16 Feb, 2019

Coalition for the Government of Nicolas Maduro

A group of 16 countries, including Venezuela, Russia, China, Iran and Syria, intends to take coordinated actions at the UN to defend international law in Venezuela. This was announced on Thursday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreas, in response to a TASS question.

Sources in the world organization told TASS that on the eve the representatives of these countries met in New York.

“We are starting to work collectively with this group of countries to defend the principles of international law,” said Arreas. “In all instances, we will act in a coordinated manner in the UN General Assembly and the Security Council.”

According to the head of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the group’s joint strategy will be directed not only at protecting Venezuela and its people at the moment, but also at ensuring that the principles of international law and the rights of peoples live in peace and without threats of military invasion.

Briefly about the main thing … ..

Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani spoke for the integrity of Syria

The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran spoke out against plans aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. Following the trilateral summit, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani adopted a joint statement.

Today in Sochi we are to hold the fourth summit of the countries-guarantors of the Astana process. I am convinced that we will be able to give new impetus to the normalization of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, both on the ground and in the framework of political and diplomatic efforts to establish an inter-Syrian dialogue. – Vladimir Putin

The British Parliament rejected a new proposal for Brexit

In January, the British parliament rejected the Brexit agreement with the EU proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May, and on January 29 approved amendments to the technical document on Brexit authorizing the continuation of negotiations with the European Union on the key issue – the Irish border issue

Trump is going to announce a state of emergency in the US

To fulfill his main election promise, Trump is going to enter a state of emergency. The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that US President Donald Trump intends to declare a state of emergency in the country.

The president will sign a budget on government funding, and also, as he stated earlier, will take other measures in the field of executive power, including announcing a state of emergency in the country to end the national security crisis and the humanitarian crisis at the border. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

Trump administration sued

Human rights groups in the United States filed a lawsuit against the administration of the American leader Donald Trump in connection with his policy on migrants, reports Reuters.

Putin’s visit to Beijing is expected on April 26-27

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Beijing on April 26-27 to participate in the One Belt, One Way Forum. As Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said in an interview with Russian journalists on Thursday, the Russian leader will be the main guest of this event.

In Bulgaria, stopped the tender for the construction of the continuation of the “Turkish stream”

Bulgartransgaz has temporarily suspended the tender procedure for the purchase of equipment and materials for the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project to the Serbian border, follows from the company’s press release.

China increased oil imports by almost 5% in January

In January, the volume of oil imports amounted to 42.6 million tons or 10.03 million barrels per day, with the figure of 10 million barrels of China exceeding the third month in a row. Imports of natural gas increased by from December level of 9.23 million tons to 9.81 million tons in January.

The Ministry of Defense declassified documents of the times of the war in Afghanistan

The Russian Ministry of Defense published unique documents from the times of the Afghan war. The archives declassified to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon accused Russia of unwillingness to start a dialogue on armaments

The US is ready for a dialogue on arms control, but they believe that Russia and China are not interested in this, said US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Programs Guy Roberts, speaking at a nuclear deterrence summit in Washington.

The new Kalashnikov assault rifle has an adjustable butt

The new Kalashnikov assault rifle of the 200th series with Picatinny rail has a butt of adjustable length and does not depend on the anthropological data of the soldier, Director of International Cooperation Rostec Viktor Kladov told RIA Novosti

Medvedev promised to monitor the implementation of national projects on the ground

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi declared his willingness to personally monitor the implementation of national projects not only in the metropolitan area, but throughout Russia, reports TASS.

For each unfinished school, each unbuilt, unrepaired kilometer of the road, an undelivered park, or an uncleaned dump, will be answered by a … specific official. I hope everyone understands this … and this responsibility must be very, very serious. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Moscow and Moscow region are called to merge into one province

State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Vasily Vlasov proposed to Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko to unite Moscow and the Moscow Region into one subject of the federation. He came up with a name for it – Moscow Province.

