1 Aug, 2018

Day of Environmental Debt

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia said that on August 1, people completely exhausted the reserve of resources for 2018 and began to live “in debt” with the planet.

Annually, the date of the day of environmental debt is determined by the research organization “Global Ecological Footprint Network” (GFN). For these purposes, the data of UN agencies on the consumption of biological resources and greenhouse gas emissions are used, writes RIA Novosti.

It is also noted in the message that in the early 2000s this day was in October, but every year it comes all the earlier. So, in 2017 people completely exhausted the reserves that the Earth can produce in a year, on August 2. If this goes on, then on Earth it will be impossible to live by 2050.

WWF believes that there are a number of ways to live without devastating the planet, and you do not have to give up conventional comfort. The Foundation called on the Russians to join the “Ecoludge-2018” campaign and take part in an ecological marathon (https://wwf.ru/ecodolg/), on which these measures will be discussed in more detail.

Briefly about the main ….


The new initiative group intends to initiate a pension referendum

The Moscow City Council was notified of a meeting in the capital on August 3 of a new initiative subgroup on holding a referendum against raising the retirement age. This was announced on Tuesday by the commission’s chairman Valentin Gorbunov.

Pensions of working pensioners in the Russian Federation will grow from August 1

Working pensioners, for whom employers paid insurance premiums in 2017, will begin to receive a pension in an increased amount from August 1. The maximum increase will be 235 rubles, Tass reported in the press service of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR)

Ministry of Health urged to make it easier for Russians to receive disability

The government should order that people with disabilities in different regions of the country can actually pass a commission to obtain a group of disability at the place of residence, rather than a residence permit. With such an initiative, the head of the Council of the Federation Council on Rules Andrei Kutepov, wrote “The Parliamentary Newspaper.”

In Russia, citizens began to spend less on current consumption

In Russia, in June, citizens began to spend less on current consumption. After the May jump to 79.1%, the figure fell to 73.9%. A year earlier, Russians accounted for 71.7%. Information based on market monitoring was provided by Rosstat experts.

VTB will begin to collect debts with the help of a robot-collector

Since September 1, VTB Bank will start using robotic collectors. Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President and Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank, said this at a press conference, the correspondent of Vedomosti reports.

Internet companies did not understand how to implement the “law of Yarovoy”

Internet companies can not fulfill the requirements of the law Yarovoi because of the lack of prescribed rules for data transmission to special services, RBC reports citing sources in the two companies. For this they need explanatory by-laws,

Twitter began to block accounts for posts with the mention of Ilona Mask

Twitter blocks the accounts of users who mention in their posts the founder of SpaceX company Ilona Mask. Messages about account locks with the mention of Mask appeared earlier.

In China, they began to destroy coffins and ban funerals

Authorities in Jiangxi Province in the southeast of China have begun to prohibit traditional funerals to conserve land resources, the South China Morning Post writes. The leadership of the province intends to make cremation the only permitted funeral ritual.

Permyakov forced to abandon the transformation into a zombie

In Perm, the local diocese and the regional Spiritual Directorate of Muslims condemned the zombie parade, which is scheduled for August 5 in the park. Gorky. Believers believe that such events harm the psyche of children, the portal 59.ru reports.

Initially, a parade of zombies in Perm was scheduled for July 22 on the Kama embankment. Subsequently, the dates shifted and replaced the place of the march of the zombified, which upset some potential participants who prepared the costumes, but on August 5 they will not be able to join the column. The organizers stressed that any image within the framework of censorship is welcomed. Some participants intend to take their young children to the parade

The court arrested the third person involved in the case of embezzlement in the NGO Lavochkin

Babushkinsky court of Moscow on Tuesday imprisoned the lawyer Igor Tretyakov, the third defendant of the case of fraud in the NGO Lavochkin for 330 million rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the courtroom.

Beliefs and prejudices: do Russians trust the vaccinations

Almost every tenth Russian is convinced of the danger of vaccination and harmlessness of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV): 9 and 8 percent of respondents, respectively

The birth rate in Russia in the first half of the year decreased by 4.7%

The natural population decline in Russia in the first half of the year was 164 thousand people. Such data are quoted in its monitoring by Rosstat. The birth rate for this period decreased by 4.7%, mortality increased by 0.7%.

Telegram has lost a fifth of the audience in Russia

RBC sent requests to Roskomnadzor and Telegram founder Pavel Durov with a request to comment Mediascope data for June. Other popular messengers in Russia did not benefit from Telegram blocking, Mediascope measurements show.

Self-employed persons can be excluded from the scope of labor legislation

The Ministry of Labor proposed to withdraw the self-employed from the sphere of labor law. The documents to the relevant bill specify that the work of nannies, nurses, tutors, cleaners and other self-employed is conducted without formalizing the employment relationship, and there is no monitoring of compliance with their rights.

The missing journalist of “Arguments and Facts” was found dead

Correspondent of the publishing house “Arguments and Facts” Sergei Grachev, who was missing during a business trip in Nizhny Novgorod, was found dead. This is reported on the site of the same name. The Nizhny Novgorod search and rescue group “Lynx” reported the discovery of the body to the newspaper.

In Africa, killed Russian journalists

Orhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Cyril Radchenko fell victim to an unknown attack On Tuesday, July 31, it became known that three Russians were killed in the Central African Republic – journalist Orhan Dzhemal, cameraman Kirill Radchenko and documentary filmmaker Alexander Rastorguev.


Condemned for the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Zaur Dadaev went on a hunger strike

Zaur Dadaev, convicted of the murder of Boris Nemtsov’s politician, went on a hunger strike in the colony, his lawyer Roza Magomedova said on her Facebook page.

FSIN will check all colony employees on knowledge of the law

As was noted at a meeting held on Tuesday in a videoconferencing mode with the participation of staff from all territorial bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service, this is provided for by the director of the department, Gennady Kornienko, published after the emergency in the colony of Yaroslavl.

The main thing that will allow us to overcome this situation, and that in the future there were no such cases – everyone should be aware that the crime will inevitably be followed by punishment, and any employee will be punished to the extent of his guilt. – Gennady Kornienko, Russian statesman

Investigation of the massacre in Yakutia was completed without punishing anyone

In Yakutia, an investigation into the criminal case of the killing of five residents of the village of Bulgunnietyakh of the Khangalassi district was stopped. Such a decision was made in connection with the death of a man who was to be prosecuted as a defendant, a REGNUM correspondent was told in the press service of the investigative department of the SKR in Yakutia.

In Sweden, the cathedral stole royal regalia of the XVII century

Unknown people stole from the cathedral in the Swedish Strenges royal regalia of the XVII century, reports Expressen. “This is part of the national cultural heritage, it is theft from the whole of Swedish society,” the report said.

