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1 Авг, 2022

Digital skills of adults in Europe

Only 54% of EU residents aged 16 to 74 have at least basic digital skills, according to the annual Digital Economy and Society Index.

The European Commission recalled that according to the plan for the development of digital technologies, this figure should be at least 80% by 2030.

Business during the pandemic began to actively use digital solutions. For example, the use of cloud computing has reached 34%. However, the use of artificial intelligence and big data in business is only 8% and 14% respectively, despite the target being 75% by 2030.

Leading countries in the digitalization of the economy and society:

  • Finland — 69.6%
  • Denmark — 69.3%
  • Netherlands — 67.4%
  • Sweden — 65.2%
  • Ireland — 62.7%

The most lagging countries:

  • Romania — 30.6%
  • Bulgaria — 37.7%
  • Greece — 38.9%
  • Poland — 40.5%
  • Slovakia — 43.4%

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Australia exported 108 billion cubic meters of LNG in 2021. Second place goes to Qatar with 106.8 billion cubic meters. The United States is third with 95 billion. Russia is in fourth place in the ranking, but with a much more modest figure of 39.6 billion cubic meters.


Asia’s richest woman has lost half her fortune due to China’s real estate crisis. Earlier this year, co-chairman of Country Garden Holdings Co. Yang Huiyan was Asia’s richest woman, with a net worth of $23.7 billion. In just seven months, Yang’s net worth more than halved to $11.3 billion, according to Bloomberg.


The Earth has set a record for the fastest rotation. According to IERS, our planet has started spinning up. One of the last hits completed 1.59 milliseconds faster than usual


Extreme weather events caused losses totaling about $65 billion in the first half of 2022, about half ($34 billion) of which came from uninsured assets.


Spanish restaurants will be required to provide guests with containers for half-eaten dishes free of charge. Thus, the country’s authorities intend to deal with the problem of excess food waste: about 1.4 thousand tons of food are thrown away in Spain every year. This is approximately 21 kilograms of food per person, writes Euronews.

Thus, Spain will become the third country in the European Union where such standards apply: similar bills were previously adopted in France and Italy.


Biologists at the University of North Dakota were able to germinate chili peppers, radishes and lettuce on a carbonaceous chondrite simulant. Chondrites are the most common type of asteroids that hit Earth.

This experiment clearly showed that in the future, people will be able to grow fresh herbs and vegetables on asteroid soil in order to provide food for crews on inhabited space bases. The researchers found that plants thrive best when sphagnum moss is added to the chondrite simulant, which creates the pores necessary to retain water.

Now scientists are planning to grow hairy peas on asteroid soil. This plant is almost never eaten, but on its basis they make animal feed, as well as fertilizers for fields.


The escalation on the border between Kosovo and Serbia has been ongoing since the evening of July 31, when about 200 Albanians gathered in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, just behind the bridge dividing the city. The Serbs, in turn, began to erect barricades.


SMS notifications on Sberbank cards have risen in price by 10 rubles. per month, with VTB cards — 20 rubles. The growth in the cost of services in banks is explained by the growth in the number of notifications sent and the rise in the price of communication services


From August 1, citizens of Ukraine, the LPR and the DPR can register as self-employed at the State Services.


Telephone codes for landline phones of the DPR were transferred to the Russian format from August 1.


On July 27, North Korea celebrated the 69th anniversary of victory in the Korean War. The conflict broke out in 1950 and continued until 1953, ending with a truce and the division of the peninsula.


Imports of whiskey to Russia fell by 48.4%, vodka — by 41.7%, and liqueurs — by 36.6%. Deliveries of tequila, tinctures, fruit distillates decreased by 34.5%, gin — by 26.6%. Rum imports suffered the least — it fell by 1.8%


Collectors have become more likely to demand the collection of debts of Russians through the courts. If at the beginning of the year only 49% of debts were collected in this way, then by the middle — almost 59%


Exactly 108 years ago, on August 1, 1914, Russia entered the First World War. The reason was the declaration of war against Serbia.

On this day, Germany declared war on Russia. The reason was Russia’s refusal to comply with the terms of the German ultimatum to abolish general military mobilization.

General mobilization was introduced in Russia in response to the fact that on July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia’s ally, Serbia.


From August 1, the agreement between Russia and Latvia on the simplification of mutual travel between residents of border areas is suspended, the Latvian government said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic explained this by the closure of the Latvian consulate in Pskov by Russia — this representation was the only one that could issue the appropriate permits. The agreement has been in effect since 2010.


Scientists from Switzerland have developed a new type of battery that does not pollute the environment and is completely biodegradable. Moreover, such batteries decompose in the shortest possible time, because they are made of paper and work on ordinary water. To activate the charge, it is enough to drop a couple of drops of water on the paper — this is enough to power the electronic watch for an hour or two.

At the same time, the principle of operation of the battery is similar to that used in the usual AA and AAA. A layer of graphite flakes is applied to one paper sheet, and ordinary table salt is applied to the other. When water enters between the chemicals, a reaction occurs, during which an electric current is generated.

The battery continues to charge until the water dries up or the reagents on the paper run out. Scientists are already thinking about how to slow down the loss of charge and reduce the rate of liquid evaporation. According to experts, a new type of batteries will allow fine-tuning the time of their service, as well as the duration of the devices.


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