1 Апр, 2021

Debts of developing countries to Russia

The World Bank has published information on the debt of developing countries to Russia and other countries. Data as of the end of 2019 are published on The World Bank website.

Statistics showed that in 2019 Russia ranked fifth among the largest creditor countries of developing countries. According to the organization’s report, about 30 developing countries owed Russia almost $ 22.9 billion in bilateral loans.

The largest state debtor was Belarus, with a debt of $ 8.1 billion. In addition, Bangladesh, Venezuela, India, Vietnam and Yemen owe more than $ 1 billion to Russia. African countries, including Somalia, Mozambique and Ethiopia, had a total debt of $ 973 million to Russia.

Russia will continue to provide loans to states

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the World Bank report, according to which the Russian Federation should be about 30 countries, including Belarus. The Kremlin spokesman noted that there are no plans to revise the loan policy.

«Within the framework of bilateral relations with many states, Russia provides loans — this is a common world practice, which is an integral practice of close trade and economic cooperation,» said Peskov.

At the same time, the press secretary recalled that there are rules for servicing debt and regulating the continuation of lending.

In Russia, the system of remuneration of officials will be changed

Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of Staff of the Government of Russia Dmitry Grigorenko said that after the optimization of the state apparatus in the country, the system of remuneration of officials will change. It is reported by Izvestia.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, this year the average salary of officials will be balanced, which will lead to its fair level. Also, the motivational part of the salary is planned to be tied to the specific results of the work done, which should significantly increase the motivation of civil servants.

Grigorenko noted that this issue has long been on the agenda of the Cabinet, but the existence of artificially supported empty rates made it difficult to resolve. He said that the gap between the rates approached a critical point: for ministries — 1.5 times, for services — 1.7 times, for agencies — 1.9 times, and for territorial bodies it reached a two-fold mark.

YouTube will allow you to hide the number of dislikes

YouTube content creators have repeatedly become victims of targeted dislike campaigns, so the video hosting site decided to meet them halfway. According to the company, in the coming weeks, some users may notice the new design of the player — the number of dislikes will not be displayed under it. The number of participants in the experiment will be «small», specified in YouTube.

Dislikes counter will be available to creators in the YouTube Studio section. Viewers, even if they don’t see these statistics, will still be able to rate the video. This will provide feedback to content creators and help customize recommendations. Vloggers used to be able to hide the public dislikes counter, but along with it, the «likes» marks disappeared.

Artificial diamond turned out to be stronger than natural diamond

Scientists at Washington State University (WSU) have created hexagonal diamonds large enough to measure their hardness using sound waves. Their findings are detailed in a recent article in Physical Review B. Scientists have long wanted to create a material stronger than natural diamonds that can be used in a variety of industries. The WSU study has proven the strength of the hexagonal shape of perfect diamonds for the first time.

Japanese scientists have managed to isolate the gene responsible for the formation of teeth

Scientists at Kyoto University and Fukui University in Japan have found a genetic mechanism that can help regenerate new molars to replace lost ones. This is reported in an article published in the journal Science Advances. Researchers have shown that antibodies to the USAG-1 gene (a gene associated with sensitization of the uterus — approx. «Lenta.ru») can stimulate the growth of teeth in mice suffering from congenital dental agenesis.

New electrolyte will double the capacity of lithium batteries

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MiT) has developed a completely new electrolyte that will double the capacity of almost any lithium battery. This technology will make it possible in the future to create truly efficient electric vehicles without any significant increase in weight. The study has already been published in the scientific journal Nature Energy.

Anti-aging drug has been tested in humans in the United States

Experts from the United States have tested a new drug based on glycine and acetylcysteine. This drug was created to slow down the aging process. Experts say that glutathione levels decrease with age, so the human body suffers greatly from oxidative stress. GlyNAC can help fix this problem.

Scientists confirm evidence of the existence of dark matter in the Milky Way

A group of Italian and Swedish scientists have carried out research, as a result of which they managed to discover the existence of a mysterious dark matter in the Milky Way. Physicists analyzed the received data from the Fermi telescope, and then compared the information with astronomical anomalies recorded on the ISS.

It turned out that already since 2009, an excess of photons with energies from the center of the galaxy has been detected. New transcripts have shown that an overabundance of gamma rays is emitted to a greater extent from there. This happens when unknown particles that make up dark matter become a source.

Airbus will build the first factory in Earth orbit

The European Space Agency has signed a contract with Airbus to develop a prototype factory for assembling satellites in low Earth orbit. Over the next two years, the company will design a prototype production platform, after which it will assemble a working prototype for testing in space.

