29 Май, 2021

Debt of Russians on mortgage loans

The debt of Russians on mortgage loans in April exceeded 10 trillion rubles, it follows from the published statistics of the Central Bank. During the month, Russians have issued more than 191 thousand loans for 551 billion rubles. Over the month, the debt increased by 2.9%, and over the year — by more than a quarter, 25.8%.

A year earlier, in May 2020, the volume of debt amounted to 7.98 trillion rubles. Since 2018, mortgage debt has almost doubled.

The growth in mortgage lending took place despite the fact that the average loan rate also increased and amounted to 7.3% (versus 7.23%). The average term for which Russians take out a mortgage is close to 20 years — it was 237.9 months (19.8 years).


The United States announced sanctions against Belarus after the Ryanair incident. Washington will return sanctions against nine Belarusian state-owned enterprises and suspend the air services agreement between the United States and Belarus. The American aviation regulator urged air carriers to exercise extreme caution when flying in the Belarusian airspace. In the future, the United States and its partners intend to develop targeted sanctions against “key figures of the Lukashenka regime.” The new sanctions will take effect on June 3.


The Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus has opened a case against the mayor of Riga and the head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry, writes Sputnik Belarus. The reason was the replacement of the national flag in the capital of Latvia with the flag of the opposition.

“Such desecration of state symbols humiliated the national dignity of Belarusians,” the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus said.


Roskomnadzor sent a warning to the Disney children’s channel about the inadmissibility of showing content harmful to children. The reason for the warning was the release of the cartoon Out with a gay hero.


Disney did not plan to show a cartoon with a gay hero in Russia. According to the press service of the TV channel, the animated short film Out has not been announced in the program in the Russian Federation.


On May 28, the ex-Minister of National Defense of Poland Jan Parys said that Berlin needs to pay compensation to Warsaw for Nord Stream 2. Poland’s claims to Berlin are justified, since Poland’s security has suffered because of the Nord Stream. At the same time, the German authorities completely ignore the interests of the whole of Europe, creating difficulties for strengthening the eastern flank of NATO, says Parys.


US President Joe Biden presented the draft US budget for fiscal 2022 (starting October 1, 2021), which includes government spending in the amount of $ 6 trillion. If the budget is adopted in this amount, it will bring the United States to the highest level of government spending since the Second World War.


Russian credit institutions in April issued 1.24 million credit cards with a total credit limit of over 88 billion rubles. Compared to April of the previous year, the number of issued credit cards has tripled, the United Credit Bureau reported. The average limit on credit cards in April was 71,500 rubles. In 2020, Russians spent 8,300 rubles less.


In 11 countries of the world, a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation is prescribed in the Constitution — San Marino, Malta, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, South Africa, Nepal and Fiji. The protection of sexual minorities prescribed in the laws is in 57 countries — and here almost all of Europe, most of Latin America, Australia, New Zealand. There is no such protection in Russia. It is interesting to note, incidentally, that there is no legislative protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation in the United States either!


At a meeting with Putin, Lukashenka said about the attempts of his opponents to shake the situation in Belarus «to the level of August last year» after the incident with Ryanair. He added that he came to the Russian president with a portfolio of documents on the situation with the plane’s landing in Minsk.

“I took advantage of such a trusting attitude and seized some documents. I’ll show you so that you understand what’s going on. «


The Investigative Committee of Belarus claims that the National Airport Minsk received two letters about a bomb on board a Ryanair flight that made an emergency landing in Minsk. The first letter allegedly came before the plane turned to Minsk, the second — after. Earlier, the ProtonMail service said that the message about the «mining» of the Ryanair flight was sent after the plane turned


The total amount of mortgage loans owed by Russians as of May 1 amounted to 10.05 trillion rubles. This is the first time that this figure has surpassed the 10 trillion mark.