30 Jan, 2019

Do not punish corruption

The Ministry of Justice of Russia plans to mitigate anti-corruption legislation, providing for cases where non-compliance with established prohibitions, restrictions and requirements “due to force majeure circumstances” is not an offense.

“In certain circumstances, the observance of restrictions and prohibitions, requirements to prevent or resolve conflicts of interest and fulfillment of obligations established to counter corruption is impossible for objective reasons, while the legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for exemption from liability,” the document says.

Russia in terms of corruption

At the end of 2018, Russia ranked 138th in Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index and ended up at the same level as Guinea, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico and Papua New Guinea. This is stated in the press release of the organization.

This time, the country scored 28 out of 100 possible points. The last three years she received 29 points, and, having lost one point, Russia dropped three places in the ranking.

Among the CIS and neighboring countries, only Tajikistan and Azerbaijan overtook Russia in terms of corruption (25 points each). Kyrgyzstan has 29 points, Kazakhstan – 31, Ukraine – 32, Moldova – 33, Armenia – 35.

In “Transparency International – Russia” they noted that the problems with corruption in the country are connected with the fact that “the existing institutions of a democratic society are often replaced by their imitation.”

In total in the list of 180 countries. Last year, anti-corruption leaders were Denmark (88 points), New Zealand (87 points), as well as Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore (85 points each). The USA scored 71 points, which is four points less than a year earlier. At the end of the ranking – Somalia (10 points), Syria and South Sudan (13 points).

Briefly about the main thing …..

Maduro promised to respond to illegal US sanctions against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the United States imposed sanctions on the company PDVSA are illegal.

I have already given precise instructions to the president of PDVSA, the owner of Citgo to begin taking political and legal actions and to apply to US and international courts to protect Citgo’s property. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

The Kremlin called illegal US sanctions against Venezuela

We will defend within the framework of existing international law, using all the mechanisms available to us. In general, the legal leadership of Venezuela has already described these sanctions as illegal. You can fully join this point of view. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The United States has officially filed charges against Huawei

The US side has officially filed charges against Huawei and its financial director Meng Wanzhou. This is reported by CNN.

“Today we are announcing that we are bringing criminal charges against telecommunications giant Huawei and its partners for nearly two dozen alleged crimes,” said US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

According to data released by the US Department of Justice, Huawei is accused of attempting to steal trade secrets from T-Mobile and violating US sanctions against Iran.

The Pentagon again accused Russia of violating the INF.

Russia “undermines confidence and security” in Europe and in the world as a result of violation of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF)

Volker discussed with the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN situation in the Donbass

In New York, Vladimir Yelchenko, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, met with Kurt Walker, the US State Department representative. Her goal was to discuss the situation in the Donbass and the Crimea, the post of the mission said.

Colombia has denied data on the deployment of US troops on its territory

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia denied the information about the possible deployment of 5 thousand US troops in the country. According to the newspaper El Tiempo, negotiations on the possible presence of US troops in Colombia were not conducted.

The newest Russian rocket carrier bomber will appear in 5-7 years

The development of PAK DA, or a promising long-range aviation complex, will take about 5-7 years. This was announced at the ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Tu-144 supersonic airliner, said Alexander Konyukhov, the head of Tupolev PJSC, reports TASS news agency

May has postponed the Brexit parliamentary vote

Members of the British Parliament will vote on the Brexit agreement on February 13, Sky News reported on Twitter, citing sources. According to the channel, the new date of the “meaningful vote” on Brexit during a meeting with the Conservatives was announced by Prime Minister Theresa May.

From Russia to Venezuela, the plane went without passengers

From Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport to the capital of Venezuela, Nordwind Airlines has departed. This writes the “New Gazette” with reference to the portal Flightradar24. According to the newspaper, there were no passengers aboard a liner capable of accommodating up to 500 people.

In Syria, recorded fights between the pro-Russian and pro-Iranian military

Fights between pro-Iranian and pro-Russian units were recorded in the north-west of the province of Hama near the settlements of Shatha, Bredij, Hyderia and Innab. During the fighting, killed and wounded appeared, the Turkish news agency reported Anadolu.

