2 Oct, 2018

Costs remain uncontrollable

The US government debt for the 2018 fiscal year (ended September 30) grew by more than $ 1.2 trillion and is $ 21.5 trillion, writes The Washington Examiner.

Such indicators of US national debt reached for the first time in history, while in the 2018 fiscal year, the national debt took a little more than six months to grow from $ 20 trillion to $ 21 trillion.

Conservatives in Congress say that government spending remains uncontrollable, and in the future this could lead to even greater deficits.

During the years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the US government debt grew by more than $ 9 trillion and almost reached $ 20 trillion. American economists expect that by 2026 this figure could increase to $ 30 trillion.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the income received from duties imposed by the United States, will go to repay the public debt of the country

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Nobel week starts in Stockholm.

The choice of the winner and even the names of the candidates are kept in the strictest confidence. In total in the list of applicants for awards more than 300 people.

But special attention is traditionally focused on the Nobel Peace Prize. She will be presented in Oslo, Norway. This year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Donald Trump, DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and spouse George Clooney lawyer and human rights activist Amal were on the shortlist.

The provisions of the “Law of Spring” on the storage of Internet traffic came into force

From October 1 in Russia came into force part of the anti-terrorist package of amendments, known as the “law of Yarovoi.” Now, providers are required to store Internet traffic of users for the last 30 days. Storage capacity is planned to increase every year by 15% over five years.

Rosobrnadzor announced a large-scale verification of teachers for professional suitability

About 18 thousand teachers from 45 Russian regions will take part in the study, in each of which sites will be organized where teachers will have to perform special tasks on subjects taught in schools

Ministry of Health supports raising the age of selling alcohol to 21 years

The head of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Veronika Skvortsova, supported the initiative to increase the age of alcohol sales to 21 years.

It seems to us absolutely correct to raise the age when selling alcohol products to 21 years. We know that at a young age, alcohol acts the most destructively. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian politician

Residents of Russia will be vaccinated against the flu with domestic vaccines

Imported flu vaccines have become unavailable in Russia, Vedomosti found out. Analysts believe that there is no fundamental difference between domestic and foreign vaccines, and all of them are subject to mandatory certification in any case. At the same time, domestic drugs are cheaper than imported ones.

About equating the genome of Russians to personal data

Rospotrebnadzor sent a bill on equating Russian genetic information with personal data for a new reconciliation after the responses from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development.

“The bill received proposals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, taking into account which the revised draft regulatory act was sent for new coordination with interested federal executive bodies,” the press service of Rospotrebnadzor told Interfax.

According to the initiative, the nucleotide sequence in the DNA molecule will be personal data along with the last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, fingerprints of a citizen.

Ministry of Economic Development divided real and movable property

“Vedomosti” got acquainted with the draft amendments to the Civil Code, which should determine which property is considered movable and which is not, for tax purposes.

The draft law stipulates that only land plots, as well as buildings and structures that are capital construction objects and are firmly connected with the land, that is, they cannot be moved, belong to real estate.

Forbidding children under the age of 14 to attend quests

Petersburg deputies intend to ban children under the age of 14 years to attend quests. This was reported on September 28 in the apparatus of United Russia Denis Chetyrbok. He developed the corresponding document together with his fellow party member Alexander Khodosky. According to parliamentarians, minors “are often not able to foresee the consequences of their actions,” so it’s dangerous to participate in extreme quests.

Every fourth driver is ready to abandon the car

Back in May 2018, in another survey, only 5% of respondents allowed a complete abandonment of the car. The VTsIOM study, which was conducted in September 2018, was attended by 1.6 thousand citizens from different regions of the Russian Federation. Every fourth motorist is ready to abandon the “frequent use” of the car

In Russia, the rules have changed the delivery of patients by ambulance crews

Now the ambulance team is obliged to deliver the patient not to the nearest medical facility, but to that medical organization, where he will be provided with comprehensive assistance for certain types, profiles and diseases. The official document is published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The driver in Volzhsky was shot for music at five in the morning

In the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region, a 31-year-old man was killed in a car park for loud music early in the morning. The tragedy occurred on October 1 at five o’clock in the morning, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Two policemen shot a passer-by who made a remark to them.

25-year-old resident of Pyatigorsk made a remark to two young people who walked along the street and shot into the air from a traumatic pistol. After that, violators of calm began to shoot already in the passer-by. The man received several wounds in the chest, stomach and head.

The detainees were a 34-year-old lieutenant and a 33-year-old senior police sergeant. Both were not in execution. One was on vacation

In Rusal rejected involvement in the initiative of selling beer at night

Rusal has no relation to the initiative to simplify the regulation of the sale of alcoholic beverages in aluminum cans described in the Kommersant publication. About this RBC told the representative of the company

The fund connected with Roldugin will receive 6.3 billion rubles from the budget

The Foundation “Talent and Success”, among whose founders is musician Sergey Roldugin, will receive more than 6.3 billion rubles over three years. from the budget. Within the framework of the national project “Education”, the fund is to create centers for the detection of geeks in 35 regions

In 2015–2018, subsidies were provided through the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education.

In 2018, government subsidies were at 1.99 billion, in 2017 – 1.21 billion, in 2016 – 1.31 billion, in 2015 – 0.58 billion rubles, follows from the register of subsidies of the federal budget .

The demand for resort housing abroad among Russians has increased by 1.5 times

At the end of the summer of 2018, the number of applications for the purchase of overseas property among Russians increased by 1.5 times compared with the same period last year. This is reported by analysts of the international consulting company Knight Frank in a press release.

