29 Aug, 2018

Cleaning of the power structures of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed 15 generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Federal Penitentiary Service and the Russian Federation. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Vladlen Aksenov, one of the most “major” resignations, is the dismissal of the deputy head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Another among the released from the post were the head of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Tomsk region, Mikhail Begun, the deputy head of the GU MVD of Russia in the Saratov region, Andrei Boyko, the head of the UFSIN for Komi, Igor Vaneev, the head of the UYVD of Russia in the Ulyanovsk region, Yuri Varchenko, the first deputy head of the military SS of the South of Russia in the South the military district Dmitry Vasiliev.

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Bryansk region Valentin Kuzmin, head of the Department of Information Technologies, Communication and Information Protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Lyashenko, head of the UFSIN in the Volgograd region Pavel Radchenko, first deputy head of the legal department of the Interior Ministry Gennady Spirin, deputy head of the Interior Ministry of the Nizhny Novgorod region Gregory Tkachenko.

Head of the State Duma for the Murmansk region Vladimir Gusev, head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Sakhalin Region Denis Ilyinov, head of the SK SK for the Kemerovo region Sergey Kalinkin, deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kemerovo region Igor Korshunov and head of the UFSIN in the Omsk region Sergey Koryuchin.

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VTsIOM: fees for September 1 cause financial difficulties for 50% of parents

Preparing the child by September 1 cause financial difficulties for 50% of parents. This is evidenced by the survey data of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), which are available to TASS.

SPC asks Udaltsov to stop hunger strike

A member of the Human Rights Council (HRC), Andrei Babushkin, visited the arrested coordinator of the Left Front, Sergei Udaltsov, and asked him to stop the entire HRO from the hunger strike he has been holding since mid-August, the Council’s website reported.

Telegram announced its readiness to disclose the IP addresses of terrorists

The Telegram messenger has adjusted its privacy policy. He did not rule out the possibility of disclosing the IP-addresses and telephone numbers of the alleged terrorists in the event of a court decision. It is only about the data of specific users, and not about the mass distribution of information to special services.

Everything for the benefit of the army

Municipal buses from the fleet of the Novosibirsk motor company PATP-4 will be delivered to the exercises in the coming days – they were removed from the routes for this purpose.

A report on possible difficulties in the work of public transport is published today in the group “We have on the gateway” in the social network “VKontakte”. According to the public, 22 buses will be sent to the exercises by the end of August.

The eyewitness sent photos to the group “We have on the Shlyuz”, which shows MAZ buses ready for shipment – red crosses are pasted on their windshields, and there are stretchers inside the shops.

In the press center of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office, the NGS correspondent was confirmed with the transfer of buses to the exercises, but they specified that it was only 11 of 72 municipal buses currently operating in the city

In Germany appeared the golden statue of Erdogan

A golden statue of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan appeared in the German city of Wiesbaden, the federal land of Hesse, according to the portal t-online.

As the portal writes, the four-meter golden statue of Erdogan stands on the square in the center of the city. The statue was installed in the framework of the festival Wiesbaden Biennale, known for its provocations through art.

United Russia in St. Petersburg proposed to ban the sale of snacks in schools

The head of the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Alexander Teterdinko, suggested that officials consider the possibility of imposing a ban on the installation of snacks (light snacks) in education institutions of the city.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany has offered Saxony the help after disorders in Chemnitz

The head of the German Interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer, spoke for the first time about the riots that occurred the day before in Saxony in the city of Chemnitz, and offered the Saxon authorities support for federal law enforcement agencies. This is stated in the minister’s statement.

Penalty for launching drones

The government commission on legislative activity has considered the draft law proposing to impose fines for flights of unregistered drones. A man who starts a buzzing toy without a right to the sky (with a propeller or wings – it does not matter) will pay a fine of one thousand to two thousand rubles

Russia violated the rights of the blogger to express opinions

The European Court of Human Rights examined the case of Savva Terentyev, a blogger from Syktyvkar, who was convicted for comment on the Internet.

Back in 2009, the lawyers of the blogger filed a complaint with the ECHR demanding to collect € 3500 from Russia. The decision was taken by the European Court only now. He admitted that the authorities violated Terentiev’s right to freedom of speech, but refused to pay in cash, appointing only € 5,000 of court costs.

Trump accused Google of juggling news search results

US President Donald Trump accused Google of “juggling” the results when searching for news about him. The American leader criticized the company on his Twitter. Trump said that first of all the search engine gives users “bad” stories about it, prepared by “false media”.

Google and others are suppressing conservative voices and hiding good information and news. They control what we can and can not see. This is a very serious situation – we will decide. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Penalty for the transition of railways will grow 20 times

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is drafting a federal law to increase the fine by 20 times for crossing the railway tracks in an unidentified place. This was reported by Vasily Yartsev, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Transport. He called ridiculous the present punishment for this violation.

In the next two years on the streets of St. Petersburg will install a thousand cameras

In the next two years, 1048 CCTV cameras will be installed on the streets of St. Petersburg to fix accidents and violations of traffic rules. This was told by the head of the Committee on Informatization Denis Chamara on budget readings in the city parliament.

Cases of animal attacks on people have increased in Russia

For the first time in the past three years, cases of animal bites have become more frequent in Russia. Rospotrebnadzor has already instructed the regions to develop targeted programs for the prevention of rabies. They should include measures to work with homeless animals and immunization of citizens.

Roskomnadzor ordered Yandex to remove pirated content in three days

In the statement published on the site of the holding, it is noted that in the search for the service there are links to pirated sites where the series “Home Arrest”, “Outside of the Game”, the show “Mystical Stories” and the animated series “Beware, Earthmen!” Are illegally posted.

