3 May, 2018

Donate with money and state contracts

The Renova Group, which received US sanctions along with its owner Viktor Vekselberg, asked the Russian government for comprehensive support.

Among the company’s request: refinance loans for 820 million euro, commitments secured 26.5% of the shares of “Rusal”, a ban on imports of mineral water and carbonated water, the priority in public procurement and a special relationship to the tariff and customs regulation, writes “Kommersant”.

The group also insists that to save jobs it will require either serious state orders or working capital.

The list of requirements is now considered profile ministries. To receive the comment of officials or group of the companies the edition was not possible.

Viktor Vekselberg and “Renova” were included in the US sanctions list of April 6, 2018. Then the US authorities imposed restrictions on a total of 38 businessmen, companies and officials.

Briefly about the main thing … …


The ruling party of Armenia will support the candidate from the opposition

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia will not nominate its candidate and support the opposition, Sputnik Armenia reports. According to him, the party in the elections of the prime minister on May 8 will support the candidate, who will be nominated by one third of the parliament deputies

Congressmen asked the Nobel Committee to give Trump a prize

A group of 18 members of the US House of Representatives, representing the Republican Party, formally asked the Nobel Committee to award the initiative of US President Donald Trump’s Peace Prize for his efforts to resolve the DPRK nuclear issue

Cambridge Analytica closes amid the scandal with Facebook

Private analyst company Cambridge Analytica began the procedure of bankruptcy, unable to recover from the consequences of the scandal with the leakage of Facebook users. The press service of the company reports. The statement of the British company says the immediate cessation of all operations

Lukashenka dismisses Belarusian Energy Minister

The Minister of Energy of Belarus Vladimir Potupchik is dismissed from his post. This is reported by BelTA with reference to the press service of the President of Belarus. The corresponding decree was signed by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Trump hired a lawyer who defended Clinton

President Trump hired Wednesday of famous American lawyer Emmet Flood, who represented Bill Clinton during impeachment case on the end of the 1990s

The Russian embassy explained the refusal to meet with the British side

The head of the British group Chris Bryant invited the Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko via Twitter.

“We tried several times to answer your letter, but there was no answer. I suggest the ambassador to meet with the parliamentary group next Wednesday at 14:30

The Russian embassy in the response tweet thanked him for the invitation, but noted that May 9 is celebrating Victory Day.

Merkel spoke about EU plans to achieve the abolition of US duties

The EU intends to get the US to completely abandon the introduction of customs duties on steel and aluminum for the countries of the community. This was stated by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

The US court recognized Iran as responsible for the September 11 terrorist attack

The American court ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in compensation to relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks, The Hill reported referring to court documents.


US military bases banned sales of Huawei and ZTE smartphones

At US military bases around the world stopped selling smartphones produced by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. A corresponding decision was made by the US Department of Defense, TASS reported citing the newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The media reported the inapplicability of most German fighters

Most of the 128 fighter aircraft the Eurofighter, which stand in the German Air Force arsenal, is not suitable for participation in military operations, according to Der Spiegel, citing sources.

China deployed missile systems on disputed islands

On location in the South China Sea disputed archipelago Nansha China secretly placed anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-ship cruise missiles.

The media reported on NATO warships entering the Black Sea

The ships of the second permanent naval group of the North Atlantic alliance entered the evening of May 1 in the Black Sea. This was reported by the newspaper “Dumskaya”. The flagship is the British missile destroyer HMS Duncan.

In the DNR reported on the bombardment of Gorlovka by Ukrainian siloviki

RIA “Novosti” referring to a representative of the agency reported that the attack is conducted on Ozerianovka. APUs are firing from tanks, automatic and hand grenade launchers

Israel threatened Syria with an attack on anti-aircraft missile systems S-300

In the case of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 by Syria against Israeli aircraft, Israel will strike complexes, the country’s defense minister Avigdor Lieberman said. It should be noted that the complexes can be delivered to Syria.

The Ministry of Defense of Britain for the first time recognized the death of a civilian in Syria

The British Ministry of Defense admitted that when a Royal Air Force struck Syria, one civilian was killed. This is reported in the statement of the head of the department Gavin Williamson.