The government again began the reform of energy tariffs for the population

The government returned to the discussion of another large-scale energy reform: the project of social energy consumption for the population, which was frozen in 2014, with a sharp increase in tariffs in case of exceeding the established limit.

Increase the debt threshold, limiting travel abroad

The minimum level of debt, in which a bailiff can restrict a citizen from traveling abroad, can double from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles, follows from the bill sponsored by LDPR deputies Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov, Vadim Dengin, Boris Paikin and Andrey Svintsov

Dmitry Kiselev told the police about the author of the article about his villa in Crimea

Dmitry Kiselev, Director General of the Russia Today Agency, accused the author of an article about his villa, Vladimir Mazurin, in extortion and turned to the police. At this step, he went after the publication of material about the reconstruction of the house in Koktebel

Prosecutor General’s Office: in Russia, not a single case was initiated for likes

Not a single criminal case for likes on the Internet in Russia has been initiated, said Alexander Kurennoi, the official representative of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, RIA Novosti reports.

Kudrin revealed the sponsors of the European University in St. Petersburg

The head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, named Roman Abramovich, Vladimir Potanin and Mikhail Gutseriev among the most important sponsors of the European University at St. Petersburg.

I would like to thank the individuals who supported us in these difficult years and a half. I would like to single out three people: these are Mikhail Gutseriev, Roman Abramovich and Vladimir Potanin. – Alexey Kudrin, Russian politician

A hunger strike of firefighters began in Yakutia: “We are underpaid!”

The repeated protest action of the firefighters of Yakutia began on October 1, 14 people participate in it – 13 from the fire brigade in the suburb of Yakutsk Kangalassy and one from the village of Nizhny Bestyakh. About 60 employees of the “Fire Service of Yakutia” throughout the country support the demands of the starving people.

Firefighters demand that they should not expect a salary for a five-day week with payment for processing, but, as expected, for hours worked for days; that the uniform was issued in full and according to the season; that the condition of fire engines and buildings of fire departments was appropriate.

In the meantime, it is simply impossible to be in a building in Kangalassah – everything is moldy and fungus after it was flooded with water all the summertime: the roof needed to be repaired. In the fire station Zyryanka car on deflated wheels. In the garage where she stands, the asphalt is destroyed, and the building of the part itself was very peeling. In Srednekolymsk, fire trucks stand in a garage with old wooden gates and a curved tiled roof — it looks more like a barn. In the Lower Bestyah the walls of the building are in cracks, and the bathroom is in a terrible condition.

French Catholics call for an investigation into pedophilia

Several French Catholics called for the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry to shed light on the crimes in the French church.

Parents beat daughter to death for refusing to dine

Ukrainian investigators filed a criminal case with a married couple, who beat a 4-year-old daughter to death for refusing to dine. According to the publication “Strana.ua”, the incident occurred on July 13, 2018 in the village of Kalchenko, Belopolsky district, Sumy region.

The government until 2025 will not change the formula for calculating pensions

The government plans to change the current system for calculating pensions in 2025, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told reporters. The fact that the authorities intend to abandon the scoring pension formula, it became known in June, but the dates for modernization were not indicated.

Until 2018, inclusive, the cost of the pension ratio was established by the budget law, and the establishment methodology was not obvious and incomprehensible, since the law suggested that the government should develop a methodology that has not yet taken place to this day. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician


The US national debt rose to record values

The US national debt grew by more than $ 1.2 trillion for the 2018 fiscal year, which ended September 30. Now the amount of government debt exceeds a record $ 21.5 trillion, the newspaper The Washington Examiner writes.

Danske Bank appointed interim chapter after the laundering scandal

In mid-September, Danske Bank’s incumbent CEO Thomas Borgen announced his resignation. The statement was made against the background of the scandal surrounding the alleged money laundering in the Estonian branch of the bank.

Tesla shares rose 15% after the agreement of Ilona Mask with the SEC

On the morning of Monday, October 1, shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla rose by 15% after it became known that the creator of the company, Ilon Mask, was able to reach an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Airlines suffer record losses

Russian airlines due to the growth of prices for kerosene in the first half of the year (expenses for it grew by 40.1%) for the first time in history suffered losses on traditionally profitable international destinations. The total loss of the industry doubled and reached 40 billion rubles, as the companies, despite rising costs, do not raise prices in competition. While the government continues to seek a budget of 22.5 billion rubles. for compensation of kerosene costs, carriers see a solution in increasing the return excise tax on fuel

Investors from Karachaganak field to pay $ 1.7 billion to Kazakhstan

According to the agreement, the consortium will pay Kazakhstan a monetary compensation in the amount of $ 1.1 billion. The parties also agreed to change the production sharing mechanisms, which will provide Kazakhstan with an additional income from the project of $ 415 million until 2037, with an oil price of $ 80 per barrel

The manufacturing sector has increased business activity

The business activity index (PMI) of the processing industries of the Russian Federation in September 2018 rose to 50 points from 48.9 points in August. This is reported in a study of the analytical agency IHS Markit.

Central Bank issued a universal license to Vneshfinbank

From October 1, the Bank of Russia issued a universal license to a commercial bank Vneshfinbank in connection with the expansion of the activities of a credit institution. This follows from the materials of the regulator.