Conflict with shooting in Biryulyovo

In Moscow, in the Biryulyovo Zapadnoye district, 18 participants of a road conflict with shooting were detained, RBC was told in the press service of the Moscow Interior Ministry. The report of the road conflict was received at 9 pm on August 27, the callers to the police told about shooting near the house 18 on Bulatnikovskaya Street

Vladimir Soloviev approved planting “jerks” for reposts

TV host Vladimir Solovyov on the air of the program “Full Contact” on the radio station Vesti FM approvingly spoke about the prosecution for reposts in social networks. The release record is available on YouTube.

“For reposty pictures” VKontakte “give a real time and correctly do,” – said Soloviev.

Pagans fought with the military

In Lviv, hundreds of men in black T-shirts tried to prevent the burial of a martyr killed in the Donbas by Christian traditions. This was told by eyewitness, former director of Lychakiv cemetery Igor Gavrishkevich, writes the publication ZAXID.NET

Volodin explained the origin of the 400-meter mother’s apartment

According to Volodin, his mother Lydia Barabanov bought an apartment 10 years ago on her own money, which she received from the sale of a stake in the company “Sun Products”.

As Volodin said, he invested in this company with his sister, and then she transferred her share to her mother. The co-owners of “Solar products” together with their mother they have been since 1999, owned about a third of the company’s shares, Volodin said.

In 2007, he decided to sell shares to his business partner Vladislav Burov for about $ 200 million, and Barabanova received about half that amount, the State Duma speaker said. All money was transferred to rubles, Volodin stressed.

“That’s why she bought an apartment with her own money,” he concluded

Smolny: The average salary in St. Petersburg exceeded 59 thousand rubles

According to Smolny, only for the first six months of 2018 nominal wage in the city jumped by 12% and amounted to 59,100 rubles on average.

Dmitry Medvedev appointed two deputy ministers of education of the Russian Federation

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed two deputy ministers of education. The corresponding orders of the head of government are published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers. In one document, Medvedev appointed Tatyana Sinyugin to this post, releasing her from her post.

Cardiologists have proved that leave prolongs life

People who go on long holidays, on average, live longer and suffer less from heart and vascular diseases than absolute workaholics and lovers of short vacations.

Putin instructed to transfer the housing and communal services to the standard tariffs

The President instructed the government “to take decisions aimed at improving tariff regulation in the energy and housing and utilities sector,” namely, to introduce a standard tariff-setting principle, long-term tariffs for 5-10 years, and to limit the regions the opportunity to raise tariffs for citizens above the established level without coordinating with the FAS


The net profit of VTB in January-July 2018 increased by 70.2%

Net profit in July this year amounted to 16.7 billion rubles, which is 70.4% more than July 2017 – 9.8 billion rubles. Net operating income before provisions for 7 months and in July 2018 increased by 14.6% and 15.6% respectively compared to the same period last year.

“Power Machines” will receive 3 billion rubles. on gas turbines

“Power Machines” will receive 3 billion rubles. on gas turbines Those who fell under the US sanctions “Power Machines” Alexei Mordashov in 2019 expect to receive from the budget 3 billion rubles. to develop and launch production of a line of Russian gas turbines with a capacity of 65 and 170 MW.

The court suspended the bankruptcy case of “Tractor Plants”

The arbitration court of Chuvashia suspended the proceedings on the bankruptcy case of the machine-building concern “Tractor Plants” (KTZ) on August 28, it was reported in the file of arbitration cases.

New APF “Blagosostoyanie” will have new shareholders

The new shareholders will appear at APF “Blagosostoyanie”, follows from the report on the results of the August 24 fund council. At the meeting, shares in the APF were distributed after its incorporation. Now 50% minus one share will be owned by Gazprombank, the LLC “RSHB Asset Management” (the structure of Rosselkhozbank) will be 19.5%. JSC Russian Railways, which is the founder of Welfare, will retain a 25% stake plus one share.

Nestle received the right to sell Starbucks coffee

Nestle closed the deal and was authorized to sell Starbucks coffee chain products around the world. This is stated in the message on the Nestle website. The companies agreed on the deal in May this year, its amount was $ 7.15 billion.

Bank “Sovietsky” is declared bankrupt

“Recognize the debtor bankrupt and open a bankruptcy proceedings,” the court said. Earlier it was reported that the Bank of Russia sued St. Petersburg for the bankruptcy of the bank “Soviet”. The Bank has been in the process of financial recovery since 2015

The profit of the bank “St. Petersburg” in the first half of the year increased by 32%

Bank St. Petersburg in the first half of 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 32.1% compared to the same period last year, to 4.4 billion rubles, the bank said.

MTS extended its partnership agreement with Vodafone

Over the past six years, a partnership with Vodafone has enabled MTS to save around 120 million euros in hardware and software purchases, the source of Vedomosti, close to the Russian operator, said.

“Tatneft” in the II quarter increased net profit

Tatneft’s net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 2.4 times in the second quarter of 2018 under international financial reporting standards, compared to the same period a year earlier – to 63.16 billion rubles, the company reports.

Polymetal received a 5-year loan from Alfa-Bank for $ 250 million

Polymetal received a long-term loan from Alfa Bank for $ 250 million for the period until 2023, the company said.

“The loan allowed to create an additional liquidity reserve at an attractive fixed interest rate and will be used mainly to refinance short-term debt,” the report said.

Armenia imposed a ban on the import of meat products from Russia

Since August 28, the State Food Safety Service of Armenia introduced temporary restrictions on the import of pork from several regions of Russia. The announcement is posted on the website of the department.

Plan to contain fuel prices

The head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak said that the rise in gasoline prices in 2019 will be kept with the help of a reverse excise mechanism, RIA Novosti reported.

“Regarding the situation with prices for diesel fuel and gasoline, despite the increase in excises in relation to the base, which this year exists, we have been provided within the law, a damping mechanism was adopted in the so-called tax maneuver in the summer of this year, which will allow to reduce the cost of incoming raw materials to oil refineries – the so-called reverse excise tax, “Novak said.

“Novatek” named the timing of the launch of the third line of the Yamal LNG plant

Mikhelson stated that the launch of the third line of the plant will be carried out almost one year faster than previously expected. He recalled that the first line of Yamal LNG was put into operation in December 2017. The work of the second line was launched this August.

