26 Jul, 2018

Dances around the festival “Invasion”

The festival “Invasion” has been cooperating with the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the past five years, but this year many musicians were unhappy with the participation of the military department in the event.

The first who decided to boycott the festival were the participants of the Ukrainian group “Riley Molly”. On his page “VKontakte” pop-punk band explained his action.

“Friends! We were surprised to learn that the Ministry of Defense of Russia will take part in the “Invasion” festival. In this regard, we will not be able to address the event. Where music is, there is no place for weapons. We apologize to all our fans, “- said in the appeal” vulgar Molly. “

In addition to “vulgar Molly”, the groups “Elysium”, “Yorsh”, “Porn Films”, Distemper and “Bird” refused to participate in the festival.

The biggest resonance was caused by the boycott of the “Invasion” of the popular singer Monetochka, who transparently hinted at the reasons for her decision not to perform at the festival.

In her official group “VKontakte” the singer wrote that she “apologizes to everyone who expected to see her this year on” Invasion “, as” her performance is canceled “.

“I’m sorry that I did not warn you before, all the world,” added the Pocket.

Although the publication does not directly state the reason for canceling the speech, the last sentence hints at the singer’s solidarity with the groups that refused to take part in the festival due to the fact that Nashestvie is cooperating with the Ministry of Defense. One of the most famous anti-war songs “DDT” – “Do not Shoot” was attached to the post of Monetochka. However, the composition was later removed from the publication.

Yevgenia Kiseleva, General Director of Multimedia Holding, which is engaged in the organization of “Invasion”, said that the festival is a multi-format event, in which the “exposition of military equipment and armament of the Russian army” is organically integrated. According to her, in the past five years, the display of Russian weapons is a “highlight” of the festival, and the performance of the Russian Knights aerobatic team is one of the most anticipated events of the event

Briefly about the main thing …..


The State Duma adopted the law on the native languages

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the final wording amendments to the law “On Education in the Russian Federation” regarding the study of the native language among the languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the state languages of the republics that are part of Russia.

No facultative language is introduced. They are provided for by federal state educational standards. In this case, the Russian language can be chosen as the native language in those schools where the native language is taught. – Vyacheslav Nikonov, historian

Ex-Governor of the Whites became a librarian in the colony

The former governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh, got a job in the library at the correctional colony, where he is serving a sentence. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to her husband Belykh Catherine. According to her, the convict for eight years for bribery of the Whites is no longer in quarantine.

The train timetable at the train stations will be shown according to local time

From August 1, the order of informing about the time of arrival and departure of trains on the electronic scoreboards of the stations will change. As early as next week, the hours and minutes of arrival of trains on the platforms will be indicated by local time, and not by Moscow

In Moscow, taxi drivers can be banned from working more than eight hours

The Department of Transport and Development of Road Transportation Infrastructure of Moscow proposes to prohibit dispatch services from giving orders to taxi drivers who have worked more than eight hours.

The State Duma passed a law on increasing the limit of advertising time on TV

The State Duma at the meeting on Wednesday adopted in the third and final reading the bill, which proposes to increase from 15% to 20% the maximum duration of advertising in the hourly TV program.

Moskalkova proposed to hold a “passport amnesty”

Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman, said that a “passport amnesty” has matured in Russia.

It is about those citizens who have been revoked passports received in violation of the statutory order, as a rule, in the 1990s, “said the Moskalkov Ombudsman. It is also possible to include here CIS citizens who, for various reasons, lost documents or use obsolete passports of the USSR, but they want and can not register Russian citizenship.

For the dismissal of people of pre-retirement age can criminalize

On the eve of the pension reform, it is necessary to work out the issue of strengthening the responsibility of employers for dismissing people of pre-retirement age – up to the criminal one, suggests the Ministry of Labor in the draft plan to create conditions for raising the level of pension provision for citizens (Vedomosti got acquainted with the document, its authenticity was confirmed by the representative of the Ministry of Labor).

Foreigners who arrive on visa-free travel will stay in Belarus for 30 days

Day a week will be a pleasant surprise for foreign guests who arrived on a five-day visa-free visa in the Belarusian capital. Now foreign tourists will be able to stay in the republic for up to 30 days, the head of the Interior Ministry’s department Vadim Zaboronok reported on July 25 at a briefing in the press center of BelTA.

The roads of Crimea will be in order for six years

After the visit of Transport Minister Yevgeny DITRIKH to the Crimea, it became known that almost all the roads of the peninsula are far from the normative state. According to the press service of the Ministry of Transport, which refers to the words of the head of the department, 80% of the roads of the Crimea are going to be brought under the standards for 6 years.

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill on tuberculosis patients

The document defines the duties of patients The State Duma of the Russian Federation in the course of an additional plenary meeting on Wednesday adopted in the second reading a bill regulating the duties of tuberculosis patients on compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, RIA Novosti reported.

Russians will be allowed to purchase more firearms

Deputies propose to increase the maximum number of weapons that a person can possess, twice for each type of weapon. This is one of the measures introduced on July 25 in the State Duma bill aimed at developing the arms industry in Russia.

The group Distemper refused to participate in the “Invasion”

The group Distemper canceled its performance at the festival “Invasion”, according to the team’s Facebook page. The musicians explained that they took this decision as a sign of solidarity with the punk groups and on their own convictions.