Debt of private management companies to MOEK exceeded 4 billion rubles

The debt of unscrupulous private management companies to the heat supplier – the Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK) – as of September 1, 2018 exceeded 4 billion rubles, Dmitry Filatov, the head of the Public Relations and Media Department of the MOEK, told reporters

Alexander Liberov to become head of Siemens in Russia

From October 1, Alexander Liberov was appointed new president of Siemens in Russia. He was the chief commercial director of a regional company.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has increased the share of Chinese assets

As follows from a review of Bank of Russia asset management in foreign currencies and gold as of the end of March 2018, in the first quarter of 2018, the regulator increased the share of reserves invested in assets denominated in Chinese yuan to 5.0% from 2, 8% a year ago, reducing the share of assets in US dollars to 43.7% from 45.8%, while the share of the euro fell by 3.5 pp to 22.2%. The regulator also reduced investments in pound sterling by 0.3 pp to 7.9%. At the same time, the share of gold over the year rose to 17.2% from 16.4%. Recall that the Central Bank publishes the relevant data with a semi-annual delay, as the markets are very sensitive to their content.

X5 Retail Group gained access to the foreign exchange market of the Moscow Stock Exchange

The retailer X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, and Karusel networks) gained access to the foreign exchange market and the deposit market with the central counterparty of the Moscow Exchange, the press service of the company reports.

Rogozin accused Mask of dumping

The founder of SpaceX, the US company Ilon Mask, sells launch vehicles at reduced prices to the Pentagon in order to force Russia out of this market, said the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, on Channel One. According to him, Mask’s actions are “pure dumping”.

But from the Pentagon he receives on average about 150 million for each launch. That is, you understand, he is paid extra in order for him to enter the market with a cheap product. And of course Russia cannot compete. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian politician

From January 1, 2019, reserved seats will increase by 3.9%

“The Board of the Federal Antimonopoly Service approved the application of Russian Railways and approved the maximum permissible rate of growth of tariffs for the carriage of passengers in the second-class and general carriages in the long-haul at the level of 3.9% from January 1, 2019”

The Central Bank will increase the risk ratio to 200% for mortgages with low premium

The Bank of Russia increases the risk ratio for mortgage loans with a low initial contribution of up to 200% from 150%, according to a press release from the regulator. New mortgage risk ratios with an initial installment will be applied to loans issued from January 1, 2019.

$ 200 million to maintain the Central Bank of Yemen

The amount allocated by the Saudi king will be part of a three billion dollar tranche to support the Yemeni rial, which played a catastrophic fall of the beginning of the year thanks to a Saudi loan of two billion dollars to the Central Bank

Gasoline prices in the Khabarovsk Territory rose again

Motorists of the Khabarovsk Territory noted an increase in the cost of fuel grades 92 and 95. Gasoline prices jumped 50 cents per liter.

US doubles gas exports in the first half of 2018

“For the period from January to June 2018, net exports of natural gas from the United States averaged 0.87 billion cubic feet per day (24.6 million cubic meters), which is more than twice the average daily net exports throughout 2017, amounted to 0.34 billion cubic feet (9.6 million cubic meters), “- said in a statement

Kuwait for the first time since 1992 stopped oil exports to the USA

Kuwait stopped oil exports to the United States for the first time since 1992, when supplies were interrupted due to a military conflict with Iraq, reports Bloomberg.
The head of the consulting company Lipow Oil Associates, Andy Lipou, in an interview with the agency did not rule out that now this state of the Arabian Peninsula will strengthen cooperation with Asian countries.

“Sanctions against Iran allow other producers to sell more oil to Asia, where prices are more attractive than in the US,” he said.


Bolivia’s lawsuit against Chile to return to Pacific

The International Court of Justice ruled that Chile is not obliged to enter into negotiations with Bolivia, demanding to provide her access to the Pacific Ocean, reports TASS with reference to the Associated Press.

A panel of 15 judges concluded that the series of agreements, memorandums and statements prepared during decades of negotiations do not oblige Chile to enter into negotiations with Bolivia on this matter.

According to the Assocaiated Press, 12 out of 15 judges rejected the arguments presented in The Hague by Bolivian lawyers.

In Catalonia, protesters blocked highways and railways

In Catalonia, protesters blocked railways and highways to the region. It is reported by La Vanguardia. It is noted that the blocking of roads and railways is associated with the anniversary of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia

Less than half of voters came to the referendum in Macedonia

On Sunday, during the referendum, citizens of the Republic of Macedonia chose between renaming the country in exchange for hypothetical membership in the EU and NATO, or preserving their own national identity by protest vote, or boycott the event.

China canceled security talks with US

The Chinese authorities canceled high-level security talks with the United States in which Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo were to take part in the American side in October. On Monday, Reuters reported, citing diplomatic sources.

Erdogan spoke about relations between Turkey and Germany

The painful period in Turkish-German relations has been left behind, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said, commenting on the results of his state visit to Germany from September 27-29.

The entire Japanese government resigned

The Japanese government with its full complement resigned so that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could form a new cabinet after winning the election for the chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, with the result that he actually secured the post of head of government, the agency Kyodo reports.

World Trust Rating

According to a Pew Research Center study, German Chancellor Angela Merkel occupies the first line of the rating – 52% of them are trusted in international affairs. In second place is the president of France, Macron (46%), the third place went to President Xi Jinping (34%). 30% of respondents trust in Vladimir Putin (fourth position). Mr. Trump’s actions inspire confidence in 27% of respondents

In total, more than 26 thousand people in 25 countries took part in the survey.

