27 Oct, 2018

Court fined The New Times

The Moscow Court of Justice fined the New Times magazine and its editor-in-chief Yevgeniy Albats for more than 22 million rubles for not informing the authorities that they were receiving money from foreign agents, and the defense intends to appeal the decision.

“The justice of the peace considered two materials in relation to the legal entity The New times and Yevgenia Albats as an official. The legal entity was fined 22 million 250 thousand rubles, Albats – 30 thousand rubles,” the court said.

The court found that the editors did not provide the authorities with information on the receipt of money from foreign agents. What kind of organizations in question is not specified.

“This, of course, is the ruin and closure of the magazine,” the editor-in-chief of Echo wrote in his Telegram channel.

Briefly about the main thing …


Nearly 200 new billionaires appeared in the world in 2017

At least 199 people became billionaires at the end of 2017, increasing the general condition of all billionaires in the world by 19%, to $ 8.9 trillion.

Topilin commented on his unprecedented increase in wages

Topilin noted that he relied on Rosstat data. Earlier, on October 24, during a speech at the Federation Council, Topilin said that wages in Russia are growing at an “unprecedented rate” and this year they have increased by 11%.

I rely on Rosstat data, I do not invent anything from myself. I believe that good news should be perceived normally. And for some reason this causes some questions. I think that we still need to learn and be able to evaluate good news positively. – Maxim Topilin

Moscow City Court dismissed the Telegram complaint in a blocking case

The Moscow City Court refused to transfer the cassation complaint of Telegram representatives on the case of blocking the messenger to the presidium due to the lack of doubts about the legality of the decision. This is reported by the press service of the Moscow City Court.

Ministry of Labor proposed a scheme for collecting wage arrears without trial

The Ministry of Labor proposes to allow labor inspectors, without a court decision, to involve bailiffs to enforce the collection of wage arrears. The relevant amendments (.pdf) to the bill are published on the website of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR).

Cause of the slogan Burger King in St. Petersburg will not

The St. Petersburg administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service will not initiate a case because of the Burger King slogan “You don’t die of starvation in this city”), reports the agency.

Falsifications of clinical examination

A survey of health workers in the country in October on the availability of clinical examinations in the regions, its effectiveness and reliability of the final data showed that 69% of doctors doubt the veracity of reports on the implementation of plans. They know the facts when the “examinations” were held without the participation of patients. The survey was conducted by the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) and the Foundation for Independent Monitoring of Medical Services and Human Health Protection Health.

The foundation stone of the temple in honor of the physician Nicholas II spoiled a second time

The foundation stone of the future temple of Pervouralsk was poured with red paint in honor of the physician Yevgeny Botkin, who was shot with the Romanov family, on October 25, reports 66.ru.

In the Urals, the mayor knocked down a child and left the scene of an accident

The head of Verkhoturye, Sverdlovsk region, 55-year-old Alexey Likhanov, was in the center of a scandal after knocking down a child and left the scene. The incident occurred on October 24, at about 15 hours, on Sovetskaya Street.

Every fifth teenager in Russia is overweight

Approximately every fifth school student over 12 years old in Russia suffers from obesity, and about 8% of Russian adolescents have obesity. This was reported by TASS director of the department of medical care for children and obstetric services of the Ministry of Health of Russia Elena Baybarina.

A man drank supplements with green tea and lost his liver

A resident of the United States, Jim McCantes took a dietary supplement with green tea extract and lost his liver. His story, he tells the information portal BBC News. The man decided to take care of their health in 50 years.

In Rome, migrant traffickers dealt with the girl

In Rome, three men of African descent were arrested on suspicion of murdering 16-year-old Desiree Mariottini. This was reported edition of The Local. Two Senegalese age 26 and 43 years old were detained on October 25.

Every fourth migrant from St. Petersburg turned out to be a violator.

A large-scale immigration raid was conducted by the St. Petersburg police with the support of the Rosguards and officials in the center of the northern capital. The audit revealed that every fourth foreign migrant is a violator of immigration or other laws of Russia.

Rental homes solve housing problems

The government of the Sakhalin region decided to build rental houses with state support: high-rise buildings from 3 to 12 floors.

“Two-room apartment” can be rented for 14 thousand rubles a month, despite the fact that it will cost 25 thousand rubles on the market. Already commissioned 34 apartment buildings in 13 municipalities per 1000 apartments. It is planned to build more than 40 houses.

Subsequently, rental housing can be issued in the property, taking a preferential mortgage. For mortgage lending, the maximum rate is 7% in the Sakhalin Mortgage Agency, at the birth of the second child – 3.5%, at the birth of the third – 0%.

350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I will be celebrated in Russia

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I. This is reported on the website of the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin decided the Government to form an organizing committee for the preparation and conduct of the anniversary celebration, as well as to ensure the development and approval of a plan of major events.

350 years since the birth of Peter the Great celebrated in 2022.

The court fined The New Times for 22 million rubles

The World Court in Moscow fined the New Times magazine and its editor-in-chief Yevgeniy Albats for more than 22 million rubles for not timely informing the authorities that they were receiving money from foreign agents; the defense intends to appeal the decision

The court recognized as legal the ban Udaltsov attend mass events

Earlier, Udaltsov filed a complaint against the decision of the Simonovsky court to establish administrative supervision and a ban on attending rallies, demonstrations and processions. However, the Moscow City Court recognized the sentence of the Simonovsky Court as valid and rejected the complaint of the oppositionist.