Iraqi Shiite militia leader threatens to use US force

The leader of one of the strongest Shiite groups in Iraq, Qais Al-Khazali, said he expects a vote in the Iraqi parliament on the issue of withdrawing US troops from the country, Rudaw said on January 29.

Official spending on the US defense budget has declined

From 1950 to 1990, US military spending reached about 40% of federal spending and 7.4% of GDP, reports Regnum, citing a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and The Washington Post. Now these figures reach 15% and 3.13%, respectively. In reality, the numbers may be unreliable. For example, one of the reasons is the high level of secrecy of expenses.

US Attorney General announced the completion of the “Russian affairs”

Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced the imminent completion of the investigation of “Russian interference” in the 2016 American election, which is being carried out by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller.

Ten “Sarmats” will destroy the entire population of the United States

Military expert Alexei Leonkov said that ten RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles would be enough to destroy the population of the United States. This writes the weekly “Star”.

“One of our new ICBM RS-28 Sarmat is capable of delivering from 6.75 to 7.5 nuclear megatons. This can carry away lives from 33.75 to 37.5 million people in densely populated areas of the United States, ”wrote Leonkov.

16 branches of Patriot Park will open in the Central Military District

16 branches of the Patriot Military Patriotic Park will be created in the Central Military District. Demilitarized historical armaments and military equipment were allocated to equip the parks, the press service of the Central Military District reported.

In Ulan-Ude, the whole lesson sat in gas masks for being late

In high school number 58 in Ulan-Ude, an OBZh teacher forced seventh grade students to sit in gas masks during the lesson as a punishment for being late. This is reported by the local portal “Baikal Daily”

US and China will hold trade negotiations

From the American side in the talks, which will be held January 30-31, will be attended by sales representative Robert Lighthizer, Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin, Trade Minister Wilbur Ross, Presidential Aide on Economic Policy Larry Cudlow and Presidential Aide on Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro and other officials .

Trump will deliver a message to Congress on February 5

US President Donald Trump accepted the invitation of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to give an annual speech “On the situation of the country” in Congress on February 5.

Moscow authorities supported the restriction of movement for non-environmentally friendly cars

Restricted areas for cars of low ecological classes may appear in Moscow. The initiative was made by the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC).

Ministry of Labor proposed to cancel medical examinations from office workers

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposes to cancel medical examinations at office workers, since working at a computer does not belong to harmful and dangerous working conditions.

In Italy, the retirement age has been lowered by five years

Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Monday signed a decree-law, introducing in Italy the so-called civilian income, as well as offering a new procedure for retirement, reports the newspaper “Sole 24 ore”.

Roskomnadzor will check Burger King and Procter & Gamble

Roskomnadzor conducts a routine check of Procter & Gamble and Burger King for compliance with the law on the localization of personal data. This was told to journalists by the Acting Deputy Head of the Service, Yuri Kontimrov.

Pope refused to marry priests

The Vatican will keep a vow of celibacy for its priests. Celibacy is a gift of the church, and nothing will make it optional, Pope Francis said. “I will not do this, perhaps because I do not feel it possible to appear before God with such a decision,” said the pontiff.

First aid is forced to hospitalize patients as rarely as possible

Radio Liberty published an article stating that Moscow’s ambulance physicians were allegedly given an unofficial decree in December last year to reduce the percentage of hospitalizations. Radio Liberty refers to the head of an ambulance substation in Moscow.

The order was announced at meetings of the heads and regional deputies of the head physician. Daily distribution of statistics comes to the deputies, and they should be accountable for the increase in percentage on each case at each substation. No excuses or justifications are accepted. Reached threats and insults. The wording is simple: “Shrink as you like.” Substations solve the problem as they can: someone cheats with statistics, someone forces [patients] to give up [hospitalization], they leave the patient at home if he is in a borderline state (when the symptoms of the disease appear quite strongly, but the disease has not yet developed. – RS), – said the head of one of the Moscow ambulance substations.

Regulations on the National Park “Russian Arctic”

The Ministry of Natural Resources has developed an order approving the Regulations on the Russian Arctic National Park. On the territory of the park, any activity that may damage the natural complexes and objects of flora and fauna, cultural and historical objects and which contradicts the goals and objectives of the national park is prohibited. The national park is located on the territory of the Arkhangelsk Region in the Primorsky Municipal District and the Novaya Zemlya urban district.

