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22 Дек, 2022

Eco-activists against the Christmas tree

Two members of the organization Last Generation used a car lift to reach the top of a 15-meter tree in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Then they sawed off the last 2 meters from it and stretched out a banner that read «This is just the top of the Christmas tree.»

In this way, the activists wanted to declare that Germany now sees only the “tip” of an impending climate catastrophe, according to the newspaper Die Welt. They called on the government to take more active measures against global warming.

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Most often, residents of Mexico receive legal immigration to the United States: in 2021, more than 40,000 Mexicans received visas. In second place is China: 18.5 thousand visas, and the tiny Dominican Republic closes the top three: 17.9 thousand visas

In general, in the regions of the world, residents of Asia receive the most visas (111.4 thousand). Europeans, for comparison, received only 24 thousand visas — and the leaders among them in 2021 (before all the current events!) were residents of Ukraine who received 3 thousand visas


The Lithuanian aviation business group Avia Solutions Group (ASG) has announced that it will move its headquarters from Cyprus to Ireland, taking into account international development plans.


The new wind farm of the Estonian company Enefit Green in Lithuania «Šilale II» has started to supply electricity to the grid.


The People’s Bank of China (CB) on Dec. 21 provided banks with 160 billion yuan ($23 billion) in reverse repurchase operations, Xinhua reports.


The currencies of Georgia, Armenia and Tajikistan were among the leaders in strengthening against the dollar this year. Since the beginning of the year, the Armenian dram has grown by 22%, the Georgian lari — by 16%, and the Tajik somoni — by 10%, Bloomberg calculated


Germany gave Nigeria the Benin Bronze, part of a collection of artifacts stolen by the British army in 1897 during the so-called Benin punitive expedition. The plundered palace was located on the territory of modern Nigeria. The exhibits have been kept in the collections of German museums for decades.

«In the colonial past, lawlessness was committed when it was decided to appropriate stolen works of art,» said Claudia Roth, German Minister for Culture and Media, in an interview with DW.

She personally came to hand over the exhibits and called it the return of a «stolen cultural identity.»


The Swedish government has presented a new package of measures to combat crime. It includes initiatives to create special zones where the police will be able to freely inspect cars and search people, as well as the introduction of an anonymous witness system.


The launch of the European launch vehicle Vega-C ended in failure. It was supposed to carry two Pleiades Neo Earth remote sensing satellites into orbit, but about two minutes after launch, the second stage failed, operator Arianespace said on Twitter.


Greece has closed its airspace for aircraft from Belarus and banned flights to the country, according to the Pentapostagma portal, citing the Greek Civil Aviation Authority. It is noted that the ban does not apply to humanitarian and medical aircraft.


In December 2022, the US Consumer Confidence Index rose to 108.3 from a revised 101.4 a month earlier, according to the Conference Board, a research organization that calculates the indicator.


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