Ukraine named three sponsors of the peacekeepers mission in Donbass

The three sponsors of the peacekeeping mission in Donbass, Kiev sees Germany, France and the United States. This was on the air of the “Fifth Channel” said Deputy Minister of Ukraine on issues of temporarily occupied territories and displaced persons Yuri Grymchak.

The Syrian military reflected a sortie of terrorists in the south of Damascus

The soldiers of the army of Syria and Palestinian detachments liquidated a gang of terrorists, who made a sortie in the region of Hajr El Aswad in the south of Damascus. This was reported by SANA

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to the United Nations with a complaint about the international coalition

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent letters to the United Nations in connection with the latest blow of the international coalition, which, according to SANA, killed 25 people.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia toughened the rules for military use of telephones

The Ministry of Defense introduced new, more stringent rules for military negotiations over public telephone networks, Kommersant reported. According to the interlocutor of the publication, in this way, the agency is trying to deal with information leaks.


The State Department will involve human rights defenders in the fight against propaganda

To combat “foreign propaganda and disinformation” in the US State Department, they intend to involve academics and human rights groups, as well as specialists in the technical industry. This was reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

Overstating the prices of medicines will begin to be fined

For pharmacists and manufacturers of drugs that overstate the prices of vital medicines (ZHVLP), will impose sanctions. The Ministry of Health proposed to fine officials by 50 thousand rubles, and legal – to the amount of twice the excess revenue received.

Tourists on Capri will not be allowed to walk around the island

Capri authorities plan to impose restrictions on the movement of tourists on the Italian island to reduce the load on popular points during the holidays. This was reported by The Sun with reference to the mayor of the island Gianni De Martino.

In Moscow, there will be new dedicated lanes for public transport

New sections of allocated lanes for land public transport within the project “Magistral” will appear in the capital from May 3, according to the official website of the mayor of Moscow.

On the Great Circle Line of Moscow, 22 interchange nodes will appear

On the basis of the stations of the Grand Ring Line (BKL) of the Moscow metro, 22 transport and transfer points will be built, ten of which will connect BKL with the radial directions of the railway. This was reported by the capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin in his microblog on Twitter.

In Odessa, about a thousand people gathered for a march of nationalists

In Odessa, there is the so-called march of the Ukrainian order. It is attended by 700 to 1,000 people, including representatives of the parties “National Corps”, VO “Svoboda” and the movement “The Right Sector” (banned in Russia). This was reported by Interfax with reference to the police.

The Central Bank changes the rules: Who will not be given a loan anymore

Since May, it will become more difficult to obtain a consumer loan – the Central Bank has increased the risk ratio for consumer loans, the value of which exceeds 15%. Earlier this rate did not exceed 20%. According to officials, this will allow “to reduce the debt burden of the population.”

China abolished import duties on cancer drugs

China has exempted from import duties on all popular medicines, including cancer drugs, Xinhua news agency reported. Value added tax for manufacturers and importers of drugs will also decrease.

Gazpromneft network raised gasoline prices for the third time in a month

The network Gazpromneft in Krasnoyarsk once again raises the price of fuel. As of Thursday morning, on May 3, a liter of AI-92 gasoline was sold for 38.05 rubles.


Bodyguards Johnny Depp sued him

The bodyguards of the popular actor Eugene Arbeloa and Miguel Sanchez sued him. Arbeloa and Sanchez worked with Depp since the beginning of 2016. According to them, when they became part of his home guard, the actor began to exploit them.

In particular, they had to drive a car in which Depp carried drugs, monitor unbalanced members of his team and sit with his children. And also to protect the artist from himself in those moments when he behaved inadequately.

Maxim Fadeev spoke about Nargiz’s illness, canceled concerts

As previously reported “Russian Dialogue”, the famous Russian singer Nargiz canceled some of her concerts because of too bad health. Recall, Maxim Fadeev told his fans in the microblogging that all the rumors about his upcoming wedding with the actress are false.