The Consul of the Russian Federation visited the vessel Sevastopol detained in Busan

Russian Consul in Busan Roman Bykov visited the Russian vessel Sevastopol detained in the Republic of Korea. Following the meeting with the captain and the team, the diplomat said that the cargo ship had never been to the DPRK and did not violate the sanctions.

Trump called the new agreement instead of NAFTA historical deal

US President Donald Trump wrote in his Twitter that the United States, Canada and Mexico had concluded a historic USMCA deal (the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement – an agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada).

This is a great deal for our three countries, it fixes many difficulties and mistakes made in NAFTA, opens markets for our farmers and producers, removes trade barriers and brings all three great nations together in competition with the rest of the world. USMCA is a historic deal. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Macedonians expressed their will in a referendum

Commenting on the results of the referendum, the President of Macedonia, Gerge Ivanov, said that the country’s course on the European path remains the same, but it is necessary to follow it “with dignity”, not following the policy of double standards.

“The reality is that the referendum failed. Do not try to change reality, ”said Ivanov.

Recall that in Macedonia, a referendum failed to rename the country, which was initiated for the country’s accession to NATO and the European Union. The turnout was less than 37%, and the plebiscite failed.

In “Naftogaz” called a threat to Ukraine from the “Turkish stream”

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline carries the same threat to Ukraine as Nord Stream-2, namely the reduction of gas transit in the country, said Andrei Kobolev, chairman of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, on the Pryamy TV channel, Ukrinform reports.

French President did not accept the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

French President Emmanuel Macron refused to accept the resignation of the country’s Interior Minister Gerard Collon. As a result, the head of department remained at his post. The application to resign Collon filed the first of October

May spoke about the fate of migrants after Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about the new system for attracting highly qualified specialists from around the world to the country. “The value will be the professional skill of the workers, not where they came from,” said May.

Democrats want to turn the United States into Venezuela

The head of the American state, Donald Trump, called the representatives of the United States Democratic Party criminals. This statement was made by the leader of the nation during his speech to his supporters in Tennessee.

“Democrats are a party of crime. They are going to flood your streets with foreign criminals,” Trump said, repeating this slogan several times for his speech.


North Korea and South Korea began to demine the demilitarized zone

The military of the DPRK and South Korea have begun demining the demilitarized zone separating them, Rönhap reports, citing the South Korean Ministry of Defense. As noted, demining takes place in accordance with the agreements of Seoul and Pyongyang to reduce tensions.

Iran released rockets on terrorists in Syria

The medium-range ballistic missiles struck the terrorist command posts at a distance of 570 km from the launch site. The operation, codenamed “Strike Muharram”, was a response to the September 22 terrorist attack at a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahwaz

In Russia, have passed the test of the new invisible bombs “Drill”

The newest planning aviation bomb “Drill” successfully passes the tests and confirms all the previously declared characteristics. Such a statement was made by the deputy general director of the Techmash concern, Alexander Kochkin.

JDC uncovers the features of the engine of the new missile carrier

According to the specifications of the contract, the electronic systems of the engine must provide a prediction of the state of the product and its systems, and the flight must be at least 30 hours. In addition, the units of the fuel supply system and hydromechanical regulation system should work normally with near-zero and negative overloads up to 2.7g. The temperature regime is also indicated – the power plant should perform its functions at temperatures from minus 60 to plus 50 degrees. The service life of each product is 12 years with the possibility of extending the resource to 21 years.

In Buryatia, launched military exercises “Selenga-2018”

According to the legend of the exercises, the Russian-Mongolian forces repel attacks of terrorists. Alexey Tsydenov, head of Buryatia: – Our joint exercises of the Russian army, the Mongolian army will allow even more united to solve all the tasks that stand between our countries, in general, in the world community.

Klimkin suspected Russia of placing nuclear weapons in the Crimea

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that there could be Russian nuclear weapons on the Crimea peninsula. He told about this in the air of the ATR TV channel, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Now Crimea has become one large Russian military base. We have reasonable suspicions that there may be nuclear weapons or, at a minimum, an infrastructure for nuclear weapons. – Pavel Klimkin, Ukrainian diplomat

Rogozin allows the use of the X-37 spaceplane as a weapon carrier

The Americans have a shuttle in space, which can be used for military purposes, the head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said on October 1 in the program “Big Game” on Channel One.

“Americans fly one piece, called X-37. This is such a space plane, we do not understand its goals, more precisely, we understand it, but we do not receive official explanations. In fact, this shuttle, which for several months was in outer space, returns, starts again. This thing can be used as a weapon carrier, ”said Rogozin.

According to him, it is impossible to get official confirmation of this version from the Americans.

BMD-4M and BTR-MDM “Shell” for the first time demonstrate abroad

The newest combat vehicles of paratroopers will demonstrate running and fire qualities at the ranges near Brest from October 3 to 5.

The term of the first flight tests of the Sarmat rocket is named

A source in the military-industrial complex called the period of the first flight tests of the new Russian intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”.

“The planned start date of the flight design tests of the Sarmat rocket is the beginning of 2019,” said the TASS spokesman.

“Kalashnikov” showed the work of the combat module with artificial intelligence

Concern “Kalashnikov” showed the work of the combat module, operating under the control of combat artificial intelligence

Kremlin: Russia will continue to fight terrorism in Syria

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia intends to continue the fight against terrorism in Syria. Replying to a question about Iran’s missile strike, the representative of the Russian president recalled that Russia’s position is “very well known” on the topic of being in Syria on an illegitimate basis of foreign military.