The media learned about the new amendments to the bill on autonomous RuNet

Lawmakers have developed new amendments to the bill on the autonomy of the RuNet, which must pass the second reading in the State Duma, so that operators can work “in the old manner,” a source told RBC. In particular, operators can be allowed to work without equipment, the acquisition of which is required by law

Sands urged to prepare for the worst because of sanctions against Russia

A spokesman for the Russian president said that one should not hope for a speedy improvement in relations with the United States. Peskov noted that possible new anti-Russian sanctions by the United States could lead to disastrous “consequences.”

Given the mood in the US Congress, there is no hope for any improvement in our bilateral relations, or at least a stable remission of the disease of Russophobia. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The United States will not leave Afghanistan without the consent of NATO

Washington does not intend to unilaterally reduce its military contingent located on the territory of Afghanistan. All decisions on this issue will be made in coordination with other NATO countries.

Humanitarian aid from Colombia began to penetrate into Venezuela

Humanitarian aid began to flow from Colombia to the Bolivarian Republic, said former head of the state of Amazon (Venezuela) Liborio Guarulla on Twitter. According to him, products are delivered to the state along the Atabapo, Orinoco and Guainia rivers by boat. Food is guarded by Venezuelan Indians from Colombia.

In Russia, proposed to toughen the punishment for violating traffic rules

The Ministry of Transport of Russia has proposed the government to introduce a fine of 500 rubles for exceeding the speed limit by 10–20 km / h, Kommersant writes. It is reported that for the remaining excess also proposed to tighten sanctions. At the same time, the department did not specify how much.

Currently, speeding less than 20 km / h is not punishable by fines, according to the material, however, officials believe it is necessary to rectify the situation. Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs indicated that the corresponding amendments are proposed to be introduced since 2015. However, they believe that the new norm should be applied only in settlements.

China will invest $ 1.48 billion in railway development in Xinjiang

It is expected that investments will be directed to the main projects of China’s railway development in the region. The main one is the line connecting the Hotan district and Zhuoqiang district, located in the Bayangol-Mongol autonomous region. According to the plan for the development of transport infrastructure in the region, all administrative centers, as well as 75% of the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region counties will be connected by railway lines by 2020.

In January, lending in China increased by 3 times

The volume of new bank lending in national currency in China in January 2018 has tripled compared with the previous month and set a new record at 3.23 trillion yuan ($ 477 billion), according to preliminary data from the People’s Bank of China (NBK, the country’s central bank).

The Cabinet of Ministers of Japan recognized the rights of the country’s indigenous population

The Japanese Cabinet of Ministers approved a bill to help the “indigenous people” (Ainus) of the country. The document envisages the creation of a special fund and a system of allocation of grants for the preservation and development of the culture of the indigenous people of the Japanese north.

In Spain, scheduled early parliamentary elections

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced early April 28 parliamentary elections due to the blocking of the draft state budget for 2019. According to him, he preferred the dissolution of parliament to the second solution to the problem – the adoption of the budget of the previous Cabinet of the People’s Party.

Donor countries donated over $ 100 million to Venezuela

In the capital of the United States held a large-scale conference on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Following the conference in Washington, more than one hundred million US dollars of humanitarian aid were raised.

Average life expectancy in Shanghai reached 83.63 years

The average life expectancy of the population of Shanghai reached 83.63 years in 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported, the Xinhua news agency reported February 14.

Amazon refused to build headquarters in New York

The American company Amazon has abandoned plans to build a headquarters in the area of ​​Long Island City in New York because of dissatisfaction with local politicians. The announcement of this appeared on the company’s website on February 14.

Slovenia recognized Guaido as the President of Venezuela

“Slovenia recognizes Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela so that free, fair and democratic presidential elections are held,” the government said in a tweet.

The United States and China have not reached a trade agreement in Beijing

Trade negotiations between the US and China ended in Beijing on Friday without agreeing on the terms of further cooperation, but both sides noted that they were somewhat closer to the agreement. About this writes The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

Japan may cancel visas for Russians

According to the Sankei newspaper, citing sources, Russian citizens will not need a visa to enter Japan to stay for 90 days if a Russian citizen pre-registers his passport with a Japanese consular office.

