18 May, 2018

Despite the sanctions ..

Russian businessman Arkady Rothenberg, who is subject to Western sanctions, despite all restrictions, invests in large real estate in Germany. This follows from the results of a joint investigation of German journalists SWR and Berliner Zeitung

Briefly about the main thing …..


“Libyan scenario” in the DPRK

In Libya, we destroyed the country … There were no arrangements to leave Gaddafi. The Libyan model was completely different than what would happen to Kim Jong-un. He will be there, will be in the country, will rule the country. His country will be very rich. This will be the South Korean model in terms of production. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

The State Department said about the responsibility of Russia for the Himataki in Syria

“Russia, which promised the world in 2013, that it guarantees the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles, ultimately is responsible for their continued use there,” Neuert said.

According to her, the United States will seek to bring to justice all the perpetrators of the Himatak

US threatened with sanctions against Nord Stream 2

During her speech in Berlin, Oudkirk said that the US does not exclude the imposition of sanctions against Nord Stream-2, but they hope that the matter will not reach restrictive measures.

“We would be glad if the project did not take place,” the politician stressed.

The media learned about the concession of the PRC for $ 200 billion in the trade war with the US

Representatives of the Chinese authorities during the talks in Washington offered the US president a package of measures that should reduce the trade balance deficit between the countries by $ 200 billion, Reuters reports citing a source in the White House.

The deputies of the State Duma adopted in the second reading the draft law on counter-sanctions

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill on Russia’s response to Western sanctions. In comparison with the previous edition, the document was seriously revised. The third, final, reading is scheduled for May 22.

Trump accused the EU of a terrible attitude towards the US as a trading partner

President of the United States Donald Trump said that because of the policy of the European Union the country is in a terrible situation. According to the head of the White House, the EU is bad about Washington as a trading partner, and American companies often face barriers.

France will not enter into an alliance with Iran against the US, said Macron

France will not be in alliance with Iran against the US and stands for dialogue with all, said French leader Emmanuel Macron.

In Poland, detained a Russian woman on suspicion of subversive activities

Employees of the Polish Internal Security Agency detained on Thursday a Russian citizen suspected of conducting “hybrid” activities directed against Poland, according to the national radio of this country. According to him, the woman’s name is Catherine, she has been living in Poland since 2013.

China criticized Rosneft for drilling in the South China Sea

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang criticized the Russian company at a briefing. On May 15, Rosneft announced that its structure Rosneft Vietnam B. V began drilling a production well at the Lan Do field on the Vietnamese shelf.

Skripal began to question British investigators

British investigators are questioning ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal as he goes on the mend after poisoning with nerve agent in the British Salisbury, the Sky news channel reported on Thursday.

Merkel declined to discuss with Putin in Sochi the issue of sanctions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi a number of international problems, but not the issue of sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. At a press conference in Sofia, she stressed that “the lifting of sanctions depends on Moscow’s implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

Polish Foreign Ministry condemned the opening of the Crimean bridge

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the construction of the Crimean bridge without Ukraine’s consent a “gross violation” of the principles of international law. This is stated in a statement published on the website of the department. The ministry said that Russia’s actions complicate the search for a compromise with Ukraine

The new head of Catalonia did not swear allegiance to the King of Spain

The new head of Catalonia, Kim Torra, did not swear allegiance to the King of Spain during his official inauguration. In his speech, he said that “he will act as chairman of the government faithfully to the will of the people represented by the parliament.”

May: Great Britain will leave the customs union of the EU after Brexit

In early May, several British parliamentarians sent May’s ultimatum demanding to abandon the “customs partnership” with the EU after Brexit, and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson even called such plans of the prime minister “crazy”


Matvienko advocated a smooth increase in retirement age in Russia

The issue of raising the retirement age must go smoothly and can last for ten years. This was stated by Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko.

No need to hide your head in the sand, you must openly speak with our citizens and frankly: the issue of raising the retirement age was put on the agenda, became relevant, all European states did it. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

The poorest deputies live and work in the North Caucasus

Of the deputies of regional legislative assemblies in 2017, 68 lived below the poverty line. According to their declarations, for the year the incomes of these deputies turned out to be lower than the annual subsistence level. This is reported by RBC, which analyzed the declarations of income of regional parliamentarians.

