23 Jan, 2019

Davos Economic Forum

The 49th session of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) opened in Davos, Switzerland. Guests were greeted by the founder and permanent head of the WEF, Professor Klaus Schwab, his message was published in the official Twitter forum.

The Russian delegation is headed by Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin. The head of VTB Andrei Kostin and businessman Viktor Vekselberg also planned to attend the forum.

Recall that in November 2018, the WEF organizers refused to invite three Russian businessmen – Messrs Kostin and Vekselberg, as well as Oleg Deripaska. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia will not participate in the forum unless restrictions are lifted. Later, the VEF organizers decided to allow businessmen to participate

Briefly about the main thing …

“Honorary Professor” in closed mode

The Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) at the meeting decided to discuss in private the issue of the title “Honorary Professor of the RAS”, which was planned to be assigned to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, RIA Novosti reports. Earlier, a representative of the RAS told the agency that the award procedure is not canceled, but is postponed indefinitely.

The Russian Academy of Sciences on January 18 reported that Patriarch Kirill and Mrs. Matvienko became honorary professors of the Academy. The solemn awarding ceremony was to be held on January 22. On the same day, the academy canceled the ceremony and did not give a specific date of transfer.

On January 21, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Balega said that the presidium had excluded assignment from the agenda. According to him, on this day, the presidium will discuss the “appropriateness of the title.”

Informal community of academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Club “July 1”) in its statement spoke of “attempts at overt pressure” on members of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Community members noted that in the current Statute of the Russian Academy of Sciences there is no mention of the title of “Honorary Professor” of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Thus, we are talking about spreading false news (fake news), which causes great damage to the reputation of the entire academy,” the authors noted.

In Chechnya, the write-off of debts for gas was explained by the specifics of the region

The Minister of National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information of Chechnya, Dzhambulat Umarov, explained the write-off of debts of residents of the republic for gas. According to him, the republic has no more rights than other regions, but the gasification industry has its own history and specificity.

The Chechen people do not have to pay for the gas that did not understand at all or did not. – Dzhambulat Umarov, Russian politician

Prosecutor General’s Office opposes writing off debts for gas in Chechnya

The Prosecutor General’s Office recommends that Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Grozny’s complaint be upheld in the appellate court. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Valery Golubev called the decision of the Grozny court to write off the debts of residents of Chechnya for gas contrary to the current law.

“The limitation period may be interrupted by recognizing the debt as a debtor or suspended. The real expiration of the limitation of actions by the court was not investigated. Moreover, accounting for debt as real to recovery or uncollectible does not affect the termination of obligations, and does not affect the possibility of filing claims for recovery of such debt, ”Golubev told journalists on January 22.

Novak called the terms of the signing of a new transit agreement with Ukraine

Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of Russia, on Russia 24 TV channel. He called the basic conditions for the signing of a new transit contract with Ukraine.

“The transit contract will be discussed, but the basic condition is its commercial attractiveness. That is, the creation of such economic conditions that would be competitive in relation to other areas – the same “Nord Stream”, “Turkish Stream”, the Minister said.

The CIA and the DPRK intelligence service secretly contacted for 10 years

Employees of the CIA and the DPRK intelligence service regularly conducted secret consultations over the past 10 years, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources from former and current employees of the US administration.

The interlocutors of the publication said that the persons who held the posts of deputy director of the CIA had repeatedly visited Pyongyang. Twice such trips made in 2012 by Michael Morell. At least once, the capital of the DPRK was visited by Avril Heins. Consultations were stopped in the last years of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and resumed after the appointment of Michael Pompeo as director of the CIA in January 2017.

Washington believed that contacts at the level of representatives of intelligence services could be more useful than diplomatic channels, the newspaper explains. According to the newspaper, these negotiations allowed Pompeo to visit the DPRK.

Trump explained the decline in China’s GDP growth trade wars

China’s GDP growth rate has dropped to a minimum since 1990 due to trade wars, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter.

Japan to build a storage facility for radioactive waste in Russia

Japan is investing more than 1.1 billion rubles in the creation of a center for the conditioning and long-term storage of radioactive waste in Primorye. The director of the Far Eastern Center for Radioactive Waste Management “DalRAO” Konstantin Sidenko told about this.

