26 Mar, 2019

Complete and final victory

Special Prosecutor Bob Muller’s investigation was completed and sent to the Attorney General’s Office, and on Sunday, Prosecutor General William Barr presented him to the public.

Numerous offers of “assistance” to Trump and his team have been received, but they are not involved in the conspiracy. Signs of obstruction of justice in the actions of Trump also not revealed. He is fully justified. There is not the slightest reason for impeachment.

However, the facts of Russia’s interference in the presidential elections in the United States are just as unequivocally confirmed. In two directions: activity on the social networks of the Internet Research Agency (the so-called “factory of trolls”), as well as hacking by hackers connected with the Russian authorities, the Democratic Party’s servers and disseminating the information received.

Briefly about the main thing …

Every third pensioner risks being left without a pension

Experts believe that the new draft law of the Ministry of Labor will lead to the fact that every third pensioner in Russia may remain without a pension, reports PRIMPRESS referring to the Lawyer for Pensioner channel.

Thus, according to the bill, a new criterion is being introduced to cancel the insurance part of the pension for a pensioner. Such a criterion should be the inaccuracy of the information in the pensioner’s deed of payment, in other words, information that the authorities cannot confirm. Experts suggest that this project could give rise to unreasonable rejections to older people.

“If the law being drafted is adopted, then every third pensioner risks remaining without a pension. Indeed, in most cases, the insurance part of the pension is the main component of the amount received by the pensioner. In addition, the Pension Fund may, without notice, suspect the inaccuracy of the information submitted by the pensioner in order to maintain its own budget, ”writes the publication.

In Mexico, formed a new caravan moving in the US

On the border of Mexico and Guatemala formed another caravan of migrants. More than a thousand people are heading towards the United States. About two months immigrants from Central America spent in the area of ​​the city of Tapachula.

“Only a wall or a steel fence will keep our country safe,” the head of the White House wrote on Twitter.

In the meantime, US authorities have deployed several thousand troops to the southern border to ensure security.

Erdogan proposed to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque

The status of Hagia Sophia can be changed from museum to mosque after the municipal elections on March 31. Tourists of all religions can now go to the Blue Mosque, which is located next door, free of charge. You can do the same with Hagia Sophia, ”the Turkish leader said in an interview with the television channel TGRT.

Since 1453 a mosque has been located in a historic building. In 1935, Hagia Sophia became a museum. Currently, the entrance for tourists costs 60 Turkish liras ($ 10).

Ecological payments are going to be merged into one fund.

All environmental payments can be combined in a new fund. This can be an alternative to the transfer of compulsory payments for environmental damage to the Tax Code. about this report “Izvestia” with reference to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Erdogan offered to discuss the issue of the Golan Heights at the UN General Assembly

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan believes that the topic of US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights should be brought up for consideration by the UN General Assembly. This was the Turkish leader said on the TV channel TGRT

Russian military aircraft arrived in Venezuela

According to the Venezuelan media, including the NTN television channel, about 100 Russian military personnel and 35 tons of cargo arrived on two liners to Caracas airport. Earlier, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reported that several tons of medicines would be delivered from Russia to the country. According to him, the Russian Federation promised to assist Venezuela on a regular basis.

A diplomatic source in Caracas noted that in this event “there is nothing mysterious,” because it is directly related to the implementation of contracts that were signed by the parties many years ago.

“Russia (with Venezuela – ed.) Has a number of contracts that are under implementation, including contracts for military-technical cooperation,” he added.

European countries proposed to ban “killer robots”

Three European countries are planning to jointly launch an initiative to develop an international regime to control autonomous robotic combat systems, the Belgian foreign office said. International consultations on this topic will be held in Geneva from March 25-29.

Russian plane will make an observation flight over the United States

The observation flight will be completed under the open sky contract, the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda reports. The aircraft will fly from the airfield of Great Falls. Flight range will be up to 5130 km. In the meantime, the joint mission of Slovakia and Poland will carry out an observation mission over the territory of a group of member states of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the Ukrainian An-30B observation aircraft from the Kubinka airfield.

American warships pass through the Taiwan Strait

The US Navy destroyer with guided missiles “Curtis Wilbur” (Curtis Wilbur) and high-speed patrol boat Coast Guard “Bertholf” (Bertholf) passed through the Taiwan Strait, separating mainland China and the island of Taiwan, said in a statement the US Pacific Fleet

“The passage of ships through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region,” the statement says.