However, the timing of the introduction of the new system has not yet been established. This issue may be raised during the meeting of the foreign ministers of Japan and the Russian Federation, which will be held February 16 in Munich as part of the upcoming International Conference on Security

Russia will show the aircraft Yak-130 in Malaysia

At the LIMA-2019 exhibition in Malaysia, which will be held in Langkawi at the end of March, Russia will show for the first time a full-scale sample of the Yak-130 combat training aircraft. According to the director of international cooperation “Rostec” Viktor Kladov, will also be negotiated for its sale to the Malaysian army.

Ministry of Health has prepared a bill to raise the age of sale of alcohol

The Ministry of Health has prepared a bill that would ban the sale of alcohol to those who are under the age of 21. The project is already ready, but it needs to be coordinated with the federal executive authorities (FOIV) .Read the source

We are ready to contribute, everything is ready with us, we just need to talk with the federal authorities. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian politician

Automatic machines for receiving bottles will appear in the cities of over one million

Already this year, the first fandomats, automatic machines for receiving plastic and glass bottles, may appear in Russia. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev. Such machines operate on the basis of the deposit system – a security deposit for packaging.

In Russia, they want to introduce a new group of disability

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Grigory Lekarev said that the concept of mental disability should be prescribed in the laws, RIA Novosti reports.

“We need to consolidate the concept of mental disability, which would clearly define this category. And it is heterogeneous, among these people there are people with some peculiarities, with others. This should also be considered when providing services. ”

Mental disability refers to a range of mental and psychological developmental disorders, including schizophrenia, epilepsy, autism, speech defects, mental retardation, organic damage to the central nervous system, genetic diseases.

Characters “Soyuzmultfilm” will be the heroes of videos about environmental issues

Soyuzmultfilm Studio, at the request of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, is preparing special videos for children on environmental issues and the environment, said the director of the film studio Yuliana Slashcheva at the Russian Investment Forum site.

In St. Petersburg, offered to fine for late buses

Petersburg deputies propose to fine for late and non-compliance with the stated schedule of ground passenger public transport. This initiative was approved by the committee on the legislation of the city parliament on February 15, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

NATO talked about a possible increase in presence in the Black Sea

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), Jens Stoltenberg, said that the bloc is currently exploring the possibility of increasing its military presence in the Black Sea, RIA Novosti reports.

NATO allies provide Ukraine with political and practical support, we are now looking at what else we can do … We are looking at the possibility of further increasing our presence in the Black Sea. In the coming days in the Black Sea, our ships will take part in the exercises. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

The heads of the US and British defense ministers discussed the fight against the activities of Russia

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson met in Brussels and discussed the fight against Russia’s “destructive activities”. This was announced by Pentagon spokesman Eric Paehon.

British Secretary of Defense ripped off talks with China

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua of China refused to negotiate with British Treasury Secretary Philip Hammond after Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson promised to deploy a warship in the Pacific.

The Ministry of Defense will create a new company for military construction

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is going to create a public law company, which will be engaged in construction in the interests of the Armed Forces. The decision has already been approved by President Vladimir Putin, Kommersant writes. It is assumed that the new company will be called “Military-building complex”

Americans have developed ammunition for catching drone

The ammunition consists of two parts – a detachable warhead and a body. Inside the case there is a network that should entangle the UAV in flight. The prerequisite for the creation of such a system was the wide distribution of civilian UAVs.

The army of Laos moved to the Russian motorcycles “Ural”

The Laotian Ministry of Defense has chosen the Russian motorcycle “Ural” as a vehicle for its armed forces. Russian-made motorcycles were seen at a recent military parade, held in the capital of Laos, the city of Vientiane, writes “RG”.

Complex “Buk-M3” “Viking” will be presented for the first time abroad

Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” for the first time will present the model of anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk-M3” “Viking” at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi IDEX-2019, the press service of the company reports. Also at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi will be presented a system of long-range, medium-range and short-range air defense systems.

Chile imposes millions in fines for barring access to beaches

Chile has imposed millions in fines against citizens and companies that will prevent tourists and local residents from accessing the beaches, this bill came into force on February 14, the Ministry of National Treasury reported.

Volin spoke about the difficulties in the transition of Kolyma to digital TV.