The patient collected 1.5 million rubles. for incorrect test results

In the Kaliningrad region, the court claimed nearly 1.5 million rubles. from medical facilities that failed to diagnose cancer in a patient

20 million people in Russia are in a prediabetes state

This conclusion was made by the experts of the NICC of endocrinology following the results of the conducted research, writes Vademecum. The organization’s director, Marina Shestakova, reported that 19.5% of Russians are in the pre-diabetes stage. Total diabetes was diagnosed in 8 million people in Russia.

In this regard, in the NICC, endocrinology intends to develop clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and prevention of prediabetes.

Putin urged to carefully solve the problem of gypsy crime

The Gypsy population of Russia is often involved in criminal activities; in solving this problem, it is necessary to act carefully and respect the interests of citizens, Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations.

This is the problem of the whole society, the problem of the effectiveness of the work of law enforcement agencies, and so on. It was necessary to build this work in a timely and competent manner. – Vladimir Putin


In the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation confirmed the rise in price of gasoline by 4-5%

The Ministry of Energy confirmed that in 2019 gasoline prices will rise. However, the cost will increase in the range of inflation – no more than 4−5%. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Pavel Sorokin, reports TASS

Central Bank retains key rate at 7.5% per annum

The Bank of Russia retained the key rate at 7.5% per annum, follows from the regulator’s press release. This year, the Central Bank cut the rate twice – in February and March – by 0.25 percentage points, and then took a pause.

“Rosgosstrakh” remained with profit

“Rosgosstrakh” in January-September 2018, received a net profit of 5.3 billion rubles, said the head of the bank “FC Otkritie” (controls Rosgosstrakh) Mikhail Zadornov to journalists.

VTB will buy out Magomedov’s stake in UZK by the end of the year

By the end of the year, the share of the United Grain Company (UZK) in the amount of 50% minus one share will go to VTB Bank, its general director Mikhail Kiyko told reporters. Now Ziyavudin Magomedov’s Summa owns this share. According to Mr. Kiyko, the work on changing the shareholder has been going on “for more than a month now”.

The rise in wholesale prices for sugar

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia is studying the situation with the growth of wholesale prices for sugar. This was stated to journalists by the head of the service, Igor Artemyev, reports TASS. According to him, the rise in sugar prices caused widespread concern, since this product is an exchange commodity.

We are now studying the whole story. We need about 10 days to figure out, and we will report to you about the reasons. The question is serious, we take it very seriously. – Igor Artemyev, Russian politician

The increase in the wholesale price of sugar does not affect the retail price

The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the retail price for granulated sugar for the year increased only by the level of inflation. The ministry explained the low price increase by “marketing policy of networks for which sugar is the anchor product”

Germany decided to open oil reserves due to drought

The German government intends to use strategic oil reserves to help some regions cope with the effects of the summer drought, reports The Local Germany. It is reported that because of the abnormally hot summer this year, the water level in the Rhine has decreased, which makes it difficult for the tankers and other vessels to pass .

Medvedev appoints another deputy ministry for economic development

Maximov became the tenth deputy minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin. In total, according to a government resolution on the Ministry of Economic Development, the head of the department may have 12 deputies.

Obuv Rossii decided to start repurchasing shares

The Board of Directors of the Obuv Rossii Group of Companies (“OR”) approved a share buyback program, according to the OR website. The buyback program will be valid from October 26, 2018 to December 31, 2019.

Amazon’s profit rose 974%. This is not enough for investors

Investors were upset by sales decline in the third quarter, although the company’s profit for the fourth quarter in a row exceeded $ 1 billion. Compared to the third quarter of 2017, Amazon increased its operating profit by 974% and its net profit from $ 256 million to $ 2.9 billion.

Urban Group accounts can return 430 million rubles.

Bankruptcy Manager Urban Group Svetlana Aglinishkene filed an application in a bankruptcy case to invalidate the transaction on the write-off of one of the developer’s structures in the amount of 430 million rubles by Promsvyazbank, the press service of the bankruptcy manager said.

The powers of the management company Rosnano will be extended for 10 years

The current contract was concluded for 5 years and expires in February 2019. The term of the new contract will be 10 years. The state owns 100% of Rosnano. In turn, LLC UK Rosnano is 99% owned by Rosnano itself, the remaining 1% share of the general director of the management company Anatoly Chubais.

Why does the company Usmanov data on payments in the subway

Bidding for the right to serve cash in the metro ended unexpectedly: the winner associated with USM Alisher Usmanov, reduced the price to a negative value. His probable motive is to access passenger data.

Willingness to pay for the contract in Peter-Service Special Technology explains that the cooperation with the Moscow metro is interesting for the company “primarily from an image point of view”, and also in connection with “the ability to offer the client additional services and services, including those based on analysis fiscal data.

Russia and Kazakhstan – calculations in national currencies

Sergei Gorkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, said that the Russian and Kazakh sides could increase the share of mutual settlements in national currencies to 75%. According to Gorkov, at the moment the share of payments between countries in national currencies is 63%.

“We now have 63% of settlements between Kazakhstan and Russia in national currencies, this is a very decent figure. I can say that we also have certain reserves: we can reach the figure of 70-75%, ”the deputy minister noted.