I hasten to reassure you! Nargis is all right. Many of you do not know, but at least once a year our artists undergo a routine examination. With such touring schedules, flights and stresses, we should know for sure that in our family no one has problems with well-being. – Maxim Fadeev composer

The husband wants to deprive Anna Sedokov of “dangerous” parental rights

Ex-husband of the singer – Maxim Chernyavsky – took her daughter Monica from her and appealed to the American court. The performer complained to the portal Woman’s Day, that already now she can see the child only under the supervision of supervisors, and call – with the permission of the ex-spouse

The “Battle of the Psychics” star Nicole Kuznetsova again leaves Russia

Star popular with the audience of the television show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova again leaves Russia. The participant of the project informed about this in her Instagram. According to Nicole Kuznetsova, in the near future she will go to Germany and yet does not know which one will return from there.

Alice Mon admitted that her husband brutally beat her

The well-known singer Alice Mon honestly told us about the torment she had to go through during her life together with her beloved man. The actress admitted that her husband had beaten her brutally for a long time. Violence of the spouse forced Alice Mon to leave the stage in the early 90’s

Pugacheva in ragged jeans struck fans

In public, the prima donna appeared in blue ragged jeans and pink shoes. Fallovers believe that at age 69 the actress looks youthful and stylish, and is consistent with the image of a young mother.

Olga Buzova intervened in the scandal with the blocking Telegram

Many companies and individuals suffered from the blocking of Telegram’s messenger, but Olga Buzova was fooling around and then found a profit.
It turned out that Olga was taking part in an advertising campaign aimed at creating a network that would replace all social networks, especially the focus on Facebook and Telegram.

American journalist will make a film about the US president

In the US, they are preparing to film a film about President Donald Trump’s path to power.

JK Rowling apologized for the death of Elf Dobby

British writer Joan Rowling apologized for “killing” the elf Dobby in her latest book about Harry Potter. The author posted an apology on his personal Twitter.

It was an anniversary again. This year, I apologize for the death of a character who died not during the Battle of Hogwarts, but gave his life for saving the people who won it. Of course, I’m talking about the house elven Dobby. – Joanne Rowling, British writer

Ballerina from the KGB, disabled and god

The new “Avengers” can be considered as an “anniversary edition”, filmed for the 10th anniversary of the studio Marvel. Therefore, the screenwriters announced a “general collection” – in the new film, the characters already familiar to the viewer are teamed up with a team from another comic book – The Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as with Dr. Strangel and his partner Wong, to confront the villain Thanos and his insidious plans.

At the film festival “Zero plus” filed 1,5 thousand applications

The organizing committee of the film festival “Nol Plus” has already received about 1,500 applications. Note that the documents for participation came from Italy, France, the United States and four other countries. The deadline for applications was extended until 15 May.

The film festival itself will be held from 1 to 7 October. This year, for the first time, full-length game pictures will participate in the contest. It should be noted that it is for the fifth festival that specialists will produce a special statuette, which will be presented to the winners.

Germany’s prosecutors started a case against rappers for the song about Auschwitz

The German prosecutor’s office in Düsseldorf opened a criminal case for inciting ethnic hatred against the rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang. These performers have already got scandalous fame due to their creativity.

“Choir of Turkish” will be engaged in musical diplomacy

“Choir of Turkish” and art group Soprano will open an international marathon “Songs of Victory” with performances in the concert hall of Paris, TASS reports. Their concert will take place in the hall of Folies Bergere. According to the organizers, the “Song of Victory” is not only in Russian, but also in other languages.

In 2018 the festival “Petersburg live” will be dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky

In the center of the Northern capital, the first summer weekend will be greeted with songs, organizers of the concert told “Forpost”. As it became known on Wednesday, May 2 in St. Petersburg on June 2, the traditional festival “Petersburg live” will take place. This year it will be dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Vysotsky.

International project “Golden Mask in Israel” starts in Tel Aviv

The action is held within the framework of the International Theater Festival Jaffa Fest jointly with the Gesher Theater with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of Israel, Tass learned from the press service of the Golden Mask festival.


“Primorye Partisans” sentenced to long terms of imprisonment

Five “seaside guerrillas” after the next review of the case received from eight to 25 years imprisonment.