FAS plans to gain access to bank secrecy

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia plans to gain access to banking secrets, for which the service has prepared a corresponding bill, justifying them with the need to identify cartel collusion of companies, said the deputy head of the FAS department on combating cartels, Dmitry Artyushenko.

Russians offered to penalize for refusing to put a gas meter

The head of the State Duma Energy Committee, Pavel Zavalny, has submitted to the State Duma proposals for amendments to the Administrative Code, which allow fines for refusing to install gas meters. Thus, companies, in particular Gazprom, are exempt from liability.

Residents of TOR of Primorye invested 13 billion rubles in the agricultural sector

This data was voiced by the head of the Far East Development Corporation Denis Tikhonov during a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev in Vladivostok

London Exchange lifted restrictions on transactions with Rusal

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has lifted restrictions on bidding for Rusal. About this reports TASS with reference to the representative of the exchange.

Ukraine reduced gas imports from Europe by 2018 by a quarter

“In 2018, the supply of imported gas to Ukraine was carried out exclusively from the European gas market,” the Naftogaz press service said.

It is noted that, compared with 2017, its imports decreased by 24.8% – from 14.1 billion cubic meters to 10.6 billion cubic meters.

In the Far East will introduce payments at birth of the firstborn

One-time vypoaty at the birth of the first child will be introduced in the regions of the Far East. The amount of payments will be about 20 thousand rubles – and will be two times the subsistence minimum in the region.

The rate of the Venezuelan currency over the weekend decreased by half

The dollar exchange rate today was 3200 sovereign Bolivars per unit, notes the Central Bank of the country – despite the fact that on January 25 it was 2084 sovereign bolivars for a dollar. Consequently, over the two days off the Venezuelan currency fell by 53.5%.

Treasury will be able to conduct foreign exchange transactions of state institutions

If the bill is adopted, the Treasury will be able to issue acts of the currency control agent. As a result, the authority will be authorized to set standards for issuing passports for foreign exchange transactions and report violations.

Islamic Development Bank has allocated an “oil loan” to Pakistan

The Islamic Development Bank (headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) announced the allocation of an “oil loan” to Pakistan for a period of three years. According to the Pakistani TV channel Dunya News, the financial institution has allocated a loan for the supply of oil in installments.

The first teaser of the Birds of Prey came out with Margot Robbie

Behind the first shot from the set of “Birds of Prey”, the debut teaser for the kinocomix, featuring the main characters led by Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and the villain Black Mask performed by Ewan McGregor, arrived in time.

Rami Malek dedicated the Freddie Mercury SAG Awards award

The star of the Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek, on the eve won the SAG Awards award in the Best Male Role category. Speaking on stage, the actor did not forget to mention his idol, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury

Angelina Jolie will act in a thriller

The location of the shooting, the date of the premiere, the full cast of the film, as well as the details of the role of Jolie are kept secret. Recall that the last time we saw Angelina Jolie on the screen in the melodrama drama “Cote d’Azur”, where she starred together in Brad Pitt

Director Khotinenko suggested creating halls only for Russian cinema

Film director and People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Khotinenko suggested opening one room in multiplex cinemas exclusively for showing Russian cinema.

Rosguards spend 19 million rubles for a concert with the participation of leading artists

On Rosgvardi Day, March 27, a big gala concert will take place in the Kremlin Palace with the participation of Russian showbiz stars. Viktor Zolotov’s office will spend almost 19 million rubles on the organization of this event. The corresponding state purchase was posted on January 27th. The list of desired artists includes Grigori Leps, Oleg Gazmanov, Polina Gagarina, the Lyube group, the Pyatnitsky State Academic Russian Folk Choir.

It became known earlier that the state-owned company Russian Helicopters (included in Rostec) allocated 40 million rubles for a solo concert by Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva in the Kremlin Palace

Christian Bale and Al Pacino will act in documentary “Lendok”

The documentary film “Stanislavsky” from the St. Petersburg film studio “Lendok” got the first contracts with Hollywood actors. Al Pacino and Christian Bale, known for the role of Batman, agreed to star. They will tell how the Stanislavsky system affected them and their work.