Arrested investigators of corruption in the FSIN officers FSB

Accused of their guilt in a particularly large fraud is denied. Both Sergei Nikitiuk and Konstantin Strukov were awarded departmental awards and had gratitude from the leadership of the service. In this case, according to people from their entourage, officers who are about 30 years old lived modestly.

Kazakhstan border guards in the Caspian detained four Russians

Kazakhstani border guards detained four Russian citizens in the Caspian Sea on the night of August 1, making a warning shot into the air. The border service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan informs about this.

Five persons involved in the torture case in the Yaroslavl colony appealed against the arrest

Protection of five persons involved in the criminal case of torture in the Yaroslavl colony appealed against their arrests, RIA Novosti reported to the press secretary of the Yaroslavl regional court Natalia Sarbunova on Tuesday.

General Drymanov was kept in pre-trial detention center

Appellate instance of the Moscow City Court today considered the complaint of the former head of the GKU of the Moscow Kremlin on Alexander Drymanov and his defense against the decision of the Lefortovo court of Moscow, who sent the general before the arrest. The complaint states that there are no grounds for so much strict restraint.

Russian woman sentenced to three years in prison for transporting marijuana to Belarus

A 26-year-old Russian citizen was sentenced to three years in a strict-regime correctional colony by a Belarusian court. She fell for that, in hand luggage brought from the EU to Belarus 1.14 grams of marijuana, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the Brest Regional Court of Belarus.

In respect of seven defendants in the case of a fire in the shopping center completed the investigation

With regard to seven defendants in the criminal case of deaths in the fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo, a preliminary investigation has been completed. This was stated by the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) Svetlana Petrenko, according to the website of the department.

Unknown man made an explosion on a football field in Belgium

In the Belgian city of Verviers, a man made an explosion on a football field, according to “Soviet Sport”. As a result of the explosion, he died. According to hln.be, no one else was hurt.

Unknown people opened fire near the train station in Brussels

In Brussels, one person was injured as a result of shooting near the South Railway Station.

The fathers who killed their father called themselves his slaves

Sisters who killed their father in the northeast of Moscow complained to human rights defenders for systematic beatings and called themselves slaves. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the Moscow City Executive Committee Executive Secretary Ivan Melnikov.

In the Belgorod region found the body of a 9-year-old girl who disappeared the day before

Investigators find out the circumstances of the murder of a nine-year-old girl missing in the Belgorod region the day before and establish a suspect, according to the investigation department of the Russian Criminal Investigation Service.

The soloist of the “Bi-2” band was the victim of a robbery

The apartment of the rock musician, soloist of the group “Bi-2” Egor (Igor) Bortnik, acting under the stage name pseudonym Leva Bi-2, was hacked by thieves, the “360” TV channel reported with reference to the PR-director of the ensemble Maria Vyugina.

“They really tried to rob the apartment of Yegor Mikhailovich,” she confirmed.

Britain withdrew from Libya, who made an explosion at a concert in Manchester

Abedi was born in Manchester in 1994. His parents were granted asylum in the United Kingdom after they fled Libya. Explosion in Manchester occurred May 22, 2017 at the concert of singer Ariana Grande.

On the island of Rhodes, a gypsy camp was shot

On the night of Tuesday in the gypsy camp in the Greek caroconero there was an incident with shooting. Suffered 13 people, reports Gazeta.ru.


Residents of the Earth have exhausted all the resources of the planet for 2018

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia considered that people have already completely exhausted the reserve of resources that were allocated by the planet for 2018. From August 1, humanity begins to live in debt with the planet.

Sewage drains flooded the playground

Residents of the village of Shutovshchina in the Kirovo-Chepetsk district told ONF activists that sewage drains flooded the children’s playground and could also reach the nearby pond.

Villagers noted that problems with sewerage have not been solved for a long time. Sewage drains accumulate in the cellars of apartment buildings in the lowland, and local residents suffer from a terrible smell.

Rosprirodnadzor understates the actual amount of garbage in the country

Rosprirodnadzor underestimates the actual amount of garbage in the country. This was stated by the Accounting Chamber. For example, in reports 3 million 400 tons. But the control bodies of only 36 regions have data on the volume of 10 times greater. Thus, as stated in the Bulletin of the Accounts Chamber, the state does not know about the actual amount of garbage. As for the polygons, only in the Moscow region the volumes of 15 operating landfills will be exhausted in just three years.

Rosgeology will correct the project for the disposal of BPPM waste by October 30

At a meeting in the city of Baikalsk, the head of the Rosgeologiya JSC on July 31 said that the corrected waste management project for the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill (BPPM) would be ready by October 30, the Irkutsk region government press service reported.

Emergency Situations Ministry warned of the danger of new floods in Transbaikalia

The head of the Siberian regional center of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia Sergey Didenko warned of the threat of floods on the Transbaikalian rivers in early August, TASS reported on July 31.

Bryans are concerned about radionuclides contaminated with agricultural products

The public environmental organization “Green Front” is launching a large-scale project aimed at studying the radiation safety of agricultural products (dairy, vegetable and meat), which is produced by Bryansk agro-enterprises in areas contaminated with radionuclides.

In the Trans-Urals, the fee for the removal of garbage will be canceled – they still do not pay

It is clear that the garbage carriers who received money for this are unprofitable to share revenues with landfills or landfills (they need to pay for accommodation in a landfill) – often trash fell out of the eyes – into the woods.

In the eastern Crimea, a new garbage dump develops

In the eastern Crimea, just a few hundred meters from the Lenino district center, a landfill for the collection of solid domestic wastes (MSW) is being created at an accelerated pace with the prospect of land reclamation in the future.

In Talovskom area scientists have found out in forest belts of an pest of an ash

Pests of ash trees were found in forest belts of the Talovsky district. Ashenvale has already damaged trees in the territory of the natural reserve “Kamennaya Step”

The staff of the Lipetsk French fries plant was poisoned with ammonia

Six people were hospitalized from the factory for processing and freezing vegetables located in the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone. Presumably, they all suffered from poisoning with ammonia.

Petersburg water from the tap can drink

As writes “City +”, Bondarchuk expressed confidence that cold water from the tap in the houses of St. Petersburg can drink.

Tambovcans were again allowed to visit forests

Tambovcans were again allowed to visit forests. Now in the region there is a third, middle class fire danger. Thus, the previously imposed restriction on the citizens’ stay in the forest has ended.

Yakutsk was covered with smoke from forest fires

Smoke from natural fires brought to Yakutsk and the surrounding area. Rospotrebnadzor checks the composition of the air. Fires operate on the territory of the Zhigansky, Nyurbinsky and Vilyui districts

In Kamchatka, the Ipuin River flooded the bear trails

The rivers that left the banks flooded the bear trails, and the employees of the environmental institution were left without clean drinking water. As reported in the Kronotsky Reserve, such a high water level at the end of the summer is not remembered even by the old residents of Milkovskiy district

The reactor at the largest in Sweden, the nuclear power plant was switched off because of the hot weather

The third and fourth units operate in the regular mode, the first is stopped for annual scheduled maintenance, told the administration of the station.