Military transport aircraft crashed in the US

As a result of the crash of the military transport aircraft C-130 in the US state of Georgia, killing nine people. This is reported by the Associated Press with reference to the source. The crash occurred on May 2 at 11.30 local time near the international airport “Savannah Hilton Head”

Unknown man killed a man during a fight with shooting in the center of Moscow

The unknown man killed a man during a fight with shooting on Shchepkin Street in Moscow, REN TV reported. According to the TV channel, he died of stab wounds. Currently, the police are searching for suspects

In Libya, the attack on the electoral committee killed 16 people

In February, one person was killed and 37 people were injured in the explosion of two bombs near a mosque in the Libyan city of Benghazi. The attack occurred during the Friday prayer, the militants led the explosive devices into action with the help of mobile phones.

Unknown kidnapped Red Cross nurse in Somalia

Armed men kidnapped the nurse of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the capital of Somalia. The unknown managed to penetrate the territory of the organization, RIA Novosti reported. The Red Cross is currently trying to ensure the release of a nurse who has come from Germany.

In Texas, a teenager was arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act

Police of the town of Plano in the US state of Texas arrested 17-year-old Matin Azizi-Yarand on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in a shopping center. This is reported by Reuters referring to US law enforcement.

Company Nikola sued Tesla

The company Nikola Motor Company sued Tesla, claiming $ 2 billion. The manufacturer accuses the competitor of violating Nikola’s patents, noting that Tesla copied the appearance of their hydrogen truck when developing the Semi model

In Saratov, because of the fire, 600 visitors were evacuated from the Tau Gallery shopping center

Brigades MOE evacuated 600 visitors shopping center “Tau Gallery” in Saratov because of a fire in one of the cafe on the third floor of the building.

The number of victims of the earthquake in Iran exceeded 100 people

The number of victims of the earthquake in Iran reached 105 people, Tasnim reports with reference to the head of the local emergency medical center Jalal Pauranfard. Earlier, 76 victims were reported.

Abramovich appeared before the Swiss court on the suit of the EBRD

Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman and owner of the English football club Chelsea, personally appeared before the Swiss court in the 19-year-old case of arrears to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This was reported on Wednesday by the Associated Press agency.


The US Federal Reserve kept the benchmark interest rate at 1.5-1.75%

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS), which functions as the central bank of the country, has maintained a base interest rate of 1.5-1.75%. This is stated in a statement issued on Wednesday by the financial regulator on the results of the meeting of its leadership.

Over Ukraine, a 27-billion-dollar debt

Ukraine in the next four years should pay off debts totaling $ 27 billion, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said. His words are quoted by Interfax. The head of government stressed that to fulfill its debt obligations, Kiev needs external support.

We must clearly manage the public debt, serve it, fulfilling our obligations, and here we need external support. Because over the next four years we have to pay off 27 billion dollars. This is a colossal means. – Vladimir Groisman, Prime Minister of Ukraine

On the health of Investtorgbank do not save

Reconciliation loans increased 1.5-fold. Transcapitalbank (TKB) published annual reports on international standards on the eve of the May holidays – April 28. It shows a significant increase in debt on loans to DIA for the rehabilitation of Investtorgbank (ITB).

Illegal export of currency put a barrier

In the Russian legislation, since May 14, a requirement is introduced to specify in specific foreign trade contracts concluded between residents and non-residents, specific deadlines for the fulfillment of obligations by both parties. Also, residents must inform banks about the exact terms of receiving the currency under such contracts.

Rosneft announces new development strategy for the company

One of the first items is the reduction of accounts payable by half a trillion rubles. Another positive point in the published program is the launch of a program to redeem the company’s shares.

Since Rosneft has already started implementing the new strategy, tangible financial results can be achieved already by the end of this year. Recall that Rosneft pays 50% of its profits as dividends.

Telegram refused the public round of ICO

Telegram for two closed rounds in February and March attracted $ 1.7 billion from less than 200 investors. According to the newspaper, the company decided that it raised enough funds to refuse the public sale of tokens. According to another version, the reason could be a changed regulatory framework

International Monetary Fund expressed mistrust of Venezuela

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it did not trust the government of Venezuela due to inadequate submission of key data on the macroeconomic indicators of the country and the inability to take the measures necessary to overcome the crisis. This is stated in the communiqué published on the IMF website.