Russia in 2019 is moving from analogue to digital television broadcasting. The transition is phased and will take half a year; the analog signal will be disconnected in the regions as they become available. The Tver region was the first to switch to digital broadcasting on December 3, 2018.

For the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of these regions, the transition to the figure took place absolutely unnoticed. We do not observe any rush demand in commercial networks, we do not observe any serious negative outbursts either in social networks or in people’s moods at all. – Alexey Volin, Russian journalist

Primorsky officials transplanted to domestic software

First of all, we are talking about operating systems and office suites. The name of the software is not specified yet. Most likely, domestic assemblies of Linux and other popular programs will be installed on the computers of the officials. Modernization plan to hold in several stages, stretched until 2021. This year, public institutions should fully switch to Russian antiviruses and help systems. With a budget and exact dates, officials should decide by April 1.

The Government of Moscow and Rosatom will create an industrial park

In Moscow, an industrial park “Lower Boilers” will appear. The park will be created on the basis of JSC “NIITFA”, located on the Warsaw highway, house number 46, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

The list of products includes a positron emission tomograph, a single photon electronic computed tomography scanner, a complex for intracavitary and interstitial therapy, a remote radiation therapy device and other modern medical equipment. The city authorities will reduce the regional part of the income tax from 17 to 12.5%, reduce to zero the tax on property of organizations and land tax payments by 99%.

Doctors tied an elderly woman to a leg

The woman who broke the femoral neck turned to the hospital, and the doctors provided first aid to the injured, but they refused to be hospitalized further, because the injury was not serious enough. According to Pravda.ru, the children and grandchildren of an elderly woman said that they imposed a special sap for the woman, because of which the bones were supposed to grow together. However, the strangest thing was that the device was made from an old mop that used to wash the floor.

A new balneological resort will be built in the mountains of Sochi

The new resort will significantly increase the capacity of the Rosa Khutor room capacity, which now exceeds seven thousand people, the press service of the Krasnodar Territory Administration reports.

In the ROC, Valentine’s Day was called the holiday of the sick

Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on Family, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood Proteyer Smirnov advised those in love to seek help from psychologists and psychiatrists. Archpriest noted that Valentine’s Day has now become a global business project.

“They make money in the air. Why do we need to participate in this project and spend money when they could become budget ones instead? Saint Valentine is common both for the west and for the east. He can pray. But in his life nothing is said about falling in love. Who awarded him that? Maybe someone fell in love with this day. ”

In Russia, “their own family traditions”

The Mufti of Tatarstan expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Valentine’s Day, which came to the country from Catholics, was popular among Russians. In his post, he notes that the holiday imposes Western traditions on Russian society, calling it an annual “love” fever.

Muslims and Orthodox Russia have their own family traditions that need to be protected from non-traditional interference. If I am not right, then correct, – he called.

Kozak ruled out the decline in gasoline prices in Russia

Market mechanisms do not suggest the possibility of reducing the price of gasoline in Russia. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on the sidelines of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, the RBC correspondent reports.

In some regions, there was a fluctuation of prices downward within 1-2 kopecks. But this situation is a temporary phenomenon, and already during the beginning of spring field work, already in the summer period, when there will be an increased demand, this will lead to prices recovering. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

Sberbank increased payments to the board of the bank to 5.5 billion rubles

Sberbank last year paid 5.5 billion rubles to members of the board, according to its reporting for the fourth quarter of 2018. This is 7.4% more than a year ago: then the board received 5.1 billion rubles.

Salaries, vacation and travel allowance in the past year accounted for 1.29 billion rubles. The variable remuneration — bonuses as well as the long-term remuneration of past years — accounted for 4.2 billion rubles. For payments for the performance of the functions of members of the supervisory board – another 7.1 million rubles.

The board of Sberbank includes ten people: German Gref, Lev Khasis, Alexander Vedyakhin, Oleg Ganeev, Bella Zlatkis, Svetlana Kirsanova, Stanislav Kuznetsov, Alexander Morozov and Anatoly Popov.

Gazprom increased gas supplies to Ukraine in 2018 by 13%

Gazprom increased gas supplies to Ukraine in 2018 by 13% compared with 2017. According to the company’s reports, in 2018 Gazprom supplied Ukraine with 2.738 billion cubic meters of gas, and in 2017, 2.427 billion cubic meters of gas.

