30 May, 2018

China “was surprised, but expected” ….

Statements by the White House regarding the duties on Chinese exports made on May 29 completely contradict the agreements reached by the countries in Washington, the representative of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC stated, the newspaper China Daily reports.

The White House once again threatens to impose a 25% duty on Chinese goods totaling $ 50 billion.

This is surprising, but not unexpected, said in the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. At the same time, regardless of what measures the United States actually takes, China will defend its national interests.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Donald Trump is confident that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall

US President Donald Trump yesterday criticized the Mexican authorities for not helping to cope with the flow of illegal immigrants who seek to enter the United States. He repeated his pre-election promise that Mexico would pay for building a wall on the border with the United States.

“In the end, Mexico will pay for the wall,” Reuters quotes Mr. Trump as saying in front of supporters in Nashville.

Presidents of Syria and Abkhazia agreed on an early meeting

The first step after the decision to establish official diplomatic relations between Abkhazia and Syria will be the meeting of the two presidents – Raul Khajimba and Bashar Assad, which will take place shortly, the Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Daur Cove told journalists in Sukhum.

The US is not surprised by Syria’s decision to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Abkhazia and South Ossetia, recognized by Syria, are still a part of Georgia, “said US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“We continue to support the sovereignty of Georgia, its independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,” said Heather Nauert

In Britain, explained the rules of entry for Abramovich with a new passport

After receiving Israeli citizenship, billionaire Roman Abramovich will be able to enter the UK without applying for a visa, the representative of the country’s Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed to reporters, the newspaper The Guardian

The US will tighten the issuance of visas to Chinese citizens

In mid-May, consultations were held in Washington between trade delegations of the United States and China. In particular, the parties noted that they attach paramount importance to the protection of intellectual property, and agreed to strengthen cooperation in this area.

Soros predicted a new global financial crisis

The European Union will have to face a large-scale financial crisis, says billionaire George Soros. He suggested that the crisis could break out due to the growth of the dollar and the outflow of capital from emerging markets.

We can face another major financial crisis. Everything that could go wrong already went wrong. The words that Europe is in existential danger is no longer a figure of speech, it is a harsh reality. – George Soros

Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Labor Party of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea left for New York

On Tuesday, Kim Yong Chol arrived from Pyongyang to Beijing, where he bought tickets to New York. It is expected that a guest from the DPRK and the head of the US State Department will discuss preparations for the “historic meeting” of Donald Trump with Kim Jong-no, to be held on June 12 in Singapore.

The US announced the introduction of 25% of duties on goods from China

The US intends to introduce 25% of customs duties on a number of Chinese goods supplied to the US market. This is reported on the website of the White House


Israeli Air Force caused about 25 strikes on Hamas facilities

“Forces of the IDF (Army of Defense of Israel) tonight, using combat aircraft, helicopters and aircraft, struck about 25 blows against the targets of the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

In Syria, they said that the United States continues to prepare staging chemotherapy

SANA agency, referring to the source in the National Committee for the Elimination of Chemical Weapons, informed that the Americans continue to prepare the staging operations with the use of chemical weapons in Syria, RIA Novosti reported.

Russia and the US discuss the situation in the zone of de-escalation in the south-west of Syria

Russia and the US are discussing the situation in the zone of de-escalation in the south-west of Syria. This statement was made at the briefing by the official representative of the US foreign policy department Heather Nauert.

Poland offered the United States to deploy her armored division

Poland suggested that the United States deploy an American armored division on its territory. The corresponding paragraph is contained in a document entitled “Proposal for the permanent presence of the US in Poland”, compiled by the Ministry of National Defense of Poland, RT reports.

Shoigu: the new technique shown in the Victory Parade is tested in battles

A new technique, shown at the Victory parade in Moscow, such as the Su-57 and the hypersonic weapons “Dagger” complexes, is tested in combat conditions and is being improved

Mattis: Khusit used Iranian missile against Saudi tanker

The head of the Pentagon said that the threat of swimming in the Red Sea was obvious. According to him, getting a missile delivered by Tehran into the tanker is an example. Earlier, the US expressed concern over the Husit attack on a Saudi tanker in the Red Sea.