Irkutsk Region Microcredit Fund to capitalize

The current capitalization of the fund is 284.2 million rubles. As the press service of the regional government reported on October 26, 2018, Governor Sergey Levchenko ordered to recapitalize the microcredit fund because of high entrepreneurial interest

VTB has increased its portfolio of VIP clients by a third

Compared to the first quarter of 2018, there has been an increase in the share of foreign exchange instruments in VTB’s Private Banking portfolio from 53% to 58%. At the same time, more than 73% of foreign exchange funds are placed by VIP clients at VTB in US dollars.

Equity of Kazakhstan banks decreased by 4%

As of October 1, 2018, the equity capital of second-tier banks in Kazakhstan amounted to 2.9 trillion tenge ($ 7.88 billion), which is 3.9% less than October 1, 2017, the press service of the National Bank of Kazakhstan reported on October 26 .

Total net profit in January-September increased by 37% to $ 10.37 billion

Compared to the same period last year, the consolidated net profit of the company increased by almost 1.5 times to $ 4.087 billion in the third quarter. Total quarterly revenues grew by 27% to $ 54.717 billion.

Gascade received permission to lay Eugal

Gascade Gastransport (co-owners Gazprom and BASF / Wintershall) received all permits for laying the Eugal gas pipeline, which will receive the Nord Stream-2 gas, the company said in a statement to Gascade.

Rosneft has developed export motor oils for the Arctic

Rosneft specialists have developed motor oils for the Arctic and the Far North, the company representatives said at the annual conference “Technologies in the field of oil exploration and drilling.”

Russian oil and gas companies are interested in projects in Indonesia

Russian oil and gas and electricity companies are interested in projects in Indonesia. This was told by the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Yanovsky during a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Representatives of the Regions of the Republic of Indonesia, Nono Sampono, in which issues of cooperation between Russian and Indonesian companies were discussed, according to the website of the Ministry of Energy.

Russia is building an environmental fleet to work in the Arctic

“The construction of 12 new ships of Rosprirodnadzor is envisaged. These plans are included in the state program” Social and economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation for 2018-2025 “and will be implemented by 2021. Essentially, the environmental Northern Fleet will appear, the ministry said.

According to the agency interlocutor, the task of the Ministry of Environment is not only to provide environmental monitoring of the Arctic, taking into account its prospective development and development, but also to carry out environmental supervision during the development of the Northern Sea Route and the development of mineral deposits.

FBI suspects Tesla of investor deception

FBI officials are investigating to determine whether Tesla has mislead investors by providing false information, including the production volumes of new Model 3 electric cars. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday

New sanctions will not affect the change of the ruble

The introduction of new sanctions will not significantly affect the ruble exchange rate, thanks to the surplus budget of Russia. This was told by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

But, in the end, they will be predictable and will not be so significant that we will have to look at exchange rates every day, as it was before, what happens to the ruble exchange rate. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Lithuanian company withdrew from the capital of the airport “Zhukovsky”

The Avia Solutions Group (ASG) company controlled by the Lithuanian businessman Gediminas Zhemialisu withdrew from the capital of the airport near Moscow “Zhukovsky”, selling 30% of the shares of its Dutch subsidiary United Airports Management B.V to the company Ramport aero.

Central Bank raised its forecast for net capital outflows from Russia

As noted, in 2020, the regulator predicts a net outflow of capital from Russia at $ 15 billion. Earlier, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the Central Bank raised its forecast for net capital outflow from Russia this year to $ 55 billion

IMF approved loan increase for Argentina to $ 56.3 billion

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved an increase in the loan to Argentina to $ 56.3 billion. This was reported on Friday in the Twitter fund.

Private companies intend to invest in the South African economy more than $ 9 billion

Representatives of South African and transnational companies gathered on Friday at an investment conference organized by President Cyril Ramaposa in Johannesburg, announced their readiness to invest about 134 billion rand ($ 9.2 billion) in the South African economy.

Bank of Russia opens a hotline for complaints of corruption

We are talking about reports directly about corruption in the actions of Bank of Russia employees, about any conflicts of interest in their work, as well as about their non-observance of anti-corruption norms established by the legislation and regulatory acts of the Bank of Russia.

Belarus will continue to supply oil to Ukraine

Minsk will continue to supply oil products to Ukraine, despite the cessation of their supplies from Russia to Belarus, said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Lyashenko.


Putin ordered to create the Foundation for the Preservation of Languages of the Peoples of Russia

The President signed the Decree “On the establishment of the Fund for the Preservation and Study of the Mother Languages of the Peoples of the Russian Federation” – as a national heritage and historical and cultural heritage of the Russian state.

“In order to create conditions for the preservation and study of the native languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation … I decide … to consider it expedient to create the Fund for the preservation and study of the native languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation,” the text of the document posted on the Kremlin’s website says.

Ukrainian official asked in Belarus not to speak Russian

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Gennady Zubko asked the participants of the Forum of Regions in Belarus not to use the Russian language. According to him, he “speaks with pleasure in Ukrainian, and with the same pleasure he will listen to Belarusian colleagues in Belarus.”

Then Russian was chosen as the working language of the meeting. Today here on the forum are representatives of Ukraine and Belarus. I speak in Ukrainian and with pleasure I will listen to Belarusian colleagues in Belarusian. – Gennady Zubko, Ukrainian politician

In Belarus, responded to the request not to speak Russian

In Belarus there are two state languages – Belarusian and Russian, and each makes his own choice, which of them to speak, so the head of the Ministry of Information of Belarus, Alexander Karlyukevich, commented to RIA Novosti the statement of the Ukrainian politician Gennady Zubko.