May promised to cancel the collection for EU citizens living in the UK

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to cancel a fee of 65 pounds, which will have to pay citizens of EU countries who wish to live in the United Kingdom after Brexit. May announced this during her speech in the House of Commons of the Parliament

Japan to build a storage facility for radioactive waste in Russia

Japan is investing more than 1.1 billion rubles in the creation of a center for the conditioning and long-term storage of radioactive waste in Primorye. The director of the Far Eastern Center for Radioactive Waste Management “DalRAO” Konstantin Sidenko told about this.

Carles Puchdemon: “The future independent Catalonia will become part of NATO”

In a conversation with KP, the leader of the Catalan separatists, Carles Puchdemon, expressed confidence that, in the event of independence, this region would remain part of the North Atlantic Alliance: – Future independent Catalonia must adhere to international obligations that extend to its territory, including NATO membership (where Spain composed since 1982).

Five people died in an attack on a convoy of US forces and Kurds in Syria

In the province of Haseke in northeastern Syria, five people were victims of a terrorist attack – according to Frans Press agency, a suicide bomber in a mined car blew himself up next to a column of American and Kurdish forces.

Russian Navy will receive lightweight Zircon hypersonic missiles

In Russia, they will develop a “miniature” version of the hypersonic “Zircon” rocket, which will practically not be inferior in power to the “elder sister”. A miniature version of the rocket will be armed with small rocket ships (MRK) of the projects 21631 “Buyan-M” and 22800 “Karakurt”.

In the Arctic, launched a mobile RLC “Resonance-N”

In the Arctic, deployed a mobile radar complex (RLC) “Resonance-N” with elements of artificial intelligence, the newspaper “Izvestia” reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Russia. It is noted that the radar can detect cruise missiles and drones at a distance of 1 thousand kilometers

Iraqi scientist helped IG create chemical weapons

An Iraqi scientist Suleiman al-Afari, who worked in the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources of the Republic, helped the Islamic State (IG, banned in the Russian Federation) terrorist group to create chemical weapons when militants seized its hometown of Mosul in 2014.

Spanish inspectors will check the tank regiment near Kaliningrad

A visit to a military facility by European experts will be held in accordance with the Vienna Treaty of 2011. Spanish inspectors are preparing to check the 11th tank regiment of the ZVO deployed in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad Region.

In the State Duma offered to allow the sale of non-refundable tickets in the reserved seat

State Duma Deputy Natalya Kuvshinova asked the Ministry of Transport to study the possibility of introducing non-refundable tickets in the reserved and general carriages, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the parliamentarian and her appeal to the ministry at her disposal.

Smolny announced termination of contracts with Metrostroi

The authorities of St. Petersburg terminate contracts in Metrostroi. According to the city committee for the development of transport infrastructure (KDTI), the reason was the non-fulfillment of contract terms by the general contractor.

Free land will begin to distribute in two Russian regions

The Republic of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory were incorporated into the FEFD by a presidential decree at the end of 2018. Previously, both regions were part of the Siberian Federal District. The program to provide land to citizens in the Far Eastern Federal District, known as the “Far Eastern hectare”, was launched in 2016.

Portrait Akhmatova put up for auction in Moscow for 1 ruble

The portrait of the poetess Anna Akhmatova, whose author was the artist Alexander Tyshler, will be put up for auction in the Russian capital. The preliminary cost of the lot is 1 ruble. It is reported by the press service of the auction house “Litfond.”

The Constitutional Court Explained the Rule on Claims Paying Costs in Courts with Government Bodies

Nikolay Bondar, a judge-rapporteur of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, told journalists that, according to the Contested Court’s contested rule of CAS, court costs incurred by an interested party are exacted from the plaintiffs who lost the administrative case on the annulment of the decision of the authorities, not automatically, but in certain cases. These include, in particular, the situation where the interested party contributed to the resolution of the litigation. Also taken into account are the nature and amount of the expenses of the interested person, which should be necessary and be “reasonable”, Bondar added.

Ancient stone monument was a fake

The megalithic structure in Scotland, whose age was estimated at a thousand years, turned out to be a fake, made by a farmer in the 90s of the last century.

The Cabinet of Ministers agreed the state program on resettlement of compatriots to Karelia

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order approving a draft state program to facilitate the resettlement of Russians from abroad to Karelia, according to the website of the Cabinet of Ministers

“Bristol”, “Dixie” and “Red and White” are combined

Trading networks “Dixie”, “Bristol” and “Red and White” announced the merger. Under these brands, there are more than 13 thousand stores. Thus, the combined retailer will be the third in Russia in terms of turnover.

