12 Oct, 2018

Demographics as a threat to the environment

A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published by the AFP news agency, revived the proposal not to have children with the aim of protecting the environment. It caused a sharp reaction, but at the same time there are movements that apply this principle in practice.

In the US, women who do not want to have children for environmental reasons are called GINK, from Green Inclination, No Kids (“Green inclinations, without children”).

Their slogan: “If you love children, do not bring them into the world, this is a garbage can.”

The group suggests not to give birth, but to adopt

“The best way to solve the problem of global warming would be to reduce the global population by 500 million people by 2050,” said Lisa Himas, the author of the manifesto of this association.

Some experts claim that this will reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 59 tons per year.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Washington State Supreme Court abolished the death penalty

Since 2014, a moratorium on the use of the death penalty has operated in Washington State. Of the 50 US states, the death penalty is abolished in 18 states, as well as in the Federal District of Columbia and in Puerto Rico. The first state to abolish this measure of punishment, became in 1846 Michigan.

Vandals damaged the art object “Happiness is not far off” in Perm

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Perm Territory began checking after unknown persons damaged the famous art object “Happiness is not far off”, replacing the word “happiness” with “death”. This was reported TASS in the press service of the regional police.

The government has increased pay for lawyers appointed by the state

The government of the Russian Federation has increased payment to lawyers appointed by the accused and suspects who cannot afford to hire a lawyer, RIA Novosti reported in the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (FPA).

Children’s products from China can block

The campaign that began in the spring to block the receipt of potentially dangerous children’s goods through online stores in the Russian Federation has received a new development. The children’s ombudsman, Anna Kuznetsova, asked the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Yuri Chaika, to initiate the blocking of ads for sale on AliExpress, Pandao, Joom and Yandex.Market. Among them are dishes made of melamine and polycarbonate and hats for newborns made of synthetics. Internet sites insist that goods are certified in the country of origin.

Federation Council proposes to improve the system of drug procurement

As reported yesterday, a 28-year-old woman with diabetes died in Saratov. The prosecutor’s office said that the city dweller died as a result of a complication of the disease, which manifested itself after she had not received preferential medications for five months.

Taking into account modern opportunities for informatization of the health care system, budget funds spent on organizing a single network and personal offices of patients, it is possible to build a personalized procurement schedule for groups of patients or even for each of them. – Lyudmila Bokova, MP

A Chechen who threw a can apologized after Kadyrov’s appeal

The guy who threw an empty energy bank into the company of young people on the contrary, shouting “Ahmat is power!”, Publicly apologized for his behavior, reports FAN.

They sent a video clip on which it is clear that someone with the words “Akhmat – force” throws a can from under the drink at a young man. It seems that the action takes place in the subway. First of all, on behalf of the entire Chechen people, I personally apologize to the young men whose honor was hurt. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian politician

Olympic Beach in Sochi continues to collapse

In March of this year, blogger Arthur Shigapov published a lot of material with photos about the fact that more recently a luxurious beach next to the Olympic facilities of Sochi, at a heightened pace, is being washed away by the sea. After six months, he saw an even more disturbing picture.

“There, where only a few years ago, tourists were swimming, sunbathing and taking selfies against the backdrop of the Olympic stadiums, today there are only heaps of huge stones and a failed embankment,” wrote Artur Shigapov in March. – The reason was the gross errors in construction, which violated the local ecosystem.

Endless KAMAZ trucks with gravel poured onto the beach do not help. They need too much, this pleasure is too expensive for the city. Last winter, repairs and backfill cost 140 million, for example.

Vladimir Museum may lose half the income due to the ROC

The objects of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, in respect of which the Russian Orthodox Church has submitted applications for return, bring the museum more than half of all revenues.

Trains go to the winter schedule

Commuter trains will switch to the winter schedule from October 28th. This was reported in the press service of the CPPK. As specified in the company, the “summer season” will end on October 27

Traffic lights of the new type may appear throughout Russia

Traffic lights with combined pedestrian-car phases can appear in Russian cities. It is reported by the agency “Moscow” with reference to a member of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction Alexander Vasilyev. Previously, such an experiment has already started in the capital.

At the traffic lights, additional sections will be installed with the image of a pedestrian and a white-moon arrow, as well as information signs. Similar information signs will be installed for pedestrians.

Primorye hospitals will be allocated 1.7 billion rubles to pay off debts

The head of the Russian Government, Dmitry Medvedev, ordered the allocation of 1.7 billion rubles from the federal budget in order to pay off the debts of medical institutions in the Primorsky Territory.

Protection of Baikal requires more than 40 billion rubles

The federal project “Preservation of Lake Baikal” includes 32 activities, including the construction and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants, the organization of wastewater collection points from ships, bank protection, the construction of a fish farm in the Olkhon district, the introduction of modern biotechnological schemes for the artificial reproduction of fish.

Journalists recorded the song “You do not know him” at parting Poltavchenko

A joint ensemble of Petersburg journalists performed a cover of the song of the group “Roots” “You will recognize it”. In St. Petersburg, journalists also decided to record a farewell message for Georgy Poltavchenko, who, on October 3, removed Vladimir Putin from his post as governor of the city

Near Tula was found a dump of epidemiologically hazardous medical waste.

According to preliminary data, the dump of medical waste was discovered on October 10 in the gardening non-commercial partnership “Pishevik” of the Leninsky district.

