5 Apr, 2019

Decision on pension reform in Russia

The Constitutional Court of Russia issued a refusal determination, according to which the request of parliamentarians was recognized not to be subject to further consideration. The request challenged the fact that certain legislative provisions on raising the retirement age were in compliance with the Constitution on the grounds that they “do not meet generally accepted criteria of the welfare state”, and were adopted without relevant socio-economic and demographic studies and allow for negative socio-economic and political consequences.

The judges indicated that the Constitution does not prohibit an increase in the retirement age by federal law, and the assessment of the expediency of such innovations is not within the competence of the highest constitutional authority. It was also clarified that the Basic Law does not regulate the mechanism for working with amendments to draft laws.

Briefly about the main thing …

The main problems of the Russians

Most often (62.9% of respondents), Russians called the problem of their settlement the condition of roads and road safety. At the same time, the residents of rural areas are slightly more concerned with the road situation than the citizens, 67.3% against 61.2.

The second place in terms of the prevalence of urban (rural) problems is the great remoteness of places of recreation and leisure: 38.4% of Russians consider this a problem of their place of residence. More than others, this problem worries parents with many children (44.5%) and residents of rural areas (almost 54%).

37.2% of respondents called the problem of poor organization of the housing and utilities sector. Parents of disabled children (39.4%) and working pensioners (39.8%) most often complained about housing and communal services.

Pollution of the environment worries 37% of Russians. Moreover, city dwellers called ecology a problem almost twice as often as respondents living in rural areas – 42.6 and 21.6%, respectively.

The large distance of the sports infrastructure is a problem for 34.5% of respondents. This problem is particularly acute for rural areas – 50% of Russians living in rural areas pointed out the territorial inaccessibility of sports and physical education facilities as a problem.

Alcoholism called the problem of its settlement 32% of Russians, the prevalence of drugs – 17.8%.

19.4% of Russian residents called the problem vandalism.

The Russians most rarely pointed out a high level of crime (disturbance of public order) among the problems – only 8.3% of respondents. Almost 90% of Russians reported that they feel safe on the street in their village at night

In Venezuela, reported the beginning of a criminal trial of Guayido

The head of the National Constituent Assembly’s law commission, Julio García Serpa, reported on Venezuelan television on the launch of a criminal trial over interim president Juan Guaiido

King of Saudi Arabia gave Iraq a billion dollars

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud gave Iraq one billion dollars to build a sports camp in Baghdad. This was announced by Saudi television channel Al Ekhbariya.

Declaring incomes for rural deputies will be easier

Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the United Russia General Council, introduced two bills to the State Duma. The first of these is aimed at simplifying the procedure for the declaration of income, the second – the introduction of alternative measures of responsibility for incomplete and inaccurate information in the declarations.

Pressure on Germany due to Nord Stream 2 will continue

The United States will continue to persuade Germany to change its position on the “Nord Stream 2”. This was announced by Kyron Skinner, the head of the Department of Political Planning.

In Russia, proposed to resume flights with Ukraine

The Rosaviation suggested that the Ukrainian authorities resume the Russia-Ukraine flights. Reports about it RIA “News”. This decision was made after the prohibition of direct charter flights between the two countries.

Alfa-Bank integrates its collection agency

Alfa-Bank is going to integrate its collection agency Sentinel. This was stated in an interview with “Kommersant” by the bank’s chief executive officer Vladimir Verkhoshinsky. The process will be completed by the middle of the year.

If several years ago, credit organizations created separate services, now it has become an “integral internal banking expertise.” If there is a single, responsible and unified collection cycle (from telephone calls to court), the efficiency of the process increases, Mr. Verkhoshinsky explained.

Venezuela before the end of the year will receive containers with medicines from the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China

Venezuela’s Minister of Health Carlos Alvarado said that the Bolivarian Republic will receive an average of 99 containers with medicines every month before the end of the year, thanks to cooperation with Russia and China. He stressed that “these medicines are enough to meet the needs of the health care system.”

The number of people living with HIV in Russia has exceeded a million

“By the end of 2018, 1,007,369 Russians were living in the country diagnosed with HIV, excluding 318,870 deceased patients,” the document says. The certificate of the organization for the third quarter of 2018 stated that the number of Russians living with HIV was 998,037 people.

Golikova: maternity capital may begin to give for the first child

The government is discussing the possibility of issuing maternity capital after the birth of the first child in the family, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova on the “60 minutes” program on Russia 1 (VGTRK).

