19 Мар, 2021

Donald Trump’s fortune during his presidency

The fortune of the 45th US President Donald Trump has fallen from $ 3 billion at the beginning of his presidency in January 2017 to $ 2.3 billion so far, Bloomberg reports.

A key component of Mr Trump’s fortune is office buildings, hotels and resorts. They were damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the storming of the Capitol by his supporters caused damage to the image of the ex-president. In particular, this event spoiled Donald Trump’s relations with brokers and lenders, writes Bloomberg.

The government was asked to ban part-time work

State Duma Deputy Sergei Vostretsov (United Russia faction) sent an appeal to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, in which he asked to cancel a number of legislative acts, thus prohibiting Russians from working part-time (the document is at the disposal of Rossiyskaya Gazeta)

Deutsche Welle: Germany does not need the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Germany does not need the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as there are a large number of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in Europe. DIW energy expert Claudia Kemfert told Deutsche Welle about this. The expert stressed that Nord Stream 2 will require huge costs that will not be justified.

Russians do not consider Russia a European country

According to a survey by the Levada Center, which Dozhd has at his disposal, respondents were asked the question: «Generally speaking, do you consider Russia a European country?» As a result, 29% of Russians answered in the affirmative, 64% — in the negative. Another 7% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

The share of Russians who consider themselves Europeans has also decreased. In 2008, 35% of respondents thought so, in 2019 their number fell to 32%, and at the beginning of 2021 — to 27%.

To recognize as lawful the actions of the riot policeman who hit the journalist on the head with a truncheon

The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) did not find grounds for conducting a check at the request of the correspondent of the YouTube channel Real View Fyodor Khudokormov, who was hit on the head with a truncheon at the February 2 rally in Moscow. According to Fyodor Khudokormov, the policeman hit him twice on the head with a truncheon. He was diagnosed with a head injury and concussion.

Violations in the budgetary sphere of Russia

In 2020, the Accounts Chamber revealed violations in the budgetary sphere in the amount of 355 billion rubles, which was the lowest figure in the last five years. More than 35% of financial violations are in the sphere of defense, national security and law enforcement — about 124.9 billion rubles. In 2019, the amount was higher — 304.4 billion rubles, RBC reports with reference to the annual report of auditors.

Russia will cut programs to support renewable energy sources

The Russian government will reduce funding for the program to support renewable energy sources (RES) from 400 billion to 313 billion rubles in order to keep the rise in electricity prices within inflation. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper, citing sources.

«The government has agreed to reduce the volume of support for renewable energy sources for 2025-2035 from 400 billion to 313 billion rubles (in 2021 prices),» the message says.

Russia will donate 250 passenger buses to Nicaragua

Russia will donate 250 buses manufactured by GAZ Group to the Republic of Nicaragua in 2021. It is reported by the Finanz.ru agency.

US Federal Reserve kept its base rate

The US Federal Reserve System at a meeting on March 17 made a decision to maintain the base interest rate at the current level. This was reported by the press service of the American financial regulator.

The Open Market Committee has decided to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0-0.25%, ”the statement said.

Japan’s largest nuclear power plant found to be non-compliant

The largest NPP in the country «Kashiwazaki-Kariva» was recognized as not complying with safety standards. The lowest mark was given by the State Committee for the Control of Atomic Energy in Japan

Tokyo Olympics creative director resigns over joke

Hiroshi Sasaki, creative director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, has resigned amid public criticism, The Mainichi reports.

Sasaki invited 33-year-old Japanese body-positive artist Naomi Watanabe to descend from heaven in a pig costume at the Games’ opening ceremony. The man titled the performance itself as Olympig (pig in translation from English — pig, — approx. «Lenta.ru»). The idea was dubbed as showing disdain for women and the 66-year-old organizer was forced to apologize for the joke. After that, Sasaki was forced to resign.

China urged the US and Japan not to create alliances against it

China expresses extreme displeasure and strong protest against «serious interference in internal affairs» by the United States and Japan. This, as reported by the Xinhua news agency, said the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Lijian.

The diplomat spoke at a regular press briefing commenting on the US-Japan joint statement. It was published at the end of the talks in the «two plus two» format, which took place on March 17 with the participation of the heads of the foreign affairs agencies and defense ministers of the two countries. This statement expresses the concerns of both countries regarding various issues related to China. Among them are issues related to Taiwan, Xianggang, Xinjiang, the South China Sea and the disputed Diaoyu Islands.

Erdogan called on the West to support him in the fight against the policies of Bashar al-Assad

Recep Erdogan called on the West to support him in the fight against Bashar al-Assad. The Turkish President wrote about this in a column for Bloomberg, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Syrian conflict — it has been going on for ten years.