Between Moscow and Chinese Hangzhou opened a direct flight

On Monday, Capital Airlines opened a direct flight between Hangzhou (Zhejiang province in the east of China) and Moscow, Xinhua reports. The flight on the new route will be performed by the A330 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

The countries with the longest stay of Russian tourists are named

Russian travelers spend there for about a month: 31 days in America and 29 days in Canada. On the third place in the rating of the most “non-letting” Russians of the countries were India, Vietnam and South Korea. In these countries, Russian tourists spend an average of three weeks

Mountain resorts of Sochi announced the start of early hotel booking for the winter

Mountain resort “Gorki Gorod” announces an action of early booking for accommodation in hotels at altitude. It will start on August 1, 2018. Tourists who will have time to take advantage of favorable conditions will be able to book a room at the lowest price this season

In Yakutsk, choose the best urban tourist route

In the Year of Innovation in the direction “Comfortable City” of the People’s Program “Working for the success of Yakutsk”, the competition for the best tourist route in the city of Yakutsk starts.

Passenger traffic from Domodedovo to Turkey grew by almost 30%

Every week more than 90 planes leave from Domodedovo to Antalya. This year it is the most popular direction. Passenger flow to Antalya increased by 22.2%, compared to the first half of last summer, reaching 322,200 people.

Russian Special Forces University Announces Tour Route for Chechnya

A tourist route through the whole of Chechnya, the length of which is 500 kilometers, is planned to be developed at the Russian University of Special Forces.

“Arkhyz” for the winter season will open five new ski slopes

In Karachaevo-Cherkessia, the ski resort infrastructure “Arkhyz” is developing. This winter five new ski slopes will open there and three new gondola sections of the cable car “Northern Lights” will be launched.

In Kuzbass want to develop industrial tourism

One of the promising areas is the development of industrial tourism. This statement was made by the head of the department of youth policy and sport of the Kemerovo region Anton Pyatovsky. According to him, there have already been a lot of proposals on the development of tourism in the region.

Dagestan sportsmen will climb the Elbrus

From July 31, within 11 days, members of the Federation of Sport Tourism of the Republic of Dagestan and a detachment from the regional ministry for emergency situations of Russia will climb the stratovolcano Elbrus, the press service of the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Art of Dagestan reported.

Ural Airlines resumes flights to Karshi

Ural Airlines has resumed its flight from Moscow to Moscow (Domodedovo) – Karshi (Uzbekistan) since August 1, 2018. As the press service of the carrier informs, departures from Moscow to Karshi will be carried out on Wednesdays, from Karshi to Moscow – on Thursdays

All clients of the tour operator “Intravel Stoleshniki” will return to Russia before August 7

The tour operator “Intravel Stoleshniki” reported on the termination of activities on July 20. His liability is insured in four insurance companies for a total amount of 80 million rubles, but 30 million of them are registered with the agreement with IC Investstrakh, in which the license was revoked in April.

New regular flight will connect Vladivostok with Korean Busan

On Sunday, August 5, Vladivostok International Airport will hold a solemn launching ceremony of the Vladivostok-Busan flight. This was reported by the site of the administration of the capital of the Primorsky Territory.


Japan Tobacco has completed the acquisition of the Russian group “Don Tobacco”

One of the world’s leading tobacco companies, Japan Tobacco, closed the deal to acquire a major Russian producer, Donskoy Tabak, according to a press release from the Japanese company.

Prices due to the increase in VAT will increase 80% of large Russian companies

10% of respondents said that the prices for their products will not change after VAT, as the company will take an additional burden on itself and will not raise the cost of goods in order not to lose customers.

Italy’s GDP slowed to 1.1%

Italy’s GDP grew 1.1% year-on-year, and 0.2% compared with the previous quarter (first quarter of 2018), La Repubblica reported on Tuesday, July 31, citing data from the Institute of Statistics.

The Housing and Utilities Reform Fund may be endowed with new functions

The Housing and Communal Services Reform Fund may have functions related to the modernization of housing stock and new forms of energy conservation, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko told reporters in Krasnoyarsk.

How many individual entrepreneurs in Moscow

The number of registered IP (individual entrepreneurs) increased by 11.2 percent since June last year. In the capital, this number is a record: by July 1, 2018, the formation of new 302 thousand 351 IPs was recorded.

Since 2010, the number of IPs has increased by 71 percent, their overwhelming majority works in the service sector, and 25 percent of this number in retail trade

It is noted that the share of businessmen engaged in production has increased by 13 percent in just the last 3 years.

Income of US consumers in June rose by 0.4%

Consumer income in the US in June rose by 71.7 billion dollars, or 0.4% compared with May, spending – by 57.1 billion dollars, or 0.4%, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce.

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus will place bonds in Russian rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus concluded an agreement with Russian banks and the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) on placement of long-term bonds on the Moscow Stock Exchange. It’s about the period from 2018 to 2020

Alfa-Bank places three-year exchange bonds for 10 billion rubles

Originally, the benchmark rate of the 1st coupon was announced in the range 7.90-8.10% per annum. The organizer and placement agent is ALFA-BANK. The bonds of the issue are placed within the program of the 002P series with a volume of up to 200 billion rubles inclusive or the equivalent of this amount in foreign currency.

The growth of consumer prices in the euro area exceeded in July 2%

Consumer prices in the eurozone in July 2018 rose 2.1% YoY after an increase of 2% a month earlier. Such preliminary data lead today Eurostat

The money supply of the RF in the national definition in June grew by 2%

The volume of money supply in the national definition (the monetary aggregate M2) in Russia in June grew by 2%, it follows from the data of the Central Bank of Russia.

Central banks curtail programs to stimulate the economy

Recently, in the global markets, the side effect (and, most likely, unintended) of the ultra-soft monetary policy pursued by the central banks of the leading countries

BP increased profit from participation in Rosneft by 3.3 times

The profit of the British BP before taxes and interest for the first half of 2018 from participation in the capital of Russian Rosneft has more than tripled compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 1.145 billion

Russian oilmen increased their investment in production by 40%

In Europe, the United States and the Middle East, investments fell by 16%, slightly increased in China and Latin America

The revenue of Apple in the third quarter increased by 17%

Apple exceeded the expectations of specialists, recording revenue of $ 53.26 billion, which is 17% higher than the same period last year, and is the best indicator in the third quarter in all years. This is evidenced by the announcement on Tuesday of the quarterly report of Apple.