Recall last Friday it became known that the White House agreed to sell Taiwan more than 60 American F-16 fighters.

The State Duma allowed the media to publish fake news once a year

The law banning fake news will not apply to April Fools’ jokes in the media. This was announced by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State-Building Dmitry Vyatkin.

Reject the idea of ​​joking can not in any case. The law applies to the most egregious cases of inaccurate news that deliberately aimed at serious consequences. – Dmitry Vyatkin, Russian politician

Turkey will not listen to the United States on the issue of buying C-400, Erdogan said

Turkey will not retreat on the issue of buying S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) from Russia, despite what the United States will say, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with TGRT.

Honduran President decided to open a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem

The announcement of the opening of a representative office for commerce and cooperation in Jerusalem was made by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez at a conference of the Committee on Public Relations between the United States and Israel, which he reported on March 24 on his Twitter page.

Launched from Gaza, a rocket hit a residential building in Israel

Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip fired a rocket through Israeli territory. The shell hit a residential building in one of the settlements north of Tel Aviv, reports TASS with reference to the police. As a result of rocket fire, at least six people were injured.

Israel forces troops towards Gaza

The spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, Aviha Adri, said that the head of the Israeli General Staff, Aviv Kohavi, had advanced two military brigades and a command center on the border with Gaza.

Russian military may have its own mobile operator

The Voentelecom operator controlled by the Ministry of Defense, according to the Roskomnadzor registry, received a virtual operator license (Mobile Virtual Network, MVNO) for five years to work throughout the country. MVNO Voentelecom. The target subscriber base is military, and the main difference from other operators is enhanced network security. The link is intended for residents of military camps and can be extended to all military personnel in the country, a federal official confirms. Residents of military camps are the audience of fixed access to the Internet of Voentelecom, it is logical to extend to them the services of a new virtual operator, explains an employee of the company, a partner of Voentelecom.

Popular family application revealed the location of users

In the popular application for tracking the movements of family members failed. Information about the location of its users and other personal data were publicly available for several weeks.

WSJ: Oman provides US Navy access to Salalah and Dukm ports

Oman granted the US Navy the right to call at the ports of Salalah and Dukm in the Persian Gulf. As the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported, the agreement was signed on Sunday in Muscat. According to the newspaper, the preparation of the agreement was about six years.

Pakistan intends to expand defense cooperation with Russia

Gafur said that negotiations with representatives of Russia are being conducted on cooperation in the field of aviation, anti-tank weapons of air defense. Recently, we received from Russia Mi-35 helicopters, which we are already using. So Russia is our friend, and we intend to expand military cooperation with Russia.

Manturov spoke about the negotiations between Russia and Indonesia on the MC-21 liner

“The states of the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia, are one of the key markets for the promotion of new Russian civil airplanes. SSJ-100 airplanes are already being operated here. Negotiations on the MS-21 are also underway,” Interfax quoted the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. “.

First, the new aircraft will appear in Russian airlines. This will happen after the MS-21-300 receives a flight certificate.

“Pray for our hopes to be justified!”

According to the head of the Pakistani government, Imran Khan, the country is “on the verge” of “breaking the oil jackpot”. He places his hopes on exploratory drilling, which is conducted on the Pakistani shelf by foreign companies.

“There is a high probability that we will be able to detect very large reserves of oil in our waters. If this happens, Pakistan will end up in another league, ”the Dawn newspaper quoted the Prime Minister as saying.

According to Islamabad, becoming the owner of oil wealth, Pakistan will be able to embark on the path of progressive development and overcome all difficulties.

China plans to place a PLA battalion in Badakhshan

At the first stage, the Chinese are planning to bring there a PLA battalion with the appropriate armament, which will be based on the facility they have built on a permanent basis (previously, only individual operations of the Chinese military in Afghanistan were reported).

In the State Duma proposed to ban in Russia products with trans fats

In the State Duma they proposed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health to jointly work out the issue of changing the legislation for a phased reduction in the use of artificial transfats contained, in particular, in fast food, in the Russian food industry up to its complete ban, follows from a letter from Deputy Vitaly Milonov. In the letter, Milonov recalled that the struggle for a healthy lifestyle and the improvement of its quality and duration is a priority national development goal declared by the President of Russia.