Serbian NIS paid dividends to shareholders for 2017

Serbian company NIS (NIS), controlled by Gazprom Neft, paid dividends to shareholders for the year 2017 in the amount of 25% of net profit under IFRS, which were approved at the end of June by the Board of Directors of the company, the press service of Gazprom Neft

The oil state company of Kazakhstan is transformed for privatization

KazMunaiGas, the national company of Kazakhstan, is at the stage of transformation and preparation for privatization through IPO, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at a meeting with the chairman of the board of the company Sauat Mynbayev.

The property of Donavia will be launched by auction

The land plots, buildings, cars, equipment and the rest of the property of Donavia, which was declared bankrupt a year ago, are put up for auction.

Buffett to invest in the payment system in India

The Warren Buffett Foundation Berkshire Hathaway plans to invest at least $ 300 million in India’s largest Paytm payment system. This is reported by the sources of the newspaper Financial Times.

Kostroma region suffers from empty new homes

Too much new housing was discovered in Kostroma Oblast, KOSTROMA.TODAY learned. There are so many that they stopped buying. According to the press service of the regional administration, the pace of construction has decreased compared to last year

Monopolies will be exempted from dividend payments

Monopolies can replace payments by investments in infrastructure. The government can satisfy not only the persistent requests of Russian Railways to free the company from paying dividends on ordinary shares, but also extend this practice to other infrastructure monopolies.

MegaFon shares leave MosBiury

18.6% of Megafon’s shares were presented for redemption. To finance the repurchase of shares, Megafon attracted loans from major Russian banks.28 August, the price of Megafon’s shares fell by more than five percent by the end of the auction.

WSJ learns about Aston Martin’s plans to become a public company

Officially, the company will announce its plans on August 29. It is planned that in the course of the initial public offering of shares (IPO) will be sold securities for 1 billion pounds ($ 1.3 billion). The company will place shares based on its valuation at $ 6 billion, the newspaper notes.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the terms of the break of the treaty on friendship with Russia

The head of the foreign policy department of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, called the terms in which Kiev will inform Moscow about the termination of the treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership between the countries. The minister said this to Ukrainian News.

The President announced this today, because there is a time frame when this should be done – until September 30. – Pavel Klimkin, Ukrainian diplomat

Czech Republic refused to accept new migrants because of Ukrainians

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babish said that the Czech Republic will not accept any more refugees who cross the European Union through the Mediterranean, as they accept Ukrainian citizens. Such a statement, notes radio.cz, the Czech prime minister announced on the eve of his flight to Italy

WSJ: Germany is thinking about financial assistance to Turkey

The German government is considering the option of emergency financial assistance to Turkey to overcome the economic crisis in the country, The Wall Street Journal reported citing government officials.

The Consulate General commented on the detention of the tanker in South Korea

Against several sailors detained in South Korea, the tanker “Palladium” will be charged, after the vessel tried to leave the country without having to file documents. This was reported by the Consul of the Consulate General of Russia in the South Korean city of Busan Roman Bykov, RIA Novosti reports.

Ukraine announces “unpleasant surprises” for Russia

Ukraine is preparing a series of initiatives to address the UN General Assembly, which will become “unpleasant surprises” for Russia, said the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Vladimir Yelchenko, Gazeta.ua portal writes.

We are preparing a number of initiatives in the General Assembly. I’m not what I do not want, I can not reveal them all, because our northern neighbor is just waiting for this. But they are waiting for a few very unpleasant surprises. – Vladimir Yelchenko, Ukrainian diplomat

Ukraine closed the representation in the statutory bodies of the CIS

Ukraine closed its representative offices in the CIS statutory bodies in August, the head of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Sergey Lebedev, said. At the same time he noted that contacts with the republic are not lost – they are carried out through the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk

Lavrov spoke about Russia’s response to US sanctions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow would respond to the new anti-Russian sanctions of the United States on the principle of reciprocity. He stated this in an interview with the Slovakian newspaper Pravda, the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Attempts to talk with Russia in the language of ultimatums are futile. At the same time, we remain open to building normal mutually respectful relations with Washington based on real consideration of each other’s interests. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Poroshenko announced the visit of Merkel to Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will pay a visit to Kiev in early November, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said. His words were given by Interfax-Ukraine.

Moscow does not see the US readiness for dialogue

Russia has no confirmation that the US is ready to continue the dialogue on maintaining strategic stability. This was stated on Tuesday by journalists Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, Moscow repeatedly made clear proposals to Washington on the possible terms of negotiations and showed “flexibility”. Even now, he stressed, the Foreign Ministry counts on the fact that the Americans “nevertheless specify their approach to when and in what format to meet.”

Trump and Trudeau discussed Canada’s participation in the new trade agreement

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump discussed the agreements reached on Monday to conclude a new trade deal in exchange for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This is reported on the website of the Canadian Prime Minister.

The Mayor of Alaska spoke in favor of close cooperation with the Russian Far East

Today, August 28, the mayor of Alaska Anchorage Ethan Berkovits made a statement to strengthen the development of relations with the Far East of Russia. This is written by RIA Novosti.

DPRK warned US about threat of breakdown of denuclearization talks

As CNN reports with reference to its own sources, the authorities of the DPRK handed the letter to the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warning of the threat of disrupting the negotiations on nuclear disarmament.

Turkish FM commented on relations between Moscow and Ankara

Turkish-Russian relations are not an alternative to its relations with the US and the EU, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said.

Russia convened a meeting of the UN Security Council because of the situation in Idlib

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters that the Russian side demanded urgent consultations in the UN Security Council. The meeting will be held closer to the evening of August 28, Tass reports.