The US extended the term of sale of assets for Rusal and En +

The US Treasury extended the term for the completion of operations with debt instruments and shares of RusAl, En + and GAZ Group until October 23, RIA Novosti reported citing the Department of the US Treasury Department for the Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC). In early April, all companies were included in the sanctions list

The authorities filed suits against the contractor of the stadium “St. Petersburg”

The St. Petersburg Committee filed suits for a total of 2.86 billion rubles to Metrostroy due to outstanding advances on the contract for the completion of the construction of the St. Petersburg stadium on the Krestovsky Island. This is reported in the file of arbitration cases of the court

RFPI started looking for investors for Domodedovo

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) began searching for investors to buy Domodedovo airport, RBC reports with reference to sources

Payments of insurers for OSAGO in the first half of the year decreased by 31%

The amount of payments of insurers for OSAGO in the first half of 2018 decreased by 31% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 68.1 billion rubles, according to statistics of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. The premiums amounted to 109.08 billion rubles, a decrease of 1.4%.

Offshore company charges from Nizhnevartovsk businessman 6 billion

The company “REDCLIFFE HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED” (British Virgin Islands) filed a lawsuit against the head of the Yugra company. The amount of claims to JSC SibInvestNafta (exploration and production of oil) is 5 billion 989.6 million rubles.

There will be a new GTS operator in Ukraine

A new operator of the gas transportation system will appear in the structure of Naftogaz. It will be a separate legal entity, the press service of the Ukrainian state-owned company reports. Initially, it was planned that the company “Trunk gas pipelines of Ukraine” will manage the GTS.


Trump announced the beginning of the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico

US President Donald Trump said that the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico has already begun. This he said his supporters in the city of Tampa, Florida. The corresponding video was posted by the CNBC channel on You Tube.

We have already begun the construction of the wall. We have $ 1.6 billion, and we started building large sections of the wall. But we need more, we will act decisively. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Syria accused Turkey of occupation

The head of the delegation of the government of Syria in the tenth round of the Astana format negotiations Bashar al-Jaafari said that Turkey for the tenth time violated its obligations to respect the sovereignty of the country by occupying the northern territories. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Facebook revealed attempts to influence the midterm elections in the US

The social network Facebook reported that its employees were found trying to influence the midterm elections in the US Congress, which will be held in November. 32 pages were deleted, as well as accounts from Facebook and Instagram

In the Mykolaiv region, the court stripped the Russian language of regional status

The status of a regional language was assigned if it is native to 10% of the region’s population. In the eastern regions of Ukraine, thanks to this, the Russian language was used in the document circulation, and in the western regions – Romanian and Hungarian.

Russian and Japanese Foreign Ministers to Discuss Putin-Abe Meeting

Russian and Japanese foreign ministers Sergey Lavrov and Taro Kono will discuss preparations for a meeting between the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe in Moscow during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September

Lavrov said that Russia is worried about the situation in Armenia

The events in Armenia run counter to the statements of the new leadership of the country about the refusal to pursue political predecessors, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, commenting on the case on dispersal of protest actions on March 1, 2008.

Russia, as an ally of Yerevan, has always been interested in the stability of the Armenian state, so what is happening there can not be bothered, including from the point of view of the tasks of the normal work of those organizations in the CIS space in which Armenia participates. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Turchinov suggested introducing criminal punishment for trade with Russia

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called for criminal responsibility for the purchase of goods from Russia. “It seems to me that there should be not only moral but also criminal responsibility,” Mr. Turchinov said on 112 Ukraine TV channel.

It’s just a shame. It seems to me that there should be not only moral, but also criminal responsibility for financial support of the aggressor country for those who buy from Russia such things that can be produced in Ukraine. – Alexander Turchinov, Ukrainian politician

Russia got the right to host the World Energy Congress

Russia received the right to host the 25th World Energy Congress – it will be held in St. Petersburg from June 11 to 15, 2022, the Russian Energy Ministry reported.

Phuket will open the Russian consulate general

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to open the Consulate General of Russia in Thailand. This is reported on the portal of legal information.

Trump urged to strengthen border security because of murders in Mexico

US President Donald Trump called for increased security on the southern border due to the increase in the number of murders in Mexico. The American leader wrote this on his Twitter page on Tuesday, July 31.

One of the reasons why we need special security measures at the border is that the murder rate in Mexico increased by 27% in 2017, to 31,174 deaths, this is a record! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Iran called offensive negotiations with the US

According to Vice Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Motahari, the leadership of the country does not see the conditions for starting negotiations with the US and considers such negotiations offensive, RIA Novosti reports.

The countries-guarantors of the armistice in Syria adopted a statement on the results of Astana-10

The countries-guarantors of the truce in Syria – Russia, Turkey and Iran – adopted a joint statement following the results of the 10th international meeting in Sochi in the Astana format. The text of the communiqué was read by the Russian President’s Special Representative for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev

The authorities of Slovakia called the opening of the “Night Wolves” base in the country a threat

The Slovak Foreign Ministry expressed its concern about the opening of the “European Staff” of the Russian biker club “Night Wolves”. This is reported by the BBC with reference to the statement of the representative of the department Peter Susko. The threat posed by the base is also stated by the President of the country Andrei Kisa.

The Izmir court rejected the request for the release of Pastor Branson

The second court for a serious criminal offense of the city of Izmir (Turkey) rejected on Tuesday the request for the release of US pastor Andrew Brunson from house arrest. This is reported by the television channel Haberturk.

Ukraine suspects Russia of wanting to influence the presidential elections

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that Russian special services are determined to “internal destabilization of the Ukrainian situation” through interference in the presidential elections scheduled for March 2019. His words lead “Kommersant.”


Observers arrived at the opening of the “2018 Sea Cup” in Azerbaijan

Observers from six countries of the world will attend the opening of the international competition for maritime training “Sea Cup-2018”, which is held in Azerbaijan, the press service of the South-

The military operation against terrorists ended in southern Syria

The operation against the militants of the Daiesh (the Arab name of the banned in the Russian Federation group “IGIL”) and “Dzhebhat an Nusry” (banned in the Russian Federation) in the south of Syria is fully completed. This was stated by the Russian President’s special representative for the Syrian settlement Alexander Lavrentiev.

The US is buying from Russia six more rocket engines RD-180

Russia will supply six more RD-180 rocket engines to the United States. An appropriate contract was signed between NPO Energomash and United Launch Alliance.

The US in the coming months will begin to form the military space forces

The US Department of Defense in the coming months will begin to form a military space force, Defense One reported, citing a Pentagon draft report. According to the portal, the draft report of the Ministry for the formation of the US military will be presented to the Congress within a week.

The US Air Force interrupted the launch of the ballistic missile Minuteman III

The US Air Force decided to interrupt the test run of the intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III. This is stated in the message of the US Command of global air force strikes, writes the publication Santa Maria Times

The situation in the Donbass Basin over the past day has worsened

The head of the press service of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniil Bessonov, told the media that the situation near the contact line in the Donbass Basin worsened over the past day.

