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5 Dec, 2018

Constitution and the rights of Russian citizens

66% of Russians do not know in which year the Constitution was adopted. At the same time, 13% of survey participants were able to give the correct answer (1993), another 9% of respondents named 1991, and 5% – 1992.

6% of respondents are well aware of the main provisions of the Constitution, 69% of respondents have “general ideas” about them, and 23% “absolutely do not imagine the content of the Constitution”.

The majority of Russians (49%) consider the right to health protection to be the most important of those guaranteed by the Constitution. The respondents also considered the rights to education (45%) and labor (40%) to be important.

38% of Russians consider important the right to social security. By 36% of respondents identified the right to life and the right to housing. The right to protection of their rights and freedoms, including judicial protection, was called important by 30% of respondents, the right to liberty and personal integrity – 29%.

Rarely, respondents indicated among the important ones the right to participate in public and political life (11%) and freedom of association and union (5%).

Briefly about the main thing …


In the Federation Council proposed to make Constitution Day a weekend

Constitution Day should be declared a day off again, it will help draw attention to the study of the Basic Law and raise interest in it, said Senator Lyudmila Narusova.

It seems to me that it is necessary to do it, and this is absolutely deserved, on December 12 as a national day off in order to draw attention and interest to the study, to the very fact of the existence of the basic law. – Lyudmila Narusova, Russian MP

Adopted a law on the fight against Columbine communities on the net.

The bill, introduced in May by a group of deputies led by Irina Yarovaya and aimed at fighting the Columbine communities on the web, was adopted in the third final reading.

Our task as legislators, together with law enforcement officers, understanding this tendency, is to act proactively and create those mechanisms that will really protect the lives of our children. – Irina Yarovaya, a Russian politician. Finally, the law will allow not to delete web pages containing dangerous content for children, but to stop access to them. According to the authors, this will allow the investigating authorities and the police to collect and record the necessary evidence for further investigation.

Long work week before New Year

The last working week of 2018 will last six days – from Monday, December 24 to Saturday, December 29. This is necessary not to interrupt the New Year holidays, told in Rostrud. Thus, the day off from Saturday was postponed to Monday, December 31.

In total, the New Year holidays will last ten days – from December 30 to January 8, 2019 inclusive. Going to work will need from January 9, 2019.

In addition, the non-working days of January 5 and 6, which will fall on the New Year holidays, will be added to the weekends during the May holidays – Thursday, May 2, and Friday, May 3.

In Moscow, softened the rules of payment of parking

After entering the new rules, motorists will be able to fix everything until the end of the current day. In addition, now do not have to re-pay for parking. It is noted that after changes in the rules of payment for parking, citizens will be less likely to receive fines for incorrectly filling in the data.

FAS supports the appearance of the inscription “Alcohol kills”

According to the FAS, on all bottles of alcohol you need to place the inscription “Alcohol kills.” This warning must be printed by all manufacturers. It, as expected, will force the consumer to refuse the use of alcoholic beverages. This is stated in the response to the deputy bill. A document signed by the deputy head of the service, Aleksey Dotsenko, is at the disposal of Izvestia.

In Vladivostok, due to the absence of a teacher, lessons were offered to parents.

The director of the school in Vladivostok, in which there is no Russian language teacher for a long time, invited parents to conduct lessons themselves. About this at the meeting with the acting Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako told the mother of one of the students.

Russian cruise passengers will not be able to visit Mexico without a visa

According to tour operators, innovations of the Mexican authorities will not have a big impact on the Russian market. So, in the company “Inflot cruises and travels” cruises with a visit to Mexico are extremely rare. There were no requests for cruises in the Caribbean to the tour operator for the next two to three months.

Ministry of Labor has developed standards for the provision of medical care to students

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia has developed a professional standard for the provision of medical care to under-age students. The document is available on the portal of regulatory legal acts.

In the 40-degree frost turned off the heating

In Yakutsk, at the entrance of a two-story wooden house at Semen Danilov, 20 in all apartments can turn off the heating due to faulty ventilation. The management company and the management of the Construction District are trying to figure out who to fix the problem. In the meantime, the gas workers had already cut off one apartment from the heat in a 40-degree frost. The All-Russian Popular Front went to the spot with the raid.

Foreigners were surprised by the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, who consecrated the launch of the “Union” on the ISS

Foreign journalists were surprised by the rite of consecration of the Soyuz MS-11 rocket, launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome. A portion of the holy water went to foreigners.

“Today we were unexpectedly sprinkled with holy water by an enthusiastic Orthodox priest who blessed the Soyuz rocket before flying to the ISS. The photographers wanted more, ”Patrick Rivell, an ABC News reporter, wrote on his Twitter page, posting the corresponding video. He added that journalists were “poured with water” on the street, while the temperature was minus 14 degrees.

The Russians from Abkhazia will be able to receive medical care in the Kuban on OMS

Recall that the Ministers of Health of the Russian Federation and Abkhazia Veronika Skvortsova and Tamaz Tsakhnakiya on August 8, 2017 signed an agreement on cooperation in the insurance of Russians. The Ministry of Health has established that last year about 1.2 thousand residents of the neighboring republic received medical care in Sochi.

The number of disabled children in Russia is growing

The chief pediatrician of Russia and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Baranov, spoke about the growth of children’s disability in recent years. His words are reported by the Interfax news agency.