Russia and India agreed on the terms of delivery of S-400 for $ 6 billion

Russia plans to supply India with several regimental sets of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 worth at least $ 6 billion, told RBC two sources in the Ministry of Defense.

“We can talk about five regiments, these are ten divisions,” the first source said. India can be supplied “four regimental S-400 sets and a mixed-strength regiment with ammunition and spare parts,” specifies the second source of RBC in the Ministry of Defense. According to him, on Monday, May 28, a memorandum of intent was signed. The volume of the entire contract will be $ 6.2 billion, says the source of RBC.


The Ural village rebelled against the bust of Nicholas II

People claim that they are against setting a bust for a number of reasons: Nicholas II was never in Bilimbae (a monument to him would have led everyone astray); according to the inhabitants, a bust is only needed to attract attention “to individuals” during the arrival of the patriarch; if they do, he will remind us of civil war and misfortunes and lead to strife.

VTsIOM called average planned expenditures of Russians for summer vacation

About 80% of Russians plan to spend summer vacations at home and at the dacha, Valery Fyodorov, director general of the All-Russia Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM), told reporters.

“The house and the dacha remain the main prospective rest places: in 2018 they are called 45% and 34% respectively. At home, residents of small towns (49%) and villages (55%), respondents with poor material condition (53%), elderly people (42% among 60-year-olds and older) will remain most often. ” Fedorov.

Other cities of Russia are going to visit 14% of respondents, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus – 12%. Only 4% of respondents plan trips abroad.

Russians plan to spend an average of just over 44,000 rubles on a family holiday for one family member, according to a survey conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM).

The competition of projects on improvement can for the first time pass for villages

In the contest of the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment, which was held for the first time in Russia this year, cities with a population of up to 100 thousand inhabitants and historical settlements take part.

For us this competition is interesting, it provides both competitiveness and competitiveness of ideas. We allocate about seven billion rubles for the improvement of cities from the regional budget and part of the funds are received through the federal government. – Andrei Vorobiev, Russian politician

The amount of each grant for the implementation of the project for the improvement of the park, square, square or street in the small town is from 30 to 100 million rubles, historical settlements can expect up to 50 million rubles.

The opposition filed an application to hold a June 10 action in the center of Moscow

According to Gudkov, the notice was submitted along the traditional route for the opposition: from the Pushkinskaya metro station along the boulevards to Sakharov Avenue, followed by a rally, the number of participants – up to 10 thousand people.

The embassy reported on the detention of Russian children in London

Diplomats say that Heathrow employees refused to transfer the child to a meeting relative or representative of the Russian embassy, and then, on the pretext of “lack of confidence in the safe stay of a minor in the UK,” he was sent by night to Moscow.

Passengers complained to FAS on the increase in the cost of air tickets during the World Cup 2018

The All-Russian Association of Passengers sent a complaint to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) for a sharp rise in prices for air tickets on World Cup 2018 days, RIA Novosti reported.

About 80% of the roads to the suburban dachas need to be repaired

In 2018-2019, they are scheduled for major repairs, – said the “Region online” in the press service of the governor and the government of the Moscow region. So, in the plans of the Moscow region government to repair 57% of all access roads to dachas. Already by June 1, the compilation of estimates will be completed.

Allowance for children up to three years will be increased by the end of the year

Allowance for a child between the ages of one and a half to three years will be raised by the end of 2018. Now it is 50 rubles a month. The plans to change the amount of payment told the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences offered to pay first-year students 30 thousand rubles

As reported by the RIA Novosti news agency, during the meeting with the staunch-men of the Unified State Exam, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev announced the need to create a foundation that would pay scholarships in the amount of 20-30 thousand rubles to students of the first and second years.

This fund is exactly the support of students in the first and second year, so that they receive the minimum funds that they need, 20-30 thousand rubles, so that they feel normal. – Alexander Sergeev, physicist

In Russia, they suggested testing officials for drug use

All civil servants are offered to test twice a year for drug use. The corresponding initiative of the federal project “Sober Russia” in the coming days will be sent to the administration of the Russian president and the government, as well as regional authorities.


Bloomberg learned about the consent of the US Treasury to leave Deripaska 40% in En +

Usually, the source explained, Washington demands to reduce the share much below 50%. In the case of En + and Deripaska, the US authorities are ready to maintain a 40% stake in the billionaire. Deripaska and related companies were on the US Ministry of Finance’s Sanction List on April 6, 2018.

