7 Jan, 2018

Donald Trump is ready …

President of the United States Donald Trump said that he is ready to talk on the phone with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no. This is reported by Reuters.

Journalists asked the American president if he was ready to phone the North Korean leader.

“Absolutely, I would do it. I have no problems with this, “Trump said, stressing that certain conditions would be required for this.

Also, the US president did not become modest, noting that the “diplomatic breakthrough” in the North Korean problem is his merit.

“If something comes out of these negotiations, it would be a very important thing for all of humanity, it would be an important thing for the whole world,” Trump added.

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FBI did not find evidence of “acoustic attacks” in Cuba

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation notified Havana that it had not revealed evidence of the so-called “acoustic attacks” against American diplomats in Cuba.

Theresa May will announce reshuffles in the British Cabinet

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday announced a reshuffle in the Cabinet. According to the UK media, May is going to dismiss several ministers.

The EU decided to recover 1.4 billion euros from Russia for an embargo on the import of pork

The European Union intends to collect 1.39 billion euros a year from Russia due to the restriction of pork imports, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has already sent Brussels’s claim to the arbitration court. This is written by the American edition of Politico.

The head of the concern Adidas called on the West to improve relations with Russia

The head of the German group Adidas, Casper Rorsted, called on the West to improve relations with Russia. He stated this in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, an excerpt of which was published on Saturday.

Trump: in some form, Mexico will pay a wall on the border with the US

American leader Donald Trump said that Mexico will pay for the construction of a wall on the border with the United States. According to the English-language media, the US president expressed confidence that Mexico “in some form” will pay for the construction of the barrier.

Four patrol ships of the People’s Republic of China entered disputed waters with Japan

Four Chinese patrol ships entered the waters near the Senkaku (Diaoyu Islands) islands disputed with Japan,

Poroshenko called Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO a strategic goal

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the country’s membership in the European Union and accession to NATO remains Ukraine’s strategic goal, but in 2018 this goal is unattainable.

Membership in the EU, like joining NATO, certainly remains our strategic goal. Since this prospect is clearly not 2018 and it is not our business, as the Scripture says, to know the time and timing, I will only note that I am convinced of its realism. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The British Ambassador ruled out the possibility of visa liberalization with Ukraine

Official London in the near future does not see opportunities for visa liberalization with Ukraine. This was reported by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Novoye Vremya.

We now expect a proper investigation of this fact to make sure that the process of issuing visas in Ukraine is protected and safe. Since otherwise liberalization threatens already the UK and the security of its citizens. – Judith Gough, a British diplomat


The US Air Force said that Russia received a “depository” of information about the F-22

The conflict in the Middle East gave Russia a unique chance to assess the capabilities of American aircraft, in particular the newest F-22s, said US Air Force Lieutenant-General Veralinne Jamieson.

Abe explained the equipment of Japanese fighters with cruise missiles

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said that the decision to equip fighter aircraft of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces with cruise missiles was due to the protection of the Japanese population and the need to build up military capabilities.

The militants again attacked the air base of the Russian Air Force “Khmeimim” in Syria

Recall that a few days earlier the militants attacked the air base of the Russian Air Force in Syria with the help of mortars.

In Russia flight tests of a fifth-generation T-50 fighter have begun

In Russia, the tests of the tenth prototype T-50 / Su-57 – a promising Russian multifunctional fighter of the fifth generation (PAK FA) – began. This is reported by the press office of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) on its Facebook page

Mexico will purchase American missiles and torpedoes

According to the newspaper El Universal, the Mexican Defense Ministry is interested in purchasing Harpoon anti-ship missiles, MK 54 anti-ship missiles and RAM torpedoes, their launching and storage devices, as well as in purchasing large-caliber ammunition

Airborne Forces of Russia in 2018 will conduct joint exercises in Egypt

The Airborne Forces of Russia in 2018 will hold joint exercises in Egypt, Colonel Alexei Sgibnev, head of the organization and planning of peacekeeping operations in the Airborne Forces of Russia, Collective Rapid Response Force of the CSTO, said on Saturday.