At the same time, 14 deputies declared zero income, the largest number of such parliamentarians was in North Ossetia – four. In general, the lowest average deputy income was recorded in the Legislative Assembly of Ingushetia (about one million rubles), the Legislative Assembly of Kalmykia (1.3 million rubles), Karachay-Cherkessia and the Republic of Altai (1.6 million rubles), and the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Tyva (1 , 8 million rubles).

The largest number of deputies with incomes below the poverty line in the Legislative Assembly of Kabardino-Balkaria – seven people – and in North Ossetia – five people. Some of them own a lot of property, RBC says. The edition asked several parliamentarians about the authenticity of the information specified in the declarations, but received no response.

For inaccurate information – criminal punishment

If the Internet resource does not comply with the requirements of the court and continues to disseminate illegal and unreliable information, fines may amount to 200 thousand rubles. For malicious offenders, imprisonment for up to a year may be provided. The bill on this was submitted to the State Duma.

The State Duma was offered fines for the abuse of the right to rallies

Authors of the document propose to fine for “giving notice of holding a public event without the purpose of holding it.” In addition, the punishment is provided for those who do not inform the authorities about the cancellation of activities or do not comply with the time frame in which it is necessary to do so.

The criminal case against mathematician Bogatov is terminated

Investigators of the capital’s headquarter in the UK stopped the criminal case against the accused in calling for terrorism and in an attempt to organize mass riots in Moscow by mathematician Dmitry Bogatov. On Thursday, May 17, his lawyer Alexei Teptsov told

Self-employed citizens will be paid with payments to the FIU and MHIF

Self-employed citizens are required to make payments to the Pension Fund and the Federal Fund for Mandatory Medical Insurance. The draft law on this (at the disposal of Izvestia) was agreed by the Ministry of Justice with other departments.

Russian companies will have anti-corruption officers

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia has developed a standard according to which experts in the prevention of corruption violations will start working in Russian companies. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia.

The Moscow City Duma passed a law on the coordination of graffiti with the mayoralty

Moscow City Duma passed a law regulating the rules for placing graffiti on the facades of the capital’s houses. The document was submitted to the city parliament by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Yesterday he was approved at a meeting of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Urban Development

The authorities of Amsterdam want to prohibit the rental of housing through Airbnb

Among the proposed measures is the limitation of the number of “beer bicycles” and “beer cruises”, as well as the ban on tourists to board and leave the excursion boats in the city center.

Leading “Bulk LIVE” detained for action on May 5

Law enforcement officers detained Aleksei Navalny, the leader of the Youtube channel, for calling to participate in an unsanctioned rally on May 5, Ivan Navalny, a lawyer at the Fund for Fighting Corruption, told Navalny.

Will you be on the Kolyma – welcome

Currently, the region has developed ecology and hunting tourism, as well as Kolyma fishing. Deputies of the regional Duma of Magadan offer to show tourists in Kolyma industrial facilities, in particular places for washing gold, and develop this area of tourism, according to the website of the meeting of deputies

The Central Bank has increased the limit of payments of compulsory motor third party liability insurance under the European Protocol twice

The Bank of Russia approved an increase in the maximum amount of payments for accidents, which were formalized without the traffic police, up to 100 thousand rubles. Changes will affect all regions, with the exception of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

In the consumer basket of Russians will add more fish

Russians are preparing a new consumer basket, which will increase the rate of consumption of fish and fish products. The issue of increasing the share of fish products is entrusted to the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economic Development.

The debt for gas consumers in the North Caucasus grew by almost a third

Debt for gas consumers in the North Caucasus Federal District (NCFD) before PJSC Gazprom since the beginning of 2018 increased by 32.3% and at the end of March amounted to 35.6 billion rubles.

The EU banned the import of meat and milk for personal use

The Lithuanian customs service stated that the ban on import of meat, milk and products from them for personal use on the territory of the EU entered into force. This is stated on the customs website. Restrictions are introduced in order to avoid infection of animals with ASF.