The Kremlin called the themes of the summit of the heads of Russia, Turkey, Germany and France

The summit of the leaders of Russia, Germany, Turkey and France is aimed at “checking clocks” on the Syrian issue. The presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said this at a briefing on October 26.

Negotiations will be in the afternoon, around two o’clock. We expect the chapters to decide to make a press statement following their discussion. We are also planning and preparing for our president a number of bilateral meetings. – Dmitry Peskov, press secretary

In Germany, declared the unchanged position on the “Nord Stream – 2”

The position of the German government on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project remains unchanged, this is a commercial project, but gas transit through Ukraine should be maintained, Deputy Government Representative of the German Government Ulrike Demmer said at a briefing.

The White House invited Putin to Washington

Presidential adviser on national security, John Bolton, said the White House had invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Washington.

“We invited President Putin to Washington,” said Bolton.

At the same time, Bolton said that at the moment it is not clear whether the Russian president accepted the invitation

Macron regrets Belgium’s decision to buy F-35 from USA

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed regret over the decision of Brussels to buy fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter jets from the US instead of German Eurofighter or French Rafale, noting that it runs counter to European interests.

A meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is scheduled for October 31

The alliance said that despite the cessation of cooperation between Russia and NATO, the political dialogue did not end and an important meeting was scheduled for October 31.

In the State Department they congratulated Sentsov on being awarded the Sakharov Prize

The US State Department congratulated the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, convicted in Russia for terrorism, on being awarded the Andrei Sakharov Prize. About this in his Twitter wrote the official representative of the US Foreign Ministry Heather Nauert.

Fired host NBC called on Channel One

Kirill Kleimenov, host of the evening program “Time” on Channel One, offered the role of his co-host American TV journalist Megin Kelly, who is facing dismissal from NBC.

Dear Megin, dear! You spit on your superiors and spit in general, come to us to Russia, to the hero city of Moscow, but what about there to Moscow? Right here come to this studio, we will conduct the program “Time”, “Time” together in your opinion, and the love of millions of your men will be with you, and the envy of millions of women. – Kirill Kleimenov, Russian TV host

Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK went on a visit to Russia

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, Sin Hon Chol, went on a visit to the Russian Federation on Saturday, where he is expected to meet with his Russian counterpart Igor Morgulov. This was reported in its Facebook Embassy of Russia in the DPRK.

Russia submitted a draft resolution on cyber security to the UN

Andrei Krutsky, the special representative of the Russian president for cooperation in the field of information security, explained that this resolution will make it possible to decide on three major issues.

First of all, we are talking about the development of standards of responsible behavior of states. In addition, it will be determined in which cases the rules of international law can be applied to the information space. The third theme is “helping to build the capacity of developing countries to ensure cyber security”.

Assange called the conditions on which he is ready to surrender to the British authorities

Founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange is ready to surrender to the British authorities if he receives a written message from the United Kingdom that he is not being extradited, lawyer Assange in Ecuador told RIA Novosti in Ecuador Carlos Poveda

The Pentagon has approved sending the military to the border with Mexico

The head of the US Department of Defense, James Mattis, approved the dispatch of troops on the US-Mexico border, reports Reuters, citing sources. As noted, the document does not indicate the number of soldiers who are planned to be sent to the border with Mexico.


US intelligence identified Russia’s anti-satellite missile

A Russian air-launched rocket intended for the destruction of communications satellites and remote sensing of the Earth located in low-Earth orbit will be put into service by 2022, three sources familiar with US intelligence told CNBC.

Banned flights of US F-35B fighter jets

Suspended flights and allies of the United States, whose Air Force bought these fighters. There were problems with the engine fuel pipe. This malfunction led to the crash of the F-35B on September 28, 2018.

The Northern Fleet will receive the first Arctic complexes “Thor” in November

The Northern Fleet will receive the first division of the Arctic Tor-M2DT anti-aircraft missile systems. As reported in the information support group of the ground forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, quoting Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, the complexes will arrive in November of this year.

On exercises in the Kuril Islands “Terminators” destroyed “saboteurs”

The Mi-8AMTSH “Terminator” helicopters of the Eastern Military District evacuated the pilot who had got into the conditional emergency situation and destroyed the “saboteurs” on one of the Kuril Islands, said the press service of the district on Friday.

In Syria, the Russian military conducted a joint patrol with the UN mission

For the first time, the Russian military police and representatives of the UN mission conducted a joint patrol of the southern part of the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights area near the border of Syria and Israel. The UN highly appreciates the efforts of Russia in Syria.

Chiefs of the CSTO General Staff discussed the creation of a unified air defense system

The chiefs of the General Staff of the CSTO member states discussed the creation of a unified air defense system and the logistics of the collective forces of the organization, said the head of the Russian General Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov.

Ukraine continues to fire Donbass

Ukrainian security forces nearly 160 times violated the ceasefire in the Donbass over the past week, firing over 200 mines and shells on the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, spokesman for the DPR Eduard Basurin told the press on Friday.

North and South Korea held military talks at the general level

In the village of Panmundzhom held talks of the military of South and North Korea at the level of generals. South Korea was represented by Major General Kim Do Kyung, and North was represented by Lieutenant General An Ik San.