Rosstat: In April, the price of gasoline in Russia rose by 13%

Rise in value was noted in 15 regions of the Russian Federation. In April 2017, producer prices for gasoline rose by 4.9% compared with March. Thus, in 2018, the growth rates of producer prices for gasoline compared to last year’s were almost three times as much.

Belarus offered the Russian Federation to resume talks on the price of gas

Belarus is waiting for the resumption of talks on the price of gas after 2019 with the new Russian government, Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko told reporters on Tuesday in Minsk

In Kazakhstan they proposed to abandon gasoline from Russia

The authorities of Kazakhstan can prohibit the import of Russian-made gasoline into the country. The corresponding order of the Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbaev is posted on the e-government portal of Kazakhstan. We are talking about the supply of gasoline from Russia by rail.

The government submitted to the State Duma a draft budget amendments for 2018

The Government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the State Duma a bill on amending the law on the budget for 2018 and the period 2019-2020, with an increase in treasury expenditures this year by 61.9 billion rubles and a budget surplus of 0.5% of GDP instead of the previously anticipated deficit in 1.3% of GDP.

The Ministry of Finance will offer OFZ investors 30 billion rubles on May 30

On May 30, 2018, the Ministry of Finance of Russia plans to conduct auctions on placement of bonds of the federal loan with constant coupon income (OFZ-PD) of issue No. 26225RMFS in the amount of 15 billion rubles at face value and bonds of the federal loan with constant coupon income (OFZ-PD) 25083RMFS in the amount of 15 billion rubles at face value, the ministry said in a statement.

The source reported on problems with financing Roskosmos

The current Federal Space Program of Russia can be reduced due to underfunding by about 150 billion rubles in the next three years, which will require revision of the terms and targets, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti.

“Law Yarovoy” included in the tariff

Internet providers are planning to raise prices since the summer Russian Internet providers began to raise prices for their services by 8-10%. The rise in price will come into force from the beginning of summer and is associated with the costs of implementing the “law of Yarovoi.”

Chinese Alibaba after Tencent entered the top 10 brands of the world

The Internet giant Alibaba has become the second Chinese brand in the top ten most expensive brands of the world after last year the telecommunications company Tencent joined this list.

The program of gasification of Sakhalin will be allocated about 14 billion rubles

PJSC Gazprom and the government of the Sakhalin Region will allocate about 14 billion rubles for the implementation of the gasification program of the region, calculated until 2020. This was reported to journalists on Wednesday in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Valery Golubev.

Consumption of coal in Ukraine increased by 25%

Ukraine in April increased the consumption of coal by 25.2% compared to the same month last year – up to 3.533 million tons. This is evidenced by the data of the State Statistics Service of the country.

Reuters reported on the attempt of RZD to sell Absolut Bank

We are talking about Absolut Bank and leasing company “Transfin-M”, which controls the corporate pension fund of RZhD NPF “Blagosostoyanie”. According to the agency’s interlocutors, a possible deal was discussed with VTB, Sberbank, Gazprombank, as well as GTLK.

“Naftogaz” spent the money of “Gazprom”

The Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Naftogaz voted to pay bonuses to members of the company’s board of directors for winning the Stockholm Arbitration Court over the Russian Gazprom. This is reported by Ukrayinska Pravda with reference to a source in the Ukrainian company.

“The approved amount of bonuses is one percent of the winning amount (in this case – $ 4.56 billion). Thus, the board is subject to a payment of $ 45.6 million, “- explains the publication.


Angelina Jolie started dating Tom Hiddleston

It is reported that the beginning of this novel put the actor Chris Hemsworth, who throughout the ceremony, “Golden Globe” sat at the table with the famous actress and constantly told her about the British colleague. As Izvestia writes, in the end, Jolie took Tom’s phone.

Pilot “Formula 1” was accused of harassment

Finnish pilot of the Formula 1 Ferrari team Kimi Raikkonen was accused of sexual harassment, reports CTV News Montreal. On the charges said in her blog a woman from Montreal, whose name is not called.

Morgan Freeman demanded an apology from CNN

American actor Morgan Freeman asked CNN for an apology for publishing a story in which he was accused of sexual harassment.