Xiaomi applied for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Chinese company Xiaomi has applied for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is reported by South China Morning Post. The company does not disclose the terms of the IPO.

In the United States found a buyer company Weinstein

In March 2018, Lantern Capital offered for Weinstein Co. the amount of $ 310 million plus another $ 115 million for the obligations associated with the company’s projects. The Weinstein Company on May 2 said that “they did not receive any other applications that would so highly appreciate the assets” of the company.

Reserves of oil in the US for the week increased by 1.4%, to 436 million barrels

Analysts polled by the Reuters agency expected the stock to grow by only 0.2%, or 0.7 million barrels – to 430.4 million barrels. Oil production in the United States for the week, according to the ministry, rose by 33,000 barrels per day, or by 0.3% – to 10.619 million barrels per day.

The prices for gold went to growth after the meeting of the US Federal Reserve

The price of gold went to growth after the announcement of the results of the meeting of the US Federal Reserve, according to the data of the bidding. As of 22.18 Moscow time, the price of the June gold futures on the New York Stock Exchange Comex was up 1.5 dollars, or 0.11%, to 1308.3 dollars per troy ounce

Cyprus and Egypt will sign a new agreement on joint gas production

The publication Egypt Today reminds that in November 2017 the authorities of the two countries signed a preliminary agreement on the transport of Cyprus natural gas to Egypt for its liquefaction at Egyptian LNG plants with the aim of further gas exports to Europe and other markets

In 2017, the export of electricity from Kyrgyzstan increased six-fold

In 2017, Kyrgyzstan supplied abroad 1 billion 212.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and in 2016 – only 197.8 million kilowatt hours, of which 99.8% – to neighboring Kazakhstan, writes Tazabek

Transit of gas through Ukraine has significantly decreased

Since the beginning of the year, the transit of gas from Russia through the Ukrainian GTS has decreased by almost 10%. For four months of the year, 27.705 billion cubic meters of gas were pumped.

International Monetary Fund expressed mistrust of Venezuela

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it did not trust the government of Venezuela due to inadequate submission of key data on the macroeconomic indicators of the country and the inability to take the measures necessary to overcome the crisis. This is stated in a communiqué published on the IMF website

The European Commission proposed to increase the budget of the European Union

The European Commission (EC) presented the draft budget of the European Union for 2021-2027. Expenditures of the EU for the seven-year plan are proposed to be set at € 1.135 trillion – 1.1% of the Air Force of 27 countries of the bloc. Recall that the EU budget in the final seven-year cycle is € 1,087 trillion.

In Argentina, install ATMs with crypto currency support

The company Odyssey Group made a statement about plans to launch four thousand ATMs, in which there will be two-way support for crypto currency – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The company announced this immediately after the adoption of changes in the rules of the main financial regulator of Argentina.

Tesla reported another record loss

Loss of almost 710 million recorded by the US company Tesla for the first quarter of 2018. This information is contained in the company’s corporate reporting published on Wednesday.


Facebook will evaluate the media according to the rating of reliability

Among the press were News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC and others. The founder of the social network announced that at present the company is implementing a system that evaluates the media on the basis of reliability rating and allows to promote or hide content based on this metric.

Which countries practice Internet blocking

About 5 countries believe that the Internet part of the policy and for this reason are engaged in blocking unwanted information in accordance with the law.

So in Russia, the blocking of Telegram has recently been the hottest topic of discussion on the Internet. The struggle is developing not only in the network, but also in the streets, pouring out into protest activity.

In China, the most powerful control system for the national network segment has been developed. The Internet was originally created under the government.

In Iran, Internet cafes and providers must obtain a license for services. In addition to this license were issued to citizens who are married and professing Islam.

In Ukraine, there are still disputes about the appropriateness of these measures, but almost all agree that blocking social networks and mails were ineffective

In Turkey, sites containing propaganda for suicide, information about drugs, gambling, child pornography, etc. are also subject to blocking. Prostitution and criticism of the first President of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is also banned.

Also during crisis situations, there are blockages of various social services, for example Twitter.