Until 2024, 450 thousand pre-pensioners will be trained in Russia

In Russia, people of pre-retirement age will have a three-month program to update their knowledge, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at a meeting in the Russian government. The average cost of such a program will be 53 thousand rubles. Read in the source

Unemployed citizens who will undergo retraining in the direction of the employment services, at the same time will be able to receive a scholarship in the amount of the minimum wage. Let me remind you that in 2019 it is 11,280 rubles. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

Seven deputies of Dmitry Medvedev will receive personal grades

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev delegated the development of the performance indicators of his deputies to Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko and Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

Deputy Finance Minister: mortgage issuance in Russia is planned to double

By what time it is planned to achieve such indicators, Moses did not report. “Firstly, we will thus be able to fulfill the presidential decree, secondly, it will bring the volume of our mortgage market into a kind of compliance with the world standard in relation to GDP,” Moiseev added.

Belarus raised the tariff for transit of Russian oil

The ministry noted that the transit tariff will be “indexed” by 7.6% from February 1 of this year. The agency’s website stresses that even with the tariff indexation, the prices for oil transit through Belarusian pipelines remain “among the lowest” in the region.

Tinkoff Bank and Alfa-Bank complained about “wage slavery”

Tinkoff Bank and Alfa-Bank complained about the ongoing so-called wage slavery, when a company employee cannot independently choose a bank to receive a salary.

“The overwhelming majority of workers are still tied to a payroll bank, and, as a rule, these are banks with state participation,” said Vladimir Senin, deputy chairman of the board of Alfa Bank.

Rosgvardia buys fuel from Rosneft at an inflated price 

From the materials it follows that the management of the private security of the Rosguards in the Moscow region is going to spend more than 50 million rubles. At the same time, the cost of fuel specified in the terms of the contract is 40-50% higher than the retail prices at the Rosneft gas stations in the Moscow region.

Lithuanian LET has sold two LNG cargo to Finland

Lithuanian company Lietuvos energijos tiekimas (LET), which supplies electricity and natural gas, has sold two small volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Finnish gas company Gasum. This is the press service of the company.

Iran doubles petrochemical production

Iranian Oil Minister Byjan Zangane said the country intends to significantly increase production in the petrochemical industry. So, in monetary terms, the volume plans to increase to 40 billion dollars. The Minister noted that the task for the country is quite doable.

Azerbaijan increases foreign exchange earnings from oil exports by almost 50%

In 2018, Azerbaijan earned $ 15.719 billion on exports, which is $ 5.013 billion, or 46.8% more than in 2017. On this, with reference to the data of the State Customs Committee of the Republic, Sputnik Azerbaijan reports.

Coal mining in Russia in 2018 increased by 5.9% – to 433.4 million tons

Coal production in Russia grew in 2018 by 5.9% compared with the previous year and amounted to 433.363 million tons. This is stated in the materials of the Central Dispatch Control Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU Fuel and Energy Complex).

Gas production in China increased by 7.5% in 2018 to 161 billion cubic meters

In general, gas production in China grew in 2018 by 7.5% to 161 billion cubic meters. The representative of the Chinese CNOOC Gas & Power Yanyang Zhu said earlier that China intends to increase the consumption of a range of natural gas as a substitute for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to improve air quality, Reuters reports.

Almost twice as many apartments began to take the inhabitants of Novosibirsk

For the year, the residents of Novosibirsk began to rent apartments more: N1.RU called the figure – 5,844 objects or 40% (their number increased over the year). In addition, according to experts, the average monthly rental price year on year rose by an average of 10%.

Investors purchased real estate in Moscow for 2.5 billion rubles

More than 280 objects of the capital real estate were purchased by investors at auction in 2018. The total area of ​​the premises is 31 thousand square meters, and the cost is 2.5 billion rubles. This figure has increased in comparison with 2017, when 213 Moscow real estate objects were sold.

State housing certificates can equate to escrow accounts

Recall that from July 1, 2019, a new system will begin to operate in Russia, according to which the funds of share holders will be stored on special escrow accounts in banks. The developer will build houses for credit funds and will receive them only after they provide the finished housing to the buyers.

In St. Petersburg, doubted the clean construction record

According to the Committee on Construction, in 2018 St. Petersburg again broke the record for housing construction: 3.9 million square meters were commissioned, the lion’s share of which was handed over in December. “The city provided 123.4% of the annual plan”, – reported to the committee.