Refused to participate in the “Invasion” artists will replace the ensemble Alexandrova

Yevgenia Kiseleva, General Director of Multimedia Holding, which is engaged in the organization of “Invasion”, said that the festival is a multi-format event, in which the “exposition of military equipment and armament of the Russian army” is organically integrated.

Police of Italy detained former Russian senator Krivitsky

In Italy, at the request of the Russian authorities, the former Russian senator from the Novgorod region, Dmitry Krivitsky, was arrested. According to his lawyer, the first hearing on the extradition of the parliamentarian will be held on July 26 in Venice. Since March this year, Krivitsky is on the international wanted list.

Ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was brought to the interrogation as a witness

Former first deputy head EMERCOM of Russia Sergey Shlyakov is interrogated by the FSB as a witness in a criminal case brought after the audit of the Accounting Chamber, an informed source told Interfax on Wednesday.

Deputy Mayor of Makhachkala was detained in Dagestan

In Dagestan, the deputy head of the administration of Makhachkala, the head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Development Kurban Kurbanov was detained, Interfax reported citing an informed source. This information was confirmed by RBC, a source close to the authorities of Makhachkala.

Court in Bryansk arrested policemen who beat the detainee

The Sovietsky District Court of Bryansk arrested two officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Bryansk, suspected of abuse of office, for the investigation. This was reported on Wednesday by the press service of the Investigative Directorate of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the Bryansk region.

Employee Samara head of Rosgvardia detained while taking bribes

Dmitry Sazonov, the head of the center for licensing and state control (TsLRRiGK) of the main department of Rosgvardia in the Samara region, was detained in red-eye by officers of the FSB for taking bribes. This was stated on Twitter advisor to the director of Rosgvardia Alexander Khinshtein.

The police colonel, the head of the center for licensing and permitting work of the Rosgvardia office in the Samara region, Dmitry Sazonov, was detained in red after receiving bribes. – Alexander Khinshtein, Russian journalist

The famous star of Trump on the “Walk of Fame” again broke the vandal

In Los Angeles, an unknown person destroyed the personal star of Donald Trump at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The act of vandalism was committed by a certain man at 3.00 am local time. This is the first incident with the Trump monument on the “Walk of Fame” since he became president of the United States in 2017.

A scientist from TsNIIMash Kudryavtsev was charged with a state treason

Candidate of Technical Sciences Kudryavtsev was arrested on July 19. As soon as he was detained before the trial, the investigators decided to conduct searches at TsNIIMash, as well as to other addresses.

EU obliged to check pilots for alcohol and mental disorders

The EU tightened the rules for pre-flight medical examination of pilots by establishing compulsory psychological checks and tests for alcohol, both for the flight crew of the countries of the community and for foreign pilots.

“Kamchatskenergo” threatens to turn off light to six thousand defaulters

PJSC “Kamchatskenergo” informs that more than 6 thousand owners of residential premises owe money to the region for light.

Ministry of Labor of Khakassia and the Orthodox Church concluded an agreement

For the first time, the Ministry of Labor of Khakassia and the Abakan Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church concluded an agreement on cooperation in the field of facilitating the development of ties with compatriots living abroad and their resettlement for permanent residence in Khakassia, as well as promoting their employment, taking into account spiritual, cultural and socio-legal values .

The media reported the execution of six members of Aum Shinrikyo

The last six people from among the death row members of the banned extremist sect “Aum Shinrikyo” were executed today in Japan. This is reported by the NHK with reference to its sources

General Shlyakova suspected of fraud with the sale of the post of governor

Former first deputy head EMERCOM of Russia Colonel General Sergei Shlyakov suspected of fraud when selling the post of governor of one of the regions for 1 million rubles, TASS reported citing a source in law enforcement.

Siloviki detained the head of the NGO named after Lavochkin

“With regard to the general director of JSC” NGO “Lavochkin” Lemeshevsky and the head of the Directorate of Legal Support of the enterprise Ekaterina Averyanova, the Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud) in connection with the embezzlement of a company’s large amount of money by paying fictitious legal services of the law firm “Tretyakov and Partners” for the amount of 330 million rubles, “the press service said.


In the Omsk region will open the first eco-tourist trail

Ecological and tourist trail will attract new visitors to Bird’s Haven, form their respective knowledge in the field of local lore, join environmental activities, and broaden their horizons.

In Ingushetia cleared the tourist route “To Lyazhginsky waterfall”

The Committee of Ingushetia for Tourism together with the volunteers of the ecological detachment “ECO-DOZOR” held a subbotnik on the territory of the tourist route “To the Lyazhginsky waterfall”.

In the Astrakhan region created a unique specially protected natural area

The governor of the Astrakhan region, Alexander Zhilkin, called for giving a special protected status to wintering pits in the delta of the Volga River, in which a large number of aquatic biological resources, including rare and under protection, accumulate in the winter.

This initiative was caused by the need to protect and restore the natural resources of the lower reaches of the Volga delta, maintain the safety of fish stocks, improve the conditions for their reproduction and prevent poaching, the press service of the regional service for nature management and environmental protection

In the Plesetsk District due to unauthorized landfills the forest caught fire

The prosecutor’s office has established that solid waste is not being exported from the Lomovoye territory since 2017. This led to the formation of unauthorized landfills. Also in the area of the highway Ulitino settlement in 2017 from the stored garbage there was a fire of forest plantations, according to the website of the regional prosecutor’s office.