In the Saudi Internet, sites with gambling, pornography, pirated content, information on drugs, sites of human rights organizations such as the Political Rights Organization and Saudi Civil, sites of banned opposition parties, criticized sites of the royal family and content incompatible with Islamic ideas about the Internet are banned. ethics and morals.

CoinMarketCap released its iOS app

The site is one of the most authoritative among similar. Traders, journalists and simply interested people resort constantly to CoinMarketCap data. In honor of his five-year birthday, the company pleased the users with several events.


A resident of St. Petersburg launched a startup for the production of 3D printers for children

A graduate of the department of mechatronics at the University of ITMO in St. Petersburg has developed a compact 3D printer. The device will perfectly fit into the interior of any apartment.

Animal nutrition will be enriched with waste products of alcohol production

Russian scientists came up with how to enrich the nutrition of farm animals with digestible proteins and carbohydrates. For this, waste from the production of alcohol can be used. According to the developers, the new additive is suitable for chickens, fish, cattle and bees.

Scientists have learned to make roses more fragrant and vivid

The study of the origin of the rose took more than eight years. According to the project manager Mohammed Bendakhman, representative of the Laboratory for the reproduction and development of plants, scientists were able to establish the most complete sequence of nucleotides in the DNA molecule of the rose.

Scientists have discovered a growing “dead” zone in the Arabian Sea

The researchers collected information from the two vehicles immersed in the waters of the Gulf of Oman for eight months. The results of the study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, indicate a sharp increase in the size of the dead zone, where the oxygen level is close to zero

Scientists have discovered in Mexico the “extinct” kind of kangaroo jumpers

Employees of the Museum of Natural History in San Diego, during the research in Mexico, discovered kangaroo jumpers who were considered extinct since 1989

Scientists have developed a device to reduce fear of flying

French specialists of the National Polytechnic Institute in Toulouse have developed a device that will help reduce anxiety during flights on airplanes. Ouest France writes about this.

In Japan, after seven years of repair, the SuperKEKB collider

The report says that the specialists completed repairs, which lasted for seven years. By now, scientists have resumed work on the main experiment, which is carried out with the help of a collider – BELLE II.

Whether it is possible to catch a cold from a draft, experts have told

The organism is arranged so that it is always protected when it is uncomfortable. For example, if you are cold, then goose bumps appear – the cutaneous hairs rise, creating an air cushion, the subcutaneous muscles contract, preventing the body from giving off heat.

But in the draft, the situation looks a bit different. A person can be hot or stuffy, but at the same time part of his body will be supercooled from a jet of air. And in this case, the body’s defense is usually not included. And this is bad for the person himself.

If the flow of air is directed to any part of the body for a long time, this can cause complications.

“Most often, the exposed parts of the body: head, neck. For some time there is hypothermia, and then there is an inflammatory process “, – quotes the therapist Olesya Savelyeva Life.ru.

Also the doctor explained that it is not possible to get ARI or flu from an air conditioner or an open window. But because of this orgasm can be weakened, then the chances of catching a virus or infection increase at times.

It is fraught with such cooling and runny nose, otitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia, if the upper part of the body is supercooled.

But this is not the whole list, if it blows into the lower back, you can catch inflammation of the kidneys. Moreover, complications can arise even from the nervous system. This inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, up to paralysis, the doctor is sure.

Therefore, heroism is not worth it, you always need to remember the possible consequences. Well, if colleagues in the office flatly refuse to cover the window and turn off the air conditioner, bundle a plaid or change, because health is more expensive


Scientists first discovered helium in an exoplanet atmosphere

Helium in the atmosphere of the exoplanet WASP-107b was discovered by scientists using the Hubble telescope. This is reported in an article published in the journal Nature. As noted in the material, this is the first time that helium was detected in a planet outside the solar system.

The NASA tested a nuclear reactor for the lunar base

NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced the successful testing of the Kilopower nuclear power plant for the lunar base. This is stated in the message of the aerospace agency. The Kilopower project was launched in late 2017.

Mission IceBridge presented a snapshot of the Greenland ice sheet

The NASA agency conducts research not only in space, but also on our planet. As part of the IceBridge mission, which is being implemented since 2009, US scientists are monitoring the state of glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic. During the last aerial survey, images of the glacial valleys of Greenland were taken.