Gasoline rises in Russia at a record pace

As reported by Rosstat, the average price of a liter of gasoline in Russia is already 41.28 rubles. Gasoline brand Ai-92 went up a week from May 7 to 14 at 48 cents – up to 39.51 rubles per liter. The AI-95 showed practically the same growth rates of cost – by May 14, the liter of this brand’s fuel increased in price by 46 kopecks – to 42.49 rubles.

“Saratov Airlines” announced the suspension of operations from May 31

“Saratov Airlines” announced the suspension of operations since May 31 because of the requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

The EEA and China signed an agreement on trade and economic cooperation

The agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union (EEMA) and China on trade and economic cooperation was signed during the Astana Economic Forum. This is reported by RIA Novosti. As it became known, agreements on large-scale and sectoral cooperation were reached

Chemezov reported to Putin on the growth of Rostekh’s revenue by a third

The revenue of Rostecha grew by almost a third and approached 1.6 trillion rubles. compared with the previous year, net profit growth was 38%. The financial indicators of the state corporation for 2017 were told by the general director of the State Corporation Rostek, Sergei Chemezov, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

FAS fined Gazprom for 211 million rubles

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia fined Gazprom and Mezhregiongaz LLC for 211 million rubles and 412,000 rubles respectively for a non-competitive agreement within the framework of the approval of the gas supply and gasification development program for the Samara Region for 2016-2020.

The Central Bank plans to submit proposals for the rehabilitation of APF by autumn

The Bank of Russia plans to submit proposals on a mechanism for the rehabilitation of non-state pension funds (APFs) by the autumn. This was announced to the journalists by the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vladimir Chistyukhin on the sidelines of the legal forum

Bloomberg: Kazakhstan transfers reserves from euro to dollar

According to the information agency Bloomberg, in the Kazakhstan regulator explained this decision by unprofitable interest rates in the eurozone and Japan against the background of the strengthening of the dollar. So, the National Bank of Kazakhstan in 2017 had a share of the euro in the investment portfolio of 15% against 20% in 2016

The Russian Ministry of Finance supported the privatization of Kristall in favor of ALROSA

The Russian Ministry of Finance supports the option of direct selling the largest in Russia diamond producer Kristall to ALROSA. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, TASS reported. According to him, the deal can take place before the end of the year

“Gazprom” has built more than 80% of the pipeline “Power of Siberia”

“1,791 km, or 83%, of the linear part of the gas pipeline section from the Chayandinskoye field to the border with China in the Amur region was built,” the company said.

Uzbekistan plans to build a gas pipeline in Afghanistan

Tashkent and Kabul are planning to jointly implement the project on the construction of a gas pipeline in Afghanistan between the cities of Shibergan and Mazar-i-Sharif with a length of 94 km, Sputnik Uzbekistan reports with reference to acting minister of mines and oil of Afghanistan Nargis Nihan.

Netherlands turn off gas production

One of the main European gas producers – the Netherlands – is curtailing the production of blue fuel, Deutsche Welle reports on May 17.

VTB estimated its risks due to sanctions of more than 200 billion rubles

The document emphasizes that, according to preliminary estimates, VTB’s overall exposure to sanctions under sanctions is less than 2% of the total assets. The total volume of assets of VTB Group as of March 31, 2018 is estimated at 13.1094 trillion rubles.

The Internet Ombudsman called the payback period of investments in mining

The period for the beginning of profit from mining is from 8 to 12 months. The Internet-ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said this during a press breakfast on the eve of the World Summit on Crypto-Currency and Block-Aid, RIA Novosti reports.

International reserves of Russia fell by $ 700 million

The volume of international reserves of Russia as of May 11, 2018 was estimated at $ 457.7 billion. This figure is $ 700 million less than a week earlier, the Bank of Russia reported on its official website.

Net profit of VTB in the I quarter of 2018 increased by 101.1% yoy

Photo by ABN Net profit of VTB in I quarter of 2018 under IFRS increased by 101.1% yoy. The credit organization said this on Thursday. The company’s profit amounted to 55.5 billion rubles

Investors sell Russian national debt

Today, May 17, 2018, it became known that the demand for federal loan bonds (OFZ) fell three-fold, from 98 billion to 33 billion rubles. This is reported by the portal Finanz with reference to the results of the Ministry of Finance’s exit to the market after a three-week pause.