Baranov said that there are almost 700 thousand disabled children in the country now. Another 3 million are at risk.

“And this is the saddest thing, against the background of a decline in infant mortality, we have an increase in disability,” said Baranov.

According to him, now the increase in the number of children with disabilities is associated with high medical capabilities.

“To those children who died before, we save lives, but sometimes, unfortunately, we do not save them health. And it is clear that these two phenomena are sometimes interrelated, ”said the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In Italy, arrested the alleged head of the Mafia “Cosa Nostra”

As the agency clarifies, among the detainees, the alleged leader of the “dome” is the 80-year-old Settimino Mineo, who is considered the “treasure keeper”. Investigators believe that he took control of most of the Cosa Nostra after the arrest of the godfather Toto Riin.

In Yaroslavl depot explained why they offered the doctor the work of a cleaner

As REGNUM reported earlier, a document appeared in the network, where the surgeon is offered to work as an auxiliary worker or cleaner with a salary of 4,300 rubles. In accordance with the Labor Code, during the reorganization of the institution, the employer is obliged to inform the employee about the presence of all vacant posts.

ECHR did not review the case of Pussy Riot against Russia

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the request of the Russian authorities to transfer the decision on the punk group Pussy Riot’s complaint about criminal prosecution for a rally in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to the Grand Chamber, according to the website of the court.

In July of this year, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that Russia violated a number of provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights regarding the participants of the punk band Pussy Riot, and ordered more than 37 thousand euros to be charged from the Russian authorities (16 thousand euro in favor of Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, in favor of Ekaterina Samutsevich – 5 thousand euro).

In Sochi, stopped the case of the death of a child in a storm ditch

The case of the death of a seven-year-old boy in a storm gutter in Sochi was discontinued due to the reconciliation of the parties. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the court. “The case was discontinued due to the reconciliation of the parties,” said the agency interlocutor.

Lost Chinese scientist, who edited the genes of two children

The Chinese scientist, who announced the birth of the world’s first children with a modified genome, has disappeared. Earlier it was reported that He Jiankui is under house arrest, however, at the university, where he worked as a geneticist, they refute these rumors.

Parking in Moscow will rise to 380 rubles. at one o’clock

Increased rates are introduced on some streets in the city center. From December 15, new parking prices will be introduced in the capital. The most expensive fare – 380 rubles. at one o’clock – will operate on the busiest streets in the center, free parking on Sundays will also be canceled there.

By 2023, the subway will be available to 90% of citizens

The total system of underground and elevated metro will be 1000 kilometers, said Sobyanin. Over the past 7 years, the length of metro lines in Moscow has grown by 30%.

Central Bank proposed to allow Russians temporarily not to pay the mortgage

The Bank of Russia proposes to allow citizens to temporarily suspend payments on mortgages in difficult life situations, said first deputy chairman of the regulator Sergey Shvetsov, speaking in the Federation Council.


More than $ 100 million will be required in 2019 for humanitarian aid to the DPRK

In 2019, the DPRK will need more than $ 111 million in humanitarian assistance, according to a UN report.

“While the number of needy people is expected to remain at the same level next year, the sanctions imposed on North Korea will continue to deter UN agencies and other humanitarian partners from providing assistance to a poor country,” the document says.

The report states that humanitarian activities are “not subject to international sanctions,” but “they (sanctions-IF) unintentionally affect humanitarian operations due to the disruption of the banking channel, disruptions in supply chains and delays in the transportation of vital goods.”

The UN estimates that in 2018 in North Korea, 10.3 million people needed humanitarian aid.

Smolny will acquire a controlling stake in Metrostroy

St. Petersburg intends to increase its stake in OAO Metrostroy from 46% to 51% of shares, the press service of the city’s governor’s administration reports. Metrostroy is one of the leading construction companies in St. Petersburg.

Every day, the metro carries about two million people, more than 40% of passenger traffic. There are 69 stations in St. Petersburg. But this is very small for our metropolis – some areas are not covered by the metro at all. – Alexander Beglov, Russian politician

Golodets promised Russia for the New Year millions of tourists

The record for eight million tourists was promised in Russia for the New Year holidays by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. The corresponding assessment was announced at a meeting of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the deputy prime ministers.

During the school holidays, we expect that the number of tourists in the Russian resorts will exceed 7.7 million people. This is our historical record, on the one hand, but on the other hand, we are already prepared for it. – Olga Golodets, Russian politician

Krasnoyarsk plans to earn 4.8 billion rubles on tourism

If in 2020 it is expected that tourists will bring 4.4 billion rubles to the city, then by 2023 – 4.8 billion rubles

Yamal authorities subsidize air routes to Crimea and Krasnodar in 2019

The authorities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAO) subsidize air routes from Salekhard, Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk and Nadym to the Crimea and Krasnodar in 2019. This was announced by the regional governor Dmitry Artyukhov in the annual report on the situation in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

The former head of AvtoVAZ became the owner of the airport “Zhukovsky”

Boris Aleshin, Advisor to the President of United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) on science and technology, became the direct owner of 22.5% of Ramport Aero JSC – the management company of the airport near Moscow Zhukovsky.