Mother Megan Markle is not happy that she became the Prince’s mother-in-law

This is told by friends Doria Redlan. Mam Megan Markle was strictly forbidden to talk about his daughter. She is not allowed to tell even relatives about her daughter’s life without consulting the royal family.

When the friends asked the woman about the dishes at the wedding of Prince Harry, the lady only shyly shrugged her shoulders, all the way showing that she did not want to talk on this subject.

Fans are indignant with the identical photos of Buzovaya, Gagarina, Reshetova

Stars of Instagram love sometimes to set trends even on pictures. First, Reshetova copied the photo Gagarina, and then Buzova repeated. Frank shots of celebrities sparked heated discussions on the Web.

Emma Watson broke up with her boyfriend

Emma Watson broke up with her boyfriend, actor Kord Overstreet, who is known for his role in the series “Choir”. This is reported by the British newspaper The Sun, referring to the insider

Fans suspected Volochkova in the corruption of her daughter

Scandalous ballerina laid out in the Instagram picture, where her daughter Ariadne is sitting next to the hookah. Artist Anastasia Volochkova arranged a romantic dinner for her daughter Ariadne and shared this news with Instagram.

Xenia Alferova said that her father called her a monster

In the signature under the publication Xenia Alferova thanked her dad for the love and told that he called her a monster. The actress noted that at such moments Abdulov looked at her with love and pride. Therefore, she understood that she was the best and beloved monster.

Disney closed Trump’s favorite show because of racism

Company Walt Disney stopped the sitcom “Rosanna” after the announcement of actress Rosanna Barr in her Twitter, which the company found racist. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal.

In her message, the actress stated about the former employee of the Barack Obama administration Valeria Jarett that if the movement “Muslim Brotherhood” (the organization that is banned in Russia) and “the planet of monkeys” had a child – it would be Jarett. official apologies, but this did not affect the suspension of the series.

Fans showered Johnny Depp underwear

During the Moscow concert of Hollywood Vampires, which includes Johnny Depp, the fans threw the actor bra.

Ozzy Osbourne spoke of the fear of “himself”

Ozzy Osbourne, the founder of the Black Sabbath group, once said that Sharon always considered his main fear to be his own. However, in this one of the last interviews, the 69-year-old British rock musician changed his mind and confessed his fear of “himself”

Pregnant Cardi B made hot dances in the video “I Like It”

Cardi B released on May 29, 2018 a clip for the song “I Like It”, recorded together with Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny and Colombian singer Jay Balvin.

In Khakassia there will be an international festival “FROM YEARS”

V International festival-contest of ethnic variety “FROM YYRA” (Song of Fire) will be held in Abakan from 9 to 12 June. Professional and amateur performers of ethnic variety from 19 territories – countries of near and far abroad and regions of Russia will take part in it.

Psychoactivists will hold a festival in Moscow “Psihgorfest”

The project “Psychoactive” and the festival of independent culture “Horizontal” will be held June 3 in Moscow, the joint festival “Psihgorfest.” About this “Afisha Daily” was told by the organizers

In Vladivostok, a film about the adventures of Chinese in Russia

The Chinese film studio will film in Vladivostok the film “Amazing Adventures in Russia”, which will tell about the attitude of a Russian ballerina and a young Chinese resident, May 29, Vladivostok-news portal reported.

Andrew Lincoln leaves the series “Walking Dead”

Actor Andrew Lincoln will leave the series “Walking Dead” after the ninth season, reports US Weekly. In the series, he plays the main role – the leader of the survivors Rick Grimes. According to the publication, Lincoln will appear in six episodes of the ninth season

The director of “Batman vs. Superman” screens the novel Ayn Rand

In the social network Vevo, which is closed for general access, director Zack Snyder told what his project will be next. In the near future, the director of “Batman vs. Superman” plans to screen the novel “The Source” writer Ayn Rand.

Stephen King kicked Stanley Kubrick

In his new novel The Outsider, Stephen King again kicked the famous director. He mentioned the unloved picture of Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining”, calling the main character Wendy “the most misogynistic character who ever was in the movie”, and also noted that Kubrick “thinks too much and feels little”.