The yield of 10-year US government bonds for the first time in 7 years exceeded 3.1%

The indicator is growing for the fifth consecutive session. In this case, the yield of 30-year US Treasuries rose to a maximum since July 2015 – 3.2379%. According to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, by the end of 2018 the yield of 30-year US government bonds will reach 3.4%.

Belarus in South America produces less than 1 million tons of oil

In 2017, out of 5 production wells, more than 27,000 tons of oil were produced. As reported by EADaily, Belarus until 2024 will annually receive 24 million tons of Russian oil. At the same time, 18 million tons are to be transported to Belarusian refineries, and another 6 million tons to be resupplied.

Chistyukhin: ex-owners of Rosgosstrakh received increased bonuses

According to Rosgosstrakh’s IFRS financial statements, in 2017, the remuneration to management of the group’s companies increased more than 3-fold to 370 million rubles. As already reported by ASN, the new head of the insurer Nikolaus Fry stated that the final transfer of control over the insurer from Danil Khachaturov to the “Discovery” occurred immediately before the bank’s sanation.


US demands North Korea to get rid of nuclear warheads and missiles

The United States has issued another demand to the DPRK. This time in Washington they want Pyongyang to take out at least half of its nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles and radioactive materials outside the republic within six months.

Putin called for rational use of the Ministry of Defense

The head of state stressed that the Defense Ministry had allocated almost 1.5 trillion rubles.

“The amount is very significant, and these resources should be used as rationally as possible,” Putin said.

“Rosatom” undertook the development of nuclear reactors for military purposes

State Corporation Rosatom is developing in the field of nuclear reactors with a heavy liquid-metal coolant for defense purposes.

The characteristics of Russian weapons of the “Judgment Day” became known

Russian underwater drones Poseidon will be able to carry a nuclear warhead with a capacity of up to two megatons, a source in the military industrial complex told TASS. In the foreign press this complex was nicknamed the weapon of the “Judgment Day”.

Kim Jong-un convened a military commission for the first time in two years

The head of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un, for the first time in two years, held a meeting of the central military commission of the Korean Workers’ Party (TPK), during which personnel reshuffles were carried out in the country’s law enforcement agencies. This is reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTC).

During the operation in Syria, 65,000 fighters

The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian military, killed about 65,000 fighters, said Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin, commander of the troops of the Central Military District. “About 65,000 militants were eliminated, 819 of them were bandits,” Lapin said.

National Guard of Ukraine received the first 500 grenade launchers from the USA

The United States handed over to the National Guard of Ukraine the first shipment of hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers RSRL-1. About this on his page in the social network Facebook told the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

According to the development strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Natsgardiya put into service the first 500 40 mm of hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers RSRL-1 manufactured in the USA. – Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian businessman

The media reported the elimination of the main propagandist of the DAIS in Syria

The Iraqi Air Force liquidated the main Syrian propagandist of the IG terrorist group, banned in Russia. This is reported on Thursday by the Iraqi television channel Al Sumaria

The Baltic States have asked the US to strengthen NATO battalions, media reported

“The foreign ministers of the Baltic States are asking the US to strengthen NATO battalions deployed in these countries by the forces of the Air Force and the Navy,” the television channel said.

According to him, Linkevičius informed about this after the meeting of the three foreign ministers with John Bolton, the adviser to the US president on national security.

Deputy head of the OSCE mission Hug urgently left for Donbass

As noted in the comments of the OSCE mission, the urgent arrival of the Hug is connected with the serious deterioration of the security situation in the Donbass in the last 24 hours. During the visit to Donbass, a representative of the OSCE monitoring mission should assess the security situation along the contact line.


A resident of the United States died because of an exploded electronic cigarette

The company claims that the cigarette itself could not have caused the explosion. In their opinion, the tragedy was due to problems in the battery or evaporator. D’Elia became the first victim of electronic cigarettes in the US.