Turkey accuses Syria of striking the Aleppo province

The day before, the al-Watan newspaper made a statement that on the night of March 15, oil tankers (used for oil smuggling) were fired on in the north of Aleppo province, in the area of ​​the cities of Jarablus and Al-Bab. The blow was made on the positions of the jihadists. Some of the missiles may have been launched from the Khmeimim airbase.

The Turkish authorities believe that the attack was orchestrated by the Syrian government. The state’s defense department claims that the shells were fired from the Quayres airfield at the cities of Jarablus and El-Bab. Turkey has informed Russia that such attacks on Syria are unacceptable.

New chemicals discovered in the human body

Experts from the United States have found one hundred and nine chemical compounds to the body of pregnant women, of which fifty-five have not been previously observed in humans, and forty-two play an unknown role. This study was published by staff at the University of California, San Francisco. According to ToDay News Ufa, citing Environmental Science & Technology, the detected substances enter the body from consumer products and industrial sources. The compounds have been found both in the blood of mothers and in the bodies of their children. Experts are convinced that the substances end up in the baby’s body through the placenta.

Life on Earth could have originated from lightning strikes

Scientists from the USA and Great Britain have proposed a rather unusual scenario for the origin of life on Earth. According to the calculations, lightning strikes could well create the conditions necessary for the emergence of phosphorus compounds, which (in turn) could become the basis of the first life on the Planet, writes Nature Communications.

Device for communication with plants using electrical signals

Scientists from Singapore have developed a way for humans to communicate with plants using a smartphone. A new technology based on a conductive material is able to control electrical signals so that they can enter and leave plants.

In order to establish «communication», an electrode and a smartphone are enough. Experts conducting an experiment attached an electrode to one of the Venus flytrap traps using a thermal gel. A few seconds later, after the electrical impulses were sent to the electrode, the Venus flytrap closed.

Britain first developed a mixture to effectively extinguish peat fires

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a substance capable of extinguishing underground peat fires. The new mixture will not only help reduce the time to fight the fire, but also reduce the amount of water needed. The results of the work were published in New Atlas.

Scientists have used a «plant agent» as a surfactant. The exact name of the component is not specified. As part of the experiments, specialists tested aqueous solutions with an active substance concentration of 1 to 5%, trying to identify the most effective composition. The use of a 1% solution reduced the time required to extinguish an underground fire by 39%. At the same time, the 5% solution reduced the time by 26%. Experiments have shown that the new substance is capable of encapsulating fires, thereby lowering their temperature.

Algae Feeding Reduces Cows’ Methane Emissions

Scientists at the University of California have found that feeding seaweed to livestock can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock industry. For five months, the researchers added small amounts of algae to the cows’ feed. As a result, cows are emitting 82% less methane emissions than usual. For their tests, the authors of the work used the algae Asparagopsis taxiformis.

Astronauts spend more time on ISS maintenance

Russian cosmonauts spend about a quarter of their working time on maintenance of the Russian segment of the ISS, OTR reports. According to the journal of the cosmonaut training center, the work of the last expedition to maintain the station in proper condition took almost 580 hours, or about 24 days. At the same time, the cosmonauts spent only a little more time on scientific experiments — about 27 days.

Intel Introduces 11th Gen Intel Core S Processor Family

Intel has unveiled the 11th generation Core S-series processors for home computers. The new processors are based on the latest Cypress Cove microarchitecture. The flagship model of the family is the eight-core and 16-thread Intel Core i9-11900K processor, manufactured using Intel Thermal Velocity Boosti technology. The maximum frequency reaches 5.3 GHz, there is support for DDR4 memory at 3200 MHz, 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and backward compatibility with Intel 400 series chipsets

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Released

Google has released a second preview build of Android 12 for developers. It’s worth noting that this is not even a beta version yet. Both existing Android 12 builds are focused exclusively on developers, with the custom beta only due out in May. New build of Android 12 available for developers using Google Pixel 3 or newer smartphones

AMD unveils new Ryzen PRO 5000 processors

AMD has officially unveiled the promised Ryzen PRO 5000 series of business processors designed for laptops of the corresponding class. As experts explain, the capabilities of these devices are much higher than representatives of the line of conventional custom Ryzen 5000 processors.

AMD refused to slow down mining on video cards

AMD graphics cards will not slow down when using cryptocurrency mining technology. Nisha Nilalojanana, AMD Product Manager, told about it

Wikipedia will be paid for corporate users

In the near future, the Wikipedia site will become paid only for large users — large companies and corporations. It will be called Wiki Media Enterprises and will sell and deliver content to tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon.

The logic of Wikipedia is as follows. Large corporations use donated content, and the encyclopedia is completely free. The same Google, Assissinare or Osiris read parts of the article in response to search queries from the Internet encyclopedia.

