20 Май, 2021

Communal infrastructure of Russia

Utility infrastructure in Russia — water and heat supply networks, sewerage and wastewater disposal — is worn out by 60%, while there is no money in regional budgets for its modernization, Andrey Shevchenko, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on federal structure, said on Wednesday.

Utilities, inherited by the country from the USSR, according to the senator, «have not met the requirements of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness for a long time.» In order to carry out the modernization, at least 4 trillion rubles are already required.

“However, given that the budgets of most subjects of the federation, as well as municipalities, are in short supply, they clearly will not be able to find the appropriate financial resources,” RIA Novosti quotes Shevchenko.


Vegetable prices in Russia continue to grow, the leaders are: carrots + 3.4% for the week, onions + 3.1%, potatoes + 3%. For cabbage, growth slowed down a bit, but still + 4.4%.

Since the beginning of the year, carrots have risen in price by 56.4%, potatoes by 50.9%, cabbage by 37.8%, and onions by 30.6%. The leader of the decline is again cucumbers (for the week -4.6%, since the beginning of the year -7.2%).


The State Department presented a report to the US Congress in which it announced that it would not impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG (the operator of Nord Stream 2), Bloomberg reports.

Nevertheless, the US still intends to use all available tools to prevent the completion of Nord Stream 2, the US State Department said.


The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia will develop a concept for business access to data from state systems. A few days earlier, the government approved a regulation on the Unified Information Data Management Platform, which by the end of the year will combine information from a variety of government systems, registries and databases.

According to the profile vice-premier Chernyshenko, «the ability to create a single data factory makes the state a unique operator that has at its disposal an almost unlimited number of datasets and their combinations.» Datasets will become the backbone of machine learning for enterprises, and the introduction of artificial intelligence will increase productivity, the government expects.


Morocco has closed border crossings on the border with the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and has already accepted 5,600 of the 8,000 migrants illegally trapped in Spain back. At the same time, due to the influx of migrants, the Moroccan ambassador was summoned to the Spanish Foreign Ministry, after which Rabat recalled her to her homeland for consultations.


Estonia has come up with a new way to combat speeding — the police will offer the offender either to pay a fine, or to choose a forced «restful stop» for 45 minutes. Fines in Estonia are calculated at 3 euros for each km / h excess.


The International Committee of the US House of Representatives unanimously supported the bill prohibiting the US federal authorities from directly or indirectly recognizing Russian sovereignty over Crimea.

The project prohibits «to take any action or provide support that means or implies the recognition of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea, the airspace over its territory or its territorial waters.»


Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Internet Explorer by June 15, 2022 and will completely ditch it in favor of its Edge browser.


In Texas, abortion was banned after the discovery of a fetal heartbeat.

“Our creator gave us the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year due to abortion,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.


Russian Post has begun to prepare an experiment on the sale of alcohol in its branches, writes RBC. According to the plan, it will be possible to buy a bottle of wine at the post office with pre-order online already in July of this year in Moscow and Mordovia, and if you pay extra, the Russian Post will deliver alcohol to your home. It is clarified that only Russian wine can be bought in this way.


The FSIN proposes to replace labor migrants with prisoners. According to the head of the service, Alexander Kalashnikov, those serving sentences will live in hostels or rented apartments and receive a decent salary.

“It will not be a GULAG, it will be absolutely new and worthy conditions. We will solve the labor problem, and that very socialization will take place. «

Kalashnikov noted that the colonies can send 188 thousand prisoners to forced labor. He came up with such an idea after Putin’s meeting with the heads of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, at which the issue of the outflow of workers due to the pandemic was discussed.


The Accounts Chamber stated that Russia imports more than a third of strategic mineral raw materials, and this poses risks to national security in the context of sanctions.

According to her, the demand for strategically important manganese, chromium, titanium and lithium over the past 3 years has been fully met through imports, in zirconium — by 87.2%.

Among the important non-strategic types of raw materials for which Russia depends on imports are iodine (100%), fluorspar (95%), bentonites for foundries (89.6%), bauxite (68.6%), kaolin (68, 3%), copper (49.6%) and molybdenum (40.2%).

The main suppliers of such raw materials to Russia are Ukraine (supplies 82.9% titanium, 51.2% zirconium and 70% kaolin), Kazakhstan (87% chromium and 73.2% copper), Chile (70.7% lithium), China (83.3% bauxite), Mongolia (85.2% fluorspar) and South Africa.

The Accounts Chamber believes that the Ministry of Industry and Trade actually lacks a set of measures for import substitution of scarce types of minerals and strategic mineral raw materials, and the existing measures are ineffective.


The Central Bank of Russia decided to change the design of the 100-ruble note — they will enlarge the numbers, make a relief for the blind, and give a different shade of color. The content will also change. “On the front side of the new 100-ruble banknote there will be objects located on Red Square, the Zaryadye Center, the Shukhov Tower, the Moscow State University building on Vorobyovy Gory”. The Central Bank of Russia plans to change other banknotes — 1000, 5000, 500, 50 and even 10


Rosgvardia was allowed to set up posts on the Crimean bridge and block areas in Crimea. The lack of such powers in the Rosgvardia, according to the initiators of the bill, creates «a real threat to the security of protected facilities, including by committing acts of terrorism, sabotage and other acts of unlawful interference that can have grave consequences and pose a threat to the population.»


In a commentary to Meduza, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin called journalists from publications recognized as «foreign agents» enemies of the people.

“In Soviet times, there were enemies of the people. They were shot. You belong to a similar category. «

Dmitry Peskov: Of course, we do not want to comment on the statements of citizens of the Russian Federation or entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation. They may have their own point of view. And it takes place if it does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The Moscow City Duma deputies went on vacation for 4 months with a salary of 500 thousand rubles. «Representatives of the United Russia party and the My Moscow faction voted for the decision, 16 opposition deputies spoke out against.


Poland adds electric scooters to traffic rules

  • it is forbidden to drive on the carriageway
  • sidewalks can only be driven if there is no bike path
  • it is forbidden to go drunk
  • it is forbidden to travel for several people
  • it is forbidden to carry objects and animals
  • it is forbidden to park across the sidewalk
  • it is prescribed to drive at approximately the speed of a pedestrian and give way to pedestrians