The director of “Upgrade” will remove the new “Invisible Man”

The picture will be created by the director of the Upgrade, Lee Wannell, and produced by Jason Bloom. Although initially the main role was assigned to Johnny Depp, insiders say that he dropped out of the project, but it may well appear in one of the following Universal monster tapes.

Discovery and WWF will start rescuing tigers together

The Discovery TV channel, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), will provide financial support to the Bikin Far-Eastern National Park, where almost one tenth of the Amur tigers surviving in Russia live.

Alexander Petrov will play in the film adaptation of the novel “Text”

Ivan Yankovsky will play in the film of the offender Peter – the one who is destined to become a victim of revenge. As a result, Ilya gets access to Peter’s smartphone, and with it the life of a young man – his photos and videos, correspondence with his parents and girlfriend Nina (in this role Christina Asmus).

Leykit Stanfield will play in the rendition of “Candyman” from Jordan Peel

The star of “Atlanta” and “Sorry for the Anxiety” Leake Stanfield is aiming for the main role in the new version of the cult horror film “Candyman.” The project’s producer is Jordan Peel (“Off”), he also wrote the script with Win Rosenfeld (“Black Clanman”).

Yakut film director Stepan Burnashev will be released in France

The film by Stepan Burnashev (directed by Kuta, Other Life, Republic Z) will be one of twenty that come out every week in France. Official rental begins officially February 27, 2019.

Androgin blogger will present France at “Eurovision-2019”

In the national selection of France, a representative was determined at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. They became Bilal Hassani, who has a Moroccan origin. The singer was born in 1999 in Paris.

Oleg Miami sang “My sun”

The release of a new song by Oleg Miami “My Sun” was held on January 28, 2019 on Malfa’s Maxim Fadeev label. As the press service of the musician told InterMedia, the love story that formed the basis of this song fully reflects the life of Oleg and is the personification of those relationships that are no longer there.

“Operation Plasticine” released its new album “Rave”

The concert presentation in Moscow will be held at the ADRENALINE STADIUM on March 23, and in St. Petersburg – on April 6 at the Cosmonaut Club. The team will start their rave tour on February 23 from Togliatti

“These are 10 stories, 10 songs, each of which is complemented by a comic book. That is, in a toga we have not just a music album, but also some kind of audio-visual book. About our demons, about today’s agenda, about what is happening right now. This is an album about Russia, about the merciless and ruthless Russian rave of the sample of 2019, ”said artist Anton Tsarev

Amber candle was awarded to the winners of the “Keeper of Memory” award

The prize “Keeper of Memory” was first presented to five laureates during the eponymous memorial evening held at the Helikon-Opera Theater. According to the ceremony organizers, from now on it will be awarded annually for a special contribution to the preservation of the history of the Holocaust.

The first laureates of this year’s award were historian Mikhail Gefter (posthumously), participant of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp Ivan Martynushkin, Holocaust survivor retired colonel Emil Siegel, former deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov and Alexei Fedorchenko, the director of the film “Anna War”.

175 years ago was born the artist Vasily Maximov

175 years old since the birth of the Russian artist the Wanderer Vasily Maximov. His work can be found in various museums of the country, including the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery. When Vasily Maximov died, Ilya Repin wrote about his works:

“They are not grandiose in size, they do not beat on the fanciful effect with equipment; the artist modestly and sincerely depicts the life of his beloved brother – the people. And Vasily Maksimovich always painted his paintings in the middle of nowhere, in a village surrounded by this very people, in a peasant hut built without all kinds of embellishment by a peasant. The sternly light was his workshop. And the inspirators and critics are right there on the sidelines. “

FaceTime bug allows you to eavesdrop on the interlocutor before starting a call

On the Web, there were reports of a FaceTime bug, thanks to which you can hear the called user before the start of the call. To do this, start the call, click “add person” and select your own number.