Netanyahu rejected attempts to link Israel with a terrorist attack on a parade in Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called “ridiculous” attempts to accuse the Jewish state of organizing the terrorist attack in the city of Ahvaz on September 22. He published the corresponding statement on Monday on Twitter.

US and Turkey began preparations for the operation in the Syrian Manbij

Currently, the USA and Turkey are operating in the Manbij area, from which the YPG Kurdish militia units were driven out separately from each other. The decision to expel the “pro-American” and “anti-Turkish” YPG detachments was taken at the talks between the United States and Turkey in June.

Border crossing between Israel and Syria is ready to open

Lieutenant-General Sergei Kuralenko, commander of the Russian troops in the SAR, said that the Kuneutra border crossing between Syria and Israel is ready to be opened from the Syrian side. The words of the commander transmits RIA “News”.


Triptych Zhao Wuji went under the hammer for a record 65.2 million dollars

Triptych “June-October 1985” by Chinese abstract artist Zhao Wuji was sold at Sotheby’s auction house for a record $ 65.2 million. Thus, the work became the most expensive of the sold works of Chinese artists. The name of the buyer was not disclosed.

The seminar “Art, winning time” opens in St. Petersburg

On Monday, October 1, an international educational seminar “Art that has won time” opens in St. Petersburg. Six young scientists from Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Greece and Romania will take part in the event.

Hermitage Days started in Vladivostok

Vladimir Putin and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will take part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition at the Hermitage on 3 October. We are talking about the exhibition “Imperial capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna.” It will be a continuation of the exhibition, which was opened during the visit of the President of Russia to Vienna.

Festival of solo performances starts in Moscow

SOLO International Theater Festival opens on October 1 in Moscow. Watching performances – with a single performer on the stage – will be held in the center “On Passionate”. The forum will be the eleventh in a row – the same number of productions is included in its poster. These are performances from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg, as well as from Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and France.

Festival “Mariinsky – Vladikavkaz” started in North Ossetia

Young musicians of the North Caucasus performed on the same stage with Valery Gergiev at the II International Mariinsky – Vladikavkaz International Festival.

As the conductor noted in an interview with journalists, “the most important thing in the review program is the performance of children. Listening to young people, we have hopes that they can quickly grow, open up and adequately represent the North Caucasus.”

Museum “Zaraisk Kremlin” celebrates its 100th anniversary

Zaraisk Kremlin is an architectural monument of the middle of the XVI century. The Kremlin was built by decree of Basil III.

Grand Prix Prize named Iskander received the novel “Stigal”

The main prize of the literary prize named after Fazil Iskander was given to the writer Kant Ibragimov for the novel “Stigal”, which means “sky” in Chechen. The award ceremony was held at the Moscow Central House of Writers. Among the poets, the prize was awarded to Vyacheslav Shapovalov for his collection of poems “Euroasis”.

The best screenplay recognized the work of Sergey Dmitrienko “The Keepers of the Mountains” – based on the book by Fazil Iskander “Sandro from Chegem.” In the nomination “Chegem Heights” won Auren Habichev for the collection of stories “My great nothing.”

“Imperial capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna”

About 30 masterpieces of the collections of the State Hermitage and the Vienna Art and Historical Museum will be shown at an exhibition in St. Petersburg, which opens to the general public on October 5. This was reported in the press service of the Hermitage.

The exhibition will present, including paintings by Botticelli, Tintoretto, Rubens, Van Dyck.


Documentary Film Festival “Russia” opens in Yekaterinburg

On October 1, the Russia Documentary Film Festival opens in Yekaterinburg. At the twenty-ninth review, the competition will be held for the first time in two categories – traditional: non-fiction and new: television films.

The network has information about the continuation of the film “Edge of the Future”

As for the spin-off of Mission Impossible, McQuarrie said: he had the right ideas for this picture, which will focus the viewer’s attention on Rebecca Ferguson’s character and lead him away from thinking about when Ethan Hunt will appear in the frame

The third film of the franchise “Kingsman” will be a prequel

According to sources, the plot of the prequel is associated with the real regiment of the Duke of Lancaster, where the rank of kingsman is present – the equivalent of a private. Not yet officially named “Kingsman 3” is not the only prequel under development.

Ryan Reynolds is stuck in a computer game

“Free character” is the story of a bank teller steeped in a routine, who unexpectedly discovers that he is only a supporting character in a rather cruel computer game. But he – the only one who is able to save his world – do not allow developers to close the game.

Published footage of the new “Spiderman” with Gyllenhaal in the image of Mysterio

The first shots of the film “Spiderman: Away from Home” were published, in which Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in the image of Mysterio.

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud celebrates 75th birthday

Jean-Jacques Annaud, who was born in France and has been living in Hollywood for many years, often turns his gaze to the East and, in particular, to China, as shown in his films Lover, Seven Years in Tibet and Wolf Totem. .

Netflix allows viewers to choose TV series endings

Innovation will appear before the end of this year. The first show in which viewers will be able to influence the endings of the episodes will be the “Black Mirror”. The next, already the fifth, season of the cult TV series Netflix releases in December.

Belarus launched a film on the Oscar for the first time in 20 years

For the first time in almost a quarter of a century, Belarus has put forward its film for the prestigious Oscar film award – a picture of the Belarusian director Darya Zhuk “Crystal”. To do this, the country resumed work of the Oscar Committee, which included the producer of the film Valery Dmitrochenko.