Medvedev spoke about a thousand initiatives at 76 trillion rubles

As part of the preliminary portfolio of national projects, nearly a thousand initiatives have been announced, with a total cost of 76 trillion rubles. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The Ministry of Finance proposed tax incentives for investing in innovation

The Ministry of Finance proposed to support business startups. We are talking about investors who invest in new innovative projects in the early stages of development. According to the draft law “On the Protection and Encouragement of Capital Investments and the Development of Investment Activities in the Russian Federation”, which Izvestiya got acquainted with, such persons will be reimbursed for the value of taxes on income from investments.

Medvedev has allowed the emergence of new offshore companies in Russia

New offshore zones may appear in Russia – special administrative districts (SAR) – if the experience of those already operating in the Kaliningrad region and Primorye is positive, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at an investment forum in Sochi. The plenary session was broadcast on the forum website

Argentina will pay Bolivia by plane for exceeding the gas contract

Argentina and Bolivia have signed changes to the gas supply contract, which will allow Buenos Aires to save $ 460 million over two years (2019-2020), the Argentine Ministry of Finance reported.

Net profit of Coca-Cola in 2018 has grown more than 5 times

The net profit of the world’s largest producer of soft drinks Coca-Cola Company, attributable to shareholders of the company, according to the results of 2018 increased 5.2 times compared with 2017 and amounted to 6.434 billion dollars, according to the company reports.

Russia’s international reserves for the week decreased by $ 2.7 billion

The volume of international reserves of Russia as of February 8 was $ 475 billion. Such data are given by the press service of the Bank of Russia. It is reported that over the week, the figure fell by $ 2.7 billion, or 0.6%, which was the result of a “negative revaluation, partially compensated for the purchase of foreign currency within the budget rule.”

Debt of Russians on microloans reached a record high

The volume of overdue debt of the population on microloans, the term of which exceeds 90 days, reached a record in 2018 – 39.7 billion rubles. Such an assessment was prepared specifically for News.ru in the credit bureau “Equifax” and the financial market “Unicom 24”.

The day before the start of implementation of national projects, 100 billion rubles are not distributed.

February 15 is the start date for the implementation of national projects, but money agreements on subsidies and targets in the amount of about 100 billion rubles remain unsigned. The head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, said this at the Russian Investment Forum, the correspondent of Nakanune.RU reports.

Roskazna placed on deposit in one bank 25 billion rubles at 7.36% at 35dn

On February 12, the Treasury of the Russian Federation following the results of a deposit auction of three banks of 25 billion rubles at 7.36 percent per annum for 35 days. The volume of supply was 100 billion rubles, the demand was 25 billion; one credit organization participated in the auction. The date of payment is February 13, and interest is returned and paid on March 20. (Moscow Office)

Russia represented by the Ministry of Finance stored in US banks $ 96 billion

The Russian Federation, represented by the Ministry of Finance, held US $ 96 billion in US banks as of January 1, 2018. Only under 2% per annum. Today there are 15 billion dollars left. As well-known TV journalist Andrei Karaulov writes on his Facebook page, why risk such huge sums of public money in a country that has declared economic sanctions to Russia? Yes, even under such a meager percentage.

In South Korea, the difference between loan rates and deposits increased

According to the information source, in 2018 the average loan rate was 3.71%, and the difference between the credit rate and the deposit rate was 2.31%, which is the biggest difference since 2013. In 2013, the difference between the rates was equal to 2.31%.

AvtoVAZ management remuneration reduced

The amount of remuneration of the management of the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ in 2018 amounted to 530.9 million rubles, a decrease in annual terms by 5.1%, follows from the company’s reporting.

The amount of remuneration to the board of directors of AvtoVAZ following the results of 2018 amounted to 55.6 million rubles, decreasing in annual terms by 18.5%. The remuneration for members of the board will be 475.3 million rubles, which is 3.15% lower than last year’s figure.

Almaz-Antey will launch production of equipment for underwater mining

Concern Almaz-Antey organizes mass production of equipment for underwater hydrocarbon production systems in agreement with Gazprom, the press service of the energy corporation said.