Only 3 out of 56 accredited banks are ready to work on escrow accounts in Bashkiria

“Of the 56 banks that are accredited by the Central Bank for work with developers, only Sberbank, which covers half of the market, Gazprombank and VTB are ready,” said Artem Kovshov.

Krasnoyarsk police rescued a frozen five-year-old girl

“In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, traffic police rescued a five-year-old freezing girl,” the report said. The incident occurred in the village Irbeysky. According to the ministry, the DPS crew noticed a girl on the street near the fence, who was standing barefoot in the snow in a 30-degree frost.

It turned out that the girl’s mother went to work, and left her daughter with an adult brother. The young man left the house, the girl woke up, was frightened and undressed ran out into the street. Currently, the life of a child is not in danger. Police officers establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Drawings of the architect Ignatius Milinis will be shown in the Shchusev Museum

The first monographic exhibition “Heroes of Avant-garde Construction. Architect Ignaty Milinis” will open on February 14 at the Shchusev State Architectural Museum. It will show the Muscovites photos, documents and drawings of one of the most significant Russian avant-garde architects, the official portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

Minilis went down in history as a consistent supporter of constructivism, whose creative positions were formed during his studies at the architectural school in Kiev. In 1926, he designed the builders club, and a year later – the Museum of the Revolution.

Dream Theater rock band returns to Moscow with a new album

The American rock band Dream Theater will present its new album on June 11 at the Moscow club Adrenaline Stadium. This was reported on Monday in the press service of the organizer of the tour – the company SAV Entertainment.

Sergey Bodrov Sr. will shoot a film about Mikhail Kalashnikov

According to the executive producer of the film Alexander Dostal, the creators of the film are trying to make it as accurate as possible in terms of biography and technical parameters. The premiere is scheduled for autumn 2019.

Edgar Wright is preparing a psychological horror and a sequel to “Baby on the drive”

The director of “Kid on the drive” and “Scott Pilgrim against all” Edgar Wright gave a long interview to the Empire. He said that his next film will be a psychological horror thriller, the action of which will unfold in London, and the main role in it will be performed by a woman.

The authors of “TODDa” put the rock poem “Moby Dick”

The premiere will be held in early February in the Cultural Center “Moskvich”. The creators of the legendary rock opera TODD will present their new project: a rock poem based on the novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. The staging will combine theater and rock music.

In Kirovsk started the festival “Snowfall”

The snowy part of the international festival “Snegoled” started in Kirovsk in the excursion and tourist center “Snezhnaya derevnya”. This event is listed in the calendar of the 200 best shows for tourists in Russia.

China will study the family trees of the victims of the Nanking Massacre

The curator of the memorial complex, Zhang Jianjun, said that the study of family trees will help strengthen the understanding of the scale and horror of the tragedy among present and future generations, which was not caught by the massacre and will not be able to receive oral evidence from eyewitnesses

Andrey Tarkovsky’s week will be held in Kazan

In the Gallery of Modern Art on January 29, Andrei Tarkovsky’s week opens. Themed events will be held here every day until February 5, the press service of the State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan reports.

A film about Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Russian box office

A film about Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Russian box office A new documentary about the icon of the New York “new wave” – “Basquiat: An Explosion of Reality” by Sarah Driver – Beat Film Festival was released in Russia for a short time.

Romario will present a new album “Not for Radio”

The concert of the group “Romario” will take place on February 28, 2019 in the “Mumiy Troll Music Bar”. Roman “Romario” Meadows and Co. will present their fourth studio album, “Not for the sake of radio”, that evening, fans have been waiting for more than five years to release.

Azerbaijani mugam will be performed in Bashmet Center in Moscow

The genre of folklore of Azerbaijan – mugham – will sound in its new form on March 1 at the concert of the Trio Riad Mammadov in Moscow’s Bashmet Center. This was reported in the press service of the organizer of the concert.

 “Apocalypse” Berd sanatorium showed a group of SoulShop

The well-known rock band Soulshop from Novosibirsk published on its YouTube channel an anti-war clip with a nuclear explosion. He starred in Berd sanatorium

Children’s symphony orchestras of Sakhalin and Korea will again perform together

The conductor from the Russian side will be Victoria Yukhmanova. ASTV.RU previously reported that the exchange of youth orchestras between the Sakhalin Oblast and the Republic of Korea is not the first time. So, young island musicians last September conquered the concert grounds of Seoul and Kannin.