B. Aleshin in 2004-2007 was the head of the Federal Agency for Industry, from 2007 to 2009 he headed AvtoVAZ, in 2009-2015 he served as director general of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. Zhukovsky. Since 2015 – Advisor to the President of the UAC.

Saxo Bank allowed the introduction of a world transport tax

World concerns about global climate change in 2019 will result in the introduction of a worldwide transport tax that will extend to airline tickets and tonnage of ships, according to forecasts of Saxo Bank.

Reuters found out about the differences between Russia and OPEC to reduce oil production

The participants in the OPEC + transaction are still planning to approve a general reduction in oil production by at least 1.3 million barrels. per day, Reuters confirmed four sources. They added that the resistance of Russia to a significant reduction in production was still the main stumbling block.

Tenth oil field discovered on the shelf of Guyana

By 2025, Guyana plans to increase oil production to 750,000 barrels per day. ExxonMobil discovered the tenth oil field on the shelf of Guyana, the Guyana Department of Energy said. As a result, the volume of recoverable oil in the Stabroek block exceeded 5 billion barrels.

Tatneft increased oil production to 26.5 million tons in January-November

29 thousand tons were produced outside Tatarstan in November, for 11 months – 312 thousand tons (-11 thousand tons), the Tatneft press service reported. Extra-viscous oil production in November amounted to 170 thousand tons, from the beginning of the year – 1 million 773 thousand tons (+309 thousand tons).

State Duma supported the bill on funds holders

The State Duma adopted in first reading a government bill aimed at strengthening control over the use by the real estate developer of co-investors. The document, in particular, corrects the rule on the joint liability of persons for losses of real estate investors.

Employer wages and salaries in Russia exceeded 3.2 billion rubles

Employers owed to 46.7 thousand people. Of these, 47% are employees of the manufacturing industry, another 20% work in the construction industry.

Sanctions against the Ministry of Energy – “Promsriereimport”

On November 20, the United States added Promsriereimport to the sanctions lists for facilitating the supply of oil to the Syrian authorities. Through this company, transactions are also conducted between Russia and Iran under the “oil-for-goods” scheme. According to the US Treasury, Promsyereimport is the main link in supplying Iranian oil to Syria using tankers with the automatic identification system turned off, and Andrei Dogaev, deputy general director of Promsyereimport, who was under sanctions, supervised deliveries.

The Russian Ministry of Energy considers unfounded the US sanctions imposed on the structure of the Ministry of Energy – Promsriereimport, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters.

“We consider any sanctions unfounded, because they do not comply with international law. And these (regarding “Promsriereimport”) also, ”the agency TASS reported Novak’s words.

“Rosseti” will offer the government to conduct an additional issue

After the approval of a long-term development concept, Rosseti will offer the government to issue additional shares of the company to raise additional funds, said Pavel Livinsky, the company’s general director.

Debt of Russians on bank loans reached a historic maximum

The total amount of Russian bank debt has reached a historic maximum, according to a World Bank report on the Russian economy. This value exceeds the previous maximum, registered at the end of 2014, experts indicate

The trading volume on the Damascus Stock Exchange broke the historical record

Monday’s trading volume on the Damascus Stock Exchange broke the record since it opened in 2009, reaching 7.43 billion Syrian lira (about $ 17.1 million), according to data on the exchange’s website. The volume of transactions in shares amounted to more than 8 million, follows from the data of the exchange. In total, 95 deals were made per day.

The local newspaper al-Watan explains that such a jump was made possible by two major deals concluded on Monday with shares of the Islamic International Bank of Syria. The volume of these two transactions amounted to more than 7.35 billion lire ($ 16.9 million), the newspaper said

Russian gasoline will rise in price in Kazakhstan

The draft decree on the change of excise taxes was posted on public discussion on the site egov. kz back in june. Then the journalists calculated that in case of its adoption, a liter of imported gasoline will rise in price by almost 5 tenge (almost per ruble).

Central Bank ordered banks to carefully monitor construction and trading companies

The Central Bank has warned market participants that from January 2019 it will more closely monitor how carefully banks are implementing compliance procedures for customers from the construction sector, trade and the service sector.

Figure skater Tatyana Navka became co-owner of salt producer in Crimea

Two-time world champion in figure skating and the wife of the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Navka, became co-owner of the production cooperative “Galit” located in the Crimea, follows from the SPARK database

The first channel will receive half a billion from the budget for broadcast parades

The defense Ministry will pay 537 million rubles. “Channel One” as compensation for the costs of organizing the broadcast of two naval parades in St. Petersburg, held in 2017 and 2018, the government said.

Palladium will remain the most scarce precious metal in 2019

The palladium market has long been in short supply. In 2017, its production in the world amounted to 6.7 million ounces, demand – 10.2 million ounces, the cost of the metal increased 1.5 times to $ 1065.2 per ounce by the end of the year. On Tuesday, December 4, it cost $ 1,171.5 per ounce.

Cherkizovo Group completed a deal to buy Altai Broiler.

As the founder of the group, Igor Babaev, told journalists in Barnaul, the amount of the transaction amounted to 4.6 billion rubles.

“Tomorrow we will transfer 4.6 billion rubles and tomorrow we will go to the enterprise,” he said.

The Altai Broiler JSC was purchased from the main owner of the Belgorod Prioskolye group of companies, Gennady Bobrytsky.