The minimum wage in different countries of the world

Minimum wage in US dollars based on exchange rates January 8, 2019 – Eurostat and other sources through Renaissance Capital, note that the data on the right can be mixed with gross or net wages (not very reliable)

The minimum wage in Russia at the beginning of 2019 was 169 dollars – only 17 dollars higher than in Zambia. Approximately 10 times less than the leading countries – Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Great Britain, and less than in Colombia and Bangladesh

In Dubai, the “best teacher in the world” will receive a million dollars

For the fifth time, the Indian Businessman Sunny Foundation charity foundation will award a prize of $ 1 million for outstanding contributions to the teaching profession, the Dubai Media Office’s official press service in Dubai. The award ceremony will be held on Sunday in Dubai.

Ministry of Education announced an increase in the number of budget places in universities

The press service of the Ministry of Education and Science noted that the increase in the number of budget places in these areas was formed taking into account the need for training in these specialties. At the same time, the ministry’s press service did not specify how much the quota will be increased.

Rosstat has identified the most popular reason for the Russians to have a second child

Calculation on the solution of the material problems of the family with the help of state support (for example, calculation on the maternity capital) named 36.2% of men and 42% of women among the reasons for having a second child.

The building with a portrait of Shevchuk from leaves was demolished in Perm

The image was painted on the wall by artist Alexander Zhunev. The building with the portrait of musician Yuri Shevchuk on the wall was demolished in Perm. The unusual work of the artist Alexander Zhunev appeared near the square named after Pushkin in 2016. On the site of the demolished building, which the Perm administration sold out of municipal property, they must build a hotel.

Retrotram parade will be held in Moscow on April 20

The parade of retrotrams will be held in Moscow on April 20. In the convoy, 18 carriages will follow the streets of the capital – from historical models to innovative transport, the city administration’s website reported on Monday.

“Kommersant” learned about the claims to the Russian Railways because of the transport hub of Moscow

Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, in a letter to President Vladimir Putin, criticized Roszheldor and Russian Railways because the cost of implementing the Moscow Transport Hub (MTU) project increased from 236 to 691 billion rubles, the Kommersant newspaper reports citing the letter of the head of the supervisory authority to Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the conclusion and execution of contracts for the construction of the infrastructure of the MTH in the period 2012-2018, violations were committed, the newspaper writes.

“Due to inadequate organization of work, lack of control by the authorized authorities, the cost and timing of the project has increased significantly,” the prosecutor general’s letter quotes the newspaper.

Utair asked banks to write off more than 30 billion rubles of debt

The airline asked to completely write off the 12-year-old syndicated loan and half of the seven-year syndicate – according to them it should, as of February 14, 2019, 23.7 billion and 15.4 billion rubles. respectively. This was reported to Vedomosti by employees of two creditor banks and confirmed by a person close to Utair.

The total debt of Utair is 74.7 billion rubles. 17.4 billion rubles. the airline owes Sberbank, 13.3 billion for bonds and 4.9 billion for the structures of the previous owner, Surgutneftegaz.

Human rights activists are asked to change the law on the mortgage

Human rights activists propose to cancel the rule prescribed in the law on mortgage, according to which the initial selling price of an apartment, pledged to the bank, is set by the court at 80% of market value.

When an apartment through the court put up for bidding for a delay in a mortgage loan, then by law, the initial sale value is set as follows: the market price of the apartment minus 20%. That is, if an apartment is worth 20 million, the court determines the initial value of 16 million. The borrower loses his money out of the blue, and this is not explained in any way. If at the first auction it is not for sale, then the bailiff reduces the price by another 15%, it is still minus 2 million 400 thousand. interlocutor News.ru.

Thus, the borrower, having given the apartment, may still have to remain due to the bank, noted Amanliev. He suggested that this provision, which causes significant damage to the interests of the population, was adopted in favor of the interests of the banking sector.

Who in Russia spends the most money on banquets and buffets

Bankers spend the most money in Russia on catering (a complex service, including delivery, serving and meal service). The largest check in the banking sector for a customized lunch in the last two years amounted to 610 thousand rubles.

The second place is occupied by companies producing and selling branded clothing – they can allow you to spend on this service at a time a hundred thousand less than banks – 510 thousand rubles. Pharmacists are in third place – they had a maximum score of 453 thousand.

This is followed by consulting – 412 thousand and IT companies – 331 thousand, analysts of Catery considered. At the same time, the average check for catering for corporate clients is 16 thousand rubles.

More than half of all orders go to consulting and educational centers. According to experts, this is due to the large number of frequent high-level meetings and a large number of events.