A friend of the Parisian terrorist was charged

A friend of Chechen descent Khamzat Azimov, who attacked passers-by in Paris on May 12, was charged with belonging to a terrorist group that was preparing an attack, Franceinfo reports citing sources.

In Iraq, the court issued a death sentence for a Russian citizen for involvement in the DAISH

The court in Iraq issued a death sentence to a Russian citizen who was found guilty of involvement in the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia), reports Arab News, citing a source.

Former Deputy Minister of Culture was charged with embezzlement

Ex-Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Grigory Pirumov charged with embezzlement of funds allocated for the construction of the complex of buildings of the State Hermitage, said the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

According to the investigation, the suspects organized the conclusion of the state contract without a real intention to execute it. Most of the cash received as an advance was transferred to the organizations under its control. – Svetlana Petrenko

Large-scale fire at a military training ground in Udmurtia

The liquidation of a fire in the Malopurga district of Udmurtia to the west of the settlement of Pugachevo, where a fire occurred on the territory of a former military training ground, can take up to three days. This was reported to journalists by the head of the EMERCOM of the Russian Federation for the republic Petr Fomin

Under FSB, FSB detained an international terrorist

In the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region, FSB border guards in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region together with police detained a man who arrived in Russia from the countries of Central Asia. It turned out that he was wanted for terrorist activities outside our country.

A large fire occurred at the textile factory in the Ivanovo region

The fire broke out at night in the shop of a textile factory in the town of Kineshma, Ivanovo region, to the present moment it is localized. This was reported on Friday by the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations

Unknown in Rostov-on-Don robbed Sberbank branch

Employees of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Rostov region are checking on the robbery of one of the bank’s branches in Rostov-on-Don, Tass reported at the press center of the administration.

In Lipetsk, a worker was killed by a lightning strike

Lightning struck in Lipetsk in two workers on the roof of the house under construction, one of them in the hospital, the other was killed, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a senior assistant to the head of the Investigation Department of the Russian Federation for the region, Julia Kuznetsova.

City manager of one of the cities of KhMAO found dead in the garage

City manager of one of the cities of KhMAO found dead in the garage. The head of the administration of Izluchinsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, KhMAO) Alexei Kudrik was found dead with a gunshot wound in one of the garages in Nizhnevartovsk.

On the sheets from the 12th floor: the man failed unsuccessfully from the police

In the Moscow region, a man died when he tried to escape from the police on a tightrope from bound sheets. As reported in the press service of the CSD of the IC of Moscow Region, the incident occurred in the village of Nakhabino, which is part of the city district of Krasnogorsk. Operatives of the police came to the apartment of the 35-year-old man.

In Yakutia, a case was brought about the negligence of officials during the flood

In Yakutia a criminal case was instituted on the negligence of local government officials who did not timely inform the population of the Ust-May District about the threat of flooding of settlements, said Nadezhda Dvoretskaya, a senior assistant to the head of the regional investigation department of the UK.

The Kuban judge was punished for offering to sterilize a woman

During the audit it was found that the judge Raspopov considered the suit of the department for family and children affairs of the district administration that demanded to assign alimony and to deprive the parental rights of a woman who, as of December 2017, had three underage children.

Wedding of actress Megan Markle: father with a heart attack, sister broke her leg

On the coming Saturday in Britain will be a wedding of Prince Harry with his chosen one, the former actress Megan Markle. In the notes of printed and online publications, new details of the upcoming celebration now and again appear.

The other day, journalists reported that the bride’s father would not be able to attend the event. Later this news was commented on by Megan herself. She confirmed that her father had fallen into a hospital with a heart attack, because of which he refused to come to the wedding, and accordingly, he could not lead her to the altar. No luck and sister Markle Samantha – she recently broke her leg.

41-year-old ballerina Diana Vishneva was the first mother

41-year-old ballerina Diana Vishneva for the first time became a mother, Russian media assure, and the admirers of the prima Mariinsky Theater congratulate her family with the replenishment.

Stefania Malikova showed a photo with her little brother

“The color of the mood is blue,” the girl wrote under the photo, emphasizing that she was with the baby in the clothes of one shade, and, thus, making the reference to the last hit of Kirkorov. Subscribers marveled at how little Mark grew up, filling her with enthusiastic comments.