In Russia, in ten years, the number of scientists has decreased

The published report “Human resource potential of science: structure and dynamics” of experts from the Institute of Statistical Studies and Knowledge Economy of the National Research University Higher School of Economics reported that over the past 10 years the number of scientific and technical workers engaged in research and development in Russia has decreased from 76,152 people to 70,7887 people, which is more than 7%.

Saratov Minister spoke about the benefits of life at the cost of living

Natalya Sokolova, Minister of Labor and Employment of the Saratov Region, spoke about the benefits of living exclusively in the amount of the subsistence minimum. Reports the edition about it “Public opinion”.

South Korea and the DPRK will create a single dictionary to understand each other

Representatives of South and North Korea continue to move closer. The authorities of the two countries found out that almost a third of the words from the lexicon of the citizens of each of them are different, which is why misunderstandings may arise between the residents of Seoul and Pyongyang. In order to eliminate them, they will create a single vocabulary, local media reported.

Zakharchenko’s parents complained to the ECHR about the confiscation of their property

The parents of the former acting chief of the anti-corruption central board (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused of corruption crimes, complained to the European Court of Human Rights (ENPI) about the decision of the Moscow court to appeal to the state property owned by him, as well as other relatives and familiar family.

In their lawsuit, Viktor and Valentina Zakharchenko appeal to Art. 6 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, which guarantees the right to a fair trial, as well as Art. 1 of Protocol No. 1 to the Convention on the Protection of Property, co-authored Vedomosti with reference to lawyer Viktor Yemelyanov, representing both plaintiffs in the Strasbourg court.

Exotic caviar 15 times overpriced

The federal state-owned enterprise Trade House Kremlyovsky of the Presidential Affairs Department (UDP) massively buys eggs in eggs from flying fish from a single supplier, the Isle of Logistics St. Petersburg. In September-October of this year, seven government contracts were posted on the government procurement site for a total of 48 788 dollars each. The total amount spent on caviar exceeds 22 million rubles, writes the Daily Storm

Government agencies are actively requesting data from Google users

This is evidenced by Google’s report for the first half of 2018. In total, from January to June, the company received almost 57.9 thousand inquiries worldwide, which concerned approximately 126.6 thousand user accounts.

Russians offered to pay utility debts of neighbors

The Center for Strategic Research (CSR) has prepared a proposal for the reform of the institute of homeowners’ associations (HOA), including the joint liability of members of the HOA for the utility debt of its neighbors. The report is available on the website of the CSR.

“In the event of a shortage of funds to pay for the services rendered or work performed, the common property owners in the MFB are obliged to cover the arrears of common obligations by making additional contributions,” the proposal of the CSR notes.

Facebook deleted the pages of the company associated with Russia Social Data Hub

The social network Facebook has deleted the pages of the social-media company Social Data Hub, a company associated with Russia, because of a violation of the terms of the user agreement. This was reported in the press service of the social network

Lithuania legalized drugs with hemp

“Sputnik Lithuania” indicates that hemp can be used for medical purposes by patients with multiple sclerosis, a severe form of epilepsy, suffering from HIV or AIDS, as well as oncological diseases. Drug control will be strictly regulated.


Primorye will receive 3.7 billion rubles of federal funds for the creation of dams

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to allocate 3.7 billion rubles for the construction of water protection structures in Primorye, said Acting Governor Oleg Kozhemyako following a meeting in the government.

Now it is necessary to complete work related to the elimination of the consequences of flooding. There are a lot of destroyed roads in settlements, there are still places that are cut off from the message: bridges have not been restored, people have to use ferries. – Oleg Kozhemyako, Russian politician

Regular fare passengers exempted from VAT

The document, developed by the government, proposes to exempt from VAT the work related to the implementation of regular passenger and luggage transportation by road and city ground electric transport at regulated tariffs on the basis of a state or municipal contract.

The collapse on the stock exchanges. Overnight, the markets of Australia, Asia and the USA collapsed.

Stock indices in the USA, Asia and Australia suffered significant losses overnight. The collapse began in the US markets. The main reason for the decline in the indices was a strong increase in the yield of US government bonds – on Wednesday it rose by 1.8 percentage points, to 3.23%. In addition, investors’ concerns about a trade war with China have led to a significant reduction.

The head of the Moscow region discussed with the representatives of Italy investments in the region

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov discussed prospects for cooperation with Lombardy Attilio Fontana, President of the Italian Region, Lombardy, the Moscow Region head said.

Perhaps the main priority is the economy. We have about 50 Italian companies in the Moscow region. All of them are successful and have a good reputation. – Andrei Vorobyov, Russian politician

Apple acquires share of British chip maker Dialog Semiconductor

The amount of the transaction will be 600 million dollars. Under the terms of the agreement, Apple will buy Dialog Semiconductor patents, as well as a team of approximately 300 engineers from a British company. Also at the disposal of Apple will pass some offices Dialog in Europe.

Russia plans to increase revenue from inbound tourism

The Russian government has approved the main directions of development of domestic and inbound tourism, improving infrastructure and improving the quality of tourist services. Until 2024, income from inbound tourism is planned to be almost doubled. It is planned to reduce the barriers that impede the development of domestic and inbound tourism, said the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. In particular, it is planned to simplify the visa regime, which will increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Russia.

US Department of Justice pre-approved the CVS and Aetna deal

The US Department of Justice has pre-approved the purchase of CVS Health Corp. health insurance company Aethna for $ 69 billion. This was reported on the department website.

