The World of the Incomer”, “The Legend of Thiele” and “Teheran-43”.

New space opens in the New Tretyakov Gallery

The new Tretyakov Gallery opens a space called “The Living Room”. It is located on the fourth floor of the museum in room number 18. In the “Living Room” you can read books, see materials on the Arzamas website on screens and tablets and relax after excursions. There will also be lectures, discussions, performances and concerts in the hall, Buro 24/7 reports.

Yuri Temirkanov will give a series of jubilee concerts

People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Temirkanov opened a new season in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. By tradition, the creative year began on the birthday of Dmitry Shostakovich, who in his youth debuted in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic as a symphonic composer. Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony and Brahms’s Second Piano Concerto were performed.

120 years ago the composer George Gershwin was born

Yasha, so called his mother in Russian, was one of four children in the family of emigrants from Petersburg and Odessa. He studied badly, did not finish school and did not receive any special education.

This did not stop the composer from writing his most famous opera “Porgy and Bes” on the verses of his elder brother Ira. Opera was one of the last works of the composer.

In “Leninka” will exhibit the works of Monet, Titian and Chagall

Salon of high art and design for the first time opens in Moscow. It will be held at the Russian State Library. Visitors, in particular, will see the works of Claude Monet, Titian, El Greco, Marc Chagall, as well as objects of design and jewelry art.

“We wanted to create a meeting place for collectors, galleries and museums.Our concept is a mixture of modern design and works of old masters.The works are not just in one space, but seem to be in dialogue,” the organizer of the salon Valentina Vasileva told Tass. According to her, 25 galleries will take part in the event.

There will also be a discussion program – art historians, designers, collectors and journalists will discuss the development of contemporary art.

The project for the construction of a new hall of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic

Sverdlovsk Minstroy determined the winner of the competition for the development of the architectural and artistic concept of the new hall of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic in Yekaterinburg. The first place was taken by the company Zaha Hadid Architects from the UK.

FSB sent to the Russian Museum paintings Savrasov and his wife Repin

The Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region transferred to the collection of the State Russian Museum a painting “Winter Landscape” by artist Alexei Savrasov and an album with drawings of the wife of painter Ivan Shishkin, Olga Lagoda, who were seized in March last year when they attempted to illegally transport from Russia to China .

The Scriabin Museum will celebrate the anniversary with the festival “100 Years of Attraction”

The festival “100 Years of Attraction” in honor of the centennial of the Alexander Skryabin Memorial Museum will be held from October 2018 to January 2019 and will unite exhibitions, multimedia concerts, lectures, creative meetings and master classes. This was reported in the press service of the museum.

The mystery of the painting “The Origin of the World” by Gustave Courbet is solved.

For a long time, specialists could not solve the riddle, which is depicted in the picture of Gustave Courbet “The Origin of the World.” The canvas is famous as one of the most scandalous paintings of the XIX century

The historian Claude Schopp found in the letter of Alexandre Dumas, Jr. writer Jorge Sanda information about this painting, according to which it depicts the ballerina Constance Kenya.

Exhibition of photographs of the defense of Moscow will open in the Victory Museum

The Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill and the TASS news agency prepared a joint photo exhibition “The Defense of Moscow in an Objective” dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the beginning of the battle for Moscow, the press service of the museum reported September 26.

Stained glass window in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

A unique stained glass window in honor of the record for the length of stay on the throne of the British Queen Elizabeth II appeared in the northern nave of Westminster Abbey – the world famous gothic church of the United Kingdom. The design of the stained glass window was designed by the famous British artist David Hockney, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

Photo collages with views of the Moscow Kremlin were presented at the exhibition in Tsaritsyno

Types of the Moscow Kremlin in collage technique are represented at the exhibition “Horizons of Greatness of Russia”, which opened in the Catherine Hall of the Grand Palace of the Tsaritsino Museum-Reserve, Tass reports.

Presented are 32 works that allow you to see in the unusual foreshortenings and new contexts the Poteshny Palace, the Senate, the Nikolskaya and the Spassky towers, as well as the royal ceremonial rooms of the Terem Palace, the Verkhospasskaya pad, the Holy canopies and the Faceted Chamber.

The exhibition is timed to the 100th anniversary of the transfer of the capital of Russia from Petrograd to Moscow.


Museum of Music in Moscow will launch author’s tours “Discovering Tchaikovsky”

The Russian National Music Museum will hold a series of monthly excursions with one of the leading specialists in Russia on the life and work of Peter Tchaikovsky, the candidate of art criticism Alexander Komarov. This was reported in the press service of the museum.