Pelagia told how she punishes her daughter

The actress can raise her voice to Taisia. According to Pelagia, she always explains to the child how to do it right. In addition, the singer tries not to spoil the baby, as many other stars do.

Young wife Ivan Krasko suddenly aged

Internet users are guessing what happened to the “tender and spring” girl. The last photo, published by the young wife of Ivan Krasko Natalia, alarmed her subscribers. Many believed that in the picture, a 28-year-old woman looks much older than her age.

60-year-old Alec Baldwin for the fifth time became a pope

The family of American actor, film director, winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy awards Alec Baldwin celebrates the next replenishment. 34-year-old Hilary Baldwin gave birth to a son. The child became the fourth common child for the couple and the fifth for the actor

8-year-old daughter of Dmitry Tarasov became a model

Dmitry has Angelina’s daughter from her first marriage with Oksana. True, some Internet users believe that recently Tarasov has little contact with the girl. Oksana also devotes much time to her daughter and often posts her photos in Instagram.

Irina Kirvina, who suffers from alcoholism, was horrified by her appearance

The well-known actress was once again on the air of Andrei Malakhov’s program. Most recently, Irina Tsyvina and her elect Denis Serdyukov said that they are happy together and want a common child. However, the beloved actress suddenly left her, and she found consolation in alcoholic beverages.

The reason for the divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Duan

Some journalists rushed to attribute Tatum’s infidelity, however, this week the foreign media seem to have clarified the real reason for the parting of actors who have lived together for more than ten years. According to a close friend of Tatum, the actor often complained about his career.

Alla Pugacheva sang for guests of the Legal Forum in St. Petersburg

Organizers did not inform in advance which of the celebrities this time will speak to the guests. It is reported that the Russian pop star performed her old hits and communicated with the guests. The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is held in the northern capital for the eighth time.

Tatiana Bulanov is suspected in the novel with the 33-year-old travesty-actor

Tatyana Bulanova, who was seriously distressed by the divorce from Vladislav Radimov, some time ago began to appear in public in the company of 33-year-old travesty-actor Sergey Maximov.

Milla Jovovich appeared at the Cannes Film Festival with an extreme neckline

Famous actress and model Milla Jovovich came to the premiere of the film “Burning” in Cannes in a dress with an extreme neckline

It’s not about the children: Pitt ripped off a divorce from Jolie

A well-informed sources revealed the reason why the most beautiful pair of Hollywood – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – still can not officially formalize the divorce. And it’s not about disputes about custody of children. Ostensibly between the former beloved was a matter of material nature.

The first photos from the wedding of Richard Gere

On Saturday, May 12, the wedding of Richard Gere and his lover Alejandra Silva took place. A week later, the first pictures of the event began to appear on the web.

Fans surprised nude big breasts 19-year-old Alesya Kafelnikova

In a recently published photograph, the young girl was sealed in an open dress with bare shoulders and chest. However, most of all the fans were surprised not in the image of Kafelnikov, but in her visually large chest.

Larissa Dolina brought out a grown-up granddaughter

The actress, along with seven-year-old granddaughter Sasha, positively posed for the photographers on the red carpet of the event. To enter the light, the Valley chose a checkered dress that was supplemented by a long cardigan, and her granddaughter dressed in a colorful outfit, complemented by a belt and a bandage on her head in tone.

22-year-old waitress accused Orlando Bloom of a career crash

The girl accused the Hollywood actor and boyfriend Kathy Perry in the collapse of her career. According to her, she met Orlando Bloom in one of the gourmet restaurants where she worked. Young people liked each other and spent the night together.

Backstreet Boys released a new single and clip

Backstreet Boys released a new song called Do not Go Breaking My Heart, as well as a clip.

Netanyahu danced “chicken” with the winner of “Eurovision-2018”

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu danced with the winner of the “Eurovision-2018” Netta Barzilai dance “chicken” – an element from the contest performance of the singer. Dance video Netanyahu published in his Twitter. Barzilay became the winner of the contest held in Portugal.