The coast of Russia covered with “rocket monsters”

Parallel to the composition of coastal rocket and artillery troops (BRAV), divisions of obsolete Red BDK “Redut” and “Rubezh” are withdrawn. By now, the complexes “Bal” and “Bastion” are already available in all Russian fleets.

Afghan military killed at least 20 IG fighters

At least 20 militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” banned in Russia 1 were eliminated during the air strike of Afghan soldiers in the north-east of the country. According to Khaama, two leaders of terrorists were killed.

“High-precision leap” of Russian weapons: Western media rated the X-101 rocket

The Western media praised the effectiveness of the X-101 missiles that Russia used in Syria. In particular, the publication Strategic Culture announced a high-precision leap forward in the development of the RF Armed Forces. The accuracy of the “stealth-rocket” was demonstrated in attacks on the positions of terrorists in Syria, which attacked the combat aircraft.


Dozens of people disappeared after a collision of ships off the coast of China

Several dozen people are missing as a result of an accident involving two ships off the eastern shores of China

In Dagestan, an imam of a village mosque was killed

Imam of a rural mosque was shot by unknown people in Khasavyurt district of Dagestan on Saturday evening, a source in law enforcement agencies of the republic told RIA Novosti.

The activist of the SERB once again poured liquid at the Sturges photo exhibition

The agency TASS has no comments on the police and organizers of the exhibition. Exhibition of the American photographer Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment 2.0”, showing his main works, was opened on December 8, 2017.

During the conflict with shooting in St. Petersburg, a woman suffered

During the conflict of unknown men with shooting in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg, a woman passing by was injured, in fact hooliganism the police opened a criminal case. Tass was told on Sunday in the press service of the GU MVD of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In Mexico, a journalist was killed in an influential newspaper

The journalist of one of the most influential and readable editions of Mexico Universal was killed on Saturday night in the Mexican capital. According to the publication itself, Jose Gerardo Martinez received a gunshot wound in the stomach while attempting to rob in one of the streets of the Coyoacan area.

The authorities of Saudi Arabia explained the arrest of 11 princes

Eleven Saudi princes were arrested on Thursday after they refused to stop protesting in the royal palace of Qasr al-Hukm in Riyadh. This was stated by Saudi Prosecutor General Saud al-Mujhib, his words lead Al Arabia.

More than 20 people were injured in the earthquake in Iran

A strong earthquake occurred on Saturday in the west of Iran, as a result of the tremors suffered at least 21 people. According to the agency IRNA, the epicenter of the earthquake of magnitude 5.1 was located 8 km from the town of Sere-Polye-Zahab in the province of Kermanshah.

In Reutov, an 11-year-old boy accidentally dropped from the 17th floor

The teenager accidentally dropped his 11-year-old friend from the 17th floor of a house in the Moscow region of Reutov. According to the investigation, the boy came there with his 19-year-old friend, with whom they climbed into the entrance of a multi-storey building.

Removing the “Walking Dead” studio was fined for the death of the stuntman

The Department of Labor Protection under the US Department of Labor imposed a fine on the film studio Stalwart Films, where the shooting of the series “Walking Dead” is taking place, due to the death of the stuntman John Berneker in the summer of 2017.


Mark Mobius retires and leaves Franklin Templeton Investments

One of the pioneers of investing in emerging markets, Mark Mobius decided to leave Franklin Templeton Investments, which he headed for more than 30 years to retire on February 1, 2018, according to the company’s website

In the Federation Council, they regretted the economic opportunities lost in 2017

Russia in 2017 missed a favorable situation for economic reforms, said First Deputy Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council of Federation Sergei Kalashnikov.

Visa will not support prepaid bitcoins in Europe

Visa representatives officially stated that the company will not support prepaid bitcoin cards in Europe. The reason for this was disagreements with a partner Wave Crest

There are more millionaires in Turkey

The number of residents of Turkey, who have at least 1 million Turkish liras ($ 265,000) in bank accounts, increased by 17,941 in the 11 months of the past year, reaching 126,805 people.

For Saudi civil servants introduced a compensation surcharge to the salary

According to the decree of Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz al-Saud, each official will receive a monthly salary bonus of 1,000 Saudi riyals ($ 267), the Reuters agency reports from Riyadh.

