9 Июл, 2021

Distribution of wealth in the world

According to the Credit Suisse report, 56 million people around the world (1.1% of the adult population of the Earth) have a fortune of more than $ 1 million — but their combined fortune amounted to $ 191.6 trillion — this is 45.8% of the total wealth of all people on the planet.

Another 583 million (11.1% of all adults on the planet) had a fortune between 100 thousand and 1 million dollars — and they own another 39.1% of all the wealth of our planet.

At the bottom of the pyramid there were 2.879 billion people, more than half (55%) of all adults in the world, with less than 10 thousand dollars in wealth — and total wealth of only 1.3% of everything that has accumulated on Earth