Gadgets can not sell without Russian antiviruses

Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia, said that a document was prepared that contained a pre-installation of Russian applications on smartphones and computers. Among the list of applications are browsers, map services, instant messengers, as well as anti-virus software. According to FAS, this concept will help create equal conditions for Russian developers, as well as ensure the protection of consumer interests.

Development of 14 Moscow companies presented at an exhibition in Dubai

January 28 in Dubai launched one of the largest international technology exhibitions in the field of health, according to the official website of the mayor of Moscow. Moscow presents 14 companies with a single brand Made in Moscow.

Pilotless aerotaxi will appear in Russia in 10 years

After 10 years, the Russians will be able to move around the city on unmanned aero taxi. This was stated by the co-head of the working group of the National Technology Initiative “AeroNet” Sergei Zhukov. Zhukov explained that aerotaxi is an automatically controlled aircraft with short take-off and landing stretches.

“We need runways within the city. Or we need a vertical landing so that we can sit down and land on the roof of the building,” said an AeroNet representative.

Apple for the year has invested $ 60 billion in the US economy

Apple added that over the past eight years, the number of jobs funded by the company in the United States has more than tripled, and this is about all 50 states.

Maps.me created paid guides in Russia

The maps service Maps.me announced the launch of paid guides. Reports about it «Kommersant» with reference to the representative of Mail.ru Group. The cost of the service will directly depend on the region where the user lives, as well as on the route format

Picture-in-Picture mode appeared in WhatsApp Web for video

According to users, the desktop version of WhatsApp Web also has this feature for video. For normal use, version v0.3.2041 of the web application is required, otherwise you will need to clear the cache and restart the browser.

New soft robot imitates plants for movement

Scientists from IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia have developed the first soft robot that can imitate the antennae of plants. He knows how to twist and climb on the same physical principles.

Scientists transmitted sound using a laser

The system can work even in dry conditions, because there is always moisture in the air. It is also safe, as the laser does not harm eyes and skin. Moreover, experts have discovered the second method of creating sound by applying light modulation, or flickering

Krasnoyarsk scientists improved cable power lines

Scientists are confident that new alloys and technologies will reduce economic costs and provide a full cycle of domestic production of conductive semi-finished products for the manufacture of cable products, whose strength characteristics are not inferior to expensive imported counterparts.

Scientists have found a way to protect the body from cancer

The human immune system loses its ability to fight cancer, including due to the fact that tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes weaken when attacking malignant cells, since the neoplasm effectively absorbs glucose, depriving T-cells of resources. An international team of scientists has developed a technology that allows to reactivate T-cells depleted in the fight against cancer. The method was tested on mice, and the animals showed activation of lymphocytes and slower tumor growth. Experiments are planned with the participation of people, according to a press release on MedicalXpress.

Scientists create a tablet of loneliness

American scientists are trying to create a pill from loneliness and protect a person from depression and anxiety caused by the lack of a partner and friends. It turned out that 22% to 75% of adults face a sense of social isolation.

Nickel material was stronger and lighter than titanium

Professor James Pikul and his colleagues used a sample of ordinary soft nickel, creating a mass of nanoscale pores in it. They made the material as strong as titanium, but even lighter – lighter than water. Theoretically, these pores can also be filled with another viscous material, giving the structure the necessary additional properties: for example, the ability to accumulate energy. The article was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Geologists have determined the age of the solid core in the center of the Earth

Scientists have determined the date of occurrence of the solid core of the Earth. According to them, it was formed 565 million years ago, according to Nature Geoscience. It is known that in the very center of the planet there is an iron-nickel core, the temperature of which is about 5500 degrees Celsius.

Russian scientists have proposed a new way of recycling

The Ural scientists together with their colleagues from Tyumen have proposed a new way of processing organic solid household waste. The new technology proposes to turn waste into liquid – by co-coking (heating without access to oxygen) organic MSW and oil residues. According to the boiling point, the resulting mass will correspond to gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil. Such a liquid can be brought to the quality of commercial petroleum products, for example, boiler fuel and bitumen.

Quasicrystals described without multidimensional representation

The work of domestic scientists was on the cover of the leading scientific journal of the Royal Society of London – Proceedings of the Royal Society A. Until recently, the structure of quasicrystals was considered in the framework of six-dimensional crystallography, which greatly complicated the calculations and did not allow for a simple and clear picture.