We requested urgent consultations of the UN Security Council on the situation in Idlib. They, as I understand it, will be held today closer to the evening of Moscow time. – Sergey Ryabkov, Russian diplomat

Meeting of the “small group” in Syria

The previous meeting of the “small group” was held on June 25. Earlier it was reported that de Mistura would meet with representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey in Geneva on September 11-12. It is expected that representatives of the three countries will discuss with him issues related to the launch of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee

Canadian FM appreciates negotiations with US

Negotiations with US Trade Representative Robert Lightheiser on a new agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were constructive, Canadian Foreign Minister Hristia Freeland said.


Brazil sent troops to the border with Venezuela

Brazilian President Michel Temer sent the armed forces of the country to the border with Venezuela. As Gazeta.ru reports, this is due to the increase in the number of Venezuelan migrants. Temer explained that this measure is necessary to ensure the safety of Brazilians and migrants themselves.

Today I ordered the use of armed forces to ensure law and order in the state of Roraima in order to guarantee the safety of Brazilian citizens and Venezuelan migrants who flee this country in search of refuge in Brazil. – Michel Temer, Brazilian politician

Putin signed a decree on the dismissal of 15 generals

Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the resignation of 15 generals who held positions in the UK, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies and the Federal Penitentiary Service. The corresponding document is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Russia deployed the most powerful group of ships off the coast of Syria

The operational connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean consists of ten ships and two submarines, this is the largest grouping of Russian ships off the coast of Syria since the beginning of the conflict. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the Ministry of Defense

The missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, the patrol ships Pytlivy, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the small missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk, the Great Ustyug, Vyshniy Volochek. In addition, the grouping is reinforced by submarines B-268 Veliky Novgorod and B-271 Kolpino. For its supply to the Mediterranean Sea sent a large naval tanker of the Black Sea Fleet “Ivan Bubnov”.

The US will deploy a missile defense system in the north of Syria

The Pentagon has already installed three advanced radar systems in the cities of Sarrin, Kobani and Tal Baidar. In addition, in the north of Syria, the Americans deployed 13 radar systems – both portable and stationary. They will conduct surveillance and reconnaissance, RIA Novosti reports.

Ukraine decided to build up a military presence in the Azov Sea

The authorities of Ukraine in the near future will increase the grouping of ships, the number of marine infantry and artillery in the Azov direction. This is stated in the statement of the press center of the Ukrainian Navy command with reference to the statement of the commander Igor Voronchenko

China built the fourth line for the assembly of fighter J-20

China has built the fourth assembly line for the production of fifth-generation fighter J-20. According to Sina portal, in case of launching production at full capacity, China will be able to produce up to 40 such aircraft annually.

Ukraine wants to buy from the US air defense systems

Ukraine filed a request to Washington for the purchase of American air defense systems. This was broadcast on the radio “New Times” the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chaly. It is noted that the cost of one complex is 750 million dollars.

In Afghanistan, the first Chinese military training base will appear

South China Morning Post reported with reference to the sources that the Chinese authorities have begun construction of the first military training base in Badakhshan province, located in the north-eastern part of Afghanistan.

The exercise “Vostok-2018” will become the most ambitious since 1981

In addition to ground forces and aviation, the Navy and the Airborne Forces will be tested for combat readiness. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the exercise “East – 2018” will be the largest military maneuvers in the country in the last 37 years. Only West-1981 exercises can compare with them.

They are in some ways repeating “West-81”, but in something, perhaps, even more. More than a thousand aircraft, almost 300,000 troops, almost all ranges of the Central and Eastern military districts, of course, the Pacific Fleet, the Northern Fleet, are fully involved in the airborne forces. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader

Mattis called the conditions under which the US withdraw troops from Syria

The US will withdraw its troops from Syria after fulfilling certain conditions. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis. He clarified that, first of all, this defeat of IGIL *, the other two conditions are to conduct trainings for local forces and revive the Geneva process.

First, we must destroy the IG *. We also need to conduct training for local forces. Thirdly, the Geneva process must begin to move towards resolving this war. If local forces can maintain security, then we can reduce the number of our armed forces. – James Mattis, American military leader

Sappers have already fulfilled the annual plan for demining the territory of Chechnya

“The engineering divisions of the district ahead of schedule fulfilled the annual plan for the continuous cleaning of the territory of Chechnya from explosive objects, clearing about 1280 hectares of forest areas and mountainous terrain of the republic,” Dvornikov said in the press service of the Southern Military District, adding that during defusing it was possible to neutralize more than 4 , 2 thousand explosive items.

Shoigu instructed to restore the training ground in Khakassia for military fees

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu instructed students in military training centers in civilian universities to focus on practical exercises and restore the test site in Khakassia. He stated this at a meeting with the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin and rectors of civilian universities

Chiefs of General Staff of SCO countries to hold a meeting in Moscow

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia – First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov will hold a meeting in Moscow on Tuesday in Moscow of the chiefs of the general staffs of the armed forces of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

North Korea warned of threat of breakdown of negotiations on nuclear disarmament

North Korea warned the United States that negotiations on nuclear disarmament are under threat and could be disrupted, the Moscow Post reports citing sources.

Russian students will begin to teach military professions

The students were allowed to receive training along with the boys in the military training centers at the institutes. After their graduation they will receive a military ticket and a specialty.

The Saudi authorities allow the possibility of a military operation against Iran

Advisor to the Saudi Energy Minister, Ibrahim al-Muhanna, announced a possible military operation against Iran in the event that this country attempts to block the entrance to the Persian Gulf. The words of the official passes Al Arabiya.

In Donbass announced a truce

Another truce will come into force in the Donbass from 00:01 on Wednesday. Such an agreement was reached on August 22 in Minsk by the contact group members who adopted a statement on the need to stop the fire on the contact line in connection with the beginning of the academic year.

Military attachés of NATO countries invited to Vostok-2018

Moscow sent invitations to NATO military attaches to observe the large-scale exercises “East-2018”. The acting representative of the North Atlantic alliance, Dylan White, said that the attache is now considering this proposal, Tass reported.