The first trailer for the movie “Rocketman” appeared on the Web

The world premiere of the film “Rocketman” will be released in May 2019, and today, October 1, the first movie trailer appeared on the network. The company Paramount Pictures has published a teaser trailer for the picture, which tells about the life of British musician Elton John

A new book by the author of “The Game of Thrones” is released on November 20

A new book by the author of “The Game of Thrones” by George Martin’s fiction writer entitled “Flame and Blood” is published on November 20. The writer has already presented his creation to the public.

The first Hellboy restart poster has appeared on the network

New film version will be released on April 12. On Monday, October 1, the Hellboy restart poster appeared online.


The iconic Laibach will bring Zarathustra to Petersburg

Recall that 30 years ago, the Slovenian industrial group was banned even at home, in Yugoslavia. In Russia, their concerts were also repeatedly banned – the last time three years ago – in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Hollywood Undead will start European tour with Russia

Hollywood Undead will open their new European tour with concerts in Russia. The team will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the coming spring

Matrang with the track “Medusa” won the award in the category “Best Clip”

The rapper from Vladikavkaz Matrang with the track “Medusa” received an award from the Russian Music box in the nomination “The Best Clip”. Ossetian rapper thanked his family and his fans for supporting him and said that his new track “Close” will be released soon.

The final of the contest “The Song knows no boundaries”

I should add that among the young vocalists of the Ural Federal District, the contest “Song knows no boundaries” is one of the most popular creative competitions. The competition is open to young people aged 16 to 30 years.

“Umaturman” presented “Nastya”

The group “Umaturman” has released a new song “Nastya”. The composition, presumably, will be included in the upcoming album of the group “Names”, in which all the songs will contain female names in the title.

When the record “Names” will be published, it is not yet known. InterMedia reminds: along with already well-known songs, such as Praskovya, Uma Thurman, etc., the album will include songs that the team has yet to write

Cream Soda and Laud released the video “Prime Time”

The Ufa trio “Laud” together with Cream Soda published a video for the track “Prime Time”. Oleg Tokmakov became the director of the music video, Vitaly Abramovsky was responsible for the animation.

In support of Alexander Laertsky

A charity concert in support of Alexander Laertsky will be held in the “Shot Glass in Zyuzino” on November 18, 2018. Friends and colleagues of Laertskogo will take part in it – the “Kh.Z.” group, the leader of the “Bakhyt-Kompot” group, Vadim Stepantsov, Karl Khlamkin with his orchestra, “Forbidden drummers”, Victor Puzo and others.

The event also scheduled a charity auction of paintings. All funds raised during the concert and auction will be transferred to Alexander Laertsky for the next course of rehabilitation after a stroke he needs.

The second posthumous clip of rapper XXXTentacion

The second posthumous clip of American rapper Jusei Duane Onfroy, known as XXXTentacion, was posted on the musician’s YouTube channel. He was filmed for the song Moonlight. It is known that XXXTentacion was the creator and creative director of the published video.

St. Petersburg will host the International Autumn Music Festival

St. Petersburg will host the international festival “Brass-Autumn”. The festival is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Nevsky Prospect, in the halls of which new concert programs from wind ensembles of St. Petersburg, the USA and Italy will sound.

A free concert of the Indian band Bharti Bandhu will take place in Ufa

Within the framework of the festival in the capital of the republic, the famous Indian band “Bharti Bandhu” will perform. At their only concert in Ufa, the Indian group will perform Sufi music. The event will take place on October 7 in the Great Hall of the Bashkir State Philharmonic Hall.

“Otava Yo” played a village wedding in a new clip

The video, presented on the YouTube channel of the group on September 30, 2018, became the ninth in the collective’s videography. The plot of the video, shot by directors Alexey Belkin and Vsevolod Alekhin, lay down a village wedding.

Mariinsky Theater Chorus plans to include Ossetian songs in his repertoire

Ossetian songs may be included in the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theater Chorus. This was announced by the chief choirmaster of the Mariinsky Theater Andrei Petrenko, answering journalists’ questions as part of the second Mariinsky-Vladikavkaz Caucasian International Festival in North Ossetia.


Data leak detected in Telegram

Dhiraj Misra, an expert in cyber security, discovered a data leak in a Telegram, reports the Engadget publication. In particular, the desktop version of the messenger opened the public and private IP addresses of users during calls.

In Telegram commented on messages about the leakage of user data

Telegram Desktop, which is used in less than 0.01% of Telegram calls, was the only platform that did not have this setting. Thanks to the researcher who pointed this out, we made Telegram Desktop work compatible with the rest of our applications. – Pavel Durov, Russian entrepreneur

In 90% of cases, consumers use smart speakers as simple

What is interesting is that with the access to very futuristic services, the vast majority of users of smart speakers – 90% – simply listen to music with their help. In 68% of cases, columns are used to listen to news.

About 25% of US Families Use Voice Assistants

68% of Americans use voice assistants to view news, talk for fun and use the timer / alarm function. On weekdays, American families use voice assistants for 65 minutes a day, and on weekends, 75 minutes.

Apple is blocking apps for personal identification by face and voice

Apple has decided not to allow programs that allow you to identify individuals by their face and voice into their App Store. Earlier it was reported that Russian banks want to move to a new level of interaction with customers

Facebook trades user numbers, even if they are not in the profile

The specialists of Princeton and Northeastern universities came to the conclusion that the Facebook social network sells users’ numbers, even if these numbers are not indicated in the profile. The site “merges” numbers to advertisers to send targeted advertising

Whatsapp started showing ads to its users

The system of fast text messaging WhatsApp confirmed the rumors about the innovation, presenting users with advertising in its service.