Ecologists: Baltika is polluted with agricultural fertilizers

Residents of Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk were concerned about the appearance of unpleasant green algae in the sea, even where they were not there before. As stated in the social network by the local ecologist Alexander Korolev, representative of the organization “Ecodefence”, algae appeared because of the large amount of organic matter in the sea.

“Organic + rising water temperature = rapid multiplication of unicellular algae,” – so wrote the Queen.

Agriculture of Germany, Poland and Estonia – this is who is the main polluter of the Baltic Sea. This statement was made by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Kaliningrad Region Oleg Stupin to the Russian West portal after the meeting of the regional government, where he told about the progress of the state program “Environment”.

Salmon path in Kamchatka is gaining momentum

As reported by IA Kam 24, salmon pond in the Far East began on June 1. The authorities expect that in Kamchatka it will be a record and allowed the fish industry to catch 290,000 tons of red fish. However, because of the cold water in the reservoirs, the beginning of the road left much to be desired.

Dump of domestic waste grows in the residential quarter of Blagoveshchensk

Citizens no longer know who to complain about the garbage collapse. In the center of Blagoveshchensk, in a residential area, there has been a dump of domestic waste for a week now. Plastic bags, boxes and bottles filled the district near a wooden apartment house at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Frunze streets.

Volga encircled the “yellow web”

With the beginning of summer in Volzhsky, according to tradition, in all its glory the dodder has blossomed – a dangerous parasitic plant of the family of cornflowers, which is called “garden confusion” and “yellow cobweb”. Meanwhile, the weed is not just unaesthetic and parasitic, but also a quarantine plant.

In Chita in July, a three-month rainfall fell

In Chita, from the beginning of July, 333 millimeters of precipitation fell at a monthly rate of 104 millimeters. This month, according to weather forecasters, has already become the rainiest in the history of observations, TASS writes. The liquidation of the consequences of the flood in Transbaikalia continues.

How much money do you need to extinguish forest fires?

The problem of the relationship between the municipalities of the region and Avialesohrana has not been resolved for several years. In 2013, on the peninsula Middle during the jeep tour a forest fire broke out with 4 fires. Then, the district administration did not make a timely contract with the fire department and did not monitor the air. As the chief of the Murmansk base of the aviation protection of forests Oleg Rudenko tells, after 5 years the situation is repeated.

“Not all municipalities have concluded agreements with us,” Oleg Rudenko points out. “At the same time, the situation in the region is complex, there are several fires every day, and even in the presence of contracts, we lack the resources and resources. We have written and said more than once that it is time to increase financing and time, as well as the time of flights, and the number of people and means. But the fire protection is financed at the minimum level. Our financial capabilities are extremely limited: we are allocated about 75 million for everything. Now we have 75 employees. “

Rudenko also added that successful rapid response in forests requires about 200-300 million and several hundred people.

Gazprom has violated the laws of the forest 20 times in the Leningrad region

The Ecological Committee of the Leningrad Region found 20 violations of forestry legislation in the work of PJSC Gazprom, the press service of the ministry said. The committee checked how the company operates in ten districts of the region.

In Yakutia to extinguish fires caused by artificial precipitation

In addition to calling artificial precipitation in extinguishing forest fires in Yakutia, the blasting method is applied. Today in the region, 14 forest fires are extinguished on a total area of 43.4 thousand hectares

The Novaya River turned into a zone of ecological disaster

Immediately seven dead ducks found residents of the Kirov district of the Leningrad region in the Novaya River. According to eyewitnesses, among the dead there are also chicks.

This river, which begins south of the Baltic line of the October Railway and ends near the Alexandrino estate, according to the head of the North-Western public environmental organization “Green Cross” Yuri Shevchuk, has long been a zone of ecological disaster. More than once the water acquired an incomprehensible blue-green color, on its surface the locals saw dead fish. As experts believe, all ills – one reason: the pollution of the river with industrial wastewater.


Employee Qiwi namaynil on terminals half a million bitcoins

The former Qiwi technical director lured 500,000 bitcoins on the company’s payment terminals and resigned, taking the crypto-currency with him. This was told by the head of Qiwi Sergey Solonin, writes vc.ru.

Online stores Otto and Quelle stopped accepting orders in Russia

Included in the German company Otto Group, online stores Quelle and Otto stopped accepting orders in Russia, according to their websites. At the same time, Otto does not accept orders from July 17, and Quelle stopped receiving them on July 25.

The State Duma approved in the second reading the creation of Russian offshore companies

The deputies of the State Duma approved in the second reading the creation of special administrative districts (SAR) in the territories of the Kaliningrad region and Primorsky Krai, where a special tax regime for companies from offshore companies will be introduced.

Kazakhstan banned the supply of poultry meat from three other regions of Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan imposed temporary restrictions on the supply of pteoceous products to the country from three other regions of Russia due to the spread of avian influenza. This July 25, the press service of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Minstroi proposed five-fold increase in contributions to the Fund for the Protection of Co-investors

The original version of the law says that the amount of the contribution can change no more than once a year on the basis of the federal law. If this happens, then the mandatory allocations for the builder shall be changed not earlier than three months after the amendments come into effect

The “Mosmetrostroy” was told about the plans to build a tunnel in the Crimea

The company “Mosmetrostroy” is considering the possibility of building a tunnel on the Crimea peninsula, Izvestia was told by its general director Sergei Zhukov

Electricity may rise in price due to a new utilization fee

A new collection is proposed for gas turbines up to 32 MW. It will be levied on the investors, but Russian companies will be partially reimbursed from new subsidies. From the proceeds from the recycling collection can create a special fund to support the Russian machine builders

Moscow hotels in the first half of the year increased their profitability by 1.5 times

The Football World Cup caused a rapid growth in the operating indicators of hotels in all segments in Moscow – the average return on the number (RevPAR) in the first half of 2018 increased by 52% compared to the first half of last year – to 6.7 thousand rubles, the consulting company Colliers International.