The picture itself is described by King as a “big, beautiful” Cadillac “without an engine.” He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the character of Jack Nicholson. According to him, the book is a tragedy, where the main character struggles with embracing his loss of reason, and in the movie Kubrick no changes occur. Viewers from the outset make it clear that Jack is not himself, says Indiewire


The Ministry of Defense of Russia will launch a “flying SUV” in 2022

A preliminary plan for creating a “flying off-road vehicle” was prepared by the Russian State Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI). Transport with ultrashort takeoff and landing paid attention to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and a pilot flight is scheduled for 2022

Neuronet has learned to forecast protests

Specialists of the University of Southern California taught the neural network to analyze the posts of protesters in social networks and predict their behavior. In particular, AI can say when protests become violent, reports Engadget.

Artificial intelligence has been taught to recognize a person by walking

British and Spanish scientists have taught the neural network to recognize a person by his gait. This technology is based on a method of in-depth study.

Scientists have created a safe hair dye for black currant

As previously reported by the news agency Nation News, scientists have created from graphene hair dye with the effect of antistatic.

Scientists told about the super-ability of “zombie fungus” in ants

Fungus Ophiosirdyceps causes insects to die where it spreads its disputes. The scientific work of American scientists is published in the journal Evolution. Having infected Ophiosirdyceps, the ants turn into real zombies, obediently carrying out the orders of their “master.”

Physicists have learned to consider the density distribution six times faster

Two German physicists have come up with a new way in which the spatial distribution of the density of the system can be calculated six times faster than usual

The neural network has found the optimal trajectory for an individual fish in a flock

Swiss physicists have determined the most economical trajectories for fish swimming in a jamb. So they spend less energy due to the features of the hydrodynamic flow created ahead of the swimming congeners.

In Russia, opened the first artificial intelligence center Samsung

According to the media, in the future all of the technology from Samsung should be equipped with artificial intelligence. In the development of machine training, the South Korean corporation is ready to invest up to 7.7% of annual profit. It is reported that the new center of AI will begin to study the consumer characteristics of the Russian market.

A new material has been developed that will change the design of cars of the future

As it became known, the development of the material was done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and BMW. It is reported that experts have managed to jointly create inflatable stretch material, which will be designed to change the design of cars in the near future.

The physicist-futurist told about the close “digital immortality” of mankind

In the future, cancer will disappear, but robotic killers will appear, as well as the “digital immortality” of the brain. During the recent economic forum in St. Petersburg, a theoretical physicist from the USA, Mitio Kaku, made a general outline of the very near future of mankind

Scientists have found a way to prevent aging

American scientists have found that defects in the nuclear membrane of body cells contribute to the emergence of age-related diseases.

The scientists explained that the nucleus of cells contains DNA, and its inner membrane is covered with a nuclear lamina (a fibrillar network of lamina proteins).

This structure is in contact with chromosomes and nuclear RNA, participating in the regulation of gene activity and disabling them.

With age, there is a deficit of lamins. This leads to deformation of the inner membrane. Because of this, the bond between the envelope and DNA is broken and unwanted genes are activated.

Scientists believe that the “wrinkling” of the nuclear membrane can be prevented by delivering missing lamins through the introduction of special viruses.


Virgin Galactic successfully tested tourist spaceship

The American company Virgin Galactic conducted another test of its tourist suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo Unity on May 29. The company reported this in its “tweet”. A test flight took place in the sky over the Mojave desert in the state of California.

The European Space Agency has started testing the ExoMars-2020 rover

The European Space Agency (ESA) has begun testing the ExoMars-2020 rover model, which is to be delivered to Mars in 2021. This is stated in a message published on the agency’s website on Tuesday.

Astronomers have described the problems of extraterrestrial astronautics

Astronomers have named problems that alien space exploration has. They counted 4,000 exoplanets, similar to Saturn and Jupiter. Only a small part is made up of earth-like celestial bodies

Astronomers measured the mass of the largest neutron star

To measure the mass of PSR J2215 + 5135, astronomers followed the spectral lines of hydrogen and magnesium. Thus, they calculated the speed of moving a neighbor, and then the mass of a neutron star.

NASA plans by the end of the year to begin purchasing seats on private lunar descent modules

The plans of the US space agency NASA to begin in late 2018 to purchase seats on private lunar descent modules for their cargoes, which, according to experts, will be delivered to the moon in the near future.

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