Russian military underwent jungle survival courses

Russian mountain motorized infantry during the Russian-Pakistani exercise “Friendship-2018” took survival courses in the subtropical forest. The head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Vadim Astafyev, told reporters about this.

The Pentagon reported successful missile test missile defense system

The US military successfully tested the latest missile defense system in the Pacific, the US Missile Defense Agency reported on October 26. As noted, in a test from a military base in Hawaii, a medium-range ballistic missile was launched as a target.

Russian fleet will receive ships with “Caliber”

The Russian Navy will receive a total of 18 project 22800 ships armed with the Caliber missile system. They were built using the latest technology and are able to work both in northern and southern latitudes, Igor Dygalo, a representative of the Russian Navy, told Interfax.

US drone more than 10 hours led reconnaissance at the western borders of the Russian Federation

For 11 hours, an American reconnaissance aircraft flew near the western borders of the Russian Federation in the Baltic States. According to Interfax, citing data from Western aviation resources, the reconnaissance was led by the strategic drone RQ-4B Global Hawk.

Cuba decided to equip

Russia will provide Cuba with a state loan of over 50 million for the purchase of Russian weapons.

According to Kommersant’s information, Cuba will be able to choose weapons in the framework of the technical cooperation program for 2016–2020, which provides for the modernization of the republic’s military industry and its military equipment (in particular, previously delivered), as well as the so-called technological cooperation.

Microsoft confirmed readiness to sell its technologies to Pentagon

The statement by the head of Microsoft was made against the background of a ban by Google on the development of artificial intelligence, which can be used by the military. At the same time in late July, it became known that the Pentagon will invest almost $ 900 million in the development of artificial intelligence technologies.


Google launched domains to quickly create documents

Google announced the development of a document service. Now, to get started in Gooogle Docs, it’s enough to drive into the browser line what exactly you want to create. So, to create a document, it will be enough to type doc.new, docs.new, document.new.

In Russia, began selling the budget iPhone XR

In Russia, this Friday, October 26, sales of the new Apple smartphone by the American corporation Apple, the iPhone XR, started, which, in fact, should be a replacement for the iPhone 8. Recall that the pre-order of the budget gadget started on October 19th.

Samsung will launch three smartphones in the Galaxy S10 lineup

We are talking about three models, as is the case with smartphones Apple. The older version of the flagship Galaxy S10 + will be an analogue of the iPhone XS Max, smartphones are almost the same even in size. Galaxy S10 will become a “direct competitor” iPhone XS

The distance camera Leica M10-D was left without a display

The distance camera Leica M10-D did not receive a display. Images from it can only be viewed through a special application on a smartphone, with which the user also gets the opportunity to watch everything that happens in real time.

Xiaomi introduced a mechanized stand for stand-up work for the PC

Xiaomi has introduced a new invention to the world. The $ 129 mechanized PC stand allows office workers to work while standing still. At the site Youpin organized a fundraiser to start the production of the accessory.

Smartphone Vivo Go first equip Android Pie Go shell

Smartphone models Vivo Go will get the shell Android Pie Go, the gadget will first be presented in the US, it will receive a light version. The mobile device has a 6.0-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 72 pixels.

Radeon RX 590 graphics card tested in Final Fantasy XV

AMD has announced the development of video cards based on the latest graphics chipsets Vega 20, created by 7-nm process technology. Final Fantasy XV database showed up testing results for the Radeon RX 590 3D accelerator. According to the data, the new video card is 15% ahead of its predecessor RX 580.

On Indiegogo collect money for a tablet with an E-ink-display

The Chinese company Dasung began collecting money for the release of its device Not-eReader based on the E-ink screen. The device is positioned as a tablet with Android, but with a display from the e-reader. The cost of new items is from 369 to 439 dollars (from 24.2 thousand to 28.8 thousand rubles).

Amazon will introduce smart glasses that they themselves order a taxi

Startup Amazon North will introduce Focals smart glasses at the end of the year. An accessory video appeared on CNBC’s YouTube channel. An invisible display is built into the lenses that shows information about places and objects near you.

OnePlus 5 and 5T received support for Project Treble

Back in July, it was reported that a new update for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T smartphones, in addition to changes in the user interface, various improvements and optimizations, should have added support for Project Treble.

Mobvoi TicPods Free Wireless Headphones Go On Sale

Wireless headphones TicPods Free from the Chinese company-developer of AI systems Mobvoi went on sale. The manufacturer rated the device for personal audio listening at $ 120.

The limit for images in the live album will be set in “Google Photos”

In the service “Google Photos”, a new opportunity, which was called Live Albums (“Live Albums”). Now the developers have imposed a limit on the number of similar images in the application due to its popularity. After creating “Live Album” on Google, its popularity has increased daily.

A new version of antivirus Avast 2019 has been released

The updated antivirus has received improved protection against phishing based on artificial intelligence, the new Do Not Disturb mode (disables Windows notifications, including third-party applications), the Avast Online Security plug-in for Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, and support for TLS 1.3.

Google has tested the anti-censorship application in Venezuela

The US corporation Google has launched an application with the help of which censorship will be carried out in relation to independent media, reports AP. For the first time, the company decided to test it in Venezuela.