VSK concluded a preliminary agreement on the sale of its “daughter” to “Safmaru”

VSK concluded a preliminary agreement on the sale of its “daughter” to “Safmaru” Insurance company (IC) VSK can sell for 2 billion rubles. one of its shareholders – the Safmar Financial Investments holding (SFI) – its daughter, the Interi insurance company.

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a project on the development of winemaking in Russia

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill aimed at the development of domestic winemaking. The document, introduced by a group of deputies, softens the licensing requirements for Russian winemakers.

Investments of foreigners in the Russian national debt fell to a minimum for the year

The effect of the withdrawal of foreign investors from the market of Russian OFZ in mid-June was estimated by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

The governor of the Moscow region spoke about the creation of two new SEZs in the region

The governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyev, appealed to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the initiative to create two new free economic zones (FEZ) in the suburbs.

The US expelled from the sanctions list the former “daughter” of VTB

The US Treasury removed the Estonian Credit Bank (Eesti Krediidipank) from its sanctions list. The bank was sanctioned in September 2016 due to the fact that 59.7% of its capital was owned by VTB-controlled Russian BM bank.

Alisher Usmanov finishes transfer of assets to Russia

The Cyprus holding company USM Holdings Limited, which indirectly owns controlling stakes in HK Metalloinvest, PJSC MegaFon and other assets, and its beneficial owners complete the process of de-infusing assets and transferring the beneficial ownership of USM into Russian jurisdiction.

The Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the State Duma a law on softening requirements for exporters

The purpose of the law is to ease the administrative burden on Russian importers and exporters in the process of foreign trade activity, the law says.

Money market: banks borrowed from the Central Bank $ 460 million

The demand for liquidity provided by the Finance Ministry was low yesterday: the total amount of funds raised through the deposit auction and one-day repo operations amounted to only 1.3 billion rubles. At the Central Bank auctions there was also no excitement.

Oreshkin told about the growth of settlements in the national currency in the BRICS

The share of settlements in national currencies between Russia and other BRICS countries is already growing, Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said, TASS reports.

Iran refused to Sri Lanka in repaying the debt for oil supplies of tea

Iran refused to Sri Lanka to repay the debt for Iranian oil in the amount of about $ 250 million supply of Ceylon tea. As the newspaper The Financial Tribune writes, the Sri Lanka tea syndicate offered such a plan to circumvent international sanctions against Iran.

Maduro announced the denomination of the national currency of Venezuela

The national currency of Venezuela – a sovereign bolivar, will be denominated and tied in the Venezuelan crypto currency Petro from August 20, said the country’s president, Nicholas Maduro, reports El Nacional. Maduro said that the updated Bolivarians will lose five zeros.

Quarterly reports of Facebook disappoint investors

The publication of the quarterly report and negative forecasts of analysts led to a collapse in the value of Facebook shares, writes MarcetWatch. The financial losses of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, according to Bloomberg, may amount to almost $ 17 billion

Most of the transition to Sakhalin will be financed by RZD

The bulk of the transport transition to Sakhalin Island will be financed from the Russian Railways budget. The Russian Transport Minister Maxim Oreshkin told TASS on the sidelines of the BRICS forum, which is being held in South African Johannesburg.


The representative of Kiev disrupted the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk

On the scandal in Minsk, where the meeting of the humanitarian working sub-group of the Contact Group for the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine was held, it became known on Wednesday. It was disrupted by the representative of Kiev Irina Gerashchenko.

Xi Jinping urged to abandon the conduct of trade wars

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during the opening ceremony of the BRICS business forum in Johannesburg, called on the world community to abandon the trade war.

Putin and Trump in Helsinki did not agree on the Ukrainian question

Presidents of Russia and the US Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump discussed the issue of Ukraine in Helsinki, but they did not find the points on which they could come to an agreement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on July 25.

They discussed Ukraine. There were not a lot of points on which their opinions would converge. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

US imposed sanctions against 13 persons for supplying electronics to Syria

The United States has added eight physical and five legal entities to the sanctions lists for the supply of electronic equipment to Syria, where it allegedly was used in a chemical weapons development program.

In Ukraine, called for a complete blockade of the Crimea

The headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is located in Kiev, this structure is part of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated their intention to return the peninsula under their control.

The US has not yet decided on the extension of START III

The US has not yet decided on the extension of the Russian-American treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START III), US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

In New Zealand urged Australia to change its flag

Acting Prime Minister of New Zealand Winston Peters called on Australia to change its flag, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Pompeo called China the main rival of the United States

The main rival of the United States for the next decade is China, State Secretary of the US State Department Mike Pompeo said at a hearing at the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress to Senator Mike Rubio.


The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported on the shelling of the territory of Israel by the fighters of the IG

The shelling of the territory of Israel on July 25 was carried out by the militants of the “Islamic state” (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) in order to provoke a blow to the Syrian military. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Ministry of Defense plans to purchase 45 marine robots “Marlin-350”

The Ministry of Defense of Russia is going to purchase 45 remote unmanned underwater vehicles “Marlin-350” by the end of 2020. The contract amount will be more than 603.7 million rubles. The document on the public procurement portal says that the contractor must choose August 16, 2018.