Mexican authorities in 2019 will support Pemex for $ 5.3 billion

The Mexican oil company Pemex in 2019 will receive state support of 5.3 billion dollars (103 billion pesos), follows from the materials of the company.

LUKoil to start oil production in the Baltic Sea

The LUKoil company intends to begin oil production in the Baltic Sea at the D41 field in a few months, said company president Vagit Alekperov.

Moscow policemen armed with glasses with face recognition

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Moscow mayor’s office is planning to create augmented reality glasses with face recognition technology for the Moscow police. About this RBC told two sources involved in the preparation of the project, and the source in the city hall.

 “DIT is testing the use of facial recognition technology with the transfer of information on augmented reality glasses,” RBC was told in response to a request from the department itself, but clarified that “it’s too early to talk about the details, and even more, about the results of this project.”

Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development was arrested in the case of bribery

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development Pavel Puschina in the bribery case, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

“The court decided: to satisfy the petition of the investigation, to choose a measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of two months, that is, until April 12, 2019,” announced Judge Arthur Karpov. Earlier in the same case, the deputy head of the administration of Ryazan, Sergey Pashkevich, was arrested.

Charlotte Rampling received the Golden Bear Berlinale

Charlotte Rampling, a British actress, was awarded the Golden Bear of the Berlin Film Festival for outstanding creative achievements. Rewarding sucked at a ceremony in the capital of Germany.

Multimedia Art Museum will show 40 photos of Albert Watson

Pirelli 2019 calendar, photographer Albert Watson, as part of the XI Biennale “Fashion and Style in Photography”, Multimedia Art Museum, until May 12 The famous photographer Albert Watson became the author of the new, 46th in a row calendar.

This time, 40 color and black-and-white photographs in 16: 9 format will be presented to visitors. The filming of the calendar took place in April 2018 in Miami and New York. And on his pages, by tradition, you can find quite a few famous names: supermodel Gigi Hadid and famous American designer Alexander Wang, stars of the American Ballet Theater Misty Copeland and Kelvin Royal III, an outstanding model and actress Leticia Casta and famous dancer Sergey Polunin, he company was young promising actress Julia Garner and Swedish model Astrid Eyck.

Cultural standards will soon be created for Russian students

According to the information posted on the website of the Ministry of Culture, students want to attach to the “good, kind, useful” and “preferably domestic.” As part of the new initiative, schoolchildren will be asked to visit museums, exhibitions, and theater productions throughout the year. In addition, they will be required to watch a certain number of films, preferably domestic production. After that, students will have to record their impressions in a special electronic diary.

Festival Alfa Future People announced the first participants

The organizers of the festival of modern music and technology Alfa Future People (AFP) called the first participants. This was reported in a press release received by the editor of “Tapes.ru”. The line-up of the event included DJ Jeffrey Sutorius from Dash Berlin, hard-core DJ Coone and Showtek.

“Underwood” announced a new record

Anyone can support the artists by taking part in their crowdfunding project. The Underwood band is recording their new album. With the help of fans, the team promises to release their ninth studio album this spring.

Festival of amateur theaters will take Orenburg

In the Orenburg region the festival of amateur theaters “Fires of the Stage” begins. Shows will continue until October. Creative teams and individual performers from three years and older can take part in the festival.

Exhibition of South African photographer and artist opened in Krasnoyarsk

Mystical and frightening exhibition of photographer Roger Ballena is preparing for an exhibition in the Museum Square “Peace Square”. He has earned his fame throughout the world with provocative portraits, production shots and collaboration with the South African cult group “Dai Entwood.”

Primorsky director Peter Starostin published his film “Graduation”

Director Peter Starostin presented his short film “Graduation” in public access. You can watch it, including in “VKontakte”. The film was released by the studio “Sad Woodpecker”

Master classes from Flahertiana posted on YouTube for public access

Photo courtesy of the project. The organizers of the International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana began to upload videos from master classes to free access to their YouTube channel. Perm Festival has existed for 18 years

The trailer for the film “Ma” Tate Taylor

“Underwood” announced a new record

Anyone can support the artists by taking part in their crowdfunding project. The Underwood band is recording their new album. With the help of fans, the team promises to release their ninth studio album this spring.