3.5 billion rubles pledged to Gosfilmofond in the national project “Culture”

About 3.5 billion rubles were invested in the national project “Culture” to finance the State Film Fund. This was announced by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. According to him, first of all we are talking about the purchase of special equipment for digitizing funds. The allocated amount will allow to digitize in the near future about 7 thousand films.

Theodore Currentzis presented the Tristia choral opera in the Zaryadie Hall

“Tristia” consists of 33 rooms for the choir and 11 instruments. These are arias-monologues, duets, trios and choral songs. Some of them are performed in Russian, others in French. The world premiere of the opera was held in 2016 at the International Dygilev Festival. In 2018, the production was resumed and presented in Perm and Europe.

The 1975 will perform in Russia for the first time.

The first Russian performances by indie rock bands from Manchester, The 1975, will take place in the summer. On July 29 in St. Petersburg and July 30 in Moscow, the British musicians will present a new album. The first two records of the group visited the top lines of the UK charts, received platinum status and brought the group many awards and nominations.

Call for applications for the Kuryokhin Award

Until February 1, applications for participation in the annual competition for the Sergey Kuryokhin International Prize in Contemporary Art are open. The award was established in 2009. The Kuryokhin Prize is based on the principles of “Pop Mechanics”: the search for new forms of interaction between the arts, provocation, orientation to performance, improvisation and unpredictability of the creative result. The award supports the emergence of new multimedia genres in the field of contemporary art, contemporary music and performing arts.

The Chemical Brothers will perform in Moscow

On June 7, at the VTB Arena, the British electronic duo The Chemical Brothers will present a new album, No Geography. The release of the new ninth album is scheduled for spring.

The Chemical Brothers has won six records in the UK charts, 12 million albums and 6 million singles sold worldwide, as well as 4 Grammy awards, one of which was the first among the best rock electronic projects. -tool “.

France fined Google 50 million euros

In France, the National Commission for Information Technology and Human Rights (CNIL) fined Google LLC for 50 million euros for violating the Personal Data Law (GDPR), according to the regulator’s website.

The device for communication using the power of thought began to be tested in Russia

Russian doctors are testing a device that will allow stroke survivors to type texts on the computer with an effort of thought, said Alexander Semenov, executive director of the industry alliance of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) of NeuroNet, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

HP introduced two new protected Chromebook

This week in London will host the international exhibition of educational technologies Bett Show 2017, at which HP will allow those who want to try out two new chromebooks intended for training, the Chromebook x360 11 G2 Education Edition and the Chromebook 11 G7 Education Edition.

In the Telegram group chats, the possibility of banning stickers and gifs has appeared.

The Telegram messenger has been changed, according to its official blog. The functions of administrators have expanded, and the possibilities of chats have become more. In particular, now the Telegram group chat administrators can prohibit participants in the conversation from sending stickers and GIFs.

Scientists have installed the secret component of Rembrandt paints

Scientists conducted an analysis of colors, taken from Rembrandt paintings, and found their secret component. It turned out that the artist did not follow the style of his colleagues and made white in a completely different way.

At that time, lead plates were used to create white whites. They were kept in certain conditions and removed from them a scurf of oxide, which was mixed with oil, getting a white color, the Dutch painter went in a different, less simple way.

Chemical analysis showed Rembrandt dominated by bloambonacride, also isolated from lead, but for this the master had to cook the oxide of this metal with oil and water to obtain a powder mass, and only then mix it with liquid materials. For the first time such a method was described in the literature in 1687, but to establish the loyalty of their research, chemists will have to recreate the process of obtaining the necessary pigment.

How the brain behaves during simultaneous translation

According to the “effort model” of the French linguist Daniel Gilles, during simultaneous translation, the brain simultaneously performs three operations: it perceives and processes the current message fragment in the source language, keeps the previous parts in memory and generates an equivalent message in the target language

Scientists: human civilization could originate in China

Previously, scientists believed that human civilization appeared in Africa and then people settled on other continents. But not so long ago in China discovered the human skull age of 10 thousand years. This proved that people began to settle in this Chinese territory for a long time and lived there for a long time.

Scientists: Mutations make cancers more sensitive to treatment

Scientists have proven that mutations make cancers more sensitive to treatment. Thus, the more changes the cancer cell has transferred, the easier it is for the immune system to fight it. All cancers respond differently to treatment, even when it comes to new and more effective methods.