Consumer confidence went down

The trend to improve consumer sentiment, which began in the second quarter of 2018, has changed: in the third quarter, the corresponding index fell from 70 to 67 points. The consumer sentiment is affected by the weakening of the ruble, the acceleration of inflation and the upcoming VAT increase to 20%.

YPF and Petronas to invest $ 2.3 billion in the Vaca Muerta formation in Argentina

The Argentine YPF and Malaysian Petronas will invest $ 2.3 billion over the next four years in the Amarga Chica block of the Vaca Muerta shale formation, YPF reported. This is the second largest amount of direct investment of YPF in the development of unconventional hydrocarbons in Argentina, the company said

ExxonMobil leaves Azerbaijan

The American oil company ExxonMobil intends to sell its share (6.8%) in Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli, the largest oil field in Azerbaijan (ACG), for $ 2 billion. Exxon wants to focus on the development of US shale deposits, as well as recently discovered fields in Guyana, reported by the media.

New oil field found in the Saratov region

Geologists discovered a new oil field on the territory of the Saratov region, in the near future it is planned to explore and begin to develop, Vladimir Komarov, an official representative of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the region, said on Tuesday.

In London, the demand for luxury real estate from the Russians

It is noted that the current level of interest in luxury real estate in London from the Russians contrasts sharply with the figures for the third quarter of 2016, when only 6 percent of transactions over 10 million pounds came from the natives of the Russian Federation


French authorities announced a moratorium on raising taxes on fuel

French Prime Minister Edouard Philip announced the introduction of a moratorium on raising taxes on fuel for a period of six months because of the protests taking place in the country, reports Le Monde.

No taxes are worth the unity of society. I heard the anger of the French. – Edouard Philippe, French politician

Ukraine is preparing a lawsuit to the UN court because of the incident in the Kerch Strait

Kiev is preparing to file a lawsuit with the UN International Court of Justice because of the incident in the Kerch Strait, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, adding that “the relevant document has already been fixed.” According to Ukrainian politicians, this will help “bring Russia to justice for aggression.”

A lawsuit is being prepared to the International Court of Justice in connection with an act of aggression. This file is already fixed – about the responsibility of the Russian Federation for aggression against our state. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Volodin instructed to simplify the adoption of Ukrainians in Russian citizenship

Earlier, Putin said that Russia would not impose restrictions on citizens of Ukraine, but would follow the path of liberalization of obtaining Russian citizenship for Ukrainians. The Foreign Ministry noted that the statement of the Russian leader shows the “good intentions of Russia.”

As part of implementing the presidential instruction, to hold consultations with the government, with the presidential administration of the Russian Federation and, as a matter of priority, make changes to legislation that will open doors and do everything so that there is less bureaucracy in the paperwork. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Patrushev will hold talks with Indian Prime Minister Modi

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev will visit India on December 6-7, where he will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian Ambassador to Russia Bala Venkatesh Varma said.

EU court confirmed the right of Britain to abandon Brexit

The UK may cancel Brexit unilaterally. This was reported in a statement by the Adviser to the European Court in Luxembourg, Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona. According to him, according to Art. 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon one of the parties may abandon the process of secession from the European Union.

USA gladly buy our tractors

Belarus successfully supplies agricultural equipment to the United States and cooperates with Washington in the IT field, said head of state Alexander Lukashenko. In late October 2018, the politician met with US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell, RT writes.

Prime Minister of Spain considers it necessary to cancel the immunity of the king

Earlier, the Spanish government decided to cancel judicial privileges for members of the cabinet of ministers, deputies and senators. All necessary changes will be made to the constitution within a year. This is the third reform of the basic law of Spain since its adoption in 1978.

Special Prosecutor Muller did not demand imprisonment for Flynn

Robert Muller, special prosecutor for the investigation of the “Russian case,” did not demand imprisonment for the ex-assistant of the American President of the USA Donald Trump Michael Flynn. This is reported by CNN with reference to the relevant documents filed with the court of the Central District of Columbia.

The State Department called on the European Union to abandon the “Nord Stream – 2”

A senior US State Department official said that the incident with the detention of Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait for violating the Russian border should force the EU to abandon Nord Stream-2.

Trump commented on mass protests in France

US President Donald Trump linked the protests in France with the Paris Climate Agreement. According to him, large-scale demonstrations due to rising fuel prices indicate loyalty to the US decision to withdraw from the agreement.

I am pleased that my friend Emmanuel Macron and the protesters in Paris agreed with the conclusion I made two years ago. The Paris Agreement is profoundly erroneous because it raises energy prices for responsible countries, while at the same time justifying the largest sources of pollution in the world. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

China is confident in the success of trade negotiations with the United States

Negotiations with the United States on the elimination of trade and economic contradictions are progressing successfully; China expects positive results from them. This was reported on Wednesday by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Trump spoke about concluding a trade agreement with China

US President Donald Trump expressed confidence that the United States and China will conclude a trade agreement “now or in the future.” About this he wrote in his Twitter. The American leader noted that either Washington makes a “real deal” with China, “or does not make any”

The OSCE told about the departure of Gryzlov from the meeting of the contact group

Permanent Representative of Russia in the contact group for resolving the situation in the Donbass Boris Gryzlov left the meeting in Minsk during a speech by the representative of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine Yevhen Marchuk. This was stated by the OSCE Special Representative in the contact group Martin Saydik, reports Interfax.

