19 Сен, 2021

Deaths in road accidents by countries of the world

According to the World Bank (2019), in Russia, an average of 12 people per 100 thousand inhabitants of the country die in road accidents per year. This is significantly higher than in most European countries, but even slightly below the US level (there — 12.7 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants)

The safest are the roads of Monaco, San Marino, Antigua and Barbuda and Micronesia — there are no fatalities at all. Well, given the size of these countries (and the fact that the last two are island countries and there are not very many cars in general), the result is not surprising

If we talk about larger countries, then the situation is best in the Scandinavian countries: in Iceland and Norway, 2 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants (the same in Switzerland), in Sweden — 3. In general, in Europe (and also in Japan and Australia) everything is pretty good: within 5 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants of the country

And the Dominican Republic is leading in mortality in road accidents: 65 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants! The leaders are also Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and African countries


SpaceX has safely returned the members of Inspiration 4 to Earth. This is the first ever space mission with no professional astronauts among its crew members. The mission members spent three days in low-earth orbit.


The law on foreign agents in Russia will not be canceled, since it allows to resist pressure on Russian journalists and attempts to influence Russian political life from abroad. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova ..

«There will be no repeal of the law on foreign agents. For if it is canceled, Western partners will have a complete sense of impunity both in pressure on the Russian media abroad and in participation in political life through their agents of influence on the territory of our country,» Zakharova said. …


Russia and France will set up a working group on the champagne dispute. The new Russian law allows only Russian wine to be called champagne.


Greenpeace reported that the area of ​​forest fires in Russia in 2021 has broken records since the turn of the century. According to the information system for remote monitoring of Rosleskhoz, the forest has already burned down on an area of ​​18.2 million hectares.


Russia and France have agreed to set up a working group to resolve a dispute over a Russian champagne labeling law. This was announced on Twitter by the French Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandy.

The problems arose after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which only domestic producers can use the description «champagne» on the back of the bottle. It prohibits the use of the term «champagne» in relation to sparkling wines produced outside of Russia. Due to the incident, 95 percent of trading houses stopped shipping. The Champagne Wine Committee called the changes unacceptable, recalling that the term champagne itself is associated with a historical region in France.


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