How fun to meet Nettu Barzilai in Jerusalem! Netta, we all love you, you made the country proud of yourself. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

Dmitry Nagiyev publicly ridiculed the work of Buzovoy

Showman Dmitri Nagiyev ridiculed the work of Olga Buzovoy. The host of the ceremony of presenting the National TV Award “Give Five!” Allowed himself a joke about the quality of hits of the singer. The situation occurred during the announcement of the nomination “Beloved Athlete”.

The main hero of the series “The Lord of the Rings” will be the young Aragorn

The company Amazon chose King Aragorn as the main hero of the first season of the series “The Lord of the Rings” based on the works of writer John Ronald Ruel Tolkien, the portal / Film reports citing its own source.

Robert Downey Jr. will shoot a series about artificial intelligence

Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. will remove a documentary series about artificial intelligence. This is reported by various media outlets, referring to the website of the BBC channel. According to available information, the premiere of the series is scheduled for 2019.

The creators of the “Star Wars” revealed the plot of the next film series

The creators of the fantastic franchise “Star Wars” told what the plot of the next spin-off series will be about, reports The Esquire.

We think that the next spin-off will be devoted to Lando Calrissian. Of course, many more stories about Khan and Chewbacca can be told, but it’s about Lando. – Kathleen Kennedy, American Producer

Trailer of the documentary about Whitney Houston appeared on the network

Produce the project Oscar-winning Simon Chinn, Emmy Award winner Jonathan Chinn and Lisa Erspamer. The premiere of the Bayopika took place yesterday, May 16, at the Cannes Film Festival. On the big screens the documentary will be released on July 6 of this year

The reason for the divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Duan

Some journalists rushed to attribute Tatum’s infidelity, but this week the foreign media seem to have clarified the real reason for the parting of actors who have lived together for more than ten years. According to a close friend of Tatum, the actor often complained about his career.

Legendary Ozzy Osbourne will perform a farewell tour in Moscow

The 69-year-old singer will perform one of his last concerts on June 1 on the stage of the Olimpiysky sports complex. Legendary rock singer Ozzy Osbourne, who was the vocalist of the first heavy metal band Black Sabbath, will perform a farewell tour in Moscow.

“Leningrad” released a new video

The group “Leningrad” has released a new video for the song “Zhu-zhu”, which also features singer Gluck ‘Oza and rapper ST. The clip is made in a rather original animation style, and all the artists in it are painted


In the desktop Telegram, a virus was found stealing encryption keys

Telegram detected a malicious program capable of accessing encryption keys and files from the desktop version of the Telegram. This was reported by experts on computer security company Cisco Talos. The Telegrab program does not exploit the vulnerabilities of the messenger.

VKontakte announced the launch of the podcast platform

VKontakte in 2018 will launch a podcast platform within the social network. The company announced this during the VK Media Day 2018 conference for authors and media, the live broadcast of which was conducted in the group on VKontakte.

YouTube announced the launch of a music streaming service

YouTube from May 22 will launch a music streaming service. This is stated in the video service blog. The company noted that the new music service will “make the world of music more personalized and simple.”

Twitter will start to hide messages of trolls

Social network “Twitter” plans to use new algorithms to combat trolling, which will hide provocative messages. This was reported by the press service of the company.

“VKontakte” in closed mode tests the analogue of Telegram channels

According to reports, the site team is preparing an update. Now it is tested in closed mode, that is, it is available only for a limited number of users. This is an analogue of the Telegram channels, which will be able to test the communities.

Hacker from Riga was sentenced to 35 years for scanning antivirus services

Note that one of the viruses created with Ruslan caused a loss of half a billion dollars, since Citadel was also created using the Scan4you service. For his criminal activities, a resident of Riga was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Blockstack announced a store for decentralized applications

One of the founders of Blockstack made a statement, which says that the company launched a new project. Its goal is to bring together developers of decentralized applications with potential users on a single resource

Korean giant Naver daughter launches Blockchain

In early April, Line Plus also released Unblock’s blockbuster service in South Korea to integrate blocking technology into the cross-market Line system. Line is a subsidiary of the South Korean search giant Naver, but is based in Tokyo to avoid competition with Kakao.

