2 Окт, 2021

Consumption brings climate catastrophe closer

During the pandemic, people began to actively engage in shopping, which is why the number of sea shipments increased, reports Bloomberg. The climate catastrophe has become closer due to the increase in emissions from cargo ships.

Sitting locked up during the pandemic, consumers ordered everything from washing machines to exercise bikes. In this regard, the demand for sea freight has increased. Due to the increase in the number of orders, ships carrying goods began to sail at a higher speed, burning more fuel.

At the same time, as the agency points out, the increase in emissions from shipping occurs at a time when the world is faced with a shortage of natural gas, which forces electricity producers around the world to use more «dirty» coal and even fuel oil.

At the same time, the head of shipping at Cargill, Jan Dieleman (Jan Dieleman) notes that there will be no significant increase in emissions, as the industry is investing in fuel-saving technologies.

Shipping accounts for about three percent of global emissions — more than France and the UK combined. The current goal of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is to reduce pollution by at least 50 percent by 2050. How to achieve this is being discussed.

Proposals include a CO2 tax, a $ 5 billion research and development fund, and an emissions trading scheme. However, progress towards the goal is slow, as the IMO, as an international body, needs to maneuver between the competing interests of all countries.


In Russia, from October 1, ordinary investors will start taking tests on the knowledge of complex financial instruments in order to trade them. Tests for those wishing to buy bonds with structured income are available from September 1. And for the purchase of foreign exchange-traded funds (ETF), testing will be open on April 1, 2022, when these instruments will be admitted to the Russian market.

In August, the Central Bank approved a list of requirements and questions for testing unqualified investors, which will officially begin on October 1, 2021. The tests are designed to protect investors from capital losses due to ignorance of the risks of complex financial instruments.


SberBank began accepting applications for loans through ATMs. The minimum loan amount is 30 thousand rubles, the maximum is 5 million rubles for clients of payroll projects and 3 million for other clients. The service is available on touchscreen self-service devices. The term for making a decision is from 2 minutes. If the decision is positive, the loan can be obtained within 30 days.


Lukashenka guaranteed the safety of aircraft overflight over Belarus, but said that any ship would be «landed» in the country if its safety was threatened


Tinkov changed his attitude to the criminal case against him in the United States and pleaded guilty as part of a deal with the investigation.

Tinkov will be released as part of a deal with justice, will spend a year under supervision and pay $ 250,000, the US Department of Justice said.


The ex-governor of the Jewish Autonomous Okrug Vinnikov was convicted of crimes as a result of which more than 24 million rubles were stolen from the state budget. The sentence is 4 years probation.


Google has abandoned the project of opening digital bank accounts for Google Pay customers, which could significantly strengthen the company’s position in the financial services industry, writes The Wall Street Journal.


Ex-owner of «Cherkizon» Telman Ismailov in Russia (after extradition), detained in Montenegro on a Russian warrant, faces life imprisonment for organizing the murders of two businessmen — a source in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation


The Belarusian videographer Yegor Komarovsky, who collaborated with the German corporation Deutsche Welle, was searched on October 1 in connection with a criminal case on terrorism. No official charges have been brought against him yet


Alexei Navalny became a laureate of the «Knight of Freedom» prize, which was established by the Polish Kazimir Pulawski Foundation. This award has been presented since 2005 to people «who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of democracy, freedom and equality around the world.» Prior to that, the only laureate from Russia was Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


Roskomnadzor will receive any information from telecom operators upon the first request. Amendments have been made to the law «on communications». Billing, location, sms, incoming, outgoing calls are no longer included in the privacy of correspondence. The department explains this by the fact that the «left» SIM cards are designed as corporate ones, but they are sold at the metro to everyone, and scammers can use them.


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