Europe plans to send a mission to the moon until 2025

The company ArianeGroup is going to send a mission to the moon until 2025. Paris-based ArianeGroup said they had recently signed an agreement with the European Space Agency for the preparation of a lunar mission. Note that the main objective of the mission is to mine the regolith.

In Russia, will develop the production of variable speed Jatco

Continuously variable boxes of the Japanese company Jatco will be produced in Tolyatti as part of a special investment contract with AVTOVAZ. The idea to start production of Japanese variators and automatic transmissions in Russia belongs to Carlos Gon.

The new Audi Q4 2020 crossover showed on spy photos

The network has the first spy photos of the new cross-coupe Q4, which can also be called the Q3 Sportback. The car of 2020 model year was captured by photospies during the run-in on the snow-covered roads of Sweden.

Ford has revised plans for unmanned cars

Back in 2016, Ford representatives reported that by 2021 a car with a fourth-level autopilot system would be released, which could move without human assistance. However, the manufacturer had to revise its plans.

Back in 2016, Ford representatives reported that by 2021 a car with a fourth-level autopilot system would be released, which could move without human assistance. However, the manufacturer had to revise its plans due to serious accidents with Tesla and Uber cars. The company decided to return to the production of cars that are equipped with a third-level autopilot system, which allows a person to control the process.

BMW and Mercedes can create a joint car.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz can jointly develop compact cars. In particular, we are talking about future generations of 1 Series and A-Class. About this newspaper Handelsblatt.

Vuhl company introduced a 390-strong sports car 05RR

The well-known company Vuhl introduced a new model of the 05RR sports car, which turned out to be extremely relevant for the latest races held in Mexico City. The novelty is an improved version of the Vuhl 05, which will be possible to use on public roads.

A unique collection of vintage cars was found in the Buick dealer building.

The hero of the next series of the project “Barn Find Hunter” became an inhabitant of Illinois Robert Kirk with his unique collection of cars. Interestingly, he chose not the usual garage, but the old building of the former Buick dealership, which closed in the mid-90s, as a place to store his vintage cars.

The next generation Dodge Challenger could become electrified.

In his interview, CEO Mike Manley noted that the current platform will be replaced by a more technological platform, which should give impetus to electrification. Some experts suggest that the 2.0-liter four-cylinder FCA engine with electric supercharging will be part of the basic version of the Challenger Dodge, which should cost about 30 thousand dollars.

Submitted by Skydancer Apero Motorhome Convertible

Skydancer Apéro is built on a Fiat Ducato Maxi chassis with a 150-horsepower diesel engine and has a total weight of 3.5 tons (with curb weight of 3080 kg). The machine is seven meters long, and its height is 3.05 meters.

So far, Skydancer Apéro exists in a single copy: the exhibition sample is estimated at 128520 euros. However, the firm claims that the car is certified in Europe, and offers to place orders.

Prosecutor General’s Office will be able to check the foreign accounts of officials

Russian officials are not allowed to have foreign accounts, but it is rather difficult to check whether the prescription is being fulfilled. Now the Prosecutor General’s Office will be able to take such information out of the shadows. The State Duma voted for the president’s proposal in the second reading.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine proposed to legalize weapons and prostitution

In Ukraine, it would be worth legalizing weapons and prostitution, according to the country’s prosecutor general Yury Lutsenko. He told this to journalist Dmitry Gordon in an interview that was made public on Youtube.

Today, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I am not joking, there are from three to five million illegal trunks in the country. To believe that they can be removed is impossible. – Yury Lutsenko, Ukrainian politician

Laborites want a second Brexit referendum

The Labor Party of Great Britain submitted to the House of Commons an amendment to hold a re-referendum on Brexit. In addition, they call on deputies to vote for their alternative plan for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Teachings “Slavic brotherhood” will be held in the first half of 2019

The “Slavic Brotherhood” with the participation of paratroopers from Russia, Belarus and Serbia is held annually at the testing grounds of the countries participating in the maneuvers.

Israel successfully tested missile defense system Arrow 3

The Israeli military, together with the US Missile Defense Agency, conducted an Arrow 3 missile defense system test on Tuesday, Israeli media reported. After the discovery of the anti-missile target, it was launched from the territory of a military base in central Israel

59 militants eliminated in the Sinai Peninsula

In the course of a number of special operations in the Sinai Peninsula, which the Egyptian military and police carried out in recent weeks, 59 extremists were killed. Such information is contained in a statement issued by the country’s Armed Forces today, January 22.