620 thousand Russian families will be able to count 6% on mortgages

Minstroy proposed to expand the circle of persons who can use the mortgage at 6%. Families will be able not only to take out a loan for housing, but also to refinance existing loans. Count on the benefits will be those who have after January 1, 2018 will have a child.

Tomsk region expects in 2018 to issue bonds for the population of 2.5 billion

In 2018, the administration of the Tomsk region expects to issue bonds of the regional domestic loan for the population to the amount of 2.5 billion rubles, the press service of the regional department of finance. Issue of bonds for the population is conducted in the Tomsk region since 2002.

WSJ: US regulator is investigating the firm of the son-in-law of Trump

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a firm previously run by the son-in-law and senior adviser to US President Donald Trump Jared Kushner. This is stated in an article published on Saturday in an electronic version of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Electricity in the Crimea in 2018 will rise in price

Goskomtsen said that during the first half of 2018, the price of electricity will remain at the same level. Subsequently, however, tariffs will grow in the Crimean Republic by 7.4 percent, representatives of the committee noted.

In Russia, a new housing program

A new program was formed that included the previously formed projects: “Housing”, which was to last until 2020, and “Increasing the Resilience of Residential Houses, Major Facilities and Life Support Systems in the Seismic Regions of the Russian Federation,” with a validity period for 2009 -2018 years.


In Lithuania, accused of working for the KGB actor Banionis

Soviet actor from Lithuania Donatas Banionis, who died in 2014, was accused of cooperation with Soviet state security agencies. This is reported by Vakaru ekspresas with reference to the Center for the Study of Genocide and Resistance of Lithuanians.

Estonian Prime Minister Congratulates Orthodox on Christmas in Russian

Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas congratulated the Orthodox on Christmas in Russian. Congratulations posted on his Facebook page

More than 60 thousand trees were planted in the capital in 2017

More than 60 thousand trees were planted in the capital over the past year as part of the city’s landscaping, said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. As noted by the mayor of the capital on his page on Twitter, 7 thousand trees appeared in the center of Moscow.

In Papua New Guinea, the island was evacuated because of a volcanic eruption

The authorities of Papua New Guinea evacuated about 600 people living on the volcanic island of Kadovar, after the eruption of the same volcano began, New Zealand radio station Radio New Zealand reported with reference to the local administration.

The first hemp treatment center opens in the USA

The authorities of the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, announced the imminent opening of the first dispensary with cannabis instead of medicines.

Scientists: Sport does not always prolong life

A scholarly group from the University of Harvard and Preston found that people who experience too much because of the correctness of sports can die sooner.

One of the leaders of the research group, as well as a teacher of psychological therapy, Robin Bailey, claims that the total number of people who died of anxiety about sports was 71%.

According to the expert, the situation destroys a person from within for 20 years. In this case, the initial state of health or the level of physical preparation of an individual is no longer taken into account.


Gordon offered Volochkova the help of a psychologist

The star urged subscribers to give up envy and learn to rejoice in others’ successes. Gordon characterized the statements Volochkova not only as a disease, saying that she, as a psychologist, considers it her duty to offer the ballerina help.

Sergei Lazarev told why he loves the New Year

Well-known Russian singer Sergei Lazarev published in his Instagram a new New Year’s photo, where he appeared in an unusual image for the fans, and reinforced his post, where he admitted why he likes New Year’s holidays and where he prefers to spend them.

Anastasia Volochkova flew to rest in the Maldives

The famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova flew to rest on the Maldives. She told about this to her fans in the social network Instagram. Volochkova on her page published a photo from the airplane window in flight, leaving the hashtags, judging by which she went on vacation.

Almost officially: “Golden Globe” 2018 is waiting for “blackout”

Recall, it all started with the fact that Hollywood actresses decided to protest against sexual harassment on the red carpet of the Golden Globe in 2018, wearing a black

Ex-wife Armen Dzhigarkhanyan quickly found a replacement

Mark Grigorievich Rudinshtein suggested to Jigarkhanyan his candidacy for a crisis manager to save the theater of Dzhigarkhanyan
“If they approve me as the director of the theater, I will not interfere in the artistic part,” he said. – Dzhigarkhanyan will remain Khudruk. I will help get out of the financial pit in which the theater turned out to be. ”

Eminem’s daughter “blew” social network hot photo

The daughter of the famous American rapper Eminem, 22-year-old Hayley, won the social network hot photo, which she laid out in Instagram, reports Ren TV. In the photo a beautiful woman is posing on the couch, smiling.