View human capillaries from the inside

Using a technique they call spectral contrast optical coherence tomography (spectral contrast optical coherence tomography angiography, SC-OCTA), scientists at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) were able to obtain unprecedented data on blood flowing through capillaries. Using optical coherence tomography, scientists first accurately determine the tissue of interest, the characteristic of which then spectroscopy deals. The results of a study published in the journal Light: Science & Applications can have far-reaching implications for medicine and the understanding of the human body.

The embryo of the planet was first found in the solar system

Astronomers first discovered a celestial body with a radius of 1.3 kilometers on the edge of the solar system. The existence of such objects, which are an intermediate link between the accumulations of dust and ice and full-fledged planets, was predicted 70 years ago, but so far, similar to them embryos of the planets in the solar system have not been observed. This is reported in a press release on Phys.org.

Roscosmos is changing the leadership of the SIC RCP

SIC RCP is the head test center of the state corporation for bench testing of liquid rocket engines (LRE), propulsion systems on various components of fuel, testing of spacecraft in a thermal chamber under conditions of space simulation, research on launch vehicles and launch facilities.

Astronomers have discovered anti-matter “ghost galaxy”

Scientists believe that the last strange galaxy discovered is entirely made up of antimatter. It is assumed that this star cluster has a different gravity and conditions under which the formation of celestial bodies

The probe “Parker” began a second rapprochement with the Sun

Solar probe “Parker” began to fly in the second scientific orbit around the Sun (24 are planned in total), during which it will fly at a minimum distance of about 24 million kilometers from the star in April 2019, according to the mission website.

Scientists have found the coldest dwarf star

American scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (University of Wisconsin – Madison) found the coldest dwarf star in the course of the study. This object was detected using a pulsar.

Three times more asteroids fall to Earth than at the time of dinosaurs

Scientists have conducted research and found that the number of asteroids falling to Earth has tripled in relation to the times of dinosaurs. However, they did not record an increase in potential danger to humanity.

JAC certified T6 pickup in Russia

The certification document states that the pickup will be available in versions with rear and four-wheel drive, the latter being only in a pickup with a two-row cab. The motor range of the pickup will be represented by a turbocharged gasoline and diesel engine.

Suzuki company presented the model Baleno

Indian dealers are already taking orders for updated hatchbacks, prices range from 7,700 to 12,300 dollars. Indian-made Baleno (but without Maruti) comes to Europe, but the prices are completely different: for example, in Germany the dorestayling Suzuki Baleno costs at least 13,790 euros! In Russia, this model is not represented.

Cross-coupe Haval F7x from the Great Wall will be presented in March

The external component of the Haval F7x was declassified last fall, when model visualization appeared on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Industry. On the eve of the Internet appeared images of the cross-coupe. The basis of the Haval F7x is the F7 crossover, presented last summer in Moscow.

SsangYong announced a new Actyon

Crossover SsangYong Korando / Actyon new generation, finally, reminded of himself. The first teaser with him on the eve appeared on the social networks of the Korean manufacturer. The public premiere of the car will take place in March, either at the Seoul Motor Show or at a separate event.

The new hatchback Toyota Yaris could be turned Mazda 2

According to preliminary information, the Yaris hatchback can share the chassis and power units with the new Mazda 2 hatchback. The Yaris hatchback of the current, third generation is from start to finish a product of its own design by Toyota. Its sales began in 2013.

Mercedes-Benz Kosepkar may be the safest in the world

The car can get advanced technology of artificial intelligence, connecting together and managing all security systems. The company’s engineers have already created a new version of the “pilot safe car” or ESF, which will be presented to the general public during this year.

Lotus and Williams will work together on hypercar

According to the information of the publication Autocar, the firm Williams can share their experience in the development of electrical systems, and, most likely, will supply batteries

Lavrov declared the responsibility of the Caspian Five for the situation in the region

The Caspian region should remain the region in which the “Caspian Five” – ​​Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan – is responsible for everything that happens, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The OSCE proposed a new peace plan for the Donbass

The special representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office in Ukraine, Martin Saidik, proposed to the “Norman Four” on January 28, 2019 that one of the key points of the agreement – elections in the people’s republics should be held exclusively under the control of the United Nations, with military and police components.