Poroshenko urged the West to move to action

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on Western countries to act in connection with the collision in the Kerch Strait area and the detention of Ukrainian sailors. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg. Poroshenko thanked the Western countries for their support and the statements made by their leaders.

Leader of “Russia-1” explained why he expelled the Ukrainian expert

TV presenter Yevgeny Popov in his instagram explained why he expelled the Ukrainian political scientist Maxim Yali from the “60 Minutes” program studio. According to him, during one of the previous airs Yali “allowed himself dubious statements,” referring to “some of the data.”

Received in response popular in the pro-government Ukrainian expert community ‘’ according to some data ’’ or ‘’ according to experts ’’. Something like. I said to Maxim – ‘’ according to some information, your name is Igor ’’ – Evgeny Popov, Russian journalist

Hussites arrived in Stockholm to negotiate

Representatives of the Hussites came from Yemen to Stockholm for talks, said Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Vallstrom on Twitter.

“The delegation of the Hussites arrived in Sweden together with special representatives from the United Nations, Sweden and Kuwait for scheduled consultations on Yemen,” Vallstrom wrote

US Department of Justice has charged the defendants of the “Panamanian dossier”

“Four people were charged with cyber fraud, tax fraud, money laundering and other crimes in connection with their involvement in a criminal scheme involving the Panamanian global law firm Mossack Fonseca & Co and related companies that worked decades, “- said in a press release distributed by the ministry.

CIA report convinced senators of the prince’s involvement in the assassination of Hashkazhi

US senators Bob Cocker and Lindsay Graham said they are confident of the involvement of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the killing of The Washington Post’s Islamic leader, publisher and columnist, Jamal Hashkaji, reports CNN.

There is not a single chance – not a single one – that this happened without the Crown Prince. – Lindsey Graham, American politician

About 800 illegal migrants detained at the US border

The US border guard detained about 800 migrants from Central America while trying to cross the border, said Tonatiu Guillen, director of the National Institute of Immigration in Mexico, on Formula radio station.

Post Republican election committee hacked hackers

The attackers got access to documents before the mid-term elections in 2018. During the 2018 election campaign to Congress, email accounts of several high-ranking members were hacked by unknown hackers, Politico reported.

US special envoy for Syria to visit Turkey and Jordan

The special representative of the US State Department for Syria, James Jeffrey, will make visits to Turkey and Jordan. This is reported by the press service of the US Foreign Ministry.

Russia blocked the US request to the WTO on the dispute about duties

“Russia has blocked the first request from the United States to create a panel of arbitrators on the issue of additional import duties imposed by Russia in response to US duties on steel and aluminum,” the WTO reported to RIA Novosti.

Spanish authorities have declared the Catalans indifference to the state system of the country

Sanchez expressed the opinion that supporters of the independence of Catalonia “do not care what the structure and model of the state” exists in Spain, reports TASS.

“They want to go against Spain,” the prime minister said in an interview with El Pais on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish constitution.


The United States issued an ultimatum to Russia on the INF Treaty

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia is given two months to return to the 1987 Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (DIS). He added that if this does not happen, Washington will suspend its obligations under the INF.

Russia strictly abides by the provisions of the treaty, and the American side knows this. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

The United States sends an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf

The Pentagon intends to transfer a new group of warships to the Persian Gulf. As TASS reports, the squadron will include an aircraft carrier and several escort ships. Such operations have not been carried out for eight months.

Israeli military launched an operation on the border with Lebanon

The Israeli military announced the start of Operation Northern Shield in order to detect and destroy the cross-border tunnels that the Lebanese Hezbollah is making for the secret transfer of militants to Israel

The submarine “Severodvinsk” hit the target at a distance of more than 700 km

Nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet “Severodvinsk” completed training launches “Caliber”. It is noted that the distance between the submarine and the target was more than 700 km. Shooting took place as part of combat training

Patrol ship “Dmitry Rogachev” arrived in Sevastopol

The crew of the ship will pass the next stage of sea trials in Sevastopol. This is the press service of the Black Sea Fleet. Five days in a row a set of activities will be carried out, after which the ship will relocate to the port of Novorossiysk, where it will continue testing.

Defense Ministry will present a military ATM on wheels of “KAMAZ”

“On December 6, at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow region, a demonstration of a new mobile field military ATM complex will be held, which is mounted on the chassis of a KamAZ vehicle,” the ministry said.

State tests of antitank “Sprut” will be held in 2019

The Russian Defense Ministry will conduct state tests of the modernized Sprut-SDM-1 self-propelled anti-tank gun next year, they are included in the planned activities for 2019, according to the information department of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Three MiG-31BM interceptor fighters reinforce air regiment in Perm

The air regiment of the Central Military District (CEC), located in the Perm Territory, received three modernized high-altitude fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM in the framework of the state defense order. This is the press service of the military district.

Russian army will receive a unique anti-spy complex

In Russia, developed a mobile laboratory “Corvette-S-SK”. She will be engaged in checking equipment, premises and facilities where secret data are stored and processed.