Denmark will receive from the US interceptor missiles for $ 152 million

The US Department of State issued a permit to conclude an agreement with Denmark to supply 46 interceptor missiles to the country’s navy for a total of $ 152 million, according to the Defense and Security Cooperation Agency, part of the Pentagon.

The Estonian army has created a unit to fight “Russian hackers”

The Estonian authorities are preparing to respond to cyber attacks on their structures, whose organizations are accused by Russia, according to Bloomberg. Especially for this, the Baltic republic, following the NATO allies, creates cyberwar units

The Syrian army completely freed the Dar’a province from terrorists

In Syria, government troops took control of the Shajra settlement, which in the province of Deraa was the largest bulwark of the banned terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG) in Russia. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” referring to the military commander.

At least four soldiers were killed in Mali in the attack of militants

At least four soldiers were killed in Mali during an attack, presumably, of jihadist militants on a security patrol. As reported by the eNCA television channel referring to a military source, the incident occurred in the southern part of the country in the Segou region. Also, the source added that the number of victims may increase.

The US Embassy calls on Russia to withdraw troops from Georgia

The US Embassy states that Russia still occupies the territory of Georgia, and recalls that under the ceasefire agreement the Russian side committed itself to withdraw its troops to pre-war positions.

Xi Jinping called for the elimination of paid services in the army of China

Chinese President Xi Jinping told a meeting of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China (PLA) should refuse to provide paid services. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Among the services provided by the PLA to the civilian sector, there are educational services, printing and publishing services,


Boyfriend of 48-year-old Naomi Campbell announced that he will soon become a father

Whether the model is waiting for the first-born is still unknown. The popular rapper Skepta announced that he would soon become a father. Joseph Junior Adenuga (this is the real name of the artist) published in Instagram a snapshot of a baby made during ultrasound.

Rihanna became the first black woman on the cover of Vogue

The release with a photograph of the singer will appear in newsstands on the third of September. Singer Rihanna will go down in the history of fashion as the first black woman who got on the cover of the British magazine Vogue. This is reported by the CBS News channel.

The wife of Arshavin interceded for her husband

The publication unexpectedly acquired a lot of negative comments. Alice did not remain silent this time and sharply responded ill-wishers. The girl stood up for her husband, noting that no one had written about abandoned children for a long time.

Robert Pattinson was caught with a new lover

Robert Pattinson was caught with the new beloved Chosen star actor was model and actress Sookie Waterhouse. After the break with the singer Talia Barnett Robert Pattinson for almost a year officially remained alone.

Diana Arbenina plans to adopt a child

44-year-old Diana Arbenina plans to adopt a child Previously, Arbenina said that she hopes for pleasant changes in her personal life in 2018.

Elena Vaenga after Zemfira criticized the singer Monetochka

Elena Vaenga also spoke out against the latter. Not so long ago 41-year-old Zemfira severely criticized the 20-year-old Monetochka (Elizaveta Gadymova) and 18-year-old Grechka (Anastasia Ivanovna).

46-year-old Svetlana Permyakova dyed her hair in pink

The star of “Internov” shocked the fans in Instagram. Many supported such a sharp change of image. Svetlana Permyakova repainted her white hair in pink, which she hurried to tell the fans in Instagram.

Olga Buzova is ill and is treated with droppers

A well-known TV presenter and singer told in social networks about the bad health, hiding behind the mask of a cat. TV presenter, singer and designer Olga Buzova admitted to her subscribers in Instagram that she was seriously ill. Due to poor health she had to call a doctor at home.

Demi Lovato will be sent for rehabilitation from heroin addiction

Rodava Lovato admits that for six years the girl successfully coped with addiction, because what happened was a real shock for them. The doctors managed to bring the singer to consciousness, after which she herself told that she intends to go to rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Julia Snigir explained why she lost weight sharply

The other day, 35-year-old actress Yulia Snigir commented on constant talk about painful thinness, turning to her Internet audience. In Instagram, a young mother responded to the most common comment of her subscribers: “You are very thin.”

“Yes, I lost weight. It happened. I’m not thin, but health. Everyone is comfortable and beautiful in his weight. Long live the HAP! “- wrote Snigir.

Kate Middleton supported Megan Markle in her quarrel with her father

Megan often comes to visit Kate, sometimes with her husband, sometimes alone. Kate is very sympathetic to Megan, and tries to find time for her, despite how she is busy with her three children.

In addition to problems with the media, the duchesses have common interests: they both like dogs, chocolate, tennis, English landscapes and fashion. So despite the different characters, Megan and Kate get on well.

A new hymn to “Dom-2”

The presenter of “Doma 2” and the singer Olga Buzova has published in the Instagram`e a video of the joint creativity with the rapper Vitey AK-47. On the video of Vitya AK-47, whose height does not exceed 160 cm, and dressed in a frank blue overall and pantyhose-mesh, Olga Buzova perform a new hymn “House-2”.

Rapper Bow Wow began to distribute his money to fans

American rapper Shad Moss, acting under the pseudonym Bow Wow, began sending large sums to his fans. The performer announced this in his Instagram, presenting as proof a screenshot of one of the transactions.

Competition “Miss Universe” in 2018 will be held in Thailand

The beauty contest Miss Universe will be held in December 2018 in Bangkok. As reported on Tuesday by the newspaper Bangkok Post, the competition will be held in Thailand for the third time. According to the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Virasaka Kovasurat, the organizers decided to hold the 67th event in Bangkok.

Actor Novikov divorced 15 times and married the same woman

The woman suspected the actor of treason. His first marriage did not last long, but the second “stretched out” forever. Well-known artist Vladimir Novikov divorced and married the same woman 15 times.

Castle from the “Game of Thrones” decided to sell at the price of the capital’s house

Owners of the historical castle of the middle of the XIX century in Ireland, where they shot the series “The Game of Thrones”, put up for sale part of the building. Its price is 656 thousand dollars, for this money you can buy a house in London. This amount is slightly lower than the price of the mansion in Los Angeles.

Dwyane Johnson presented his understudy with a new car

Actor, producer and wrestler Dwyane Johnson, nicknamed Scala, gave the stuntman Tanoyu Reed, with whom he has been removed for more than 15 years, a custom-built full-size pick-up truck in black. The actor reported this on his page in Instagram.

Demi Moore told about “BDSM-samples” of Bruce Willis from Weinstein

At the American television show “Fry Star” actress Demi Moore joked about her ex-husband Bruce Uilis. Bruce went to the hotel for Weinstein to audition, and then he returned, twisting this BDSM gag from the famous scene with Marcellus Wallace in the basement, and said: “I got the role,” said the actress.


“Soyuzmultfilm” concluded with Uspensky deal on “Prostokvashino”

Writer Eduard Uspensky and Soyuzmultfilm signed a deal on the right to use original cartoon scenarios about Prostokvashino, ten literary stories from this series that were not previously screened, as well as a license to use trademarks with images of heroes, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the studio .