Concert of Moscow State Academy of Music in Yekaterinburg will be broadcast in hospitals and libraries of the region

The concert within the framework of the tour of the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra (MGASO), which will take place on the stage of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, will be broadcast on the Internet, and also specially in 60 locations in the region – philharmonic meetings, including in hospitals and libraries. This was told on September 26 at the TASS press center by deputy philharmonic director Rustem Hasanov

“Nine Steps to Transfiguration” in the Hall. Tchaikovsky

The world premiere of Eduard Artemiev’s compositions for the choir, soloists, orchestra and organ “Nine Steps to Transformation” will be held on October 13 in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky. This was reported in the press service of the Moscow Philharmonic.

Moscow Academic Orchestra will go on a tour of Russia

Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra for the first time in its 75-year history will go on a big tour around Russia. As part of the tour, the orchestra will give 20 concerts. This was announced on September 26 at a press conference in TASS artistic director and chief conductor of the orchestra Pavel Kogan.

Group “Alliance” wants to return with a new-old album

Ex-members of the group “Alliance” Oleg Parastaev, Igor Zhuravlev and Sergei Kalachev are preparing to record a new album “Dream”, which will give a new sound to the songs written 15 years ago.

Brockhampton and their fans in the video “San Marcos”

The Brockhampton band released a video for the track “San Marcos” from their new album “Iridescence”

The film “Almost Famous” will become a musical

Cameron Crowe is working on a musical based on his own Oscar-winning film “Almost Famous.” As reported by Empire, the director will write the script of the production and will co-write lyrics together with the winner of “Tony” Tom Kitt

In Crimea will host the international music festival ArsLonga

The well-known festival of classical music ArsLonga will be held for the eighteenth time, however this year the program of the festival is divided for the first time into a regional and the main one. This is reported by the Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Internal Policy, Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan will receive the Gershwin Prize

Emilio and Gloria Estefan will receive the Gershwin Prize of the Library of Congress for their contribution to popular music.

Dolphin released a video with Efremov and Serebryakov

Appeared less than an hour ago, the video made Web users assume that the plot was inspired by Orwellian “1984”. The composition “387” was included in Delphin’s tenth solo album “442”, released in March.

Grand Prix of Shalyapin festival leaves for Georgia

The jury announced the winners of the II International Vocal Competition. The best performers were awarded in the Greek Hall of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater. The winner of the Grand Prix and cash reward was the Georgian bass Goderdzi Janelidze.

In Krasnodar will be the II International Festival of Arts “NAME”

From 5 to 7 October at the Musical Theater of Krasnodar will host the International Festival of Arts “NAME”. Participants from different countries will compete in it in four vocal categories: “Variety Vocal”, “Folk Vocal”, “Jazz Vocal” and “Rock Vocal”.

Kizaru released a video for the track “Long Way”

Petersburg rapper Kizaru released a video for the track “Long Way” from his new album “Back to the Future”. In the video the rapper smiles and dances on the background of nature: mountains, fields and gorges.

German conductor Frantz will come to the Crimea

“Mr. Franz will visit Crimea for the first time, the program is scheduled to perform the fourth symphony of Tchaikovsky and the third concert for pianoforte and orchestra Rachmaninov,” the press release said.

“Mordor” will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the club Red

The big anniversary concert of the group “Mordor”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the collective, will be held at Red Club on December 1, 2018.

Germans Annisokay will come to Moscow with “Arms”

The German band Annisokay will perform at the ZIL Arena on March 15, 2019. Recently, the team released a new album “Arms” (“Arms”), a song from which will be heard at the upcoming Moscow concert.

Tom Grennan will come to Moscow in the beginning of winter

Our country the musician will visit as part of the tour in support of his debut full-length album “Lightning Matches” .Tom Grennan is considered one of the main debutants on the British stage for the last year.

Neon and retro cars in the JMSN video “Mind Playin ‘Tricks”

American singer and multi-instrumentalist Christian Berishai, known as JMSN, released a video for the song “Mind Playin ‘Tricks”. The track was included in Velvet’s new album.

Abel Kozhenevsky will come to Russia

The popular Polish composer Abel Kozhenevsky will perform for the first time in Russia. The musician will give two concerts: on October 22 in the Moscow House of Music and on October 24 in the St. Petersburg Palace of Culture named after the Lensovet.