Group “NBHR” released a romantic clip

The Russian indie band “The Largest Prime Number” has released a romantic video for the song “Room”. It is posted on the team’s YouTube channel.

Ciara explained the meaning of her own label.

Last year, the American singer Ciara (Ciara) reached a new level: with the support of Warner Bros. launched its own label – Beauty Marks Entertainment. The first song she released under him was Level Up. In the introduction there are words: “Be your own boss!”.

Lenovo will release music smartphones under the new brand Lemeng

Manufacturer Lenovo has included in its plans the release of smartphones under the brand Lemeng. Previously, this company offered unusual gadgets on the market, they had expanded musical functionality. In a modified interpretation, the brand was named Lemeng Mobile.

New collection of headphones from Dr. Dre

On the eve of the All-Star Game, the company Beats, led by Dr. Dre presented their first collection as an NBA partner: Studio3 Wireless NBA Collection.

General Motors released the first electric bike

Well-known American automaker, the company General Motors, began taking orders for its first electric bike. He received the name ARiV and is published after a three-month crowdsourcing campaign

Fujifilm has confirmed the release of the camera X-T30

Fujifilm intends to launch the X-T30 in the near future. This was officially announced by representatives of the brand. According to the available technical capabilities of the X-T30, it will partially inherit the nodes from the X-T3 model.

WhatsApp will explore user interests

To determine the interests of a particular person, WhatsApp will begin to track with whom he most often communicates and which videos he watches more often. So information will be collected, on the basis of which the algorithm will determine the order of displaying statuses.

US Navy will receive four unmanned submarines

The US Department of Defense called the new Orca unmanned submarine (“Killer Whale”). Boeing is expected to complete work on these four unmanned submarines by June 2022. It should be noted that the US Navy is actively implementing unmanned technology.

Google has patented self-assembly smartphones.

Google Inc. has created a modular smartphone, which the user can assemble on their own, the company patented this innovation at once, leaving the right of production

Jinga Pass 3G – Russian smartphone with NFC for 4590 rubles

The Russian company Jinga introduced the Jinga Pass 3G smartphone, which, according to the manufacturer, is the most affordable “solvent” smartphone with NFC technology for contactless payments.

Reddit received $ 150 million investment from the Chinese company Tencent

The transaction involved Chinese holding Tencent. The company has invested 150 million dollars. Sequoia and Fidelity firms and musician Snoop Dogg are among the investors.

In Moscow, will discuss the possibilities of the Internet of things

Recall the international conference “Internet of Things” will be held in Moscow on March 27. The event is organized by Smile-Expo.

Desert ants helped robots to gain the skill to navigate the sun.

The corresponding apparatus was created by French scientists representing the National Center for Scientific Research. The peculiarity of the robot is that it can move even in the absence of a navigator. The development of scientists has an “internal compass”, which somewhat resembles an ant

In India, found chariots aged at least 4 thousand years

Researchers found chariot-like structures in the tombs of one of the famous families of that period. Scientists have found 3 chariots, whose age is estimated at 4000 years or more. Historians emphasize that this understanding of ancient India and the entire world of that time must be reconsidered.

Physicists first used LEDs for cooling.

Physicists have come up with a new method of cooling, which uses the light of conventional LEDs. So far, the achieved values ​​of energy removal are small, but the authors hope to increase them tenfold, which would make devices on this basis promising candidates for cooling electronic devices.

Scientists: New Oceanic Planet Found in Solar System

Thanks to the traces of cryovolcano eruptions on Ceres, scientists have proved that under the surface of this dwarf planet there is an eternal subglacial ocean with a thick “brine”. This was made possible thanks to detailed images of the surface of the planet taken by the Dawn probe, which in March 2015 approached the space dwarf to the maximum distance, according to Geophysical Research Letters

A map of the distribution of dark matter in the universe

Dark matter does not enter into any interaction, except gravitational. But it attracts photons in exactly the same way as usual, “light”. This means that if we analyze the paths of light propagation in the Universe and subtract the influence of ordinary matter from the resulting picture, we will get data on how dark matter distorts the path of light rays. That is, a picture of its distribution in space.