The sale of 10% of Sheremetyevo Airport was postponed to 2019

Sale of 10% of Sheremetyevo Airport postponed to 2019. The chairman of the board of directors and co-owner of the airport Alexander Ponomarenko told Vedomosti newspaper about this.

26.5 billion rubles to support the agro-industrial complex

Regions of Russia are allocated funds to support investment activities in the agro-industrial complex (AIC). 77 subjects of the Russian Federation will receive 26.51 billion rubles to reimburse part of the cost of paying interest on investment loans.

The World Bank is preparing countries to worsen the conditions of world trade.

The World Bank (WB) is working with China and all other member countries on how to prepare for the deterioration of global trade conditions. The head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, told reporters at a press conference at the autumn meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Indonesia.

“We need to think about what they [China] should do now to prepare for the deterioration of the conditions of trade relations. We are very concerned and work with all our countries to prepare them for possible deterioration,” said the head of the World Bank

The main bank of Crimea has classified reports

The RNKB operating in Crimea stopped publishing financial statements according to Russian and international standards. And the issuer’s quarterly report states that the bank does not publish information about accounts, auditors, appraisers, consultants, the board of directors “in accordance with a government act”

Experiment on payment of customs duties through the “Post of Russia”

Experiment on testing the payment of customs duties in excess of the threshold of duty-free import of Internet orders from abroad through the “Post of Russia” has already been launched, said Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin during the first conference “Post of Russia” on digital commerce “E-Commerce 2018” which is held in conjunction with the “Kommersant”.

Gas prices at gas stations almost doubled in Krasnoyarsk

Prices at the Terminalneftegaz gas stations increased from 390 rubles to 630 rubles for a 27-liter bottle, reports TVK. The regional OFAS is currently conducting a check on this issue and is finding out why gas prices have so dramatically increased.

Petrobras and Murphy Oil will create a joint venture in the Gulf of Mexico

American Murphy Oil Corporation and Brazilian Petrobras have announced the creation of a joint venture based on their oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Mexico. The new joint venture will be controlled by Murphy, which will receive a share of 80%.

In the group of companies “Cashbury” announced the suspension of activity

The head of “Cashbury” Arthur Vardanyan announced the suspension of the group of companies until November 1. The corresponding appeal was published on the YouTube channel of the group of companies. In the video, he accused the Russian media of covering the activities of the holding in a negative way.

Russia will stop supplying gasoline, diesel and fuel oil to Belarus

Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia would not supply Belarus with gasoline, diesel and fuel oil between November 2018 and the end of 2019. “The indicative balance provides zero indicators,” the minister told reporters (quoted by TASS).

The trade between Russia and China this year grew by a quarter

The trade turnover between Russia and China in the first nine months of this year grew by 25.7% to $ 77.15 billion. This is stated in a report released on Friday of the Main Customs Administration of China. The volume of exports from China to the Russian Federation over the period increased by 12.7% and exceeded $ 35.2 billion.

Russia’s foreign debt since the beginning of the year fell by 9.8%

Since the beginning of 2018, Russia’s foreign debt has decreased by 9.8% and as of October 1 was $ 467.1 billion. According to a press release from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The regulator noted that the reduction in debt to non-residents occurred mainly as a result of a reduction in the external debt of the private sector.

Canada will introduce additional duties on steel imports

From October 25, Canada intends to introduce additional duties in the amount of 25% for seven categories of imported steel, the press service of the Canadian government reports. The duty will be introduced in case countries exceed the “historically established norms” of supplies.

Business, which fell under the sanctions, will be helped by tax breaks

RSPP proposes to give companies a delay in the payment of the tax from the CIC for the duration of the sanctions and to do for them a tax-free liquidation of the CIC indefinite, the newspaper writes. Other proposals include tax relief for companies if they cannot service them due to sanctions.

Shippers oppose plans for Russian Railways

Major shippers opposed the plans of the Russian Railways to preserve the export markup in 8% of 2019–2021, which should have been canceled from 2019. According to Kommersant’s sources, metallurgists and chemists appealed to the government not to support the monopoly initiative. In a letter to Russian Steel, which unites the largest metallurgists of the Russian Federation, it’s stated that thus Russian Railways violates the “compromise agreements” reached at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the FAS order and runs counter to increasing exports in May presidential decrees.

Novak announced an increase in oil production

“At the level of September, approximately, maybe with a very small increase, there plus 10 thousand barrels per day by September,” said the Minister on October 11. Thus, the volume of oil production currently stands at 11.360 million barrels per day.

Dedollarization of the economy has begun

The de-dollarization of the economy actually started: Russian companies are looking for ways to insure risks and conduct trade calculations in other currencies. In particular, entrepreneurs are interested in rubles, euros, yuan and Indian rupees. Izvestia was told about this in banks from the top 30

Head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev on the preparation for the heating season

In his report to the President of Russia, the Minister spoke about a significant increase in prices for fuel oil (an increase of up to 30%) and an unplanned jump in coal prices. To solve the problem, an interdepartmental commission has already been created, which clarifies the loss figures of the regions due to rising fuel prices.

To Putin’s question about what amount this is about, Yakushev answered that, according to preliminary estimates, it is about 23 billion rubles.

The authorities proposed to create a state-owned company in the recycling market

As follows from the national project “Ecology”, by 2024 60% of MSW should be sent for processing (now only 7%). By 2022, 21.7 million tons of MSW processing capacity should be put into commercial operation, by 2024 – 37.1 million tons.