Two Palestinians were killed in the bombing of the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza Strip

At least two Palestinians were victims of a strike by the Israeli Air Force in the southern and central parts of the Gaza Strip, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Wednesday. According to the publication, the air strikes were carried out in response to the attack of Palestinians on the military of the IDF in Gaza.

In St. Petersburg, a new minesweeper “Peter Ilyichev” was laid

On Wednesday, July 25, a new minesweeper, Peter Ilyichev, was laid in the Middle Nevsky Shipyard

The aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” will have to “turn”

To unload the old equipment from the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, we will have to “turn” the ship, said the general director of the ship repair center “Zvezdochka” Sergei Marichev.

DPRK will give the US the remains of soldiers killed in the Korean War

North Korea may return the remains of US servicemen who died during the Korean War more than 60 years ago. This was told by the agency Yonhap on Thursday, July 26. It is noted that Pyongyang took about 100 wooden boxes in which the transportation of the remains can be made.


The center of bird flu was found in the Ulyanovsk region

Quarantine on the territory of the district has not yet been introduced, specialists conduct crawling of houses in the territory of all districts of the Ulyanovsk region. Residents of the region receive information leaflets about avian influenza and preventive measures.

IG claimed responsibility for the shooting in Toronto

The man opened fire from a pistol at people in one of the cafes, entered into a shootout with the police and was killed. As a result of the attack, a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl were killed, 13 people were injured. The shooting was a 29-year-old local resident Faisal Hussein

The number of victims of terrorist attacks in Essaouira exceeded 150 people

The number of victims of terrorist attacks in the city of Suweida in southern Syria and clashes between government forces and IG fighters (banned in the Russian Federation) increased to 156 people. According to Interfax, the EFE agency reports this with reference to eyewitnesses close to the Syrian opposition

In Gorlovka, two teenagers were blown up by a mine

Two children were killed, according to preliminary data, after exploding on a mine in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko, acting head of the city administration, said on Wednesday.

Investigators will find out the circumstances of the tragedy on the mountain river in Khakassia

Investigators find out the circumstances of the death of one of the tourists from an overturned catamaran on the river She in the Tashtypsky district of Khakassia, according to the SUSK of the Russian Federation in the republic. Earlier, the Ministry of Emergencies reported that on the river She overturned a catamaran with a group of six people.

In Transbaikalia estimated damage from high water roads in the region of 840 million rubles

The damage that flood caused to the road economy of the Trans-Baikal Territory, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to about 840 million rubles. This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Territorial Development of the region Viktor Pazdnikov

The center of Ryazan for several hours remained without electricity due to an accident

Specialists of RGRES restored power supply Several hours the central streets of Ryazan remained without electricity because of the accident, the press service of the city administration informs. Recall, on the morning of July 25, electricity supply ceased all around the city center – from Dzerzhinsky and Vokzalnaya streets to Polonsky.

In Kiev, because of the rain partially overflowed the overpass

The message of the Main Directorate of the Civil Service of Ukraine for Emergencies in Kiev says that after a heavy rain that was accompanied by a hail, an overpass partially collapsed in the western part of the city.

In India, the girl ate dirty fruits and contracted brain parasites

In India, doctors found more than 100 ribbonworm eggs in the brain of an eight-year-old girl, The Hindu reported. The patient entered the Gurgaon hospital with complaints of severe headache and epileptic seizures, which lasted for six months.

The number of victims of a series of terrorist attacks in Syria has exceeded 220

As a result of several terrorist attacks in the Syrian province of Essaouida, more than 220 people were killed. Earlier, 156 people were reported dead. Attacks were organized by terrorists from the “Islamic state” (prohibited in Russia).

At least four law enforcers died as a result of the terrorist attack in Kabul

At least four security officers were killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul, five people were injured

A resident of the Irkutsk region attacked a medical worker in a polyclinic with a knife

A resident of the Irkutsk region attacked a doctor and a nurse in the clinic of the Nizhneudinsky district hospital in the Irkutsk region. This was reported on Thursday, July 26, by the Ministry of Health of the region.


Dmitry Malikov insulted the entire show business

Dmitry Malikov was in the middle of the scandal last night. In his microblog on Twitter, the artist wrote an obscene post that offended all the representatives of show business.

“How to achieve success in a show of a biseu? It’s very simple .. We need either a pedlarry or a Jewry, and, better, a pedaling Jewry!” I have neither one nor the other … “, Malikov wrote (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

Anatoly Wasserman launched his own show in Youtube

Despite the controversial behavior of the participants, the Network’s users positively evaluated the idea of the intellectual. Famous scholar and political observer Anatoly Wasserman launched his own show in Youtube entitled “Removal of the brain”.

Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov announced the engagement

TV presenter Regina Todorenko announced an engagement with the performer Vlad Topalov. On her decision Todorenko reported on her page in the social network Instagram.