Obviously, most likely we will need to take additional measures in order to motivate families to have children in them. This is related to many aspects, including the topic you mentioned, the need to ensure the preservation of the nation. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian economist

The British Parliament approved a new law deferring Brexit

In support of the document, 313 deputies voted, against – 312 parliamentarians. The authors of the bill were Laborites Yvette Cooper and conservative Oliver Letvin. Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she intends to request a new postponement of Brexit from the European Union.

In the United States will create a system to detect launches hypersonic missiles

The United States expects to create an attack system with hypersonic weapons for three years. This was announced on Wednesday by the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs, John Rood.

Finland did not rule out the possibility of joining NATO

Finland maintains military neutrality, but reserves the possibility of joining NATO. Sari Rautio, director of the security policy and crisis management department of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In the US State Department changed the official representative

Former Fox News expert Morgan Ortagus was appointed as the official representative of the US Department of State. About this in his Twitter said the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

New US sanctions may affect the largest Russian banks

The new bill on sanctions against the Russian Federation, introduced on April 3 in the US Congress, suggests the possibility of blocking the assets of the five largest Russian banks. Restrictive measures may concern Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, VEB and Rosselkhozbank, RIA Novosti reports citing the text of the document.

NATO Secretary General considers it necessary to improve the relations of the alliance with Russia

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg spoke about the need to improve relations between Russia and NATO. The Secretary General said that NATO now needs to find the right balance between force and dialogue. By “force” he means “investing in military capabilities.”

Polish general threatened Russia with a nuclear strike

The West will use nuclear weapons against Russia in the event of “military aggression” on its part. This was stated by the former commander-in-chief of the Land Forces of Poland, Waldemar Skyspczak, to the publication of Wirtualna Polska.

In the United States called the period of rejection of Russian rocket engines

According to the statutory deadlines, Washington will refuse additional purchases of Russian rocket engines after the 2022 fiscal year. This was announced at a hearing in the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives by the US Space Forces Commander, General John Raymond.

Estonian and NATO military began training exercises in Tallinn

The location of the exercise was chosen not in the capital itself, but in the former prison of Tallinn, which is located near the Central Hospital. The military during the “street fighting” will use handguns, as well as smoke bombs, explosives, blank cartridges.

In the United States are confident that the Russian Federation has increased its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons

US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs John Rood said that Russia had significantly increased its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons. This writes Tass. Also, the nuclear arsenal has increased, according to Ore, and China.

NATO announced the holding of the largest military exercises in the Black Sea

NATO countries in April will hold military exercises in the Black Sea, which will be called the “Sea Shield 2019,” the report said on the website of the Romanian Ministry of Defense. The exercise will be attended by 2.2 thousand soldiers from Canada, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

Former head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn arrested again in Japan

The former head of the automobile alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn, was once again arrested in Japan. There are new charges of financial fraud against the top manager. The Frenchman completely denies involvement in illegal actions and insists on his innocence.

Poland will build the deepest pool in the world

By the end of the year in Poland can open a swimming pool at a depth of forty-five meters, according to CNN. It is designed for professional scuba divers and will hold eight thousand cubic meters of water, which is 27 times more than in a conventional 25-meter pool.

The demand of Russians for property in Turkey for the year has almost doubled

Cheap lira Citizens of Russia bought 1.7 times more houses and apartments in Turkey in 2018 than a year earlier: The Institute of Statistics of Turkey recorded 2,297 thousand transactions last year compared to 1,331 thousand in 2017 (RBC read the data).

In the US, Democrats have requested Trump’s tax returns for six years

Richard Neal, chairman of the US House of Representatives Revenue and Expenditures Committee, formally requested tax returns from United States President Donald Trump over six years.

Sukhoi refused delivery of SSJ 100 to Slovenia

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (GSS, part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation) reported that it had refused to deliver 15 Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft to Adria Airways from Slovenia.

“In November 2018, a preliminary agreement was reached on the delivery of 15 SSJ 100 airplanes to Adria Airways in 2019,” the GSS said. “Structures providing financing for the transaction, after reviewing the financial performance of Adria Airways for 2018, recommended Sukhoi civilian aircraft “abandon the transaction, to avoid receiving damages.”

Swedish scientists have invented transparent wood for building houses

Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology were able to create a transparent, reliable and environmentally friendly building material. The Daily Mail edition writes that scientists managed to create transparent wood due to the removal of the substance lingin from it.