Shell wants to sell stake in JV in Venezuela

As reported by Reuters, the company is negotiating the sale of its share with the French Maurel & Prom. Shell wants to sell its 40% stake in the joint venture, intending to cut off oil activities in Venezuela and focus on the gas sector.

China began to actively buy cheaper Canadian oil

Chinese oil refineries against the backdrop of rising prices for reference oil brands began to actively buy Canadian oil, which is significantly cheaper, reports Bloomberg.


235 years ago the Russian Academy was founded in St. Petersburg

The Russian Academy was founded by decree of Catherine II. In contrast to the Academy of Sciences, which was engaged in the exact sciences, this has become a society of linguists and writers working in the development of the humanitarian sphere.

Dozens of drugs become life-threatening due to grapefruit

The use of grapefruit can seriously affect the effectiveness of various medications. There are as many as 53 drugs that become dangerously strong, or dangerously weak if a person uses grapefruit along with them.

Scientists have found a link between nutrition and human mood

Scientists conducted a study on the islands of the Torres Strait, located between Papua and the northern part of Australia. Residents of one of the islands adhere to traditional diets based on seafood for these places, while modern fast food is available to residents of the other.

Discovered a new species of “exploding ants”

As a result of a study published in the journal ZooKeys, 15 different types of “exploding ants” were identified, including one completely new, previously unknown to science.

Scientists have discovered the ability of the brain to create memories

An interesting experiment, carried out by scientists from the UK, showed how a continuous sequence of events, a component of personal experience, is fragmented and transformed into separate memories that are preserved by the brain.

“We are talking about structures that lurk deep in the temporal areas of the brain – they turned out to play one of the main roles in the process of holding attention, and are also responsible for the consolidation of memory. It is here that hotel fragments from a continuous stream of personal experience are transformed into fragmented memories. This the process can be compared with the installation of footage in the manufacture of a feature film – our brain literally creates memories from the brightest fragments of experience, throwing out extra material at the same time, ”they say The authors of the study are Aya Ben-Yakov and Richard Henson.

Scientists have discovered a rare star with a low metal content.

The scientist is a member of a large-scale project whose goal is to search for rare stars with low metal content. It is precisely such that an open object, called Pristine 221, belongs to. This cosmic body is among the ten stars with the lowest metal content in the halo of the Galaxy.

An accident occurred during the launch of the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft.

When starting the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft heading for the ISS, an accident occurred. The booster engine has shut off the second stage

The crew landed in Zhezkazgan. The team members were not injured, they were sent rescuers. At the landing site, military paratroopers parachuted.

According to the agency, the cause of emergency could be a bad attachment of the side blocks of the second stage of the launch vehicle.

The Soyuz rocket was launched from Baikonur at 11:40 Moscow time. A Russian correspondent for The Telegraph notes that Roskomos has deleted several entries about a successful launch. From Baikonur, the launch of the rocket was observed by the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, and the head of NASA, Jim Brydenstein.

Helicobacter pylori bacteria have been accused of provoking another type of cancer

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection is known to be associated with gastric cancer. But recent studies by Duke University say that the pathogen also causes colorectal cancer, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Thus, many cases of cancer may be prevented using conventional antibiotics.

In Japan, created a centipede robot

Japanese scientists have invented a robot with 32 limbs. Development demonstrated engineers from Tokyo. The design of the robot allows it to move in the right direction on uneven terrain.

In Zhukovsky began testing the model of intercontinental ekranoplan

It is reported that now TsAGI specialists are investigating the aerodynamic features of the motion of the vehicle at high altitudes far from the water surface.

Scientists discovered an unusual property of ancient Egyptian paint

Scientists decided to compare the pigment used by the ancient Egyptians for the preparation of paint with white paint, which up to this point was considered the best in terms of light reflection. But, as the analyzes performed showed, one of the ancient pigments, namely fluorescent blue, reflects light 10 times better.

A bacterium of the genus Bacillus will help strengthen the immune system

Cytokines affect the interaction of individual parts of the immune system and improve the immune system. The main task of scientists remains the creation of safe and effective probiotics based on the bacterium Bacillus, reports the news agency “News UFD”.

New material recovered by carbon in the air

For the manufacture of the material, scientists used a helium matrix consisting of a polymer based on aminopropyl methacrylamide (APMA) and glucose, glucose oxidase and chloroplasts. When carbon is added, it becomes stronger.

Viscosity inside the cell nucleus was 300 times greater than that of honey.

Scientists were able to calculate the value of the viscosity of the fluid that is inside the nuclei of human cells. It turned out that it is 300 times higher than honey by this indicator and water by 30,000,000.

Stephen Hawking latest article published

Scientists who worked with the British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who died in March 2018 published a joint work written shortly before his death. It is devoted to Hawking’s paradox about the disappearance of information as a result of the formation, emission and decay of black holes. The preprint is available on the server arXiv.org.

According to the results, some information about bodies falling into a black hole is still preserved. If a black hole absorbs an object, then its temperature and entropy change. In recent work, it is shown that the entropy of a black hole can be related to the properties of photons in its immediate vicinity.


In Moscow, will show the returned objects of culture and art of Syria

The exhibition opened in the House of Culture and Arts. Assad in Damascus October 3. The exhibition features about 500 different artifacts, among which are tools, weapons, dishes, jewelry, coins, sculptures and other valuables that the terrorists planned to sell abroad.