In the US, officially allowed to repair gadgets and hack smartphones

According to the decision of the Bureau, the law permits repair of smartphones, home appliances and other home systems, upgrading their software. Thus, the user received the right to hack the conditional iPhone system and install a jailbreak.


The world’s largest seaplane first took off from the water

The AG600 Chinese seaplane, the largest in the world, took off from a water surface for the first time. Amphibious aircraft with a 38-meter wingspan took place in the Chinese province of Hubei on the Changhe River

Microgravity affected the amount of brain matter

A team of scientists from Russia, Germany and Belgium discovered that prolonged (about six months) stay in space changes the structure of the brain: the volume of gray and white matter decreases, and the cerebrospinal fluid increases.

Chemists of Moscow State University have patented the method of obtaining fuel from mushrooms

When biodiesel burns into the atmosphere, exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide is emitted, which was accumulated from the atmosphere by a plant or a mushroom over the entire period of its life. from mushrooms in one stage, and patented catalyst

Lack of microbiome made fruit flies hyperactive

Intestinal bacteria affect the motor activity of Drosophilus flies – Drosophila without a microbiome moves faster and longer than flies with a microbiome. The motility of flies is affected by the protein xyloisomerase, produced by one of the bacterium Lactobacillus brevis, which prevails in the microbiome, according to a study published in Nature.

The first vertebrates appeared at a depth of no more than 60 meters.

The researchers say that the creatures remained in shallow water for about 100 million years, adapting there before they eventually occupied various ecological niches. Some fish got streamlined, graceful bodies that can quickly swim in deeper waters. Other fish that remained close to the shore or crossed into other rivers or lakes had stronger, armored bodies.

The world’s first bio-brick of sand and urine created in South Africa

In the future, students of the University of Cape Town will study the issues of logistics and the improvement of the process of manufacturing bio-brick. In 2010, the experience of “growing” biobrick was put in the United States, but then scientists used a synthetic analogue of human urine.

In China, create a robot T-1000 from liquid metal

Development of the T-1000 in Terminator is at an early stage. YouTube posted a video with a new technology. Now the robot is a device with a plastic wheel, power battery and a small amount of metal. The idea of technology is as follows: under the influence of voltage, liquid gallium will change the center of gravity and the device will begin to move. According to engineers, this robot can be created no earlier than ten years

Noise pollution negatively affects dolphin communication

American scientists have found that noise pollution adversely affects the communication of dolphins. As a result of exposure to the noise of ship engines, animals are forced to communicate using shorter signals, which can interfere with the transmission of information for orientation and support of communication in the flock.

Scientists reveal the secret of tiger evolution using genetic analysis.

According to scientists, there are less than 4 thousand tigers left on Earth. In total there are 6 types of predators: Amur, Bengali, Indochinese, Sumatran, South Chinese and Malay.

The age of the existence of tigers on Earth is up to 3 million years. About 110 thousand years ago, a bottleneck effect appeared in the animal population. Scientists have noticed a significant reduction in the number of predators and the gene pool. Genetic selection was recorded in representatives of the Sumatran species. An ADH7 element was found in their DNA that is responsible for body size. Nature could “reduce” the beast so that it would be easier for him to feed himself in places where smaller “victims” live.

Diamonds in Transistors for Spaceships

Scientists at the Massachusetts Technical University, together with colleagues at the Australian National University, created ultra-thin transistors with diamonds. In the future, these minerals are planning to use when creating spacecraft.

According to researchers, diamond transistors are much more durable and more powerful than parts made from gallium sodium and silicon carbide. Engineers use them to switch or amplify electronic signals.

Scientists have discovered two new pseudo-Earth satellite

Scientists have discovered two new pseudo-Earth satellites in the form of giant clouds of dust. Clouds Kordylevsky circling around the Earth at a distance of about 400 thousand kilometers from its surface.

Russian-American probe will search for a possible life on Venus

The Russian-American probe will search for a possible life on Venus in the framework of the Venera-D mission. The mission launch window is from 2026 to 2031, according to an article published in the scientific journal “Vestnik NPO im. Lavochkin”.

Recorded radio signals originating from the Milky Way

Astronomers first recorded the radio signals emitted by our galaxy – the Milky Way. They are reflected from the rocky surface of the moon.


McLaren introduced the fastest hypercar in its history

The network declassified the appearance of the new McLaren Speedtail – the successor to the legendary McLaren F1 and the fastest hypercar in the history of the British brand. The first photos of the novelty were posted by the Autobant user on Twitter.

Nissan introduced a new Terra SUV in a special modification.

It took only six months, as the Nissan introduced a completely new Terra SUV, which, however, was distributed only in Asian markets. And the brand has already prepared a model in the new version with the prefix S in the title. Its premiere was held at the Philippine Motor Show.

Volkswagen will bet on crossovers and SUVs

Volkswagen has long been working on increasing the model range in the segment of crossovers and SUVs, occupying all possible niches. Volkswagen T-Cross, presented yesterday, October 25, at a special event in Amsterdam, was another vivid example.

Big crossover with a design for Land Rover

Zotye plans to launch the T700 flagship crossover on the Russian market. The release of the model in a year will be adjusted in Belarus at the Unison plant. Moreover, the assembly will be carried out on a full cycle with body welding.

Tentatively, the first commodity SUVs will begin to flow to Russian dealers in early 2020. The design of the T700 is very similar to the British Land Rover SUVs, and in the interior of the model you can find a steering wheel borrowed from the Porsche Macan and a large touchscreen display, like the Tesla.