Priest cured parishioners for homosexuality and was under investigation

The Spanish bishop was under investigation because of the “recovery from homosexuality” sessions held in his parish, which were attended by minors as well. This newspaper told eldiario.es.

With the help of a journalistic investigation, the correspondent of the publication found out that since 2009, “treatment therapy”, both group and individual, has worked in a church in the city of Alcala de Henares, not far from Madrid. It mainly used prayers and the study of the Bible – “patients” were asked to renounce their unconventional orientation with the help of faith.

As one of the homosexuals who received the therapy told journalists, after it he began to engage in self-torture regularly and was forced to turn to a real psychotherapist. He said that he and other men, among other things, were told that they must regain their lost masculinity and abandon their feminine manners.

The organizers of the practice were under investigation – they are suspected of violating the law on homophobia. They are also threatened with allegations of abuse of minors.

Exclude shoes from the consumer basket 

Valery Ryazansky, head of the Social Policy Committee of the Council of the Federation, commented on the Rosstat data, according to which about a third of Russian families do not have the funds to buy shoes for the season.

“You can make the whole cabinet and show in television reports how the star lives. Probably, this is not the standard you need to be guided by, ”he said in an interview with the radio station“ Moscow Speaking ”.

Ryazan also recalled that the shoes were excluded from the consumer basket, since “no one can ration the needs.”

Rosstat: one third of Russians do not visit doctors

A study (survey) of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), conducted from September 15 to September 29, 2018 in all regions of Russia, showed that a third of Russians prefer not to go to doctors, needing medical care.

Russia entered the top ten countries in mortality due to dirty air

The top-10 includes Pakistan (128 thousand dead), Indonesia (124 thousand), Bangladesh (123 thousand), Nigeria (114 thousand), USA (108 thousand), Brazil (66 thousand) and the Philippines (64 thousand). In Russia, 99 thousand people died due to polluted air, which puts it in seventh place in the ranking.

The labor market is overflowing with sellers and drivers 

The driver and seller professions have become the most widespread in the Russian labor market. This is evidenced by the data of the Federal State Statistics Service for 2018. Now in the market in these professions are employed 8.2 and 9.7 million people, respectively.

Named the most popular areas of activity among the self-employed in Russia

Among the users of the application “My Tax”, where the self-employed are registered, the most popular service is the transportation of passengers (about 20%).

Wrestling competitions in Chechnya ended in mass brawl

Freestyle wrestling competitions in the Chechen Republic ended in a massive fight, reports “Soviet Sport”. The tournament was held among athletes born in 2002-2004. The competition was attended by 80 wrestlers.

A bill that excludes double the fee for heating, made to the State Duma

According to the draft law, when using individual apartment sources of heat energy, the volume of heat consumption is recognized to be zero. At the same time, it is proposed to limit the possibility of switching to individual heating of apartments if there is a centralized heat supply in the house. Namely, it is proposed to prohibit the redevelopment and redevelopment of the premises in an apartment building, during which the house-building engineering heat supply system changes.

Barnaul Planetarium transferred to the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church

The head of Barnaul, Sergey Dugin and the Metropolitan of Barnaul and Altai Sergius, on April 3 summed up the work on the transfer of the building of the Holy Cross Church of the Russian Orthodox Church. The press center of the city administration reported that the transfer process was officially completed.

Until the planetarium acquires a new home, the Russian Orthodox Church will allow it to remain in the building of the former Holy Cross Exaltation Church. While there is no suitable premises to accommodate the “star house”. Most likely, as planned, it will be the cinema “Rodina”. But the planetarium will be able to move there only when the Fairy Tale Puppet Theater releases it.

Kerimov sold 3.84% stake in Polyus for $ 390 million

Polyus Gold International Limited, the son of a senator from Dagestan, Said Karimov, sold 3.84% of Polyus for $ 390 million as part of an SPO, the company said. The offering price was $ 38 per GDR ($ 76 per share), the company sold 5.13 million shares. The selling shareholder will receive about $ 390 million.

Sberbank launches instant money transfers abroad

Sberbank launches an online instant money transfer service from a card using the phone number and the recipient’s name to neighboring countries. Translation is carried out from the Sberbank Online mobile application.

Putin instructed the FSB and the government to combat the shadow market

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and the FSB to work out measures to counter the shadow circulation of cash and goods in Russia. Earlier, the Central Bank developed guidelines for banks to identify questionable transfers abroad. New measures may be associated with the recommendations of the Central Bank, the source said.