In the Darwin Museum will show the effigy of an extinct wingless auk

Muscovites will be able to see the only stuffed effigy in Russia of an extinct carnivore in the Darwin Museum, which had died out in the 19th century. As reported on the portal of the mayor and government of the capital, “for the first time in five years, a unique exhibit will be shown in the Darwin Museum. The last pair of these birds in the wild was destroyed by hunters in 1844. Since then, nobody has seen defenseless flightless feathered birds the size of a small penguin. completely destroyed for fur and meat. ”

The lion bridge in St. Petersburg is open to pedestrians

In St. Petersburg, after the restoration, the Lion Bridge across the Griboedov Canal was opened. For two months it was not accessible to pedestrians. During this time, the lions were cleaned and painted in historic white. According to experts, the selection of color has become one of the most difficult stages. Restorers tried to achieve the maximum shade of Carrara marble.

Yuri Bashmet will take part in the “T Festival” in the New Tretyakov Gallery

In the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val passes the “T Festival”, which started in September. It combines classical music, poetry and visual art. Concerts are held in exhibition halls, where works by Malevich, Kandinsky, Shagal, Deineka and other artists of the 20th century are represented.

At the auction in Sotheby’s will exhibit things Rostropovich and Vishnevskaya

The total cost of items is estimated at 3.5 million pounds. The private collection of cellist Mstislav Rostropovich and his wife, opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya, will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s auction in London, writes Russian Planet.

The buyer of self-destructed paintings Banksy will not cancel the deal

The auction house Sotheby’s said that the collector who bought the picture of the British street artist Banksy, who after the auction held on October 5, was half cut into small ribbons, will not cancel the deal. This was reported on the site Sotheby’s.

Irkutsk Theater for Young Spectators Celebrated 90th Anniversary

On Thursday, October 11, in the Irkutsk Theater of the Young Spectator named after Vampilov, there was a gala concert “Young Theater – 90!” Dedicated to the anniversary of the cultural institution

The settlement agreement on the restoration of the “house of Lermontov”

The Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (KGIOP) of St. Petersburg and the Mariinsky Theater entered into a settlement agreement on the restoration of the house on Sadovaya Street, where Mikhail Lermontov lived, reported on October 11 in the city’s joint press service.

Zakharova invited UNESCO to evaluate the restoration of monuments in the Crimea

Russia is ready to receive representatives of UNESCO in Crimea and provide them with all the necessary materials for the restoration of cultural monuments in Crimea, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told reporters on October 11.

The Tretyakov Gallery extends the opening hours of the Arkhip Kuindzhi exhibition.

Due to the great popularity of the Arkhip Kuindzhi exhibition, the Tretyakov Gallery extends its opening hours on Sundays until 21:00, the entrance and ticket offices remain until 20:00.

The importance of the Frankfurt Fair for Russian literature

The Russian national booth, which operates at the Frankfurt Book Fair, plays an important role for those involved in Russian literature and the Russian language. This was stated on October 11 in a TASS conversation by Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications Vladimir Grigoriev.

The exhibition “The History of the Union of Composers of Russia in Photos” opens in Perm

The exhibition of the photojournalist of the newspaper “Izvestia” Viktor Akhlomov “The History of the Union of Composers of Russia in Photos” will be held from October 12 to November 9 in the Perm Philharmonic Society. This was reported on October 11 in the press service of the Union of Composers of Russia.


The first shots with Emma Watson from the filming of “Little Women”

Emma Watson appeared in the first shots from the filming of Greta Gervig’s Little Women. The actress got a photo in the image of the eldest of the March sisters. The plot of the picture is based on the novel by Louise May Alcott.

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale will play in the new film Guy Ritchie

According to Variety, the film will play Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale, as well as the star of “Madly Rich Asians” Henry Holding. Richie prepared the screenplay with Marn Davis and Ivan Atkins.

Showtime extended the series “Just kidding” with Jim Carrey for the second season

The film is directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), written by Dave Holstein. The premiere of the 10-part project, the first television project for Carrie in the last 30 years, was held on Showtime on September 9th. The final of the first season is scheduled for November 11 of the current year.

Multimedia exhibition in honor of the anniversary of Mickey Mouse will be held in Moscow

The multimedia exhibition “Mickey Mouse. Inspiring the World”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the famous character of the Disney company, will open on October 11 in the metropolitan design center Artplay. It combines archival materials, works of contemporary artists and famous brands, inspired by a little mouse, Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan, general director of Disney in Russia and the CIS, said at a press conference.

St. Petersburg will host the Nordic Film Festival

“All films of the program can be called significant for the modern Northern cinema,” said Sweden’s Consul General Eva Sundkvist. Shows at the festival will be held in the cinema “Aurora”.

Named performer of the role of the villain in “Rambo 5”

Deadline found out who got the role of the villain in the movie “Rambo 5: Last Blood”. According to available information, in this capacity will be the Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Menchet. He is known for the TV series “Snowfall”, “Ministry of Time” and the film “Life itself.”

The second trailer M.Nayta Shyamalana “Glass” (“Glass”)

The trailer shows the three main characters of the film – Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy) and David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who ended up in the hospital under the strict supervision of Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). They join forces and try to escape from the hospital, but the power of his alter ego — the Beast — that has awakened in Kramba can threaten many people.

Disney is considering Lady Gaga for the role of the villain in The Little Mermaid

So far, a remake of the cult “Little Mermaid”, which deals with Disney, is officially known only that the director’s chair will take Rob Marshall – and insiders, meanwhile, have already found the “Little Mermaid” and the actress for the main positive role, and the actress for the main role negative.