The network has a new trailer “Venom” with Tom Hardy in the lead role

Venom, is considered the main anti-hero in the Spider-Man universe. The director of the movie Ruben Fleischer is familiar to viewers on his work on the comedy “Welcome to Zombiland”. “Venom” will be the first superhero tape for the new Marvel, which will be released by Sony.

In Moscow, a multimedia exhibition will open for the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse

In the center of design Artplay will open a multimedia exhibition, which will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the legendary character and character of The Walt Disney studio Mickey Mouse. This is reported by the Agency “Moscow”.

Orenburg sells tickets for the East-West Film Festival

The film festival will be held in Orenburg for the 11th time, the grand opening – at 18.00 on August 24 in the SCC “Orenburg”. Actors Nikolai Fomenko and Leonid Yarmolnik are invited to open the film festival. The festival will begin with a procession of guests on the red carpet.

There were the first shots from the series “Little Drummer”

AMC channel published the first footage of the spy series “Little Drummer” – a screen version of the novel of the same name by John le Carré. A six-part project was put by Pak Chang-uk, director of the films “Oldboy” and “The Servant”. The main roles starred Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Shannon.

Priyanka Chopra will be removed from the screen version of the comic book “Cowboy Ninja Viking”

Priyanka Chopra (Rescuers Malibu) is in talks with Universal Studios and plans to take part in the screenings of the comic book by AJ Jay Lieberman and Riley Rossmo “Cowboy Ninja Viking.”

In Khokhlovka will shoot a series based on the novel “Zuleikha opens his eyes”

In Prikamye will remove several episodes of the eight-part film based on the book by the Kazan writer Guzely Yakhina “Zuleikha opens her eyes.” This novel in 2015 received the national literary award “The Big Book”.

Florence Pugh got a role in the new film directed by “Reincarnation”

Ari Aster, director of the horror “Reincarnation”, collects the cast of his new project. In the next Astera film, which has no official name yet, Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth), Will Poulter (Survivor) and Jack Raynor (Sing Street) will be photographed.

Dave Batista starred in an action-comedy from the director of “50 First Kisses”

Peter Sigal (“50 First Kisses”, “All or Nothing”) is appointed director of the action comedy “My Spy” (“My Spy”), the main role in which will play Dave Batista (“The Guardians of the Galaxy”). Writers are John and Erich Hober (“RED”).

HBO screens the “Traveler’s Wife in Time”

Studio HBO intends to launch a new ambitious project. As it became known, the company is screening Audrey Niffenegger’s novel “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Adapt work for the screens will be the former showranker of the series “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” Stephen Moffat.

Creepy new trailer Lovecraft’s The Sinking City

Bigben Games shared the new trailer of its horror The Sinking City. The video turned out to be incomprehensible and eerie, but quite appropriate to Lovecraft’s atmosphere. The main character of The Sinking City is private detective Charles Reed, who arrives in Oakmont, Massachusetts.


In the US, a robot for cooking burgers

The American company Creator has created a robot that can cook burgers to order. According to CNBC, on one sandwich a high-tech chef takes an average of five minutes.

Mail.ru stopped development and support for the browser “Amigo”

Holding in Mail.Ru Group announced the termination of development and promotion of its own browser “Amigo”, the company said. Termination of support will not affect the work of users of existing versions of “Amigo”, noted in Mail.Ru.

New iPhone will be supported by two SIM-cards

The test version of iOS 12 confirms that the new iPhone will receive support for two SIM-cards. In the reports on the operation of the gadget, the lines “Second SIM-card status” and “Second SIM-card tray status” were found, which dispelled doubts

Blackberry will release a smartphone without a keyboard

Vendor Optiemus Infracom, which produces gadgets under the brand Blackberry in India, will release a smartphone without a physical keyboard. The release is scheduled for August 2, reports the portal HindustanTimes

The network posted photos of the new iPhone

Pictures of the new iPhone model appeared on the Internet. The photo is supposedly an iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch display and an iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen. Models of new models were published by a designer from Latvia Veniamin Geskin on Twitter.

Huawei officially unveiled a powerful and long-lasting Honor Note 10

Huawei finally officially unveiled its giant flagship Honor Note 10. Novelty received a 6.95-inch AMOLED frame-free AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9, a resolution of 1080×2220 pixels and support for HDR10.

The new flagship Lenovo received four cameras

The new flagship smartphone Lenovo received four cameras with a matrix of 13 Mp. It installed not only a dual main module, but also made a similar installation for a self-camera

Mozilla asks for help in selecting icons for Firefox

Mozilla asks users to help in choosing a new icon for Firefox. The designers created two logos, but now they can not decide which one is the most successful. In the company Mozilla decided to organize a large-scale re-branding of the developer’s products.

Smartphone HTC Exodus will support Litecoin

The team of the creators of the smartphone HTC Exodus replenished with the founder of the crypto currency Litecoin Charlie Lee. He said that the device will support altcoyin through the Lighting Network protocol, which makes transactions cheaper and faster

MIUI 10 works faster than Google’s Android and Samsung’s firmware

As it turned out today, July 31, 2018, the operating system MIUI 10 from the company Xiaomi is faster than Android from Google and Samsung firmware, and quite tangible.

Apple is preparing a laptop MacBook Air on the platform of Intel Kaby Lake Refresh

The updated laptop MacBook Air, if you believe the information available, will receive an Intel Core processor of the eighth generation. It’s about the hardware platform Kaby Lake Refresh. The chips of this family are manufactured using 14-nanometer technology.

A special version of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will be released on August 6

Xiaomi is going to release a new laptop and a special version of the fitness tracker Mi Band 3 at the exhibition on August 6.

Smartphones OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will be upgraded to Android P

Today, the Chinese manufacturer announced that the devices will immediately receive Android P, skipping Android 8.1 Oreo. The order in which the company’s smartphones will be updated to Android P is: OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5 / T and OnePlus 3 / 3T.

Google has released a Chrome browser for VR-headsets

The latest development in the industry today is the version of the Chrome browser for VR-headsets. Simply put, the user can place the smartphone in the Daydream View device, install the browser and browse the web pages and video, as on a regular PC or tablet.

“Mir” TV and Radio Company Launched a Series of Mobile Guides for the CIS

Sights, hiking trails and a calendar of events – since July 2018, travelers have been able to access a full collection of free offline guides to the CIS countries, Georgia and Turkmenistan.


Scientists: The Cheops pyramid concentrates electromagnetic energy

The internal voids of the Cheops pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy of a certain resonant frequency. This conclusion was made by the staff of the ITMO University (St. Petersburg), who carried out the corresponding calculations.

In the world’s largest colony of penguins, almost 90% of the population died out

The population of the largest colony of royal penguins in the world for unknown reasons has declined by 88% since the 1980s. This is stated in the study of the scientific journal Antarctic Science.