Ex-beloved Egor Creed gave birth to her elderly billionaire husband

The newborn girl was given the name of Anastasia, “MK” reports. The father of her first child was a 64-year-old businessman of Egyptian origin, the owner of the company “Amiral” Ossama Fati Rabah al-Sharif, for whom the model married in a year after the break with the singer

Former wife of Roma Zhukova accused her husband of drunkenness and violence

Many believed that the tragedy would rally the family. Therefore, when the singer stated that he had left Elena, the fans were stunned. Zhukov admitted that after the death of their daughter, relations with his wife finally deteriorated.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 49th birthday at a beach party

Fans are discussing the ideal figure of an ageless star. On July 24, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 49th birthday. In honor of the holiday, the singer arranged a gay beach party with her relatives and closest friends.

Former spouse Kuzmin accused Pugacheva of using black magic

Poet Tatiana Artemieva claims that she has witnesses of how the prima donna took her husband from her. The former wife of musician Vladimir Kuzmin argues that Alla Pugacheva sold the soul to the devil for eternal youth and with the help of black magic took her husband from her.

Fans of Friske scolded Shepeleva

The Internet audience fell with a criticism of the TV host Dmitry Shepelev for the hair of his son Plato. In the network, fans of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske criticized her widower – TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

The actress of the series “Secrets of the investigation” Christina Kuzmina defeated the cancer

Last year the actress was again diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis. The fact that the star of the popular Russian series “Secrets of the investigation” Kristina Kuzmina is sick with oncology, her numerous fans learned only a few months ago after her sincere recognition.

Model Carly Kloss is married to a relative of Trump

On July 24, 25-year-old Carly Kloss admitted to subscribers that she would soon become the wife of 33-year-old Joshua Kushner. Before the engagement, the model met with the businessman for six years.

The most “expensive” user in Instagram is named

American model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner took first place in the ranking of the most expensive users of Instagram. The price of one publication in the profile of a 20-year-old girl is one million dollars. This was reported by the publication Hopper HQ.

The court refused to recognize the film “Form of water” plagiarized

In the US, the court rejected a claim to recognize the film “Form of water” plagiarism. This decision was taken by federal judge Percy Anderson, reports Variety. The plaintiff was the son of the author of the play “Let me hear your whisper” by Paul Zindel.

Bondarchuk began shooting the sequel to the blockbuster “Attraction”

Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk started filming the second part of the fantasy film “Attraction.” This was reported by the site of the TV channel “Zvezda”

Emma Thompson will return to the role of Agent O in the spin-off “People in Black”

In the future, the spin-off of “Men in Black” will be directed by Emma Thompson, who in the original trilogy performed the role of agent O – the head of the secret government organization.

The director of “Star Wars” deleted 22 thousand of his comments on Twitter

Director of the eighth episode of the cult saga “Star Wars” “Last Jedi” Ryan Johnson globally cleared his official account on the social network Twitter. As reported by “Volga-Caspian”, the director deleted all comments that he made before January 25, 2018, and this is about 22 thousand tweets

Trailer of the criminal comedy “Blue Iguana”

In the network appeared the trailer of the film “The Blue Iguana”, inspired by the comedies of the 80s.

47-year-old Choi showed a luxurious body in a swimsuit

The singer laid out on her page in Instagram photo, which shows a tight figure. The actress is resting on the Spanish island of Mallorca. In the picture, Anita Tsoi in a blue swimsuit poses on a yacht

Vodyanova showed no waist and zero chest

Admirers were very surprised by the figure of the supermodel. Natalia Vodianova sets her own standards of beauty: she was never shy about her boyish figure. But her new photo in a bikini completely disappointed the fans.

Dmitry Dyuzhev shook sausage and read a rap

Even Philip Kirkorov was mentioned. In a minute clip, Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev shook the sausage and read a rap called “Sausage Hyp”. For the commercial, the artist tried on the images of several recognizable Russian references, but the main character was not he, but sausage.


Biologists have discovered consciousness-supporting neurons

Researchers from the Rockefeller University (USA) discovered neurons supporting consciousness. They told about this in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the human brain, there are cells that are responsible for the activity of the nervous system

Scientists: two tablespoons of sugar a day kill the brain

Two and a half teaspoons of sugar per day can trigger Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. This conclusion was reached by experts from Columbia University, the Daily Mail said.

The findings of scientists – the fruit of a long observation of a group of people (2226 people) who had no signs of brain disease. Participants in the experiment told how much sugar they eat per day. During 7 years of observation, Alzheimer developed in 426 volunteers.

It turned out that those who prefer sweet drinks (this is juices and punch), the chance of developing the disease increases by 27%, and for people not limiting themselves in the use of carbonated drinks – by 54%.

Also, experts estimated: 30.3 grams of sugar per day equal to 33% of the risk of senile dementia, compared with people who eat less than 5.8 g.

Scientists have found in the body of bats a protein with the Ebola virus

American scientists from the State University of Georgia (University of Georgia) in the study found in the body of bats the protein VP35 with the Ebola virus.

People were able to manage three hands at once

Japanese scientists have shown that people with a prosthetic hand connected through the neurointerface are able to control both this prosthesis and two own hands, while performing tasks of different types

The melting of the ice in the Arctic made the winters colder in Siberia. But this is temporary

Winters in Siberia have become colder in recent decades, despite the warming in the Arctic, where there is a steady reduction in the area of long-term ice – this phenomenon was called WACS (from English warm Arctic cold Siberia, where Siberia refers to the Asian part of Russia as a whole ).