Black Panther 2 director announced

Marvel Film Studio has approved the director of the continuation of the fantastic film “Black Panther”. According to the publication Comic Book, they, as expected, became the creator of the first part, Ryan Kugler.


Pharaoh released a new track “Not on the road”

Rapper Pharaoh has released a new track “Not on the road.” The network already suggests that the song is dedicated to the parting of the rapper with the model Alesya Kafelnikova. Pharaoh also became a member of one of the latest episodes of the Youtube-show “Vood”, in which he spoke about friendship with Shnurov and sex on the stage.

World Flamenco Star Diego El Sigala will perform at the House of Music

The show at the Svetlanov Hall of the House of Music will be the only performance of El Segal and his group in Russia on a world tour, including also Great Britain, France, the USA and Japan. Diego El Segal is the heir to the artistic gypsy kale dynasty famous in Spain.

Brass festival starts in Moscow Brass days

Concerts of the VII International Brass Arts Festival Brass days, which will be held from October 11 to December 13, will be held this year in Moscow, Tula, Volgograd and Orenburg, the press service of the festival reported.

Vadim Samoilov will tell journalists about the anniversary of “Agatha Christie”

The press conference of the founder and leader of the rock band “Agatha Christie” Vadim Samoilov will be held at the press center of the information agency “National News Service” on October 16, 2018

Ben Stiller’s school band will release new songs for the first time in 36 years.

The Noise band Capital Punishment, in which Ben Stiller played drums during his school years, is preparing a new material for the first time in 36 years.

In the Pomeranian Philharmonic, Russian rock will be performed and Brodsky’s verses will be read.

As director Alexei Yermilyshev noted, Brodsky is a poet who stood apart in Russian and world literature. He also noted that this is a unique personality, it is his poems that best fit this experiment.

The life of night Moscow in the clip OQJAV “Blonde”

The band Vadim Koroleva OQJAV has released a video for the song “Blonde” from her new album “The Leaves-Flowers”. The main role in the clip was played by artist Ksenia Delanish, who, while dancing, walks around Moscow at night in a glittering dress.

Group “Tea” is preparing to release a new album

The legendary Yekaterinburg group “Tea” is preparing to release a new album. About this in an interview with “Izvestia” said the permanent leader of the team, Vladimir Shakhrin.

Anacondaz Talk About Gender Relationships in “I Never Have You”

Anacondaz has released a new album, “I never have you” on October 11, 2018. He became the sixth full-length disc in the discography of the project.

“Kurai is becoming a fashionable tool.”

According to experts, unprecedented flourishing of ethnic groups began in Bashkiria.

Jonah Hill will release a magazine named after himself

The cover of the room was symbolically decorated with a teenage portrait of Jona himself, and among his interlocutors, among others, were Bini Feldstein, Michael Cera, Kim Gordon, Marc Gonzales, Behati Prinslu and Edie Falco.

The author of the track I Like To Move It will perform in Moscow

In the Moscow nightclub Wow will play an American musician, DJ Erik Morillo. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of “Tapes.ru”. Morillo – Head of Subliminal Label

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has prepared premieres for a concert in Moscow

Sophie Ellis-Bekstor herself writes songs, makes arrangements, and is not like other pop stars, striving for fame and money by any means. She left, for example, the coveted career of a photomodel, considering it a matter of boring and unnecessary.


In Tolyatti launched mass production Lada XRAY Cross

AVTOVAZ loaded with new work. On Thursday, October 11, the company started mass production of Lada XRAY Cross

Russia offered Volkswagen gearboxes from Aurus

The Ministry of Industry and Trade expects to increase the production of automatic transmissions, as well as expand the market and increase the awareness of Russian products, the Aurus and Kate brands, and also gain economic benefits from cooperation with international concerns.

American Bollinger introduced the B2 electric pickup

New York-based startup Bollinger Motors announced the second model – an electric pickup B2. Similarly, the B1 SUV, which is not yet ready for mass production, will receive two electric motors, a hydropneumatic suspension and a traction battery with a capacity of 120 kilowatt-hours.

The Chinese version of the Mazda CX-8 was larger than the Japanese original

The serial production at the Changan-Mazda joint plant has already begun, and dealers from the Middle Kingdom are already waiting for the first deliveries. But it is noteworthy that the Chinese version was the largest of the original.

The European Union will bring the share of electric vehicles to 35% by 2030

The EU Council intends to strictly observe the commitments made in the framework of the Paris Agreement on Climate. For these purposes, it was decided to increase the share of vehicles with an electric or hybrid power plant to 35% of the entire passenger car fleet of the community countries by 2030.

Mercedes-Benz completed sales of SL-class roadsters in Russia

The Russian representative office of the brand Mercedes-Benz has completed sales of SL-class roadsters. Luxury double folding hardtop has been produced in Germany since 2012

Recall that in the summer of this year, supplies of C-class cabriolets to Russia stopped. And the Mercedes-Benz B-class compact car and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class crossover left the Russian market – both models had a change of generations, and next year new cars will be on sale.

Updated 2018 Mazda CX-5 crossover got a turbo engine

The 2019 model year Mazda CX-5 powerplant line was supplemented with a 2.5-liter turbocharged Skyactiv-G engine with a power of 230 hp. and a peak torque of 420 Nm, paired with a 6-band automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Volkswagen Arteon gets a 490-hp engine

The car is intended to participate in the race World Time Attack Challenge, which starts on October 12 in Sydney. The novelty is based on the modification of R-Line and is equipped with an upgraded 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine. Power of the unit makes 490 hp and 600 Nm of torque.