Actor Sami Naseri threatened to kill Russian blogger for video

Russian video blogger Yegor Luckyman Babakov spoke about the threats that came to him from the French actor Sami Naseri. According to the blogger, the conflict was due to two commercials, which he filmed with the participation of the actor “Taxi”.

Ilona Stolye sues her ex-husband-deputy because of her daughter

Stoel sent her daughter to Oxford, because she believes that abroad is given a very good education. However, this did not please her ex-wife. 52-year-old Yuzhilin sued Ilon with a demand to give him the rights to the child.

Darya Melnikova gathered in the decree

Star “Papinyh daughters” Daria Melnikova going to the decree The actress is preparing to become a mother for the second time. Actress Darya Melnikova, who became famous for her role in the sitcom “Father’s Daughter”, is again pregnant. 26-year-old actress and her husband and colleague Artur Smolyaninov are waiting for the second child.

Elena Stepanenko no longer wants to divorce Yevgeny Petrosyan

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, who represents the interests of the humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan in the divorce case with Elena Stepanenko, denied rumors about the pregnancy of Tatyana Brukhunova, a 29-year-old assistant to the comedian and artistic director of his Variety Theater.

Natalia Sturm is hospitalized with nervous exhaustion

Natalia Sturm strongly perenervnichala because of the conflict with her ex-husband – a man suddenly began to demand from her alimony for 14-year-old son Arseny in the amount of more than 100 thousand rubles. Because of this, the artist lost her appetite and was very depressed. As a result, on the advice of Dana Borisova’s friend, the performer called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed her nervous exhaustion

The wife of Alexander Kerzhakov returned her maiden name

A week ago, on the day of his 25th birthday, the footballer’s wife confessed that she was ready to move on and leave all problems in the past. In addition, the other day, Milan returned her maiden name: now in her microblog in Instagram appears the name of Tulipova, not Kerzhakov.

“Mistress” Govorukhina asks for money for treatment of her son

According to the woman, during the life of the artist the child helped, but refused to admit it. According to Govorukhin’s mistress, she would not disclose relations with the actor or claim an inheritance, if not for the illness of the son born from the artist.

Who looks more beautiful in a bikini

The 52-year-old owner of the network of fitness clubs Olga Slutsker boasted a luxurious figure in a swimsuit.

“The holiday was wonderful, tasty, interesting, moderately sporty, tender, sunny, and sometimes even hot,” Slutsker signed, showing how she enjoys summer vacations

Oleg Tabakov’s son did not remember how he found himself in the suburbs

Oleg Tabakov’s son Pavel, after drinking alcohol, could not remember how he got to the ferry crossing near Lukhovits. In the first Instagram Stories he asked the subscribers “with whom he thumped” and that was the day before, the website “Podmoskovye Segodnya” informs.

Kim Kardashian showed a “luminescent” necklace under the skin

Kim Kardashian showed an allegedly “implanted” under the skin luminous necklace. The decoration was invented by the designer Simon Hack, who developed the line of jewelry of the future. In her Instagram blog, her spouse Kanye West showed an accessory that many of her subscribers found frightening.

Eddie Murphy went on record

The actor will drive Hollywood’s “father-champion” Mel Gibson. Page Butcher, a friend of the 57-year-old Eddie Murphy, with whom he has been dating for six years, is again pregnant.

Louis C. Caye first spoke after allegations of harassment

Louis C. Caye first came out with a stand-up after being charged with harassment. The performance took place in the stand-club Comedy Cellar in Manhattan. According to The New York Times, Louis C Kay used his classic material for the stand.

Ben Affleck can lose the role of Batman because of alcoholism

Producers of “Batman” may refuse to work with Ben Affleck because of the increased cost of insurance of the project, reports The Wrap referring to its sources.


Alec Baldwin will become Batman’s father in the new film about the Joker

Actor Alec Baldwin will play Batman’s father in the film “The Joker” directed by Todd Phillips. In a wide rental picture will be released on October 4, 2019, reports Gazeta.ru. According to DC comics, Batman’s father is Thomas Wayne, a respected physician and philanthropist in Gotham City.

Netflix published the first frames of the final season of “House of Cards”

Earlier, the company announced that in the sixth and final season of the popular political drama, Robin Rain will be composed of characters who will be played by Diane Lane (“Invalid”), Greg Kinnear (“Same not like me”) and Cody Fern (“The Last time when I saw Richard “). Now the fans of the show can see them in the image.

HBO bought the rights to the sequel to the film “About Love” Anna Melikyan

The directors of the almanac were Pavel Ruminov, Rezo Gigineishvili, Natalia Merkulova and other directors. A year ago, HBO Europe already acquired the rights to display Russian films: “The Cold Front” by Roman Volobuyev and the “Moth Cluster” by Mikhail Mestetsky to be shown in the countries of Central Europe.

The author of “Gravity Falls” will draw cartoons for Netflix

Streaming service Netflix has signed a long-term contract with the author of the animated series “Gravity Falls” Alex Hirsch, reports Deadline. Under the terms of the agreement, Hirsch will develop new adult-oriented and children’s series and full-length pictures for the stream-platform.

The Belarusian director received a special prize from the Victory Museum

Igor Pashkevich for the film “Not a Game” received a diploma “For the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War” and a memorable gift The special prize of the Victory Museum at the 15th International Festival of Military-Patriotic Film “Volokolamsky boundary” was received by the Belarusian director Igor Pashkevich for the film “Not a Game” reported in the press service of the FGBUK “Victory Museum”.

Trailer of the drama “Private War” with Rosamund Pike

In YouTube, the trailer of the drama “Private War” by Matthew Heinemann was published. The main roles in the film were played by Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan. The plot of the film was based on the biography of military journalist Mary Colvin, who lost her eye in one of the fighting clashes in Sri Lanka.

The Russian director removes the “stunning” movie about the Crimea

In the Crimea, they began work on a large-scale documentary film “The Crimea’s heaven.” The author of the project was a Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter and actor Sergey Debizhev, who spoke about this in the radio of “Sputnik in Crimea”.