Photoshop or anorexia. The singer Zara frightened the fans with thinness

The singer Zara has published in “Instagram” a photo against a magnificent yacht. The admirers of the singer admired the dress and appearance of Zara, but many of them noted her excessive leanness.

Dana Borisova met anonymous drug addicts

Leading Dana Borisova met anonymous drug addicts, showing a meeting in a large general photo, according to VistaNews. Subscribers have criticized this act, considering that the actions of the celebrity are ostentatious.

Birch with cherry blossom intertwined: cross year of Russia and Japan

Its exhibitions for Japan are also prepared by the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. In Russia, the Kabuki Theater is waiting for the Mariinsky Theater and the Bolshoi Drama Theater to go to Japan on tour. Against the backdrop of the special events of the cross year, traditional ones will take place.

Apple ordered the production of a series about the race between the US and the USSR

The American corporation Apple ordered the development of a multi-series tape based on the space race between the USSR and the United States.

Naomi Campbell congratulated Irina Sheik on her birthday in Russian

Supermodel from the South Urals Irina Sheik celebrates her birthday on January 6. The birthday girl from Emanjelinsk with the 32 anniversary was congratulated in Russian by the British colleague Naomi Campbell.

Irina Dubtsova will celebrate Christmas on the ocean

Judging by the geolocation, the singer will spend Christmas holidays on one of the islands of the Thai province, located in the Gulf of Siam in the Pacific Ocean.

Clip-nostalgia removed beauty from the group Silenzium

In Novosibirsk, the premiere of a new music video of the famous Silenzium band took place. The clip was filmed for money, collected with the help of the crowd-hosting area boomstarter fans of the group Silenzium and people who are close to the topic of the USSR.

Composer Lyudmila Lyadova denied rumors about scammers in her life

Lyadova reports that everything is fine with her and her apartment. Previously, the composer’s friends had claimed that intruders intend to take possession of her real estate, but the woman denied such rumors. Almost half a year, Liadov is surrounded by scandals.

The actor from the “Game of Thrones” was kicked out of a bar in New York for a drunken debauch

Actor Keith Harington, who plays the role of John Snow in the popular TV series “The Game of Thrones,” was kicked out of a bar in New York for a drunken debauch. As informs portal TMZ, drunk actor has come on Friday evening in the New York bar Barfly.

In Yasnaya Polyana the Big Jazz Orchestra will play “The Nutcracker”

DK “Yasnaya Polyana” invites the Tula people for Christmas in the style of jazz. The Big Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Peter Vostokov will present his special program “The Nutcracker”, consisting of masterpieces of Russian classics in the interpretation of the famous swing orchestras of the last century.

Yana Koshkina starred in the nude and published a photo in Instagram

Fans of Yana Koshkina were delighted after watching a new photo published in Instagram. The presenter acted in a nude and showed her charms. Previously, the celebrity talked to journalists about her bust, stressing that it was her natural treasure.

Another decoration: the wife of the Samara oligarch Shapovalov boasted a new ring

The wife of the Samara oligarch Alexei Shapovalov, model Ksenia Tsaritsyna, continues to boast of her husband’s expensive gifts in social networks. This time, she demonstrated a New Year’s gift – a double ring with green stones.


At the exhibition CES for the first time robotic strippers will perform

At the CES in Las Vegas for the first time robotic strippers will perform. Models were developed specifically for the consumer electronics exhibition by experts from the UK. The show will start on January 9, and its work will last till the 12th.

BLUBOO will present an affordable analogue Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Chinese manufacturer of smartphones BLUBOO will present a budget analog Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The relevant information is provided by the media. According to unofficial data, the new smartphone will have similar characteristics.