Scientists have counted 1.4 million bacterial lines on Earth

The total number of bacterial lines on Earth is at least 1.4 million, with most of the ever-living bacteria on the planet already extinct, calculated by Canadian and American scientists. The study is published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution

Scientists have discovered giant gaps in the mantle near Tibet

Researchers conducted measurements of seismic waves and recreated the subsoil image to a depth of 160 km. According to the information received, there are several discontinuities in the upper layers of the Earth’s mantle beneath the Tibet Plateau. Streams of rocks in them do not move in the same way as in neighboring regions

Scientists have deduced a grade of rice for preventive maintenance of infection of a HIV

Scientists in Spain managed to grow a drug for HIV prevention in rice plantations. The authors of the study believe that rice can be an affordable alternative platform for creating means of preventing infection with an ailment

Virtual environment has taught the robot to deftly rotate the cube

Since training on the physical implementation of the robot requires a huge amount of time, the researchers trained him on computer simulation. Created by the developers, the virtual environment is based on the physical engine MuJuCo and the game engine Unity.

“Rostegh” installed optics at the largest telescope in Eurasia

In “Rosteha” they stated that the range of observation with the new mirror will increase by 1.5 times. Note that the telescope BTA began working in 1975. It was the largest telescope in the world until 1993.

The tits were masters of self-control

Scientists from the University of Lund (Sweden) showed that large tits (Parus major) – birds from the family of passerines – in the standard test for self-control cope with the task better than most of the animals tested and the ability to suppress impulsive behavior slightly inferior only to crows and chimpanzees

Unpredictable life increased the brain of island birds

The group analyzed data on the brain size of 11.5 thousand birds from museum collections belonging to 1931 species (of which there were 110 species) – thus scientists covered 91 percent of the living families of birds.

In Russia, developed a corrosion-resistant steel for oil pipelines

Scientists of the National Research Technological University “MISiS” have created a new alloy for oil pipelines, which will increase their service life by half. Development was carried out together with PJSC “Severstal” and TsNIichermet named after I.P. Bardeen

The oil has protected dishes from stainless from bacteria

As wear on the surface of stainless steel products, unevenness develops, on which bacterial films are easily retained. they can form and harmless to humans bacteria, and those that are able to cause food poisoning.

Scientists have calculated the number of viruses on Earth

Scientists have calculated how many viruses live on the Earth – the most widespread and ancient form of life on the planet. In total there are 10 in the 39th degree of such microorganisms on Earth. At the same time, scientists believe that there are more than stars in the studied universe, according to a study published on the website of the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal.

Every day trillions of viruses are borne from the surface of the Earth, and in the future they are transported over long distances in the atmosphere. At the same time, a large number of them suffer signatures – this means that they were raised in the air with the aid of sea vapor. They can cling to bacteria and small organic particles, which allows them to move in the atmosphere over huge distances.

Scientists: Conventional vegetable oil protects against fatal infections

Scientists have learned with the help of vegetable oil to kill infections. Initially, it was used to treat metal surfaces. The study was conducted by specialists from the Canadian University of Toronto.

Decreased acetyl-L-carnitine was called the cause of depression

In April, an international team of researchers published evidence that everyone has genetic depressive factors. Now biologists from the Rockefeller University (USA) published a paper in the journal PNAS, which showed that acetyl-L-carnitine serves as an indicator of the onset of depression.

Researchers believe that the indication of acetyl-L-carnitine can serve for the clinical evaluation of depression and diagnosis. They plan to develop a drug based on this substance, but first, in their opinion, it is necessary to understand how it affects the brain


Scientists warned of the coming great confrontation between Mars and the Earth

Ordinary confrontations happen every year and a half: our planet and the Red Planet come closest. But since the orbits of Mars and the Earth are not perfectly round, but elliptical, about once in 15-17 years there are phenomena called great oppositions.

Scientists first found a radioactive molecule in the interstellar space

Scientists at the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Center after observing for the first time found in the interstellar space a radioactive molecule. It turned out to be an isotope of aluminum-26, got there after the collision of objects.

Candidates for the ISS flight from the United Arab Emirates will be selected from nine applicants

The delegation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which included representatives of the space center Mohammed bin Rashid and nine applicants for the flight to the International Space Station (ISS), arrived in Russia.

In Yaroslavl in August the satellite building

The new building is being opened as part of the joint project of the concert “Radio Technical and Information Systems” (RTI), the satellite satellite enterprise “Information Satellite Systems (ISS) named after Reshetnev” and “Russian Space Systems” (RKS).

Amateur astronomers have discovered a planetary system with five subniptons

As a result, amateur astronomers can precisely establish the period of rotation and the radius of the cosmic body. The pearl of the Exoplanet Explorers was the planetary system K2-138 with five subniptons – planets that are larger than the Earth, but smaller than Neptune.

NASA expects the fall of several meteorites like Chelyabinsk

NASA said that in the near future it is expected to drop several meteorites like Chelyabinsk. In this case, the location of the fall can not be established due to their small size

The scientist stated about the “terrestrial origin” of the Tunguska meteorite

The scientist offered a rather unexpected version of the Tunguska meteorite. In his opinion, there was no fall of the space object.

Proponents of the earth’s origin of the explosion indicate that about 50 years ago, in the area of the 60th line of the northern latitude, many different kinds of anomalies of a global scale were immediately noticed. In addition to the distorted magnetic field, high permeability of rocks and huge hydrocarbon reserves were noted. In addition, there are powerful deep faults, as well as volcanic complexes, including the Kulikovo paleovolcano.

Russian military satellites-inspectors changed the orbit

American expert in astrophysics Jonathan McDowell said that Russian military satellites-inspectors have changed the orbit. The specialist noted, referring to his own observations, that we are talking about the devices “Kosmos-2519” and “Kosmos-2521”.

Blue Origin showed “numbers” for space tourists

The American private aerospace company Blue Origin first showed the interior of a passenger capsule for space tourists. The first tourist flight will take place in a couple of years, and the sale of “tours in space” is planned in early 2019.

Scientists announced the impossibility of terraforming on Mars

Scientists have considered several variants of terraforming the Red Planet, and one of them implies release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. With their help, the temperature and pressure will increase so much that liquid water will have a chance to exist on the surface

Cosmic farm on the ISS produced the first harvest

The samples grown in space will be delivered to Earth for further study. The experiment with the space farm is carried out as part of the “Final Frontier Plant Habitat” project of scientists from the University of Washington.

Scientists will figure out how space affects the speed of photosynthesis and the nutritional value of plants. The cost of the project for growing plants on the ISS exceeded $ 2 million. The sponsor was the agency NASA. The first harvest from the space farm was gathered by the participants of the 55th expedition of the ISS.