This is exactly what the group of astronomers took to use as their primary material data from a starry sky survey conducted by the Japanese Subaru telescope (mirror diameter is 8.2 meters) located on the Hawaiian Islands. The study used a relatively small part of its data – about 11%. Still, their analysis requires significant computational costs.

The result of the work was the construction of a three-dimensional map of the distribution of dark matter in a relatively small sector of the universe. The incidental, and rather unexpected, discovery was that dark matter seems to fly apart in space more slowly than predicted by existing theoretical models.

Astronomers figured out the reason for the blinking of the brightest galaxies

St. Petersburg astronomers have identified the cause of the “blinking” effect, which is demonstrated by the brightest galaxies in the Universe. It turned out that it is created by the so-called “starving” black holes.

Israel will launch the first private “lunar rover” next week

The first private lunar unit “Bereshit”, created by the Israeli space startup SpaceIL, is fully ready to be sent into space aboard the Falcon-9 rocket. Its launch will take place next Friday, if the weather does not interfere, the official microblogging project reports

Taiwan brand Luxgen showed new crossover URX

In 2013, the company made an attempt to enter the Russian market, but, having sold only 148 crossovers, left this venture. And recently the new Luxgen URX crossover was introduced. Brand sales can not be called successful in other markets.

New Rolls-Royce Ghost noticed on tests

Rolls-Royce launched the next generation of the next-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan in Germany. Spy photos from the tests laid out the publication Motor1. Judging by the pictures, the design of the novelty will receive the features of Phantom and Cullinan.

Inferno off-road car based on Gelentwagen

Moscow tuning studio TopCar presented the aerodynamic elements of the body for the new SUV Mercedes G-Class. The body kit was called Inferno. The Inferno package will be shown in Geneva next spring.

Mitsubishi is preparing to debut a small copy of the updated Delica D: 5

The new Mitsubishi eK Wagon has become almost a smaller copy of the Mitsubishi Delica D: 5. In kei-car, narrow head optics and corporate design of the radiator grille. Under the change also hit the rear lights, and the mount for the license plate is now located on the door.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport will get its own racing series

Porsche made a statement about the creation of a racing series immediately after the famous racer Mark Webber for the first time showed the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport on the race track in official competitions. A public demonstration was held as part of the Bathurst 12 Hour race.

The web published Lamborghini Urus renders in the back of “pickup”

Pickup Lamborghini Urus can be the fastest truck.

Semi-car Electra Meccanica collected pre-orders for $ 2.4 billion

Production plans Electra Meccanica claims that it has already collected pre-orders worth $ 2.4 billion.

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class will get a giant central display

The flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan of the new generation will receive the MBUX multimedia complex with a giant touch display.

Bentley Bentayga has become the fastest SUV in the world

Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​will try to get the title of the fastest SUV, but its competitor Lamborghini Urus still has more power. But never buy an ultra-luxury car immediately after its release.

Audi has announced a new Q4 e-tron electric crossover

Audi is preparing to debut a new Audi Q4 e-Tron compact electric crossover. The public premiere of the concept will take place in March at the Geneva Motor Show, and the novelty will be in the “series” at the end of 2020 – early 2021.

Polestar show electric car Polestar 2 in Geneva

Model Polestar 2 will receive an improved unit, which will be possible to drive about 480 kilometers under charging. The power of the electrical installation is about 400 hp In addition, the cabin used advanced systems that provide synchronization of the vehicle with mobile devices on the Android operating system. The estimated cost of the new model electric car will be about 4 million rubles.

Toyota showed on video “self-charging hybrid” Corolla

A new ad for the 2019 model Corolla hybrid demonstrates the superiority of the new product over plug-in electric vehicles left behind in the dust. In an advertisement, the hybrid Toyota Corolla was called a “self-charging hybrid” to emphasize that it does not need chargers.

“The start of an exciting new era for the world’s best-selling car. Look at the new British advertising for Toyota Corolla, which demonstrates how the new hybrid transmission model leaves no compromise to anyone, ”the advertising caption says.

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