In the Amur region will create a military-patriotic park “Patriot”

In Blagoveshchensk, during a regular meeting of the government of the Amur Region, the question of organizing work on the military-patriotic education of youth was considered. The region plans to create a military-patriotic park “Patriot”

The primitive Israeli drone turned out to be the killer of the Syrian “Pantsir-S”

The Syrian anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir-S1” was destroyed by the Israeli SkyStriker unmanned aerial vehicle, military expert Vladislav Shurygin writes in Izvestia.

State Duma obliged to get up on military records at the place of residence

The State Duma at a plenary meeting on Tuesday, January 22, adopted in the third and final reading a law obliging citizens to get up on military registration at the place of actual residence. Previously, this could be done only at the place of residence or at the place of stay.

Kiselev on the court will pay the architect 2.5 million rubles for a villa in the Crimea

Korolyovskiy City Court of the Moscow Region partially satisfied the claim of the Crimean architect Vladimir Mazurin, who demanded that TV host Dmitry Kiselev pay his debt for the construction of a villa in Koktebel. Mazurin was involved in the reconstruction of the Kiselev dacha in Koktebel from 2015 to 2016. In total, he demanded from the lead 5.8 million rubles as payment for his services. Representatives of Kiselev said in court that Mazurin had overstated the payment due to him.

World-class biathlon center to be built near Yekaterinburg

Officials studied modern construction technologies. In the coming years, it is planned to build such a center at the 12th kilometer of the Moscow Highway in the area of ​​the Dynamo sports base, writes the news agency Ura.ru. The new sports facility will meet all international standards.

The authorities of Boracay threatened with prison for building sand castles

From April to October 2018, Boracay Island was closed to tourists due to the ecological disaster that broke out there.

Luxembourg public transport will be free from 2020

Luxembourg authorities will launch free public transport from March 2020. According to the newspaper Luxemburger Wort, this statement was made by the Minister of Public Works of the country Francois Bausch. According to him, this will relieve the roads of the duchy from cars.

Europeans called for free treatment of migrants

The European authorities should provide migrants with more access to health care. This was stated by the head of the Migration and Health program of the World Health Organization (WHO), Santino Severoni, reports The Local.

Pyrotechnics with the name of the burnt down shopping center in Kemerovo

A wave of indignation in Kemerovo was caused by the fact of the sale in the city of the “Winter Cherry” salutes. Many citizens considered this blasphemy and mockery of the tragedy that occurred in March 2018, when 60 people, including 37 children, were killed in a fire in the local Winter Cherry mall.

The director of the Domingo hypermarket, Ivan Tishchenko, told reporters that a salute with such a name went on sale before the fire in Winter Cherry, and “the season of fireworks has now arrived and people have seen that the names are the same.”

“Therefore such a controversy has gone,” 360 television channel quotes him. – This pyrotechnic is already removed from the range and returned to the supplier. Trading it is unethical. Actually, it’s just a coincidence. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo pays off 19 million euros from Spanish prosecutors

The Court of Madrid issued a verdict in the case of tax evasion for the attackers “Juventus” and the Portuguese national team for football Cristiano Ronaldo. One of the best football players in the world was sentenced to 23 months of probation and a fine.

Gulls in Navy Day Tricolor Colors

One of the residents of St. Petersburg offered to paint the Klush gulls that live on Vasilyevsky Island in the colors of the Russian flag for Navy Day. A creative citizen posted his proposal on the website of the project “Your Budget”, where you can directly put forward ideas on spending budget funds. The author estimated the cost of his idea at 5 million rubles.

Hard landing of a strategic Tu-22M3 bomber

As a result of a hard landing of a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber in the Olenegorsk polar region, two people were killed, the Russian Defense Ministry reports. The plane crashed while landing at a military airfield.

The European Union decided to tighten the rules for obtaining citizenship of Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria

By the end of 2019, the European Commission intends to tighten control over the programs for the sale of the investment citizenship of Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria, and the residence permits of another 20 EU countries. According to European officials, the current schemes help the criminal gangs to remain unpunished.

Moscow authorities signed a contract for the construction of an already built trestle

Structures of the Moscow City Hall at the end of December 2018 signed a contract with the Mostotrest company for the construction of a reversal overpass at the Rublyovskoye Highway (between houses 16 and 79) worth almost 1.4 billion rubles despite the fact that this overpass was already built within tender for the construction of the tunnel.