The frontier service of Ukraine led the ships in combat readiness

The ships and boats of the frontier service of Ukraine are put on alert after the introduction of martial law in the country, almost all of them are at sea, said the head of the state border service of the country, Peter Tsigikal, on UATV.

“Practically the entire crew is at sea today,” RIA Novosti quotes Tsigikala.

Combat lasers “Peresvet” stepped on the experimental combat duty

Laser complexes “Peresvet” on December 1, took over the experimental combat duty, according to the official newspaper of the Armed Forces of Russia “Red Star”. “On December 1 of this year, Peresvet laser complexes based on new physical principles started up on combat-duty duty,” the newspaper writes.

France and Britain convened a closed meeting of the UN Security Council on Iran

The UN Security Council, at the initiative of France and the UK, will hold closed consultations on Iran’s missile tests, the spokesman for the French Permanent Mission to the international organization, Alexis Mojaski, said.

Israel warned Russia about the military operation

According to the ambassador, the Israeli delegation visited the Russian Foreign Ministry, met with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin and discussed a number of topics, including the operation of the Northern Shield. Earlier it was reported that Israel launched an operation on the border with Lebanon

US develops bacteria to search for Russian submarines

The US Navy Institute, together with the Directorate of Advanced Research Projects of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA), has begun the development of biologically active tracking and protection systems capable of determining the location of enemy ships, Defense One reports.


Dolphins liked to watch Spongebob cartoon

Any signs of excitement and interest in the form of movements of the head and clapping with flippers were carefully fixed. Dolphins showed some series of the documentary program “Planet Earth” with the participation of marine animals and without them, as well as the third episode of the first season “Sponge Bob Square Pants”

Two components of coffee protect neurons in Parkinson’s disease

Scientists have conducted a study on rodents who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Mice were given coffee in small doses, and it turned out that the drink has an extremely beneficial effect. Despite the fact that the 2 components of coffee act differently, they both prevent the accumulation of protein.

The smartphone will be able to diagnose depression in voice and facial expression

Machines were trained to see signs of mental disorder from videos of people who were diagnosed with depression by doctors. The algorithms paid attention to a set of signals — facial expression, voice, and words used, explains MIT Technology Review. Researchers managed to achieve accuracy of more than 80%.

In 2019, scientists will launch an experiment to cool the Earth

Scientists from Harvard University intend to fool the sun. Next year, they will launch a pilot project, which they believe will be able to cool our planet. The possibility of this experiment was actively discussed in the late fall.

Found a link between tooth loss and hypertension in women

Scientists attribute this to the fact that, losing teeth, people begin to switch to softer and more processed foods. Changes in eating habits over time can cause an increase in blood pressure. The greatest risk of developing hypertension is observed in older women.

The question of genetic modification of people will WHO.

The World Health Organization is convening experts who will address the issue of editing the human genome. As stated by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhan, the expert group should examine the possible impact of such manipulations on health.

Rebellious bees were prone to parasitism

Some tinder lay eggs in other colonies, that is, resort to intraspecific parasitism. In 2012, it became aware of the existence of a small caste of bee insurgents, which can lay much more eggs than the ordinary tinder.

Scientists have discovered new methods for monitoring microbial growth

The Savannah River National Laboratory, in collaboration with Clemson University and the University of South Carolina, demonstrated the use of electrochemical methods for monitoring the growth status and energy level of microorganisms used in biotechnology.

In an article published in the journal Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Express, using an innovative method, scientists were able to establish control over microbes in real time, reducing economic costs compared to traditional methods.

Microorganisms are used in many industries, including the production of fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products (ethanol, acetate, degradable plastics, penicillin and yogurt).


Arianespace made its 10th start this year.

Arianespace is a French company that was the first in the industry to launch commercial launches since 1980, long before the advent of SpaceX. The Kourou space center, in turn, is jointly operated by the European Space Agency and the French National Center for Space Research.

NASA has revealed the dangerous for the Earth asteroid Bennu

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showed on Twitter how Bennu asteroid rotates, recognized as potentially dangerous for the Earth

A robot on the ISS refused to comply with the astronaut’s request

German astronaut Alexander Gerst was surprised by the behavior of the robot Simon, who lives with him on the ISS. At the beginning, the astronaut gave the team a robot and he did everything. At some point, Alexander asked Simon to include his favorite music, the robot executed the command. The representative of Germany on the ISS even danced a little, and then demanded to turn off the song and perform another task – to activate the front camera. However, artificial intelligence completed the task, but the music continued to play. Then Gerst reiterated his demand and even shook the AI.


Roscosmos wants to create its own television

Roscosmos plans to launch its own TV channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day. Content for him will be filmed by the studio of the state corporation.

Scientists have shown a unique photo of the North Pole of the Sun

American astronomers have published a snapshot of the north pole of the sun. The photo was taken with the help of montage, since almost all the spacecraft observed a star at low latitudes and could not capture its north pole.

The water in the rings of Saturn was the same as on Earth.

Water in the rings and satellites of Saturn practically does not differ from that on the earth – this discovery was made by astronomers using the new method of remote measurement of the isotopic ratios of water and carbon dioxide. The only exception was Phoebe, an irregular satellite discovered in 1899.

