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19 Ноя, 2022

Countries by English Proficiency

Most European high school students study two or more foreign languages. According to a Eurostat study, in 2020 the proportion of such students in high school was 60%.

Most polyglots (80-100%) are among schoolchildren in Luxembourg, Belgium (its Flemish part), Norway, France, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Poland and Sweden.

From 80% to 50% of high school students study two or more languages ​​in Hungary, Bulgaria, French-speaking Belgium, the Netherlands, Malta, Austria and Germany.

The worst situation (from 50% to 7%) with multilingualism is for students from Denmark, Cyprus, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. Greece closes the list, where there are less than 1% of such high school students.

Most often, Europeans study:
English — 95.7%;
Spanish — 26.8%;
French — 21.8%;
German — 21.4%;
Italian -3.4%;
Russian — 3%.

EF Education First has published an annual ranking of countries in the world in terms of English proficiency. It is compiled on the basis of test results of 2.1 million citizens in 111 states for which English is not their native language.

The top five countries in Europe with a high level of English proficiency are:

Netherlands — 1st place out of 111
Austria — 3rd place
Norway — 4th place
Denmark — 5th place
Belgium — 6th place

A low level of English proficiency is noted in the following countries:

Albania — 47th place out of 111
France — 34th place
Spain — 33rd place
Italy — 32nd place
Switzerland — 29th place

Earlier it was reported that the majority of Europeans most often choose English to study as a foreign language.

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