In search of pictures of Google will enter information on authors and their rights

From now on, when searching for an image, the user can see the data about his author and rights to the provided content. In order to make changes, the corporation has merged with the organization CEPIC, uniting hundreds of photo agencies and archives.

Google Chrome will change privacy settings

The technology company after criticism will change the privacy settings in the Chrome browser. Google will add to the Google Chrome application the ability to turn on and off the automatic login feature, the company said.

A startup that aims to decentralize the Internet

For many years, the creator of the World Wide Web, Berners-Lee and other Internet activists, have dreamed of a digital utopia, where people control their data, and the Internet remains free and open. It is for these purposes that Berners-Lee launches a new startup.

Xiaomi presented a mechanical watch with sapphire glass

Xiaomi company presented the TwentySeventeen Light Mechanical Wristwatch mechanical watch, protected by durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Xiaomi and Ninebot released racing cards Ninebot Gokart

The Chinese company has created a racing card, and it was developed in conjunction with the company Ninebot. It is worth noting that Xiaomi gyroscooters, also produced in conjunction with Ninebot, are very popular, and now manufacturers have decided to try to become popular in the racing card segment.

Siri helped open the iPhone without a password

The user of iOS 12 showed on the video how with the help of a voice assistant he managed to open a password-protected iPhone. To access the user’s personal data, you need to know the number of the victim and have his smartphone in his hands.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet features

Revealed the technical characteristics of the new tablet Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft. The device will receive a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2736 by 1824 pixels and a folding stand. For the performance of the device will be responsible Intel Core 8th generation processor. The operating system will be Windows 10. A USB port, a proprietary connector and a mini Display output are provided. The cost of the tablet is not reported.

Google Maps added public transport tracking feature

In the Russian version of Google Maps, a new feature has appeared: the ability to track public transport in real time. This was said in a statement.

Scammers have found a cunning way to spam victims

Hackers massively began to use the function of subscribing to notifications in the browser to overwhelm the victims with spam. It is reported by The Bleeping Computer. Malicious sites spread via pop-ups or search engines

In the United States launched the world’s first commercial network 5G

American operator Verizon launched the world’s first commercial network of the fifth generation. This, as expected, occurred on 1 October. The first time you can connect to the 5G network will be in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento

Odnoklassniki launch background images for text posts

The developers of the Odnoklassniki social network launch an option that will allow users and groups to complement textual publications with a background image. This is stated on the official website of the Insideok blog of the project team.

Facebook filed a class action lawsuit

A group of US citizens filed a class lawsuit against the social network Facebook. They accuse the company of insufficient protection of their personal data.

The FBI unlocked the suspect’s iPhone for the first time with his face

The FBI needed access to the suspect’s smartphone, so they asked him to look into the device’s camera, after which it was unlocked. Then the security services got access to the men.

HP introduced the HP Specter Folio Leather Hybrid Tablet

HP has presented the Specter Folio hybrid tablet. The manufacturer has released a novelty in leather trim. The hybrid tablet has dimensions of 320x234x15.2 mm, and its weight is 1.46 kg.

Xiaomi has released a very cheap portable speaker

Xiaomi has introduced a new portable speaker called the Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2. The speaker connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth 4.2, it has a power button and a charge level indicator on the mobile device, as well as a strap to fix it, for example, handlebar or handlebar.


Chemists pointed to the possibility of cosmic origin of phosphates

Chemists conducted experiments under conditions simulating real space – in a vacuum chamber at a temperature of about five Kelvin (-268 ° C) and under the action of ionizing radiation.

Scientists have refuted the myth of high intelligence dogs

British scientists have refuted the myth that the intelligence of a dog is higher than that of other animals. The study revealed that the intellectual abilities of dogs were often overstated by experimenters.

An efficient hybrid of solar panel and flow battery has been created

A group of engineers led by Song Jin (Song Jin) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison created a more efficient device capable of delivering 14.1 percent of the energy from a flow battery to a solar panel.

Scientists non-invasively connected the brains of three people into a network

A new way to transfer thoughts from one brain to another occurs through a special apparatus that does not require integration with a person and if in 2015 the technology allowed to unite two people, now scientists from Washington University and Carnegie University were able to unite three people.

Specialists from MIT presented a new robot

According to engineers, the new robot is controlled by a single algorithm. The principle of operation of AI is as follows: each of the robots winds a pipe around itself, while climbing it itself. The works themselves are in the form of a lantern

The endangered ravens aha first released into the wild

Specialists from the University of Washington and the San Diego Zoo, with the support of local authorities, launched a project to restore the crow raven population on Rota: on Friday, September 28, five adult ravens raised at the zoo were released into the wild

Japanese scientists have invented a metal that can withstand a third of the temperature of the Sun

Research has shown that the alloy can withstand almost a third of the solar temperature. The invented alloy was named MoSiBTiC, which contains the elements used in its creation, namely molybdenum, silicon and boron.

Tits males choose a pair depending on their character

Ornithologists have found that about 90% of all birds are monogamous. However, the formation of pairs is still of great interest. So, the other day, scientists said that male tits choice pair depends on the nature

Physicists first saw the “photon drops”

Physicists from the United States and Great Britain for the first time experimentally obtained “photon drops” – configurations of electromagnetic fields that arise in a non-linear non-local optical medium due to the balancing of the forces of attraction and repulsion.

New anti-cancer vaccine has passed the first phase of clinical trials.

