11 Май, 2021

Czech Republic intends to recover compensation from Russia

The Czech authorities intend to demand compensation from Russia in the amount of at least 1 billion kronor (about $ 47 million) for the explosions at ammunition depots in Vrbetica in 2014, said the Minister of Finance of the republic Alena Schillerova on Czech television.

“The surest way, which seems to be international compensation, is in accordance with international law, because if we take the path of, for example, compensation for damage related to criminal proceedings, it will take a very long time,” she said …

The material says that the amount of claims is most likely not final, since the authorities of the affected region may put forward their claims, including compensation for moral damage and compensation for the inability to use the property, since the release from the scattered ammunition in the affected areas is still not finalized.

US considers Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to move troops from Afghanistan

The United States is considering Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for the transfer of troops from Afghanistan, sources told The Wall Street Journal. According to them, this is complicated by the «large military presence» of Russia and the growing influence of China.

Uzbekistan reacted to the publication in the American press about the possible redeployment of the US military from Afghanistan to the countries of Central Asia. The defense doctrine of Uzbekistan does not provide for the deployment of foreign military bases and facilities on the territory of the country, the press service of the Uzbek Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Waste reform in Russia

In Russia, at present, up to 90% of solid municipal waste is sent to landfills and is subject to burial, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Viktoria Abramchenko.

«So far we are at the level of Mexico and Brazil, sending up to 90% of waste to landfills,» Abramchenko said in an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that in Russia by 2030 it is planned to reduce the volume of waste burials by half, as well as to move to their complete sorting, processing of secondary material resources and their use in industry, agriculture and housing and communal services.

It was decided to name the Marine Youth School in Evpatoria in honor of Oleg Belaventsev.

The school is run by the budgetary organization «Krympatriotcenter». The head of this institution, Yevgeny Zvonik, explained to «Rise» why the school was named after Belaventsev.

“Young people will be engaged here, they will study all marine disciplines. We were given part of the port in Yevpatoria and part of the sea station. Oleg Belaventsev is directly related to the maritime theme, plus he stood at the origins of the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and now we want him to patronize this maritime patriotic cause. «

Russian hackers suspected of cyberattack on US pipeline

Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline company in the USA, was attacked with a ransomware virus by a group of hackers called DarkSide. A former cybersecurity official in the US administration told CNN that the group typically attacks targets in countries other than Russian.

Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia to Zamid Chalaev

President Vladimir Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia to the commander of the Akhmat Kadyrov regiment, Zamid Chalaev. Ramzan Kadyrov announced the awarding of the high rank to Chalaev on his VKontakte page. At the same time, the decree numbered 268, mentioned by the head of Chechnya, has not yet been published on the Kremlin’s website.

There is no doubt that Zamid Chalaev rightfully deserves the title of Hero of Russia. It was his well-coordinated actions, effective approach, personal courage and courage that allowed us to put an end to the last organized bandit group in the Chechen Republic, headed by Aslan Byutukaev, — said Kadyrov

Michael of Kent accused of trading ties with the Kremlin

British television channel Channel 4 and the Sunday Times published footage of a meeting with Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, and his friend the Marquis of Reading. During the conversation, representatives of the British establishment promised undercover journalists to put in a word about their company at a meeting between the prince and Vladimir Putin, and in return for the service they asked for £ 50,000, the investigation said. Prince Michael of Kent denies these accusations and claims that he has not seen Putin for 18 years.