In St. Petersburg opens the international festival Earlymusic

The twenty-first international festival Earlymusic will open in St. Petersburg with the authentic performance of one of the key works of European Baroque – Johann Sebastian Bach’s John Passion.

Jack White will give the only concert in Russia

Comes with a single concert and a new album: Boarding House Reach was released on March 23 and debuted at the first position in the US Billboard 200, then came out on top in the American charts of alternative and rock albums Billboard


Angelina Jolie in the new role became a blonde

Hollywood actress to participate in the new fantastic drama “Go away” became a blonde. Cardinal change of the image of the celebrity struck the fans. Pictures Angelina Jolie in a new role appeared on social networks.

The Ministry of Culture overestimates foreign films with age qualifications

If in 2012 children from 12 years could watch every fourth foreign film, then in 2017 – every tenth. In 2014, every seventh foreign tape received a rating of 18+, in 2015 it was the fourth tape and by 2017 – 37% of films. With domestic films everything is much softer

James Van and Gary Doberman prepare a remake of “Trains to Busan”

The original tape was released in 2016 and became a hit in the film distribution in South Korea and in the world – its total fees amounted to more than $ 140 million. The action takes place in a train from Seoul to Busan, whose passengers are forced to resist the virus that turns people into zombies.

The final trailer of the second part of “Fantastic creatures” appeared on the web

The final trailer of David Yeats’ film “Fantastic creatures: Crime of the Green de Wald” appeared on the Internet. The video was published by Warner Bros

Milla Jovovich will act in the film adaptation of the video game “Monster Hunter”

Actress Milla Jovovich will act in the film adaptation of the video game “Monster Hunter”. The project spent 60 million dollars.

Disney will remove the third “Guardians of the Galaxy” under the script of James Gunn

The company Disney will remove the third part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the script of James Gunn, fired against the backdrop of a scandal with his records in social networks ten years ago. This is written by Tulsa World. According to the brother of producer Shawn Gunn, the preparation for the shooting was conducted for six months, but then everything stalled.

Horror “Happy Day of Death 2” acquired the date of the premiere

Universal Pictures studio announced the date of the premiere of the continuation of the youth horror film “Happy Day of Death”. The sequel will start at the box office on February 14, 2019.

On Comic Con Russia 2018 there will be a presentation of “T-34”

At the festival Comic Con Russia 2018 will be a presentation of the Russian military-adventure film “T-34”. This is reported in a press release, received by the editorial office of “Lentee.ru”. The tape will be presented by actors Viktor Dobronravov and Anton Bogdanov, who performed the main roles in the film.

Netflix introduced the teaser of the third season “Daredevil”

The series starred Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Wall, Elden Henson, Vincent D’Onofrio, John Berntal, Elodie Jung and other actors. The premiere of the third season “Daredevil” will be held on October 19 on the stream-service Netflix.

The film “Unforgiven” will be released on September 27

The film “Unforgiven” by Sarik Andreasyan will be released on September 27. The director said this in an interview with RT. About the film, the director said that he would not document the events of the plane crash over Lake Constance and the tragedy that followed Vitaly Kaloyev

Andrew Lincoln will return to the “Walking Dead” in a new role

Andrew Lincoln can return to the series “Walking Dead”, but not in the role of Rick Grimes, who performed for incomplete nine seasons.

The movie “Creed-2” appeared on the web

MGM the day before released a teaser of the Creed-2 drama about boxer Adonis Creed. The film featured Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. According to the plot of the film, the boxer is facing a new, difficult battle, in parallel he wants to establish a loosened family relationship

Pavel Priluchny will play the main role in the new series from NTV

NTV television company began work on the action-packed series “In the cage”, in which the role of the main character will play Pavel Priluchny. In addition, the tape will become the producer debut of a young artist.


Facebook introduced virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest

Facebook Company presented its own virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest. The message on the company’s website says that the new product will enable users to look in any direction of the virtual space and move through it, as in reality.

Uber agreed to pay US $ 148 million due to concealment of data leakage

Uber agreed to pay $ 148 million to 50 US states and the Federal District of Columbia for hiding the leakage of drivers and customers for a year, according to Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

In Russia, the production of Zenit cameras will be revived

In Russia, the production of Zenit cameras will be revived. This was reported by RIA Novosti representative of the Krasnogorsk plant named after SA Zverev (part of the holding “Schwabe”).