Continuation of “Big Trouble in Little China”

Duane Johnson will act as one of the producers of the project. Recall, the picture “Big Trouble in Little China” failed at the box office of the United States, it was able to earn only $ 11 million with a budget of $ 25 million.


King of Pop: Michael Jackson would have turned 60

King of Pop Michael Jackson today would be 60 years old. The legend is remembered by the correspondent of the TV channel “MIR 24” Mikhail Pranovich.

The network was ridiculed by a new video of Vitas

According to the plot of the clip, the singer sits in a space laboratory, and then a party begins, which takes place in nature, then in the laboratory itself. Vitas practically does not sing in the video, but only publishes inarticulate strange sounds, which were immediately derided by Internet users.

“Clocochet like water in a broken toilet” – rendered a disappointing verdict commentator

Imagine Dragons will perform in Moscow

American indie rock band Imagine Dragons will perform at the big sports arena “Luzhniki” in Moscow accompanied by a grandiose show. This was reported by RIA Novosti. The concert will take place on Wednesday, August 29th.

Lil Pump will come to Moscow with a concert

The publication emphasizes that tickets for the rapper concert will go on sale on August 31. Lil Pump had already arrived in Moscow in November 2017 for a Reebok party, but then he appeared in the company of the group “Khleb” and Janis.

In Kemerovo at the festival of youth creativity will make Feduk

On September 2, at 17:00 on the stage of the Builder Boulevard, there will be a festival of youth creativity “My Choice”. In the program of the festival – street dances, mini-championship in streetball, new sports master classes, interactive zones and much more.

Vocalist Rainbow will sing Metallica hits in Moscow

The Metallica Romance show will be held in the Svetlanov Hall of the MMDM on September 14, 2018. As the organizers of the concert told InterMedia, this evening all the ballads and the main hits of Metallica will be performed by the symphony orchestra of the Morrison Orchestra Project under the direction of Sergei Akimov. The main star of the evening will be a member of the band Rainbow – vocalist Ronnie Romero

Rock festival “R-Oka” will be held in Nizhny Novgorod

II People’s Festival of Nizhny Novgorod rock groups “R-Oka” will be held in Nizhny Novgorod on September 2. As the press service of the city administration informs, its opening will take place at 3 pm on the main stage of the “Switzerland” park.

Twenty One Pilots refused to continue the trilogy in “My Blood”

InterMedia was told by Warner Music Russia that “My Blood” was the first track from the album “Trench” unrelated to the trilogy started in the video “Jumpsuit”, continued in the second video – “Nico And The Niners” and eventually completed in Levitate.

Solo tour will lead Boulevard Depo to Arbat Hall

Concert of the rapper Boulevard Depo will be held on November 23, 2018 at the club Arbat Hall. The performance will be held in the framework of the first solo tour, which will include more than twenty Russian cities

Best vocalist of ARMI-2018 in Moscow

The soloist of the military orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, honored artist Khayyam Mustafazadeh won a creative competition among soloists for the best performance of the vocal work in Russian, which took place within the framework of the V Army International Games ARMI-2018. The performer himself told about this


All prepare for new locks

The use of Internet resources in 128-bit Internet access protocol in Russia IPv6 will cease to be unconditional protection from their blockages by the authorities.

Instagram will introduce the function of verification of accounts

Instagram service for the exchange of photos and videos Instagram reported on a number of innovations, among which – “tick” verification of the account for users who have confirmed their identity. This is reported in the official blog of the company.

The web version of Telegram became partially available in the Russian Federation

The Telegram version is partially available in the Russian Federation, it is possible to open direct links. At the same time, according to some providers, access to the web version of the popular messenger is still limited, including Yota resource.

LG introduced low-cost smartphones LG G7 One and LG G7 Fit

Company LG showed the public new items – LG G7 One and LG G7 Fit. They are a budget version of the flagship smartphone G7 ThinQ, which the corporation showed back in May. Both phones are equipped with 16-megapixel main and 8-megapixel front cameras.

Apple plans to abandon the technology of 3D Touch in the iPhone

Apple plans to abandon 3D Touch technology in its smartphones in 2019. This was reported by Blayne Curtis from the analyst company Barclays, referring to the information gathered at meetings with companies from the Apple supply chain.

Presented a concept MacBook with a huge touchscreen

The web has photos of the concept of the MacBook, which will receive a huge touchscreen. An interesting render of the device was made public on the YouTube channel of the user Furkan Kasap. Instead of the usual keyboard, the futuristic MacBook Pro Touch received a huge touchpad.

A new generation of Apple Watch and Apple iPad Pro will receive a frameless screen

As for the iPad Pro series, in 2018 it will be presented by two models with 11 and 12.9-inch screens. They will also receive a frameless design and they will have gesture support like the iPhone X. Also in these devices, the appearance of the Face ID system is expected

Smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Lite for 370 euros

Pre-orders for the new smartphone from Huawei are open, the Mate 20 Lite model is offered in Poland from 370 euros, and the smart scales Huawei AH100 are included. The smartphone has a 6.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels.

Google Pixel 3 smartphones will be presented on October 9

Google Pixel 3 smartphones will be presented on October 9, 2018 during the presentation of Google in New York, Bloomberg reported.

Nubia announced the date of the announcement of the flagship smartphone Nubia Z18

The new flagship smartphone Nubia Z18 will be presented on September 5. Gadget Nubia Z18 received a 5.99-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels and a 24 megapixel main and 8-megapixel front camera.

Specifications Meizu M8 Lite appeared in the database TENAA

Meizu M8 Lite with a 5.7-inch display lit up in the base TENAA. Judging by the specification of the smartphone, it refers to the devices of the budget segment. The device is based on a 4-core chipset at 1.13 GHz, interacting with 3 GB of RAM.