“The OSCE has the task of evaluating the electoral process, and therefore it cannot organize elections. In addition, the security aspect is added, ”said Saidik.

In addition, the new settlement plan involves the creation of an “EU agency” for the restoration of Donbass.

Iran does not intend to increase the range of its missiles

Iranian authorities do not intend to increase the range of their missiles in accordance with the national defense doctrine. The corresponding statement was made by the Secretary of the Supreme Security Council of the country, Ali Shamkhani.

UN envoy to Yemen calls for the demilitarization of Hodeida

Griffiths in January 2019 for the third time visits the Yemeni capital Sana’a, here he held talks with the Hussite rebels. The diplomat called for the demilitarization of Hodeidah, since civilians suffer from the fighting there. Recall the civil war in Yemen continues from 2014

Israeli system of active defense Trophy “try on” the German Leopard 2

The German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmenn announced a joint test with the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Trophy system (“Meil Ruach” – “windbreaker”) on the Leopard 2 tank, reports “Warspot” with reference to the jpost.com portal.

In the State Duma made a draft on the abolition of the inspection of personal vehicles

A group of deputies from “Fair Russia” headed by the leader of the faction Sergei Mironov submitted a bill to the State Duma, which proposes to cancel the technical inspection for personal vehicles, follows from the electronic database of the State Duma.

The authorities of the Moscow region in February will submit an application for the creation of the SEZ in Kashira

The government of the Moscow region plans in February to apply for the opening of a new special economic zone (SEZ) in the urban district of Kashira, its area may be about 500 hectares. This was announced by the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov during the annual appeal to the residents of the region.

Topilin promised to completely eradicate the queue in the manger by 2021

The Ministry of Labor expects that by 2021 the queues for the placement of children from one and a half to three years in the day nursery will be completely eliminated. This was stated by the head of department Maxim Topilin at a meeting of the Federation Council’s social policy committee.

Chinese Ministry of Culture called on Chinese tourists to behave decently

The ministry called Chinese tourists to abide by the laws and follow the rules of the places they visit, as well as to respect local traditions and religions and to prevent inappropriate behavior – in particular, not to litter, not to smoke and not to talk loudly in public places.

In 2019, the holiday on the occasion of Chunjie – the Chinese “golden week” – will last from February 4 to 10. Last year, about six million Chinese went to foreign trips during this period.

700 km of Japanese railway track will be shifted to Sakhalin

In the summer of 2019, work is planned on laying Sakhalin Island on 700 kilometers of railway gauge laid according to Japanese standards – 1067 millimeters wide. The transition of this site to the network-wide 1520 mm standard for Russia should occur from June 1 to August 25.

The Central Bank offered to introduce in Russia mortgage holidays for the year

Citizens of Russia in a difficult life situation may be eligible for mortgage holidays on one loan for a total of one year, but not more than six months at a time. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov.

The Ministry of Finance estimated the difficulties in paying Venezuelan debt to Russia

Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said the ministry allowed Venezuela to have difficulties in servicing its debt to Russia. Reports about it RIA “News”.

Problems, probably, will be. Everything now depends on the army, on the military, to what extent they will be true to their duty and oath. Another assessment is difficult to give, impossible. – Sergey Storchak, Russian politician

Payments of Russian companies on foreign debt are falling.

Net payments on the external debt of Russian non-financial organizations can reach $ 10.1 billion in the first quarter of 2019, which is 40% less than in the same period last year.

Russia set a historical record in coal exports

According to Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Yanovsky, in 2018 Russia exported about 200 million tons of coal. Thus, a new historical record was set.

Gazprom plans to allocate 27% of profits to dividends for 2018

Gazprom pledged to pay dividends for 2018 in the budget in the amount of 27% of the profit according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or about 10.5 rubles. per share, said Alexander Ivannikov, head of the company’s financial department.

Tajikistan plans to quadruple imports of Uzbek gas

The gas distribution company of Tajikistan plans to increase the supply of natural gas from Uzbekistan four times this year, Tajik TA informs.