Sberbank launched a mobile operator under the brand “SberMobile”

Since September 26, Sberbank has launched its mobile virtual operator under a new brand – “SberMobile”, until the end of the year the operator will start operating in 13 regions of Russia. This was announced at the press conference by the first deputy chairman of the Savings Bank Lev Khasis.

In Russia, there will be a leasing of smartphones

Smartphone leasing is first launched in Russia, a service from South Korea will offer this service from October, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the company. Under the terms of the program, the service will for the time being only apply to flagship Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S9 and S9 +, Note9).

Instagram received support for notifications in browsers

Instagram has released a new update for browsers. Now users who use them can receive standard notifications.

The Apple-1 computer was auctioned for $ 375,000

Yesterday at the next auction was a complete set of Apple-1 with a monitor, necessary cables and even the original user manual were offered at a starting price of 300 thousand dollars. As a result, it was sold for 375 thousand dollars.

The sales of the Oppo A5 smartphone started in Russia

Oppo company announced the beginning of Russian sales of the Oppo A5 smartphone, which was presented earlier this month. The novelty will be available for purchase at a price of 16,990 rubles.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 video cards will go on sale on October 17

A brief message posted on the official Nvidia GeForce’s Twitter page indicates that the GeForce RTX 2070 will be available from October 17th. The previously recommended retail prices sounded unchanged – from $ 500 for the base version to $ 600 for the version of Founders Edition

The mid-size camera Fujifilm GFX 50R is estimated at $ 4500

Fujifilm has expanded the range of medium-format mirrorless cameras with the GFX 50R, which differs from the unusual predecessor GFX 50S layout. Here the viewfinder is not located above the lens, but is shifted to the edge of the case.

The extortionist Virobot has the capabilities of a keylogger and botnet

Experts Trend Micro have discovered a new “multitasking” malvar Virobot. It can not only encrypt user files and request ransom, but it is also capable of intercepting and remembering keystrokes and making infected machines part of a spamming botnet.

“Dom.ru” offers TV without wires and consoles

Telecom operator “Dom.ru” offers Smart TV owners to connect digital TV without wires and set-top boxes – using the “Dom.ru TV” application. The application opens access to TV channels and interactive services from the operator.

“Yandex” allocated video ads to a separate tool

Advertisers will be able to promote video ads regardless of other campaigns in the RSA (Yandex Advertising Network). For this ad, you can set up a separate budget, an impression strategy, bids, headlines, and text.

Snapchat and Amazon launched a visual search for products by photo

Snapchat is testing a new way to search for products on Amazon. At the beginning of the week, a new feature was available to a limited number of users. The principle of the visual search is simple: just point the camera at a thing or barcode, and then hold your finger on the screen.

The Google Feed feed is now called Discover

Google continues not only to update the design of its proprietary applications and services, but also to rename some of them. For example, Google Keep recently renamed Keep Notes (“Notes” in the Russian version), and now the turn of the Google Feed tape has come.

On Google Maps, group planning appeared

The function of group planning appeared only now. The group scheduling feature on Google Maps makes it possible to collect several people in one place. Earlier it was possible to send one text message in order to invite friends to any place you liked.

Google Optimize has personalizations

After the experiment is over, just click on “DEPLOY LEADER”, and Optimize will create personalization based on the winner version, which can be run for any segment of the audience. Those who use Optimize 360 can choose which Google Analytics audience will be covered by personalization.

Google will predict bad weather and natural disasters

Using the history of forecasts, terrain features, information from local meteorologists, AI can accurately predict the onset of a period of rains, floods and other natural disasters. In case of emergency, Google will send an alarm signal to users’ smartphones.

Prototype of a flexible smartphone Lenovo

In the network Weibo appeared video, which captured the prototype of a flexible smartphone Lenovo. Unfortunately, there are no explanations, so it is not clear where this device was shown and what’s inside it

Chrome 69 removes not all cookies after receiving the appropriate command

Specialists drew attention to another unpleasant feature of Chrome 69. As it turned out, after the command to delete all cookies in the browser, cookies for Google services are not deleted until the user is logged out.

HP Tango – a stylish inkjet printer, which can be controlled by voice

HP is increasingly experimenting with the design and functions of a printer designed for use at home or in a small office. Another such experiment was an inkjet printer called Tango. Developers call it “the world’s first printer for a smart home.”