Samsung CJ79 received the connectors Thunderbolt 3

Curved QLED-display Samsung CJ79 will use the connectors Thunderbolt 3. South Korean company on the eve of the technology exhibition IFA-2018 announced a new monitor. It is already available for order in Europe. The novelty uses a curved display (1500R) with a diagonal of 34 inches.

Harman Kardon at 200 watts will be shown on IFA 2018

The column has a lot of functionality, similar to the ones that have similar devices with the assistant Assistant. Experts note the positive and negative points in the design of the promising gadget. The first is the power of the Citation 500 column, it reaches 200 watts.

Blackview has released a protected smartphone BV6800 Pro

The company Blackview has released a protected smartphone BV6800 Pro. New Blackview BV6800 Pro received 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of Full HD + and 4 GB of RAM, and also acquired protection IP69K. The Blackview BV6800 Pro is powered by a 6580 mAh battery.

YouTube will not allow ads to be skipped before a video

The team of the YouTube service announced a pleasant for the creators of content and an unpleasant for the users innovation. From this week, some ads in the videos will be shown without the option of skipping. This function began to be implemented for channels that can already “monetize” their videos.


CD Projekt Red introduced the gameplay of the game Cyberpunk 2077

The unexpectedly presented 48-minute video allows fans of the product to appreciate the gameplay of the future novelty from CD Projekt Red. The video is an open stream record. The company notes that it demonstrates the fundamentals of game mechanics and setting.

Blizzard cut off paid lootboxes from Overwatch and HotS in Belgium

In April of this year, the authorities of Belgium equated the lootboxes in Overwatch to gambling, and now the reaction of developers: Blizzard announced that in Belgium it is no longer possible to purchase lootboxes in Overwatch and HotS for real money.

Microsoft offers a free Xbox One with a monthly fee

Microsoft offers customers a free Xbox One with a monthly fee and a 2-year subscription. All Access package will cost users $ 22-35 per month.

The Witcher fan compared the game with real life

The user, under the pseudonym Cycu1, has posted a new video on YouTube. It is devoted to comparison of playing places from the game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” with objects in real life, which the developers from the Polish studio CD Projekt RED used as prototypes.

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online will be given 100 thousand gold

Bethesda Company announced September a special month in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players who during the month will perform 28 days in the game will receive 100,000 gold.

The creators of the remake of Wonder Boy presented Streets of Rage 4

The creators of last year’s remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap from Lizardcube together with Guard Crush Studio presented their next project – Streets of Rage 4. Developers can easily be recognized by the bright style of the game, reminiscent of a hand-drawn cartoon.

Royal battle SCUM is rapidly conquering Twitch

A new royal battle with a strong bias on the survival of SCUM with a huge speed conquers Twitch. At the moment the game is on the third place by the popularity of this streaming platform and continues to rise rapidly.

Cult shooter Streets of Rage for SEGA Mega Drive will receive a sequel

Cult action Streets of Rage, coming out for the gaming system SEGA Mega Drive, will receive the long-expected fans of the sequel series. This happens almost 25 years after the release of the previous part

Mod for Minecraft teaches to fight global warming

Modder named Nick Porillo released for Minecraft a modification with the spoken name GlobalWarming. After installing this mod in the game appears a dynamic system of climate change, reacting to the actions of the player.

Classic JRPG Grandia and Grandia II will come out on the Nintendo Switch

Company GungHo Online Entertainment America announced the updated versions of the classic Japanese role-playing games Grandia and Grandia II on the Nintendo Switch.

The PS Store unexpectedly changed the search interface

Sony upgraded the menu on the server side. About the unexpected update the company reported in social networks. If you still have not changed the interface, you should reboot the console and try again.

The wise Azwell is another hero of the fighting game SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has unveiled a new SoulCalibur VI fighting game, in which it showed another hero, the much-scaled Azel.

Amnesia: Collection will be released on Xbox One August 31

Microsoft Corporation announced that this week will be a collection of horror stories from the first person Amnesia: Collection on the Xbox One. Earlier games were only available on PCs and PlayStation 4. The collection appeared on Xbox Wire in the list of games for Xbox One, which will be released from August 28 to 31.

Creators Cyberpunk 2077 showed 48 minutes of gameplay of their game

Creators Cyberpunk 2077 showed a 48-minute demo version of the game, which was previously seen by journalists at E3 2018 and gamescom 2018.


Scientists have found a new type of neurons in the human brain

The unusual thing is that gamma-aminobutyric acid participates in the work of neurons, as well as in the form of interneurons. The researchers noted the connection of neurons only with pyramidal cell types found in the cortical structures of the mammalian brain.

Hybrid-electric aircraft engine will be developed in Russia

In Russia, they will begin developing hybrid-electric aircraft engines. His prototype will be presented by the end of 2019. This was reported by the newspaper Izvestia referring to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Dirty air reduces human cognitive abilities

A recent study by scientists has shown the harmful effects of polluted air on human health. In addition, the ability of people to rational thinking is deteriorating. In particular, men suffer a greater language skill, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Neanderthals left Europe because of the long cold

It is believed that the Neanderthals, who lived in Europe and Asia, died out about 40,000 years ago. They managed to “cross” with our distant ancestors. For a while hominids lived side by side, but then Homo sapiens remained the only representative of the kind of people.

Biochemists discovered two new fatty acids of vegetable oils

Biochemists discovered in the vegetable oil oriochophrmus purple two previously described fatty acids. These unsaturated acids, which are called nonbraska and uhane, have a fairly long hydrocarbon tail of 24 carbon atoms and contain two hydroxyl groups each.

Two-year-old children take care of their reputation

Children already by two years understand that others can positively or negatively assess their behavior, according to a study published in the journal Developmental Psychology. Like more grown-up children, they behave better when they are looked at, and shameless, until no one sees.

The greatest extinction in the history of the Earth was associated with toxic gases

Mass Permian extinction, which occurred about 252 million years ago, became the most severe in the entire history of life on Earth.