Scientists first found in the protoplanetary disk the simplest organic matter

Scientists in the course of research for the first time managed to identify the simplest organic matter in the protoplanetary disk. The discovery was made in the process of studying by the international expert group of the star system TW Hydras


Hyundai in Russia began selling the updated crossover Hyundai Tucson

Dealers of the Korean company in Russia announced the beginning of sales of the renewed crossover Hyundai Tucson, the cost of which starts at 1.4 million rubles. Russians will be offered a novelty in 6 versions: Primary, Family, Lifestyle, Dynamic, High-Tech and High-Tech plus.

New crossover SEAT Tarraco debuts on September 18

According to the publication Autocar, the debut of the new Spanish crossover SEAT Tarraco will take place on September 18 this year. It is worth recalling that the automaker has more than once published teasers novelties, which testify about the upcoming debut.

Italians built a budget race electric car

“An electric supercar can be affordable!” – it is this slogan, apparently, adheres to a group of engineers from the Italian Piedmont. On the eve they presented a prototype of their future budget electric sports car Spice-X SX1

Opel showed a new design of its models

Opel has published the first teasers of the GT X Experimental concept, which was created to demonstrate the new concept of the automaker’s design. After the purchase of the Opel brand by the PSA Group, this is the first official information on how the future cars of the brand will look.

Volkswagen drives cars with Euro-6 engines to Russia

The division “Volkswagen Commercial Cars” announced the beginning of sales in Russia of updated LCV models with more modern and environmentally friendly diesel engines of the “Euro-6” category. Serial production of new “diesel engines” BlueMotion family MDB 288 will be launched this month.

In the US recall AMG G 65 for an unusual reason

In the US, off-roaders Mercedes-AMG G 65 with 12-cylinder engines are recalled because of too high speed when driving in reverse. Representatives of the company say that inaccurate control at a speed of more than 25 km / h can lead to a rollover

Infiniti has introduced an exclusive version of the crossover Infiniti QX50

In Russia, sales of the exclusive version of the crossover Infiniti QX50 with top performance of the Autograph saloon began. The interior of the novelty is made in soft pastel colors, and the main color of the design is creamy white. The cost of the novelty starts from 2 799 000 rubles.

New minivan “Marazzo” showed on teasers Mahindra

The car is designed to compete with the Japanese Toyota Innova. Experts of Mahindra and Pininfarina companies worked on the novelty design, we note that they were inspired by sharks. Actually, that’s exactly what the name of the Marazzo model is called – “shark”.

BMW to build a plant in Hungary

Unlike Daimler, VW Group, PSA and Suzuki, BMW does not have its own factory in Hungary, although the company has been selling cars here since 2004 and has a long-standing relationship with suppliers

Datsun showed a teaser of a new version of his “budget”

Automobile manufacturer Datsun has developed a special version of one of its “budget models”. The presentation of the vehicle will take place as part of the GIIAS show, which will be held in Indonesia this week. The first pictures of the machine have already been made public on the Web.

In the batteries of electric cars Volkswagen found a toxic substance

It is reported that the use of toxic and carcinogenic substances in cars is prohibited, but the last six years the company received batteries with cadmium. Such a substance is present in most cars Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

Tata Harrier – Indian brother Discovery Sport

The Indian car is created on the basis of the same architecture LR-MS / D8, which gave life to the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar E-Pace, and in the near future it will go the second generation Evoque.


Sony shipped 82.2 million PS4. 4.7 million less than PS3

From April 1 to June 30, the company shipped 3.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles, the total number of shipped copies of PS4 exceeded 82.2 million. This is 4.7 million less than the number sold by the PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 was released on November 11, 2006, the console was sold for 10 years.

Mail.Ru will release the historic MMO Conqueror’s Blade

Company Mail.Ru Group and studio Booming Games announced the launch of a free Russian localized version of the medieval military MMO Conqueror’s Blade.

In the new trailer, Black Ops 4 showed the “royal battle”

Company Activision and studio Treyarch have published a new trailer Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII. The video is dedicated to the upcoming beta testing of multiplayer. Players will have access to 10 specialists, 6 cards and 6 modes.

In Steam there was a fraudulent cryptomaniac game

In the service of digital distribution Steam there was a game-cryptomayer, which the attackers used for their own enrichment. Fraudulent program disguised under the game Abstractism, which is a minimalistic platformer

Digimon Survive will go to the West and will be released on the PC

Almost twenty years ago appeared the anime Digimon, telling about the adventures of digital monsters, living in the virtual world. And in honor of the coming anniversary Bandai Namco will release another game from the long series

NVIDIA video cards of the new generation will debut on August 20

As reported by our western colleagues, NVIDIA planned on August 20 an event called GeForce Gaming Celebration. On it, she promised to show “the latest GeForce equipment”, as well as some “impressive surprises”

Scammers have added games to Steam to cheat players in the exchange

You could see the deception only by the name of the game. Climber appeared on Steam on May 18, it could be purchased for $ 1. Similar happened to the players in Team Fortress 2 – the creator of the game Abstractism duplicated expensive items from TF2.

The map of Minsk will appear in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a tank simulator of the historical format of the Second World War, developed by the Belarusian studio Wargaming.net. The developers decided to add a virtual map of Minsk to the game so that the whole world knows about the Belarusian capital.

No Man’s Sky Next: now let’s go

No Man’s Sky – in the top of sales on Steam, No Man’s Sky climbs out of the abyss on views on YouTube and Twitch, in the furnace of the decayed HYIP locomotive NMS suddenly threw a quality anthracite in the form of the update Next

The first gameplay trailer F1 2018

Codemasters showed the first full-featured gameplay trailer F1 2018 with key features of the gameplay. As the developers tell, in the single mode F1 2018 again there will be interviews and media.

Above the new Fable are the creators of Mass Effect, Batman: Arkham and Horizon Zero Dawn

Officially, Microsoft did not confirm what the second division of the creators of Forza Horizon is working on, in addition to being a game in the open world and a completely different genre. However, back in January, journalists from Eurogamer reported that Playground Games was assembling a team to create a new Fable

Gamer passed Fallout: New Vegas without a single scratch

The gamer went through Fallout: New Vegas with a full life. According to the user with the nickname T Ronix, earlier he did the same on a low level of difficulty, but this time he decided to write the gameplay in hard mode. The whole game took about six hours.

Egyptian role-playing thriller Knights of Light came out on Kickstarter

As for the debut project Knights of Light, it’s a third-person action movie with role-playing elements in the spirit of the Witcher series.

EA closed a free remake of SimCity 2000 due to copyright infringement

As the ideologist of OpenSC2K told, neither EA, nor GitHub was previously contacted with him and did not warn about anything. Now he seeks to remove from the remake all files that violate EA’s copyright and restore the project page to GitHub.

Silvana and Teldrassil: Blizzard showed the second face of war

After an impressive video with the song of Helavisa and Jaina Proudmoore, raising from the seabed the admiral ship, the company Blizzard released the second story from the series “Faces of War.” He was simpler and rather controversial in terms of motivation

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