One third of Russian companies are not protected from DDoS attacks

The study says that Russian companies trust the problem of preventing DDoS attacks to third parties or are not protected from threats of this type in general. Thus, 33 percent of enterprises rely on technology partners, including Internet providers.


“Made in China” 800 years ago

The inscription, meaning something like: “Made in China”, found on medieval ceramics, sunk eight hundred years ago, along with the ship that transported them, helped archaeologists determine the date of shipwreck.

The air again accumulates the ozone-depleting ozone layer freon

Freon again began to accumulate in the air, which damages the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. This was reported by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States. According to experts, some country, most likely from East Asia, violates the Montreal Protocol.

Sex in old age strengthens memory

It turned out that in addition to a number of other factors, the strengthening of memory in the elderly is affected by the presence of sexual intercourse in such people, as well as its frequency. At the same time, the scientist noted that sex in old age does not improve memory, but it keeps it on the same level.

In the topological insulator, unusual magnetic properties

The topological insulator combines the properties of conductors and dielectrics: it conducts a current well only on its surface, and inside it remains non-conductive

The robot was taught to express emotions with creeps and spines on the skin

American engineers have created a robot that can simulate emotions and express them in many ways.

Scientists: Nouns slowed down speech because of pauses

According to scientists, speech is slowed down in all analyzed languages due to nouns. It is in front of them that the person pauses. The stop before the verbs was met only by native English speakers

Seals explore Antarctica

A group of British and Swedish scientists compared the characteristics of water masses in the Amundsen Sea, depending on the season and found that the layer of deep warm water is about 50 meters thick between August and October.

Scientists were helped to obtain data by indigenous inhabitants of the Antarctic – seals, on which special sensors were fixed, measuring the water temperature and the salt content in it. The article is published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Neuronet has learned to predict whether the song will become a hit

American scientists who created the algorithm RandomForest, approximating to artificial intelligence, intended to develop a system that could write hit songs, but they eventually did something else. Their algorithm has learned to predict whether a particular song can become commercially successful.

Scientists have found ways to restore limbs after a stroke

It turned out that to restore the limbs after a stroke, it is necessary to carry out non-invasive micropolarization and magnetic stimulation of the motor zones of the cerebral cortex. In addition, such a method can help in improving the motor skills of the non-main hand in healthy people.


The BMW iNext flagship will combine all the key technologies

The company BMW has announced its first unmanned electric car BMW iNext. The first image of the most technological novelty in the BMW lineup today appeared in the social networks of the Bavarian brand.

Mercedes-Benz will continue to release the G-Class W461 with the new generation

German premium auto giant Mercedes-Benz, despite the recent release of the new generation of off-roader G-Class, will continue to release its previous version. This was in an interview with the head of the marketing department of the G-Class model, Jan Hadley James.

Hyundai will release sports crossover Hyundai Kona N SUV

The South Korean auto giant Hyundai is preparing for release a new sports crossover based on the Hyundai Kona model. It is reported that the novelty will be called Hyundai Kona N SUV. According to unofficial data, the world premiere of the car will take place no earlier than 2020.

Updated crossover Mazda CX-3 received a new diesel

On the eve of the company Mazda announced the launch of an updated version of the crossover CX-3. And the car entered the market with a new diesel engine SkyActive-G.

Seat published teaser video of the new Terraco off-road car

The novelty will be officially presented before the end of 2018, but the company decided to warm up interest in the model by recording an intriguing video. The new video was posted on the official brand page on Twitter.

Hennessey Venom F5 aims at a speed of 300 miles per hour

Supercar from Hennessey Performance plans to develop a speed within 300 miles per hour. About such plans told the owner of the company John Hennessey. According to him, now all the aspirations are aimed at surpassing the speed limit of 300 miles.

The web has information about the new compact crossover KIA KX1

On the website of the Chinese Ministry of Industry published information about the new serial cross Kia KX1. Prototype Yi PAO, on the basis of which a novelty will be built, was presented at the Auto Show in Beijing. The model will be a modified for the Chinese market Kia Stonic.

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