Ex-governors of the Krasnoyarsk Territory entered the structure of “Onexim”

The former governors of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Alexander Khloponin and Lev Kuznetsov, joined the board of directors of the mining and metallurgical company Intergeo, which is part of the Oneksim group of Mikhail Prokhorov. This was reported by the newspaper Vedomosti, referring to the press release of the company.

Russian Post and Rostelecom launch digital advertising in the branches

Pochta Rossii, together with Rostelecom, are launching a new project for broadcasting video advertising in post offices.

Russians explained their reluctance to pay debts

The main reason for non-payment of debts on loans turned out to be financial difficulties, 47 percent of the respondents referred to them. Of these, 30 percent reported a decrease in income, 20 percent complained that they could not cope with the current debt burden

State Duma rejected bills on state regulation of gasoline prices

The State Duma rejected in the first reading two bills introducing state regulation of prices for motor fuel.

In this regard, the restriction imposed at the final stage of the distribution chain, not affecting the production and wholesale link, will have a negative impact on positions in the development of the industry as a whole. – Victor Zobnev, Russian entrepreneur

On the roads of Russia allocated another 70 billion rubles

The money will be spent on repairing unique bridges, building city bypasses and overpasses. The government has allocated more than 70 billion rubles. for road needs in the regions.

In Russia, may increase the rate of excise tax on imported cigarettes

The document assumes the introduction of a multiplying factor in determining the amount of excise tax on cigarettes, cigarettes and cigarillos imported into Russia for tax periods from September 1 to December 31 of each calendar year.

Russia classified payments on Venezuela’s debt

Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak announced at the Moscow Exchange Forum that the Ministry of Finance will not disclose information on Venezuelan payments on a $ 3 billion Russian loan.

“The government loan program is secret. Everything related to the relationship between a sovereign borrower and a sovereign lender is not public information, because it is a relationship of two sovereigns. the agreement has a confidentiality clause, “said Storchak, quoted by RBC. He added that the agency will not comment on the repayment of debt or its restructuring.

ALROSA to acquire a stake in the Angolan GRO “Katoka”

The deal on the transfer of ALROSA to 8.2 percent of the joint venture (JV) Katok to the Angolan state-owned company Endiama should be completed in the near future, at the same time ALROSA will issue the same number of JV shares for itself, said ALROSA president Sergey Ivanov, TASS reports.

Indian Central Bank lowered key rate

As stated in the Central Bank, “the domestic economy is facing constraints, especially on the global front.” In this regard, the regulator pointed out, “it is necessary to strengthen internal growth impulses by stimulating private investment, which remains sluggish.”

The European Parliament adopted an updated EU gas directive

The European Parliament on Thursday updated the directive (EU law), extending the rules of the EU gas market to pipelines laid out of non-Union countries, including Nord Stream 2 (“Nord Stream 2”), which is supposed to stretch from Russia to Germany.

“Naftogaz” allowed to reduce gas prices for the population

The Ukrainian government has allowed Naftogaz to reduce gas prices for the population, according to the press service of the Cabinet.

“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has provided an opportunity for‘ ’Naftogaz’ ’to reduce gas prices for the population since April 2019. The decision was taken by members of the government on April 3, 2019, ”the statement reads.

China to build the world’s largest LNG tanker

The world’s largest tanker for transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be built in China by the Shanghai shipbuilding company Hudong-Zhonghua. On this Wednesday, April 2, reports Tass. It is noted that the vessel will be able to carry up to 270 thousand cubic meters of gas.

Nicholas Vinding Refna TV series trailer released

The stylistically flawless trailer of the series “Too old to die young” (Too Old to Die Young) by Danish prize-winner Nicholas Vinding Refna (“Neon Demon”, “Drive”), a connoisseur of heavy hanging pauses, neon, bloody highlights and generally esthete even where

Sochi Jazz Festival will be held for the tenth time in Sochi

The festival program includes concerts of world famous musicians, master classes, creative meetings, the press service of the Winter Theater reports.

“Spell-3” will be released in September

The horror “Spell-3” appeared release date: the picture will be released on screens on September 11, 2019, reports the publication Coming Soon.

The book rapper first became the bestseller The New York Times

American musician Logic became the first rapper, whose book ranked first on the Paperback Trade Fiction Best Sellers bestseller list, compiled annually by The New York Times.

Monument to Shostakovich in Samara will be installed on City Day

In Samara, within the framework of the national project “Culture”, a monument will be erected to the famous composer Dmitry Shostakovich. The opening of the monument will be timed to the Day of the city, which this year will be celebrated on September 8.