Technics origami helped create a self-assembled folding quadrupter

The developers demonstrated the use of the construction on the example of a drone with folding and spontaneously straightening shoulders. The article is published in the journal Science Robotics. Engineers often use in their designs a folding technique that resembles origami

The 3D model of the ventricle of the human heart was first created

Researchers were able to create for the first time a convenient model of one part of the heart for a more detailed study of cardiovascular processes. Scientists from Harvard University have managed to recreate the 3D model of the human heart’s ventricle.


At the south pole of Mars found liquid water

Scientists made a discovery, exploring the area of the South Pole. They compared the data from the Italian radar MARSIS, which “probed” the surface of 200 square kilometers of the South Pole, consisting of dust and ice a half kilometers thick

A new way to deliver nanosatellites into orbit came up in Russia

Russian scientists have developed a new way to deliver nanosatellites into orbit. Apparatuses offered to deliver in the transition compartment of rockets of the Soyuz-2 family as a passing load. The idea belongs to the engineers of the Samara Rocket and Space Center Progress, RIA Novosti reported.

Europeans have successfully launched another missile

The Ariane 5 missile successfully completed its mission on Wednesday and put four new satellites of the global navigation system Galileo into working orbits. This was reported by the company Arianespace, which carries out commercial launches of Ariane series rockets

The vibrations of the sun turned into sound

Each object in space produces its own sound and high-frequency instruments are used for its recording, which are installed on space observatories.

The sun was “listened” with the help of the space observatory SOHO, which is able to capture the slightest oscillations of the nearest star to the Earth. The data received from the observatory was accelerated 42,000 times, and it was necessary that the human ear could recognize the sound

The first “vertical” cosmodrome will be built in Scotland

The facility is planned to be commissioned in early 2020. This area was chosen because of a favorable location, which will allow vertical launches of rockets and satellites

“Roskosmos” spoke about the flying islands on Neptune

More than 150 students from Russian and foreign technical universities worked on a project of an interplanetary station-island that would study the atmosphere of one of the gas giants, the television studio Roskosmos reports. The movie “Flying islands on Neptune” is available on YouTube.

Khrunichev Center developed the concept of a reusable rocket

The developers relied on the studies that were carried out in the Khrunichev Center in the early 2000s to create a reusable winged block for the Angara. Creation of a cruise missile was then recognized by scientists as an economically inexpedient step.


Twitter blocks the Ilonov Mask accounts

Simply put, if the user in his Twitter account decides to change the name to “Ilon Mask”, then this account will be automatically blocked. According to a representative of Twitter, this is done to combat spam and fraud

Avito launched a service to find air tickets and tours

The popular Russian site of announcements Avito launches a pilot project to search for air tickets and travel packages. For this purpose, the domain avitotravel.ru has been specially registered. The idea is planned to develop in partnership with the search service Aviasales and travel agency Level Travel.

YouTube on Chrome is five times faster than Mozilla

YouTube runs in the Google Chrome browser five times faster than in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. This is reported 9to5google with a link to the manager for technical programs Mozilla Chris Peterson. The problem arose after the resource was redesigned.

Artificial intelligence will check the grammar in Google Docs

Google Docs has a built-in spelling checker.

The spider settled under the protective glass of the Apple iMac computer

The spider settled under the protective glass of the computer iMac, but as he was there it remains only to guess. One version is called the ventilation holes in the back of the case.

WhatsApp endowed Siri with a new feature

Users of instant messenger WhatsApp will soon be able to send a message to a group chat using the Siri voice assistant. About the appearance of a new feature for iOS in the “what’s new” section, the app store App Store.

Facebook will create an innovation center in China

The American company Facebook will create in China a center of innovative technologies to support local developers and start-ups, writes The Wall Steet Journal with reference to the company’s message

Updated Google Chrome marks all HTTP sites as unsafe

Experts informed that the updated Google Chrome will mark all HTTP-sites as unsafe, and recommended that site owners take measures to move to a safer version of HTTPS.

Steam updated and received voice chats

Like Discord, Steam offers all these features in the Internet version. In addition, Steam chats have extended formatting: there you can insert pictures directly from the clipboard, video and pictures will unfold directly in the chat.

YouTube tests a new section “Research”

YouTube is testing a new section called Explore, which will soon appear in the mobile version. This is reported by the portal CNet, referring to the director of product management company Tom Leung.

The purpose of this section is to find new video channels. Thanks to a special algorithm, the system will collect videos that can be of interest to the user.

Google AdWords finally switched to a new Google Ads brand

July 24 Google AdWords as a result of rebranding changed its name to Google Ads. In Russia, the name sounds like “Google Advertising.” In addition, the service received a new logo.


The fastest supercar in the history of McLaren will be called Speedtail

Under the hood, the fastest McLaren sports car in history will be equipped with a hybrid power unit based on gasoline and electric engines. According to rumors, a twin-turbocharged V8 engine from the 720S will be petrol.

Sales of the updated Renault Logan and Sandero started in Russia

Updated cars became available for purchase from dealers at a price of 544 thousand rubles. The models are offered with a 1.6-liter engine whose power is depending on the version of 82, 102 and 113 horsepower.

Diesel version of Honda Civic will receive “automatic”

The main differences of the new version of the model was the availability of a 1.6-liter diesel engine of the i-DTEC family, whose power is 120 hp. It is noted that the transmission is a classic 9-speed “automatic” ZF 9HP.

Range Rover introduced a new SUV for Russia

The company Land Rover officially introduced an updated SUV Range Rover 2019 model year for Russia. The novelty received an extended list of options and an improved automatic transmission. Sales of the new “Range Rover” on the Russian market will begin in August this year.