Its reason is often called the large-scale and long-term outflow of Siberian trap, which filled the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and simply toxic gases, causing a global climate catastrophe. This hypothesis was confirmed by the new work of Michael Broadley (Michael Broadley) and his colleagues, published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Wasps-parasites age 60 million years were named in honor of the Alien

A unique discovery was made by scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology who discovered os-parasites of about 60 million years old. Insects, fossilized fragments of which were found in the larvae of flies, were named in honor of the stranger from the film “Stranger”.

Scientists have discovered menopause in narwhals and beluga whales

British biologists found that females of two mammals – narwhals and belugas – are experiencing a condition similar to menopause: their ability to reproduce ceases long before the end of life. It was possible to show with the help of the analysis of ovaries 16 species of cetaceans.

In the body of the mouse, a “liver” of human stem cells

Scientists transplanted into the body of the mouse liver cells that evolved from human stem cells, and made sure that the bioengineering tissue secretes the necessary enzymes into the blood


The satellite communication system “Sphere” was protected from hackers

The Russian satellite communication system “Sphere” was protected from hacker attacks and space debris, the developer of “Russian Space Systems” said. Igor Panteleimonov, Senior Specialist of the Center of Satellite Communications Systems of the RCC, spoke about the “Sphere”

There is a mysterious phenomenon on the Sun

Astronomers from the University of Ohio in the city of Columbus found that the Sun emits a large number of high-energy gamma rays, and this occurs in a period of minimal activity of the luminary.

The NASA lost the Opportunity rover due to a dust storm

Opportunity had reserves of energy to communicate with the Earth, but because of the storm all the solar panels were covered with dust, and the low temperature on Mars does not have the best effect on technology. Thus, near the equator on Mars, the temperature can drop below -100 degrees Fahrenheit.

India will launch 19 spacecraft within six months

The organization of space research in India plans to produce nineteen space launches in the next six months. What is the implementation of the order of the three missions every month.

Sketch of the Russian-Belarussian satellite will be prepared by the end of the year

Sketch design should be completed in 2019, although in fact the project will be ready by the end of the year, – he said. This is the second satellite on which the scientists of Russia and Belarus are working on the development

India will launch an interplanetary station into the orbit of the Moon

According to the Indian news publication Jagran, the Indian Space Research Organization announced that it plans in January 2019 to launch the interplanetary station Chandrayaan-2 into the orbit of the Moon, which was scheduled to launch on April 23 this year.

In the samples from the asteroid Itokawa found traces of a collision with another body

The most studied representative of the class S asteroids today is the near-Earth asteroid (25143) Itokawa, who studied the mission of Hayabusa-1 (or MUSES-C), which worked in 2003-2010, and for the first time in history successfully delivered a sample of its soil to Earth.

Belarus plans to create a second space satellite with China

Belarus began discussing a project to create a space satellite with China


The off-road version of the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover will appear in Russia

All crossovers in the Offroad version will be completed with the all-wheel drive system. Outside, the SUV can be distinguished by special bumpers, a spoiler, 17-inch wheels, rear LED lights and adaptive LED headlamps.

Toyota refused the name of Auris in favor of Corolla

Recall, the name Auris was used since 2006. Thus, the company wanted to separate the hatchback from the soplatform sedan. In 2012, the light saw a new generation Auris, which was produced in the bodies of hatchback and station wagon.

Company Lifan told about its premieres at the motor show in Moscow

At the MIAS-2018, Lifan will show three new cars: seven-seat crossover, minivan and electric car.

The X80 is a 7-seater crossover with a 2-liter petrol engine, whose power is not yet reported

The second novelty of the Chinese brand will be the minivan M7, also designed for seven people. The car will be rich in equipment – in the top version in the car will be installed a system of circular view and even massage for the driver’s seat.

Another premiere of the MIAS-2018 will be an 820EV electric car built on the basis of the Lifan Murman sold here.

The mysterious 360s concept with the fin from Volvo was shown on the teaser

The video shows the front part of the car 360s, illuminated by LED stripes, under which there is a luminous logo of the Swedish brand. On the official page of the famous Volvo brand in Facebook social network appeared the teaser of the mysterious 360s concept with a fin.

Crossover Nissan Juke in the new design will appear in 2019

The basic power unit will be a 900-cubic-meter motor for 90 forces, and top-engine – a 1.2-liter engine for 115 hp. According to preliminary data, the premiere of the new Nissan Juke will take place before the end of this year, and its sales will begin in the first half of 2019.

Crossover Fiat 500X updated

The Italian automaker introduced a restyling version of the compact Fiat 500X crossover for the European market. The model received a slightly modified exterior, new inflatable engines and additional equipment. In the basic version, the crossover got LED DRLs and rear lights.

At the Moscow Motor Show will be presented the Russian luxury sedan

In the framework of the Moscow International Automobile Salon, the premiere of absolutely new luxury cars, fully created in Russia, will be held: a sedan AURUS SENAT and a limousine AURUS SENAT Limousine.

In Warsaw, an unusual prototype Renault

An analogue of Renat was recorded on the roads of Warsaw. The car has enough powerful lining, but they do not prevent the car from moving. According to company representatives, the official presentation of the car will take place at the show in Paris.

The extended crossover Audi Q2L prepares for the first sales

Audi is preparing for sales an elongated crossover Audi Q2 L. The public premiere of the model in the serial version will take place on August 31 at the motor show in Chinese Chengdu, and the launch of sales of new items in China is scheduled for September this year.

Introduced the new Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition

The new Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition is built on the Sahara version, it additionally received a ventilation hood, 17-inch wheels in 32-inch tires, a steel bumper with hooks for towing, glossy headlights and grilles, Rubicon rails, and Moab stickers.

Haval showed a new crossover F7

The company Haval, which belongs to the concern Great Wall, showed a new SUV – F7. It is characteristic that the car will be produced in our country, in the Tula region. Moscow International Automobile Salon opens its doors tomorrow

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