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15 Ноя, 2022

China’s share in world markets

China — begins to lose its position in the world markets for a variety of goods. It’s not that something directly critical is happening, but the trend can be traced

The share of Chinese-made goods in total global exports of travel goods fell from 83% to 70% for the period 2016-2022; in shoes — from 72% to 65%; furniture — from 64% to 53%, clothes and accessories — from 41% to 37%

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Huawei at the Chinese exhibition 2022 World VR Conference showed Vision Glass glasses. The novelty is similar to augmented reality glasses, but this is a slightly different device. The gadget cannot boast of the presence of memory and chipset. He needs a binding with a smartphone via cable.

The glasses are characterized by two OLED screens with a resolution of 1920:1080 pixels to form a virtual display with a diagonal of 120 inches, a brightness of 480 cd / m2, 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut and diopter adjustment, as well as loudspeakers. The absence of a large number of components inside made it possible to make the glasses compact.


The German Federal Council did not support a bill to change the rules of social support, which involves increasing the amount of individual unemployment benefits to 500 euros per month, DPA reports.

The project proposes to introduce new benefits for those who do not work for more than a year, and those who work, but do not receive enough. The new amount is significantly higher than the current rate of 449 euros for single citizens without children. The new rules were expected to come into effect on January 1, 2023.


In 2022, gas demand growth in China this year could be the lowest on record and possibly even negative, PetroChina Sales Director Wang Biao told Interfax during the China Gas Industry Summit.


Chinese leader Xi Jinping, during talks with US President Joe Biden in Bali, suggested that he believe there is enough room in the world for both countries to prosper, Chinese state media reported on Monday.


The British military is withdrawing from the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), British Deputy Defense Secretary James Hippie said on Monday.


China’s Long March 4C rocket launched the Yaogan-34-03 optical remote sensing satellite into Earth orbit to monitor the earth’s surface, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said on Tuesday.


The German government will take control of Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE), formerly known as Gazprom Germania, Die Welt writes. The authorities justified such a step by the threat of bankruptcy of the enterprise, which would damage the energy security of the country.

The Ministry of Economics stressed that SEFE is a key company for Germany’s energy supply. SEFE occupies 14% of the gas supply market in Germany, manages 28% of gas storage capacities in the country, and also owns gas pipelines in Germany and other EU countries. Since April, she has been under the care of the Federal Network Agency.


The People’s Bank of China injected 850 billion yuan ($120.7 billion) into the financial system on November 15 as part of its medium-term lending program (MLF), the central bank’s press office said.


France’s TotalEnergies and Italy’s Eni have signed a framework agreement with the State of Israel to implement the maritime border agreement that was reached between Israel and Lebanon on October 27, 2022, TotalEnergies reported.

In Lebanon, TotalEnergies is the operator of Exploration Block 9 and owns a 60% stake with its partner Eni (40%). Following the signing of this document, the Block 9 partners will begin exploration of the already identified prospect, which could extend both in Block 9 and into Israeli waters south of the newly established maritime boundary line, the statement said.


In the first financial half of the year (April-September), the British mobile operator Vodafone Group Plc increased pre-tax profit by 34.3%, revenue — by 2%.


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