In Rostov, a pensioner owes over 233 million rubles to a bank

In Rostov-on-Don, an 80-year-old pensioner, a former individual entrepreneur, owed one large bank on previously issued loans of more than 233 million rubles.

Pensioners will be punished

In Russia, cases of calling pensioners to tax inspectorates to control their cash flow have become more frequent, according to PRIMPRESS, citing the Lawyer for Pensioner channel. According to experts, the tax authorities want to find out the origin of the funds in the pensioner’s bank account.

Experts told what fines threaten retirees who do not pay taxes. For example, they can be fined in the amount from 5% to 30% of the total number of unpaid fees. In addition, a pensioner may be fined one thousand rubles for untimely submission of information to the tax authorities. A fine of 40 thousand rubles threatens a senior citizen if it is proved that he receives incomes from which he does not pay tax, that is, this qualifies as a business activity

The annexation of the Crimea cost each Russian 10 thousand rubles

The former deputy finance minister of Russia, Sergei Aleksashenko, wrote in his book “The Russian economic miracle: what went wrong?” That every resident of Russia, including children and retirees, paid 10,000 rubles to join the Crimea. In total, Crimea cost Russia 1.5 trillion rubles of investments. The economist calls the main disadvantage of the region’s joining is its economic lack of independence. Aleksashenko also calls positive moments, among which is an increase in the territory of Russia, as well as an increase in population of 2.2 million people, writes “Novye Izvestia”.

Agreement on the freezing of fuel prices will be extended for three months

The Russian government will extend an agreement with oil companies to freeze fuel prices at wholesale and retail. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. He noted that the agreement will be extended for three months.

Russia will ban the export of a number of petroleum products to Kazakhstan

It is envisaged that the energy ministries of both countries will determine the lists of petroleum products that are prohibited for export from Russia to Kazakhstan and for export from the territory of Kazakhstan outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Gazprom recognized LNG as its competitor in the European market

Gazprom’s main rival in the fight for the European market could be liquefied natural gas. This was announced by Sergey Komlev, head of the contract structuring and pricing department at Gazprom Export. For two and a half months of 2019, the concern has put on a key market for itself 40.8 billion cubic meters. m of gas, it is 8.2% less than in the same period last year.

In South Korea, will reduce taxes on LNG for genkompany by 75%

Since April 2019, South Korea will reduce taxes on liquefied natural gas (LNG) for generating companies by 75%. Charges on the use of coal will increase in the country – to reduce environmental pollution.

A well-read Chinese homeless man has become an Internet star.

A video of how a Chinese homeless man quotes Confucius and talks about the books of Liao Fang, went online. Thanks to this man became popular. However, he himself is not happy about this, since he loves the quiet life and never wanted to be a star.

In private universities in Japan will tighten secrecy

The head of South Korea called for the development of robotics. The reason for concern was that in the last fiscal year, which ended in Japan on March 31, 2018, private universities in the Land of the Rising Sun carried out more than 350 scientific studies together with foreign colleagues.

Banksy called the exhibition of his works in Athens a fake

The famous English underground artist Banksy said that the exhibition of his works in Athens is a fake. The statement, entitled “Product Feedback – The Art of Banksy,” published on the site of the artist, who became popular throughout the world thanks to the sharply social theme of the drawings.

At the festival “Golden Mask” in Omsk allocated 4 million rubles

The preparation and holding of the Golden Mask festival in Omsk and Tara in 2019 will cost the drama theater nearly 4.1 million rubles, according to a public procurement portal. As the Director of the budget institution Viktor Lapukhin said earlier, the festival will take place from May 1 to 10.

Works classic photorealism will show in the New Tretyakov Gallery

An exhibition of Semen Faibisovich, a classic of realism, will open in the New Tretyakov Gallery on March 27. Residents and guests of Moscow will be able not only to see the master’s works, but also to personally communicate with him in discussions that will take place in a cultural institution.

Russian woman released the first pop single in Arabic in Egypt

In Egypt, released the first pop single in Arabic. It was performed by Russian Anastasia Biserova. The song was called Ya habibi taala (“Beloved, come”), as reported by the Tass news agency on Sunday, March 24th.

The trailer for the film “Dora and the Lost City”

The role of Dora is played by Isabel Möhner (Transformers: The Last Knight). Eva Longoria, Michael Pena, Temuera Morrison and Madlan Medden also starred in the film. In addition, Danny Trakho voiced the monkey Slipper.

St. Petersburg: China’s Contemporary Cinema Festival

The Contemporary China Cinema Festival was held in St. Petersburg, where the Russian public could get acquainted with the current Chinese cinema.