A new vaccine is customized for each individual patient, with the immune cells assembled and then modified before they are injected back intradermally. The cells obtained from each patient were combined with parts of the HER2 protein in combination with adenovirus, so when they are re-introduced, they hope to train the immune system to attack tumors expressing HER2.

Scientists: The presence of acne is associated with the psychological state of man

Scientists from the University of Limerick in Ireland conducted a study, which resulted in the conclusion that the presence of acne is associated with the psychological state of a person. Another manifestation of the disease caused somatic symptoms of depression in patients.


Satellite to explore the northern lights can be launched in 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, Roskosmos can launch two satellites, which are currently being assembled by the employees of the Research Institute for Nuclear Physics (INP) of them. Skobeltsyna MSU together with students of the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University.

There is endless chaos in black holes

Theoretical physicists Douglas Stanford and Stephen Schenker showed that at the quantum level, black holes exhibit chaotic behavior, similar to the butterfly effect. Making changes to a black hole — even as small as dropping a single particle into it — can change its behavior.

Russia in the exploration of the moon relies on China

The head of the Roscosmos state corporation, Dmitry Rogozin, spoke on Channel One about plans for the exploration of the moon in the coming years.

“It is possible that the Russian manned program on the moon, the formation of a scientific station on the surface of the moon, will be conducted jointly with our Chinese colleagues. They can be equal partners,” Rogozin said.

Iran plans to launch three of its own satellites in 2018

Iran plans in 2018 to launch three new satellites of its own production. This was stated by the head of the Iranian Space Agency Morteza Barari. “Three satellites of domestic production are fully ready for launch,” the IRNA agency quoted him as saying.

Rogozin announced the imminent start of the expedition to Mars

Preparation for the flight to Mars, which is conducted by the state corporation Roscosmos and the European Space Agency, is on schedule

“I just had a telephone conversation today with the head of the European Space Agency. We have confirmed to each other that we are in the schedule in the framework of the project “ExoMars”. In July 2020, that is, less than two years later, we start and go to Mars, we come up. The airborne module, which should gently land on the surface of Mars in March 2021, will be Russian. With it will move the European rover. And we are preparing such a serious expedition to Mars in full growth, ”Rogozin said.

The launch of the unmanned “Union” was postponed to September 2019

Earlier, RSC Energia announced plans to send an unmanned cargo Soyuz to the ISS in the summer of 2019.

NASA has developed a plan to send people to the moon and mars

NASA has developed a new national plan to send people to the Moon and Mars in 10 and 20 years, respectively. The program consists of three parts: planning, long-term stay in space, the United States leading the way.

“Novye Izvestia”: what plans does Roskosmos have?

Private companies are increasingly coming into space. This happens in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, India and New Zealand. As for Russia, in 2016 it occupied only 2% of the entire space market, today this figure has declined even more, according to Novye Izvestia.

In 2017, Roskosmos accounted for 9% of all commercial launches in the world – there were two of them, the rest were ordered by the military and other government agencies. In Russia, space exploration is based on the state defense order, while in the world – on civilian astronautics.

“Military Cosmonautics solves other tasks on the surface of the Earth. If in 20-30 years a person goes to the Moon or Mars, then the military cosmonautics will remain on Earth anyway, this is its fundamental difference, ”lead“ Novye Izvestia ”words of the candidate of technical sciences Vadim Lukashevich.

Rogozin promised that Russia will again become the first space launches on the market

Russia will once again be the first in the market of launching payloads into space by launch vehicles. This was announced on the First Channel by Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin


Skoda introduced the forerunner of the new generation Skoda Rapid

Skoda has introduced a new hybrid concept car Vision RS, which has become the harbinger of the next generation of Skoda Rapid and future sports models of the Czech brand. The public premiere of the novelty will take place tomorrow, October 2, at the Paris International Motor Show.

Russian prices for all-terrain Volkswagen Tiguan have become known

Russian dealers of the brand announced the start of accepting pre-orders for the new version of the Volkswagen Tiguan Offroad crossover. The model is available at a price of 1,739 million rubles. Her official debut took place in August at the Moscow International Motor Show.

Mitsubishi recalls in Russia almost 150 thousand crossovers

The Japanese car brand Mitsubishi has announced the recall in Russia of 144 thousand 856 of its crossovers. Outlander PHEV, Outlander, and ASX models implemented in the country from December 2012 to September 2016 came under the service campaign.

The reason for the withdrawal is a possible decrease in the effectiveness of the parking brake.

Presented by the world’s most expensive armored Rolls-Royce

The extension of the car is engaged in the German company Klassen. Klassen has been lengthening luxury cars such as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Range Rover Autobiography and Bentley Bentayga. The first SUV from Rolls-Royce was also not deprived of the attention of experts.

The first hydrogen sports car LMPH2G presented on video

Racing car was named LMPH2G. It is based on a sports car truck from the company Green GT, which at one time together with Pininfarina developed the hydrogen concept H2 Speed

Nissan Qashqai received new gasoline turbo engines

Japanese restyled crossover Nissan Qashqai got new petrol turbo engines. Modernized versions of the model with new power plants are entering the European market.

The previous turbocharged 1.2 and 1.6-liter engines with 115 and 163 horsepower were replaced by a 1.3-liter “turbovert”, created by the Renault-Nissan alliance together with the concern Daimler – this engine is already installed on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class , cars rEnault Megane, Captur, Kadjar and Scenic, and soon on Renault Arkana crossover for the Russian market.

The new engine will be offered in two power options – 140 and 160 horsepower, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission and exclusively front-wheel drive.

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