Xiaomi started selling the Xiaomi Qin AI Phone keypad with AI

The phone was called Qin AI Phone and its main feature was the AI from Xiaomi, through which you can learn about the weather in the region, run music and make a call. The device with a 2.8-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels closes the glass Gorilla Glass. In Qin AI Phone built in 4G and Wi-Fi. The phone supports two SIM cards and a memory card up to 32 GB.

It is worth mentioning and a large battery. According to the manufacturer, its capacity is 1480 mAh and it should provide the phone with 15 days of standby time or 7 hours of talk time

Asus Maximus XI Extreme received an OLED screen

Network sources shared information about the motherboard Asus Maximus XI Extreme, which will be built on the chipset Intel Z390. Judging by the photo, the novelty is made in E-ATX format, and the OLED-display is built in the casing over the connectors.

The Vivaldi browser has been updated to version 2.0

The company Vivaldi Technologies announced the release of an updated web browser Vivaldi, developed on the basis of the source code of the open project Chromium and incorporating a lot of functionality that was present in the “classic”, beloved by many Internet users of the 12th version of the browser Opera


Geely brought to test Geely Atlas new generation crossover

The Chinese company is preparing for the debut of the new crossover Boyue, which in many markets is known as Atlas. Photoplayers were able to capture the novelty during tests on the roads of China

The pickup Hennessey Goliath 6×6 will be released in limited edition

The giant Hennessey Goliath 6×6 pickup truck with the axle axles was introduced by Hennessey Performance, which completely redesigned the rear suspension of the model. Tuners from Texas took as a basis for their work pick-up Chevrolet Silverado 2019 in the assembly Trail Boss Z71.

The new Mercedes Gelandewagen received a superpowerful version

“Charged” SUV Mercedes-AMG G 63 received a special version from the tuning studio Brabus. The car was named 700 Widestar and was shown to the public at an exhibition of boats and yachts in Monaco. New received a modified 4.0-liter petrol engine V8.

KamAZ and NAMI launched the first unmanned bus in Skolkovo

On the territory of Skolkovo the first unmanned shuttle bus “Shuttle” was launched. The self-propelled vehicle was designed and manufactured by the joint efforts of the KamAZ Company and the NAMI Institute.

The new Volkswagen Jetta GLI can be presented in January in Detroit

The company Volkswagen is preparing for the premiere a new “charged” version of the Volkswagen Jetta sedan. According to the latest data, the presentation of the novelty with the prefix GLI will take place in January 2019 at the Auto Show in Detroit.

The northern loop of the Nurburgring was first drifted in history

World champion drift Vaughn Gittin, Jr. in a Ford Mustang RTR car passed all 20-plus kilometers of the legendary North loop of the German Nürburgring race track in a skid. The rider was the first in the world who passed the track in drift.

Honda introduced the updated Civic

Honda introduced the updated Civic in the coupe and sedan for the North American market. The model received a modified appearance, an expanded list of standard equipment and a multimedia Display Audio system with updated graphics and a physical volume knob.

Holding “Avtoshina” announced rebranding

The change in the name of the company is due to the fact that its old name is associated with the tire business, from which the enterprise started its activity. To strengthen its image, the management of the holding announced about rebranding, the press-service of “Kors Group” informs.

Flying car Terrafugia goes on sale in 2019

In October, Terrafugia will begin accepting pre-orders for a Transition flying car, vehicle sales can start early next year. However, until the car was not certified. It is worth noting that the company Terrafugia belongs to the concern Geely.

Hyundai showed a new 275-strong fastback i30 Fastback N

The premiere debut will be held in Paris at the Auto Show, which will begin its work on October 2, and for now Hyundai has shown the new 275-strong fastback i30 Fastback N. The novelty will be offered in two versions, where one will receive a 250-horsepower engine and the second – 275 liters. from.

Sedan Maserati Ghibli received a limited version of Ghibli Ribelle

Sedan Maserati Ghibli received a limited version of Ghibli Ribelle, which will be released in a limited edition of only 200 pieces.

Crossover Nissan Kicks based on Renault Duster will debut on October 28

Indian Nissan Kicks create on the platform of Renault Duster, while the global version was created on the V platform from Renault-Nissan

Mercedes cars will learn to avoid parking in criminal areas

The company Mercedes-Benz is developing a new built-in application for the multimedia system of its future cars, thanks to which drivers can avoid parking in areas with the most dangerous criminogenic situation.

AvtoVAZ will launch pickups based on the new Lada Granta

It is reported that the first pickups will soon be collected and sent for homologation in AvtoVAZ. In the future, they will be produced at the company “VIS-Auto”.

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