Gas production in Ukraine in 2018 increased by 2.4%

Gas production in Ukraine in 2018 increased by 2.4%, follows from the data on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of the country. Last year, according to the ministry, 21 billion cubic meters of gas was produced in Ukraine, which is 0.5 billion more than a year earlier.

Panels for laptops and monitors will continue to fall in price for this quarter

Prices for LCD panels for laptops and monitors will continue to decline this quarter due to seasonal factors. However, the reduction will be less due to the reduction in supply, since some panel manufacturers are switching power to the production of television panels.

Microsoft will spend $ 500 million to build affordable housing in Seattle

Microsoft will send $ 500 million to solve social problems of Seattle – the corporation will build housing for residents with low incomes. This is stated on the company’s website. In Microsoft itself, the amount of investment is called “unprecedented”

Rapper Ptah and blogger Larin will join the Council on Culture at the State Duma

Video blogger Dmitry Larin and rapper David Nureyev (Ptaha) will become members of the permanent council on culture of the Youth Parliament under the State Duma, said Maria Voropaeva, chairman of the Youth Parliament.

Leykit Stanfield will play in the rendition of “Candyman” from Jordan Peel

The star of “Atlanta” and “Sorry for the Anxiety” Leake Stanfield is aiming for the main role in the new version of the cult horror film “Candyman.” The project’s producer is Jordan Peel (“Off”), he also wrote the script with Win Rosenfeld (“Black Clanman”).

RBC: Ex-Communications Minister Gathers Investors to Buy Share in OneWeb

Former Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov is collecting a pool of investors to purchase a minority stake in the satellite operator OneWeb, RBC reports. According to the newspaper, the proposals were received by the main co-owner of Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the board of Novatek, Leonid Mikhelson, co-owners of USM Holdings, Norilsk Nickel and Alfa Bank, Alisher Usmanov, Vladimir Potanin and Peter Aven. According to RBC, the proposal concerned the purchase of 12.5% ​​of the capital of a non-operating satellite operator.

The OneWeb project involves the creation of an orbital constellation of 900 satellites, which by 2027 should provide all the inhabitants of the planet with high-speed Internet access. The project attracted more than $ 1.7 billion in investments from Airbus Group, Bharti, Coca-Cola, Hughes, Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson, Qualcomm, and SoftBank. However, the company cannot receive frequencies for more than a year in Russia.

Apple tightened the rules for paid subscriptions

Last week, Apple updated the App Store guide, where it laid out clear rules for how developers should provide users with subscription information in the app.

Fully wireless Jaybird Run XT headphones are not afraid of water

The company Jaybird has released a completely wireless headphones Run XT, aimed primarily at athletes and people who are interested in fitness. The kit consists of two separate (without a wired connection) inserts – for the left and right ears

Liquidated resource for trading hacked servers

The xDedic electronic trading platform, which sold information for illegal access to servers in 170 countries, was eliminated by a group of law enforcement officers from Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Belgium and Europol, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said.

Sharp is preparing to ship OLED displays for the iPhone

Earlier it was reported that Apple will fully switch to the use of OLED panels in iPhone smartphones in 2020. In 2019, the iPhone XR model will still be equipped with an LCD screen. As the demand for OLED displays grows, many screen manufacturers are increasing production of these products.

New danger of smartphones revealed

An international team of scientists has found that children who use a smartphone before bedtime increase the risk of lack of sleep and obesity, and anxiety increases. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Mitsubishi will show electric SUV in Geneva

The premiere of the new concept Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer will be held March 5 this year at the Geneva International Motor Show. Mitsubishi decided on a new slogan for the next 100 years of activity. It sounds like this:

Drive your ambitions ”(Drive your Ambition), which, as explained in the company, indicates the brand’s commitment to the values ​​and aspirations of its customers.

In Russia, for the first time acquired Range Rover Evoque online

In Russia, the first sale of the vehicle Range Rover Evoque through the Internet. The deal was framed by the Jaguar Land Rover auto dealership “Pulkovo Autobiography”. The client has pre-ordered the purchase of the model independently through the web service Jaguar Land Rover Connect

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