The best actor and theater actress will be chosen by the audience.

In the Yeletsky theater “Benefis” the competition “The best role of the season” starts. Spectators of the performances will determine the winners in the nominations “Best Male Role” and “Best Female Role”.

Telegram has allowed to delete all correspondence from himself and the interlocutor

Telegram users can now delete all messages ever sent in private conversations. Previously, there were restrictions and the correspondence could only be deleted within 48 hours. Now you can delete even the oldest messages.

Starting today, we will allow each user to delete any message in private correspondence on both sides. It doesn’t matter who sent the message and when, you can control it completely. You can even erase the entire conversation from both sides if you want. – Pavel Durov, Russian entrepreneur

In Russia, will create “Barbara” – a competitor “Alice”

The Russian group of companies “Speech Technology Center” (MDG) has begun the development of the voice assistant “Varvara”, which is expected to compete with the “Alice” service from the company “Yandex”. This was reported on March 25 by Kommersant with reference to insiders.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will prohibit government agencies to purchase foreign equipment

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation proposes to impose a ban on the purchase by government agencies of foreign-made funds in the presence of domestic counterparts. According to the new decree from the department, state bodies will be obliged to refuse to purchase foreign goods.

Hackers are invited to compete in hacking Tesla Model 3

One of the tasks of the next Pwn2Own competition, which will be held in March of this year in Vancouver, will be hacking the computer systems of an innovative electric car Tesla Model 3. For the first time, a real car will be brought to the competition. Moreover, it is this car that the winner will receive as a prize.

PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 with support for all formats of books went on sale

Electronic readers are actively gaining popularity among book lovers. However, the emergence of a new model of the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 will allow you to forget about the problems with the support of the file format. The developers have equipped the above model with the support of absolutely all existing formats of electronic books.

Chemists have created electrodes for batteries from coffee grounds

The properties of the electrodes of coffee grounds can use them longer than other batteries based on organic materials, and therefore, in general, they will reduce energy consumption.

Rogozin called the cost of creating and first launch of a super-heavy rocket

The cost of the creation and the first launch of the new Russian super-heavy Yenisei missile is estimated at 740 billion rubles, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said.

I can tell you the minimum amount, but this is the amount of the first start. The cost of all work, including the creation of a super heavyweight launching table, the creation of a rocket, its preparation for launch and the launch itself with a mockup, not even with a ship, amounts to approximately 740 billion rubles. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian politician

India builds manned deepwater craft

It is assumed that the device will be jointly developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for three years. According to the newspaper The Times of India, the extensive experience of ISRO engineers will be used, since the underwater capsule for the crew will be very similar in its characteristics to the spacecraft.

Russia will not send its observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine

Russia will not send observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine. This is stated in the official comment of the Foreign Ministry, published on Monday, March 25

In the evolving conditions, the Russian Federation is forced to abandon the direction of observers to Ukraine in order not to expose them there to the threat of deliberate prosecution, the foreign ministry said.

Putin’s special representative proposed to abandon the car and stop burning grass

Russians need to change their minds and get rid of bad habits that damage the environment. This was stated, speaking at the X International Forum “Ecology”, the special presidential envoy for environmental activities, ecology and transport Sergei Ivanov

“We need to change our consciousness: to learn to separate garbage, to refuse personal vehicles in cases where it is possible, to abandon fell dry grass,” said Sergey Ivanov.

In St. Petersburg, will launch the submarine “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”

In St. Petersburg, on March 28, the first submarine of Project 636.3 for the Pacific Fleet Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will be launched. The representative of the Information and Mass Communications Department of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation on the Navy Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo told reporters about this.

In Kazakhstan, proposed to rename three more cities

Kazbek Isa, the deputy chairman of the Ak Zhol (“Shining Path”) party of Kazakhstan, on Monday proposed to rename Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar and Semey, giving them names of prominent Kazakh historical figures.

Xi Jinping is greeted in Monaco

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan began a state visit to the Principality of Monaco, arriving after completing a visit to Italy at the airport in Nice, where they were met by Serge Tel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relations and Cooperation Gilles Toni, reports Xinhua

Malaysia intends to buy Chinese fighters instead of European

Malaysia may abandon plans to acquire European fighters and make a choice in favor of China. As Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Sunday, in this way Kuala Lumpur will respond to the European Union, which intends to ban the supply of palm oil to European markets

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