Mercedes-Benz will bring the EQC electric crossover to Russia

The electric Mercedes-Benz EQC crossover will also appear on the Russian market. True, this will not happen soon, but only in 2020. However, at about the same time, the novelty will go to most other markets, because the serial production of the electric crossover will be adjusted only next year.

The prototype of Rinspeed Snap will have a fellow microSNAP

The company Rinspeed declassified a reduced copy of the unmanned vehicle Snap, called microSNAP. A public presentation of the platform for delivery services will be held at CES Consumer Electronics Show. The vehicle can be passenger or cargo.

Presented by Mitsuoka Rock Star based on Mazda MX-5

The American sports car under the hood was located 5, 4-liter naturally aspirated engine 360 ​​hp Mitsuoka Rock Star received a 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-G 132 hp engine. from the Mazda MX-5.

Minibus from MAZ was first seen on the road

Recently, media representatives reported that the automaker MAZ will release a minibus that will become a competitor to Gazelle.

This model will be produced at the Brestmash site and the MAZ-281 model will be the first on the line, and this is the 16-seater passenger version of the minibus. +

MAZ-281 will be equipped with a 150-horsepower diesel engine brand JAC, which corresponds to the class Euro-5. The transmission of the MAZ-281 will be manual.

Soon the car will be able to transmit data about the health of the owner

The head of the organization “GLONASS” Alexander Gurko said that soon the car will be able to transmit information about the quality of roads, as well as the health status of the driver. Approximately three billion rubles will be invested in the “Autodata” project of NTI Avtonet

Hyundai plans to launch HD35City / 35 truck assembly in Russia

The share of Hyundai in the market of commercial vehicles was 2.2%, and according to analysts’ forecasts, according to the results of 2018, it will reach 2.7%. Now in Russia such cargo models of Hyundai as HD35City, HD35, HD65, HD78 and HD120 are produced. Assembling cars established at the company “Avtotor”.


Russia can be excluded from the Council of Europe in 2019

Russia can be excluded from the number of participants in the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe if it does not begin to transfer contributions to the organization’s budget until the middle of next year. This was stated by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, the words of the policy are quoted by the Ukrainian edition European Truth.

It is absolutely unacceptable to tolerate that a country that is still in the Council of Europe does not pay dues. You can not be half a member of the CE, half is not. Such a situation would be a disaster for the whole convention. – Thorbjørn Jagland, Norwegian politician

Hungarian Foreign Minister condemned the policy of Ukraine

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto said that Kiev’s policy on Transcarpathian Hungarians “has reached a terrifying bottom” and reminds him of the actions of “the gloomiest dictatorships”; the corresponding statement is posted on the portal of the Hungarian government

US rejects the initiative of the Russian Federation on the referendum in the Donbass

The United States rejects the Russian initiative to hold a referendum in the Donbass on its future status, considering it to be contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and the Minsk agreements

Putin and Kim Jong-un congratulated each other on the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated each other on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, TsTAK reports.

Representatives of 35 regions of the Russian Federation arrived in Mogilyov to the Belarusian-Russian forum

Citizens of Belarus and the Russian Federation believe in the success of union construction and the development of Belarusian-Russian relations, as evidenced by the broad representation of the regions of the two states in the opening V Forum of Regions in Mogilev.

Belgium expelled a Chinese official accused of espionage to the USA

Belgium extradited to the US a member of the Department of Homeland Security of China, who was arrested in April at the request of the American authorities. Reported by the Ministry of Justice of the country

Britain should call Brexit referendum

Brexit is at an impasse, so the UK must convene a referendum for voters to vote. This was stated by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Syria will not receive money for the reconstruction of Iran

Syria will not receive financial assistance from the United States for reconstruction as long as the formations supported by Iran are located on its territory. This statement was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The first diplomas of the Russian language department were awarded in Damascus

The first diplomas of the Russian language department were awarded to graduates of the University of Damascus. 27 students graduated from the department, they received a bachelor’s degree. Ten graduates will continue to study in Russia.

Poroshenko declared victory over the “Moscow demons”

Petro Poroshenko said that the “God-loving” population of Ukraine defeated the “Moscow demons”. The words of the president are on his official website. With these words, the Ukrainian president commented on the provision of autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC).

I congratulate everyone on this great day, which the Ukrainian people have been waiting for the long 332 years … this is a great victory of the God-loving Ukrainian people over the Moscow demons, a victory of good over evil, light over the darkness. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Greece will demand reparations from Germany for damage in World War II

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos during a meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the Greek authorities intend to seek from Germany the return of the “occupation loan” and compensation for damage from the occupation during the Second World War.

Compiled dossier on Trump refused to testify in US Congress

The head of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, who collected the file on US President Donald Trump, refused to participate in closed hearings in the legal committee of the US Congress, where he was summoned


Poroshenko allowed the APU in the Donbass to shoot from all available weapons

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at a meeting with the commanders of the brigades of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the State Border Service during a working visit to the Khmelnytsky region ordered the operation of the combined forces in the Donbass to return fire from all available weapons.