Land Rover renews partnership with Virgin Galactic

The British company Land Rover has extended for three years its partnership with Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial airline. Under the agreement, Land Rover vehicles will be used to deliver astronauts to spacecraft. In addition, the automaker tows and transports heavy spacecraft components and assisted Virgin Galactic with the move from Mojave to New Mexico.

Virgin Galactic unveils new VSS Imagine spaceplane

Virgin Galactic has unveiled a new spaceplane for space tourism, the VSS Imagine, a SpaceShip 3. The company said earlier that it intends to send tourists to the border with space (100 km). About 700 people have already applied for a flight on SpaceShip 2, many have made a deposit of $ 250 thousand. The founder of Virgin himself wanted to fly on SpaceShip 2 in the first quarter of this year.

Pensions will be indexed in the Russian Federation

State security pensions, including social pensions, will be indexed by 3.4% from April 1. Indexation will affect 3.9 million pensioners, including 3.2 million recipients of social pensions, the press service of the Russian Pension Fund said.

  • Depending on the type of pension, the increase as a result of indexation will average from 270 to 514 rubles per month.
  • The social pension for disabled children will rise to an average of 15 thousand rubles,
  • Social pension for disabled people from childhood of the first group — up to 15.16 thousand rubles,
  • The pension of the participants of the Great Patriotic War, who simultaneously receive an insurance pension and a state security pension, will grow on average to 42 thousand rubles,
  • The pension of disabled people due to military injury, who also receive two pensions, after indexation will increase to an average of 32.9 thousand rubles.

Putin on the possibility of nationalization to maintain employment

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the possibility of nationalization to preserve employment, noted that such an instrument is permissible, including in the event of non-fulfillment of the state defense order.

«Yes, such a tool is possible. Including, in the case — and this is a completely different story, but nevertheless — such a tool can be used, including in the case of malicious failure to fulfill the state defense order by individual enterprises,» Putin said at the ceremony the signing of a general agreement between the all-Russian associations of trade unions, employers and the government for 2021 — 2023.

Minimum wages in Russia

The minimum wage in Russia in 2022 will grow by 4.7%, in 2023 — by 5.8%, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova. For 2021, the minimum wage in Russia is 12,792 rubles (in 2020 — 12,130 rubles).

Almost a third of Russians will remove the preinstalled software

The law on the pre-installation of domestic software comes into force on April 1, 2021. From now on, a package of Russian programs will be pre-installed on smartphones, computers and TVs sold in Russia.

According to ESET, 29% of citizens also intend to use installed applications, the remaining 42% considered this issue to be of no importance. At the same time, 38% of survey participants trust domestic programs. They are considered poor quality by 28% of the respondents.

Yandex asked vendors not to install its applications without the possibility of uninstalling

Internet holding «Yandex» turned to Samsung and other vendors with a request not to install the holding’s applications without the possibility of removing them, said Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of the Yandex Group of Companies. He explained that Yandex has never asked any of its partners — whether they are manufacturers of phones, or tablets, or TVs — to make the company’s applications indelible.

«We are against it, because it is bad for users to do this. We have not signed agreements about this with phone manufacturers and, as a human being, agree with everyone who is indignant — yes, you cannot do that,» Khudaverdyan said.

Putin discussed Donbass and Belarus with Merkel and Macron

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in the Donbass and Belarus during his videoconference talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, the Kremlin press service reports.

Google unveils AI document scanner for Android

The Stack app is a new product for Android OS. The application classifies scanned documents automatically, has a security function that blocks documents that are protected by biometrics. The new application has the ability to automatically create fields for scanned documents. The released version of Stack does not exclude bugs or incorrect work, as the application is in an early stage of development, the developers say. For now, the Stack app is only available in the US via the Play Store.

Google Maps introduces indoor navigation

Google has updated its Maps service to include indoor navigation functionality. It was introduced using artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Street View.

The Oscars will be presented for the first time in Los Angeles, London and Paris

The Oscar ceremony will take place this year, the organizers assure. But for the first time in the history of the award, they took an unprecedented step and are preparing three sites at once: in Los Angeles (USA), London (UK) and Paris (France). Everything so that on April 25, all the nominees could personally take part in the ceremony. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

American Gods canceled after three seasons

American Gods will not be renewed for a fourth season. According to Deadline, this decision was made by the management of Starz studio after the last episode of the third season was released on Amazon Prime on March 21, 2021. Presumably, the reason was the drop in the ratings of the TV show.