Mopar will bring two special Ram 1500 pickups to SEMA

FCA concern’s Mopar division prepared two special modifications of the Ram 1500 pickup for the SEMA tuning show: the Rebel Concept and the Big Horn Low Down Concept. The first demonstrates an impressive set of accessories Mopar, the second – the experimental components, which in the future will become part of the corporate catalog.

Aston Martin DBS Super Camgera Volante without camouflage

Previously, photospies had already published pictures of the open version of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, but then the car was covered with camouflage film. Now the automaker has nothing to hide and the last pre-production copy is devoid of camouflage.

Tuners will turn the Honda Ridgeline into a pickup for expeditions

As part of the SEMA tuning show, there will be a presentation of a Honda Ridgeline pickup, transformed by the works of tuners into an expeditionary version.

Subaru tests new generation Levorg wagon

The so-called “mule” is captured on the published pictures – under the old body new units and technical solutions are hidden. The basis of the Levorg station wagon of the new generation will be the same platform on which the Impreza and XV of the current generation are built.

Compact crossover Opel Crossland X has received a new engine

The compact crossover model Crossland X supplied the new engine, the German company Opel has updated the line of power units for the promising car. Under the hood of the car is installed ICE, which develops a maximum capacity of 120 liters. with. at 300 Nm of torque.


In the “House of Cultures” will open an exhibition of young artists in Moscow

In the estate on Sretenka the exhibition “Empty place” with the works of more than 20 young artists of Moscow will open. The exposition is organized by the cultural platform “House of Cultures”, which will work in the near future.

“Love and Death of Zinaida Reich” – Premiere at RAMT

The premiere of the play RAMAT Theater “Love and Death of Zinaida Reich” will take place on October 27 in the museum-apartment of Vsevolod Meyerhold, the press service of the theater reports.

Zinaida Reich was one of the brightest and most controversial beauties of her time. Her first husband, Sergei Yesenin, dedicated the famous Letter to a Woman to her, and the second, Meyerhold, made her an actress, the queen of the capital’s stage.

In Greece from the earthquake suffered a monastery of the XIII century

The Transfiguration Monastery built on the Greek island of Strofades in the 13th century partially collapsed as a result of an earthquake that occurred on the night of October 25-26. No injuries.

Another old opera was staged in the Theater. N.Sats

The premiere of the old Orpheus opera by Claudio Monteverdi was held at the Natalia Sats Children’s Musical Theater. The work dates from the beginning of the XVII century.

The performance uses antique instruments. This is the first production of “Orpheus” in Moscow, said the director of the opera, artistic director of the theater Sats Georgy Isaakyan. She comes in Italian with Russian subtitles.

Moscow Art Theater celebrates its 120th anniversary.

In the anniversary season, viewers are waiting for unexpected premieres, literary evenings. One more event will be timed to a round date – a bust of the master Oleg Tabakov, who has led the Moscow Art Theater for the last 18 years, will be opened in the lobby of the theater.

An exhibition dedicated to the Tarkovsky film “The Mirror” opened in Madrid

An exhibition dedicated to the film Andrei Tarkovsky “The Mirror”, opened on Thursday in Madrid. As the son of the director Andrei Tarkovsky Jr., who lives in Florence and arrived in the Spanish capital for two days, told RIA Novosti, this exhibition will be shown in other Spanish cities in addition to Madrid.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Ingushetia is launching a new project “The Artist’s Presentation”

The State Museum of Fine Arts of Ingushetia is launching its new project “The Artist’s Presentation”, the press service of the institution reports.

“There are a lot of talented people in our country, both in painting and in decorative and applied arts, of different ages. Unfortunately, not every original artist decides to present his work to a wide audience. There are many reasons for this: it is the fear of being misunderstood and unaccepted, and the lack of understanding of the exhibition process itself, and the lack of information. The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Ingushetia sees one of its tasks to help beginners and already famous artists, ”the release said.

Local history expositions of regions at railway stations of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to Yury Petrov, director of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to assist Russian Railways in organizing specialized local history exhibits at railway stations in Russian cities.

Putin added that in his opinion, this is “a very simple, but very promising proposal in terms of immersing people into our history.” Petrov immediately promised his help.

“Thank you for the idea, Vladimir Vladimirovich. We are pleased to get connected,” he assured.

Museum of the East will celebrate its 100th anniversary with two exhibitions.

The large-scale exhibition “East. Other Beauty”, which was carried out over several years, and the chamber exposition “People and Things” will be held at the Museum of the East in honor of its 100th anniversary. This was announced at a press conference by the head of the department of exhibitions and permanent exhibitions of the Museum of the East Albin Legostaeva.

Books-laureates of the children’s book festival announced in Moscow

The Fifth All-Russian Children’s Book Festival, dedicated to the theme “Paper and Electronic Book”, presented the winners of 2018 on October 26 at the Russian State Children’s Library (RSGB).

Jury member Alexei Kopeikin told reporters about the winners. Winners received diplomas of laureate Marina Boroditskaya for the collection of poems Auntie Moon, Nina Dashevskaya for the story “Day of Pi”, Alexander Dorofeev for the collection “Stray Garden”, Xenia Dragunskaya for the collection “Angels and Pioneers”, Maria Boteva for the book “Beacon – look ! ” other. According to a jury member, Vera Baidak, the books were chosen from the variety that comes out in modern publishing houses.