We have no right to fight by the Soviet methods, when victory was achieved at the cost of numerous losses. The army must fight not by number and great blood, but by quality and professionalism. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Russia blamed the plight of refugees in Syria on the US

The Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties urged the United States to provide humanitarian access to the camp and liquidate the military base in Al-Tanf. All the blame for the plight of more than 70 thousand Syrian refugees in the Er-Rukban camp lies on the military command of the US Army

Large-scale exercises of the Strategic Nuclear Forces took place in Russia

Russia, on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, conducted large-scale exercises of the Strategic Nuclear Forces. This is the press service of the Ministry of Defense. The exercises were attended by crews of nuclear submarines of the Northern and Pacific fleets, pilots of missile-carrying and bombers

VKS received more than 60 Su-35 aircraft

“To date, pilot operation has been completed in parts of the VCS, more than 60 Su-35S aircraft have been delivered,” Krivoruchko said.

The Pentagon suspended flights of F-35 fighter aircraft after a crash

The Pentagon said on Thursday that because of the crash of an F-35 aircraft in September in South Carolina, the flights of these newest fighter-bomber aircraft are temporarily suspended.

NATO will conduct military experiments at the borders of Russia

NATO decided to conduct about 20 military experiments on exercises near the borders of Russia. One of such experiments will be the development of operational deployment of the coordination-command module for the deployment and control of air forces

The Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan checked the Chimkent and Atyrau garrisons

The Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Nurlan Yermekbayev checked the procedure and conditions for storing weapons and military equipment, the state of the training and material base and the implementation of social security for the military personnel of the Chimkent and Atyrau garrisons

The US Air Force and Israel discovered the secrets of the S-300 in Ukraine

According to the test results, the Israeli military came to the conclusion that fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets would be “invulnerable” to the Russian S-300. The US-Israeli military delegation secretly visited Ukraine to study the characteristics of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

South Korea and DPRK are preparing high-level talks

The Republic of Korea and the DPRK are conducting consultations on preparing for high-level talks. This was announced on Friday in Seoul at a briefing for journalists by the representative of the ministry of association Baek Dae Hyun.


Keys to protect domain names updated

The Los Angeles-based Domain Name and IP Address Management Corporation (ICANN) implemented the first ever change of cryptographic keys that protect the Internet’s domain name system. This was reported on Thursday by the press service of ICANN.

Samsung presented the Galaxy A9 smartphone with four cameras

Samsung has introduced a smartphone Galaxy A9, which is equipped with four cameras at once. “With this smartphone, you can create photos of any complexity: from a unique selfie to the perfect panoramic images,” – said in a statement published by the press service of the company.

Apple will acquire power management technology from Dialog for $ 600 million

The company last acquired the Face ID creator, PrimeSense, in 2013, concluding a $ 350 million deal. Apple has been using Dialog chips since the release of the first iPhones almost a decade ago to extend battery life.

Apple will create its own free video content

Apple plans to follow the lead of Netflix and begin producing its own video content, and Apple-created content will be available for free to owners of gadgets produced by the company, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Essential designs a phone with artificial intelligence

The company Essential, which was founded by the “father” of the Android operating system Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), intends to create an unusual mobile phone with the technology of artificial intelligence. The company Essential, we recall, is the developer of the smartphone Essential Phone PH-1.

Updated Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Firmware

Asus introduced the fourth generation of its ZenFone smartphones: a report from a press conference in Rome / Natalya Muravieva / iXBT Live Users of the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie smartphone will be pleased to learn that the manufacturer has finally finished testing the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system for this device

Xiaomi will present a walkie-talkie, new TVs and a laptop

Very soon, the Chinese manufacturer will introduce smartphones Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Mi Note 4, but in addition several new devices from different categories will be announced.

Samsung promises that bending smartphone will not be just a wonder

The head of the mobile unit of Samsung Electronics Don-Jin Koch (D. J. Koh) said in a recent interview that the first smartphone with a bending screen will not just be something unusual. He will offer users new experiences.

Duracell released powerbank in the form of conventional batteries

Duracell has released a series of external batteries styled for batteries. In the line of three power banks, the most powerful has a capacity of 10,050 mAh, reports GizmoChina. A distinctive feature of external batteries is their design, stylized for the company’s branded battery colors.

There are renders of the new iPad Pro tablet

In the vastness of the network, high-quality renderings of the forthcoming next-generation iPad Pro tablet were published. As it became known, the manufacturer of accessories Benks showed new protective glasses for the tablet, another source introduced a 3D computer model of the novelty.

Sports watches Huawei Watch GT are completely declassified before the announcement

The case will be made of aluminum, and the bezel – of ceramic with a diamond-coated. Also, the watch will be pleased with a thin case – 10.6 mm.

Gaming smartphone Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is equipped with LED backlight!

Xiaomi is preparing to release a gaming smartphone Black Shark 2 – it must compete with similar models from other manufacturers, and especially the Razer Phone 2. According to rumors, the device will be built on a single-chip platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, well, the external performance chip will be built-in RGB backlight – it’s her and shows a short video that appeared on the web.

Tinkoff Bank launched a free website builder for businesses

Tinkoff Bank launched a service for creating websites for business. Until the end of the year it will be free, including for companies that are not discussed in the bank. You can create your own site either on the basis of a ready-made template, or assembled from more than 150 separate elements and blocks.

AI will tell programmers how to optimize code

The tool created by Purdue University (USA) specialists is called DiffProf and uses AI to automatically determine the functions that should be optimized and the method of optimization.

Mail.Ru Group is testing article recommendation service.

Mail.Ru Group is testing articles recommendation service for users on their sites. Artem Kozlyuk, head of the Roskomsvoboda organization, drew attention to the invitation to take part in closed testing of the new function.

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