Lionsgate Reveals Full Trailer of Saw 9: The Spiral Horror Movie

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. Starring Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan David Jones, Ali Johnson, Dan Petronievich, Edie Inxetter, Leila Lee, Max Minghella, Christopher Tai and John Tokatlidis

Wholesale gasoline prices exceeded retail

In several regions of Russia, a dangerous situation has developed with the balance of wholesale and retail prices for gasoline, Izvestia reports with reference to the head of the Primorsky Fuel Union Vladimir Chirskov.

«In fact, filling stations are forced to buy fuel on the exchange at a price higher than it is sold in retail,» he said.

Thus, an increase in fuel prices was recorded in Vladivostok and the Primorsky Territory, on Sakhalin, as well as in the Khabarovsk Territory. The Independent Fuel Union (NTS) noted that the same situation is developing in the Tver region.

The opposition and the Georgian authorities did not agree again.

The representative of the head of the European Council held talks in Tbilisi with both sides for several days, offered them a compromise document, but he will return to Brussels with nothing — not a single party has signed. The authorities and the opposition have already accused each other of breaking the agreement. The opposition announced a large-scale protest on May 15.

Monument to Greta Thunberg appeared in Britain.

At the University of Winchester, where it was installed, they say that it is the first in the world. Students opposed the cost of the sculpture (£ 23.7 thousand) and the ambiguous attitude towards Greta. The university said it was spending money that was not intended for the students.

Federation Council of Russia approved the law on educational activities

  • activities outside educational programs aimed at disseminating knowledge and skills are recognized as educational activities
  • it is prohibited to use educational activities to incite hatred, «including by providing students with inaccurate information about the historical, national, religious and cultural traditions of peoples»
  • government agencies and local authorities and their authorized organizations, people and entrepreneurs will be able to engage in educational activities
  • international cooperation of educational organizations will be coordinated by federal departments in order to prevent negative foreign interference in the educational process
  • educational organizations will be able to conclude contracts with foreigners and foreign organizations only after the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science or the Ministry of Education
  • the law will come into force on June 1

Sochi decided to create a mountain police

The Sochi mayor’s office explained to RIA Novosti why they need the mountain police: the flow of tourists is growing, but many do not comply with safety standards when skiing, someone deliberately drives on unequipped tracks, and someone drives drunk

Primorye authorities asked not to restrict the export of timber to China

The authorities of Primorye are asking to postpone the start of the law banning the export of unprocessed timber to China at least until 2023, since due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, enterprises in the region will not have time to install the equipment necessary to comply with this norm. Governor Oleg Kozhemyako announced this on Tuesday.

The mayor of Lipetsk posted photos from work, but in fact was vacationing in Dubai

Attention to this topic was drawn by the colleague of the head of Lipetsk, the deputy of the regional parliament, Oleg Khomutinnikov, who spoke on his telegram channel. The man posted pictures of how the mayor of Yevgeny Uvarkina is resting with his big family in Dubai. The woman, along with her sister, husband and six children, rode an expensive yacht, and in the background the outlines of the prestigious Dubai Marina were visible.

The official’s vacation was accidentally revealed by her sister Elena Latysheva, who shared her pictures on Instagram. All this time, Evgenia herself posted photos of the workflow and boasted of how her team was developing new projects for the city.

In Italy, two people were accused of spying for Russia

In Rome, counterintelligence agencies have detained a high-ranking officer of the Italian fleet while passing secret information to an officer of the Russian embassy, ​​according to the newspaper La Repubblica. The detention took place during the “exchange of documents”. The operation was carried out after a lengthy investigation, in which the Italian Internal Information and Security Agency, a group of special operations of the Italian carabinieri, representatives of intelligence and the country’s defense headquarters took part.
The Russian ambassador was summoned to the Italian Foreign Ministry after the arrest of two persons on suspicion of spying for Russia. This was stated by the head of the department Luigi Di Maio. The Italian Foreign Ministry announced that it was expelling two employees of the Russian Embassy.

Belarus plans to ban journalists from working at rallies.

Gennady Davydko, head of the pro-government organization Belaya Rus, spoke about such amendments to the law on mass media. We are talking about working at unauthorized rallies.

“Any media outlet is already a firing point for either an adversary or an ally. And suppression of enemy firing points is one of the postulates of military operations. «

Myanmar military continues to kill protesters

On March 27, 114 people were killed in the crackdown on protests in Myanmar. In total, at least 400 protesters have died in the country. They oppose the military coup.