Supercar Bugatti Chiron got a glass roof

Supercar Bugatti Chiron equipped with a glass roof. Developers glazed the ceiling above each seat, which allowed to increase the space above the head.

Porsche officially introduced the updated Macan

The German company Porsche officially introduced the updated crossover Porsche Macan. The car was transformed not only externally, but also inside, having received a new instrument panel. Sales of new items in China will begin in the near future, and, after a few months, it will reach European dealers.

Hyundai applied for the registration of the name Styx

Hyundai has filed an application for the registration of the Styx trademark in the European Intellectual Property Office. Previously, this name was worn progressive musical rock band of the 70s from Chicago.

Crossover MG HS debuts in the most powerful version of HS Trophy

The basic was a turbo engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and with a return of 169 hp. He works together with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed “robot”. In addition to China, the MG HS is likely to be offered in the UK, the home of the brand. There you can already buy a hatch MG3, crossovers MG ZS and MG GS.

Hyundai completes development of i30 N lift

Representatives of the Korean company have already told that the model is undergoing final tests at the Nurburgring and as evidence was presented several photos of the “charged” i30 Fastback N. While the car hides the camouflage film and understand what will change in it in comparison with the classic i30 Fastback is still difficult.


Announced the VR-version of Hellblade for PC

Ninja Theory made an unexpected announcement – on July 31, a VR-version of Hellblade will appear on the PC. In this case, it will be free for all owners of the original on Steam. The developers decided not to charge an additional fee, since they originally made the VR version out of curiosity, for the sake of experiment

The creators of Devil May Cry 5 are proud of DmC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory

In the end, the fifth part of the series will take the best of their two worlds, presenting the world with the ultimate Devil May Cry. As I said earlier, Ituno-san learned a lot while working on all parts of the DMC, including DmC

Cyberpunk Cyberpunk 2077 is based on real possibilities

In a recent interview with IGN, Mike Pondsmith, creator of the desktop RPG Cyberpunk 2020, on which the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is based, said that he was actually deepening into the technology of the future. And he did this in order to make his creation more realistic.

The first trailer for the massive fashion Fallout Miami for Fallout 4

Developers modification Fallout Miami for Fallout 4 released their first full-fledged trailer. Three months have passed since the debut teaser appeared. Players are waiting for a great story adventure with voiced dialogues.

GOG.com returns money for No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is not going to return money for missing content, so it took the store. All disgruntled No Man’s Sky customers can apply for a refund, and GOG.com will refund the amount spent in the purse even if the game was purchased more than thirty days ago.

The strategy of Steel Division 2 is devoted to the Soviet operation “Bagration”

Company Eugen Systems announced Steel Division 2, sequel to its strategy Steel Division: Normandy 44 on the Second World War. This time the plot campaign will be entirely devoted to the Eastern Front, to the Soviet troops and Operation Bagration

Hitman 2 started the match for the right to get into the game

Interactive Entertainment announced the launch of an interesting contest in the bonus mode “Killer-Sniper”, which is now open to all players who pre-ordered Hitman 2. The rules are simple: you need to register an IO Interactive account, play the single “Killer-sniper” for Agent 47 to November 6 this year and earn points for the leaderboard

The Neverout version for the Nintendo Switch paid off before the premiere

Chapter Gamedust Peter Javorsky As reported by the developers, the complex porting of the game for VR on the hybrid console paid off even before the premiere Switch-version of Neverout. And now the studio is thinking about releasing its puzzle on the PS4 with support for the PlayStation VR.

Release of Sunless Skies again postponed

Initially, the delay of the release was planned to be small: instead of September – November or December. But after thinking and counting the number of premier major games scheduled for the end of the year, the studio decided to release Sunless Skies from early access in January 2019

Paladins on the Switch became free

Probably, many of you already enjoy free Fortnite, but do not rush to go all the way to Paladins, for until today you can play Hiroz’s Hiro-Shooter only for 2000+ rubles, buying a Founder’s Pack. But today everything has changed: Paladins became free to play, without any tricks.

Nightdive Studios will update the shooter Forsaken

In January, developers published several screenshots of the first-person shooter Forsaken, which was released in 1998 on PS1, Nintendo 64 and RS. And it was not accidental: it turns out that the updated version of the game is already preparing for release. Forsaken Remastered will be released on July 31 on Xbox One and on Steam

Warlocks 2: God Slayers goes out in October

Studio Frozen District and publishing house Fat Dog Games have decided on the release dates of the role-based action movie Warlocks 2: God Slayers. The game will appear on the PC and Nintendo Switch in October, and in early 2019 will reach the PS4 and Xbox One.

Arcade basketball NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 will be released this fall

As the developers say, the sequel “will raise the intensity of basketball games 2-on-2 to a new level thanks to fresh online and local game modes, as well as a variety of play areas scattered around the world”

The developers of Star Ruler 2 published the source code of the game

The game is still on Steam, but the studio itself actually ceased to exist. Because of this, the developers decided to leave the players warmly accepted their strategy. They laid out full source code for Star Ruler 2, including additional scripts, files and all necessary assemblies

The developer of Battlefield V revealed the details of the customization of soldiers, weapons and equipment

One fan asked if the players would be strictly limited in the number of soldiers (which they can create in campaigns), as well as classes and subclasses. According to MacArthur, users will be able to switch combat roles of soldiers in accordance with their needs and requirements

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