Astronomers have created a temperature map of the satellite of Jupiter

Using the ALMA radio interferometer (Atacama Large Millimeter Array), located in Chile, astronomers were able to build a temperature map of Europe — the satellite of Jupiter, known for hiding the ocean beneath its icy surface

A new maximum of solar activity will be in the years 2022-2023

The peak of the 25th, in a row from the time of the beginning of the observations, of the solar activity cycle will be in 2022-2023. Yuriy Nagovitsyn, chief researcher at the Pulkovo Observatory, shared this assessment with TASS.

Astronomers will have to revise the method for determining the rate of expansion of the universe

The data obtained from observations of the white dwarf system and the red giant using NASA’s X-ray observatories Swift and Chandra suggest that astronomers will have to reconsider the methods used to calculate the rate of expansion of the Universe. The findings of scientists are presented in the journal Nature Astronomy.

“I am thrilled with the result. We recorded a completely new phenomenon, and this is very exciting, ”says Tom Maccarone, lead author of a study at Texas Tech University (USA).


In Russia, announced the recall of more than 5 thousand sedans Ravon Nexia R3

The company Ravon announced the recall of 5,2 thousand sedans Nexia R3 because of problems with power steering. Under the service action got cars sold in Russia from May 2017 to March 2018. About this on its official website reports Rosstandart.

UAZ presented the updated truck UAZ Profi

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant presented an updated light commercial vehicle UAZ Pro. Changes affected the cabin, suspension and equipment. As a result, the truck became more comfortable and practical.

In 2019 in Russia will be released five new products from Cadillac

The press service of the company Cadillac announced the appearance in Russia in 2019 of its five new products. In the first quarter, we will receive the updated CT6 sedan and Camaro coupe. In the fourth quarter, a pre-order will open on the XT5 restyled crossover and the new large SUV XT6.

BMW M8 Sport Coupe will be released in two versions at once.

The novelty will be released on the world market next year, and will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019. It is expected that, along with the standard version of the “charged” model, the automaker will immediately introduce a modification of the M8 Competition.

New Kia crossover noticed on tests

KIA has launched a road test of the Ceed hatchback compact new crossover. The first spy photos of the car published portal Motor1. The world premiere of the novelty is expected in the spring of 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show

In Russia, earned insurance history bureau

On the territory of our country has earned service auto insurance stories. Creating a service will let you know in which companies and when the insurance of this or that car took place. Insurance information for each car is deposited in the established database and can be used if necessary.

Tata has built a Harrier crossover based on Land Rover Discovery Sport

Indian automaker Tata has created a new Harrier crossover, based on the D8 “trolley” on which the Land Rover Discovery Sport is built. Harrier dimensions are almost the same as that of the donor: 4598 X 1894 X 1706 mm with a clearance of 205 mm and a wheelbase of 2,741 mm.

Toyota in the United States will launch 19 updated cars by 2022

Toyota cars are popular in the US market, and the manufacturer does not intend to lose its position. The company plans to release 19 new and updated models on the American market within three years.

LADA Granta liftback with premium tuning

The web published a render, where they showed domestic liftback LADA Granta with a premium tuning. Specialists significantly improved the popular vehicle and made the bumper even more massive than its predecessor. Experts viewed renders with tuned model LADA Granta

Named the opening date of the Mercedes plant in the Moscow region

Construction of the Mercedes plant in the Moscow region will be completed in April 2019. Such a term on the air of the TV channel “360” was designated by Axel Benze, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Russia. Before the opening ceremony in the industrial park “Esipovo” the first Moscow region Mercedes will be assembled.

Ford has registered a new brand name Mach E

Ford has registered a new product name Mach E. According to preliminary information, the new name is intended for the first in the history of the specified manufacturer of the electric crossover.

Russia has developed 10 rules for handling unmanned vehicles

Recommendations for drivers relate primarily to strict adherence to traffic rules – this will allow the drone to obtain data on the situation on the road, determine the future path and speed. Drivers should be especially careful on the road when meeting with a self-propelled car, not be distracted by his shooting and not attract the attention of a pilot engineer gestures and sounds. Motorcyclists are advised not to touch the car while driving.

Pedestrians should behave predictably, cross the road only by appropriate markings and not try to run across in front of the car, even if there is a pedestrian crossing nearby. The rules advise, crossing the road, to remove from the face objects that interfere with the review, and not to use headphones and a headset.

The instruction was drawn up at the National Technological Initiative “Avtonet” – this is a technical consultant of the project for testing drones in the Russian Federation.

Formula-E team built all-terrain vehicle for polar explorers

The Monegasque company Venturi Automobiles, known as a participant in the Formula E Championship, presented the first electric all-terrain vehicle for polar explorers. The presentation of the car, called Antarctica, took place in the palace of the reigning Prince of Monaco, Albert II, who initiated the project


Sergey Shnurov taught the leader Rammstein to swear in Russian

Sergey Shnurov on his Instagram page published a New Year greeting from Till Lindemann from the Rammstein group. Subscribers disagreed as to whether this is good or bad: the fact is that a selective Russian language was pouring from the mouth of a German.

My friend from Germany, he speaks Russian poorly. Just wants to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year. Come on. – Sergey Shnurov

In the State Duma offered legislation to allow mate at concerts

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Andrei Svintsov proposed by law to allow musicians to use foul language at concerts with age restrictions of “18+”. He reported this to the Moscow news agency on December 4.