Another Glonass-M satellite was removed from the orbital grouping

This year the satellite was withdrawn from the grouping at least five times to carry out preventive works, according to the Russian system of differential correction and monitoring (SDMK). At present, Glonass-M No. 743 is on maintenance.

Scientists were surprised by the extremely slow rotation of the Pshibylsky star

Recent studies of European astronomers have shown that for a complete rotation around its axis, the star of Przybylski will need about 200 years. This fact surprised scientists a lot

Scientists have recorded a cryptic signal from the constellation Virgo

It was easiest to assume that this signal was sent by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Abel Mendes recorded a cryptic signal that compiled the “Wow!” Signal, the source of which was behind a small star GJ 447 in the constellation Virgo

The microbes found in the volcanic lake will help in the study of Mars

Based on the study of the geological structure of Mars, the researchers suggested that four billion years ago the conditions of the Red Planet resembled the Lagoon Caliente

The secret of traveling to the future

When scientists start talking about time travel, conversation always comes back to three things: the speed of light, wormholes and Einstein.

Traveling to the past is usually considered impossible, since in addition to physics, if a person starts any activity in the past, it will break the cause and effect relationship in the future.

However, theoretically, time travel into the future is possible, says physicist Carlo Rovelli at the Center for Physical and Mathematical Physics in Lumin in France. All that is needed is money.

“It’s just a matter of money to go to the future. If we had enough money, we would have built a spaceship, in principle, it is not very difficult. You very quickly go away or go into a black hole, you return, and you traveled to the future. If you want to go out in the next century or millennium, it’s really easy to do. ” – considers Rovelli.

NASA has problems with the heat shield of the mission Mars 2020

It is noted that the testing was carried out with loads that are 20% higher than the calculated values with a decrease in the Martian atmosphere. However, the problem identified poses a threat to the success of the mission. Now NASA has to make a new heat shield.


Ford has patented a car with a built-in motorcycle

The developers note that such a car will be useful for residents of large cities, where there is a problem of lack of parking spaces. In addition, a car with an electric motorcycle may be of interest to city residents, in which the use of vehicles with ICE is prohibited.

Hyundai has updated the previous generation Solaris

In the Korean market, there were updated versions of the sedan and hatchback Hyundai Accent of the previous generation. In the Russian market, the model is known as Solaris. Hyundai Accent was released in the new generation two years ago, then it appeared on the Chinese market, in 2017 the car appeared in Russia.

Rolls-Royce’s first SUV will be presented to the public on May 10

For the assembly used the same architectural platform as in the last generation of the luxury sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom, presented last summer in London. Recall that its name Cullinan crossover received in honor of the world’s largest diamond, found by archaeologists in 1905.

In the web declassified the interior of the new crossover Ford Escape

Photo-spyware of the popular western edition of Autoblog® noticed on the tests a new generation of the crossover Ford Escape. Plunging it not only from the outside, but also inside, they declassified the interior of the novelty, which for many months was carefully concealed by the American automaker

Porsche Cayenne Coupe will be presented before the end of the year

The new Porsche Cayenne Coupe will be presented before the end of this year, which draws attention to the publication AutoBild. The car is considered as the main competitor of the coupe-like crossovers Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and BMW X6

The Chinese hatchback Geely Emgrand GS will appear in Russia before the end of the year

Chinese cross-hatchback Geely Emgrand GS will appear in Russia before the end of the year. It is expected that the Russians will be offered to buy cars produced in Belarus. In turn, the Chinese can buy this model from 2016.

Infiniti is preparing to release a new line of electric vehicles

Japanese company Infiniti is preparing to develop a new line of electric vehicles, made under the concept of Q Inspiration. The world premiere of the debut model is to be held next year – it will be the first in the line of an ecological car, working exclusively on electricity

Honda announces the release of the electric crossover Honda Everus EV

The long-awaited novelty, the world premiere of which was already held a month earlier at the Beijing Motor Show, will be the conceptual electric recloser Honda Everus EV. It is known that the creation of the model was based on the subcompact crossover Honda HR-V

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