As bonuses, paid customers will be offered real-time updates, guaranteed access speed, translation of texts to more convenient servers and additional support. In the future, the service will become available to smaller companies as well. For private users, Wikipedia will remain free.

Gucci has released virtual sneakers

The Italian fashion house Gucci has released digital sneakers for the first time, which can be bought and tried on only in special applications, in real life you won’t be able to wear them .. The virtual drop has become a collaboration with the Belarusian company Wanna, which creates applications with augmented reality. This is reported by the Business of Fashion edition.

NASA airless wheels adapted for bicycles

The American company The SMART Tire Company has unveiled a bicycle wheel designed using technologies used for space rovers. Instead of a sealed polymer tube and tire, it uses interwoven wires made from nitinol, a shape memory alloy. This allows the wheel to resist deformation and absorb impacts without being afraid of punctures.

The series «Blind from Space» was extended for a second season

SyFy has announced the renewal of Alan Tudick’s «Blind From Outer Space» series for a second season. Information about this was published in the official Instagram account of the project.

The sequel to the cartoon «Puss in Boots» will be released in September 2022

The dates of the premieres of the two cartoons of the DreamWorks Animation studio were named Wednesday by Universal Pictures. One of these projects turned out to be the long-awaited sequel «Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.» The sequel will be released on September 23, 2022.

The team of creators of another sequel «The Croods: Housewarming» will take on the work on the animation tape. It will be directed by Joel Crawford, produced by Mark Swift, and the title character will again be voiced by Antonio Banderas.

Netflix announced filming of new thriller «The Gray Man»

The directors of the upcoming spy thriller «Gray Man» for Netflix have officially announced the start of work on the film, which they announced on their Twitter page.

Roskomnadzor wants to receive data from all subscribers in Russia

Roskomnadzor wants to receive passport data of all subscribers in Russia and all the details of calls, follows from the draft government decree, developed to combat «gray» SIM cards. RBC tells what data Roskomnadzor wants to receive:

  • Information about the full name of subscribers, their place of residence, date of birth, details of identity documents
  • the telephone number used by subscribers and users, the date of the conclusion, amendment or termination of the contract for the provision of communication services;
  • information about the fact of transmission of voice, text and multimedia messages, as well as data transmission;
  • equipment used by subscribers and users of corporate tariffs.

Moscow summoned the Russian ambassador to the United States for a consultation

Moscow summoned the Russian ambassador to the United States for consultations to analyze the prospects for relations with Washington — the Russian Foreign Ministry. Consultations with the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, who was invited to Moscow, «will take as long as necessary,» Maria Zakharova said on the Soloviev Live YouTube channel.

«The consultations will take place not only in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also in various departments,» she said.

The US State Department on the recall of Ambassador Antonov to Moscow: we communicate with the Russian Federation where it promotes our interests, we will hold it accountable

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s statement

Tikhanovskaya announced that she was launching a vote for negotiations with the Belarusian authorities with an international mediator. Tikhanovskaya said that the OSCE and the UN are ready to facilitate negotiations between the opposition of the republic and the authorities

Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev was declared insane

This was announced to MBH Media by the coordinator of the Human Rights Protection of the Postcard, Aleksey Pryanishnikov.

The Russian Ministry of Health has run out of money for expensive drugs

The money allocated from the federal budget will not be enough to fully finance the program for the purchase of expensive drugs. According to «Pharmaceutical Bulletin», this was stated by the director of the department of drug supply and regulation of the circulation of medical devices of the Ministry of Health Elena Astapenko at a round table in the Public Chamber.

Sarkozy’s new trial begins in Paris

This time the case is about the possible illegal financing of his 2012 presidential campaign. The press dubbed it «the Bygmalion case» — after the name of the PR agency that was involved in the information support of the campaign. According to the prosecution, Sarkozy’s headquarters used fake invoices for agency-organized meetings to hide excess campaign spending. Among the defendants, besides Sarkozy himself, there are 13 more people from his entourage. The ex-president himself is not at the meeting.

Scammers have come up with a new scheme of deception

Now, under the guise of a lottery company, they send a link to a free ticket and promise a prize «up to several million rubles.» A representative of the Stoloto company, in a conversation with RIA Novosti, advised to ignore such letters that come from dubious numbers and addresses.

US extended sanctions against Russia over Navalny’s poisoning

The United States will restrict the export and re-export to Russia of equipment, technologies and software related to national security. For a number of categories of goods and services — in particular those related to civil aviation and space — exemptions will apply.

Spain approves euthanasia bill

The Spanish Parliament has approved a law on euthanasia. It will be allowed to do the terminally ill Spaniards from the age of 18. Euthanasia used to face up to 10 years in prison