The US Army released a shooting simulator in the school

A group of developers with the support of the US Army released a simulator of correct behavior in case of shooting at school

Experts told how you can save with promotional codes

It became known that the experts told about how people can save when making purchases. Where it is more interesting to go shopping, when it is possible to buy goods not at full cost, but at a discount

Microsoft released updates for the vulnerabilities Meltdown and Specter

Microsoft has released extraordinary updates that “patch” the dangerous vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Specter. The patch package is incompatible with some antivirus programs. Representatives of the corporation announced the release of updates for the vulnerability, affecting almost all processors released in the last 15 years.

Russian “flying car” will create by 2021

Russian developers promise to create a so-called flying car by 2021. This was reported to Interfax by the director of the company-developer Yuri Bazhenov. Yuri Bazhenov: “We can expect that all work on the creation of a new type of aircraft, will be completed by about 2020 – 2021 years”

LG introduced an online wallet with special protection for G7

South Korean company LG introduced an online wallet with special protection for the G7. According to VladTime, a unique secure application will be installed only on this smartphone. It is assumed that a new method of electronic payment will be introduced in the coming days.

HP introduced the Chromebooks 14 G5 and 11 G6 with 4-core Celeron

As part of the CES-2018, HP introduced the 14 G5 and 11 G6 Chromebooks with 4-core Celeron. New gadgets differ from the previous ones with new Celeron processors, USB Type-C ports, and also appearance.

HTC unveiled teaser of new model of 3D glasses Vive

Taiwanese company HTC shared a teaser of the latest virtual reality glasses Vive VR. Employees of the company said that the show is planned for this year in the United States. It is reported that the Vive VR of the latest generation is not very different from its predecessors, but still has a number of differences.

Startup Vuzix has developed AR-glasses with voice assistant from Amazon

New York startup Vuzix created “smart” glasses augmented reality with support for voice assistant Alexa from Amazon. They will be presented at CES 2018.

Smartphone Energizer POWER MAX P600S received a battery for 4500 mAh

Smartphone Energizer POWER MAX P600S from Avenir Telecom received a battery for 4500 mAh. Also, the model is equipped with a screen with a fashionable resolution of 18 to 9 sides. The Mediatek Helio P25 chip is based on the presented gadget.

CES 2018: Acer Nitro 5 gaming notebook is equipped with AMD Ryzen chip

The company Acer presented at the exhibition CES 2018, which on January 9 will officially open the doors in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), a new gaming laptop Nitro 5. The laptop is equipped with a 15.6-inch display on an IPS matrix.

New phishing attack is masked for the application Uber for Android

Researchers at Symantec discovered a malicious program that copies the Uber application for Android and collects user passwords. Fortunately, a phishing attack is not common – most of the clients of the service are safe


Scientists have found the new largest prime number

Participants in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search project, which searches for Mersenne prime numbers, announced the opening of a new largest prime number. As The Guardian writes, visually the number can not be reflected by signs. It contains 23,249,425 characters.

Experts: The ancestors of ancient Indians could have come from Eurasia

It is reported that the ancestors of absolutely all Indians moved from Eurasia to North America at the time of the glacial period 20 000 – 25 000 years ago. At that time it was possible to walk from Chukotka to Alaska. These experts called the land Beringia.

Scientists have reduced the ozone hole by reducing the release of freons

NASA scientists were able to reduce the ozone hole over Antarctica by reducing the release of freons. This study showed that the apocalypse will not soon come to Earth. During their experiment, the researchers used the satellite Aura.

Scientists have supercooled water to a record low temperature

Earlier experiments of physicists allowed supercooling of water to minus 41 degrees Celsius. Using the vacuum evaporation method, scientists successfully supercooled the volume from drops of water to a minus of 42.55 degrees Celsius, thus updating the existing temperature record

Physicists draw emoticons on crystals

Scientists of physics have found a way to produce local laser melting of the crystal surface. To do this, American researchers painted smiles on their faces to prove their theory. Now the discovery allows us to use similar structures for further research.