About medical insurance for self-employed citizens

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill on medical insurance for self-employed citizens, reports the correspondent of Rosbalt. As explained by State Duma Deputy Andrei Isaev, the self-employed will be taken into account separately with compulsory health insurance, and they will not pay the appropriate fees. “These contributions will be paid from the federal budget,” Isaev assured.

Volvo construction equipment will go to electric

Volvo CE, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, which specializes in construction equipment, announced it has ceased development of compact wheel loaders and diesel engine excavators, instead of which it is planned to sell their electric versions.

New York is going to completely switch to clean energy.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the Green New Deal (New Green Way) initiative to Cuomo; by 2040, New York should become 100% carbon-free. This is the most aggressive goal facing the US states – it is five years ahead of the California program. Its cornerstone is a significant increase in the Clean Energy Standard, a regulatory act requiring the growth of renewable electricity by 2030 from 50 to 70%.

Lukashenko instructed to engage in the release of Nastya Rybka

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is aware of the situation with Anastasia Vashukevich (Nastya Rybka), a citizen of the republic detained in Russia, and instructed her to be engaged in her release, said Natalia Eismont, press secretary of the head of state.

France and Germany signed a new cooperation agreement

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron signed a new bilateral cooperation agreement in the German city of Aachen, Le Monde reports

The main problem of the EU called the “Russian type of democracy”

“All European integration and the European Union are based on liberal-democratic values, including the rule of law, but suddenly political leaders appear who think that Russian-type democracy is much better than liberal democracy, which sets a whole new range of goals,” said Katainen World Economic Forum in Davos.

Deputy Defense Minister discusses military cooperation with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka

Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, discussed with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Russia bilateral military and military cooperation, reports the Russian Defense Ministry.

Baku expects Moscow to implement contracts for the supply of military equipment

Azerbaijan expects full implementation of previously concluded contracts for the supply of Russian military equipment, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev told RIA Novosti

Alexey Navalny found a new villa in Italy with Vladimir Solovyov

On the official website of Navalny a contract of sale of the villa of 2013, as well as an extract from the inventory was published. The second villa is located in the commune of Menaggio, which is 11 kilometers from the first mansion Solovyov. The cost of the villa is 1.021 million euros

The agreement with the US Treasury will allow Deripaska to write off debts to VTB

The agreement with the US Treasury on reducing the share in En +, Rusal and Eurosibenergo will allow Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripsk to write off “hundreds of millions of dollars” of debt to VTB, reports The New York Times (NYT) with reference to a confidential document approved by the Treasury USA.

Volvo recalls more than 200 thousand cars worldwide

Volvo recalls more than 200 thousand cars worldwide (of which 37 thousand are in Sweden) due to a detected malfunction in the fuel system, presumably cracks in the gas line. This is reported by the channel SVT.

Putin has simplified the procedure for compensation for capital repairs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that removes the obligation of the tenants of apartment buildings to prove the fact of payment of overhaul fees for the receipt of compensation. The corresponding document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Central Bank appreciated the “hole” in the capital of the Minbank at 60-100 billion rubles

The rehabilitation of the Moscow Industrial Bank, according to the regulator, will last six months or a year. As part of the recovery, the Central Bank is going to provide loans to the bank in the amount of not more than 77 billion rubles.

In Russia, they want to introduce a tax deduction on physical education

They are planning to increase physical activity and health of the population by compensating part of the costs of health and fitness services. Notice of the preparation of the relevant draft law was published on the portal for the disclosure of draft regulatory acts. If, for example, the cost of the annual subscription to the gym is 50 thousand rubles, then the user will be able to return 13% – 6.5 thousand rubles.

Mechel Refinances $ 1 Billion Syndicated Loan

The Russian mining and metallurgical company PJSC Mechel refinanced a syndicated pre-export credit of a pool of foreign banks for $ 1 billion, the press service of the company reports.

The European Commission has fined € 570 million MasterCard

The European Commission has fined € 570.6 million in MasterCard payment system for violating EU antitrust rules. This is reported on the website of the commission.

Former head of Rosprirodnadzor became president of JSC “New Stream”

In the JSC “New Stream” personnel changes have occurred. The new president was Artem Sidorov. Previously at the company, he was vice-president for environmental protection and ecology.

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