Universal is developing a movie on the songs of Prince

The songs of Prince, who died April 21, 2016 from an overdose of a potent analgesic, will shoot a full-length musical film. The project is engaged in the studio Universal, which acquired the rights to the classic recording artist.

The Cure will visit Moscow in the framework of the festival “Picnic Posters”

The British rockers The Cure will fly to Moscow with a concert at the Picnic Posters festival, which will be held on August 3, 2019. Tickets are already on sale. The Cure rock band was the first headliner of a major event in Moscow.

Alsou and Basta released the video for the song “We are with you”

The plot of the video tells about a romantic love story that ends with the parting of the hero and heroine. As Alsou told the fans, the video with Basta was a mini-film about love.

Coverdale and Whitesnake will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg

British-American rock band Whitesnake and its founder and permanent leader David Coverdale will perform in St. Petersburg and Moscow in 2019 as part of the Flesh & Blood world tour on the 40th anniversary of the team, reports TASS, First rockers will give a concert in St. Petersburg – July 15 in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall and then in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on July 17.

1975 soloist fights phobias and nightmares in a new music video

In the video, which was shot by director Warren Foo, strange things happen to the lead singer of the band Matthew Healey: he gets scared of his own reflection, during his performance on the stage, his mouth disappears, his legs burn, he starts to sink like in a swamp, then, from home, watching from the side of the filming of the previous video of 1975 with his participation

“Beasts” and Noize MC will come to WG Fest

Sabaton, “The Beasts” and Noize MC will perform at the WG Fest. The festival will be held in Moscow “Expocenter” on December 15, 2018.

We want to leave at the peak of the form

In an interview with TASS on the eve of the tour, guitarist Tommy Thayer, who took the place of the legendary Spaceman in 2002, told why Kiss made the decision to “leave at the peak”, what the band does for its “best show of all time”, and also shared its plans for life Kiss.

In “Charges” will be Christmas den

In the concert hall “Zaryadie”, the performance “Pavel Karmanov’s Christmas Nativity Scene” based on the folk drama “Death of King Herod” will be shown. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of

Anton Belyaev and Therr Maitz will meet the winter with the orchestra

On December 7, Anton Belyaev and Therr Maitz will perform for the first time on the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall with a big winter concert accompanied by an orchestra. In the program – the best works and songs from the new album.

Sergey Polunin will show his one-act ballets in “Zaryadye”

The Russian premiere of the one-act ballet program “Sacré” performed by Sergei Polunin will take place on February 14 and 15, 2019 in the Great Hall of the Moscow Confederation Charitable Zaryadie.


The name of the host of the following Oscar ceremony has become known.

American comedian Kevin Hart will conduct the Oscar award ceremony in 2019. About this artist said in his Instagram.

“I am glad that the day has come when I will become the leader of the Oscars,” wrote Hart. According to the actor, his old dream has come true. He assured that he would make the ceremony unforgettable.

The Oscar will be awarded in 2019 on February 24 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. From January 7, the Academy will begin to select applicants for the highest award, will announce nominees on January 22.

Named dates of the anniversary “Kinotavr” in Sochi

The main show area, as in previous years, will be the Winter Theater. The festival program will include both traditional short film and full-length film contests, as well as a number of projects and events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kinotavr, TASS was told in the film service’s press service.

Ben Mendelsohn will play in the film adaptation of the work of Stephen King

The cable channel HBO ordered the production of a series based on the recently released work of Stephen King “The Outsider”.

Bumblebee will speak dylan o’brien

The producer of the upcoming spin-off of Transformers, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, confirmed that Bumbley would speak for the first time. Voiced by Autobot Star of the Labyrinth Dylan O’Brien

The story of a homeless man who lives on the roof

A new short film Red Pepper Film from the series “Ivanas Remembering Kinship” was released. This is a good story about a homeless Ivan, who lives on the roof. In the story, the boy Stepan accidentally meets Ivan, who lives on the St. Petersburg roof. They become friends – the boy brings food from the house to the roof, and Ivan helps Stepan to do his homework. The New Year is approaching, and the boy decides to help the homeless to find work and return the family

“Lights” shot Ural director Ivan Sosnin. The main roles in the short film were performed by actor Fedor Dobronravov, and Saveliy Kudryashov. The role of the boy’s mother went to actress Maria Zimina.

In the State Duma held a special show of the film Yastrzhembsky “Passion for the Mammoth”

The film was filmed for two years in Russia, France and China, the geography of the filming was determined by the places where the mammoth bone was collected and the location of the bone carving centers. The film tells about the problems in this area, about the so-called mammoth fever, which in recent years has covered Yakutia and Chukotka. The authors of the picture also raise the question of the reconstruction of the Mammoth Museum in Moscow.

Kit Harington promised never to return to the Game of Thrones

Star of “Game of Thrones” actor Keith Harington admitted that he no longer wants to return to the project. He stated this in an interview with the BBC. The actor officially finished filming the show in July of this year.

Sylvester Stallone completed the shooting of “Rambo 5”

The actor posted the corresponding video on his official page on the Instagram social network.

“It was my last shooting day of“ Rambo 5. ”It was an amazing journey. This character was first introduced to me in 1980, and no one could believe that I was the one to play it. I’m already 11 pretenders for this role”, – said the actor

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