Russian scientists investigate the water cycle on Mars with a laser

The newest Russian laser spectrometer M-DLS will be used in studies of the water cycle on Mars. The laser spectrometer M-DLS will be installed on the Mars rover “Pasteur” and sent to the Red Planet in 2020 as part of the mission “ExoMars”

Scientists: A meteorite the size of a multi-storey house is approaching the Earth

Specialists of the space agency NASA said that the meteorite bl987602 is approaching the Earth. This object is truly huge – about like a nine-story house. It is reported that the heavenly body must land already tomorrow, January 7, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

NASA plans to publish all the records of the missions “Apollo” 60-70-ies

The situation is complicated by the old age of materials, on which there are jammed moments, they are difficult to disassemble. Soundscriber could read them for 100 years, but experts have their own method. They also compiled a dictionary with NASA terms in chronological order.

On Mars, mysterious rod-shaped fossils have been discovered

Employees of NASA discovered on Mars strange rod-shaped structures of unknown origin. Photos specialists posted on the official Twitter account of the agency. Scientists suggest that the formation is a crystal consisting of Martian rocks.

In 2019, New Horizons will approach the asteroid MU69 from the Kuiper belt

Representatives of NASA have published data that indicate the timing of the convergence of the space station New Horizons with the asteroid MU69, located in the Kuiper belt. Thus, the research apparatus will approach the maximum distance on January 1, 2019.


The new VOlkswagen Passat received several technical additions

The new Volkswagen Passat Sedans and station wagons were equipped with several technical additions. Now cars for the European car market will receive synchronization services with mobile gadgets App Connect Volkswagen and in the standard version they will be equipped with LED headlights.

Budget cross-hatch Renault Kwid released in the “New Year” version

French automaker Renault has released a “New Year” version of the budget hatchback Renault Kwid Live For Reloaded 2018 Edition. True, the novelty will be sold only in the Indian market.

Tesla started accepting orders for Semi trucks in Europe

American corporation Tesla announced the start of pre-orders for the world’s first electric Semi trucks in Europe. In the salons of official dealers of the brand in the UK, trucks are offered at a price of 110,000 pounds sterling, which is already 85,000,000 rubles.

The first renders of the updated Ram 1500 pickup appeared on the web

Designers from the automobile Internet portal “Kolesa.ru” have posted the renders of the updated American pick-up truck Ram 1500. According to foreign automobile publications, the new Ram 1500 will be slightly changed, compared with previous versions

Renovated Renault Clio will be presented at the Paris Motor Show

Recently it was possible to learn that within the limits of the Parisian motor show 2018, company Renault and will present absolutely new generation of model.

BMW in 2018 will release a new electric car BMW i3s

In 2018, BMW intends to expand its line of electric vehicles and release a sporty version of the already famous BMW i3. The novelty will be presented under the name BMW i3s and will receive a futuristic interior design, and will also become more powerful and faster

The new powerful engine on the Audi S5 Sportback will be installed in 2018

A well-known automaker Audi for this year is scheduled to present the public with a new model hatchback Audi S5 Sportback. The experts evaluated the general advantage of the novelty from a well-known company.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class and its new hybrid motor

Literally a couple of hours ago (today, January 6), information appeared that a compact German C-Class family will have a version of C400d EQ Power, which will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid power unit – it will include an electric motor and a turbo diesel engine.

The new powerful engine on the Audi S5 Sportback will be installed in 2018

A well-known automaker Audi for this year is scheduled to present the public with a new model hatchback Audi S5 Sportback. The experts evaluated the general advantage of the novelty from a well-known company.

In London one of the 99 supercars Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

As the author of the photo noted, not every day he manages to see on the street the capital of Great Britain parked on the roadside an expensive and rare supercar. The camera was modeled sport car Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, and it comes to the body of the cabriolet, and even in red.

Bentley will present a hybrid version of the Bentayga at the Geneva Motor Show

The hybrid system for Bentayga will be borrowed from the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid, but the British automaker will slightly modify it to meet its requirements. The exact characteristics of the Bentley Bentayga PHEV yet, but the fact that this model is already testing proves spy shots.

Experts named the big expense of fuel one of lacks Toyota Camry XSE V-6 2018

Significant fuel consumption was one of the key drawbacks of the model Toyota Camry XSE V-6 2018 model year. The test drive of the car was conducted by experts of the agency Car and driver, telling about the positive and negative aspects of the sedan

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