Voronezh will host a festival of modern choreography “RE: Dance Form”

From 13 to 18 May, a festival of modern choreography “RE: Dance Form” will be held in Voronezh. This project received grant support from the government of the Voronezh region. It is reported by the regional department of culture.

Exhibition of paintings by patients of psychiatric hospitals opened in Krasnodar

On the eve of April 2, in the Krasnodar Regional Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts, an exhibition of paintings and graphics of patients of psychiatric hospitals opened “Look at the world with different eyes.” A total of 100 works of various genres are participating in the exhibition.

An exhibition of paintings by the Russian general consul opened in Turkey

A joint exhibition of paintings by the Consul General of Russia in Trabzon Valeriy Tikhonov and the Turkish artist Abdulkadir Yildirim “Our World” opened in this city in northeast Turkey.

Graphic Yakunin can be seen in the regional exhibition hall

The first solo exhibition of Lipetsk painter Ivan Yakunin, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, which in recent years has been fruitfully working in such a form of fine art as graphics, opened in the regional exhibition hall.

ABBA announced the release of new songs

The legendary Swedish quartet ABBA plans in the autumn of 2019 to present new songs – just over a year after they announced their reunion, writes the British tabloid Daily Mail.

May Wave $ released a mini-album “Drip-on-Don”

Russian rapper and resident of Booking Service May Wave $ has released a mini-album “Drip-on-Don”. The album includes seven tracks, on fitas – Ameriqa and lil krystalll.

Festival of India in Russia ended with a gala concert

Launched in September last year, the festival of India in Russia “Friendship – Dosti-2018” ended in Moscow with a gala concert, which was performed by the famous singer of music in India and outside on the traditional stringed instrument – santure – Bipul Kumar Ray, with his ensemble.

Apple Introduces Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

Beats has long been owned by Apple and it is still developing and producing headphones. Now in the model range of the premium brand is Powerbeats Pro. This accessory is similar to the Powerbeats model, but only it is completely wireless and comes with a storage and charging case.

Millions of Facebook users have become publicly available.

The company UpGuard, specializing in information security, said that a significant amount of information relating to users of the social network Facebook, was in the public domain.

Rostec will produce parts of gas turbine engines using 3D printing

The technology of 3D printing of large-sized parts for industrial gas-turbine engines allows producing products up to 2.5 m in diameter.

Linux creator called Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a disease

Linux creator Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) said he hates social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He stated this in a recent interview.

YouTube will make discounts for Russian state employees

YouTube introduces benefits for Russian scholarship students. Employees of the US corporation Google, which owns the search service of the same name, launched student subscriptions to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in the Russian Federation

The European company has completed the manufacture of the Russian satellite “Yamal-601”

The French division of the European company Thales Alenia Space, commissioned by the Russian company Gazprom Space Systems, completed the construction of the Yamal-601 telecommunications satellite, the Russian company said on Thursday.

Wi-Fi on smartphones Xiaomi was unsafe

According to Kommersant, the Check Point company revealed a vulnerability in the Guard Provider application installed on Xiaomi smartphones. It uses an unsecured network connection to communicate with the management server, and because of this, an attacker can connect to the Wi-Fi network and gain access to the data in the application. Xiaomi claims that they revealed this “weakness” recently and have already released a patch for the Guard Provider.

Developed gene drive with integrated control

Specialists at MIT and Harvard University have created a new gene drive system with built-in control mechanisms, says MIT News. A CRISPR based gene drive consists of a series of genetic elements shaped like a garland.

Climatologists predicted the return of the ancient forests of Antarctica

It is worth noting that about 100 million years ago, the atmosphere accumulated even more carbon dioxide – up to 1000 ppm – and at that time it was even hotter on Earth. Antarctica was already in the vicinity of the South Pole, but remained almost entirely covered with dense forests.

Scientists have printed a unique implant for the skull on a 3D printer

Researchers at the University of Minnesota printed a unique skull implant on a 3D printer. With it, you can conduct global brain research, which will allow a new understanding of the human brain, and most importantly send down such illnesses as brain concussion, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

Scientists: Mental stress leads to diabetes

French experts conducted a study in which they found out the relationship between the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and constant mental work. It turned out that with mental stress, women are most susceptible to the development of diabetes.

American scientists have created a “metal tree” – the material is stronger than titanium

American scientists have created a new material that combines high strength with a relatively small mass. On the basis of nickel, they managed to obtain a material similar in structure to organic compounds and combining the physical and chemical properties of metals.