Matrang won the Golden Gargoyle Award

It is noted that this is not the first award of the artist. The video for Medusa, which has already become a hit, won the Russian MusicBox award – 2018 in the “Best Clip” nomination.

Tom Yorke album released with soundtracks for Suspiria

The soundtrack album for the horror film Luca Guadagnino “Suspiria” was released. The songwriter was the lead singer of Radiohead Tom York. He was a composer, author and performer of all compositions.

“Atlanta” Gorodnitsky become the anthem of the Hermitage

It was thought that the agreement would be signed on October 29, but because of the work schedule of the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, they decided to do it on the 30th.

Tom Odell told stories from friends

British musician Tom Odell presented a new album. The album “Jubilee Road” was the third studio work of the 27-year-old artist. This time, Odell not only wrote all the lyrics and music for the album, but also refused the help of the producers.

– I wrote this record in a house located on a quiet street in West London. The album is based on stories from the lives of friends who came to me at that time. Most of the songs were recorded in the living room, and if you listen, you can hear the sound of the neighbor’s TV on, the voices of the children playing football and the steps of my girlfriend on the wooden floor, the artist shared.

Taganrog group “10” has released a new album with six songs

The name was timed to the time of release of new tracks, October, the tenth month of the year Rostov-on-Don, October 26. Taganrog group “Zveri”, which gained popularity in the tenth years, released a new album called “10” and presented it in social networks today, October 26.

The list of artists who will perform at a music show at BlizzCon.

The American rock band Train will perform on the landmark stage at 6:00 Moscow time, Kiev, Irish DJ Christian Nairn – who played Hodor in the Game of Thrones – will play in the Overwatch zone at 6:15, and the Lindsay Stirling – on the Heroes of the Storm at 6:30.

Rapper Husky accused of promoting cannibalism

On Saturday, October 27, it became known about the cancellation of the concert of rapper Husky in Togliatti, the TV channel “360” reports. The performance in the framework of a concert tour in Russia was canceled at the initiative of the local prosecutor’s office, the musician believes.

Bryansk singer Cherry presented her first video

Bryansk singer Cherry presented her first video for the song “New Roles”. The video appeared on the Internet on October 26. The producer of the singer Maxim Pibits told the site “Our Bryansk.ru” that this clip was his debut

Chopin will sound at the “Ambassador’s Evening” in the Museum-Reserve

The Chopin concert will present Poland on the Embassy Evenings project in the Opera House of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. The event will take place on Sunday, October 28th.

Good Charlotte showed how to help themselves

American punk rock band Good Charlotte has released a new video for the song “Self Help”. In it you can see scenes with the boxer’s workouts before an important match, which is also shown at the end of the video.

Taganrog group “Zveri” has released a new album

Taganrog group “Animals” October 26, presented a new album – “10”. The music collection includes six songs: “In the evening”, “In my city”, “We became”, “Demons”, “Leave” and “My World”. The artists chose this title for the album because it was released in October – the tenth month of the year.


Alexander Skarsgard to play in the blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong”

Alexander Skarsgard in the TV series “Little Drummer” Swedish actor will play the main role in the new fantastic action “Godzilla vs. Kong” from director Adam Wingard (“The Witch from Blair: New Chapter”).

Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will be removed in a love story

Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will star in the new film directed by Mad Max and The Witches of Eastwick by George Miller. As reported by Empire, the picture will be called “Three Thousand Years of Lust” (“Three Thousand Years Of Longing”).

Details of the plot yet, it is known only that it will be a love story with the participation of the genie. The project has no studio or producers, however, according to the publication, Miller expects to begin shooting next year.

Liam Neeson craves revenge

Lionsgate shared the trailer for the crime movie “Cold Pursuit” with Liam Neeson in the lead role. In the center of the plot – a snow blower, eager to take revenge on the drug dealer who killed his son.

“Halloween star” Jamie Lee Curtis will star in a detective story

By the way, director Ryan Johnson (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”) is a big fan of the famous writer and he wrote the script for the future film. Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie “Halloween” Knives Out shooting will start in November.

Dmitry Nagiyev will play Ostap Bender in the new film version of “12 chairs”

The main role in the new film adaptation of the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov “12 chairs” will be played by actor and TV host Dmitry Nagiyev. About it on the page on Twitter the commentator and the journalist Ilya Kazakov told. He also added that the role of Kisa Vorobyaninov went to actor Dmitry Nazarov.

The best films of the festival “LAMP” for the first time will show in the UN

The retrospective of the best films and videos of the international festival of social cinema “LAMP” will be shown for the first time on the UN site in Geneva on December 5, the International Volunteer Day. This was told by the chairman of the organizing committee of the film festival Olga Zubkova.

Johnny Depp fired from “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Losing the role was a serious blow to the actor. Fans of 55-year-old Johnny Depp are upset: they have learned that he will no longer play captain Jack Sparrow. This was reported by screenwriter Stewart Beatty, who was entrusted with writing the script for the new part of the franchise.

Films about the history of Nokia and cyber policemen will be shown at “Polytech 360”

This year the festival is held later than usual: opening – November 22, the last day – December 2. Despite the fact that the theme of the competition program was formulated as “Techno-optimism / Techno-pessimism”, it found a place for films with human stories.

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